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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 142)

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[QUOTE=noreen]hi hamlet, happy new year!!! sorry for coming so late, these last few weeks have been hectic and just flew byEmbarrassed was unable to comment but did manage to read the updates, they were brilliant as always with the tantrums and masala to keep me hooked. thanksClap  
but as always i was surprised that despite dutta being more childish and aloof with N he is the one who calls the meeting and gets N to admit that she was the jealous one who started it all (being jealous in a good way of course)and they patched up, hope AS is better soon so sad to see the mother hen unable to shower attention on her chicks but they all are doing a grand job looking after her!! 
waiting for the next, thanks for the best start to the new yearWink
noreen hiyaaa,yes missed your comments these few weeks ,but deligthed to have you back ..also loved your comment ..good thinking..he did call the meeting ...but he likes to be in control ..every one knows that... listen thanks for your get well soon messages on my thread ,I did see them and they helped me in my recovery..sooo my dear noreen thank you...haan me better now...and so the next UD should be on its way..very soon..xxhammie

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Hi Happy new year & thanks for the wonderful update. Clap Now things are back to normal between Naku & Datta, with Baji's help AS will get them married earliest. Thanks for the PM, waiting for the next partSmile

 dearest meenakhshi,good to hear from you, happy that you enjoyed the UD... also mate thanks for your lovely geetwell messages on my thread, Iam better now and so the next UD should with you soon...till then..much love.xxxhammie 

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hi hamlet
thanks for the reply glad to know you have recovered .waiting for the UD regards uvi
Originally posted by Hamlet53


Hi hamlet

Happy new yr J nice ud looking frwd to the wedding !!!regards uvi

hi uvi, thanks once again for reading and liking my UD...also thans for get well messages on my thread... next UD is on its find out more
with love xxhammie 
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                           Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                              Painful Rapture: Chapter 35

                       "a mother is a mother still, the holiest thing alive"..Coleridge

Dutta stiffened his fingers, in reflex Naku looked up into his eyes to interpret his move.  Slightly irritated he tugged his fingers  out of her  palm . Naku ,blushed by his reaction, followed his tall frame which moved towards the emergency doctor, "so what are you saying then"?questioned Dutta ,"Major I am saying she is fine to go home, I shall be giving the list of medications  to the nurses station ,your mother's medications should be shortly ready for collection "replied the doctor ,and paused and almost forcibly touched Dutta's arm feebly, and added "and try not to be anxious Major, keep her occupied and happy and she should be fine". Dutta's face transformed from a worried scowl to graditude "yes thanks for your attention doctor". As soon as the doctor left Dutta pushed open the door and dug his heels and stormed off to an unintended   destination. Naku could tell by his demeanour that he was preoccupied ,he walked in the hospital corridor till he came across the stately believers required, statute of Bappa...he slowed and came to a stand still ,as he stood face to face before the deity. His face hard, his eyes narrowed and even harder , with a clear message of a complained question why?.He stood before Bappa , rather irreverently, both his hands tucked under his shirt in the pockets of his black pathiani  his shoulders arched up ,as he glared into Bappa's big soulful eyes...but Dutta was an angry child moaning to his father, his lips parted and he almost spate out the words from his hot lips and even more smouldering heart.."bahgat hai woh teri Bappa, phir kyon ye bemaari us ko? he mumbled...kyon? sun na hai tera jawab mujhe ko..aaj! abhi...he stared and stared till his eyes welled up. "Saab...jaan hai tu jahan hai, Aye is alive, not otherwise".  He came out of his stupor and gradually pulled his hands out of his pockets and joined them in obeisance, as he felt her join him on his side. Dutta almost bowed his head and his heart cried out to himself from within... so, Bappa... you have given me the answer , you have granted her life, life!. He moved his head unhurried towards Naku, who looked up at him and smiled in a certain unspoken contentment.  He turned to face her and wanted to reach out for her hands but left it, "main ata hoon Naku, you get the rest of them organised to leave for home..chal ghar chaalte hain" he said, in a semi trance, as he walked towards the nurses station. Naku, watched his tall frame walk away, and quenched this tremendous urge to enfold him in her arms, to calm ,to soothe him, to comfort him, but she knew he would not have it, not till he was ready, till then she would have to wait, as she full knew she  would not ever be in the same league as what AS was for her Saab.

