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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 118)

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rajuuu  my rajooo...kaise hai youu mazza mein sorry by mistake i deleted your pm ...damaak enraged ta mera ..need to get  it treated 
]Wow hammie ,,awesem update Clap.loved the way nakku decide to exposse harshad and alert saab abt he backmail ,,,hmm gud thninkgn  but loved the way u gave an insight to ankkus tghts ,,so she kwns dutta like her feminine but at the same time brave enf to fight her own battles and be strong ,,Star   good ,you liked it ..really it was his perception she was mulling over...
hmm loved the way baji is gettign naughty with roops and roops equaly naughty with baji they make a lvely sweet  pair  ,,,  yess baji ke nautnki is the hit box office formul do it so well in Dutt's love he way I have commented on the latest UD..RAJU! LOVED IT
so bajji did manage to talk to nkaku so sweet she too was thingk of sharign with him awww ,, and finally let is off her chest  but so swt of baji to support her and get ready to thrash harshad awww  love him so tooo,,,and then his talk with major was amusing tooo   baji ..yess always ready for the bash trash act ..and naku ko pata hai Dand B always ready ,stteady do band baja ke liya ..tgough oor dutta has to behave as a fauji..
and the bstest part nak convo with MAjor hmmm,,he talkign and pucnhing the bxing bag was awesoem  aaahh yaad dila diya old LTL days and then his assuring NAku ,circunstcnil evidence need not be waht is seems was sooo gud i felt like hugging him  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  and then eh goign on his bike  in rage ---wow hotness personified ,,his anger and screamm reminded me of anna episode  awww thnsk hammie for this wonderful update and making us walk the meommry lanes ... loved the phrase raju...yes thought about the boxing scene ..was very subjectively inlvoved i writng this portiion...hummmhhh  sighh!kya din the woh raj hum aur humara Mishal
now  recap ..major enterign the hospital proceddign officall with 2 army men  wow wht a scene ,,,,friday kab ayega Day Dreaming     trying to finito it ..woh teri  Daya kam nehi kerne deti  keep her with you all day today pleaze  rajooo..  thuje meri damaak ke kasam...dehi ho giya hai...shhh use na betian ..bat le ke mera peeeche baga gi .. honestly ..khader jaon mein ...hide me rajooo...
xxxhammie ...thank you ...ssh i can hear her creep on the  forummm... 

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

 now  recap ..major enterign the hospital proceddign officall with 2 army men  wow wht a scene ,,,,friday kab ayega Day Dreaming     trying to finito it ..woh teri  Daya kam nehi kerne deti  keep her with you all day today pleaze  rajooo..  thuje meri damaak ke kasam...dehi ho giya hai...shhh use na betian ..bat le ke mera peeeche baga gi .. honestly ..khader jaon mein ...hide me rajooo...
xxxhammie ...thank you ...ssh i can hear her creep on the  forummm... 

teri tu main!!! arghh Angry
you tell me to stay calm and its ur job to rage and ur bringing out the violence in me
teri waje se i'll become an assassin...jaa need to leaving on my own
*storms out of forum*

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Originally posted by AzMishy

Thanks a lot for the lovely update! full of drool worthy scenes *blushing*
good god! kiya reaction...super hit formula ..dutta having a all over wash..kiya yaar .censor board cut detain hain nehi tu ...yes dot dot dot  LOLLOL
I wonder any one who read the WU is on earth ;) all must be in hevan! Rofl  so I take it you took the complete scene ,figuratively...  imagination mein koi problem nehi teri ..tu ase kar dream on!!
Not one but 2 shower senes one hot n one cold n again him in full mlitary atier ready to swoon us n black west n gym scene ,smoking hot n finally on the bike!  ouufff mardalengi kya :p 
mardela know in uk especially at this festive season ... they show madhuri's dance especially where she is sitting  and rubs the floor and wobbles her shoulder singing mar dala ..then the add   stops and the words come on on screen DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!LOL 
Atlast nakku got guts to tell him n the hmmm session... I could feel the blood boiling insIde :/
But finally his reply to her made me all hayeee...
Kya yarr... Tum ithna genrous...:/  some thing sure is up on ur top compartment :p
yeah elusive hai ..sab kuch  thure he bataai ga ...
Well Harshad's ulti ginthi shuru huwa... me waiting do dinchak with baaji hahaha
Poor chap... he too want to join the dishum dushum :(
yeahhh nice one ..baji nautanki baaz hai  ekdum..
What with this khan han, n she  is upto x<... lol again n ear full from major saab hahaha
 ye use pyarr hai !  use tu pyar hai ...
Very well writen, enjoyed it to totally...
N tis time didn't bunk ha :p thank you my azy...means so much to me tera comment
Intersting n swoon thud pre cap *ahem*
Now counting days for next friday :/ hhaha
Thanks for the pm n update
thank you azhy for your make me hapy comments ...kissey to te baache winter vacs coming have fun..take him to see harry potter unless you have done that already ...with much love xxhammie
Azy :)

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[QUOTE=mnx12]Very nice updateClap Naku told First Baji then Datta what was the truth, brave girl.Thumbs Up Datta's assurance gave her more courage, finally Harshad will get what he deserves. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Thanks for the PMSmile
hellooo my friend...good to read your comment always .. gld you enjoyed the sequence of events ..huummh harshad.. ke kiya oga UD coimng up but stilll in the making ..havvve to finish it tonite..xxxhammie thank you

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Originally posted by noreen

hi sorry wasn't able to comment on the past update (very busy)it was good and not scary at all. Takeshi's castle came on a while back on the uk sky channel 111. i think it is on
 ok ..yes mera pas hai sky..thanks for the info i'll try to catch it on you tube..waise brver ne bhi comment kiya hai ...saw that..too..busy hai ?chaal but yu have come back to me chaale ga baaby ... 
youtube if you are interested to take a peek it is a chinese based gameshow and is funROFL, something that made me laugh.(tell me how you got on)
thanks for this update it was interesting to hear all the happenings going on
good description of N and D in the first section D meeting Khan was quite harsh but that was to be suspected as women do have that pestering side but D put her in her placeShocked
yes they do ..and  its the men who usually bear the brunt
the baji roops flirting bought a llighter side to the updateEmbarrassed
well me was missing Baji since Dutta was on field seized my opportunity .
Baji and N share a sweet relationship he is ready to defend her no matter what and D was desperate to find out what's wrong and sort it out for N he was so understanding as i thought it would bring trouble but i was pleasantly surprised he was calm but what an outburst on the bike
well I  knew he would short fuse but not in front of her ...if he did it would bring up there trust issue
 (That's more like D) Wacko
thanks a million for your encouragement noreen ..and you take care with much love xxhammie

