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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 117)

mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Very nice updateClap Naku told First Baji then Datta what was the truth, brave girl.Thumbs Up Datta's assurance gave her more courage, finally Harshad will get what he deserves. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Thanks for the PMSmile

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noreen Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 7:09am | IP Logged
hi sorry wasn't able to comment on the past update (very busy)it was good and not scary at all. Takeshi's castle came on a while back on the uk sky channel 111. i think it is on youtube if you are interested to take a peek it is a chinese based gameshow and is funROFL, something that made me laugh.(tell me how you got on)
thanks for this update it was interesting to hear all the happenings going on
good description of N and D in the first section D meeting Khan was quite harsh but that was to be suspected as women do have that pestering side but D put her in her placeShocked
the baji roops flirting bought a llighter side to the updateEmbarrassed
Baji and N share a sweet relationship he is ready to defend her no matter what and D was desperate to find out what's wrong and sort it out for N he was so understanding as i thought it would bring trouble but i was pleasantly surprised he was calm but what an outburst on the bike (That's more like D) Wacko

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by noreen

Takeshi's castle came on a while back on the uk sky channel 111. i think it is on youtube if you are interested to take a peek it is a chinese based gameshow and is funROFL,
Noreen, i think its a japanese game show.  I watched it ardently for quiet sometime, it was fun thou'.  Hope u didnt mind me jumping in here

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Smilehi hammiee ,
sorry bit late with the comments & must say wht a UD  ,it had everything 1st ly naku decided to be honest abt the harshad episode even before she decided to speak to dutta ,naku & baji convo was really sweet , he care for her like a real bro ,
finally dutta gave dose of his anger to chipko khan i hope she get some sense after this
dutta & naku convo grt he in the gym hmmmSmileSmilejust like dutta he is very supportive & trust her completely , dutta is back in his angry young man avtaar harshad toh kam se gaya ,best thing is he gave naku piece of mind ,,abb to antheri ya harshad ke nikal kar rahein , he talking to dad is so emotional
i read somewhere true love is not just looking into eactother eyes but looking in same direction ,its true for D-N SmileSmile
looking frwd to next action packed part ,i hope he takes naku on a ride poor girl needs to unwind a little
jaldi UD karna always u were amazing hammmiee SmileSmiletc

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=tamanna1391]Clapawsem update amazing love it nakku decide to tell about haeshad to dutta good decision and and leauren tell everuthing to brig and now dutta is handling everything wow harshad ki to bajegi bend and dutta roared at khan wow and baaji roops oops kya dialogues maare hai ltl 1 ki yaad aa gayi baaji ke dialogue sun kar and baaji nakku conversation mast thi so baaji wants to beat harshad ab agar baaji maarega to dutta kya karega and nakku stops baaji for telling about pictures to dutta ek baat batao hammie baadaam khane se koi edra hota hai maine pahali
 haaa..oye jism mein garme  tu garme damak pe ja legati hai and with Major any thing is possible ,he in particular needs to stay cool..garam mejahzz ju hai Wink 
baar suna hai and finally nakku call dutta but first call is in cry session and second call is conversation so nakku finally tells whole truth to dutta and dutta hmmm but i like his understanding and the advise and support he give to nakku i love that and now my faviorate scene in ltl and favourite dialoge in ff is
HHHARSHAD MEIN TERI UNTHERI NIKAL DOON GAAA! ARRRH!!mast update ltl yaad dila diya and finally nakku ne evidence de diye and precap is of dutta  ab harshad ki band bajane waali hai  and mera computer bhi theek ho gaya fully now i can comment whole heartedly Big smile
baat sun first and foremost ...hey viola!   you have a name hummmh  "tamanna"beautiful  name I was getting a bit weary  of rrs1391...sounds like a serial number haaa ...aacha hai name ! 
bold would have to be the fav line ...LTL1 ki memories  is liya ,I thought i'll add it in to make all of us happy ...and yes it you want harshad ka band baja ...  we'll  dunno ? muhje bhi major na nehi bata iya what is going to he is too busy keeping a certain Mr .CRUISE happy...haaa
listen tammana    ,desire ,wish...thanks for loving the UD ..NEXT ONE IN THE PIPE LNE...XXHAMMIE   

