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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 140)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Hi Hammie,
Hamari kalabandar ke liye dher sara pyar  
MISSING you aur kiya ..lambhi judai...tummy pe scabs ban rahein hain..very tempting to pick them...but no have to shove my fingers in my mouth or run them through my hair,  baal bahut lambe ho gaye hain need a hair cut ...look like a ruffian...
baki use, Daya papyaa ne mujhe siggy gift kiya hai... words are from AGNEEPATH  SONG SAIYAAN...ME HAVVVE TO GET BETTER TO SEE IT ...full on acshunnn..blood ,gore ,punches!
BAKI...kahan gaye meri inspiration to write ...where are you my  eternal lovers? dutta and naku??? wherefore art thou?

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noreen Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
 hi hamlet, glad to know you are getting better, hope you keep recovering fast so you can get back to us take care lots of hugs and best wishes!!!Blush

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Pushpa95 Groupbie

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Hi Hamlet , glad to know you are getting bette .lots of love and best wishes for you torecovering fast so we can see you soon take care lots of love

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Reserved !Big smile

"Lord, what fools these mortals be" ' need I say more? I think not :P

Note worthy:  this slight brushing of the outer hands, does it not count as touching? Haa I think it she got a glimpse of the rainbow not long before she strikes a pot of gold! Lol and all went kaput for the sake of AS, he touched he touched!!!

no it does not! its merely but a sensation,could be the wind!
Baaaji!!! Actually I would love to take this action man in my arms haa push Naku further down the line lol...ME first!

honestly,talk about a frustrated female!,have you know Dutta hates birds who fly past the line! soo sooche le Daya khen chammat na par jaye...
He'll give in...he will ...just look at him soften at the sight of her feminine frame...taking it all in...taking her all in...head to toe...what she does to him by just being lol

Their little interaction while resting on AS's lap was interesting...speaking in silence ...all sorts of feelings flowing about...loved how he called her out on her leaving before him and then her answer haa had AS impressed and him all turning his head away...sach mein these two behave like children!

you are right ...pappo and munni ke kahani!
OMG this Major is not only acting marvellously but also running marathon to his own room lol...trying hard to keep up the image of a happy go lucky couple...when in fact at the moment both are far from that...

in the name of the mother!...
So both in his room...and yeah the disciplined man throws Velcro jacket and crash lands on his bed with no decency at all haaa omg he is too spoiled...called Rahman to handle his boots...god he is going backwards in aging kya...? pampering thoda zyaada hai..even if he was home and more relaxed place ...and he sure is getting reactions from Naku ..which I think is what he is really wanting...oh the rude man...poor girl came to get him clothes...and he treats her like she is invisible...

look papy,he is an army guy,as for Rahman,he's his batman,so let  the man do his job ,and let Dutta, behave badly , mazza tu aya naku ko bhi, but naaa not so soon baaby pheli saza mela gi!
Haayyee omg imma die...a shower scene... with Dutta...need I say more...uffoo..damn what a hot shower ahh... he wants her to apologize but wen she does he plans to decide only after that whether he will forgive or not? Hain...he is already so drowned in her...he'll given in eventually.

shower ...a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do..titter the chorris on the forum!
What? Didn't he technically ask Rahman to take out his clothes and now the sher is fuming on her...he is crazy! He just wanted a damn excuse to march up to her door and kick it down full filmy style mein haaa

kya gussa haisalla ga ,kya dum, kya dhamaka..mana prathe ga ..yeah?
OMG what is he doing...looking like that and trapping her to the wall...the guy's ishmart! I swear he has like personality minute he is saying one thing and next he is blasting for same thing to going hai bappa !  ... Haaa OMG hammie me on the floor with : "abhi tera samne me ye towel neeche pheenk doon ga you bloody deserve it you!" every girl here is waiting for that now LOL

I have to say ,me too was belly wobbling ,having vicarious pleasure  haaa
Oh oh oh another touch but more bold...right to the chest...must've sent volts of electricity poor guy was shocked and yelled haat maat lage he literally orders her and makes her get his clothes...and she does just that...lmao i love how he went for his towel and she ran giggling while he too smiled...these two are really something else !

