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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 124)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged


Hammie aagai ...mein aagai...haa chal let me get straight to it...
oye announcement to tu aise ker rehi hai papayaaa,jaise olla olla..boombast ker de gi.haaa ..spare me!
Omg that man and his chunni ...bagawan yeh dono ki jodi salamat rakhe ! substitute ...chunni badnaam hui ...darling major ke liye :P haaye entagled in each other...major is having fun haan ...hmmm...
its called vicarious pleasure,talk about being innovative.the man is it! 
ROFL aagai aagai ...tears aagai ...haaa me too was thinking come on where are you...i know ur waiting to stroll down ...sniff sniff ...waterworks...hmmm we shud collect her tears make a little it after her and then Major and take his chunni and go for a swim in her tear...dwell some more in her
she is a smart kuri ,she knows where all else fails the water works! so tried and tested besides he likes a douche in the saline waters of her roona dhoona! 
ahhh haaahaaahaaa haaa ...Major will not lay a finger on his lady love...may all please lend their ears and take note of this precious moment ...Dutta has vowed to not lay a finger on her...this is quite serious...heehee...I would also like to announcement about Dutta's substitute, chunni,  becoming his only way to grope and choke her, Naku has serious competition :P
well me to worried he has said it he'd better carry out the threat.
Both at work Naku and Nandi's bit was lovely and well our Major seems a little irritable... growling at all...foul sure we all know why ...hmmm Khan's test with a weapon...and his watchful eyes...
humhh ,its no surprise that hammie writing this section..guesses why any body ,now  now didn't want your jhottis in response...
Oh jagdambe jagdambe ...the mother of all has fainted :O gosh she has quite a few medical issues...hmm...
loved tera mother of all bit daya ..haaaha,    pun yes she is not well ...
Oh my poor baaji...feels horrible and Naku is going straight there haan...hmmm...this should be interesting...she is looking gorgeous in her red saree even the officers dropping her think so...haha ...if major knew what was going on in their minds...
well ,i think she goes with some nerve ,or rather is kind of unerved for thre is never a dull moment
Well well well our Major knows Khan is first class...thats always good :) now as for the pushing her to  see target, aim and shoot and helping her himself...I thought this would set something on fire for sure.. omg i just tried picturing Naku wearing a helmet LOL...defo agree with Major...haha ...hmmm so madam is getting jealous with his closeness to others in his line of work huh...rofl he is sticking to his word no way is he touching problem for him ...chunni hai na...
ohhh chunni re oooh chunni re!...yaar itne bhi kya insecurity hai Naku ko, mind you heart throb tu haina us ka saab...sweeto ,innocent little kabutar!  no not naku ..dutta!
Oh argument...I like...good for testing their relationship...well Naku getting jealous at the scene was only natural...she possesses right over him and even if it was nothing...the fact that witnessing such a sight isn't really pretty or easy on the heart ...of course seeing was only natural to assume...but of course that remark wasn't exactly showing her trust in him ... I guess in the steam of a fight minds tend to illuminate the wrong ideas... OOOww ouch he brought up the picture...must've smacked her in the face lol...accha...their fight was good well she tells him the news and he so wanted to grab her shoulder and say WHAT...but no man who sticks to his words...will go home and sort it with that chunni na :P haha ...
haaa nice line daya..LOL...personally i think he's not in the mood! hope he doesn't shred it to bits!
Precap seems promising...waiting for the next part...enjoyed it hammie...really did...wonderfully written as always ...good progress...thank you for wonderful it as see you back in pms :P

oh daya papayaaa .koi baat nehi je ,you are welcome je..ache tum hum chalte hain je!
ooppps listen thanks for your lovely comments ,,always awaited  upon.xhammie

