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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 107)

sona89 Goldie

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Liked it SmileSmilewaiting for next SmileSmile

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noreen Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
awesome update as always 
D and khan had a good convo following the bomb scare
then the chunni getting lost, was bound to make D erupt Angryalthough it was sweet how D explained the importance of it to N, D wants to get married but sensible N explained the reasons not to yet, then changed her mind, Confusedthen D was doing the same! as it was not the right time yet. make your mind up guys LOL
Nice of N to keep in touch with Khan but little did i know it was to keep tabs on her saab at work via khan!Thumbs Up
D and N back at work and N gifting Nandi the present was touching and so thoughtful of her
Harshad is back and up to no good as usual Dead
N phoning Khan to ask what D ate,acting all wifey alreadyLOL
keep up the excellent work!!Star
thanks, waiting eagerly for the next!!!(sorry post a bit longer to read than normal)

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 6:57am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=daya0628]R E S E R V E D ...LOL

E D I T E D ...

Hammie back with comments Smile
first and foremost thank you for posting earlier :)
let me get started ...

yeah tell the whole world that I UP earlier for you,yes kiya bcecause  tere se VM ju banwana tha see hammie eshmart!and kya handiwork hai ,hammie acknownledges..Clap
Chapter 27

Oh her fainting was an interesting point worth noting. Although she was prepared to take on the situation something caused her to collapse which can be a problem in the future...hmmm well..will wait to see how his written report goes on..and haaaye they are going all happy shappy...the smashing part of the FF ...
of  course they are duty beckons!
HAAAHAAA HAA ..omg i swear i mentioned the day that chunni will go missing..aagai voh din ...
good you  saw how demented he is...gadha I would say with fondness,deep down he is a babe,he needed a BPL!  BUM PE LAAT! by Naku,but she is so titchyke uske bum tak I doubt she can reach with her shapely leg!  
Hai bagawan...his chunni  ROFL ...pagal kahin ka...yup serious issues re...well it is his substitute..but when the real one is standing there why bother with the chunni :P ,
there is method in madness ...woman...batiee ga..
her smell the  ...ROFL ...oh hammie...i guess that is how she will smell if she had not gone for a wash for sometime...ya would she be worst than the chunni ?
oye nehi his smell,his cologne,his sweat ,... beter stop now
HOLY MOLY...he is hurting Naku because the chunni is his life...kya mein Naku hai ...yet he seems to not give a heed for her presence in front of him...bilkul pagal hai ..i tell u this chunni has more scope in his life than she does haha
haaaLOL..true true...I wonder what is going to the happen on their SR? is he going to run for cover..I have serious doubts...she will have to wean him off he chunni first!
Arrey vah vah ...kya baat hai...chunni ke bagher...dutta nehi reha sakti
Hammie knew ke you would respond to this mushy  tat!Sharmilee
well  well am glad to hear this response :) for her explanation says exactly why :P ...
oh she has her screwed on thre right way...she knows him in and out ,up side down!
shuru kiya ...uski tears...always expected now...minute leaving..separation is mentioned..she is like NAHI *all dramatized* LOL
LOL quite the way you put it  Daya ,thurha tu drama kera gi ..use impress ker ne ke any one would cry at leaving him !!Wink
ooo baby talk lol how easily it came for both of them ...and haaye munnos me need to think of next scrap for u now hahaha 
theekh hai na family planning dis cuss ho rehi hai ,mind you she has not disagreed!
Oh exchanging looking forward to what will come of this :P  when dutta finds this out expecting some sort of blow up ...
of course he will,private hai ,or stickler for security ,and he dosen't want these two girlies as topic of discussion
I have to say I am liking this Khan :P loved the way she responded to D's question about keeping his personal stuff private...
yes she has no choice ,he holds considerable power can get her kicked out! waise bhi dutta ko impress kerna hai...Wink
Oh that Harshad ! an annoying little pest he is ... grrr...this time i have brought a cute team to handle him bat in hand...another ready to box and a ninja too muhaaha

here dekh ...
speech lesss Daya mera PURA UD se brilliant tera ye miltant munnos hain hai !!ClapClap
base bat wala ki smile bilkul dutta hai...and the other one too how DUTTA SUCKS HIS LOWER LIP IN!! ...for the pictures.. Hammie ,  gives you a peck on your forehead!!!