Dutta stopped by the nurses station "I trust you know my mother has been discharged to go home" he said curtly. "yes Major sir! we have been notified, and her medications on discharge are ready as well, now would you like me to arrange for an ambulance to take her home, enquired the staff nurse. Dutta ,raised his palm,"that would not be necessary as I am taking her home with me in my transport ,thanks any way", the staff nurse nodded "that'll be fine Major, but owing to health and safety regulations, we will arrange for a wheel chair and a porter to  carry her from the room to your transport" explained the staff nurse rigidly, Dutta nodded "yes I know the rules ma'am, that should be fine" and walked towards his mothers hospital room. He  entered the room, and saw Naku had organised the packing, and AS sat on the bed waiting for him "AS ghar ja rahe hain aur ap mera saath jain ge...,Baji dekh porter wheelchair la ker aye hai ya nehi, Kala tai, ap apne ghare mein baki saab ko lae ker jain,Baji tu Roops ko apne car mein le ker jaane"he ordered, Baji nodded. Naku stood wide eyed "aur main Saab main kis ke saath jaon? "she asked quietly. Dutta turned his head "tu mera saath! He almost yelled, AS ka khyal rekhna hai ke nahi ,main tu car jalon wakoof"!he moaned.Naku looked at the floor ,she daren't even confront him now she thought, he'll bite her head off. Baji, pushed open the door and the porter and wheel chair arrived. Dutta leapt towards his mother before the porter to got to her. "rehana do ab main sumbhal loonga" he said as he looked at at Baji ,who chirped at the porter ,jaon  bahi ab tum koi aur kam karo" the porter begged "pun appun ko order hai her mareez ki wheelchair main push karega saab,he beseeched,  Baji squared up "oye bol na ka ja!  thuja pata hai saab kaun hai Major Dutta hai , zayeeda shyan pati ke tu undher! Baji threatened .Dutta coughed and glared at Baji and then looked at the porter ap ja sakte hain, "main dekh loon ga ,shukiraye" he said as the porter left eventually . Dutta bent and scooped his mother in his arms while Baji held the wheel chair, as Dutta gently lowered her in the seat .Naku watched and smiled , yes there was no way her man would allow another person to touch what exclusively belongs to him, she remembered how he had grabbed hold of her bags when she came to PN ...she blushed and off guard saw Dutta 's eyes on her almost vexed  "Naku ab tu kya kharhe kharhe sooch rehi hai chezeen pakar AS ke" he grumbled, as he positioned the wheel chair towards the door .Baji, stood near Dutta "kya Bhao ab tu he chalae ga ? ye bahut na insafi hai ...baari barri kerien ge ...he sniggered .Dutta looked at his mother, "AS ap dekh rehe hain is edhure ke harkatien, hospital mein bhi is ka tamasha challo hai! grumbled Dutta. AS laughed "Dutta tu bhi kya,  her waqat gussa mein he ratha hai khabi Naku ke shamaat! kabhi Baji pe barse na , theekh tu hai,  Baji ko bhi chalane de wheelchair ..."said AS with a big smile. Dutta's eyes shone a bit to see his mother lighten up and he said "chaal kamre se le ker nurse station tak main challon ga uske wheel kerna kush" .Baji clapped his hands "ye hoi na baat! doonon bhai bhai!... Naku moved slightly out of the way and whispered "Saab", Dutta froze and spewed "kya hai? ab tuhje bhi chalane ke barri chaiya?.Naku shook her head side to side and smiled at AS, as the three came out of the hospital private room .Dutta rolled his eyes and whispered "tu her ghar chaal teri class lata hoon Naku"...

Dutta, opened wide the door of his black Mercedes and helped his mother as she eased into the back seat. He stood up and looked at Naku as he held his palm towards the back seat,"get in and keep an eye on her" he commanded. Naku did as she was told and watched her man sit in the car as it jerked a little with his body mass. Dutta put his seat belt on and adjusted his rear mirror ,she lowered her eyes as she could see he was  fixing it to view her eyes, he looked at her and raised an eye brow .Naku put her arm around AS and arranged her shawl over her shoulders.He looked at Naku through the rear mirror and opened his mouth "heater on kerta hoon" ..Naku smiled and his eyes caught the expression and his mouth twisted to one side as he gave his mother a look of gratification. He pressed the gas pedal and drove at a comfortable speed. He could see Kala's car ahead and Baji's car behind. Interesting, he mused that he never choose his own sisters  to sit in the back seat to care for his mother but he choose Naku, his wife to be, he had heard women's small talk in the family about mothers and daughters, how daughters  will always be daughters for their mothers regardless , married or not. He palmed his right stubble cheek with his right slender fingers...hummh ,he mulled over,  ahh but he was a son, a son who  aspires for his wife to be loved by his mother...forever...for it comes back to the fact that his mother adores him and so she would but not adore Naku too.. his index finger caressed the corner of mouth as he trapped a look , via the rear mirror of the two women of substance in his life...however he had read somewhere in higher education, that a man loves his sweetheart, the most, and looked up  besotted at Naku through the rear mirror...his wife the best, but his mother the longest...he looked at his AS through the mirror, and smiled,  while driving he rolled his eyes high up to the distant twilight sky thank you Bappa.. finally swerved his car into the drive of his PN, Kala, Baji ,Roops and Kishore had already reached ,and hurriedly welcomed Dutta ,AS and Naku. Baji helped AS  from one side and Kishore held her from the other side and all proceeded into the huge family lounge. Dutta and Naku close behind , Naku tried to trap his gaze but he held his jaw firm and unfliched, as though in thought. As soon as he reached the lounge he announced, "bas AS main aap ko karma mein la ja raha hoon", without wasting another second he bent his knees and scooped her in his strong arms with all the tender loving care in him..he carted her up the stairs bold and strong and she for her moment looked up her little  boy who was now  the strongest man in the world for her she put her arms around his broad neck and rested her head against his wide shoulder .He doubled his chin and smiled at his mother as his strong legs ascended the stairs confidently ..the rest of the family watched from below in the foyer ,the union, the bond, the link between the mother and her son... as the protector. Naku along with others watched as he reached the landing and gravitated towards his mothers room. Shortly the rest of the family, got hold of themselves and hot on heels followed ,just in time to see Dutta lay his mother against propped pillows. AS looked at him and said " Dutta humra  beta! thuje  dekh ke humari adhi bemarri challe jati  hai, Dutta! Dutta...he touched his mothers feet and straightened up, cleared his throat,"ahem ,ok every body ,check she's comfortable, her medicine is  handy..and let her have rest , she must be exhausted ,by all this back  and forth he commanded, He looked at Baji, "chaal"!, Baji responded knowingly with a smile...and both left the room. AS watched her sons leave and eyed the remaining Kala and Naku, "Naku pas ah humara beti" called AS, Naku walked demurely towards her Saab's mother,"jee AS kyan baat hai? ap theeko tu hain, kuch chaiya tha?, Dutta's mother held her beta ke pasand's face in her warm, motherly hands," main tu theekh hoon, Naku, maagar Dutta ke mun main kya chaal reha hai ?iske chinta zaroor hai, Naku hum chate hain ke tu is ka dhayian rekha, ke Dutta meri waja se under he under, parashaan ne ho,thujhe tu pata hai,dil mein he rekhta hai woh, hum se tu woh kuch nehi kaha ga, maggar thuje se zaroor khe sakta hai, pasand kerta hai woh thuje aur patni bane wali hai tu us ke, bas yehe kehna hai thuje Naku ,mera beta ko khabi ghum ne ho".Naku clasped AS's hands and kissed them "AS ap chinta mat karien, jab tak Naku hai,Saab ke anhkoon mein khabi ansoo nehi ayean ge, meri jaan bhi un pe nisar",she said her large green eyes glazed with tears.AS stroked Naku's face and smiled "bas yehi suna tha mujhe, Naku,ab hum sukoon mein hain". Naku, withdrew and left the room. Kala smiled cheek to cheek, as she approached her mother's beside ,and sat at he foot of her mother's bed," hummh AS, Bhao ki chinta aap ko ,hamesha ke theran, AS ab Dutta baacha nehi hai, adami hai, upar se fauji officer, apna khayal rekh saketa hai, bura bhula samjhta hai, tu chintaa kis cheez ke hai aap ko?,she asked her mother, "tu nehi samjhete Kala baache kitna bhi bhare ho jayeein ma ke leya phir bhi ,na samjh hota hain, ma ka kuch faraz hota hai jo pura kerna zaroori hota hai , sehi samae per". Kala,bent forward to caresses her mother,s feet "aap kis faraz ke baat ker rehi hain?saf saf batien gi",AS smiled benignly at her eldest daughter, her first born, " baachoon ke shaadi kerna ke faraz,  zamadari Kala , tera aur Leela ke tariff se hum sukhi hain ke hum nein ye zamadari nebha de,  maagar, Dutta aur Roops to baki hain, aur us pe se humari bemari,hai, said a mother to her daughter. Kala nodded in respect at her mother's predicament. AS, relaxed as she  felt a consent of views between her and her daughter "Kala hum sooch reha hain ke Dutta ka lagan, aur Roops ke sagai jald he ker dein, tera kya khayal hai? said AS. Kala leapt up from the bed and hugged her mother, "jee AS, Kala ap ke saath, mujhe yakeen hai ,baki ghare wala bhi yehi chaien ga ,bas ab aap sirf lagan ke bare mein soochen aur bemarri ko dil aur demaak se nikal dein" chirped Kala positively.AS, still appeared apprehensive ,"magaar ye itna asaan nehi, sab baat waqat ke hai ,mujhe lagta hai ,mera pas waqat nehi, bas dil chata hai jaldi se is kaam se farag ho jaon, Kala, waise bhi , pata nehi Dutta maine ga ye nehi, aur sab intezaam, kaise hoon ga",stressed AS holding her hand to her brow. Kala knelt behind her mother's bed and reached out for mothers hand and caressed it, "AS, jahan tak ,Bhao ke maine ka sawal hai ,tu ye ap ko bhi bata hai ke woh kam aur wardi ke mamale mein, apna shuroo hoya kaam khatam kerta hai ,bas kuch ssame ka bad us ki tutoring khatam ho jaje gi, military school mein ,mera nehi khayal ,course khatam hona ke bad woh lagan ke liye ruke ga ,bas ap chintaa mat kerien , saath mein he Roops ke sagai bhi nibta dien ga,  raha intezam aur tayeeri, AS ap chinata maat kerien ab hum sab hain na ,Baji, Sudarshan, Kishore ,pheli bhi tu sab ho gaye tha Dutta ke saagai ,par,bas ab mujhe aur kuch nehi suna ,ap aram kerian",ordered Kal ,as she eased her mother in a comfortable lying position ,and covered her for rest...


