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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 126)

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                                  Mishal Raheja as  Major Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture~ chapter 33

                                      "journeys end in lovers meeting!"Shakespeare

Dutta took a step back, rubbed his finger tips in temper ,and finally brought his fingers to stroke his stubble ,as he stood her man in a mood! he was incorrigible! she thought as she too looked the other way , he caught the movement of her head had shifted and reeled to face her ,"by the way do you mind picking up that helmet that you have hurled on the ground ,may I remind you it is army property and if it even so much has a scratch let alone a dent! you see what I do to you!" ,he said with a flash of eyes . With briskness, she went and retreated the helmet and stood before him as she held it in her tiny delicate hands. He almost softened at the sight but soon after resumed his hard exterior, and with a twitched jaw repeated the question, patronisingly "okay let's start again, why in heavens name are you here?", she looked up at him with a deathly calm it seems that we will be going in circles ,Saab is this some game we are playing ? if so please explain the rules, for I thought I had told you AS is unwell she passed out...he raised his palm "yes! yes! I know and she is well now?" he asked hurriedly. Naku nodded ,and he turned his back to her and put both his palms on his face and brushed his fingers down his stubble ,but his eyes ,still welled up in a state of anxiety. She saw his broad back and so very much wanted to hug him in her arms ,but her fear of him turning on her kept her fixed where she was .Once he was over the wave of stress about his mother ,his anger reverted and ordered him to face her again ,this girl who owned him he grizzled quietly,  "but why the hell  didn't Baji come ?why the bloody blazes did he send you ,I assume that muskaraha must have given you the damned go ahead in this action of your's Nakusha! I am right aren't I? he ranted. Naku looked up at him her mouth piqued, "there is no pleasing you is there Saab? now if Baji had come to tell you  would bitten his head off, for leaving AS! and that he should have been beside AS" ,she retorted ,but moved to feel his arm, and the action, triggered hysteria in him as he brushed her arm sharply " haat! dor!  don't you dare touch me ! main loafer hai! I only lust for your body! yaad hai ne? tune hi bola tha ! main debauch hoon! he seethed as he ground his teeth and arched his features, indicative of his immense hurt and anger.  She almost stamped her feet at his pigheadedness  as she defended with her large eyes flashing  I never used such terms for you Saab! loafer!debauche! kya hogaye hai ap ko,? baat ko khanan se kha lae ja rehae hain, he lifted his hands again to grope her shoulders "chup ker aur itna jan le lardki ,Dutta kisi bhi aurat ke peeche nehi bahgeta ..never fricking did ...aur jis ke peeche gaye is ne use kha diya that he only touches her ...and there is nothing sublime in aur bond!  theekh hai Naku...ab tu apne kam se kam rakh aur main apne kam se ...that's enough don't want to say any more on this woman!" ,he glared at her "you have put me off woman!  and he twisted his wrist and flicked his hand, but she was most displeased and she grated "you don't want to say anything more because you have nothing reasonable to add Saab!" ..before she could finish he brought his fingers up and straightened them ,towards her face and closed them but fumed  "bas! end of this bickering period! he shouted. She withered away hurt ,anxious ...why is he the way he is? changeable! surly she had not said anything unholy fact the touching element was the impious side, the call of the flesh especially before wedlock ,after all that is how she was brought up ,and also how can she tell him that she feared not his advances ,but her own may be ignoble desires towards him, of course she loved him with a passion, uncontrollable passion, but she had to show the same discipline towards their love as he did!  zealous but bridled , bold but respected and earthly yet ethereal!

He stood their  uncompromising and unaccommodating when he noticed a gathering of Outs and the two captains, "Sir we were wondering if ma'am would like to join us for a cup of tea outside our make shift tent for a tea break" said Captain Tahir gallantly, this is what Dutta did not want, bloody familiarity among the ranks ,and his face remained firm, before he could get his words out, Khan in all innocence,  moved to Naku and took her arm ,"officers may I introduce you to Ms .Nakusha ,she is! ,Sir's fiance!, blurted Khan as she stole a quick glance at Dutta who looked mighty uncomfortable with a forced miniscule sideways smile.  He turned away looked up and rolled his eyes, "hummh yes" he murmured in way of an unwilling consent. Naku looked up at him but found him utterly nonchalant. "After you than ma'am said Captain Tahir, as he signalled to the metal fold away chair with his palm with a slight bow of his head .Dutta folded his arms as he watched the males completely fascinated by her pristine graces as she lowered and raised  her large green doe eyes ,he checked out which of the males seemed more interested ,had to be Kapur , Singh, the silly gits , ahem! he cleared his throat ,but somehow the Outs both males and females hovered around her ,as Captain Uday offered her a mug of piping hot tea, Dutta spontaneously blurted out "gram hai aram se paker" ...the Outs smiled at each other and Dutta sniffed ,raised his eye brow and walked away from this little crowd, a few of the Outs crouched beside her "ma'am we hear you are a PT, at the Dera hospital ,what sort of patients do you treat"? enquired Kapur,  Naku ,looked up at Dutta who caught her gaze but refused to give her clue about the answer ,so she swallowed and just said "officers if you mean do I treat soldiers or army personnel then the answer is yes, as the military hospital is quite a distance away from the Dera , but if there is specialist treatment required then we do move patients to the more sohisticated medical centres". They all sat on the ground around her ,as Dutta watched with a twitched jaw line , jhansi ke rani bun ke bheti hoi hai apne senak ke darmain ! , it's as if she heard his rattling  and she raised her arched eye brow and collided her doe eyes with his narrow lion like eyes, and smiled peevishly ,he shifted his face and flared his nostrils , nope dear! don't find you amusing any more, he concluded in his thoughts, as with folded hands, he watched the woman of his life hold court ,he nodded and a smile forced itself on his face and he curved his head sideways. Bhatnager was impressed  and she asked "what made you chose  the profession of PT ma'am?, "well I was interested in human anatomy and how bones ,muscles propelled the body to movement", she replied, so how long have you been working for? asked Kapur, Naku "oh not long at all she smiled but have to say, each day seems a new day! different from the last",  as she looked up from his sitting position, so where do you want to go next? "asked Bhatnager, Naku paused and looked up at his sulky face for a bit and caught the slow shift  of his narrow eyes side ways to watch and listen to her answer " errh, I haven't, really thought that far ahead she said wearily ,as she saw Dutta bow his head relieved ,but soon after Khan got up and hugged Naku from the shoulders "of course you don't know Naku ,for your first priority is marriage for now isn't that true ?"Naku blushed but managed to spot  Dutta's scowl ,no not marriage yet ,for first I have to make sure one of my patient starts to walk first"! she announced. Dutta tweaked his compressed mouth ,the missy is full of herself, self righteous lardki ! dil kerta hai  abhi ke abhi is ka band baja doon!" he fumed,as a strange silence descended on all, and to clear the air, an enamoured Captain Tahir asked   "well "ma'am would you like a biscuit with your tea?". Dutta shook his head and commanded officer ,"may  I remind you that this is not Alice's tea party in wonderland! this is a firing range! so I hate to be a party pooper he said, "of course Sir we agree completely, but if I may be allowed to remark, "this  surly has to be  a rare one off,  when we get to share the company of your PT fiance, I mean Sir with due respect it's not an everyday occurrence, replied Captain Tahir, with a bow of his head  in the hope that his remark would be taken as a light fact . Dutta, gave a nod, but commanded "ok everybody pack up and prepare to vacate from the range .The crouched OUts stood up and saluted, "Sir! ,Dutta nodded and walked towards Naku who began to stand up from the tin fold away hair ,he yanked his head rigidly "chaal thuje dera choor doon" he sulked .Naku looked down and shook her head gently as he watched her with hooked eyes ,"nahin Saab she whispered, Baji ne cab book ker de thi woh wait ker rehi hai car park mein ,tu ap takleef maat karo". He looked down at her... well I offered woman , you don't want to take it suit yourself "he confirmed as he turned to his Outs and yelled "instead of day dreaming it'll be better if you get your act to, together and pack up!" he bellowed.  Naku was upset whichever or whatever she tried he was eternally  irate! , she was fed up! so she looked up and the two Captains quickly came to her rescue ,"ma'am if you follow us toward the jeep ,we'll drop you to the gate where your cab awaits". She started to board the jeep and he saw a bit of her fair shapely ankle over her kitten heel , she stopped and turned to look at him ,and he quickly turned his head the other way...but as the jeep drove off he looked at the back of the vehicle and pined away as he gazed spell bound at a tiny bit of her sari pallu that fluttered  out of the jeep, his heart missed a beat.