Well well well...what a lesson...I felt like no one was all there lol ...he was defo losing them haha but i was quite glued to read about all's quite interesting actually.
HARD BIT ..have to chat with ex army personnel ,they like to recall though ...

haha kapur has hots for Khan ...hmm...this should be interesting...hope u develop this a bit more... 
 i can look into it ..tere liya ,per mera leya tu D/K?

That call between Naku and Khan seemed rushed :S ..anyhooo was nice still to see them  so casual with each other, she got to know what he ate via khan
yes I thought so harm
O my she called him and told him what he ate...poor guy was like how the hell did she know that ...of course this will blow up in her face
she asked for it ,us ke mumsie  ban rehi hai...
yup u see... kind of seems harsh to put it as if she is using Khan...hmmm but anyhoo boy did he have a fit of rage there...hung up the phone without even letting her speak ... and telling her she is insecure and no trust..just curious are you taking out ur annoyance with Naku via Major Dutta in ur FF..the girl is always being attacked LOL 
chup ker Daya..zayeeda maat bolo tu ,umhhh,humm... ah zara pm per thuje answer doon
...don't ask for it lardki!! 
What the hell is he planning ...oh that harshad ..grrr..just want to punch him in the face ...ek actually once will not be sufficient...i will just keep punching if i start lol

bas..bas...count back wards from 10 ,take deep breathes...there shaant!!
wonderful update hammie...thank you for it...loved it as always... thanks for your lovely comment my mate!
ab will come bother u in pms again haha u just cant get rid of me...Tongue
ah jaldi ah you'll get dutta's silent treatment!...LOL

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 7:00am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=rrs1391]awsem love dutta nakku conversation nakku ready to wait for marrigae and nakku dne chunni dho di and dutta fuming and he snaches her chunni
helllo mate.glad you enjoyed the UD, ..keep reading   thanks ever so much for replying
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hammiee  liked the UD  magar naku ke jawab ne dil todh diya ,she isready to wait & this is so unlike naku ,
 yes she is ready to wait because she knows that for herself and him ,how important it is to achieve their short term goals ..which she outlined... think,about how well she knows him...would he be happy to leave his tutoring in the middle ...? 
harshad getting additional responsiblty i feel he is upto no good ,
naku spying on dutta very bad Smileare wo bhi student ke via information ,i think she should be formal with her ,HOPE U HAVE A NICE WEEKEND TC Smile
may be Dutta will have the same POV..  thanks naku for your comment to read them always...with much love xxxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

ReservedWink willl be back soon 
Hey Dear HamieeHug
Iam back ,,,, Suhana , I have to confess tera comment ke intezzar tha hammie ko ...aadat hai na...
so sowieee for been late latiff as always ,,,But i know u will forgive me ...sowieeeEmbarrassed
Thanx a million for the brillant Update as always and Pm ,,,Thumbs UpLoved it as alwaysStar thanks  mate!

Dutta and KMH scene was okkk ,,,,the way dutta tells her off that he will present the details in the report about her Test ,,,,,Haila they are going back ,,,,
haan kaam hai kyon thune kia sooche? diwali ke laye aye tha ,diwali over they have to get back
Dutta is mad coz naku hasn"t taken his night clothes out for him ,,,,Omg what the priceless chunni goes missing Shocked yeh kaise huwa chori of his chunni ,,,,chunni ghumnaam hui darling tere liyaLOL..brillant remark ,hammie laughing a lot
Major is taking anger on naku and then nxt thing he just grabs naku"s chunni off her ,,,,Gadha kahi ka ,,,Orginal samne hai but he is crying over chunniEmbarrassed
ab tu aadat hai dutta ko us chunni ke ,naku nehi tu uske chunni will do ,shows the man's desperation...