sarra, apne khayal ,his desperation to grop her ,but pride in the way...somethings don't realy change!
Haaye new game started for these two children...footsies! Oh and then AS calling out his way of talking with Naku...guy almost else does he expect to be treated when he behaves like a kid haa

ovvver grownnn kiddo for definite
So talks of their marriage...yes as expected AS wants to see it sooner as she fears she may not get to see expected D and N both have goals and given they r to be completed soon they have no issues with wat AS decides...hmmm but these two have to work out their damn problems first...yes as always Naku handles all well...and he still well him !

between you and me ,their marriage has done my head in too
My my he is good at this rage stuff...the girl was just caring for him and all he does is blow up ..boom boom boom! Ahh Baaji and Naku are too good together...loved their moment about the action baaji had to miss with regards to harshad...of course Dutta would see this...and crazy man thinks these two have lost it ...i think whole PN has lost their marbles...but he yells at her to come with him lol ...and baaji is all like 'yes'! haa yeh bhi na :P

Yesss any UD is incomplete  with our beloved Baji ...miss himm
:O :O :O :O :O omg what is he saying about Khan ...confrontation time...and I know he's to trying to get a point across but wow that was one hell of a way to do enjoyed tho :P Yes Naku was jealous and he is definitely not helping the matter

out to trap her ..wants to hear it from the filly's mouth...
ROFL omg major has been kya molested assaulted taken advantage of by naku for she did what OMG she bloody touched him :O lol

getting his point across,his anger ,and his sentiments...all clearly out in words
Hammie the song...kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun...awww love it listen to it often now...he is melting slowly but surely love loved this part...all it took was a song lol turned around and he captured her lips ...aww and all his lovey dovey dialogues ...knew he would give in soon... there love is strong! So much for never touching her...

yeah now this is the touchy feely lion..none of this brush of hands ..samjhe tu...
Oh no AS is getting worst...and Dutta is breakdown bless his soul, he so very deeply loves his mother...and glad Naku is there to comfort him...worst situation not looking good...dutta seems even more worried.he is totally a mama's boy...he will strive to make her healthy again am sure of that...

yeah looks like...Dutta ki AS theekh nehi hai...ab tera kya hoga Dutta?
Chal hammie ...loved the update to its core...lots of fun it enjoyed it thoroughly ...thanks for posting earlier :)  great applaud ur writing...loved reading me will go to bed smiling after one steamy update you lots ...take care...
a brush of the hands LOL see you when i do ...pms mein :)

any time baaby .Sharmille ,you do know something that I papayaaa next one will be stand by me...thanks for your love  shove...xxhammie .yepp see you in pms... 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tamanna1391

as happy to see dutta kala kis duttaand dutta drool on nakkuand his heart melting  dutta glaring at her
and nakku and dutta  ne nakku ko fasa diya but nakku is smart to handle major and so dutta want sorry from nakku and angry on nakku for clothesand entered her room and kapre utarne ki dhamki and totally but nakku  and akele mein  major apn i tarif kar rahe haidutta meet AS and she complain about badtammiziab she wants them to marry and dutta nwant help from nakku and nakku is smart and he melted but don't wamt to show it and baaji nakku bondingand dutta saw nakku action and take her and baaji and roopsand tasha talk finally mana liyaand AS AND TASHA  worried

 happy new year

tamana thank you sooo much for this visually fun filled,feedback,almost all the emoticons matched perfectly with the relevant parts of the UD...I had to make the two lovers meet, sort out
their differences ,but knowing these two as much as they love each other ,they recognise and respect each others yes they are an ideal couple , made for each other but ,woh relationship kya hai jis mein boat rock na ho...  next UD friend ..thanks for your lovely comments and best wishes for my health...lots of pyar ..xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 23272

Posted: 26 January 2012 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.