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[QUOTE=Nakusha]Smilehi hammiee , oye where were you naku ..thought you stood me up ..bad girl! 
sorry bit late with the comments & must say wht a UD  ,it had everything 1st ly naku decided to be honest abt the harshad episode even before she decided to speak to dutta ,naku & baji convo was really sweet , he care for her like a real bro ,
finally dutta gave dose of his anger to chipko khan i hope she get some sense after this
 yaar chipko nehi hai use ka name kahn /rajoo hai ...LOL
dutta & naku convo grt he in the gym hmmmSmileSmilejust like dutta he is very supportive & trust her completely , dutta is back in his angry young man avtaar harshad toh kam se gaya ,best thing is he gave naku piece of mind ,,abb to antheri ya harshad ke nikal kar rahein , he talking to dad is so emotional
i read somewhere true love is not just looking into eactother eyes but looking in same
what a lovely line naku ,thank you for sharing  it ... direction ,its true for D-N SmileSmile
looking frwd to next action packed part ,i hope he takes naku on a ride poor girl needs to unwind a little...  hain   dream  baaaby ?I dont think so..protocol...  but tera idea maine note ker liya hai ..naku wants a bike ride Wink
jaldi UD karna always u were amazing hammmiee SmileSmiletc    i will UD naku hela katam tu ker loon... chaal you chill and thank you for your lovely comments dearie...xxhammie

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                                    Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture Chapter ~ 31

                                      "double, double toil and trouble".. Shakespeare

According to company rules and regulations the hospital governing body put into place the disciplinary hearing, all required parties were formally notified of attendance at the designated  venue and date for the proceedings. Ms.Tendulkar's PA gave last minute touches to the onsite formal hearing room. She glanced at the formal chairs for the witness , another set of chairs for observers. Plus a row of chairs for visitors and selected members of the public.  Alongside there stood a formal birchwood podium for the speakers to impart information,. In the middle of the room stood a narrow rectangular birch table with a neat low pile of colour coordinated folders each neatly labelled for reference point, and an aluminium pot of assorted stationary, and finally behind the table stood a high formal birchen chair with formal chunky handles .The PA also checked another small table in front with her laptop and the short hand pad on which the proceedings were to be recorded for hard copies by her.

Naku got ready for the proceedings she was preoccupied and on edge , however she was clear in her decision .She moved towards Bappa's idol and in obeisance ,with clasped hands she prayed for wisdom and strength which she sought most of all today . She opened her eyes ,and turned to leave ,when her mobile checked her action. " helloo Nakusha, I sincerely hope you will take the correct path today ,well just to let you know I have already done what I was meant to do ,so too bad dost ,agar main dooba ,to tu bhi nehi bachee gi that's for sure", and she heard a satanic cackle" . "Harshad ,why am I not surprised any more at what you do? ,what you have just done ,may I remind, you is called intimidating  a witness, but be my guest, I know and you know I will do what I will do , so you will have to wait and watch!"...she paused briefly ,"so Harshad mera dost see you in the hearing and may the best man win!" said Nakusha .


 The moment arrived, as did the relevant members involved in the proceedings and sat in designated places. There was general silence and an air of decorum , apart from as and when required sibilant whispers between Ms.Tedulakar and her PA.  Harshad sat in a formal dark suit ,shirt and tie dress given the gravity of the situation. He looked up and his shiny black eyes stared at Naku, with an expression which may seem a plead  but also appeared to be laced with arrogance. Naku bounced off his expressions, with a quiet calm and looked down at her clasped hands .Lauren who sat next to her could sense her underlying stretched nerves , placed her comforting hand on Naku's arm. Naku, looked sideways at Lauren, to acknowledge, when suddenly she heard the double doors swung open, she stopped and her heart lost countless beats as she saw Major Dutta in full camouflage combat uniform complete with his bullet proof jacket, beret atop his broad head ,flanked by  two soldiers walk in with the strong sound of metal backed boot soles across the tiled floor of the room . The three stood tall before Ms.Tendulkar and Major Dutta performed a bow of his head and said "ma'am, permission sought to attend proceedings as an observer plus witness, on behalf of Brig. Parekh Sir!" declared Dutta for all present in a commanding guttural voice, while his two soldiers moved back a step . . "Ms Tendulkar stood " of course this is indeed an honour Major to have you here on behalf of Brig. Parekh"said Ms.Tedulkar overcome by the presence of army personnel, she turned her head to her PA, who leapt to show Major Dutta his seat, and the metal soles again  clicked against the floor ,as Major headed towards his single chair, on which he sat ,while all eyes lodged at the army man. He sat and his two soldiers stood behind his chair . Major Dutta sat erect with his face totally set and firm as he placed his broad palms on his knees .He slowly moved his eyes towards the woman he loved and their eyes met, his narrow and cold ,hers warm, wide eyed and relieved .She bit her lip and lowered her eyes , her beloved had come ,her heart was beating madly against her ribcage and he could hear the pound for he turned his narrow eyes slowly towards Ms.Tendulkar, as he in stiffened fashion waited for the proceedings to start. He looked up ,at Lauren and gave her a hint of a smile and a side dip of the head as his eyes moved back to Naku's face and his lips parted as he took in her beauty he tore away his lingering eyes and travelled to wards Harshad who appeared worried much to Dutta's delight .Dutta was prompted to stand and with decisive steps that clicked on the polished floor he stood before Ms Tendulkar's table and stretched his burly arms , placed his  broad palms on the desk as he whispered something and Ms.Tendulkar nodded and he stood up tall and brought his fingers to his breast pocket and lackadaisically pulled out his mobile phone pressed a button and placed the phone on MS's table ..who saw ,and made a quick scrawl on her notes. Naku looked Dutta's way, how handsome ,powerful and authoritative he looked ,as if to say he was any less even when he is not in uniform ,her Lion!. She knew what the mobile displayed ,and as he clicked back to his seat he caught sight of her worried face , and he slanted his eyes with a slight pleat  towards her and head in a slow curve his eyes cried baby I am here now , main ah gayea ho nab!  