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged

Ah! im here atlast..   BRVVV you made it nearly to the winning post..chaal koi nehi mera dil mein you'll be number  in  one of the chambers ..pure dil mein nehiLOL

The celeberated couple have turned narcissistic, Big smilethe lady describing her mettle then her beauty nd the man admiring himself in the mirror nd mighty pleased.., atleast with major it came as no surprise but naku too?  haaa ..come onnn he's rubbing off on her ,I mean his attitude ...oh come on ,she was checking herself out with his eyes,ise kethe  hain vicarious pleeasure if I may add with bold subtlety LOL 

   Allow us to do the honours guysWink what with two shower scenes in one UD, [rubbing eyes] or this must be our christmas gift from our Santa in londonDancing. haaa mujhe pata hai ke box office pe kiya hit hona wala hai ..formula hai mera pas...har deffa it works ..yes you can say this is Xmas bonus...waise brvv you!   honestly! one was a normal shower /matlaab,  morning getting ready one and second  was really to control his fury...but I guess after both of them you needed a ice cold shower...Wink  ..I certainly needed one LOL 

Eversince khan has been to PW she's taken herself as family of major n takin liberties to feed to serve to question, n above all stalking the man to no end.  oye leave her alone  ,itni seless or innocent hai..dekhna nehi apne guru ka leya jaan bhi dena ko tayeer hai ...i mean jaan hathele per la ga uske samana ghumte hai .some clout she has hai    hai... 

She is testing major's patience n im wonderin if dutta is bein slightly lenient at the transgression, as the earlier warnin has not worked. I hav to admit thou im wasting my energy with this girl, she doesnt surprise me anymore.  good!  good! As long as major knows his boundaries, guess we r fine.

Major sweating at the news of military hospital, anxious until he heard harshad's name. His patience with the creep paying off nd this time he has strong reason to act. Parekh's not agreeing with major on khan's assessment report haha! c'mon Brigadier, dont tell me u too lattoo for the demure, beautiful face or ur ok with half baked people to be a part of the elite anti terror squad? anyway, hammie has company. haaa you crack me uppp!  stoppp I am on the floor ..hai ! hai  !mera butt is a goner...kya  brvv ..reading your comment should have certified  injurious to health!!

New kids in the block, dimpled pappu n macho munno, superb labelling loved it  LOLLOL this is side splitting stuffROFL. Roops n Baji one team that can put to shame any accomplished stand up comedians. The flirting of the two is filmy but unique, can they ever behave sobre err normal?  here I thought this could apply to duts and baj alsoo  The wholesome threesome naku dutta baji agree to let the law take its own course with harshad.

Naku is our 21st century jhansi ki rani, undoubtedlyThumbs Up. who could risk their life by talking the harshad saga with major nd still be breathing?  true true LOL  bahut dum hai  chookri mein..pyar na ommmph diya hai ,fearless she is!

 Surprised n relieved how major took to the news n he also stopped short of taking the law into his hands, praying for restraint as it was not worth dirtying his hands for a lousy creature n tarnishing the image of the forces. But Im sure it was not easy for the man, pretty dramatic how he released his frustration, for a while i was thinkg when Brigadier asked him to take up the case it was like 007 style operation,  then when he was punching at the gym, it was like ok, here goes our one man army Rambo bhaiya...mera bhai nehi hai woh aap ka hoga ,mera tu lover boy hai LOL  but on top of the mountain he sounded like Lord Narsimha who took out the intestines of his enemy,,,,but in the end it was tai tai phish! Ermm   coulnt help singing then, "why this, why this kolaveri da" LOL   yeah believe it daya sent me this a week and a half ago in pm...fell in love with the man's voice ...cow you cow ...nooo dont mean you Kola kari dont asl me what that mens ,will have to check with daya papayaa..and being a canak she asleep abhi...   sooo baaby acshunka intezaar  hai ap ko ..are you by any chance ..following my trend of only wanna have loe shove

