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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 11)

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@ scorpio
haain where are you on the equater?  ..if its hot with  AC gawd  you dont mean dikkie or whater he;s called from  LCL??? i hope you mean air con... have the fan on as well to blow away your blues !!!
woh certain man tu sirf night mares he data hai..,incidentally i saw his pic on FC he reminds me nanna seriously a 40+ guy ,fancy picking on  a  sweeto lion cub like Mishal...
incidently the temp here inside the house is 22degrees!  and we had a drizzle in the afternoon... by the way here we at 10.30 every night a repeat of mano ya na mano 2  episodes on Star One which means i get to see mish every night before bed time on my TV screen!  hailaaa xxx  

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hammieee plz update waiting for this one :P

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ scorpio
haain where are you on the equater...Mumbai, meri jaan ..if its hot with  AC gawd  you dont mean dikkie or whater he;s called from  LCL  No no way ... not him ... Not in any lang ??? i hope you mean air con...Yes My AC  as the Air con .. have the fan... I feel like siting in  the freezer  on as well to blow away your blues !!!
woh certain man tu sirf night mares he data hai..,incidentally i saw his pic on FC he reminds me nanna seriously a 40+ guy ... 40+ bhi acha hai yaar ....  ,fancy picking on  a  sweeto lion cub like Mishal... That's becoz the Cub is refusing to put a fight ...Tell him growl .
incidently the temp here inside the house is 22degrees!  and we had a drizzle in the afternoon....I am J ...where are u .. by the way here we at 10.30 every night a repeat of mano ya na mano 2  episodes on Star One which means i get to see mish every night before bed time on my TV screen!  hailaaa xxx  ... Mishal  ...He is good actor but hun , But I like a person in front me  than on the telly ...Priya 

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                               Painful Rapture: part 5

                                                      On The Mend

There was no checking Dutta's wild preoccupation with Rascal,the sense of freedom was like a surging stream of heaving waters. He pressed his lips and furrowed his brow in high concentration as he sped down the near empty hospital corridor, alongside Nakku in brisk walk action. She yanked his shoulder abruptly and he performed an emergency brake. He reeled his neck towards her. "Why the hell did you tug me to stop ,whats your issue Nakku"?  "Saab you were going too fast !see I am out of breath!",she  gushed panting slightly. "Out of ruddy breathe ,my foot" he cussed, "you're unfit Nakku, just plain unfit"!  "Its all right for you to say Saab you're sitting on, on", pleaded Nakku  "Rascal Nakku ! any way look I am sorry" he yielded for he could see she was going to use her handy weapon of snivelling again and he had a fair share of snivelling for the day. He brushed his lips with his semi opened hand's fore finger and gave her a slight smile as he peered deeply into her hazel green eyes. "Ok lets go Nakoosha! I'll go at a leisurely speed". He started Rascal again and whenever the opportunity arose stole a sneaky helping of the eye of her slightly flushed face. He breaked at the nurse's station and in orderly fashion enquired  "Lieutenant Altaf's ward please" "sure Major he's in Shakti ward",thank you ma'am said Dutta gallantly and addressed Nakku "Altaf  is in my Infantry platoon, I wasn't   well enough to see him before ,but now I need to check up on how he's faring". Nakku anticipated "do you want me to come ?, he turned  to face her briefly stiff lipped  "did I say otherwise Nakku"?,she shook her head innocently like a child "well in that case you best follow than shouldn't you" he asserted.  Nakku followed him quietly, gritting her molars slightly and thought why does he have to be so cynical and plain rude at times! She felt like thumping the back of his broad head , instead giggled at the thought of carrying out the act . He looked side ways at her "you alright Nakku? and why do have that up to no good look  on your face?"  Dutta quizzed. "Saab why do you ask so many questions"? she questioned, he was surprised at her back chat and thought ah! Dutta the woman's getting shirty, better put her in her place. "Sorry did you say something Trainee PT"? and they both laughed  at the predominant question element in their conversations!

