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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 120)

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Posted: 11 December 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged

Nice updateClap Harshad finally got what he deserved. The court procedure was explained well. Naku will be rewarded in future for her courageous stand. Waiting for the next part, thanks for the PMSmile

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

'A handful of soldiers always better than a mouthful of arguments'
now I had to CHECK where this  quote from ..but never got down to it...but great to hear from you ma'am..  hey you made it to number 1 spot! LOL
Naku tensely waitin for the day to unfold. Elaborate arrangements in place for the hearing n prompt action initiated to get to the root of the fraud. Harshad does what he is good at, threatening naku once more just b4 the proceedings, loserThumbs Down 
Major arrives in style n naku's palpitation soars. God! he has such an influence on her. Both behaving like lovestruck teenagers stealin glances. Even in the tense atmosphere, major sees the opportunity to check out her anatomy, he is finished!  amorous thoughts by the man in the uniform Really!   but I do detect in this remark especially the checking out bit that ma'am's fancy has been tickled see me and Major smart #ss!

Wondering what was that major showed to the MS on his mobile, was it the mms of naku with harshad? BTW, What is it with the description of naku, 'excessively wholesome feminine frame'     Objection My Lord!   this unwarranted description of key witness has no bearing with the case. Adjectives like rounded hipsROFL, mottoo, etc.. offensive n indicative of a sexist attitude.LOL...highlight of your comment!Big smile...haan tu , Major ke nazar se dekho Naku ko...that's how she appears ,oh come on he's heard it before , for now he needs to check her out well and proper ..besides ..workings of a one track track mind ...but have a heart .."she's the one"..the only one he's allowed below the belt obs.LOL

With the hearing underway n all the parties giving their version, it was time for a tea break but for major it was time for some romantic break. Ouch! he even pinched her, munno not behaving at all. Thank Goodness! Lauren stuck to her job.

the grope for her flesh between his finger thumb,Wink was yet another expression of how his wants are getting the better of him! 

He is a man of action n he believes in makin the most of every moment. Chomping the apple along with bonding n cuddling his lady love. Achaa bachoo! its the fear of AS that's stopping him?    Nostalgic moments, LTL revisited when the two sat under the tree n he chiding her for not taking the first bite of the apple.  once a while dil chata hai past mein janna you know, I  have never to this  to this day, watched  any past episodes of LTL1...basically I cannot handle them ..have a "sick at heart "feeling ,is leya I spare my self the anxiety!! bas memory joggle I only do..if I need to!Ouch

The verdict's out n harshad's shown the walking papers. He's reached breaking point, but major's alertness saved the day. ... the racket has been dented... so the survelliance paid off ! 

Its over n out for harshad, he got a taste of the fauji fury n major's secret wish too fulfilled. The final dramatic turn of events was more of a bollywood climax with the dialogues, kutte, kamine, khoon peejaonga, missed 'maa kasam' with Dharmendar's nasal accent.  haaa LOLloved this ,and traumatized back side, but you know that targetted my hind with his one didn't you...owwwhhOuch  maaa kasam man AS ke kasam nehgi lega probably forgot!!

Naku begging mercy for harshad was very touching n she proved again what a pure soul she is, thinkin of his aged parents n assuring him. She deserves every accolade that comes her way, major is sure proud of his choice. 'to forgive is to set the prisoner free n discover that the prisioner was you' .   The judaai scene as ever tugs at ur heart, feel for them, sigh!

hummh pity I have to keep to her originality of character ,otherwise..she'll rip him... nice line...kya you too want them married brvv? badly?...shall I make up a toofani raat...woh dono stranded in the middle of nowhere aur diya blows out and viola!...the morning after...he finds the nearest...holy ground and marries her ???..karon aise? you like it? hammie do it for brvv?  bol chup kyon hai?Wink 
So we r back with the OUTs, hope we go beyond kh kh khan [frm the epiglotis] nd her ghar ka khana. Ofcourse its hammie's prerogative n 'beggars cant be choosers',Ermm carry on dear.  Me as ever will wait eagerly for the next.  
haaa LOLLOLLOL..hamazzzing yaar too good! wicked! 
Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!
listen boootiful...thank you for your comment ..pata hai it's like a ON..YE OFF OR the please keep them coming..intezaaar retha hai ap ka ...with much love .xxhammie



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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by daya0628