As the Outs, carried on the final clearance and load of encased rifles in the two transporters, Dutta's moblile rang and he walked aside with earnest hope it would be Naku but it turned out to be Baji "haan bol  Aye Sahib kaise hain?he asked with a cracked overcome voice ,"woh haan Bhau theekh hai abhi, pun ye le baat ker" , Dutta humera beta ,said an emotional AS, Dutta aaj ja humare pas , teri bahut yaad ati hai , peechle dafa tu aye to thujhe hum theekh tharan se dkeekh bhi nehi payie aur tu jala giya , ab dekh na hum theekh nehi retha, Duttaaahh!, she cried ,and Dutta lowered his head and then sided it to see if he was watched or listened to ,and he sniffed ,and tucked his phone between his broad shoulders and tilted head,  and whipped out his ray bans just in time to wipe off a tear ,his eyes welled up "AS ap theekh hona? ,batien mujhe ?"he muttered ,"theekh tu hain magaar hum ye chate hain ke thujhe hum dekh leien, kya thujhe humari yaad nehi ate Dutta?,cried AS. "kyon nehi AS , har waqat apka Dutta ap ko yaad kerta hai ,bas chalen ap aram kerien aur Baji ko phone dein, he said decisively but more so preoccupied with hr health. "Haan Bhau ,woh Naku aye the kiya ?asked Baji ,"yes she bloody did!  you idiot why the hell did you suggest that she should come here ? hollered Dutta, while Baji tried to reason with him "well Bhao I looked out for you as I thought you needed support in handling this news whimpered Baji ,for the last thing he wanted now was to upset his best mate ,his brother   ,"oh shut your face Baji! ,your over smartness some times wounds me up to no end!, yelled Dutta.  Baji feared discord ,he felt Bhao may be right sometimes, but he does overdo it a bit , Dutta was unstoppable "oye  sun ab Baji Rao the stupid geyser ! yes she came , created a stir! turned this place into her court , answered bloody questions about her life! ,Baji listened and  sniggered what! not about her love life or her love interest I hope! he teased. Dutta roared ,"bikwas band ker Baji! Dutta, shook hs head and took a deep breath in , "tu what was the problem Bhao? I am sure she must have created waves among the officers , "kahien tu jealous tu nehi ho reha ke Naku ko itna attention mila" ,poked Baji ,"jealous my left foot! why would I care, she's a bloody big girl who can look after herself!",Dutta, blustered with a degree of rancour. Baji was worried and asked "Bhao ,tu woh chele gaye kya,Naku ?,haan chaal giya! Bahut  baremadam bun rehi! the! I offered her a lift but she turned me down , so you know Baji,  Dutta only asks once and if the answer is no than it's bloody no as far as I am concerned and this rule applies to every one"! Dutta shouted, with an evil look!  But Baji had to set him right ,"but Bhao Naku is not just any body is she really teri woh! ,woh Naku hai! , kya hoya hai ,Bhau?he paused for a bit ,and Dutta refused to disclose and Baji continued you know Bhao ,she didn't really want to come ,you know why?... because she know you would disapprove ,I forced her to go Bhao I did and if I may add she was not only reluctant but fearful as well!, confided Baji "now whatever is  going on between you two ,it has too stop! ,what with AS not well , and by the way I  know for sure that it'll be your fault Bhao, accused Baji , oye Baji jis baat ka pura pata na ho us per judgement maat diya ker samjha!  ab ja aur AS ka dehan rekhna, instructed Dutta. The call ended.  Baji looked worried he was sure it was his mate's fault,Bhao ka kasoor hoga! he was certain .Dutta walked towards his jeep ,he mused ,well Baji you have got it wrong ,it's not your Bhao's fault ,for it was Naku who brought the issue of him being a lafenga aadmi! and yes it was Naku who  couldn't see that he was performing his duty with Khan and showed signs of this time Dutta squared his shoulders I am not at fault ..the bloody woman is!