Ms.Tendulkar  placed her arms on the table and began, "ladies and gentleman, the purpose of this proceeding is to deal with fraud and corruption investigation that has been brought out in a certain employee of this establishment. Now if I may outline here that this proceeding will operate within the policy and procedures as stipulated within the Dera Hospital and is set up by the board of directors of the hospital. The policy therefore is committed to the prevention, deterrence, detection and investigation of all forms of fraud and corruption and aims to act as an aid in the prevention of fraud", out lined Ms.Tendulkar, as Dutta with gravity took in the formalities.  The established environment of the Dera hospital promotes a culture where all fraudulent activities once noticed or legitimately suspected are reported, investigated and resolved in a timely and fair manner. However the hospital will not tolerate any incident of fraud and if an incident occurs, the hospital board of directors   and staff shall act in accordance with the code of conduct and in the spirit of ethical standards", continued the MS ,but Dutta's be specific intense of the eyes ,prompted  him to speak , "Major if you have any more to add here on behalf of Brig. Parekh, may I invite you here to the dais", Dutta got up in full authority  and made way to the podium . "Ms.Tendulkar may I add simply that every company or establishment should be committed to protecting its revenue, expenditure and assets from any attempt by members of the public, contractors, agents, intermediaries, volunteers, board of directors or its own staff to gain financial or other benefits by deceit, bias or dishonest conduct", he paused briefly and  addressed the MS "I sincerely hope that today we can see the systems come into place that deter or identity corrupt activities and uphold good governance of the hospital which will set the example for honesty and integrity" ,he continued with his  sqaure jaw firmly in place and just before he moved to leave the podium for his chair ,the MS, full realizing his position  invited him "Major Dutta if you at any point do require more information on matters related to the proceedings,  please do not hesitate to tender your queries during the session, as a matter of fact it will clarify our position to all present , as to why investigations and possible charges of fraud and corruption have been brought out against certain hospital staff", she assured Dutta as she looked his way in a benign manner .Dutta nodded and looked at Naku ,with a subtle twitch of his eyes ,Naku smiled shyly as she trapped his gaze unwillingly to let go, till he sucked his lips and turned his head sideways .

Ms.Tedulkar formally announced that investigations were underway on PT Harshad for fraud and corruption with an addition of black mail. Harshad tried his hardest to maintain composure and Dutta was impressed by his self- possession, but within himself he was clear that justice would be done, and above all the parties involved in planning and implementation would also be exposed.

Lauren dressed in a black knee high pencil skirt with an ivory silk and black tailored jacket ,walked in her 3 inch  stilettos towards the podium ,while Dutta , unintentionally noticed the slit behind her tight skirt ,but swiftly lowered his eyes as he caught Naku giving him a wide eyed look. Lauren explained , that wheelchairs were needed by the military hospital and the stock was delivered , but incomplete . She explained Harshad the defendant, denied knowledge of the missing 4 wheel chairs, and instantaneously blamed the driver, and arranged for him to be arrested. The next for evidence was the driver ,who narrated his tale of woe and denied that he had anything to do with the disappearance , he further said he was asked to lunch on his own for half and hour, and also confirmed that Harshad had lunch not with him but after him. The Ms .noted the point, the driver also confirmed that he had a meeting with the stock controller and Harshad the night before the delivery of the consignment .Thus was confirmed Naku's evidence that she saw three men. Dutta now sat with one long leg crossed over his muscular thigh and he rested his elbow on the handle of his chair and with his slender finger, he gently stroked the stubble under his lower lip his narrow eyes shifted and caught Naku staring at his seating position and he shook his crossed over leg towards her and raised an eye brow in the slowest of motions as if to say with his eyes you can't get your eyes off your lover boy can you baaaby? ..laterss ,he relayed with his eyes as she double fast lowered her eyes. Immediately after wards the stock controller was brought in to give evidence and he appeared terribly shaken, as he shifted the blame on Harshad and insisted that he was innocent.  Harshad found it a chore to conceal his desire to smother the stock controller and Dutta shook his crossed leg and cussed Harshad with narrow eyes... squirm you wriggly worm, wait till more is churned out!

Harshad was then asked to defend himself and he once again denied that all the statements given were falsified and repeated again his boast that he had everything good going for him ,he would be insane to let this go for a few bucks . Dutta smiled furtively when he heard Harshad perjure, but listened with further amusement as Harshad categorically blamed the driver, for the fraud and also pivoted and stated it was the stock controller's idea to misappropriate stock not  him, the more he spoke the more he sounded  like an unstable man riddled with guilt ;for the expressions of all in the proceedings especially the board off directors and the Ms had evidence based on investigations that pointed to the drivers innocence .

Eventually the moment arrived for the key witness to give her evidence .Dutta looked at her across the room as she sat with her  tiny delicate beautiful hands on her knees ready to haul herself up on her legs, He nodded at her as he blinked his eyes once to assure her ,and she drew her breath , as she longed to run across the room straight into his wide embrace  ."PT Nakusha! ..she heard her name and she stood up and in slow steps swished across the room in her art silk mustard floral and circular bandini print saree, with a tikka and resham embroidered decorative patch border that framed the complete frame. Dutta had only observed her sitting down and when he saw her delicate and excessively whole some feminine frame! his heart had to muffle his intense aspiration to kick every one out of this space,  yank her in his arms ,bend her over and press a hard one on her mouth with his lips .His eyes sparkled like a very naughty wayward boy, as he moved his mouth and parted his lips,  waise mana parre ga Naku tu cheez to khalass ker dena wali hai! ,like always Dutta is a complete and utter goner, he sizzled mentally. He saw her nod and speak as her beautiful lips moved to tell her side , but he Dutta had heard it all before so he would use his time in pursuit of her, after all it was after some time  lapse that he had actually seen her , of course it's not the same as to feel her,  but alas! he thought beggars cannot be choosers or should he suffice make hay while he sun shines... his passionate gaze like a marauder fixed upon her luscious lips as they moved to give evidence ,Dutta ,tweaked his bottom lip and unconsciously ran his finger  gently over his bottom smooth pink lip as she moved her lips to articulate. She stood behind the podium her shoulders looked rounded and smooth under her high neck back and front v neck mustard blouse , his eyes looked with approval at her bosom which was covered with the saree pallu over her shoulder and he saw her beautiful fair arms covered in three quarter sleeves complimented with his mothers gold kangans .She felt his hot stare across her face as he continued to drown in the beauty of her face, her raven black shiny hair lay in a small slant strand of hair that went cross her forehead and swept back from her ears to form a French roll secured at the back of her head . Dutta almost bit into his top lip as his eyes feasted on her ear lobes, flattered by a single beaten gold stud ,and her swan like porcelain neck that was calling to him, laid bare for him to approach her and consume .He lowered his eyes and swept his stubble from one side with his long slender fingers. Naku, then stopped briefly after giving her account and further added on "I would like to further add that Harshad also tried to intimidate me this morning regards giving my evidence, I would like the investigation procedures to go through my last phone call received on my mobile to substantiate my statement, she looked up at Dutta as she bowed, her head in Dutta style and pouted her lower lip..that is all have to say .Ms .Tedulkar as my detailed evidence report you already possess", finished Naku . the MS, nodded at Nakusha and she moved affront of the podium to grab her seat , Dutta had one more opportunity to look at her with enormous fondness, the way her willowy body glided across the room, her curved  shapely back and rounded hips stunningly draped in her art silk mustard bandini sari., He almost had to choke his want ..he wanted her to sit by his side close to him, her elbow brushing against his .