Must say it was adorable to see how naku buttered her saab b4 throwing the dhamaka, she missed his reaction by leaving out 'munno'. She also has a routine when she has to speak to her saab weeping, whining, eventually winning...hehe!   yesss she always does  the roondhu ,mus ,mus, surrh ,surrh  kerta hai dutta should give her a chamaat ,then she'll have good enough reason to have a good cry ..ok ok nehinn..he 's not a woman basher ,,only kills them up front!

So the battle lines are drawn n we r waitin for the face off with the idiot. The precap is droolworthy nd its worth the waitDay Dreaming.   nearly ready...not fini yet but wiil do it after i finsh annotations   So long n thanx for the entertainment, entertainment, entertainment     oye Pakistan mein  ban ho giya hai ,incidentaly hammie ke current fall in love birdie is Diya B hai   WinkWinkWink[joking]      Hammie babe!!!"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul"  David O.  Daya's siggy line ...found it reflective... brvv thank you  for your LOLLOL  lovely comment...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628


Edited...      hummmh ..sharmilee you again..?

Hammie ...mein aagai...finally ready to comment ...hmmm chal let me get started...

Painful Rapture: chapter 3:  "a hit, a very palpable hit" I sure hope it is for that harshad about ruddy time too!  ..tu bahut faffing about kerti hai   ab tu dekh how long i take to comment on yours !   grrrhhh:P

So I told you na that this UD is a fav... from the very beginning to the end the flow,  the way you have looped it all together, how true to character each person remained and of course Baaji's presenc, on the whole the entire UD was simply well written with such great was soo glued to glued that normally I write my comments as I go but this one I just read read and read lol...

yeah thought so you would like it  LTL i can taste tha  I loved Naku's monologue here where she basically describes herself but she knows her own positive points that Dutta likes in her ...which was good :) and then she made the right decision, as I hoped, to not give a heed to the blackmail and expose Harshad for his wrong doings...regardless of how long she's known him, the so called friendship shared...hmm...but Naku will give evidence no matter what may come of it and for that am quite proud of her...standing on side of justice :)
yep true say...lioness  hai lardki and intelligent she knows what turns on Dutta  and what he likes about her ...understading  hai dunno ki ..that is their love

OH  there is the first bathroom scene...u know sach mein it didn't even register as I was so into where the UD was going haha ...I am going through it again ...and now I see...naked torso and his black shiny curly hairs...and damn hot biceps triceps...and me now only reading that part ...omg and his stubble he shaved and although looked 'unapproachable' to him  I think everyone ready to approach him haha ...and his shower ...haaye...what a scene me all dazed *blushes*

 etu brutus!   hain two ...tu to sharmilee hai were not meant to read these parts bad girl ,you needed parental guidance on the nahane wale    scenes ..  go and rinse your eyes with salt water ...and purge your imagination  hummmhh,

So he is going to take on this issue at Dera hospital...i am quite excited about that :) I hope he gives Harshad what the guy rightfully deserves for his disgusting mind...I liked how when Parekh mention problem there his mind automatically wanted to say Naku but he maintained the formality...another point...I loved that in this conversation..they both did not assume the truth...rather was meant to be investigated in military style...hmm Khan's assessment he said no ...because of her fainting...but glad parekh has put it on hold for now..I think she will be great in military :P  thank you at least you think so like hammie ..but Dutta kiya kera ga only he knows...ediutt  

Oh this Khan sometimes behaves completely like a grade school kids...teacher ke peeche peeche trying to get bhi na...he was quite cold in mannerism with her though...   yesss he dosen't want scandal also ,really not on for students to have love with their teachers ..unprofessional

HAaaye Baaaji ...dhincak haha ...omg nice to see him in action ;) him and roops are so cute...BAAJI RAO my my what a six pack haha   LOL  yeah I was missing him had to think of of some utter nonsence.. but had to think and then i said to my self why am I thinking?? jus write ..baji bindass hai   

I loved his convo with Naku. It really showed their relationship ...and his reactions to every part of the convo ...was so much Baaji and it so showed what she meant to him as well...and then his conversation with Dutta...was casual they are..and how much comfort btwn them...great friends they are...Baaji all fired up ...I should give him my bat ...aww and he's not allowed a piece of the action...sadly..but rightly ...