Dutta and Baji headed for their bonding place ,Dutta's bar! only to be interrupted by the slight ,pink ,blue bordered  georgette sari figure of Naku . Dutta arm around Baji's shoulder looked up at her figure especially her rear view as she walked past them towards the kitchen, blinked and dreamily said to "Baji, ah gaye hai mazza bhang kerne wali" ,Baji put his finger to his lip as he looked at his mate. Naku stopped and turned around "saab, ap aaj bhi peio ge"?, Dutta looked at her removed his arm from Baji's shoulder and walked slowly towards her, "kyon aj koi dry day hai kya Naku?, "nehi saab ,pun AS bemaar hain, tu ap ko bappa ka shukar kerne ke bajai ye kuch ker rehian  hain". Dutta was almost going to shake her by the shoulders ,but declined "look Naku ,yes I need a bloody break ,yes a drink or may two , so what's new ,don't Baji and I have a drink every time I am home?, besides I am out of uniform today, no major shajor! just  Dutta Shree Ram patil! samjhe? but nooo, you have to stick your gyans in haina, look tell you what tu ja in the kitchen teri favourite place in PN, he said as he tapped her on the shoulder, but winked and whispered "after my room"...,Naku blushed and thought it best to leave the two, but she would keep an eye on his up to no good ways through the kitchen windows, she looked out as both sat hinds resting on the high stools and the Baji doing the honours by topping up the crystal cut tumblers with their favourite spirit...Martell brandy. Dutta lifted his glass up and both clicked as Dutta said "to mothers, long may they live! , both gulped down a shot, and Dutta placed his elbow on the bar work top and looked at Baji straight in the eye "yaar ma ,ma hota hai aur kuch nehi sirf maa",he said as he raised his finger to touch Baji's hand ,"tu udhas kyon hai Baji rao? teri koi maa nehi hai kya? Dutta asked as he moved his fingers at Baji questioningly, Baji took another sip and answered even more morosely nehi hai mera pas ma" Dutta took another shot and gulped as he touched Baji's arm placed on the bar, "na,na, Baji rao, meeerri maa, teeeri maa, "said Dutta as he moved his forefinger in Baji's face ..."Aye Shahib, hum dono ke maa, samjhe kyat u?". Baji nodded his head,"haan Bhao hum dono ki maa..." Dutta moved his butt as he took another shot ,and restlessly stroked his beard with his free hand,"Baji kuch aur baat kerta hain, tu bol abhi..."and he fell silent as his eyes relaxed a bit , "ay Bhao, mein kya bole ga mein thera unparhe , tu bol Bhao, tu to fauji hai"? Dutta, shook his head and with narrow eyes drawled " acha Baji tu mujhe yeh bata ke jaang kyon hote hai? can't we live in flipping peace" ,Baji took another shot and spread his palm towards his friend "oye Bhao aagar war na hoi tu thuje salary kis cheez ki mile gi? ,Dutta squared his shoulder "oye watch it ,mate, main bharat rakshak hoon, tu ne  dekha nehi ,Major Dutta Patil, yeh sher ka baccha, koi shak? said Dutta patting his chest ,Baji refilled  their  shots, and  both went for them, gulped and wiped their mouths with their sleeves, "acha Bhao ya bata why does money not grow on trees, life would be so easy peasy! need money just go to the nearest trees and pick a few millions drawled Baji,"yesss said Dutta his eyes slightly zonked, but main nehi legai ga seeds! he nodded as he lifted his finger " nope Dutta ain't going , planting the seeds  for the money trees to grow, nope not the great ,Dutta a gardner! ...he shoved his head up and declared "tell you what Baji Rao is kam ke lei Sudarshan theekh rehe ga !,paise ka sab se zayeeda   shoaaq tu use ko hai" Baji laughed semi drunk" haan Bhao especially jab dossera ka paisa ho". Dutta shrugged his shoulders a bit as he chuckled, "Baaji hum kyon paiyda hoota hain? ,bata mujhe, maine ek tara kyon nehi hoon, ..."sounded off a perplexed Dutta ,"nehi Bhao tu tara nehi tu to sher hai sher! drawled Baji. Naku could catch bits of their drunken drawl , she shook her head half amused "oh Bappa what a pair of befuddled, boozed out yo yos!  Dutta stroked his beard restlessly pie-eyed, once too much tonight thought Baji ,half tanked himself as he saw his semi drunk friend, "Bhao aaj tu apni dharethi ko kyon tau de reha hai, kya eradha hai? come on spit it out, you are up to something haina I know you Bhao.." Dutta put both his legs on the floor while his bottom still stayed on the bar stool and his back rested against the bar serve surface. He leaned towards Baji's ear and covered his palm...Naku saw this indiscreet pose and got anxious she hoped Saab was ok... Both Baji and Dutta withdrew back as Baji rubbed his hands together and Dutta placed his long slender finger on his mouth! "oye Bhao akhri sawaal, pheli murgi aye ya unda!,and they both whistled and shrugged their shoulders... Naku,wondered if  it was safe to approach him ,she had seen him in worse potted, she sniggered drunk condition ...he seemed to have his wits about him, she mused and turned off the stoves washed her hands and moved towards them, they both stood up "ahhh here comes the nightie in shining armourrr..." lisped Dutta, Naku ignored his  sexist remark and stood before them hands on her hips ,Baji smiled innocently all dimples dented! "hai kya kushbo ah rahe hai maaza ke aj  ka bhoojan hoga, Naku ke hatoon ka,wah bhi wah!, Naku twitched her nose at Baji "yes flattery will get you every where ...ja freshen up hoja raat ke khane ka liya, she ordered and then turned towards a narrow eyed Dutta "aur aap ke kapre mein nikaal doon? she asked formally, he looked at her lips and tucked his mouth in and replied"nehi rehna de , main nikal loon ga and turned to leave for his room, Naku watched him go and raised her eyes  brows at Baji "kya hoya hai Saab ko,Baji?she asked, Baji shrugged his shoulders and  furtively sped towards his room to rummage through his closet of unopened gifts...   


