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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 114)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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[QUOTE=daya0628]reserved ...

Hammie ...Mein Aagai Big smileEmbarrassed finally...  and so you  are here ,bit hard not to notice sharmilee,you with that toothy sheepish  smile!

Chapter 28  "there is a tide in the affairs of men"

Oh hammie...did you have to start with Harshad...for his dirty deeds and thoughts...I need to hire a hitman ... ment I read she went limp and he was all like jackpot...wanted to take all bats, shoes, sticks, bricks and begin! :P now !now if she went limp ,that has nothing to do with him ,he was just lucky... so many objects you have perpetrate an act of violence...use your grey combat him.  

Haaye my favourite parts...Dutta in his uniform...looking all sher like and hot...hmm do ready to drill his OUTs about exercises ... I love how naturally it all just comes to the man...well written Hammie...quite informative... hmm his watchful eyes picking up on every I love his snide remarks to them... 'looks like you want to stay back'... liked that he is picking out  individuals ...and telling them what to improve on...alright all set to go for their outodoor exercises :D  good you could imagine this teacher in uniform ,besides I suspect he knows all eyes on him ,due to his role ..and to have young female officers feasting on him via their vision ,has to be an added bonus for Major...

Aww khan still all over the missile man ...haha mujhe pata ... you like khan na hummm writer's choice hai Khan,but cant make her hit  off with Dutta.. waise aager woh dinko can hit it off with Naku from LCL..tu Khan kyon nehi ..daya this is my reaction to LCL..

 ...of course she will be all over this man :P  aww offering him tea and him with it mini smile saying he wouldn't mind...sure made her day lol... wouldn't you bat your eyelids Daya if you were to serve him tea ..i bet tera se tu cup he neeche gir jai ka!! clumsy haa

Hammie ...really enjoyed the read on the exercises...dive crawls ...river know these activities remind me of a tamil film I watched...big hit film... hainn,oye me no watch your film..waise tera Surya hoga hero..ahem ahem..but have to say if the film is about assaults and obstacles then must be great!also about this good looking military man who needs to train new officers ...who happen to be girls lol..but on their outing for training there ends up being real fight and yeah quite enjoyed watching that feel like watching it...hmm moving back to UD :P

Haha Kapur all over Khan and Khan is ready to swoon and thud with Dutta around lol...ahh Hammie...Khan is going to die LOL if Dutta is noticing her and complimenting her haa the poor girl...ready to fall over :P  compliment is a polite remark about her cooking  skils Daya  na stir ker  forum ke girls ko ..they'll lynch me! 

Make way...look who accompanied him on his outing...his jaan...his pyar...his purple chunni :P aagai FF ka second...or should this be first heroine ? :P LOL he is like a defeated man when it comes to Naku...nothing can keep him away from her ...called her up and honestly had a good chuckle with her sniffing and his dry remark ...their convo was entertaining for sure...  have to say Daya their phone convos to me  are the most boring part to write same.. ,me love ,you love me ,rubbish!

Haaa omg laughed when she mentions cold and Dutta said : 'oye lardki! don't give me your germs door reha mujhe se" I remembered you when I told you same LOL :P and even the 'ja mera kamre se' ... hmm..oye bemaari!!..tu pm ke baaten forum pe lekh deti hai...oye koi privacy hai tera saath ye nehi?  ..well obviously not ... however ,common for a writer to image writing on expriences of life it ye dossre method se pe ah tu will tell you!  Angry  

Anyway ...maaf kar for reading to late...and thank you for a wonderful update...ab next update bhi ready heehee so me going right to that ...  thanks for the comment Dayanvan!  all good except one boo boo you made !  haaa xxhammie..

Chapter 29  "one may smile and smile and be a villain"..  errr Harshad ! :P

quote from Hamlet...remarked about his uncle who married his mother and murdered his every one around him two faced..
:O Khan entered his tent..and went to get his towel ...of course he was going to blow his fuse...the man absolutely hates stuff like this..but his words were quite harsh :S ...poor girl suppressing her tears...and Kapur there now for her ...their little convo was nice about admiring their sir :)   aache hai ..parne walai the use ..I could see it coming!  Kapur, well Bharthi wants them two K'S paired together Wink..tu maine sooche chalo yaar brvv ko kush ker do!   