  Naku, fought back her tears, they were a saline mixture of anger ,jealousy and utter frustration. She looked out of the taxi, as scenes whizzed past ,her eyes seemed to catch them but her mind was elsewhere. She blinked her eyes hard and desperately swallowed her tears .He had the power to rule and effect her very existence ,for she was hopelessly in love with the arrogant beast .She hated him yet she loved him more then her own life. But how jealous she was when she saw his broad palms and muscular arms around another woman! .She shook her head slowly but she could not , absolutely swipe and blot out the image from her mind !her heart was punctured by a knife. she winced uncomfortably , "haan jee ah gaye jee Dera ka hospital ,behen ji",said the driver , "baat sune ap apna  naam, aur number de dein ,ho sakte hai mujhe ap ko phir se bulna parhe ga "remarked Naku as she paid and thanked him. Naku alighted and went towards reception and asked for messages .The receptionist told her that a certain Baji Rao called .Naku whipped out her mobile phone and checked missed calls and dialled Baji's number ."haan Baji ,main theekh se wapis ah gaye hoon, aur taxi wala bhi bahut acha tha ,Baji was pleased "Naku AS ne thujhe se baat kerne hai ,Naku smiled and keenly spoke "AS, kaise hain aap ?,"main kuch aage se bather hoon Naku maagar ,chakker abhi bhi kabhi kabhi aah jata hai ,she said worriedly ,Naku listened to the voice of her heart ,she had to go to PN, she had to see AS. Baji took over the phone and anticipated " haan Naku , sune liya hai tune AS ko, ab kya tu woh kera gi ju main sooch reha hai ".Naku blinked her doe eyes and shook her head firmly "haan Baji main woh he kare gi jo tu sooche raha hai ,AS ko dekhne ke liya dil be karaar ho giya hai", Baji with good cheer in voice chirped "ye hoi ne baat Naku isle Bahu hai tu ,such mooch Dutta ke patni hoone ke kabel, although sometimes I wonder does he realize what a gem your are", Naku smiled, "but Baji we both agree that he is priceless and exclusive himself, sort of one of a kind! ,Naku said blushingly ,and Baji jested "haan tu to ye bole ge ne Naku ke Bhao anmol hai ! nayab hai ,maggaar! thura se sar phera bhi hai ! mana ke erdha!","aye, Naku abhi main jata hai, to tu?... Naku,interrupted "listen Baji don't tell anyone I am coming...Baji chortled, "oi nehi bate ga ! tu entry mare gi na? , tu mar dahmaka der entry! ,dekha de apna jalwa!, jhansi ke rani!, jested Baji, he was just pleased  the sun and moon of his life were going to immerse him in their glow!  one bright and warm, the other cool with a touch of blue! ok then "milte hai Naku" ...and Naku ended the call.  

Naku, sought a meeting with Ms.Tendulkar, "yes Nakusha please come in ,and how is my exemplary PT? she said benevolently, Naku reciprocated ,but internally bore the feeling that she certainly did not wish her boss to think that she was taking advantage by asking for favours ,so she began "well Ma'am, AS who is my temporary guardian has been taken ill ,certain investigations are underway ,and although some tests have been done on her ,I was wondering if I may be allowed to visit her for the weekend, I would be extremely grateful, however ma'am if I am not allowed under company policy I would totally understand"...  Ms. Tendulkar smiled, as she peered behind her spectacles. "Well Nakusha , first of all under company policy a short leave with pay is granted to tend to indisposed to immediate family, but since AS falls outside that category ,grant of short leave under special circumstances comes within my discretion, looking at your attendance which is exceptional I grant you this leave, confirmed, Ms.Tendulkar. Naku , uttered a word of thanks and, assured that she would arrange for a locum PT, and on that note, she also enquired "ma'am will Harshad's post be advertised?,the MS, replied "it will be shortly, and I will let you know as  it will be good for you to be on the selection panel, that is for your own personal development as well..." suggested Ms.Tendulkar as she felt Naku needed to be challenged in career development after six months.

Naku goes back to her room , packs her trolley, she was going to her beloved PN, to see her beloved AS,. She chose a dusk rose pink tight fitted knee length shirt matched with a churidar with a crushed silk dupatta. She looked at herself in the mirror, the colour and the outfit brought out her own complexion and body contours . She applied the usual inner eye coat of noir kajal, the slide of rose tinted lip gloss and a tiny black bindi between her winged eye brows. In haste, she brushed her hair, middle parted it, loosely plaited it and eventually laid it to rest at the side of her long slim neck. Her eyes fell upon the pink dome jhumkis that dangled in her lobes and she mused whether she was too dressy, but agreed that she was only dressed decent and not fancy or seductive !, for what else was important ,her heart was not hundred percent in her preening ,she smiled, now had she adorned herself for his eyes , more care would have been exerted in her personal appearance. She pressed her lower lip and shrugged her shoulders and uttered a "ah well! such is life" ...,she checked her phone ,the grouch bag had not phoned she festered. Her fingers pressed and searched for his number ,her heart called for her to press his number , but her mind instructed her to leave him be ,for she was sure he would disregard her call, and it was for definite if he did by some perchance answer it would be bricks and bats! And naught lovey dovey exchange of words! Oh what a fool she was , she dared to poke a lion...she looked at her cuddly lion and reached out at him ,held him before her face "Saab ap mujhe se narazz ho na? ,itna gussa hai ap ko apne Naku se? ,she rubbed her nose against it's cheek "theekh hai Saab ab Naku  kahmosh rehi gi , kuch nehi bole gi ap ko...dekhna ye hai ke kitne din ap mujhe se nehi bolo ga?...she gave the cudddly lion a shake and stuffed it in her suitcase!. In no time the taxi arrived and she was boarded and en route to PN...