Dutta entered Shakti ward riding Rascal and majority of the recuperating officers and soldiers stood up to smartly salute Dutta. Each one of them dressed in hospital suits. Nakku in awe tasted some of the authoritative power he wielded over them. Dutta's face beamed and his eyes shone as he saw the soldiers and he returned their salute in similar fashion and with a commanding controlled voice, instructed "stand at ease men". Altaf leapt forward to meet Dutta and stood before him, his face struggled to conceal the pain he felt as he received his favourite platoon commander in a wheel chair and all because of him. He stood before Dutta with his arms stiffened by his side, head and neck up right.  "At ease officer", Dutta repeated quietly. Altaf although at ease, still stood erect before Dutta he thought it best not to ask about his health as the results were self evident.  Instead he said" its good to see you Sir!" and he almost clicked his heels, Dutta smilingly repeated "Altaf I  said at ease man, you' ere off duty and recovering, anyway meet my companion" he announced . The officers perked up as they all cautiously with lowered eyes looked at Nakku, who blushed as she caught on their subtle joint action, and bit her upper lip in fushed embarassement . She  stood almost tucked behind Rascal. "gentlemen my new companion"  announced Dutta as he stroked the arm rests of his wheel chair, "I give you Rascal the fully loaded brand new platoon commander carrier!  humoured Dutta, with light natured dignity. The officers became dewy eyed as they looked on admiringly at their Commander. "Ok chaps you can come a little closer and checkout the gadget" invited Dutta. Even in likely situation he clearly remained on the ball, and sought to raise staff morale with his humour. Some of them mustered the courage and with admiration both for him and the machine hovered around him. "Oh by the way" Dutta introduced, pointing a slanted hand towards Nakku who stood discreetly beside him " this here is a budding Trainee PT" and after a brief pause completed the sentence "and she's also a close family friend". Altaf endeavoured to approach Nakku, "ma'am Major Dutta saved my Femur from being blown to pieces, pardon the language ma'am, he dragged me to our trench under a shower of enemy bullets and stopped a bullet from getting to me Ma'am by taking the rifle shot himself, we had made it to our trench , I can never forgot how he hurled me over the trench wall with a pair of strong steel clamp  hands, I also remember looking down at him and catching his cocky wink smile up at me, which in seconds warped  and became a  part  of his  pain twisted face  ,his eyes ,I  remember had flashed and he had pulled his mouth downwards with defiance" Altaf stopped visibly shaken by his recollection. Nakku's eyes burnt with saline water and she felt a lump in her throat as she overcame with emotion for Dutta.  "shut up Altaf! Dutta commanded "that is classified information you're dishing out"!  "Sir!" stiffened Altaf. However Nakku's, withheld reserve of reaction gave way and she swiftly left the ward to find a visitor toilet. She found one down the corridor and pushed the door open she was relieved to see the vanity area was unoccupied and she burst out crying at the brief scenario she had heard and how her Saab got his injury that had rendered him so. She clenched her hands as she was swept by an undefined anger, she took a deep breathe as she peered at her devastated face in the mirror ,who was she angry with? him or his job?, or the other side that had done this to her man, her Saab! She ran the cold water tap and moved her fingers under the flow to cool her rage. There was no doubt in her mind she was now even more so hopelessly in love with him despite his cutting, unpredictable behaviour towards her. She mopped her face and eyes with wet tissue and blinked her eyes.

Dutta turned to Altaf and wanted him to report about his condition.  Altaf, divulged about his condition that the bullet had been removed surgically and eventually he would be discharged  from the hospital ,but with further four weeks of furlough, and then he would return to the  command for further orders. Dutta approved "Well officer I am happy for you, see me before you're discharged from this hell hole! as I have to send some mixed nuts and dried fruits for the boys of the platoon".  "Sir"! beamed Altaf.  Dutta, with clear unwillingness, turned his head to leave " well gentleman I'd best be on my way before the nurse in charge kicks me out of this place." " Sir" they all stood alert and erect and give him a salute and he reciprocated back and rotated Rascal towards the ward exit. He whirred out slowly as simultaneously he looked for Nakku, he hadn't realized she went missing. As he came out he caught sight of her graceful figure as she emerged from the toilet. He sped up and stopped before her, his hands supported by the arm rests. "Nakku" he scrutinized her face , "what's the matter are you ill"?  His eyes shifted slowly across her face as he awaited  to pick some signal from her eyes. Her face had lost the usual spunk and spark he sensed something was up with her. "What's the matter Nakku"? he replicated gently ,with a changed tone as he tilted his head to one side but his gentle gaze persisted on her face. "Nothing Saab" she whispered as she  bit her lips, "nothing". "Nakku there is something tell me now woman"! he roared. He brought Racal near her toes as she stood pinned against the wall. Helplessly she knelt down on her knees her hands held on the edges of his his seat as she looked up at him with vanquished eyes "Saab it's what officer Altaf said about you" .Dutta sat encapsulated by her eyes and innocent posture as he gazed at her with doleful eyes, he  shook his head, and parted his lips  "I knew it, that had disturbed you ,but Nakku" he fretted  gently "I am a soldier, injury in combat is part of the game". "well I hate this game then Saab! I hate it"! she repeated emphatically .Dutta took a deep breath as he surveyed her beautiful face ," Nakku what would happen if you get married to a soldier some day?" he whispered. "Well I'll never let him go Saab! Never  let him leave my side!" she said vehemently. Dutta hung his head down briefly,  her answer heralded the call for him to retreat from this front line. He needed to stay away from her, refrain from being pulled into a bottom less pit, for surely she exerted some unknown power over him. She could deter him in duty performance. He fought the urge to touch her hand on his wheel chair, but abandoned the idea lest it gave her misgivings about their unclassified adhesion.  He raised his head with detached looks, and surmised "get up  ! lets go back  to my Ward now Nakku I need to lie down a bit". As they went back both of them fell silent, both had fears in their hearts...