Dutta entered his room, and started to  pull off his black pathiani shirt and his trousers and made a beeline for the shower in his birthday suit he looked at his face ,the same stubble, bristly pokey look ,he was under duress today ,he felt chains around him he wanted to break free ,from the shackles enough is enough .He wanted to crack the set ways! the do's and don'ts today! he pulled his lips apart and his eyes burnt with the fire of the bold and the dare! Yes it's Dutta up against Dutta today he said slowly at his reflection. He cupped water and splashed it up against his rough face...

His complete ,strong flexed frame stood taut and ready for his  jet steamed immersion in water, how he loved the rivulets and countless streams inclined on the highs and lows  down his bulk and mass, he shivered slightly as he opened his mouth and shook his head the water ran down his square jaw down his defined shoulders,  his triceps pumped up ,when he lifted to push back his hair from his forehead.From time to time he would gird his loin as his thigh muscle, twicthed  at the sensation of the jet ,he folded his arms and felt his toned chest muscles "hummmh "he went teri class to leni hai abhi Naku...bas wait ker kuch deer...his fingers reached out for the shower knob and he cut off the supply and tiptoed out on dry ground reached out for his fresh clean burgundy  bath towel and rubbed it along his posterior and part of his legs and draped it sarong style around his torso ,reached out for his hair towel ,jostled it around his hair and peered at the steamed mirror and he turned to leave the bathroom and entered his room. His first  action  was to catch sight of the shirt, he chuckled further as he walked towards his wardrobe to fish out his underpants and a pair of black straight cut serge trousers .He sat on the corner of his bed and pulled on a pair of black socks on his long slender well manicured toes. Once done ,he pulled up his trousers leg at a time and buttoned it at the naval temporarily ,walked up to his dresser ,folded his arm  up one by one and sprayed his hairy armpits with deodorant. He looked at himself and smiled, turned and reached out for the semi silk shirt shoved his arms in ,fixed it at the shoulders , opened his trousers and buttoned  it from the bottom going top and  left the top two buttons opened , next he tucked  his shirt and fitted his black leather belt. "hummh", he went as he came towards the ward robe and pulled out a matching serge waist coat buttoned it and walked towards the dresser, grabbed his brush and combed his hair in place side parted and brushed back from both sides ,finally opened his Armani cologne bottle glazed his palms and patted his face ,with a cheek to cheek smile his eyes narrowed but sparkling... he gave one final look to himself and growled "arrrgh" with his mouth twisted!. As he basked in self glorification the door opened and in walked a shell shocked Naku!  as she caught his reflection, oohhh Bappa!  she exclaimed...  