I too loved writing tis emotional ..bahut yaad aye LTL1 days ki ...felt sick in the heart.aur kya kahoon Daya you know what a sucker hammie iss...
Then the entire convo btwn D and N had to be the best part...u even created small drama with just her getting out the information she had. And him in gym punching away while she speaking with his 'hmmm' lol liked that touch...his style...everything there...loved the whole of it...the entire convo from beginning to end and what he tells her and how he supports...gotta love this major ...   GOOD you love him and his humm's  ,  thought of his one ..wasn't sure if his humm would go down well... but yes there was a reason and you picked on it... 

Hmm so here was the next shower scene...i knew this one existed but I think your lines took dominance over the shower...his anger filled lines and then on the Harley woot LTL1 style mein lines ...HHHARSHAD MEIN TERI UNTHERI NIKAL DOON GAAA! ARRRH!! Day Dreamingand his anger ready to squish that harshad to all grinning...can't wait for next UD...eagerly waiting to see how u pan it all out ...  mujhe samjhe nehi atti  din be din teri violent streak increase hota ja rehi hai it my company?? listen you better calm down ...its either you ar me ...and as far as Iam concerned it had better be me!!got that !   ?

Good and Naku has approached Ms.Tendulkar with the for the hearing...will wait to see what happens...will have to because I don't have choice-uu :P wait ker like every one else tu special nehi hai ke thuje sneak preview de doon..  me give you buzzz off!  

Hmmm so hammie teri sharmilee has quite enjoyed and loved this of my favs
oye lardki all my UD's should be your fav's got it ...ALLL iof them ...every one on themm!
band ker okayyy..jus saw the next bit you wrote chaal me deraged now...
 ...i love them all but this one extra loved ...great job...great writer you are...loved it to the core...beginning to end ...thank you for such a wonderful you lots...take care...phir milenge chalte chalte       me a wonderful writer now that is what I adore earing ,again and again and again...mujhe kio shyness ka problem hai  you get what you read Daya ...but you know that don't you sharmilee... thanks for your lovely comment
xxhammie see you in ms ...nooo  leeveave me alone today ..otherwise you'll  be the UD... XHAMMIE

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ivy_11

Thanks for the pm and update, HammieHug. hellooo  my sweeto ivy..

The slime ball HarshadAngry needs to be beaten up by Dutta and Baaji.
hain violent streakk...oye calm down..think of the peace within you

I am glad that Naku had the sense to confide in Dutta. Hope she comes out clean soon and that Harshad is nailed forever.
wait and see in the next episode ...if only life was so easy peasy...
Having Dutta under the shower once is enough to send the Diwanees pulse rate soaring highEmbarrassed. Iss episode mein to do-do baar nahaya. OMG I am dead and gone to heavenLOL. As usual, very well written with  detailed and easy to visualize descriptionSmile   I have to say this is the highlight of your comment it rocked ,shook and finished me  offf... rockinggg wicked !

What's wrong with KhanConfused. Why does she think  that she is the most important thing in Major Dutta's lifeOuch. Height of presumptuousness Wacko As though DSP cannot meet with Brig Parekh to discuss other matters.

one of these days ...he is bound to roar at her ..but ye na hoi ke she falls in love with his roaring side ...bare muskhil lardki  tu ...mar giya hai like all of us on our Mishal/majorr
thanks for your mind blowing comments ivy UD i the making...xxxhammie

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