The light hearted, friendly clashes, query based if nothing else, question riddled conversations between them were beginning to unpeel deeper meaning and wider implications to their strange connection.


Nakku fought with deep desire to establish tactile contact with him and then after a split second reached out for his shoulder as he drove Rascal, he turned and caught sight of her small delicate fingers as they pressed into his shoulder, enchantingly her body heat transferred to his whole being. He twisted his mouth a little to one side. He wanted to move one of his free hands to cover her little hand and on his shoulder but, instead moved his eyes to one side briefly and carried on driving Rascal. For what was the purpose, he had in a totally uncontrived  situation  heard her reaction regarding being bonded to a soldier! . "Aye Sahib "!exclaimed Nakku ,as she felt the perfect antidote to Dutta's moroseness had arrived. Dutta revved up Rascal towards Aye and Baji coming down the corridor " Dutta humara beta" , Aye choked as she  held his face and kissed his forehead. Dutta's eyes welled up and he clenched his jaw and thought damn it!, damn the restrain ,and he leaned forward and hugged his mother with his strong arms and pressed his head against her abdomen his shoulders quivered a little but his face was buried in her womb where he moved his head from time to time respire. Aye's sari displayed damp patches, as she stroked, smoothed and ruffled his shiny wavy hair as she soothed him" humain teri bahut chinta thi Dutta asi liya hum na Baji sa kaha aj hum humara betay say zarorar melnay jain gay. Ye hum tera liya Mata Rani ka mandir sey parsad bhi laker aian hain",she performed arti and marked his forehead with a vermilion tilak. Dutta regained his composure soon enough with flared nostrils and wide pupils he swallowed and sat upright in Rascal's lap. Nakku deciphered the fine red veins crawling around the whites of his eyes. She was deeply graved and thought this was perhaps the only occasion in Saab's adult hood where he may have shed tears, and she prayed for it to be the last. Aye Sahib soon grasped that her only son was seated in a wheel chair and tears spontaneously welled up in her eyes, which swiftly she mopped with her the edge of her sari pallu. Dutta reached out for her hand and tenderly captivated her hand in one of his palms and gently stroked her hand with his slender  fingers . "Aye Sahib ap jante hain Dutta,  babba ki theran fauji hai,aur faugi apni jaan and he paused for a moment and continued with a small laugh aur apni thangaain mulk kay naam kar data hai..hanaa Aye? kya mein nai ghalaat keha?! Aye smiled at his spirit and patted his head again. "Haan humain pata hai Dutta, bas Baghwan teri rakhsha keray her waqt"... Baji stood beside Aye as he  exchanged glances with Nakku decided to speak "kya Bahu ,man what a sexy piece oh",and he shut up as Dutta glared at him for using vulgar lingo in front of is mother and Nakku. "Baji you prat ,this here is not a she but a he, and he's called Rascal your Dutta's temping companion" drawled Dutta." Can I check Rascal animated Baji, and the two men started chattering about the finer details about the transport. Nakku,turned towards Aye Sahib and gave a succinct over view about her Saab's progress. Aye over came by Nakku's care of Dutta gave Nakku an endearing hug of gratitude.  "Dutta" said Aye" chaal ab humain apna ward mein laye kar humein dekhna hai". She also turned to Baji " Baji Kala saey aur driver se kho ki cheezain laye ayen".  Kasi jazeen Aye ? Dutta queried " woh hum kuch laye thay ward ki patients aur nurses kaye laye. Replied Aye.

Dutta's bearers emerged bearing gifts of Patil household generosity. 4 baskets of exotic fruits, 4 baskets of non-perishable consumable food like biscuits ,chocolates and packed saviouries.,  6 crates of energy drinks and 6 crates cartons  of assorted fruit juices . Dutta rendered speechless at the spectacle asked Baji in a lowered tone "what the hell is all this Baji have you checked with the ward staff if this is acceptable , I know Aye Sahib gets carried away but you know rules are rules !  "ho Bahu, Baji assured Dutta I checked with the staff they were delighted and are expecting this , Baji giggled delivery from Santa Claus !

Without further ado Dutta instructed with his pointed finger Baji and his bearers towards the nurses desk "Baji take Kalay and the rest towards the nurse's station they'll arrange for trolley and porters to distribute or stock the stuff for future use, got it?"  "yes Bahu", but Dutta  got hold of Baji's arm before he dashed off "you  keep you libido under check and don't go chatting nurses up in front of Aye ",yes Bahu sure Bahu! chuckled Baji and Dutta smiled for he knew Baji was on a high not because of the nurses but because of being with him ,his mate ! 