"Major Dutta as per representative of Brigadier Parekh"! it was announced .Dutta stood and with metal soled studded boots clicked clocked towards the podium .Naku looked at his handsome, uniformed physique complete with his slant beret perched on his head his chest padded with the black bullet proof jacket. He stood and spread his muscular arms wide and gripped the side of the podium with his broad palms .He raised his head and gazed at MS and the board of directorsand beagan to speak in his  guttural voice "ladies and gentleman, under authorisation from Brigadier Parekh ,the army took the decision to undertake a specific operation which was to  identify stores that deal with the retail sector of mobility aids , once  that was done a series of questioning took place with the store management about personnel employed within their store .The operation was fine tuned by checking all wheel chairs sold on the premises , .after checking  it was found that there was one wheel chair which had a concealed electronic tab that coincided with the Dera hospital security of goods .The mobility store personnel were interviewed under army interrogation order, which revealed that a certain employee of the store was rendered missing under mysterious circumstances from shop floor sales duty. After intense interrogation the named sales person Mr. Dhavan admitted his involvement in the wheel chair being on the shop floor". Dutta reported his face completely bland he sat down temporarily as he allowed Dhavan to say his piece .

Dhavan explained "his present employment and position , and regarding the wheel chair he accepted that he bought it from Harshad and paid cash remuneration for the good, as requested by to Harhshad. Dhavan looked at Harshad who was reassured and gave a sly grin look to Dhavan ,his eyes speaking if I go down Dhavan so do you with me"  wise, he mused  that this man didn't disclose the other three wheel chairs. With that Dhavan's succinct blame game evidence completed and he stepped down with a degree of comfort as he assumed he got away, ,Dutta who read faces with amazing panache raised his hand and was beckoned on the podium once again , he had his head so to speak,  a little tilted, but he soon after curved it fore front and continued where he left off ,"ladies and gentleman if I may continue ,as I ascertained it proper to allow Mr .Dhavan to voice his opinion, I maintained silence but if I may be allowed to continue and he looked at the MS with a raised open palm questioningly, the MS nodded a yes and  with a return bow of the head with immaculate elegance Dutta continued ,"hence ladies and gentlemen ,under my army orders of further suspicion  of involvement  with fraudulent activities of a public service body , Mr. Dhavan's house was raided upon and the missing two wheel chairs were found, Mr. Davan's electronic equipment was seized and after army data expert interception of his PC and lap top further evidence was revealed that Mr.Dhavan  was involved in the racket of selling mobility aids items on the internet and he recently sold the fourth wheel chair to an online buyer!" ,said Dutta with extreme firmed gravity in his voice and his face , "that'll be all from the army investigative angle he continued, "the hard copies are already in your possession" ,he affirmed and left the podium.