 res Embarrassed
thank u hammie for this pleasant gift Hug
edited: read precap first LOL...and it is making me Dancing...AS Rock!!! LOL

thank you so much Hammie for this wonderful gift...couldnt have asked for any thing elseSmile
I was so delighted to read it specaillay as bday present..thank you for this love it means
a lot to me...Ive read in previous pages that hammie not a huggy person and only gives warm hand shake Tongue
but I sure will give you a big tight hug  Hug*zabardasti* LOL   hammie speechless... and mumbles thanks hummmhh..
Very very well justified title...for these two...
Loved the way they both entered PN at the same time...very significant...and nakusha following
by his side just like his shadow which is inseparable no matter how much you try...
AS meeting Tasha was one touchy moment specailly how much she was craving to see the sight of her only fact in the whole update I felt very much connected with AS...for her motherly affection... yess and for him she is the strong woman in his life, the strength,  right when he was separated from her for boarding school..till stepping into his fathers shoes...
Surprisngly dutta considered baajis advice and took blessings from AS holiding his lady loves hand...made me smile...for once this angry young man had to compromise with his words *evil smirk*...wish naku had pinchhim at that time to make him yeah and he would have pushed her out of his room at he first available opportunity!
Naku standing with a Chesire cat expression...made me smile ear to took me back to lovely childhood memories where Alice tales were most fascinating for me...just imagining naku in that look sounded really funny...add to that dutta got annoyed seeing her like this...made me laugh even moreLOL..incidentally,Chesire UK mein ek posh village hai London se baher... 

The visual exhange between these two while sitting next to AS was another pleasing sight..and once again AS stole my heart by calling her DIL to sit next to her being well aware of the fact that this is what her sons most longing desire would be..Today im very much inclined towards*holds her thoughts...concentrating on TAsha only* LOL yeah I can feel that kurri
ANd how cleverly this man is lying...that he went to pick up naku first *glares*...add to that calling naku jhooti ...this is called chori and seena zoori Tongue  totally over clever bun raha hai ,put she too has sharpened up staying in his company
Okh enough of the goody good acts by dutta...come back to basics...out of AS range now LOL
Wonder which devil came into him after entering his den...and naku surprised at his arent you used to of it yet?? well this is Naku for you tlttle shy but daft... and Dutta knows that...haaa haa
Now what were these Nawabi antics...Rehmaan taking his shoes off...*spoilt brat*
btw I love rehaamns jee saar a lot...been noticing it from so many prvious updates...very well much in character...I was like now some where she'll slip and it will come out to be now...but my girl never did *shabash*...hehe good you got it that's how the batman says it in our land Saar... 

Now that was really wicked the way in midway he stopped naku from taking ou the clothes ...
but  the whole part was so know while reading this big boys behaviour only one tag line was going in my mind...I,me and matter how much you deny it hammieTongue
nehi baaby me not denying it...yes why do you reckon I love Dutta soo muchhh

Now any good reasons for explaining duttas shower session in please dont blame other girls for saying such parts are for you girls...I know tere maan main bhi ladoo photay hainLOL oye chup ker nehi tu BPL zoorar se..din bhar roothi reha gi tu!
in deed thanks a lot for considering that highly in demand phulwari and garden garden ...that was in literal i hope nobody fainted coz i did Wink seee told you sure shot box office hit ..Dutta ka shower scene...

Coming to the part which actually left me Shocked...he did what...No i mean seriously..let me read it again... teri tu maine ,bahut challo hoti ja rahe hai tu...
he went to nakus room that too for the first time in a i will never ask what unpredictabilty is...haaa me laughing ...belly wobbling na kar dard hoti hai stoopid woman!
and Excuse me It was he who ordered Rehmaan to take out his poor PT was about to do the honours...
and what was that dhamki for... abhi tera samne me ye towel neeche pheenk doon ga ...I so wish naku had challenged him then and there...Tongue  youuu along with all your buddies so wish ..but Naku is a sharif lardki...she would drop dead in a heap on the floor any way!LOL

AS is on a roll today...asking about tashas lagan...but again these proffessionals...
and did she actually pointed out that he is being rude to telling you this lady is getting all my dullar wonder major actually choked...saachi baat jo thi Tongue
loved the word dular you used  ..aww so sweet and well described ...pms mein thuje kya hojata hai chorri?? baata mujhe this writer waiting to hear...
Baaji...Naku bonding was another delight after a long time...loved the title second favourite man for himEmbarrassed   yesss me too enjoyed writing this scene...
but what was with that child like fight reminded of roops...
and for a change roops baaji for the first time sounded as a we all know how they deal with each otherLOL yess there are not many opportunities for roops and Baji to meet ..may e Ishold consder including them more as a couple i UD...  