Dutta rotated rascal enroute to his ward and both women followed him with their hands resting on his shoulders as Rascal did the motions. Dutta felt so secure and content his Aye his universe was with him, and yes she stood strong as a stalwart! which was how he wanted to see the women in his life, he stole a side long glance at Nakku,  are your sensing my thoughts my soft target!  

Aye Dutta and Nakku entered the ward which was mostly empty for most patients had gone for Pyhsio sessions. Nakku ushered Aye towards Dutta's bed space and pulled a comfy visitor chair for Aye to sit on "Saab you must be tired let me help you get out of Rascal and help you to relax on the bed ,Aye strolled towards the wards' large widow which revealed the hospital grounds ,parking bays, generators and other multiple story wings of the hospital . Nakku bent down over him her delicate hands poised to help lift him ,her veil fell on his lap and she hurriedly with a giggle picked it up and slung it back round her neck over her shoulders, he caught her smile , but decided to decline reciprocation as he was going to keep away from her. She stretched one of her slender arms around his shoulders to help him and he felt a small shock go through him "nahin! leave it Nakku go call the Kumar the  male nurse,". Nakku ignored what he said and proceeded to place her other hand on his shoulder and levelled her wide doe eyes against his icy cold gaze , he reached up at her slender arms and with a slight jerk says "hav'ent I said wo  Nakku call the  male nurse it's his flipping job woman go and call him!"  he saw she was being defiant again so he coiled his lips to one side and pushes the help button. Within seconds the male nurse Kumar arrived "sir yes let me help you. He brought Rascal near the bed ,lowered the bed level puts Dutta's arms around his shoulders and urged Dutta to heave himself up with his arms  and elevated Dutta's heavy upper body and placed his posterior on the middle edge of the bed. Dutta shuffled his torso while  the nurse puts his hands beneath the hollow of one leg and placed it on the bed than repeated the action with the corresponding leg. Dutta once on his bed strained and separated his long legs slightly to  ease the stiffened muscles. "Thank you nurse this feels so much better ,and I feel a lot better I don't think I'll require any painkillers for now on "he affirmed , and for a split second he glared strangely at Nakku as if to say you woman don't give me internal grief and pain. Nakku stared back at him with innocent wide eyes saying he thought... love you love you love... ,but he turned his face to one side. Baji and Aye saw the whole process of how he was shifted from the wheel chair to the bed. Before the male nurse went Dutta enquired about Rascal's parking when not in use. "Yes sir rascal will be parked  in a  exclusive bay outside this ward Sir" assured Kumar. Baji ultimately verbalised that which he was thinking about when Dutta  was being put to  bed "Bahu can I take Rascal for a test drive? please humari dosti ki kasam! Dutta could not believe his ears "have you lost it Baji! is this some kind of a sick joke? hollered Dutta. "Saab",  Nakku stuck her oar in "Baji was just kidding weren't you Baji? Nakku glared at him Baji pressed his lips and his cheeks dented up in tiny craters with smiling eyes he shook his head in slow motion. "Baji" raged Dutta don't take advantage of my condition come a little closer and I'll clobber you! ,nahin ! you can't ride Rascal! for gods sake its hospital property for patient use only! not a flipping joy ride for friends and family" !  Baji complied and pulled his ear lobes in over acted remorse. Kumar explained to Baji with "due respect sir it's also a health and safety issue for if while riding it you have a mishap inside on the hospital premises, you will not be covered for insurances purposes as you are neither a patient or staff ,sorry sir". Dutta shook his head looking smug as a bug  "yes Kumar you tell him"!  Nakku and Aye, quietly enjoyed this hullaballoo between the two friends!  Abruptly Nakku's mobile phone rang  and she dived for it and pulled it out of her tote bag lying on the floor. She checked the caller and answered "haan kya? really! nahi you must be joking"! She covered her other ear and moved a little away from Dutta's bed. He watched are closely with an overcast face , he wondered who she was talking to, her demeanour seemed very relaxed and vocal. It was bloody annoying he thought and says grunted within her hearing range  "using mobile phones in hospitals is forbidden as it interferes with equipment".  Nakku disregarded his remark continued talking on the phone "yes just ask at the  nurses' station its Jaanbaz ward". What! he thought she's not even the damn patient she's the patient visitor! and she's  inviting someone to see her this is getting ridiculous by the second!