Ms.Tendulkar announced a tea break and recess as the board of directors alongside her needed to consider the verdict. Dutta stood up and headed towards the exit double swing doors and his soldiers followed him in brisk march .He stopped and ordered them to be at ease, so they moved to one side,and Naku came swishing her saree with Lauren and Dutta walked out flanked by the two women to the refreshment section .. the room was swarmed by people who attended the hearing but on seeing him they moved a little to the side giving him credence and respect ,Naku looked up at his rosy cheeks and shy smile after people's reaction and as if naturally he lifted his clasped hands and nodded "Namaste" to people around him in abject humility .Naku's bosom swelled up with great pride and affection for her man, such elegance and grace he has despite his primordial rawness.. she stood close to him and looked up to him, and he could feel the heat of her body and he slowly moved his head and shifted his eyes as he gazed into her doe eyes below his shoulder "kya hoya hai" ?he whispered and she gave him a bimboo nod "kuchnehi ,kuch bhi tu nehi" she whispered back without letting go of his eyes,  he moved his head and took a small sigh parted his lips and said to "Lauren and how is my head PT?, looking as pencil sharp as ever!  he said as his eyes slowly travelled to her legs and stilletos", "my my  Major handsome rough and rugged as ever ! Lauren still awaits you!  but how you have come out of your shell! .Naku what is he on your Saab? she jested . Dutta turned to Lauren "oh there's no point in asking her Lauren she's too busy being turned off! to notice if I am on or not! " "ooh said Lauren "Naku you can't have him being so uppity, look at him not even married yet and!!.. Naku intercepted "no he's not Lauren ,as a matter of fact he's very well grounded!, smiled Naku challengingly ,Dutta knew Naku was feeling the edge and he loved it as he saw her give him a don't you dare touch me now look! ,and he shook his head to the side and raised his arm and put it round her shoulder and said to Lauren "she's right Lauren just need a slight alteration we are both well grounded!" he said as he looked at Naku and she glared at him and he caught a bit of her flesh between his thumb and index finger and she almost "ouched!! and he coughed as he pulled back his arm ,"you two honestly a pair of ninnies you are!! teased Lauren.  She sped off "I have to get a cup of coffee she said and veered off and Dutta turned to face his woman , "alone at last! he said as he looked down into her beautiful eyes ,and her eyes looked straight into his narrow eyes and shifted to his gaping mouth ,he stared and stared into her eyes and took in her every chiselled  feature at last he said "bahut kobsurrat dekh ti hai tu ise saree mein Naku mustard suits you I love you in a saree kafi urse se nehi dekha thujhe saree mein" ..she smiled shyly and lowered her eyes "chaal ab chaiye bhi pilai gi ka nehi? ,woh military college main tu Outs mera peeche ghoom reha hota hain chai le ker! he threw in,  and she flared her nostrils and went to get him tea ,she returned and whispered without her usual ommph "ye lo chai" .."hain!!? he went "sirf ye lo chai! ,no Saab?  ,oye kya baat hai jalleen ho rehe hai? he ragged  ,"why should I feel jealous? ,mujhe bhi Dera ke cafe mein baki ke PTs chai offer kerta hain"! she retorted he choked at his sip and held his hand to his mouth as he coughed to clear his throat while his cup wobbled as he continued to convulse and his eyes watered,while she took his cup "la ja!  mujhe nehi peeni tera haaton  ke chai!! he grated and he wiped his lips hard with his kerchief and arched his eye brows and flashed his eyes and spewed  "waise aaj kal tu bahut bikawas kerne leg giye hai! ! ,aur woh tere  cafe mein kitne PTs  hain pata hai mujhe ..ek woh Harshad he hai pagal aadmi ..use ko tu akele hai sambhul sakte hai maine dekh hai,  aur kaun hai! ! bata muhje!!?  he almost was going to reach out for her arm in fury, when he saw his two soldiers standing to one side . Naku saw her Saab's gaze and she went towards them and said "ap ne chai nehi pee main le ke ati hoon" she said and they stood to attention with their feet slightly apart .Dutta smiled at her gesture as he saw her return with two cups of tea one for each of them .They bowed their heads as they accepted their tea with lowered eyes . Dutta sauntered over them and turned and pointed to the small  canteen where they could have lunch .and then he walked back to Naku and stood before her and looked down at her "bas chai he de gi kuch aur nehi"? he asked roguishly kya chaeia ap ko"? she asked shyly and he commanded in a whisper "uppar dekh meri teraf" ,she looked up her face slightly rosy, he looked into her eyes shifted his eyes to see if anyone was watching and moved his finger to his lips and pouted them with a wicked wink of the eye her hands spontaneously covered her face as hid away from his facial bold amorous advances he raised his hand and pulled her hand away from her face, she obeyed his motion and brought her hand down, while the other still covered her face from the other side "haat neeche ker Naku! he said in irritation and she quickly put it down put kept her eyes shut he looked at her behaviour and said "what's wrong with? you sara time adayien dekhte reha gi ya kuch kare gi bhi! he moaned . She opened her eyes and gave in to his whining, "okay okay batao what do you want? ,"hummmhh" he said and looked at his watch "we have 45 minutes, chaal lets go for a short spin! he said impulsively ."Saab army ke jeep mein aye ho tu , theekh lage ga kiya?  waise bhi ap duty per ho! she reminded him he looked at her with narrow eyes "you're right baaaby we can't, so how?he racked his brain...she smiled "well there is one place Saab the little brook near my hostel yaad hai ap ko?,she reminded him... "haan he went "chaal!  but let's grab some food from the canteen first ,he went and brought a bag of juicy red shiny apples and walked... towards her, chaale! He repeated to her, his eyes clearly laughed as he looked across  at her ,he jerked his head towards the park and they stood for a moment as their eyes measured the lush green lawn, she gingerly put her foot on the turf, then realized she had kitten heels and stopped, "kya hoya hai thujhe change of mind?,he said as he looked in to her yes and blinked ,"dar hai kya? ke main thuje kha jaoga!  and he opened his jaws and snapped his teeth at her ,she looked up him ad faced him her eyes shut and her lips parted "ye lo Saab aaj kha he jao" she said her eyes still closed, he looked down at her inviting lips glazed with bronze lip gloss to match her mustard art silk saree, and his hands slide up her arms as he held her by the shoulders and with a sigh let out agonised "haiii!  nehin kha sakta na thuje!  bhook tu bahut legi hoi hai maagar"and he paused and she opened her eyes and looked into his doleful eyes "pun aisa kya Saab? maine kub roka hai aap ko? she flirted! while he looked the other way ... this big hurly burly brawny man! and slowly moved his face back to her with  "woh Aye Shahib hai na Naku?  woh bahut dunde mare gein! aagar mein ne tuhje lagan se phela kha liya! , he said seriously  and then threw back his head and chuckled ,when he noted her disappointed face "kya Saab romance ka sarra mazza kerkara ker diya hai" , she moaned with puffed up cheeks "oye zayeeda shookhi maat ker mere saath tu! , goli mar doon ga abhi ka abhi !!  he warned her ia a huff, and turned his body away from her, the bloody woman was out to make him sin today!  he struggled internally ,she reeled him around with a pull of his rounded shoulder "tu maro na goli Saab!  Naku tayaar hai! ! she said with defiance,  as he into her eyes , "oye jahel aurat!  haad mein rehe apne aur peech haat ke baat ker zayaad pas na ah nehi tu!!  and he raised and pointed his finger at her and she reached out for his raised hand "ohh munno naraaz hai apni Naku se? ..okay Saab me not pulling your leg any more come on let's go and sit near that tree" she pointed and then she lifted her saree up to show her bare feet and was ready to step on the dewy grasss "rok ! tere pare gunde ho jain ga Naku" he commanded, she quickly turned to him and raised her arms  "carry me, utha lo then!  she said , he checked at her body with his hungered eyes, his mouth pouted to one side  and lost his defence , for he bent down and scooped her in his arms, and carried her across the grass! She put her arms around his neck and play stroked his adam's  apple with her nose and murmured "hummh you smell heavenly Saab ,deeevine!, she went and brought her mouth to his stubble cheek, he bent his neck with his prickly doubled chin, and looked sideways  into her green eyes and murmured "cheek ko choor Naku aur adher la apne hoont"!  he said as he heaved on and she brought her lips near his mouth and he parted his lips and grabbed her lips with his teeth ooomh!! she moaned "let go Saab!  and he released her lips ,and with narrow, displeased, lion like eyes looked  down into her eyes "kya hoya hai baaaby ? this isn't our first kiss is it ? thuje pata hai Iam a rough kisser! he drawled ,and she buried her head under his chin in full embarrassment!. He realized and changed the topic ,"waise tu bhare hogaye hai Naku, khana kum ker apna , mootoo", he remarked tongue in cheek.  She stiffened and put her mouth on his chest hairs and pulled a mouthfull and he yelped "stop it you banshee!! patne nehi itne wild kyon hoti ja rehi hai tu ...dirty girl!  "me dirty girl you are a  inconsiderate , rude dirty man , mujhe mooto kyon kha ?its rude!! she fought ..."haaa!! he chortled "motooo ko motooo na khoon tu patloo kahon?  "hooon!  she moaned and he looked down at her red hot face and said "meri beautiful ,turn on!  hawwwt baaaby!  ..,love you only you" ... and they got to the tree and he set her down carefully however, before she sat, he spread his kerchief and she sat on it, her knees up and hugged by her arms . he sat beside hr resting his back against he broad tree trunk ,one uniformed leg kneed up and the other stretched vertical flat on the ground,  "lunch ma'am? and he pulled out a rosy shiny apple and gave it to her she took it ,and stared at him with her large green doe eyes, that  sparkled ,he took out his apple and held it in his hand and turned to her "chaal ab kha na! mera mau kya dekh rehi hai? and she shook her head, "haan pata hai phela main khaon tu ye le" he said dryly and sank his teeth into the apple with a big crunch! and munched crunched! chewed! and swallowed  within seconds! till he  greedily nibbled  off at the  core ! She giggled "oh you poor starved baby! she went "ye lo mera bhi kha lo" and she brought hers to his mouth and he bit into it with great delight while his eyes glinted like a naughty greedy boy he chomped then shook his head "le ab tu kha mera khaya hoi apple" and she shyly ate as he held it to her mouth. Once done they rested their heads side by side on the tree trunk and they slowly turned their heads towards each other till their noses touched and he moved and adjusted his head to reach out for her lips but she consistenly moved it ,and he roared "what the hell"! he pulled up his legs shoved his arm under her shoulder and thumped her body in his lap and without wasting a second bent his head and went ravenously to her lips and kissed her with the heat and inferno of hell!, as she struggled to breathe but he smothered her under his chest and kept on at her!  till she thumped him on his back!  so he moved back while she gasped for air and he took his chance and slipped his palm under her sarre pallu to feel the warm flesh of her belly and his palm caressed and  roamed around her belly!... but she sat up with speed and fixed her hair from the front and said "challo Saab we have to go. He moved back as he saw a bit of her flat fair belly , in utter disappointment . Dismal he heaved himself up and looked at her like a boy who lost his chance to have his favourite sweetie! it was near! yet so far!,he was onthe wrapper, ready to unwrap but!.  She, shook, folded his hankie and discreetly tucked it near her belly and covered it with her pallu ."Saab let's cut through this little short cut, it lead's straight to the hearing room" she suggested. They walked side by side their finger tips of  touched and slowly his long slender fingers reached our for her tiny hands and their fingers interlocked he looked at her as they walked hand and hand .."waise phele kyon nehi is raaste se le ker aye tu?",he remarked, she sniggered "Saab aager phela adher se la ker ati tu ap ke baazoon mein free  ride kaise milte mujhe"! she giggled ,he turned his face the other way "hummm" he murmured ...        