  Without a doubt he was in a foul mood , he felt wronged, taken for a bloody ride by a chit of a girl ,a damned wisp of a girl ,he thought as he  shifted his face to show displeasure ! distaste! his masculinity was snubbed ,he arched his shoulders as he drove his jeep ,actually he mused never you mind about your masculinity Dutta my man! it was your ruddy ego she punctured!.There he was trying hard to be an angel when he knew which no one else knew, not even his beloved Nakusha that he had the potentials of being the devil incarnate! .His elbow stuck out of the jeep window and he needed the touch of his own hand to soothe and calm his own person and his knuckles brushed his stubble, as soon as he felt the touch, strangely Dutta allowed her to come to him! he narrowed his eyes as he sucked his lower lip dil tu thaa tera gala daba doon , per kya hawwwt lege rehe the thu Naku ,he relished her red sari clad vision of not so long ago, in his imagination as he stroked his face with his long fingers and pulled his mouth and smiled as he slanted his head a little ,he chuckled , you created a stir my shahzadi!. But cantankerously  he cleared his throat, interrupted by parallel thought "pun Naku,  ab Dutta thuje haat ne hi lageia ga"! ,he said loudly as he looked at his ray-ban shielded eyes in the windscreen.

The military school arrived, and the Outs disembarked rather unceremoniously with .Dutta stuck one muscular leg out of his jeep and yanked it on the ground and stood tall with his fingers on his haunches "right what's all this commotion? ,discipline! ,order! he shouted ,"officers you haven't come out of a cricket or football stadium that you  are creating such hullaballoo , line up and attention he ordered!. they clamoured and stood to attention with their hands held behind their backs  Sir! Dutta took his ray bans off folded them as he stared at them with his lion like eyes ,while they watched him, and slipped them elegantly into is bullet proof breast pocket "now that's better, feeling the rifle once! does NOT mean you go trigger happy in your behaviour and forget you are back in a restricted area, he announced as he pierced them with his eyes. "Right officers ,you are to continue with your write ups, on today's rifle practice complete with strengths/ weakness! and be mindful they re to submitted to me by Monday morning, he paused and relaxed his expression and continued, "for the rest of the day check your schedule and kindly adhere to it, but first of all you need a shower and get your selves to lunch ,double quick! ,that'll be all officers dismissed!!  he commanded. Khan stole a furtive glance ,why was he in such a huff, funny , but the love of his life was around ,so why is he irritated? she conjectured, as he noticed her trail behind the rest and  raised a  pointed  firm finger in the direction of the dorms and egged his broad head  at her, she gave a feeble smile ,but he had moved along unflappable in his own private space... 

Before he went to his apartment Dutta, took long strides towards Parekh's office and entered the Brigadier's office. He stood tall and saluted "Sir thank you for agreeing  to see me at such  short notice" said Dutta formally  "that's all fine my boy, I hear you gave a right licking to that pathetic PT, there is a general buzz around! Major Dutta the crusader! goes to fight a war of righteousness! laughed Parekh, Dutta pulled his neck back in mock surprise and shyly commented really "Sir ?well I never mentioned anything,  as such things are not common knowledge besides I usually dispel singing about my own doings", confessed Dutta, but how so Sir? questioned Dutta. "you may not sing your praises Dutta but the soldiers that you took with you did" revealed Parekh. Dutta stood straight with his hands uncomfortably clasped behind his back, finally he spoke of his preoccupation, "then you probably know of the first degree I had to use ,but before you reprimand me Sir may I remind you that you said I could do what it takes" Parekh smiled at the young lion  of an officer and raised his hand "relax you son of a gun! I know , you did so in self defence ,I am surprised you let the rascal  get away in the first place ,I have a good mind to press charges on the bloody fool for pulling at a gun at an army personnel! what say you Dutta?, suggestedhis senior officer. Dutta threw his head back gulped and eventually straightened up and parted his lips and gazed directly into his senior officer's eyes, " well Sir I feel there is no need for that ,as the man has already been meted out what he deserved, the sack!  and bang up in prison!  Sir!, the young man has ageing parents ,he is the only earning hand ,if we press charges, holistically without a doubt his immediate family will not be spared of the smart! ,he lowered his eyes which showed an obvious softening. Parekh smiled at his gentle giant! "Do you know behind that tough exterior you are nothing but a big soft aren't you Major Dutta? Dutta compressed his lips to one side and replied "not soft Sir but sane!, well when I want to be" he warned, with a broader smile!. But his smile at Parekh really brought to Dutta the woman ,who manages to instil compassion in him, especially when he is in the throes of going astray .He blinked his eye once and looked up to at his boss. Parekh noted that his officer's usually definite and rigid expression had a slight crease sitting between his eyebrows over his strong nose. "ok Dutta spit it out! what's festering inside you ,now don't you dare deny it my boy have, for I know you long enough, when you have that look on your face something is brewing up! come on Major haven't got all day? pressed his boss. Dutta clicked his heels formally and announced "Sir my mother is not well, she is suffering from bouts of fainting" ,Dutta uttered his face attacked with a sudden rush of blood ,and he became still, to Parekh he looked a manifestation of trouble ,but still continued to show his brittle army style discipline .Parekh came round to where Dutta stood and placed his hand on his shoulder. Dutta stared past his senior officer in the vacant space, and cussed himself why did he have to open his mouth,for he was not the only son on earth who has an ill mother ,but he recalled she wanted to see him and by Bappa! he too wanted to see her! . He startled a little when Parekh pressed his broad shoulder muscle, "look if she is unwell Dutta, there's no harm in going to see your mother for the weekend" sanctioned Parekh.Dutta turned to face his officer holding his long slender fingers entwined "Sir, I am so grateful, I really am" he said with slightly furrowed eyes brows but cheeks pulled up in a smile that sparkled. Parekh nodded "you don't have to be boy , I know what lads mean to their mothers ,especially only lads, like yourself who is the be all and end all of her existence! come on now go pack your gear and be back for Monday morning I need a briefing from you about the rifle range activity ,and oh gave my regards to your mother will you! ,Parekh patted Dutta on the arm ,and now you're dismissed" he concluded.  Dutta clicked saluted and reversed back towards the door of his Brig. Parekh's office.