Dutta reeled around and slowly walked towards her...Naku shuddered as she saw this ..this clean shaven, moisturised light skinned man ,with a clear cut square jaw; Naku stared at the natural profound indentation in his chin which was so obvious now , with grooves that run up in subtle creases from the corners of his jut chin to the sides of his either cheeks, the lack of stubble showed of the mole near his right nostrils,  she noted his  long narrow eyes parted by his strong  well shaped nose  ...underneath lay his  set mouth,  his bow  shaped top lip, piqued into a slight slant, but some what appeared strange without  his beard!!  ohh! a sigh, escaped her lips...she put her hands on her mouth and backed thumped into the wall ,as she held her hand up in fright ..mare pas maat anna ...nehi tu main...he progressed and stopped as he realized she was frightened "nehi tu kiya naku? baaaby it' s me tera saab"

Na! , she yelled her head rolling from side to side on the wall " your are not my Saab ,ap neho mera Saab !nahi ho!" Dutta folded his arms and glared at her " hain?kya hogaye hai thuje pagal aurat?, she arched her neck forward from the wall her eyes blazing guns "no you are not my Saab you are some strange apparition ,my Saab doesn't dress up like you ,in! in!... fuchsia  silky shirt ,thight fitted waist coat with an equally tightened fitted pair of trousers ,  looking like a ...a Dutta smiled his eyebrows raised, his lips stretched to one side,  while his eyes sparkled and his  smooth hairless cheeks bunched into a churlish smile hair...he stroked his face and spoke in his guttural voice "haan this is my debonair look , chikna !...Naku covered her face in consternation she could'nt except this stranger as her Bappa no!  "more like chikni chameli!  she spat angrily . Dutta had, had enough he moved towards her and she ran towards his turquoise  settee and he grabbed her hand, "oooh Naku bring your face closer to mine ,let me  show you the feel of my lips ,you'll know main tera Saab he hoon" she screamed, "let go of my arm ,don't touch me ,can't stand your touch" she cried he pulled her towards him and held her hands"  baaaby feel my face"... ,she struggled "nehi feel kerna mujhe ko choor do mujhe" ,he jerked and pulled her back in and arm lock and rubbed his chin against her neck ,as she cried ..."why did you do this Saab ?"he put his arm around her waist and felt her warm bare navel as he whispered in her ear , "ssshh baby saab hai mein tera chaal look at me now look into my eyes Naku and feel my mouth Iam tera saab saab, he turned her around and lifted her small palms to his clean shaven face and continued softly "see feel my skin, smooth hai na just like the inside of your palms", she shuddered and shook her head, by now he complained "oh come on Naku drama band ker and gimme a kiss" ,he opened his lips and rubbed them against her mouth "see no stubble now to irritate your soft lips now baby ,hummh ...he went, she stopped struggling as he rubbed his cheeks against her cheeks ...  "chal ab baata, pasand aye thuje mera new look?,he whispered in her ear,  she put her arms around his neck and sniffed at his chest as he stroked the small of her back with his palms, "nehi aya pasand mujhe ,she tugged at his open collars, "aur aye ga bhi nehi" she mumbled as her hot breathe blew against his chest hairs he placed his lips on her warm head under his chin "but why baaaby , don't you like variety in your life ?she looked up wide eyed and teary into his hooded narrow eyes, "no I don't!  I  want my Saab with all his hair ,his stubble ,his pokey bits on his face not some lardki! He tugged at her back and slammed her  against his tough torso "Ay Naku !!  lardki bola tune mujhe! baton thuje ke mein kya hoon ,bol! he squezzed her as he looked devilishly into her upturned eyes hummh , janwaar bun janon kya? she lowered her eyes and buried her face in his chest ,"aha give me your lips now baby'll know main tera saab he hoon", he parted his  lips mischievously, for he knew for only one issue  mattered "her saab", so  he lowered his lips and rubbed them side to side on her rose bud mouth, but  Naku felt funny ,they were too smooth, the area around his mouth and chin was far too smooth ,soft and moisturised for her liking ,Dutta opened his mouth and played it rough with her mouth ,disallowing her to breathe ,she gasped and pushed him but his kiss became more and more aggressive and merciless as he sighed and  finally Naku slipped her hands under his arm pits and clung on to him tightly,pressing his back, he moaned in delight as he kissed her neck tenderly and rubbed his face against her neck bending it every which way his hands roving over her back and pushing towards her hips pulling her towards him .Naku released her grip and moved apart,  as Dutta unwittingly fell apart from her abruptly,  by the knock on the door .Naku fixed her hair and sari and yelled "ah jao" ,Baji barged in and shut the door behind him  "Deva shapat! edher tu mamamla garam hai!"he declared, as  he walked towards Dutta " oye mind blowing chaka chaka!  Bhao kya lag reha hai tu Bappa shapat class ten ka college student!   chaal tera school jane ka time ho giya hai! he guffawed hysterically "kya chikne chikne ,naram, gori chumreehe nikal re teri ,bata Bhao teri khobsurrti ka kya raaz hai? ,Dutta folded his arm up in a clenched fist,  ah pas thuje baton!"he threatened ,Baji shook his hands while he chuckled he turned to Naku, "tu bata Naku kaise laga ye hajamaat  hoya  sher!! , Dutta ,yelled "Baji bikwas band ker ! aaga kya kerna hai pata hai na? , Baji nodded, "haan Bhau pata hai,  chal Naku tu bhi mera saath, Baji held Naku by the shoulder and both left Dutta's room. 