Oh i was least expecting it from dutta that he will again start the conversation regarding the firing range issue...and handeled it so well...very sensible conversation
for naku needs to learn the difference between a profeesional and non professional behaviour...rightly said  well he had to get it out of her ..what he issue was..and they had to be reminded yet again...but all's well that end's well..
Now coming to the second issue and the most important one specially from a readers perspective *wink*   hain?as usual you are at a loss for word  wink ,oh come on youc can do better than that!
thanks to naku for taking the intiative rest both have lost such golden opportunity of being together...and ta da The Love Birds united...that sure was my birthday treat ...Embarrassed
btw which song was that whcih naku choose...very apt though  :-)   yesss I heard the song and thought of them ,especially her how she would appease him if he was angry with tried to be descritive as best as I could...I usually refrain from providing audio links ,you now Hammie prefers own words...

aww...AS unwell again...wese if you spare my nonsense and i might sound very very insensitive but everytime I read the word AS fainted or getting fainting just makes me ROFL...
Hammie please use anything else i mean anything,,..but no more fainting spells...Thank God the ever phamous puroohit jee is not in this ff...otherwise he would be taking the credit for all this
*ducks from flying chappals* LOL haaan true true...but on a slightly serious note ,AS may be unwell...

But on a serious note could feel duttas pain..for his world lies in her feet...moreover it is often said that a son is more attached to mom and daughters with fathers...
Naku pressing his hand to assure him that she is by his side...and all will be well...was a moment which stole the show *bless them* hummmh ma ke baad ,good he can see that she is going to be the next important woman in his had to add the line..
Hope AS gets well soon...and we witness tasha detailed marrige performed with all rituals Embarrassed
well there  may be more about this issue in the next UD...which will be delayed ,and you know why...
Thank you so much for this wonderful update...and dedicating to me as a gift was just like cherry on the top...Embarrassed
Wishing you and all the readers a blessed new year...May this new year bring loads of happiness in each and all of our lives {Ameen}  thank you...and thanks for your lovely ,enjoyable feed back..
See you your den via pms Tongue  aagar emoticons use kerne hai tune tu maat ah meri den mein... 
btw there was no KHAN *winks* as a token of thank you accept this gift from my side so that you dont miss your khanSmile  haaan I missed her , thank you for this new year gift ,she is sooo stunning ,every feature...bas next UD MEIN...

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Pushpa95]Hi hamlet , loved the update geart work . lots of fun it was loved reading it .loved Dutta and Naku there love is so strong but naku jealous was very silly . She trust dutta but some time it happen when you are in love and when it dutta you will feel jealous . I am worryed for AS hope she is fine .thanks for pm and wish you happy New Year may all happyness comes to you . We will meet again take care
dear Pushpa,thanks for your lovely comment about the update also , thank for the kind get well messages on the forum during my recovery ...I got strength from them...much love xxhammie
next UD should be soon..

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

hey hammie
ranjuuu,kaise hai...
great update dearClap
thanks you enjoyd it.
major rushes but slow down for her angel WinkWink
well,basically showing off...
mum-son Smile
ohh yess apple of her eye
still fighting in front of AS...
ankhon ankhon mein baatein...
badmaash tu hai...
gadha still fuming...
oh some things do not change
nakku's answer to AS not impressive...

dutta's room temperature very high...
LOL  haaa yeah
when nakku is about to take his cloths out of wardrobe he yelled rahman to do that but little later he's in nakku's room yelling at her not to take his clothes out of wardrobe gadha hai proof de raha haiLOL
haaa how we love his antics...
trio talk AS dutta and nakku lovely want help to give AS answer but that is required as nakku's decision also matter.
yes tripartite chat...wohi lagaan aur kya
late night baaji and nakku wow superb but dutta sorry major dutta didn't like thatLOL
yesss kill joy tu hai woh
baaji and roops like always dono mast haiBig smile
baji loves her like a sister..always hai uppar se future wife of the man he loves..
tasha convo finally things sorted out lovelyTongueEmbarrassed
sooo ranju I take it you liked the scene
AS not well sad so soon tasha gonna married and baaji-roops engagement
dekho UD mein kya hota hai
thanks dear for wonderful update and pmTongue
  thank you ranju for your lovely comments bas don't disappear..xxhammie

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