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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 129)

p_riya Newbie

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
hi, Hammie
As allways excellent. Waiting for ur UD. Patch them up as fighting couple is not their image...u know it...then why I am telling u?Unhappy

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Warda.]yipeee Party
HUMMH warda ..its your birthday ,hence cannot  give you a mouthful,it's evident that now your are back with your vivacious ways will create waves before hammie ,but hamnmie sharif ..just lower's eyes and walks away ..naachte reh mera peeche... 
Oouucchh...The fight is still on...Well I dont see the issue that big as much it is dragged by Dutta...but again well said by you why at first place she poked the lion Ouch when she is well aware of his temper. some ediuts[idiots] go out looking for they get it ,personally she likes it!
Nakusha becoming centre of attraction for the OUTS was making Dutta can just imagine Duttas face when he is not willing to let her sit among them but still had no choice...
Him Telling Naku to be careful while handling the hot mug of tea brought a huge smile 
on my was one of the cutest moments...When you are pretending to be angry but still your heart is caring...his words werespot on!!!... salle bahut bara actor hai ..Baji se bhi pooncha hoi
My dear PT planning to marry after one of her  patients start walking...This girl na...
Nandi please get up and start running I beg you...hammie see she is running in circles now...hahah...Shall i assume its time to ring bells for TAsha..Embarrassed...hain phir shaadi ,abhi recession chal raha Dutta is wise how he spends the money...listen how about if they both abscond ...could be an interesting story line...comments ..just takes her by the alower arm ,goes to the nearest mandir ,sundur /mangulsutra and done!...they can tell AS and co..they are married... mull this thought..every one!!! brvv,ivy,daya,raju..and any one else in your riotous gang!!!!  command hai!

For Khan ive got mixed feeling...she seems harmless till now for Tasha...the thing which is
just a turn off is brefriends naku yet at the same time fancing her fiancee...thats called hipocrisy i guess But I would leave this topic as im not sure for how long are you planning to keep her in your ff or for what purpose she would be used...For that I ll just wait and watch ..will she remain a silent admirer or another harshad alike in que...*keeping fingers on my lips*                               
For Nakusha still not letting go off the image of Dutta and Khan together is 
driving me insane...For Heavens sake Naku I saw a pure student/Instuctor interaction there...nothing moreor less than that...
ek to tum gangsters ko meri khan le dobe hai,..she fancies her teacher, haven't you fancied your teachers,some where along the line...naku's reaction ,preposterous as it may seem ,still has a you work that one out Warda...  
Dutta riding towards Patil Wadi on a bike...Sexy!!!! ...this is what you call camera pot shots...bhi FF ka hero office success story ...tu uske angles to hoon gai lardkes ka dil dharkana ke liya ..
Him following nakus cab was the most enjoyebale part for me..Wonder why didnt Naku recognised  that its her devil under the helmet..Confused
buddo hoona ka elwa bahut bholle hai nakooosha
Baaji is a Gods Gift for both Dutta and it his concern for AS or Tasha...What a well read by him that something is cooking between both of them...hope he sort it out soon...and they both head together at their work stations as ONE
But this time I hope its Dutta who make poor naku has done it before many times...this time let him do the honours...  Dutta advances only  on the war front,on the love front ..well he wil, l if he wants give her a right telling off,that's because she allows him..
Waiting for the next part or I would say Next Friday...Commitment...Salu bhai ishtyle LOL
Thanks a ton for pm Smile   no baaby this time commitment on saturday ..friday read cooments feed back..kuch masla hai ..

PS : I would like to add what brvr said regarding AS forcing Tasha to tie knot...HAI Embarrassed
Hammieee *makes an innocent face* are the besht...I lub you girl..Embarrassed
PLease consider that point as soon as possible *runs for life*LOL
listen..thanks for your comments ..miss POV kuri... by the way kitne bars ke hoi he mera warda?  chaale talk to you in pms... ... par comments ke bad...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged


Hammie, mein my turn to apologize for coming so late ...SORRY!

no problem...used to your wayward lateness...I add dry...
So I shall get straight to it : Chapter 33 ' Journey's end in lover's meeting ...

:O Major is so concerned for that Helmet...what is wrong with him importance to inanimate objects all the time ...especially when the one person who holds his heart is around! He is like a jack in the never know when he'll go POP!

Jack ?..dunno but he sure can be the little boy blue who blows his horn..for the cow is in the meadow!...LOL
Oh so its herself she's really worried about...even if he can manage to control the extent of his advances she is scared she'll let her entire guard down ...makes sense...the guy has a way to get every girl go weak :P
well ,naku's fear I suspect echo's the sentiments of many females on this thread...baach ke rehna he baabaa..baach ke rehna...especially when the lion is on the prowl...