 Baji and Naku gathered everyone in AS's she  wondered what was the rush...Baji assured her they just wanted to be close to her , as she had returned home from hospital. Once every one was collected, Kala , being the eldest looked at Baji directly and interrogated "Baji what is the meaning of this, we all were engaged in other things till you interrupted, she clasped her manicured nail polished ,ring adorned fingers ,this better be worthwhile, she warned . Baji in  his self assumed  master of ceremonies in PN, rubbed his palms and  took on a serious expression and addressed his  mother, "AS Kaley ne mujhe abhi ,abhi, batiya hai ke aap , ko milna ,ek aadmi aye hai, kahata hai, AS se mera milna bahut zarooori hai", before he could complete ,there was general dissention in the room, "Baji tune nehi batiya  use ke AS aram ker rehi hain, kal aye" chipped in Kishore, "tu mila hai us se Baji?, security check kiya hai tune,is aadmi ka? alerted Kala. Baji spread his hands in an explanatory mood,"haan sab,check kya hai Tai, aadmi sharif he lagata hai, bas ek he rut hai us ke AS, se mile bagger nehi jaeya ga". AS,raised her hand ,kio majboori hogi us ke,tabhe tu zid ker raha hai hum se mine ke,  waise Baji tune bataya nehi Dutta ko, ke is ke samasiya sun le?" said AS, "ho AS, maine ne Bhao se zikar keya ,pun aap tu janata hain ,Bhao, thera edhra, bolte hai , tu hai,Bajitu dekh  kya loccha hai use aadmi ka", explained Baji. Fairly conviced AS, complied,"chaal le ah phir use Baji. Baji, surreptitiously went towards the door and pushed it open, with a request,"ah jao bahi ,under"!...Baji moved aside to let in a tall clean cut, tidy ,suave young man, dressed in a fuchsia  silk shirt ,black trousers, black patent leather shoes, and black fitted, buttoned up waist coat.He walked towards the centre of the room, while every one stood aghast, Roops, clutched Baji's arm, Kala fanned her flushed face,  Leela looked puzzled at a gob smacked Sudarshan, there was pin drop silence as the visitor slowly raised his index finger to the corner of his compressed slanted mouth as he stood tall and sleek. AS, looked up into his narrow eyes and spread her arms out," Dutta!. mera beta, mera Dutta school se ah gayea ,aaja  apni aye ke pas ,Dutta took long strides and his elegant frame almost fell into his mother arms, she held his face, and caressed and felt his clean shaven face and kissed his cheeks and last of all his forehead, while she chuckled in delight ,Dutta ,bent his head clasped his mothers hands and kissed her fingers "haan mein he hoonAS, apka Dutta",he said as he looked at Naku who stood on the other side of his mothers bed ,and raised an eye brow at her, with a twisted smile . He straightened up as his sisters made a beeline for him ,checking him out, "soo cute,na!" yelled Roops, Kala walked towards him and held him by the shoulders "let me look at my, debonair, chocolate,eye candy!" Dutta moved his head slightly to one side,"Tai I protest, please don't call me chocolate eye candy"he said blushed, as Kala stroked his cheeks," so what else shall I call you my adorable lion cub? I am worried what are the people at the military school , going to think of this new look, my dear Major, for you look more like a Cadet than a senior Officer ,pondered Kala. Baji,clapped his hands and chipped in"nehi Tai, Bhao , na ek zor se  barak lagea tu sab ke hosh thakana lag jayegi". Roops put her arms around her brother and hugged him as he put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, she moved back and argued, "waise Bhao how did you manage to perform this impossible feat ,I mean you shave off your beard is not done it !baato na Bhao ap ne aisa kyon kya!...Dutta released her, and raised his palms, as he looked at his mother while everyone waited for him to speak. He took a deep breathe ,parted his lips his upper bow shaped lip pulled a little to the side, smiled, as his eyes danced," well  I did it to bring a smile on Aye Shahib's face...and I think I succeeded...he said as he lowered his eyes, his mother held up her arms out to him again, and he knelt by her bed side as she blessed his head "haan mere baache hum bahut kush hoya hain ,humien pata hai,tera liya  apne roop ko badalna kitna mushkil tha ,magaar tune kiya hum ,saab ko surprise dena ke liya", Naku could not restrain herself and she walked towards Roops held her hand and muttered under her breathe " no,surprise more of a shock! .Dutta caught on to the remark and questioned "tune kuch kaha Naku"?, Naku shook her head met his angry narrow stare. Dutta came to the middle of the room and announced "ok before you all leave AS so she can rest ,I want you to know that in this little change of identity Baji ne mera saath diya, you see this fuchsia shirt Tai, it's the same  one size  bigger that you gave Baji as a present on Diwali, so he palmed it off to me as I dressed yess if I look odd in this colour it's this Baji's fault, waise Baji acting ache ker leta hai tu,and tu kya baki logon ko bhi acting sikha reha hai ?, chaal ab...kahna tayeer haina Naku?,he asked her and she nodded and the tall dark stranger left his mothers bedroom...