Awww naku is again crying as they have to go back to there respective jobs ,,,,they still have to acheive annd fullfill there commitments towards there jobs..before marriage ,,,,
yess,am glad you understand that...not every one agrees though!
O My my ,,,,major talking about munno Embarrassed,,can"t wait to see them married and happily settled with munno ,,,,I dont know ,plan tu hai but what the future holds only time tells.. the talk about children was to gather their views about chidren rightway after marriage ,so he gave his POV however fillpantly ,but she never calengede him ,so they both agree babies right away ..but Ayes from both families are not in on this decision..should be interesting to see what they think...  

KMH and Naku exchanged the numbers ,,,,Good they can update each other ,,,But i bet dutta wouldn"t like this ...
yep you are right here suhana ,he wont ,he'll think spying...
Harshad phir se ,,,,,,,,,,Boring ,,,,,,,waise bhi daya is ready with bats ,,,,,chal me joining u daya ,,,,
haaa.haLOL  yeah be my guest join Daya's baachoon ke army!!
Also love nandi and naku scenes ,,,,and loved how u always explain everything in details about PT excerise,,,  thanks suhana... explanations make more meaning ..the why?

omg KHM is giving out info to naku about dutta ,,,,,they are both inviting trouble for themselves ,,,,,Dutta is so going to be mad ,,,,,,

What is good for nothing harshad upto now ? man  this guy is insane ,,,wont take no for answer ,,,arghhh ,,,,,,
yaar how many times do I have to defend him ..chance tu de do ..he'll learn eventually chance in hell!!
Once again thanx alot for the wonderful update  and will wait for the nxt part ,,,u take care and see ya ,,,,,,
Lots of love and hugs
Thanks mate ..loved your comment as always,keep reading... by the way lovely to see you put your award winning picture back as your siggiy ,did make hammie wonder why it disappeared off the forum/ a puff of smoke!...thanks ...tera prize tha  for an excellent tasha love story film...oh yes phooloon ka shukriya... hammie 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged

Major saab ko gussa kyun aata hain? aur kab ata hain aur kispe ata hain? this could well be an interesting study material for all students of psychology

 I  dont think he even knows himself ..but we may have cracked it ,. when he doesn't get his word for Naku ,chorri  give way and give in..only than will she more than his gussa!!
Sab jaante hain dutta ki jaan kaha atki hain-chuni me, ye bhi bhul gaya ki saamne chuni ki badle me khud naku hain, hehehe!  Big smile , no no ,poor cognitive skils hain oaf kein!!      Yeah, i know the chuni is life saving material to him, he will need it in her absence the most. His steely resolve is failing to discipline his want over his need[hope i got it right] but naku rightly reminding him their priorities. That was quiet expected, the two are pillars of stength to each other. He is almost ready to take the plunge, nd thinkg of munoos nd muniis, that was cuuute!!! some revelation. Ok, now
well wait till AS hears of his family planning, i bet she'll do her famous swooning number...and then put her demand of ahghun ringing with he laughter of kiddies ...Cry LTL1 days "baachoon ke kilkariyaan" remember... i nearly wept when i was writing this scene as i was flooded with memories...
 naku with a change of heart nd dutta talking sense. "Rab ne banadi jodi"Thumbs Upglad you reckon ,LIKE me ... mostly some readers want them married in a shot...

Very soon us civvies wil be accredited with honorary titles in the army nd also as trainee PT's, thanx to Hammie's fiction.Clap Got more than one bargained for, seriously!

 thanks ,that's what takes my time ,i try to talk to war veterans,thre are some around whre i live ww 2, falklands ,gulf try to scrawl notes ..plan to visit some sites as well.    
Nandi and naku's friendship growing from patient to confidant, nandi in awe of naku's dedication nd luv for her job.
well its kind of based on experience ..was in hospital ..for coronary complictions had dealings with specialist staff all I can say is it was the lIttle things that mattered the most to me ,the reasons for gadgets used...made sense...

Think of the devil nd here he is Mister Chipkoo! Yaar is chipkoo champu Harshad se woh chipkali khan ko miladenaEvil Smile, dono ki jodi khoob jamegi aur kum pade toh lauren bhi saat me. Hammie ur boli bali khan is rather slimy, how quickly she got rid of naku on the phone nd how eager she is to grab major's attention at the slightest opportunity suggests so and Harshad miya is deceitful, so what r u waiting, dont they make a great pair?

