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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 144)

ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged

Thank you for a wonderful update Hammie Clap

BUT even better is to have you back on full steam, BuddyHug


One is a child at some corner of their heart as long as they have a parent's love, concern and aashirwad...a sense of security that atleast there is someone around who loves unconditionally and selflessly. Losing a parent, no matter how old is very painful.

Dutta's being attached to Aayi and his initial anger at Bappa is understandable 

However, Naku's pointing  out that "Jaan hai toh jahan hai makes him thankful to God and bow his head in prayer.


The view through the rear mirror of the two women of substance in Dutta's life is symbolic. Though besotted with his beloved Naku, he would still love AS the longest.

Duji bonding at the bar was required...Dutta and Baaji  need to spend some quality time together.  Naku with her usual saab aap aaj bhi peeoge was LOL

Another of Dutta's shower scene is too hot to handleEmbarrassed but no one is complaining, Hammie. Somewhere it reminded me of the song "I Want to Break Free.." by Queen


Why does he shave his stubble '.it is something I am confused with'new look'new man..or MR's new chikni chameli Avataar .ROFL Looks like a Gillette ka Ad.   Dutta's again a victim of narcissism tonight. Naku's reaction to a clean shaven Dutta was LOL...all the diwaanees reactionROFL...

Hammie love your sense of humor. I wish Mishal was reading this somewhere ...he wouldn't be touching the razor for a week .LOL

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Good updateClap Datta the caring son, changed his look. Want's to keep AS happy.
Good to know that you are recovering, tc, get well soonSmile

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p_riya Newbie

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged
wow ur UD brought smile on my face as i was missing reading  ur FF . Ur recoverry is seen in UD... the bond which gives pain as well as power to overcome that pain... do some unique things for ur beloved persons was described properlly & again the bond Datta & Nakku share was amazing. waiting for next move.

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Hi Hammie!
Mein aagai ...ready to comment...  hello papaayaa!

Chapter 35

Starting with Dutta standing before bappa...
His unconditional limitless love for his mother
and then there's the woman that makes his little life complete. Naku.
its all praise worthy.
 The fact that she was there for him was his strength.
Loved that whole bit...  yes it was the one liners and succinct dialouges that sometimes may create impact,as may have been the case here..

ROFL at Baaji and Dutta...who gets to wheel her...
and then when Naku says saab and he asks whether she's wants a turn too...LOL 
well you know these two,when together , can make the sublime seem ridiculous! and as for Naku ,she can be daft and loves to land herself in it unwittingly!LOL  

oh i liked that line about loving his sweetheart the most...but he goes on to say naku the best and his mother the longest...defo these two are the substance of his life...
and its so clear how much he loves them both...  have to say ,it did cross my mind that in present times males are fast becoming  an endangered  species,you know equal opportunities etc..where does this leave them...but needy they were and needy they will be for women, as I tried to show... 

omg how sweet was that moment when he lifts AS...
I was like Awww! Seeing his love for her is so touching...  well ,you know how Dutta likes to show once a while his soft bits..this then was one of those moments ,where he proves he's a big softie!
AS wants to see Baaji-Roops sagaai and marriage for Dutta-Naku...
and of course for the happiness of his mother Dutta is ready to do an improper one but glad Naku gave her bit on that... have to make sure that she shows there is a bite in her too, stand up for herself!

Duji moment ...need I say more...
the two of them together is enough...
drinks and men talking ...
but theirs was more on a sensitive topice...
about mother...
so cute na...loved it!  yes tried saying it with humour,as for them in high spirits ,well,they do come out in words of wisdom,maybe that's about the only time they see the grave side of things,as in food for thought!LOL 

OMG what a appearance by our sher...lardki haiy haaa ...other than his clean shave...he was looking fit fine and hot...but its not the same...and i just loved Nakus reaction to it and how he was telling her to just kiss him and she will know.  Poor girl was like NAHIII ...yeh kaise ho saktha ! ...her saab became a OMG lardki !! lol... Although the purpose of it all was to make his mother happy...which I adored but gosh that clean shave is a no no ! I know it will grow back ... but still ...  oye pagal! it was to let the man playing my Dutta's role ,how odd he looks without the crop on his face,still had a tongue in cheek look on my face as I was penning this bit,deliberating missed out writing his trigger happy weilding with his razor...surprise! 

Haaye haaye haaye...aagai of my fav memebers of the FF ...his 'pyar kerne ke cheez'...chunni...haaa...his eye is always for it...of course took it off her and entangled himself in sleep... and shortly i shall go to sleep ...with my simba :P  yeah..was missing the chunni as well, will be gracing his bed from now on ,for some time...ok ja cuddle up with your Simba ,and nod offf...Sleepy 

thanks for wonderful UD...
enjoyed it...lots of love...
see you when I do mate! until then Ciao!
  thanks sharmilee, pappy,phisti for making the time to give a lovely comment...pata hai tu bahut busy hai , but still keep in touch...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 4:07am | IP Logged
oye kurriye, meharbani tera pyar ke liya..   thanks for reading it...