After dinner, Dutta, gave Naku a cock of his head, as he relayed to her he was heading towards his room and his night clothes needed to be laid out for him, she nodded shyly and watched him head towards his room. She was relieved to gather that it was a sober Saab she could look forward too, but she bit her lower lip shyly ,he gets what he wants from her sober or drunk.. she briskly arrived at his room ,he stood already pulling his shirt out ,on way to unbutton his trousers" saaab",he heard as he felt she had entered and pulled his zip up, "hummh kapre nikal.."she went towards the cupboard and got out his crisp clean, white embroidered kurta and white pyjama and left him to it..  Naku entered her room and pulled off her pink sari, unhooked her blouse as she stood before the dresser ,she always felt him watching her through the mirror and she blushed and moved away to completely undress, and feebly  took out her white muslin fitted kameez ,shalwar and white chunni she smiled at the chunni, as she bit her lip, she had to wash it, as it had slept with him many nights when they first parted, saaabbb, she sighed as she walked like a nymph towards her shower ,and turned its warm jet on her body ,her marble ,porcelain ,contoured body moistened under the jet she closed her eyes "Saab".. she moaned ,as she felt and imagined the rivers of warm water were the palms of his soft wide palms ,she smiled and admitted,  he did have the world's most beautiful and effective pair of hands ,they were a plus feature of his overall body ,she shuddered as she whispered Saab, she ran her fingers on her swan like porcelain neck, saabb, but she could not match the fervour of his lips and the passion of hands , she blushed as she recalled the sensation of his clean  shaven broad chin on her neck and face ,and turned her face hummh different ,variety he had said, she wiped her face with her fingers  ...kaise batya ap ko Naku mujhe apki dhare se kitna pyar hai ,my action man ,my raw ,primitive lion she she turned the shower knob off...

Naku moved towards his room with a jug of water and glass. She  entered silently and shut the door behind her. He lay stretched lengthwise on the turquoise settee ,dressed in his white clothes, his collar completely open showing off his jet black hairy chest, his elbows folded under his head on the sofa head ,she smiled as she saw he had his long crossed legs still clad in his beige toe post sandals .He smiled dreamily at her, this girl who looked stunning in her night clothes, his eyes shifted  and followed her,  as she placed the tray of water by his bed side and returned to pull of his slippers .He moved his head slightly and dropped his mouth, and almost held his breathe as she approached him .He shifted his bottom and sided his body and made room for her to sit by him on the settee, with his legs still crossed lengthwise he placed his palm on the space he made for her "ah ja,mera pas Naku adher" he could see she was hesitant and so he added "kal tu phir juda ho jayega ek dossre se". She heard and rushed towards him and sat beside him and bent her body and placed her folded arms and head on his chest he pulled one of his arms from under his head and put it around her shoulder .He soon pulled out the other arm as well so he could hold her close she felt his warm torso on her waist as his hands stoked her back," naku oooh he moaned as he stroked her face ,his fore finger delicately moved her stray locks that played around her beautiful face he lifted his head and kissed her brow.."Naku oohh Naku he moaned in her ear ,Naku stiffened, as she felt he was preoccupied," Saab, kuch chinnta hai ap ko?" she asked as she stroked his chest hairs, "haan Naku chintaa hai AS ke, you see, with her you never know what might happen, and I can tell you Naku she feels hunky dory, or wants us to belief, but I know instinctively  that she is stressing over something ,or shall I say Naku ,I have a hunch that it's to do with our marriage.." confided Dutta ,Naku , delicately held her Saabs face, as she moved her head to soothe him by planting kisses on his chest ,he grabbed her hard and almost desired to lift her on him but deterred ,"Naku chaal mandir main ja ker shaddi ker late hai, choor sab kuch! AS ko kushi deni hai mujhe" he suggested. Naku sat up ."saab what are you saying?, get married in a mandir without following traditions that precede a marriage?"Dutta pulled his legs up and shuffled his bottom till his toes touched the floor and he stood up and sat with his legs apart in the single seater ,he raised up his head and gazed at her seated figure on the large two settee "haan that's what Iam saying lump  the traditions, my main concern is to give my mother happiness right now !now! I cannot bank on her health ,he held his lowered face in his hands I just want to see her happy, see Naku we can go tomorrow, take Baji as a witness get hold of sindoor ,mangal sutra, that's it no long winded customs... and we come home and tell AS we are married! he looked up dewy eyed she would be soo happy Naku...dutta ki shaadi ho gaye"...Naku interrupted" nehi Saab she won't be happy kyon ke aaap ne lagan kudh he ker liya ..  AS na nehi kerwayie", Dutta, intercepted ,his eyes flashed, "what are you talking about woman ,you think I am desperate to marry you ,no no Ms. PT,  it's only my way of showing a preference given  my mother's health, and before you get any more smart thoughts about my desperation to be with you 24/7,may I have you to know that I still have my tutoring to finish! Baat kerti hai, ja na ker  simple shaadi ,thujhe to pura band baja aur baraat chaiya Naku! he paused as he looked at her" to tell you the truth Naku ,it's all a waste of time and money, where is  the simplicity in you that I fell in love with Naku?...  Naku got up from her seat and approached him and bent her head,  tucked her knees as she placed her hands on his sturdy knees and looked up into his eyes with her big bold green doe eyes,"saab! pyar kerti hai Naku aap se ,aap jo bolen ga mein karega ge, for me, clothes jewellery ,riches and fineries do not matter I would willing become your wife in the clothes on my back, but whats' worth remembering here my dear Saab is that marriage in our culture is a bond not only between two individuals to be married ,but a bridge between two families the groom's and the bride's...she looked up at Dutta who listened attentively his nostrils slightly flared, "Saab rehi baat rassam o rawaj ke tu.. let me remind you that they has been handed to us from by our past  generations, that which makes up our roots ,gives us an identity ,for cultures and traditions have to  be a coming together of peoples on a common ground, each tradition, followed in a marriage ,pertinent to which ever faith , has a meaning ,a significance to it, it's like giving a certain ,meaning ,beauty ,and logic to a relationship between a man and a woman ,which is bond eventually confirmed by their faith or belief  ...lagaan Saab with custom and practice, is also a time of celebration between families ,friends and the community around them"..concluded Naku as she put her head on his knee ..he looked down at her head and bent  his mouth to the top of her ear," waise gayan acha deti he tu lardki, ab ja mare kamre se  neend aye hai"he yawned. Naku stood up...but before she moved he gently placed his hands around the hanging portion of her white chunni ," aur ye mere pyar kerne ke cheez tera pas kya ker rehi hai"... and he slowly pulled it off around her neck, ... as she  turned to go her sher was shaant..,she smiled ,"oye wapis ah kiss de mujhe ,she turned and shook her head, and backed herself, while he yelled "teri tu main!"...  but she had gone and he walked towards his bed,  her white chunni clutched to his heart he buried his nose in it and sniffed hard all her fragrance of honey suckle blossom hummm missed you sooo much baaaby and his eyes began to close... to be continued Hamlet..27.1.11