Chapter 31: "double, double toil and trouble"...
oye  daya...  papayaaa..double trouble...kya mumbo jumbo ker rehe hai tu ...ghup! ek dum ghup!
sadly yes it me again! Stop making a face...I will be gone before you know it..since you mentioned me faffing about ...and taking up ur time me decided to keep it to the point but even then will come out long i know LOL
ohhh bola na chup ker ..cut the chase yes!get to the point!
So all are ready for the hearing, harshad's evil doings...his message to Naku who is being the lioness that she is ...not stepping back ...but ready to fight head strong...bring it on!   I knew you would like the super woman bit! tera type ke hai..larakoo

And now the sher has arrived as well...kya entry tha :P
looks to me tu ready hai us per pounce kerne ke lya...haat haat ..hor ! hor!
Major cussing Harshad: 'Squirm you wriggly worm" ROFL
hammie happy you rolling about sharmilee..sight for sore eyes..LOL
Oh my gosh ...this Major is violent...kick all out and plant a hard one seeing her feminine frame :P he is like full and full feasting on her...and i doubt its really quenching the fact I would say its increasing it :P
oye bahut open hote ja rehe hai apne remarks mein ..what are you on?tera kuch kerna pare ka , sort you out in pms...
Well well well ...looks like Harshad is going down down down
crime and punishment!!
Lauren has said correctly...a bunch of ninnies these two are ...

Like how you had him almost so lovestruck that he is forgetting he is representing army LOL ready to take a spin with her...but of course she is on top if these things...informing him they cannot but the intelligent one was sure to give an alternative :P  yes he does seem to go a bit ga ga over stolen situations ..see he missed all this teenage ,dating,  girls ...bonding in life he is catching up..a bit late in life though ,he's nearly 30 ,but bless him.. 

ROFL mention of AS in middle of their moment D'oh HAHA wow wat a pop for that bubble
aur kya keha gadha tu hai na after all... but some times ,methinks he puts it on..we all know what he weally weally! wants don't we?
Awww Major trying hard not to sin ... my poor to the wrapper and couldn't unwrap haaa sucker !  they are so adorable together...
he would like the sweetie ..but it's not...possible ..he's on a diet!LOL
and omg the tree...him sitting against tree, she in saree beside ...he brought apples...both ate haaye ltl1 memories...*sigh* ...miss them so much ...thank you for a wonderful scene..loved it...
thank you daya ..for leaving me alone ...LOLso I could penn it really saach mein..for keeping your messaging in checkLOL...I can feel your anger you any money ...ab tu tu mujhe se kab baat nehi kera gi...hummh...  naa weally like having a natter with you  papayaa!
Harshad ...hmm i have nothing more to say then the fact that he's caught red handed and now will be dealt with Big smile
doomed man..beechara...
Naku praised...and put forward for possible promotion and award as well ...
hmm well deserved ...
well ,her career looks promising..main thing integrity hai us mein..

aha our sher's got this yo...he will take care of this Harshad who thinks he can flee his dreams maybe...if he isn't haunted by all that has happened... loved the action ...and I know u love action ...u must've enjoyed writing this ...knee thrust haaye me all eyes watching such an wonderful fight...I don't know why harshad is even trying lol look at our lion attack :) beat him to pulp please ...beat him black and white and all colors LOL Major is taking his anger out now and I'm loving it! Day Dreaming
yess daya ,and raju knows this as well ke personally I enjoy seeing action,but writing about it was a bit of a chore, you know moves...may be I should have watched a recent boxing match of Amir find inspiration..their are people in my family who enjoy blood sport!

oh what a sudden change the fear of death beings forth...harshad asked for forgiveness...hmmph...
I guess that is every human's fear...

 aagai the tears
LOL ...time of separation and they come like a river ...well well I guess this line suits them this time "hum hai rahi pyaar ke...phir milenge chalte chalte'
or duty comes first things first!

great update it to the always ...
thank you for a wonderful read ...
chal now my turn to say ...phir milenge chalte chalte
listen Daya thanks for reading my FF ,despite the fact that you are busy in other vital take care.xxhammie 