What's got into naku that she had to use khan to keep an eye on dutta nd also disclose the same to him? what did she expect? ab bhukto dumb womanOuch!     Major is like a tinder box ready to explode for no rhyme or reason nd she is adding fuel.
HAAA yeah asking for it ..blantantly... seek!!!!,aim!!! fire! tashan tashan!!!!

What's the scum champu haaa upto now? suspense is not good for health Hammie, so jaldi update karo 'queen of twists nd turns'. Hug

mera dhamak khud twist mein chala giya hai ...dutta ka chamaat chaiya to come to my senses!!
Continue soon nd take care of your posteriorROFL while reading the comments as we r not responsible for any unintended damage. I'll holler at u later!  
yesss have got a  floor cushion near bottom still is bruised from last ime... so this time precautionary measures have been taken...thanks for your lovely jubbley coomments ..and carry on reading and commenting brvvv...ap ke isme sharif kya bharti hai ?   aagar aap jawab ne do tu theekh hai hammie ke dil mein aap brv bun ke rehta ho...Wink

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=prncz]hammie hammie    Hug u amaze me
look at you detailling  the PT part of the story with all details  ,i got o knw somuch abt the equip ,,adn their logic and reasonign right frm the time Dutta ws under PT and now Nakku aand nandi ..OMG i used to thnk  u wer in this feild ( may be u are EmbarrassedEmbarrassed )
no yaar me not in this field..not in either of them..wish i was in field though ,but have some family with the land and air forces...and lots of family in medicine ..but me in now you know! thanks for deriving info ..yes makes sense ...
Ok then whn Major saab staretd his traingin OMG u gave so much info i felt i was taking the classes my self   and u are so well informed , i tght u were in this profession ( EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ))
here we go again ..nope ..but in teaching side..
so well, u take us thru the classes i can see MAjor duta running his fingers on his forehead  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedsuch a classic gesture  ..loved it absolutely loved it
 yes...charmer hai dutta kuch bhi bun jaye, his charm bounces off him our mishal /dutta!
cmng to the episode ,Duta bhi ,,combustible hai ,le loves the chuni as it is his sviour whn nakku is away  ..i loved the way hi explained to nakku
""dekh Naku ,woh chunni meri jaan hain ,us chunni mein tu hai, ,meri theniyoon ki saathiye hai , teri judai mein mujhe tootene sa bachaati hai , jab tak ke tu meri puri tharan se nehi ho jati,  mera jeena ka sahara hai woh chunni , teri kushoobo hai us mein ,and he held her close to his chest tera badan ka nisha hai us chunni mein, mera sakoon , mera  sone ,mera jagna hai us chunni mein ....Dutta nehi reha sakti teri chunni ke bagher ,"
 do you know when I was writing it I tought of you ..and i also admitted ke you would have wriiten it better your use of language ,  but hanks any way sweet heart spoil me!
wht is khan thnkng of asking him tea and then felelign happy he asked her to  take sme refreshments ,,hmm makes me wonder ,,wht is she up to  ...
 happy tu hogi dutta ko khan time hai kis aur ke liya ,so to actually think of asking her will un nerve her a bit ,although he asked her may e kyoun ke uske ghar reh ke aye hai ..but ..itni lift nehi dega woh ...remember he is her tutor.. and senior!
and nakku ,,will get it ,,why did she ask khan wht saab ate..she knws na how mcuh saab is a strictler for privacy scared how d is gonna react ...later
 she asked for tashan aur woh he mila ga naku ko ..tu dekhna raju!
Hmm as bharti said chipkoo Harshad wht is he up ??hmmAngry hope nakku is able to  get him exposed Embarrassed
    dekh lena UD mein ..ju abhi tak khatam nehi hoya...raju ...
lloved the way naku repleid to the proposal qquestion ,,and then later ,,changed her mind,,, ladies prerogative ,EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
 well said raju..well said!
hope u update  soon,, loved it as always hamie Thumbs UpClapClapClap
thanks raju ..loved your you loads ..xxxhammie

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