The proceeding reassembled under a blanket of sobriety , all present sat with fixed expression less countenances. But the accused Harshad, Fahd and Dhavan sat with  nervous pallour smeared all over their faces. All eyes however remained fixed on the MS,  Ms .Tendulkar. she looked at the head of the board of company directors as he groped the set of files and stiffly walked, dressed in a dark pinstripe suit towards the podium and he began ,"ladies and gentleman the board of directors of the Dera hospital  along with the MS , have  reached a decision regarding the case of fraud and corruption. On the basis of the evidence provided by witnesses and other collective investigations I hereby announce the following charges against the named accused and the appropriate action taken... Mr. Fahd, please step forward", commanded the head of directors , Mr. Fahd, after full investigation it is clear that you have misused your position as the stock controller and have knowingly been party to fraudulent activity, with the view to acquire monetary gain ; by unauthorised removal of equipment, or  supplies from Dera premises. The action taken is that you will be released from your post of stock controller with immediate effect", pronounced the director .Mr .Fahd raised his hands in complain and the director said sternly , "I have not finished" and he continued "should you wish to complain you have 15 days to appeal against our decision ,thank you,  you may sit down now" ,he said tersely.

 Mr. Dhavan, announced the director and the named person emerged. "Mr. Dhavan, given the fact that you are not the employee of this company ,your own has been contacted and they are in compliance  with our procedure ,they have been duly informed of the investigative reports about your fraudulent involvement in misappropriation of funds of an entity to further personal gains ,henceforth, on account of evidence gathered and produced by the army raid under the orders of Major Dutta there remains little doubt that you are part of an illegal privately run on line retail which thrives on sales of theft items procured by yourself from other accomplices who are also duly involved in theft, corruption and fraudulent activities. Therefore on behest of your employees I  announce your verdict, you are forthwith released from your duties as salesperson at the mobility store. For the illegal selling of stolen goods you will serve a sentence of 8months in the  B-grade Dera prison", reported the director briskly.

Finally the big moment arrived and Harshad was called upon by the director, Harshad moved forward his arms behind his back .Dutta looked at Naku with a stiff ,firm face,while he waited along with Harshad, for the outcome of this charge ,the director before he began ,gave Harshad a harsh and malignant look almost ,contemptuous ...but he looked straight  and began " Harshad PT of this hospital, has been found under the charge of fraud to be involved in the dishonest activity of causing actual or potential financial loss to his work entity,  including theft of property, in this case, removal of equipment from hospital supplies; where, deception was used at the time, immediately before, or immediately following the activity. This also includes the deliberate falsification, concealment, destruction or use of falsified documentation used or intended for use for a normal business purpose and the improper use of information or position for personal financial benefit". Harshad looked horrified as the official jargon was hurled at him by the severe looking Director .Dutta looked narrowly at Naku and crossed his leg, as he took waited for the rest to follow.  The director looked at Harshad , and continued  "Mr. Harshad on the charge of corruption you were involved in dishonest activity as an employee or of an entity and acted contrary to the interests of the entity and abused your position of trust in order to achieve some personal gain or advantage for yourself". completed the director as Harshad appeared more and more uncomfortable ,he could clearly surmise that the director had not finished. The director took a deep breath and spoke "on the basis of fresh evidence submitted by PT Nakusha and Major Dutta a fresh charge of black mail under fraud, Mr. Harshad ,is guilty of the charge of with a view to gain for himself with intent to cause loss to another, for he made  unwarranted demand from Ms. Nakusha on the unreasonable ground of threatening her upon giving vital evidence about him . Mr. Harshad you reinforced your demand by improper means". The director looked directly at Harshad , may I reiterate that evidence proves ,as the accused you made a demand; that the demand was unwarranted, that the demand was made with a threat , and finally Mr. Harshad your aim  in using black mail  was to gain  with intent to cause loss to another.. may I also add that the accused has also jeopardized public faith in his professin as a PT!,  and with that I rest my case, but hereby notify that the verdict  will  be here shortly ,after I express a few words for Ms. Nakusha on behalf of the Dera hospital .Naku turned beet red and Dutta glanced at her side ways and bowed slowly as his neck and chin folded.  The director signalled her to stand ,and then he looked at her with a smile and continued, "Nakusha you exposed corrupt and fraudulent activities within your unit, you Nakusha undertook  a risk by reporting this fraud but you still went ahead and carried it through, despite the fact that you were black mailed by evidence that could have jeopardised an issue in your private life", on hearing that Dutta squared his shoulders and glared across the room at Harshad , with mockery and venom written over his face .