good to see u bak hon x
yes missy good to be one piece...and great to hear from you...much love  xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 4:16am | IP Logged

hey tamanna!  yeah another good cheer emoticon laced response...have to say enjoy it ..LOL kya match hoi pictures you enjoyed it ..good ,good..mazza aya .rather jhatka phura shaved lion dheekh ke!..haaa.. maine soocha tha . dafa tu zoor  se goli chalne hai ..Dutta eshtyle mein! THA!   OR kam ho gaya saab ka ,Dutta ke shakal dekh ker LOLLOLLOL  hai hai..per mujhe tu bahut mazza aya! haaa haaa ...xx love  hammie

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noreen Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 4:46am | IP Logged
hi hamlet great to have you back!!!! 
loved the update and shocked to know D has created a new look!!!
 glad AS is ok, can't wait to see them married soon. great work! keep it up as well as looking after yourselfThumbs Up(sorry short post)

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Warda.]res...welcome back :)
Firstly a warm welcome to so happy to see you back on thread with an update... hummh ,thanks Warda,particularly for the welcome with,flowers and cuddly bear...hummh so you are a bit of a softie,are you?...

Thank you so much for this wonderful update which portrayed so many emotions be it affection...humour...romance...It was a so well blended together...that one feels to read it again and again... thanks baaby ,waise,tu mane gi nehi,I tend to read it properly after I post it on the forum...hoon na pagal?
Dutta as a son took my heart away more than he did as a lover...what a lucky mother...
The way his affection for his mother brought him in front of God...brought someone like him in front of God...and Naku there at that moment sounded like a Gods gift for him...for the questions he wanted to be answered were so well replied by his lady as if sent by God to pacify him...the beauty of the moment was him accepting it at the very moment ...tried to capture moments... with some people who have faith in dieties,in times of tribulations they tend to appeal to heavenly spiritual beings for strength or healing...and yes with Dutta his faith in religious entities left a lot to be desired for..
I loved The comparison he made while driving back home for him selecting his wife to be to take care of his mother ...though true that a daughter is a daughter but i assume AS to be few of those lucky ones...who are  blessed with the same affection from her DIl as she would be recieving from her own daughter... AS,geniunely likes Naku,as she always saw her as a good wife ,good DIL material...and now that Naku is beta ke pasand ,to there is no room for doubts in her mind..
His glance over the two woman who holds the substance place in his life was one of the beautiful moments ....his wife the best, but his mother the longest..this was by far the best lines ive captured...its true though, a man even when he reaches old age will always have memories or a soft corner for his own mother...
Him carrying AS towards her room was my most loved part...her contentment was so evident their ...her little  little boy is her protector now...the way she rested her head against his shoulder
was a blissful sight...had a smile reading that peaceful sight from both of their parts...
AS thoughts regarding dutta's marrige was a portrayel of an insecure mother...i loved her 
assurance she wanted from naku...though she knows she had selected the girl who is bound by her selfless love for her son...but still a mothers affection had urged her to take that promise from naku...I know,Warda that you responded to the above the world we live in the male is still seen as above the girl child...for a woman,its the dad first ,than the brother if she has one ,then comes the husband ,and in his absence its the son..but heaven forbid if there is neither husband or son! is the time for reckoning...its all about empowering the girl child...after all God gave male /female both strengths and weakness... but the purpose of creation is to complement  each other... sorry baaaby went off on a tangent...but you know me ..haina?
Duji bar scene was fun to read...mast dosti hai :)
and naku with her aaj bhi piyo ge...reminded of LTL...
loved their question answer session with each other ...chad gaye hai ..hehe...but still was filled with emotions...bless them :)
yes ..this was an inevitable scene,kind of expected, drunken idiots talking complete and utter gibberish... but there were melacholic moments as ke bare mein 
and coming to the OMG moment...Hammie..yeh kiya kiye ...tauba tauba *water...someone give me a glass of water*  hain teri tu main! faint ho gaye hai..tu bhi uske stubble ke aashiq!
Naahhhii...i cant imagine dutta in that chikni chameli look...and nakus reaction was so spot on...i myself felt like to roll my head side to side on wall...duttas pathanis and his stubble are part and parcel of his character... hai oye lagta hai bahut aser ho giya hai tera uper UD KA ,BAAZ AH JA NEHI TU!
but i loved his intentions a lot behind his new avtar...just to bring a smile on her AS face..awww...par that doesnt mean im giving the liberty to carry on with that look...hammie please please next week stubble should be back...naku was so right the look was not a 
surprise it was a  oyeee give it time for pete's sake ...sabaar ker thura Naku ke theran!
btw would have been a dramatic twist if dutta naku would have got married in a mandir...i was like no...girl...please dont agree to this...want to see a proper marriage with elders blessings :)
and the white chunni is back in action...i love this one more than the earlier magenta one...hopefully will get to see the man making naku jealous 
of that chunni again...and the already excited and eager to experience that bike ride...would be  dreamy ...for sure ;) nehi Warda...he can't just marry in mandir ..she's the problem, she just sticks her heels in! Dutta has no chance of convincing her...she's too traditional!...haan me too liked the white chunni ,looks like its going to sleep with him yet again much to his delight...  so you looking forward to the bike ride,are UD mein parthe leina..
Thank you dear for this wonderful...amazing update...which always leaves me short of adjectives
listen kurriye! hammie ,humbled by your beautiful ,heart felt comments,they mean a lot to me Warda, they  inpires me to write...more...
...and i Pray that we keep getting more and more 
from your pen...Bless you :)...waiting eagerly for next friday !!!
Thanks baaaby...loved your response..yours xxhammie

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