You know I went on the excursion once for a week or two ...and we were taught a lot of things about starting fire (they never let us do as we were young lol) and the navigating through forest areas using maps and compass , I actually also had to do this same was quite was also a scavenger hunt two in one...we did a lot actually now that I think back...hmm it was definitely a trip worthwhile...anyway well quite enjoyed this bit ...actually it reminded me of some fun times :P great you could identify with it...i never quite got orienteering...was more of a messing about with class mates... 

oh mud pool...I want em to fall into it..i thought of that one but wet uniforms ka chaaker tha ..they would have had to repeat then hang them and shrug hem dry for the next day..but good idea..would have been fun.. 

:P sounds fun though...well that was interesting...well done to the team ...oh ok rock climbing...u noe i have always wanted to try but never D's remarks about hairy eye ball looks ROFL ...  some times I wonder is he being sarcastic or telling them off for dwindled attention span? or a bit of both..

aww poor khan not only under watchful eyes of the tiger but also kapur isn't helping is he...poor girl tottering now...haaa manicured way...she better chop em off..haha ...back to the camp site they go :)

 ok Harshad is asking for a death sentence... haan tu theekh hai na kerne chali hai .. mind you major ke tu khud nails maincured hain ..may be Khan should say something to that effect!

and me waiting for none other the Major Dutta to give it to him...this harshad really boils my blood haaa wishing could really just whack whack whack ...
let you in my mind ,even I don't know what he's going to do?saache..

ok when Lauren said 'close connection' cringed and then when i read, "well you could say that he said dryly, but inside he screamed but not close enough!." In my mind i took one hard whack at his head ...with not a bat but a long thick steel pipe! It was defo fun :P haaa..yaar daya stay calm sure have a nasty criminal side to you .its coing out in your comments ...keep your lid on mate...steel pipe ..honestly!

harshad will get caught ...its bound to happen...and I cant wait for that beautiful moment...  yes it has to happen eventually...

like that simple convo btwn Khan andNaku...sure getting a long great and LOL she is complaining about her day and it going bad and Naku gave the 411 on him and gave her a pep talk to make her feel ok...was indeed a nice part to read :)  yes ,it was a simple girlie talk ..but it was to show Naku will not ask about he love of her life..oh no ..lst time she put her foot in her mouth and she got it from Dutta!!

ROFL 'SANDWICHES' oh Major drowned in his own thoughts...haa at least he realized his stupor ...hmm but loved his little bit about home cooked meal ...

 humm his personalized favs..chunni .sandwiches, gussa, attitude, all in the name of DSP

:O :O :O Harshad blackmailing...he is so gonna get it hard...I have nothing more to say they might come out in bad words haahaa  thank heavens...

you lipped it could asterisk it like#

Owww loved the phone convo she did not say anything yet her odd behaviour did alert him and of course he wouldn't just leave it at that called Baaji and i trust this will all end well...just hope Dutta gives him what he deserves his style...wonderful update...loved it as always ...sorry took so long to comment ...u noe why ...hmm chal phir milenge chalte chalte...will chat with ya soon hopefully ;)

thanks for your comment Daya  ,do appreciate it ..yes me knows,  why you were late..but still you made me happy by commenting sharmilee... xxxhammie
love your LION  Mishal/  DUTTA expressions  picture yeahhh nice pressie for me louue it

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved Hugwill be back soon ,,,
hain? where are you???
chaal tere words me jaane de...
listen let you off,   yes me ummmhh!!Ouch ..but I  know from now on due  to work commitments you may not be able to give hammie the lovely lengthy comments  which made me happy always, tell you what jab spare lesiure moment ho tu do write a few lines soni kuri..baki thank you for reading the UD and pressing like ...oh come on dont pull that face ..suit nehi kerta thujhe .. give us a Big smileBig smileBig smile ...