A young man with slightly longer than customary hair entered in jeans and a tee shirt with a rack sack. Dutta looked at him quizzically who the hell is he I don't know anyone the likes of him. The young man offered Namaste to Aye and smiled at Dutta, and Baji. Nakku came warmly towards the stranger, as Dutta watched dumbfounded, as he rubbed his thumb against his fore finger. He  waited serenely for some explanation from her, finally it came "Saab ye Harshad hai mera course mate, mujhe notes dinay aya hai kal mock exam hai Anatomy ka.  Harshad this is Major Dutta Patil and that's his Aye and his close friend almost brother Baji Rao". Harshad pressed forward towards Dutta and said politely " kaise hain major shahib"?  "Sir for you my boy Sir" said Dutta in fridged courtesy, his face completely cold and vacant.  Harshad mortified replied "yes of course Sir we are very proud of our forces". "So you should be , you should" be repeated Dutta curtly. Nakku, discomforted by Saab's pig headedness , with haste took Harshad to the side.  Harshad, silently dislodged his rack sack from his shoulders and groped for a file of papers. Nakku stood close to Harshad as he leaned over to explain the notes to her. Dutta watched the spectacle with an orchestrated rage that left his cheeks flushed. Harshad  pulled out a thicker manuel of some sort and held it open for Nakku who tried to balance the book with her hand as they both peered at the text. Dutta's set on target eye, noticed Harshad and Nakku's tete- a- tete, they looked each other engaged in conversation . Dutta stared and thought this was it! "if you all don't mind I'd like a bit of peace and quiet now! so I can have a shut eye" he stressed as he glowered at Nakku. Before Dutta placed his head on the pillows he saw the man say something to Nakku and caught her nodding in approval. "Aye Sahib, Harshad nai mujhe notes de diya hain, kya mein library mein study ki waste ja sakteey hoon? Aye Sahib replied "haan kyon nahi" . Nakku says "thats fine then and she saw Dutta  his head against his propped up pillows  giving her visual daggers with his ferocious half opened eyes!. Nakku assured Aye Sahib "Harshad has a car so he can drop me at the library". Dutta pulled his head up "uske koi zaroot nehi ! Baji you drop her at the library and also take Aye Sahib home, and then I want you [ he points to Nakku] back here in a couple of hours with Baji for my first physio! "   Finished with his order, Aye approached Dutta to kiss him on his head, soon after he closed his eyes to rest.  Nakku came to his side and tilted herself over him as he lay there innocently she brought her face close to him " did you have to be so rude to my course mate Saab" she hissed. He opened his eyes and caught hold of her wrist in a grip and growled back at her  "your course mate my bloody butt!, guys his age are in my platoon and they wouldn't dare [ he points his finger at her menacingly} to look me in the eye ,let alone come out with garbage like Major Sahib bull!!... Nakku wrenched her  wrist free and went off in a huff, jealous are we Saab she smiled secretively??.  After every one had left he thought she'd better turn up later I am not finished with her yet. He was annoyed but wasn't sure it was with her or himself for getting his pants in a twist about her talking to that bloke from her Uni, what was happening to him, he hated captivity of all sorts ,how he missed his platoon how he  wished he was back with his soldier way in the security of  the muddy cramped  12ftx5ft trench.


"Major Dutta" an unfamiliar voice budged him out of this short slumber. His eyes found a woman,  curved over him he braced himself, his  bloodshot eyes revealed signs of interrupted deep slumber. Dutta swallowed and heaved himself up as he acknowledged the speaker "Major Dutta hi I am Lauren one your PTs Sunil here and she pointed to Sunil has briefed me about your case, if it's alright with you we plan to start your initial PT straightway". Dutta studied the woman after he took in the information. She was in a  her mid thirties and a very becoming woman. Dutta dissuaded himself from looking at her semblance, but couldn't do so, as he deduced, she was going to be his PT after all he would require her assistance in his recovery.  Lauren was very attractive ,fairly tall 5ft 7in, graced with long limbs which could be still be distinguished beneath her simple emerald green PT uniform top, loosely fitted pull up bottoms. Her eyes were dark brown edged with thick black eye lashes and wide eye brows. Her jet black hair was curly and was swept away from her face in a loose twisted French roll at the back of her head in work mode. Dutta lowered his eyes and agreed" yes of course eh eh he went "you can call me  Lauren, Major" she said "yes thats fine when ever you're ready I am ready, replied Dutta firmly. "Fine so we'll get you to the Physio room. Lauren turned to Sunil who left to fetch Rascal. Dutta surrounded with apprehension scanned the empty space as he awaited Nakku's return. Despite the altercation earlier regarding her course mate, ideally he preferred her presence during at least, for his first physio to enable her to gather some tips of what to do at home to maintain consistency in his treatment.

  Dutta, assisted by Sunil was placed carefully on the large foam mat on the floor of the physio  room. Lauren crouched beside him and placed her hand on his arm ."Major we'll start with two exercises today. Firstly I'll place a foam roller under you knee hollows and I' want you to roll it down  with all you strength ,towards your Achilles' heels and then reverse the action  by rolling the roller back to the knee hollows you can take a pause and repeat the action thrice".  Dutta nodded as he observed the blue foam 90cm x 60cm long sponge roller. Dutta asked "what's this was for" Lauren explained "well Major it's to stimulate blood circulation in your leg muscles and also to massage your leg muscles. Dutta looked impatiently at the door of the Physio room  Nakku where are you? He  called for her silently.