The director continued "Nakusha you followed the procedures of reporting fraud,  when you       suspected staff members in an act of fraud or fraudulent conduct, you  reported  such suspicions to the MS, which in turn set the ball rolling for this  investigative hearing  and subse quent course of action on the defendants . Because of your ,prompt action Iam pleased to announce that the driver will be released immediately from police custody ,with a slap wrist this time , as being at the wrong place at the wrong time , also on account that it has not been proved that he was involved in the theft , so Nakusha,you have saved an innocent man from being convicted and the guilty ones penalised! ,said the director "shall I say the Dera hospital is proud to have the likes of you working for it , your name has been put forward for possible promotion when a vacancy occurs ,but for now you are for commendation at the end of year awards!, completed the director and Nakusha blushed, and when she looked at Dutta he had a serious face but once their eyes met, he gave her a slow but fast wink , and she blushed even more.

Finally the director stood solemnly and looked at Harshad who stood there in wait for more than fifteen minutes, while Naku's praise were sung ,"ok ladies and gentleman  in the power invested in me by this establishment,  I announce to Mr. Harshad and all present that on the charges of fraud and corruption under company procedures there is zero tolerance therefore, Mr. Harshad is dismissed from his PT duties with immediate effect, he is also barred from seeking employment with other branches of similar hospitals . With regards to use of Black mail under fraud and corruption act, he is handed over to the police who have already under the criminal act supported by the local judiciary and legislation, served him a sentence of 12 months in the Dera jail", finished off the director. "That'll be all ladies and gentleman I declare the proceedings closed" said Ms .TENDULKAR , and people started to stand but Harshad stood still like a statue  his face turned to stone ,but soon he realized ...and..



 Once the verdict sunk into Harshad ,he lost his equilibrium and raved and ranted I denounce this dismissal! I denonce it! he shouted. The hearing room was in a fracas Dutta commanded his soldiers  "on alert"!  and stood up himself his hand felt, his concealed pistol under his bullet proof jacket .Harshad made a sprint onwards the door and ran out towards the  Dera court yard with a clear message to flee. Dutta and his soldiers dived past the rest of the people as he bellowed in command "stay in doors"!. He raced out in the speed of the jaguar ! as he pounced  on Harshad's shoulders!. Dutta's,  two  solders closed in like speed of lightening,  but Dutta commanded "get back!  as he held Harshad in an arm lock,  Dutta clenched his jaw and pulled his mouth right down ,and shook and pressed his muscular arm around Harshads neck,so hard that Harshads eyes nearly degouged!. Dutta with a war cry of arggahh!  again yanked his folded biceped lock and Harshad cried "ahhh hhai",  "Saaab"!   shouted Naku and Dutta moved his head,distracted and Harshad freed himself,  moved away a few steps  from Dutta and pulled a pistol at Dutta! !  "let me gooo Major!  ... Dutta, with rapid speed glared at Naku from the corner of his flashing eyes "jaaa! ..and he prodded his head "jaaa Naku!! and Harshad's eyes moved for a split  at Naku's reaction as he held the both handed clasped pistol, aimed at Dutta, and Dutta leapt up high and landed with a metal clip,  balanced on his strong column like uniformed legs  in front of Harshad!  and lurched forward with speed and in an  iron grip clamped his wrist!  "ahhh" went Harshad and Dutta rendered  his palm clamp another twist "awwwhhh!!! Harshad squealed in pain,  and Dutta in  a flash propped  up his knee and thrust it in straight into Harshad's abdomen! ; Harshad trembled! jerked! and doubled forward in pain and with another flash of lion like eyes and eyes arched up and face twisted ,  Dutta knee rammed  Harshad again till his pistol dropped and, Dutta's boot, forcibly side kicked it out of reach  like a ball! . Harshad dithered on his legs  and tried to  swing a left arm at Dutta who caught his wrist and subverted the action with his right hand clamp, and hurled a hard clenched fisted punch at Harshads jaw ,with this left arm repeatedly ,till Harshad's face shook violently,  dribbling with saliva;  but still he lifted his leg to kick leg Dutta,  and Dutta grabbed his ankle with two clamps of his bare hands, jerked, twisted Harshad's leg a couple of times as he dithered dangerously on his sole standing leg and ,cried "aaahhh! .Dutta pulled Harshad forward with his captured stretched leg and head butted Harshad the fieriest possible way and dutta looked at Harshad's face again and lunged his fore head again towards Harshad's forehead and rammed and rammed with force and finally he let go of Harshad's leg and and swing his muscular arm and rammed his closed fist into Harshad's jaw with such force that Harshad fell backwards and landed on the ground in a near dead limp heap! . Dutta stood looking at his prey and opened and clenched his open fingers into metal fists again ,pulled his mouth downwards arched his eye brows and flashed his eyes and with one knee up , he jumped and landed on Harshads belly his knee pressed right into the soft flesh of Harshads' belly! Dutta looked at Harshad dangerously as pressed he broad thumb on Harshad's projected thyroid larynx cartilage, in his neck almost waiting to smash it in Harshad's neck ,and he clenched his fist with the other hand and shouted "aur ye Naku ke liya hai ,tune is pe apne ghandhi nazzar dale!!  and he punched him across the jaw with a left hook ,then he let go off Harshad's shoulder and shouted  "Dutta ke hoone wali patni hai woh kuttaaa! !  main tera koon pe joan gaaa! " and he smashed the other side of his jaw as well ...mercilessly as Harshad's face wobbled on the ground!. Dutta looked at him menacingly  and dug his knee as Harshad yelped like a dog in pain "awwwooh.. "aur ye apne kam main beimane ka rne ke liya , Dutta bellowed and he stopped and straightened Harshad's face again and punched his face bloody yet again; "aur ye ek fauji per pistol taane ke liyaaa kutttaaa"! ,and he was almost ready to twist Harshad's neck off the spine, when  Naku screamed and fell to her knees besides the grounded Harshad "Saab choor do use! ! ,choor do Saab! . Dutta looked up and ordered his soldiers "lake ker joan ise  yehan se!! , bloody civies  he mumbled. Naku moved closer and held dutta's folded loin "Saab choor do use ..burahe maa baap hai uske ! akela kame wala hai rehamm Saab rahemm, she begged and pleaded with tears and clasped hands , Dutta looked at her tearful face and turned his head to the other side  and spat violently! and got off Harshad's and commanded his soldiers "khara karo ise! . Harshad was pulled up almost half dead in to standing position; his face entirely covered with spurts of bloody perspiration, bruised and swollen beyond recognition . Dutta  nodded to the soldiers to let go off Harshad .. and with crossed arms, he moved closer to Harshad and looked into his face with cold eyes "kyon fauji se milne ka bahut shauq tha thuje , pata rehe thujhe ye tu sirf first degree ki dhulai hai! , tera dera ki lardki ne thujhe baja liya hai aaj bhi Harshad" said Dutta with ice in his voice .Harshad mumbled and fell to the ground on his knees, before a standing tall Dutta , his hands clasped  "maafi Major Shahib ,Dutta Sahib.. Bhao mafi, choota bhai samjhe ke mafia,Bhao! he grovelled ... Dutta looked at him , a broken beaten man ,with no human dignity he was born with but chose to gave up .Dutta's eyes softened up , he was in the trenches with soldiers the age of Harshad , there were times he looked into their terrified eyes and he saw death ...Dutta looked further into the depths of this man's eyes ...yes he could see the same fear of death in Harshad's eyes.. ,Dutta  walked away as Harshad sat there on the ground on his knees ,his hands still clasped, "take him away" ...commanded Dutta as the police and the soldiers get Harshad up and hand cuff him...  But before they could do that he requested to see Nakusha who stood nea by out of Dutta's obvious sight she looked at Dutta,for approval,  who said loudly "haan jaa" she walked towards Harshad surrounded by police and Dutta soldiers , he fell to his knees "maff ker de mujhe ,tujhe humare Dera ke kasme hai Nakusha maafi ..he said humbly begging for forgiveness,  she moved her head to catch sight of her Saab, who stood with his muscular arms folded and he jutted his head forward and Naku brought her head back to Harshad and smiled "chaal jaa,  aur maa baa ke chinta maat kerna main hai ne" ...she said as he stood up relieved and she walked towards her Saab, he was about to put his arm around her shoulders,  as she held out hers to loop it around his broad waist but he glared at her and grated "kya ker rehi hai tu, damaak kharab hai kya? duty pe hoon fauji hai saath ..pagal kehen ki!" ,she blushed and lowered her eyes and he parted his lips and commanded "lets head back boys, I  need a shower badly!... tum challo main ata hoon" ,the two soldiers smiled and clicked their heels and went off... she was about to go but he held her  by her lower arm and took her towards a rockery area surrounded with foliage and held her by her shoulders and pulled her close into his arms, he could feel her tears against his hairy chest, by now he could differentiate between the beads of cold sweat and her warm tears on his skin. "challo ho giye tu kya tu bhi ,time sarra roone mein he kuzzar deti hai",he complained ,she pulled apart from him and sobbed with her doe eyes gazing hopelessly into his "ap se phir judda ho rehi hoon tu roona tu aye ga na Saab ,insaan ho koi patther ke murti nehi, she sobbed...he held her face tenderly in his hands  and with a glint he said "patther ke murti mein jaan dalna ata hai mujhe Naku ..samjhe" and they embraced and both wished time would stand still...but each knew time ticks on and so does life...  to be continued~  Hamlet 9.12.11