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[QUOTE=tamanna1391]awsem updte me happyParty Dancing with the update love it very much
 well well! hammie gets to see you rocking kya baat hai...chaal tamaana tujhe kush tu kiya hammie ne!
harshad threatning nakku but our nakku sherni hai daregi nahin finalli court start dutta enter with fauji style oopsDay Dreaming and hearing start and dutta is busy in drooling on nakku and nakku doing same and lunch break love nakku flirting to dutta and love the conversation at near tree and so start the punishment session all three had their punishment and director praise nakku and nakku blush and dutta make her blush more harshad is showing pistol to dutta oh ab gaya  waah kya pitayi ki hai and i love dutta's kutte wali line its remembering me of sholay finally fir do premi door ja rahe hai 
 I think people wanted a full blown beating for harshad from dutta,that's why  I had a hunch people would probably like this scene...but thank you for  loving the scenes you have mentioned..,your comments do matter to me so much...much love  xxhammie    

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
aye naku tu ah gaye...Smile
[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hammieeSmileSmile grt UD  it had action ,drama ,romance complete
entertener ,harshad koh dutta neh dhoo dala , Smilemazzaa aa gaya ,till when will u make poor naku cry parting is such a sorrow for her ,aai sahab wake up get them married soon
hammie koi date toh announce karo ..haaa loved this portion ..waise thujhe bahut jaldi hai lagan ke nakuWink...oye...kam tu khatam hone de  un ke..his tiutor shipand her Nandi ko chalana... waise naku shaadi ke bad ka track aagar tu mujhe bataa de tu shaadoi mein un ke kal ker doon ba  he elopes with her!!LOLLOLWink 
as always u r amazing ,waiting for the next part ,enjoy weekend ,update soon tcSmileSmile
 intezzzar ker   meri naku...patience .ye kha tha ne Mishal ne bhi Wink
thanks for your lovely comment ...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
heyyy so you resurfaced after all ..have to say missed you kris...was delighted to see your reserved as saw a glimmer of hope...and yes you actually comment!
hi hammie sorry for commenting late.awesome update so u
 fulfilled my wish of punishing harshad good and our munno is so sweet he love n trust her fully.and their romantic scene too plz get them married soon judai lambi mat karna,plz.thanx for the lovely update.Smile
thanks for liking the can I forget that you are another one who wants to see them hitched..waise apas ke baat hai they don't seem to be losers .they keep in touch ...and whenever the opportunity arises they meet... chaal don't want to put you off ..and don't disappear again! xxhammie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
helloo meenakshi...good to see you
Nice updateClap Harshad finally got what he deserved. The court procedure was explained well. Naku will be rewarded in future for her courageous stand. Waiting for the next part, thanks for the PMSmile
thanks for liking the you know you one of the few who commented on the court proceedings...apparently black mail is the more serious one when held in comprasion with corruption that's why he got a  term for it...
keep reading ..encourages me to write... much love xxhammie

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Sweee I am late this time with my comments :(
But here I am, better late than never na :p

So let's start with it but this time its a quick one cos I am lil unwell... *hachoos* :p

Loved how the situation handle n this time fool proof n with avidance Harshad cought red handed! Major Dutta is in the invistigation tho it has to be na... Harshad even in his bad dreams woudln't  have tought major D is part of it... hahaha lol

How he enters te premis n nNakku misses Heart beats :p hehehe can't blame her though, he is ozzing with hotness ;)
LoL ithna serious situation me be ye dono didn't forget to fleart n steal glances n lol Dutta tho gonner... full fida over his lady love :p

N LoL the T break... D must have thoght at last fainally... kabse wait kar rhahu main yahan to have my hands on her ! n lauren tagging along... rofl... n he quick to dsmiss the officers too :p

Nakku be now well advance n ready to *ahem* hehehe
N he is forgot he is on duty! lol world wonder hehe
Ohhh he confess he is  hard kisser! :o
Well he is  fauji n tis much u hve to expect na. hot blood n everything ... ahem hahaha kidding :p
N lol Ayi sahab!!!! ufff mjor! u have t spoil the mood na... n lol he ready to do te sin if not for AS!!! rofl

U have explained te court proceeding n all v nicely...
LoL harshad think he can get away with major... 
Finally fnally much awaited disum dishum scene...*party* miss baaji... had he been here he would have given  kick or two :(
Happy with how harshad n all involved got panished n pr driver gt freed :)

Love how nakku behaved here n major must be highly impressed  with her:p

V good update n loved reading eery part of it... 
Thanks n will be waiting the update tomorrow ;) :p hahaha

Azy :)
(Even though I tought to keep short lol got carried away... not my fault han ;) major saab ka asr hai :p rofl )

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