The door flew open and hesmiled discreetly as he saw her flushed all over the place as she apologetically babbled "sorry I am late got held up with revision!". Lauren turned towards this intruder and "you are"?. Dutta interrupted Nakusha! Lauren ,she's a trainee physio and my mother's ward, the doctors have suggested and approved that she be present at my hospital sessions as she needs to familiarise herself with the equipment and it's use". "Oh I see Major that sounds brilliant" said Lauren as she checked Nakku's dainty demure persona.  "Well Nakusha we were going to start with this blue sponge roller, I'll show you what to do but first" and Lauren  grabbed Dutta's pyjama bottom ends with her extended hand. Instantaneously   Dutta jerked his leg  " Nakku I will not even let you see my legs, let alone touch them"!, roared Dutta. Lauren sat flabbergasted at his theatrics, and shook her head at a shaken Nakku.  "just ignore him Nakusha", and she started to roll his pyjama bottoms above his knees. Dutta closed his eyes awkwardly as his muscular legs with curly black hairs stood helplessly exposed like two columns in front of two women, and he shook his head in disdain and tried to cover his knees as he shuffled his pyjamas down again "oh stop acting like an overgrown school boy Major ! its just a pair of legs as  far as I am concerned! Gawd!  Lauren went and turned to look at Nakku "tell me is he the same at home, difficult!  Dutta glared at Nakku mouthing don't you dare!. After all his up roar the activity started vanquished Dutta carried on and completed the foam roller activity. Lauren was pleased with his effort and said  "now we move on to the next activity which is with this spiky massage roller, its again Nakusha, designed to stimulate blood circulation, massage muscles  and relive tension in his legs" .Dutta looked at the bright blue plastic product of two 20cm spiky balls attached to each other held together by rolling pin handles at both ends. Dutta laughed, "so this is like rolling  out chapptis on my damn legs"!!  "Exactly Major now you be a good boy and lie on your tummy I'll start with the back leg muscles", explained Lauren. Nakku moved forward to help him to turn over and he gave her a "sort your later look" but she just ignored him and helped him to place his head on his folded arms. Lauren started to roll the spiky balls up his legs, as she wielded the rolling pin handles of the gadget while Nakku watched as he lay calmly during the activity. "How long is this meant to last? enquired Nakku "about 10 to 12 minutes or 15 unless he complains here's the stop watch replied Lauren you'll be ok now Nakusha to carry on yourself, now the patient help bell is there if you need to move him. Youl'll need to move him on is back pull his knees up and massage the sides of his muscles finally  well I''ll leave you to it and I'll be back shortly and don't stand for his nonsense" Lauren whispered , "oh I wont" Nakku whispered back, "believe me".

As soon as Lauren left and Nakku took over the rolling action Dutta started to oooh and wince, she carried on and he this time he went arrhh She stopped a little "Saab what's the matter"? and she resumes rolling ahhh your're hurting me Nakku he sighed smiling in his folded arms .She pressed a little harder with the roller he tilted his head roared "oye!  your are giving me pain now! stop woman"! She stopped and placed the equipment away and puts her hand on his upper back "sssh" she said another 6 minutes to go" .. "shut up woman thujheey dekh loon gaa"! . Nakku picked up the massage roller and resumed "so" he asked as she carried on with the therapy ,"had a good time with your boy friend"?  "what"! she said" Harshad! he's not my boyfriend" ."the way you two  were  going on seemed you're very close" Dutta teased. "Oh for heaven's sake you have such a one track mind Saab"! Nakku fought back. She continued with the rolling eyeing the stop watch "ok let me test you tell me what are the leg muscles called badgered Dutta "well she went as she pressed the roller  on his tough fleshy thigh this is the Femoris muscle and this here and she pressed hard underneath, is the Intermedius muscle and he winced ahh, and she brought the roller above his knee cap is the Laterlis all the way down to your ankle satisfied Saab! Nakku said proudly " yesss Nakku even I didn't know their blasted names"! he chuckled "just checking that you were revising or were you engaged in something otherwise"! she gave him a gentle thump in the dip of his back "oye woman respect! Major hoon mein! koi college boy nehi... "ok time up grrreat! Nakku  said finssshed! . Dutta looked overleaf and said "nooo its not! remember what Lauren said front of the legs as well come on now help me to sit up." He shuffled on his side and then positioned himself on his back ,he was pleased he could see her now "oh by the way did you eat Nakku? he asked gently, "yes" she answered "I grabbed a sandwich on the way"  ".sooo he, whatever he's called didn't take you out for lunch what a shame he said with saracasm. "Saab please don't poke fun at me ,she sad sadly. Dutta realised he had gone far enough and just sat and watched her as she pulled his knees up one by one ,he put his hands on his knees and carried on observing her lovely face she used the spiky ball roller on the side of muscles on his propped up knees  as she brought her hands to the knee for the final time he gently held her hand put the roller on the floor and looked mysteriously into her eyes with strange meaning ,and said" thank you Nakku I think I like my new trainee PT". her doe eyes widened under the spell of his wide lion like, gripping stare. Lauren barged in and the spell broke as Dutta bit his lower lip and turned his head towards Lauren. "Well done Major. I see you've finished with the session in here for today. Now Nakusha I'll leave you with this massage gel which is the last part of the physio, you need to give him this when he is taken back to the ward, it's to stimulate circulation and reduce stiffeness of his muscles after his first ordeal of therapy. Lauren gives Dutta  a big broad smile ,"well Major this is just the start, every day you can look forward to some more varied exercise tasks, oh and thanks Nakusha I hope you found the session worth while" Nakku lowered her eyes and smiled as she caught Dutta giving her a very wicked look.