Tea break! Haa he had no choice in allowing her to mingle and socialize ...oh and what does she announce...haa she will make her  patient walk first before any thought of marriage...Oh my major has surely watched some wonderful movies or read some wonderful books as a child...he even knows Alice in Wonderland LOL

 I knew you would like this bit..remember he went to a boarding school in must be well read in some areas ...
They fight like children...both are soo stubborn ! Love how both end up talking to Baaji. Dutta more so to get news but I like that Naku shares such a relationship with Baaji that he's almost like another support system ... always there for her and ready to help her in any way their relationship
I aways enjoy reading sections about Baji in yours and Raju's FF' it seems i have to have Baji as the strong link bewteen the two links called dutta and naku...yes baji will be always remembered in their love story...

So Naku and Dutta both returning to PN for the weekend for the ill AS. Oh haaye haaye...Major on a bike ...zooming towards PN ...voh bhi in his military uniform ...aww there was a baby!!  Aww and he fed the baby ...that was such a cute scene ...

just a tiny shot of how he responds to a baby ..I miss little munno though major Ram ke bonny baby...
Of course he would see her on the way ...and loved how he was like at the window and he was kind of hoping she would look but then knew she wouldn't, never looked at men of all people ...well he is quite satisfied...he even blessed the soul LOL and then he decides to mess with her LOL moment she looks ...she thinks its some cheap romeo...and the moment she looks out the window to see who it is...he is all like what is she doing? Is this how she looks at bikers ...he called for the attention ...and he got it LOL ...what can she do.
somewhere inside him is a churlish ,adolescent Adrian mole /jimmy dean kind of a mod rocker...and when he can ..he lets go ...basically celebrity going nuts ..behaving like an every body type  behaviour...teddy can say regressive behaviourLOL..mid life crisis at nearly thirty...LOL 
Naku is like a total dumbo at times...why didn't see even consider the possibility of it being least when he entered PN ...she's such a tubelight! Roops & Baaji ...i have no words for those two children...but at least they both sensed the friction between the two and absolutely loved that Baaji was more concerned about what this fact would do to AS as she is already ill and this isn't what she needs to see.
LOLLOL true say...daya papyaaa..can I say teri theran...oops nehi nehi to tu bare mahaan hai..
baji roops  yess have sometimes more about them ..especially if it has any thing to do with their
exclusive ,patent Bhao! 
Ahh loved how he moved like lightening to reach Naku's things before Kaley...oh the man doesn't even want someone else touching her stuff ...poor girl is so in love but these two are too stubborn to let this all go so easily na ...chal chal UD jaldi karo :P
yes he is odd, in his manner ,but he is crafty as well he wanted to give her a message that he loves her ..and cannot have none other ,even touching her common belongings...very romantic ,yet calculated

Loved the UD entirely as always ...its was all about them...and it was well penned as always ...kept me glued even the second time of reading it :) ab will see you when I  do...take care hammie...lots of love ...see you!

why the hell couldn't you say this in the pm when I asked you did you like it?such a moody cow you are papita ...chaal must be civil to you..thank you for your lovely comment papaya ,pataya,daya time when i ask you in pm you'd better say ooohhh hammmie lovvved it sooo much!
xhammie ab ja aur bhi thanku'kerne hai spk to you latersss.

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged

Originally posted by tamanna1391

awsem updqate

CANNOT BELIEVE it ke this is your comment hain..emoticons..and ohhh so much movement

loved it cheered me up..tamanna...
  dutta angry but caring and loving in angry posture not forgetting to drool on her
yesss drooling tu kerta hai hai naku per...that comes to him naturally..he cannot help that!
love baaji nautanki and dutta roone waala dialogue
Baji to knows which buttons to press on Dutta to create an effect... tht's what heir dostana is all about...belated seasons greetings to you as well mate ..thank you for your happening comment!

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

Yippeee!!!!    Thank God, its friday evening.Party..,  

So the stalemate continues, Holier-than-thou attitude of major, even though his heart sings a different tune everytime he looks at her, her ankle, her saree, her hair, etc.. are you suggesting he needsa hole in his head for being such a prat!

Helmet tootne ki chinta hain major saab ko aur dil thodne ki zara bhi parwa nahinUnhappy. kaun se fil ka dialouge hai brvv?? ..ache hai maybe naku should use it,and helmet army property and naku tried to carry out malacious damage to it ,that's why parne tu thi usse! He is perfect as a tutor, perfect son, brother but as a lover naah, bit immature..hain?..wanna give him some tutorials ..or give hammie some LOLwaise me thinks you are a hard lass to please...LOL maar bhi jaon pun aap ko kush hammie cannot woman man!... never mind our naku is adept at handling such kiddoos. The impromtu tea party just gave an insight into naku's not much talked attractive persona n also gave him a few pangs. Arey wah! cup garam hai aaram se pakar naku, galti se nikal gayi major ki muhse. Its a rollercoaster ride with him the moment u thought u have peaked, the bottomless pit awaits u. ..haaa LOL brvv oye you getting the placebo effect kya?...