Precap: "put this helmet on now Naku! ,there's no way in hell you sit on my bike without it!"yelled Dutta.






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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Hi Hammie!
Mein aagai ...ready to comment...

Chapter 35

Starting with Dutta standing before bappa...
His unconditional limitless love for his mother
and then there's the woman that makes his little life complete. Naku.
its all praise worthy.
 The fact that she was there for him was his strength.
Loved that whole bit...

ROFL at Baaji and Dutta...who gets to wheel her...
and then when Naku says saab and he asks whether she's wants a turn too...LOL

oh i liked that line about loving his sweetheart the most...but he goes on to say naku the best and his mother the longest...defo these two are the substance of his life...
and its so clear how much he loves them both...

omg how sweet was that moment when he lifts AS...
I was like Awww! Seeing his love for her is so touching...

AS wants to see Baaji-Roops sagaai and marriage for Dutta-Naku...
and of course for the happiness of his mother Dutta is ready to do an improper one but glad Naku gave her bit on that...

Duji moment ...need I say more...
the two of them together is enough...
drinks and men talking ...
but theirs was more on a sensitive topice...
about mother...
so cute na...loved it!

OMG what a appearance by our sher...lardki haiy haaa ...other than his clean shave...he was looking fit fine and hot...but its not the same...and i just loved Nakus reaction to it and how he was telling her to just kiss him and she will know.  Poor girl was like NAHIII ...yeh kaise ho saktha ! ...her saab became a OMG lardki !! lol... Although the purpose of it all was to make his mother happy...which I adored but gosh that clean shave is a no no ! I know it will grow back ... but still ...

Haaye haaye haaye...aagai of my fav memebers of the FF ...his 'pyar kerne ke cheez'...chunni...haaa...his eye is always for it...of course took it off her and entangled himself in sleep... and shortly i shall go to sleep ...with my simba :P

thanks for wonderful UD...
enjoyed it...lots of love...
see you when I do mate! until then Ciao!

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 6:44pm | IP Logged

good to see u bak hon x

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 6:55pm | IP Logged

Edited by tamanna1391 - 29 January 2012 at 3:30am

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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res...welcome back :)
Firstly a warm welcome to so happy to see you back on thread with an update...

Thank you so much for this wonderful update which portrayed so many emotions be it affection...humour...romance...It was a so well blended together...that one feels to read it again and again...
Dutta as a son took my heart away more than he did as a lover...what a lucky mother...
The way his affection for his mother brought him in front of God...brought someone like him in front of God...and Naku there at that moment sounded like a Gods gift for him...for the questions he wanted to be answered were so well replied by his lady as if sent by God to pacify him...the beauty of the moment was him accepting it at the very moment ...

I loved The comparison he made while driving back home for him selecting his wife to be to take care of his mother ...though true that a daughter is a daughter but i assume AS to be few of those lucky ones...who are  blessed with the same affection from her DIl as she would be recieving from her own daughter...
His glance over the two woman who holds the substance place in his life was one of the beautiful moments ....his wife the best, but his mother the longest..this was by far the best lines ive captured

Him carrying AS towards her room was my most loved part...her contentment was so evident their ...her little  little boy is her protector now...the way she rested her head against his shoulder
was a blissful sight...had a smile reading that peaceful sight from both of their parts...
AS thoughts regarding dutta's marrige was a portrayel of an insecure mother...i loved her 
assurance she wanted from naku...though she knows she had selected the girl who is bound by her selfless love for her son...but still a mothers affection had urged her to take that promise from naku...

Duji bar scene was fun to read...mast dosti hai :)
and naku with her aaj bhi piyo ge...reminded of LTL...
loved their question answer session with each other ...chad gaye hai ..hehe...but still was filled with emotions...bless them :)

and coming to the OMG moment...Hammie..yeh kiya kiye ...tauba tauba *water...someone give me a glass of water*
Naahhhii...i cant imagine dutta in that chikni chameli look...and nakus reaction was so spot on...i myself felt like to roll my head side to side on wall...duttas pathanis and his stubble are part and parcel of his character...
but i loved his intentions a lot behind his new avtar...just to bring a smile on her AS face..awww...par that doesnt mean im giving the liberty to carry on with that look...hammie please please next week stubble should be back...naku was so right the look was not a 
surprise it was a

btw would have been a dramatic twist if dutta naku would have got married in a mandir...i was like no...girl...please dont agree to this...want to see a proper marriage with elders blessings :)
and the white chunni is back in action...i love this one more than the earlier magenta one...hopefully will get to see the man making naku jealous 
of that chunni again...and the already excited and eager to experience that bike ride...would be  dreamy ...for sure ;)

Thank you dear for this wonderful...amazing update...which always leaves me short of adjectives...and i Pray that we keep getting more and more 
from your pen...Bless you :)...waiting eagerly for next friday !!!

Edited by Warda. - 31 January 2012 at 8:27am

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