Kumar helped Dutta back on his bed and Nakku instructed him to put Dutta on his belly as she was going to massage his legs with gel. Dutta lay comfortably with his face resting on his folded arms, as he awaited her touch. He felt her rolling his pyjama legs one more time and taut's his quadriceps , she  squeezed some gel on her hands and slid it gently on his legs in upward movement the hairs on his legs flattened but curled up again when she moved her palm. The gel felt cold and his body jerked a little "Saab" she enquired " hmmm I am fine" he mumbled" its just cold at first Nakku ,but your hands now make it go warm" Nakku continued to massage his lower leg muscles and he muttered aaah in pleasure! Then suddenly he went quiet and relaxed "Saab" she asked after she had finished and screwed the top back on  tube "Saab are you asleep? "nooo" he mumbled "just dreaming Nakku" , "dreaming Saab she asked with a shy voice about what"? "about Lauren, how gorgeous she is so big and sturdy". Nakku leaned forward with one hand close to his head her nose very close to the mop of his hair "tu why don't you marry her she whispered he turned his head a little and said "naaa Nakku she's old enough to be my mother but, now that you've mentioned I'll give it a thought, guess if you love some body their age shouldn't matter" he teased. Nakku moved back and laughed in relief. Such a rogue! at least he was in a better frame of mind.

Bahu! Baji barged in smiling "getting one to one TLC what a lucky guy you are. Nakku how did you get on with the physio session"? yes fine Baji Nakku said softly ,"so why are you looking low asked Baji I tell you what why don't you revise a little in the quiet of the patient leisure room at the end of the ward here I have brought you some coffee and cream donuts to get by" What! Nakku uttered as she looked at Baji's face.. who wriggled his eye brows and jerked his head towards the docile Dutta.. see Nakku, Baji reasoned  I thought I needed to have some time with Bahu as well like man to man yeah! Nakku smiled "sure Baji that would be a good idea."  She took the disposable coffee container and packed dough nuts from his hand, gathered her tote bag and looked at Dutta who lowered his eyes so his dismay at losing sight of her is concealed . "Bahu you know what I was thinking maybe we can go some where quiet out of this damn ward what do you reckon? suggested Baji . Dutta hmmmed, as he sensed Baji had something up his sleeve. Baji pushed the bell and Kumar appeared with Rascal oh good on you man, me and major our going out of here to chill out  bit. yes sure sure sir, Major approved the male nurse.