Dutta , whipped out his phone "haan Rahman,kadher ho tum? phooncho mer kamre per aur  do din ka  saman pack karo, Patil Niwas jana hai abhi ,AS theekh nehi hain,"he ordered his batman .Rahmaan opened the apartment door for Dutta after he had saluted. Dutta ordered " mera motor cycle suit nikalo aur personnel depot ko bolo meri harley davidson baheja edhur aur tum Rahman jeep per ao ge saman ke saath." He felt his grimey neck , but decided he needed to get home as fast as possible and he can get showered and dressed over there. He pulled off his desert chip camo top and bottoms and stood in his boxers and cuff sleeves vest and pulled on his quilted woodland green camo over his head and shoved his arms as his hair tousled and his face reddened at the exertion of arm shoving .He balanced his muscular hairy leg and kneed up the other as his lion knotted up and shoved his leg in one at a time .Methodically he shoved into his unlaced motor cycle thick rubber soled boot! as Rahmaan moved the tongue of the boot to one side as his Jee sarr, pushed his slender  black sock clad toe into the above the ankle boot. Dutta repeated the activity with the other foot while Rahmann spun the laces around the metal hooks of the black shiny motor cycle boots. Dutta looked around for the knee pads and finally bent his brawny frame lifted one leg and  steadied his feet against the side of the bed as he straped on the shiny black expandable rubber knee pads ,Rahman fixed the other knee pad as Dutta stood with on foot on the ground. He finally stood up picked up his leather gloves, put on a sleeveless bullet proof jacket and peeled off the velcro pocket of the knee pad and slipped his mobile phone in it .Rahmaan held his helmet complete with netting and wooland camo leaves. He jerked his head for his batman to lock up and walked towards his motor bike, swung  his sturdy brawny leg over and rested his crotch on the seat of the bike flanked by his sinewy his lions, while his  thick booted toes balanced his body as he screwed his face and perched and adjusted his helmet and fixed it into position into by the chin strap .Ultimately he pulled his leather gloves and wriggled his long fingers as he fitted the bike goggles over the bridge of his nose.  Dutta pressed the ignition and jerked the foot pedal and picked  both his feet to rest on the foot rest of the bike ,arched his body like a cougar and swayed body with bike and headed towards the gate ,accepted salutes held a glove finger tapped it on his helmet and lurched out towards the main exit of military school; braked,  looked over his right shoulder and picked up speed and joined the left lane of the motorway checked his raised rear mirrors looked right and zoomed and swerved into the overtaking right lane and zommmed off straight towards Patil wadi! ,The wind beat across his body and his bike slashed ahead with momentum zooomm and he progressed on undisturbed by traffic in the left lanes. He saw there was other drivers who desired to overtake him ,he indicated left and swerved into the middle lane and  carried on ,he spotted Naku's Dera hospital on the right, and he bit his top lip and looked right and indicated and swayed bike and body into the fast lane and zooomed off ,he wondered where she was ,well he thought keep up with your hoity toity attitude Naku!,  main bhi nehi bulai ga thuje and he increased speed as his bike reverberated and he gripped the handles and manoevered the controls by pressing his broad gloved palms.

At last he saw the the signs for Patil wadi ,Ratngiri, and he let go off one handle and raised and wiped his gloved left hand against his stubble cheek and checked his elevated left wing mirror indicated and looked over his left shoulder and kneed on the bike as he veered off to the extreme left lane, as he indicated departure from the motorway on to the road into his home territory. He rode in reduced speed as buffalos, rickshaws bicycle riders approached before him out of nowhere. Dutta's military uniform and his harley davidson both invoked immediate interest and slowed down, pedestrians that followed this biked rider with their curious eyes! the balloon ,and candy floss man made a bee line for him and stopped him in the middle of the road. ,As soon as he halted a few others stood round him , with hands that felt his bike and checked his gear out. The candy floss man knew him and so did the balloon man, so emotionally overcome with folded hands they greeted him "Dutta  Bhao kaise ho ap , abhi kafe arza ke baad laute ho Bhao", they interacted with him. Dutta moved his goggles "mein theekh hoon kaka , ap ka dhendha kaise chaal raha hai? he asked, the old man nodded "bas Bhao Bappa ke kirpa hai" ,the candy floss man moved closer and handed Dutta,which he shyly accepted, some pink fluff "ye lo Bhao mau meetha kera ap wapis ghar ko ayien hain" , a young woman with a semi clad chubby baby stood near Dutta leaning her baby over "Bhao ise ashirwad do ,ap ke jane ka bad paida hoya hai" ,Dutta turned to look at the bonny bouncing skin headed baby who went for Dutta's pink candy floss wrapped around a small wooden stick, that he held in his hand.  He sat on his motor bike and smiled at the baby ,while the  bouncer's  mum pulled him away. Dutta pulled of his leather glove with his teeth and put his broad palm over the baby's warm prickly haired head who reached out for Dutta's huge wrist watch ,Dutta's eyes sparkled and he pichedof a bit of fluffy from his candy floss and shoved his fore finger along with a bit of fluff into the babys mouth. The beamer gargled with pleasure and wished for more as he held on to Dutta;s finger! while everyone else smiled Dutta blushed , and the boy's mother wiped Dutta's wet finger tip clean with her veil , "ye le! he said to the baby "tu khale le meethia! ,and he passed the stick of candy floss to the baby's mum, and revved his engine ,while he folded his palms and bowed his head "namaste ab main jata hai" , he smiled cheek to cheek ,pulled his glove on and fixed his goggles back on the bridge of his nose,ready to resume his journey .he took a deep breathe ,hummmh it is good to be on home ground! amongst one's own people! he smiled.