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2011 at 5:20am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=eternity_of_luv]hey hammieSmile  heloo ranju..

awesome update dearTongue
thank you ..glad you enjoyed it.
harshad very cunning person Angry
protagonist has to be wily,negative..sorrry
but i can't understand why naku is weeping and is harshad blackmailing her for anything OuchConfused
i have answered this query on page 114,its to do with chapter 28.

plz clear my doubts

thanks for wonderful updateClap

thanks for pm

thanks for reading and commenting on the UD always look forward to them.xxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
helooo brvvv, 

Hammie u have given me the heebie jeebies, im tongued tied err..., Brain bolted, no words ..,Wacko     God! this cant happen to me nd u thought i could write a ff hehe!  oh come on phir se alliterative play on phrases..such a tease you are ..beg keroon plzz kuch lekh ...?

  Had to take a stroll to get over the gloomy feel after reading the UD, all ur fault Hammie.  Anyway, will not give up. here we go a cannon ball coming my way!! ab kya kiya hammie ne? honestly! ok they saw "go take a hike" !or they also say on your bike mate"  ,ap ne tu hike phele se he select ker le..tu main kiya naku style saying ,than lowering my eyes ...haaa  

Hope khan minds her Ps n Qs, Finally the lady is shown her place, mighty pleased with major's responseApprove.   Now if u try to take naku's place this is what u get, dimwitEvil Smile!   But Kapur turned to be a smart guy, He put some sense into the girl. 

 kya you people have it in for my delicate yet brave lethal khan,she's a good officer ,yaar ,dum aur jigar hai uke pas! ..haan ye problem hai ke dil ke connection ab nehi lag raha...WinkWinkLOL..I can feel a chammaat coming my way here here's my cheek maar le kush ho ja ..make your day!!

The excercise again saved the day for me, this ti me even more challenging especially the rock climbing which according to me is the toughest as it requires both mental nd physical agility, strength nd ofcourse getting over the fear of heights.

 It is overcoming fear of heights,but  warfare its covering all areas o f postional targets ,over ,under ,around ,in ,out!! abhi haven't coverted the naval side ju submerged  activity hai not gadgets but soldiers,especially in war zones where jungle and rivers lay a big part in both deffensive and offensive me going off now...   

After unsuccessfully hitting on the tutor, khan now tries to impress naku, why do i feel she is faking. Hahaha! naku sweating it out imagining major catching a chill.     The sandwich drama continue to amuse people, only this time it was the chance of the OUTs.     So khan's culinary skills reminds major of naku's food, okie dokie! its so annoying to hear the sameDead.

pagal hai Major he sees ,and even imagines about food cooked by her ,methinks he is obsessed by her allthe time like he sees her personality or her traits in all around...But what do we make of this loose canon, has psyched the daylights out of nakuOuch.
 Gosh! she is shaken to the core. Too scared to open up with major fearing the worst but It was indeed heartwarming to see major all concerned nd even suspecting naku's odd behaviour. Ah! he is already acting on his hunch by calling who better than baji for help.   Hope Baji makes mincemeat of harshad, but the precap is alarming as dutta is asked to go to the hospital??? Will this help or aggravate things is to be seen. Hope naku takes the bull by its horns nd its an acid test for major too. read more about her in chapter 30...

Hammie dear,  u never fail to surprise me. Hope the next one bring a smile on naku nd us, yet bracing for the worst.  Catch u later, take care! listen thank you so much for your lovely comment ..waise i can feel a cold war from your side isi liye koi  bottom denting joke nehi mara ap ne hazuoor...

much love xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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hi naku...tu ah gaye..nice one!
hi hammiee loved the UD  1st ly dutta showed khan her place next time she will think twice before getting too close intrusion not allowed & tresspasser 'll be prosecuted Smile haaa nice one laughingLOLLOL...for a moment i thought you migt add dogs and Khan Not allowed ..but good you were not unkind to Dutta  WAS GOING TO show her her bounadar .altough I suspect ,she probably has done an in one ear and out he other..