     Precap:  "ok Outs let's see what you can do at the firing range!" explained Dutta.        


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'A handful of soldiers always better than a mouthful of arguments'
Naku tensely waitin for the day to unfold. Elaborate arrangements in place for the hearing n prompt action initiated to get to the root of the fraud. Harshad does what he is good at, threatening naku once more just b4 the proceedings, loserThumbs Down 
Major arrives in style n naku's palpitation soars. God! he has such an influence on her. Both behaving like lovestruck teenagers stealin glances. Even in the tense atmosphere, major sees the opportunity to check out her anatomy, he is finished!  amorous thoughts by the man in the uniform Really!

Wondering what was that major showed to the MS on his mobile, was it the mms of naku with harshad? BTW, What is it with the description of naku, 'excessively wholesome feminine frame'     Objection My Lord!   this unwarranted description of key witness has no bearing with the case. Adjectives like rounded hipsROFL, mottoo, etc.. offensive n indicative of a sexist attitude.LOL

With the hearing underway n all the parties giving their version, it was time for a tea break but for major it was time for some romantic break. Ouch! he even pinched her, munno not behaving at all. Thank Goodness! Lauren stuck to her job.

He is a man of action n he believes in makin the most of every moment. Chomping the apple along with bonding n cuddling his lady love. Achaa bachoo! its the fear of AS that's stopping him?    Nostalgic moments, LTL revisited when the two sat under the tree n he chiding her for not taking the first bite of the apple.  

The verdict's out n harshad's shown the walking papers. He's reached breaking point, but major's alertness saved the day.

Its over n out for harshad, he got a taste of the fauji fury n major's secret wish too fulfilled. The final dramatic turn of events was more of a bollywood climax with the dialogues, kutte, kamine, khoon peejaonga, missed 'maa kasam' with Dharmendar's nasal accent.   

Naku begging mercy for harshad was very touching n she proved again what a pure soul she is, thinkin of his aged parents n assuring him. She deserves every accolade that comes her way, major is sure proud of his choice. 'to forgive is to set the prisoner free n discover that the prisioner was you' .   The judaai scene as ever tugs at ur heart, feel for them, sigh!

So we r back with the OUTs, hope we go beyond kh kh khan [frm the epiglotis] nd her ghar ka khana. Ofcourse its hammie's prerogative n 'beggars cant be choosers',Ermm carry on dear.  Me as ever will wait eagerly for the next.  

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!



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SS:Painful Love, Chapter 3 (9 MAY)

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Author: XSilentPrayersX   Replies: 40   Views: 7383

XSilentPrayersX 40 7383 16 May 2010 at 12:50pm by iwantitall

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