As he started his bike he heard a car honk and he moved to the side to let it pass .It was a taxi and as it whizzed past he caught sight of the figure at the back ,well well!  there goes sulky sue! he smiled,  and yanked his foot hard on the right pedal and smiled ,and lurched forward his bike and made a deliberate noise with his exhaust as he speeded up a little and brought his bike near the taxi which was going in third gear. He braked near her window which was a tiny bit open ,he turned his head and looked at her from underneath her goggles corr! what a pink beauty! ..Naku ignored the biker on her left ,Dutta smiled,  she was never the one to look at men of all the people! bless her he thought and revved till she did look at the rider and he lifted his right hand up and tapped his helmet and zoomed off with a naughty sideways pull of his lower lip. Naku leaned her head to the middle of the taxi to look at the back of the rider ,she flared her nostrils damn nerve nowadays even army guys behave like cheap Romeos she thought and settled back in her sitting position hoodlums ,she thought ,as the taxi driver honked but he rider would not give way ,Naku said ,"zorr se horn maroo bhai" she rasped angrily "samjhete hain in ke bap ke road hai!" "nehi bahan jee ..faugi motor cycle hai aur chalana wala bhi fauji hai" responded the fearful taxi driver .Finally the motor cyclist ,zoomed off to one side pulled to the left and let the taxi go ahead .As the cab passed the bike the biker noticed the lone passenger at the back literally stuck her head out to check the parked rider and a wisp of her hair blew out of the  lowered window .Dutta smiled,  hai dekh Naku ,tera Saab hai main ,but kya tu aise hai her biker ko dekhte hai kya?!  he fumed as he slammed his foot on the start pedal and caught up at the tail end of the cab. What the hell was she looking at? , what if it was someone else he sizzled as he revved and twisted the handles as his eye brows arched and his parted mouth pulled itself to the corners of his mouth. He shook his head slightly now he too was thinking like she thought today at the firing range, stung by the scorpion of jealousy he thought ,and he braked as he very nearly rammed into the bumper of the cab!. He saw the bright red brake light and the indicator of the taxi go right , the boundary wall of PN had approached and the cab took a swift turn on to the gradient drive of the mansion . Dutta waited for the oncoming traffic to give him clearance, before he turned right, into the steep drive of his home .The taxi stopped and Baji and Roops came out, and Roops went straight for Naku "vahni good you came AS was asking about you" she embraced Naku with heart felt warmth ,Baji looked at the women and turned to the taxi driver "ye lau ,aur suno chai naasta ker ke jana vahini ne batye ke tum ne uske ka ache se kahyal rekha tu" and he turned "aye Kaley! ise nasta karon, jao bahiya" said Baji and then turned to the Naku and Roops, "kya bole re ye Roop ke bacche!? asked Baji,but before the answer he prattled on with his gibberish "Naku acha hai tu ah gaye ek kam nehi kerti ye sossaat lardki, Roops, abi imthihaan kya kahtam hoi sare din ankhoon me kab aise make up kerti hai  ,khabi waise rang lagale te hai phir mujhe poochte hai baji dekh me kisi dekthi hai? , main bolo ek dum joker ,dekhte hai re tu!" .guffawed Baji and he performed kajal flicking movements with his finger tip near his eyes and then went cross eyed!  "Baji Rao! elbowed Roops, "Naku you know this badrooh! has damaged all my abdominal organs with her incessant elbowing" moaned Baji they all laughed ,when the booming  noise of the motor bike stopped them short and they saw this  rider  propel his bike up the gradient and stopped a few centimeters behind the bumper of the cab! Naku froze why the nasty piece of work has followed me home! wanna kill him!!,main Saab ko batie tu woh use ko ulta latka ke goliyon se chalne ker dein ge ,but she literaly shook her head ,nehi main Saab se narazz hoon !mein khud he ise mare gi!!  she thought .Dutta looked at her from his goggles,he could even far apart ,far removed from her ,read her mind like an open book! Naku why? oh why? are you so incredibly daft at times! .He loosened his apart legs on the bike and kneed them up with his boot tips dug into the marbled Drive ,he held his hands in despair .Baji recognised! Hain! he recalled dahmaaka dar entry tu Naku marne wali the edhur to Sher ah gaye hai maidan mein!, but he leapt towards him and clung to a seated Dutta! " Bhao! Patil Wadi ka sher ! ah aye maidan maein dhinchak dhincak! he hip hopped in a gig! .Naku turned to stone well I never! she thought ; that's it! ho giya mera kam tamam is weekend tu ,Roops ran to him and sat behind him on his bike "Bhao jhula de mujhe ko ,pleasze Bhao" ,she put her arms around him and rested her cheek against her brothers broad back ,he turned to her side ways as she brought her face near him "nehi roops don't be silly you can't have a ride because dopey dora you need  helmet aur woh tu hai nehi tera pas ,is lya uther neeche ,and let me stand up have been sitting in this posture since over an hour"Dutta complained .Roops disembarked reluctantly. While Baji sniggerd and nodded his head going "yes yes!",telling off hoi Roops ke!" to an exasperated Roops, who stuck his tongue at him and blew a raspberry phrrrh at him with her spit! and he went "chee!chee"...