the girls in the army must be  tough too complete the training , harshad is at his worst i just hate him , naku confronted him grt  ,she did  speak to dutta short of explaining him the situation chalo baji toh aa he raha hai i hope he doesn't advise her to abstain from telling the truth ,she should trust her love & speak the truth   read the out come in chapter 30 Naku...

i 'm waiting for the next part dutta in james bond style investigating the whole truth from princecharming to knight in shining armourSmile ,i just hope naku speaks the truth & no misunderstanding plz  oye woh james bond nehi hai baaaby fauji lets see what happens his space my pretty damsel in distress!!
as always hammiee u r amazinggg SmileSmileSmileSmile,wish u a great weekend ,tc Smile
me was waiting for my compliment naku finally got it me happy nowBig smile
thanks for your as per usual lovely comment! xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Winkazy ah gaye  hammie crazzzy..kab kab i do get loopy..only kabhi kabhi mood ke baat hai whether its up r down caught me at an up how are you ..?woh chotta lardka kaise hai ..ab soon he'll be on winter vacs..bas lappie dor rekhana use RAone ke baache se!Wink
Superb update... loved the call between Dn N n again D n B... well looking forward for the superb pre cap... lol that pre cap is making me want the friday come soon lol
Khan got an earful today oye I can assure you his chide has fallen to deaf ears ...wax bhari hoi hai Khani ke kaan  mein...waise the infection stems from the cardiac side of things she bloody keeps missing a beat when she sees himm..haiii oiii   LOLLOL haha manicured nails she is so worried of :p
no match for Major ke slender findgers and polished nails .aagar dekh le Sir!  ke haat tu kabhi chorre he  gi na!!oooppps   jhottis coming me way
N Harshad!!!!!!! arghhh no comments...!!!!!! I am now waiting for D to arrieve to do his Dhulai ;)
I hope the truth come out n harshad gets cought!!!
Dutta ,dhulai?  ..kyon woh koi dhobhi hai kya.?? LOL... EDHER khate hai taken one to the cleaners! haaa...
N about the pic I am prety much sure D might gets mad at Nakku for giving a chance for that idiot to use against her but he deffo will trust her n will not question her... That much trust I am sure he has on her...:)  true azy   excellent point... me will dwell upon it...
Looking forward for some romantic DN moment too :p
ab woh romantic moment main kahan se paida karoon?...kam kerte hain..romance woh kera gi cuddly lion  se ,aur SHer kera ga chunni se ...chaale ga???
.Sorry I couldn't comment last time ,
see mujhe lag reha tha ..tune bunk kiya hai ..bas your attendance figures will dether now  but don't let it repeat often,will count it as unavoiable circumstanes my attendace record LOL
 as not well that time but skimmed through the UD but manged to do this time... thanks for he update n will be waiting for e next...
thanks mate great to read your comments   with much love xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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hi meenakshi,great to hear from you...
Very noce update. Clap Their  tasks & activity again reminded me of LRL. Harshad is blackmailing Naku,such a cheap trick he's tried. Datta sensed her condition. He's told Baji to find out, hope he gets to know thereal culprit & his motives. Next part will have investigatins from all the sides. But Harshad can't survive Army style investigation,though this i not a very big robbery, but he will be caught with his so called perfect  story. Waiting for the next part. Thanks for the PMSmile
thanks for your chap.30 is more into thrashing things out between key characters ,logic ,questioning,reasoning... no rigouroous training for the first field trip has terminated..but there are other issues that he has to deal yes do read chapter 30 ..which iam still penning down...but iam hoping it should be ready by fri/or sat...
much love xxxhammie

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Thanks for another awesome update, HamletHug.

Major Dutta is the perfect officer..what  command..truly regal and yet he is down to earth, giving attention to details.

I am glad he put Khan in her placeEvil Smile. Red towel pe Naku aur hum sab ka haque  haiEmbarrassed

ROFL  Sandwiches... was so hilarious...I can imagine Mishal doing the innocent dreamy eyed look to perfectionDay Dreaming

Harshad the slime ball needs to be kicked real hardAngry

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