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
hey hammie

how are you dear?Smile

ah finally after a long time i get time to read update

fabulous updates dearClapClap

last tree - four updates ah very long time

so finally nakku told truth about pic to dutta and about harshad

harshad in jail what he deserves too but poor mum dad of his who did a lot for him and he did all that sad

nakku still cares for his family and never thought bad of his and his family

Major finally got a chance to lash him and he did very badly

baaji being a friend and bro always there for them

tasha's fight

AS fainted very bad

officers admiring nakku

baaji told nakku to go to meet dutta and break  news about AS personally but what all this bring... dutta told nakku that he didn't say anything about her and harshad pic...big blast...knew khan gonna bring something in tasha's life and here we go lets see what's next

wonderful updates hammie

thanks for pm's dear

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=brvr]Yes, finally the weekend ending, free to blurt it out Smile
 oh my gawwwd sounds ominous
 'Aa bhail mujhe maar',   phir bappa ko bulaoD'oh     naku  has all the wisdom in the world when dealing with everyone except the man with a short fuse.  Boy o Boy! major is too touchy, naku was not far from truth by any stretch when she complained, major lacks a sense of humour n is silly at times.  oh come on  brvv every one is cranky when they get up in the morning ..upar se she lapses into song...
Looks this time he is not just barking.   The cold war begins,  only divine intervention can save naku.    well i mean  SHE DID go a bit far ,zayeeda freedom of speech ker diya ! hummmh ..ab tera kiya hoga nakusssha!
Naku nandi ko chalaye bina nahi chodegiBig smile, ziddi PT ke saat phas gayi nandi.  Luv the friendship of the two n their convo, typical for two females who share n care.  Naku evidently not elated at Harshad's dismissal but hoping that he will find the right path n reform for good, she is made for this profession, born healer of suffering mind n bodies except it doesnt work with her man
haaa bold...yess nandi ko chaleya gi tu naku lagan lagaye gi apne sher ke saath...oops given a clue ...yeah you're right Naku ke mental massage sab ke saath except the lovable gadhera!! see mulkes ,are none to be stubborn which one of us will give him a sugar lump ,carrot or BPL!?
Major with a foul mood in the firing range.  After wounding naku's feelings he is all set to spit fire at the OUTs.  But as always our dearest of all Khan the oriental swan steals the show n major's attention too.  Its as if major is here to see through khan achieve her goals n the rest, go to hell!!
Taaliya taaliya
!    khan madam will not miss a single challenge, bull's eye! but sorry dear no surprise for meEvil Smile.   LOLLOLLOLLOLHAAA hai hai mirchee uff mircheeWinkhammie loving this feeling gives me a devilish kick...oopps not the word!   kahi kick butt na ho jaye hammie ka already sprawled on the floor on a sore  hind!  marcy brv!                                       
 Gosh! AS ill n PN in a tizzy. Baji at his wits end calls naku for help instead of major, it speaks volumes.   Baji n naku playing passing the parcel except here it is passing the buck of informing Major.  Finally naku with the dreaded task is all set, setting foot in the lion's den.
LOLLOL...haaa,true ..well said!  jaane de militant     

Naku is hit where it hurts the most, she has the worst day goin for her where now she has the misfortune of seeing what she sees.  Ab naku pagal, bhootni dikne lagi hain, what a fall from grace, indeed!   no you imagine  camou tin helmet on head ,giving him the wide , large doe yed look! gremlin I would say haaa...
Naku did well to give him back some of the crap that she was taking, the basanti- veeru dialogue just added fuel to fire, grt going girl! Thumbs Upluv to see someone stand up to his autocratic ways
Major should know the difference between a cheap mms on the sly, courtesy Harshad n a live display of physically compromising position of him n khan irrespective of his intentions n the degreeDisapprove.  How i wish he gets to witness such a thing of naku n then let him try to remain calm n composed.  Its not that naku is suspecting him but it is just not digestable.  I hope naku has in her some strength to take this cold war to its logical end. my word brv whose side are you on? me majja of course! ohhh he knows naKU is not likely to get into such a middle ..erhh she can at he dera ,but fat chance of him seeing some win some lose!
Thank u Hammie ji! for the lovely update, its time for Mission Impossible n looking forward to it,  for now, this is me, this is the back of me....oyeee what's that face suppose to mean? ..i bore you now? thujhe neend ah rehi hai ,tu ja mare kamre se...Angry...aur jab tak dil milne ke liya betaab na hoi tu mera kamre mein wapis maat ana naku!!!