Dutta  swung his muscular woodland camo clad leg and parked his bike threw Kaley the keys ,yanked of the goggles ,and pulled off this helmet his hair ruffled in tight waves all over his head .He looked at Naku and she saw him and her face softened as she saw the red marks of the goggles around his face and bit her lip and sniggered now who looks like a bhootna she tittered inside ,he glared at her and knew exactly what the rude woman was thinking , how dare she! he squared his shoulders and walked over to her and looked down at her haughtily ,she too was not to be cowered by his lofty frame and she slowly raised her head and looked directly into his frigid eyes as she puckered her lips. He looked at her and spoke "if you were coming too why didn't you tell me I could have given you a lift ",without batting an eyelid she replied without taking her eyes off his face " I didn't want to bother you Saab ,besides I can manage and I did manage she said with a tinge of defiance .Dutta nodded his head and Baji speedily came and took Dutta's helmet from him and took him aside .Dutta looked at him with annoyance but Baji jumped in before Dutta spoke "Bhao what is cooking up between you and Naku? .Dutta who knew he was being surveyed by her said "why nothing Baji ,absolutely nothing and how did you arrive to that baseless  conlcusion?" he superimposed question upon Baji's question, as he pushed his lower lip out ,"woh aise Bhao ke tum dono ghar ah rehe tha par saath mein nehin aye, tum alaag alaag aye ...,asisa kyon Bhao?" said Baji with a innocent dimpled smile of a little boy .Dutta looked at him with a stiff neck eyes that mocked ,"tera kan ke necche baja ke batoen aisa kyon? said Dutta ready with a clenched fist. Baji as usual sputtered "mafi Bhao", and he turned towards Naku , edher ah Naku?.she stood away, reluctant to join them ,but Roops who too like Baji had sensed a friction between the two who normally doted on each other  ,pushed Naku .and Dutta turned his head towards her bahaw kha rehi hai moody cow! ,he twitched his jaw .Naku came and stood more towards Baji, than him .Baji looked at both of them one at a time , neither of them willing to give way and he kept revolving his neck "kya reh!  Mera saar ping pong ho giya hai ,kya tum dono!" .Dutta stood one arm folded against his abdomen ,the other folded up as his fingers slowly played with his facial hairs near his mouth and cheek. Baji nodded his head "look you two main thumre samne choote hai ,but can I remind both of you that AS is not really well ,her BP is borderline ,that's why she wanted you two to come and visit her , now if you two are going to act like hum ap ke hain kaun!!" and he folded his belly forward , and Naku looked at Dutta and Dutta looked at Naku with a slight twinkle collision, Baji paused and saw their reaction and became serious "haan tu as I was saying that if you two  naadan parindey!  continue to  behave the way you are behaving now roothe shoote!  then , her stress levels will increase , for she will notice, for sure! so just giving you a wake up call! .Dutta shook his head and said "aye Baji zayeeda  seeyana ne bun tu, chaal under jane de mujhe"! ,and he moved to walk towards the steps that lead to the inside of the house ,Baji  held his arm, "Bhao hain main  kuch nehi hai tera samna ,main kaun hota hona thujhe kuch khane wali ,and he tightened his grip on Dutta's  arm,  pun ye jan le Dutta woh meri bhi mai hai ,aur use koi bhi taqleef poonche ,  koi bhi! chahe woh tu bhi kyon na ho! Baji nehi sehan kerga! ,he said ,his face Otwisted with emotion, mouth pouted ,his eyes clearly and completely welled up as he wiped a tear that trickled down his face...Dutta turned towards him "kya hai thujhe Baji mauqa milte he larki ke mafiq roona challo ker deta hai tu" ,said Dutta a little dewy eyed himself as he looked at Naku who stood behind Baji also with her large doe eyes glazed with tears! .Dutta lowered his eyes "chaal, Baji ab under chal .Roops who watched Baji came over and went "awwh Baji ..tu ye pappu rootha bhi hai aww" ,she took a tissue and mopped his eyes "chaloo ab ache babaache ke teran apna nak blow kerao"!she teased ,Baji snatched the tissue from her and looked at Dutta and complained ,"Bhao pakaa deti hai saach mein tera chotti!,   mein kya tha! aur is ne mujhe kya bun diya hai ek dum lalloo!. Dutta, smiled at Baji's plight and looked at Naku who smiled but looked the other she blanked him out. Naku turned to Baji  "mera saman Baji ,and Baji yelled" abe kaley kadher maar giya hai! ,Kaley came and almost bent to touch Dutta's feet stood up and ,then he  opened the taxi boot to lift Naku's wheelie suit case. Dutta moved like lightening while all watched especially Naku.."choor do Kaley peeche hato!" he commanded and without delay his beautiful long slender fingers closed over the top handle of Naku's suitcase and he lifted it and carried it in his right hand, slowly walked past her,  paused for a nick of a second, glared at her helpless love lost green eyes and climbed up the stairs and entered his beloved home...Naku watched his back ...mujhe se baat nehi karo ga Saab pun meri kisi cheez ko bhi dossera ko haat ne hi lagna do ge! ..kaise hoo ap Saab? Naku ab tuk nehi samjhe paiye , bas ye samjhe paye hai ke mein ap se bahut pyar ker te hoon... she gasped audibly to stop a sob escape from her throat ..chaal Naku apne ghar ah gaye tu, she reminded her self ... chaal...  to be continued Hamlet ~23.12.11            

Precap: " can you stop beating about the bush and tell me clearly about her condition, what is the   prognosis!", demanded Dutta ...

Hammie wishes to welcome some new readers to this FF, who have been gracious enough to press like and as  Nakusha has mentioned in her message regarding FF writers I have added them to my pm list , pressing like or making a comment is entirely in your own hands, as time is a big factor ,I suspect you all have other lives apart from reading my FF so I am just happy that you make the time to read it ,expression of appreciation yes indeed would be the icing on the cake many thanks for your love and support ,and to the already exisiing ones I say hammie writes with each of you in mind's as if I am engaged in a dialogue with you stand by me ...hamlet...             

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yipeee Party

Oouucchh...The fight is still on...Well I dont see the issue that big as much it is dragged by Dutta...but again well said by you why at first place she poked the lion Ouch when she is well aware of his temper.
Nakusha becoming centre of attraction for the OUTS was making Dutta can just imagine Duttas face when he is not willing to let her sit among them but still had no choice...
Him Telling Naku to be careful while handling the hot mug of tea brought a huge smile 
on my was one of the cutest moments...When you are pretending to be angry but still your heart is caring...his words werespot on!!!...
My dear PT planning to marry after one of her  patients start walking...This girl na...
Nandi please get up and start running I beg you...hammie see she is running in circles now...hahah...Shall i assume its time to ring bells for TAsha..Embarrassed

For Khan ive got mixed feeling...she seems harmless till now for Tasha...the thing which is
just a turn off is brefriends naku yet at the same time fancing her fiancee...thats called hipocrisy i guess But I would leave this topic as im not sure for how long are you planning to keep her in your ff or for what purpose she would be used...For that I ll just wait and watch ..will she remain a silent admirer or another harshad alike in que...*keeping fingers on my lips*                               
For Nakusha still not letting go off the image of Dutta and Khan together is 
driving me insane...For Heavens sake Naku I saw a pure student/Instuctor interaction there...nothing moreor less than that...

Dutta riding towards Patil Wadi on a bike...Sexy!!!! 
Him following nakus cab was the most enjoyebale part for me..Wonder why didnt Naku recognised  that its her devil under the helmet..Confused

Baaji is a Gods Gift for both Dutta and it his concern for AS or Tasha...What a well read by him that something is cooking between both of them...hope he sort it out soon...and they both head together at their work stations as ONE
But this time I hope its Dutta who make poor naku has done it before many times...this time let him do the honours...
Waiting for the next part or I would say Next Friday...Commitment...Salu bhai ishtyle LOL
Thanks a ton for pm Smile

PS : I would like to add what brvr said regarding AS forcing Tasha to tie knot...HAI Embarrassed
Hammieee *makes an innocent face* are the besht...I lub you girl..Embarrassed
PLease consider that point as soon as possible *runs for life*LOL

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Hammie, mein my turn to apologize for coming so late ...SORRY!