Dutta and Baji came out of the ward and it was obvious Dutta while riding rascal was checking the  quiet day finally he found it sign posted and he could see her image through the transparent glass  one hand balanced her delicate chin while the other held the book open  which she was reading .He noticed she had lossened her hair and had it all to one side off her slender swan like neck. As he watched, visibly influenced, a loose strand of her hair fell before her and she with calm lifted it  with her forefinger and placed it around the back of her neck to the side. He strangely desired as he rubbed his fore finger against his thumb, it was him touching that loose strand of hair that got away. He composed himself as he felt Baji was staring at him for he had stopped Rascal. "Come on Bahu she's fine let her get on with her work"Baji quirked impatiently. Hmmed Dutta  Baji says "Bahu lets find a secluded spot I know there is a side bay with foliage near the entrance. Lets head that way" , Dutta surveyed Baji "aye Baji what the hell have you in mind! ,  Baji teased " all in good time Bhau all in good time let's get there first! .they arrived at the spot it had a couple of  easy chairs with large  potted  palm  plants. Baji beckoned Dutta to stop Rascal Dutta snapped "chaal bb bata mujhe yahaan kyon laye kar ayea hai "well pal said Baji I have a present for you!! and he whips out a bottle of Napoleon Cognac Brandy miniature from one of jean's front pocket and another one from the other pocket! "what the bloody hell  Baji!!  exclaimed Dutta his eyes sparkled like a naughty school boy. He tweaked his moustache with his fore finger and roared "well hand over the damn bottle then! Baji  gave him the 5cl bottle and both men placed their fingers around the circular top  breaking the metal screw seal with a click !   Bahu  cheered Baji  yes cheers Baji returned Dutta here's to living life  without a lame excuse!  They both clicked and laughed lightly!  Dutta  hungrily put the brandy to his mouth and washed his throat with the burning liquid  in one go ,screwed his lips and  wobbled his shoulders with satisfied aaah!  Both man sat silent as they relished the potent effect.  Dutta lazed "you know that  alcohol can interfere with my medications  you bloody git! I know Bahu that's why I only brought the miniature and not a quarter bottle of brandy  Baji ." "hell if nakku found out she'll go mad" said Baji and they both laughed again. "Yes she would be verrry angry" Dutta slurred as the sprit travelled to his head as he had not had a jolly since months.  "Yes Bahu Nakku she's great, I mean the way she's looking after you, she is snowed under with revision but she still nags me to bring her here so can attend to you. I have a hunch she fancies you Bahu" ,said Baji unabashed. Don't be stupid Baji the girl is just infatuated with my die hard image, reaffirmed both to himself and Baji ... no Bahu condradicted Baji "I don't think so, I've  seen her close enough and I think she is quite transparent as a person, she knows and expresses her likes and dislikes pretty clearly... Dutta took it all in but preferred to stay silent... bloody booze speaking he thought. "Baji lets return and you'd  better get rid of these bottles in that bin in the corner".


As they headed back towards the ward Dutta stopped beside the quiet room and Nakku saw them and gathered her stuff and came out. Dutta lowered his eyes as he was slightly intoxicated ,for looking at her face now, since her recent visits , unnerved him slightly. Saab I'd better be on my way now, you Baji  chaal   hmm said Dutta , at least take me to the ward before you leave,he moaned like a child being dropped at school for the day. "No" said nakku "Saab we have to go now! I have to revise more when I get home you look after your self, you have had a strenuous day today. He hung his head down a bit and looked up at her " waapis tu aye gi  na"? . she smiled tenderly at his sad face and her heart urged her to grab him "I wont be able to tomorrow as I have my mock exam and, day after its the real anatomy paper so I'll see you in a couple of days" . Dutta wanted to reach out for her hand but he just looked up at her with his soulful eyes with dilated pupils. They turned to leave and Dutta watched them go and he clutched at Rascal's handles in desperation wishing they were Nakku's delicate wrists... he watched them as stopped briefly at the nurse's station as the nurses said" please thank Aye  Sahib for her generous gifts...  Dutta sat and stared after them till they opened the hospital main door and their figures disappeared...  to be continued Hamlet 2.6.11


Precap: "I bet Saab you've dated many girls in your life chirped Nakku. Pardon? Dutta returned!


Notification to all viewers/readers of this and previous related posts. The story bears resemblance to the LTL 1 fictional character of Dutta Patil as portrayed on screen by actor Mishal Raheja only, and no other subsequent actors who portray Dutta's role in future. Thank you Hamlet.







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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged

* Edited *

haha i jumped right to this thread as soon as i saw u updated LOL

love love love it ! ( <- kiran is rubbing off on me LOLEmbarrassed)

haha i love D and his rascal lmao he's so enjoying his ride

I love the interaction btwn tasha Embarrassed

and omg she goes to the washroom to cry and he knows something is wrong wen he sees her ...and haha love that little line about she would never let her husband go to such a job and he's all like i need to stay away...try Dutta try ...u will keep ending up back at her LOL

omg harshad...lmao Dutta is JEALOUS wohooo

ahh loved Baaji i was laughin reading those parts and lol i was sitting in a class ...LOL

ohh and the way dutta demands Naku come back much authority uff ...

i would obey too EmbarrassedLOL

loved the whole interaction during the PT

Hammie great update...and great writing ur style ...please continue soon Embarrassed

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update dear
love it
dutta is enjoying rascal's ride
poor dutta he thought his wife to be strong as his mum but naku doesn't want his husband to be far away from her so he decided to stay away from her but he couldn't do that also because every time she talk to other man he get jealous LOL
poor harsh  major se cold stare aur strict words ke illawa kuch nahi milla Ouch
baaji love him .He wants ride of rascal ROFL
last he is asking whether she is coming or not ,she said in couple of days OMg dutta ka expression kya hoga i can imagine that poor major.
thanks for pm

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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
I am loving this story and the magic of Tasha. Thanks for the update, Hamlet. It was well worth the wait.

Your "Notification" at the end is SuperbLOL Only Mishal as our Major Dutta..Right?

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krishaa Senior Member

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awesome update, please start their romance soon,eagerly waiting for next update,thank for pmSmile

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