thanks for reading and all supporting all FFwriters and other creative mediums on our thread ..thank you  brv!  xxhammie.. 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hammiee
 hi my dearest naku... waise is daffa tu tune ne kamal ker diya ..itna pyar ..listen hammie cannot contain it ...bas itne he kehana hai..tera note ki wajah se ..or persuasion se there have been  new friends pressing like and commenting on my FF ..I pmed you also in this connection...your remark came at a time when it was most needed as there was a concurrent news of LTL finishing very prophetic message all FF,OS,VMmakers will be motivated to keep our thread active tu star hai nakuStar 
wht a lovely UD dutta aur naku ke tiff i just loved it strange na par maaza aa gaya Smile,lets see how they make up me to wanna see how they make up..both have a point! so have to see 
aai unwell worried but i think it gave our love brids a chance to meet , naku caught dutta red handed with khan , man thankfully she is jealous ,her comment made dutta more angry coz actually he never doubted her ..they may meet dekhko kya hota hai?
next part sound interesting dutta & naku attending aai sahab time to be together
hammie ur ff is like reading a novel i just go by the flow ,u r truly gifted
as always you are amazing SmileSmileplz friday koh UD karna already excited abt it ,enjoy the snow & send it here dear ,enjoy weekend tc SmileSmile  khatam ho gaye the snow use din...ab mild hai for december..but outside have to wear a parka jacket and cord jeans and ankle boots!
message for the silent readers ...some of them have spoken on my FF because of you!
i know lot of ppl who visit the forum regularly but never log in ,guys its a request to all of you'll our ff writers & other vm creatives put lot of hard work ,you all enjoy it but never acknowledge their good work ,why is it the clicks exceed comments ? plz press like all the creatives deserve it ,my group in particular who have been watching ltl1 visting the forum regularly & read ur ff regularly but never comment ,plz gals i 'm not going to message u any futher plz press like & hammie will send u a pm ,
have responded to this above ...thank you so much for loving all the creatives on this thread of LTL...xxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
hellooo sona.missed your comments good to see you back
HI hamlet

Amazing update loved it ...

Waiting anxiously for the next part ...SmileSmile  

me pleased you enjoyed the UD,  still working on the next one ...will pick up once i have annotated comments xx    keep reading  hammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:34am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=prncz]Hi hammie me in time ,,LOLLOLLOL 
 yeah chaal adher ah aur gale lag ja ...
loved the update  and he,,,, loved major and his chunni ka pyaar  ohlalalal haaa he sings to chunno  ola olaa  tu hai meri fantasy!!! haaaLOL 
and nakku not to happy withe her sautan LOLLOL  naku tu bas haat laga de,  tu us pe bhi narazz dunno what he woman wants? mujhe pagal ker deya hai tu dutta tu waise he short witted hai
ah poor AS ,,she fainted due to diabaties Cry and baji a;ll frantic he is so adorable ,,,and wanted nakku to  tell the news in person,,, ek teer do nishann goood going bajji way to go
baji never lets go of any moment to push them together..pata nehi he'll make a break through on this one!  
and nakku had to reach whn saab was ahem ahem guiding khann omg the green eyeed monster reared its head  and boy we have sparks but major replied well ,,he didnot react this way with harshad's pic ,,hmmgud one major saab...nakku needs to  think faster than reacting  hehehheeh loved this update hammie thnsk for takingus thru this journey of major saab
 yeah at least you can see into naku ,ke she needs tutorials on trusting her saab aur sooch ke mau kola ker ,jab ke pata hai ke Saab KA METER down ho jata hai
luv u ,hume tumse pyaar kitna me too still humming Embarrassed
hai ohhh..chaal duno mile ki gate hai ..and chupke chupke ke woh daya papita! sun le gi..waise bhi ah gai tu be sorra gaye gi ...haaa
thanks for your comment raju ..hammie laaaves you ...

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hamlet53


Hi hamlet

Great work ! reading your ff regularly never commented before sorry .sincere apologies .tasha patch soon .thanks uvi    

listen uvi, thank you for your kind comment, Iam very humbled,
so gracious of you appears that you are enjoying the adventures of Major Dutta and his lady love! keep reading, motivates me to write...for what is a writer without readers!
with much affection...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged
hellooo are you ..thank you for reading and commenting ..have to say I enjoyed writing the firing range bit ,certain sting and challenge tha the activity..  next part in the making... xxhammie
Good updateClap Firing range's session was good. Waiting for the next part. Thanks for the PMSmile

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