So I shall get straight to it : Chapter 33 – Journey's end in lover's meeting ...

:O Major is so concerned for that Helmet...what is wrong with him importance to inanimate objects all the time ...especially when the one person who holds his heart is around! He is like a jack in the never know when he'll go POP!  

Oh so its herself she's really worried about...even if he can manage to control the extent of his advances she is scared she'll let her entire guard down ...makes sense...the guy has a way to get every girl go weak :P

Tea break! Haa he had no choice in allowing her to mingle and socialize ...oh and what does she announce...haa she will make her  patient walk first before any thought of marriage...Oh my major has surely watched some wonderful movies or read some wonderful books as a child...he even knows Alice in Wonderland LOL

They fight like children...both are soo stubborn ! Love how both end up talking to Baaji. Dutta more so to get news but I like that Naku shares such a relationship with Baaji that he's almost like another support system ... always there for her and ready to help her in any way their relationship

So Naku and Dutta both returning to PN for the weekend for the ill AS. Oh haaye haaye...Major on a bike ...zooming towards PN ...voh bhi in his military uniform ...aww there was a baby!!  Aww and he fed the baby ...that was such a cute scene ...

Of course he would see her on the way ...and loved how he was like at the window and he was kind of hoping she would look but then knew she wouldn't, never looked at men of all people ...well he is quite satisfied...he even blessed the soul LOL and then he decides to mess with her LOL moment she looks ...she thinks its some cheap romeo...and the moment she looks out the window to see who it is...he is all like what is she doing? Is this how she looks at bikers ...he called for the attention ...and he got it LOL ...what can she do.

Naku is like a total dumbo at times...why didn't see even consider the possibility of it being least when he entered PN ...she's such a tubelight! Roops & Baaji ...i have no words for those two children...but at least they both sensed the friction between the two and absolutely loved that Baaji was more concerned about what this fact would do to AS as she is already ill and this isn't what she needs to see.

Ahh loved how he moved like lightening to reach Naku's things before Kaley...oh the man doesn't even want someone else touching her stuff ...poor girl is so in love but these two are too stubborn to let this all go so easily na ...chal chal UD jaldi karo :P

Loved the UD entirely as always ...its was all about them...and it was well penned as always ...kept me glued even the second time of reading it :) ab will see you when I  do...take care hammie...lots of love ...see you!

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awsem updqate

  dutta angry but caring and loving in angry posture not forgetting to drool on her love baaji nautanki and dutta roone waala dialogue

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Yippeee!!!!    Thank God, its friday evening.Party..,  

So the stalemate continues, Holier-than-thou attitude of major, even though his heart sings a different tune everytime he looks at her, her ankle, her saree, her hair, etc..

Helmet tootne ki chinta hain major saab ko aur dil thodne ki zara bhi parwa nahinUnhappy. He is perfect as a tutor, perfect son, brother but as a lover naah, bit immature... never mind our naku is adept at handling such kiddoos. The impromtu tea party just gave an insight into naku's not much talked attractive persona n also gave him a few pangs. Arey wah! cup garam hai aaram se pakar naku, galti se nikal gayi major ki muhse. Its a rollercoaster ride with him the moment u thought u have peaked, the bottomless pit awaits u.

Wah! naku has mustered enuf guts to let the egoistic man be himself,   But i doubt he will mend his ways anytime soon, naku has to grow another layer of thick skin to stay sane. Major is acting the victim n making a mountain of a molehill. She scored again when she refused his ride home. Even after hearing baji, major not ready to give her the benefit of doubt.

Its now an unwritten rule that without mention of khan update is impossible, now she is also trying to read his mind n his affairs, She is on a high after major's touching tuition, he is even more touchy tch, tch.., ouch! chakkar aaraha hain.Wacko  Have a field day baby.

So both ready for trip home unaware of the other's plans. Gosh! he had no qualms leaving without even thinkg of taking her home,arrrh.Angry    The bike ride to home surfaced the road romeo in him chasing n following n hankering for attention. Naku luckily didnt notice nor even glance at the silly romeoBig smile. This is the reason she is taken for granted by him, he is secure with her unflinching luv. So our Tom cruise under the helmet is all too aware of her thoughts, who said that a women's heart is as deep n mysterious as the ocean, he reads it like the morning paper.

Baji trying his level best to get the two together but in vain. Thank God! naku has baji as a confidant or else her life would be miserable. Ah! was moved by Baji's concern for AS when he realised major n naku's tiff would bode ill for AS.   Well, AS illness has come as a blessing in disguise for the two to iron out their misunderstandings ofcourse u never know with major this can go on, dangerous to predict. My hunch is AS will want them to tie the knot as soon as possible she could armtwist them with her illness.    Ok...there is some climbing down- his pickin her luggage frm the car, still it doesnt mean that he is ready for truce, possesive Gadha!    carry on ur nautanki dude.

Hammie dear thank u for the weekly updates of pure gadhapan of our pyaara sa gadha. Hugs!! Hug  n wishin u   "Merry Christmas"!!Party

The story...must be a conflict, and specifically, a conflict between the forces of good and evil within a single person. Maxwell Anderson

Edited by brvr - 24 December 2011 at 11:31pm

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
hi hamlet ,
suberb UD friday is not same without you i just wait for it ,thanxs for bringing  smile on all of us ,my hamiee all ur silent fans are now visible Smileit was so good reading all the comments ,UD ka kya bolo it was fanatastic. the journey part was really good .D-N ka ego bahut bada hai but not bigger than their luv ,i hope aai sahab recovers soon .dutta & naku make  weekend the time to clear misunderstanding . i hope tiff ends plz hammieee Smileaur jhagada nahin .
hammiee u are amazing as always Smile season greeting to u & milte hai friday koh ,wish u a great weekend tcSmile

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uwith Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged

Hi hamlet

Nice ud ….thanks for pm .seasons greeting to you too ...uvi

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Pushpa95 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Hi hemlet , i am pushpa thanks for such a beautful ud i love reading it i want to comment for a long time that way i join ifform but my bad luke i got busy but never missed your ud you have are god gift writer i know it short because i am useing mobiel right now i dn't have my laptop and this is my frist post soif it has any mistake pleas forgive me thanks for pm next i will comment on our D -N ones again thank for pm

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