Wah! naku has mustered enuf guts to let the egoistic man be himself,   But i doubt he will mend his ways anytime soon, naku has to grow another layer of thick skin to stay sane. Major is acting the victim n making a mountain of a molehill. She scored again when she refused his ride home. Even after hearing baji, major not ready to give her the benefit of doubt. you will read about the red the forthcoming UD..chap34.

Its now an unwritten rule that without mention of khan update is impossible, now she is also trying to read his mind n his affairs, She is on a high after major's touching tuition, he is even more touchy tch, tch.., ouch! chakkar aaraha hain.Wacko  Have a field day baby.
LOLLOL that's it damaged bum ..thought almost bloody got away with getting bruised but nooo!!.yaar talk about one track minds ...definately chakkar tu bloddy mujhe ah rahe hain..reading your comments...haaa

So both ready for trip home unaware of the other's plans. Gosh! he had no qualms leaving without even thinkg of taking her home,arrrh.Angry    The bike ride to home surfaced the road romeo in him chasing n following n hankering for attention. Naku luckily didnt notice nor even glance at the silly romeoBig smile. This is the reason she is taken for granted by him, he is secure with her unflinching luv. So our Tom cruise under the helmet is all too aware of her thoughts, who said that a women's heart is as deep n mysterious as the ocean, he reads it like the morning paper.

this is for you brvv dutta and kkk...from hammie to you since you mentioned a certain person...
LOLLOLLOLClapStarLOL awwwh my bottom ...this is busting me too good.!
Baji trying his level best to get the two together but in vain. Thank God! naku has baji as a confidant or else her life would be miserable. Ah! was moved by Baji's concern for AS when he realised major n naku's tiff would bode ill for AS.   Well, AS illness has come as a blessing in disguise for the two to iron out their misunderstandings ofcourse u never know with major this can go on, dangerous to predict. My hunch is AS will want them to tie the knot as soon as possible she could armtwist them with her illness.    Ok...there is some climbing down- his pickin her luggage frm the car, still it doesnt mean that he is ready for truce, possesive Gadha!    carry on ur nautanki dude.  you know him so well my  brvvv
Hammie dear thank u for the weekly updates of pure gadhapan of our pyaara sa gadha. Hugs!! Hug  n wishin u   "Merry Christmas"!!Party
thankyou my dearest wait for my UD ..BUT HAMMIE WAITS FOR YOUR COMMENT oye check the link I have sent you..ONLY YOU xxhammie

The story...must be a conflict, and specifically, a conflict between the forces of good and evil within a single person. Maxwell Anderson

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Nakusha

hi hamlet ,
suberb UD friday is not same without you i just wait for it ,thanxs for bringing  smile on all of us ,my hamiee all ur silent fans are now visible Smile
NAKU YE tere wahja se hoya hai you are my beautiful little PR manager...hammie not a huggy person so i give you a warm hand shake
it was so good reading all the comments ,UD ka kya bolo it was fanatastic. the journey part was really good .D-N ka ego bahut bada hai but not bigger than their luv ,i hope aai sahab recovers soon .dutta & naku make  weekend the time to clear misunderstanding . i hope tiff ends plz hammieee Smileaur jhagada nahin . ab tera liya tu kuch bhi next UD which is on Saturday ,iam hoping ke you'll enjoy..
hammiee u are amazing as always Smile season greeting to u & milte hai friday koh ,wish u a great weekend tcSmile..mafa ker de naku but friday nehi but saturday , sommin has come up is leya ...bhaut payar xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged

Hi hamlet

Nice ud '.thanks for pm .seasons greeting to you too ...uvi

uvi thanks for reading it and  loving one on sat...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Pushpa95]Hi hemlet , i am pushpa thanks for such a beautful ud i love reading it i want to comment for a long time that way i join ifform but my bad luke i got busy but never missed your ud you have are god gift writer i know it short because i am useing mobiel right now i dn't have my laptop and this is my frist post soif it has any mistake pleas forgive me thanks for pm next i will comment on our D -N ones again thank for pm
hellooo are so gracious and kind to me,  Pushpa your words humble me...thanks for reading and encouraging me to write this FF...for a writer his/her greatest love are his words ,thoughts and readers ..without them a writer is incomplete...great to have you on the forum..apart from FFs there are many Dutta /naku VMs that friends make  and believe me each VM is suberb and never fails to give joy...thanks again
with much love hammie...we'll meet again...

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