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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 104)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

mein aagai LOL   its a bit hard to ignore ke tu mera kamra phir se ah gai hai...

*clears throat*  Hi  Hammie...  koi speech dena wali hai jo itna drama ker rehi hai tu? ahemmm.

Haha you know me na...even if I talk less in pm...a comment is a comment..and with one of my fav FFs I cannot ever leave a one liner :P  chal let me begin ... yeah pms ke tu baat ne ker ..what a chattering you give..kis meeti ke bani hai tu?

Chapter 26 Part 2: give light and darkness will disappear i tself ...

Need I tell you? ...title, as always, well chosen ...  marks Diwali,so me not so daft after all sharmilee

So warm welcomes from the family for them...and I loved how his family was almost kind of embarrassing him in front of Khan haha baby, munno ...Major Saab ...kiss good bye to Sher image with such family members around: P  ab if he is munno ,chunno or tunno! rehe ga tu sher he... strong ,wild ,ruthless,passionate!!

Hmm so Duji having a drink together like old times and Naku comes to see her two favourite men ...and loved the little tease about whether she also wanted a drink haha and then she states she was going to his room to leave some water and instantly the baby is yawning and wanting to hit the sack or shall I say wants to head to his room :P  and of course peeche peech humare Naku Ji haha ...and baaji watching them and saying 'welcome home my friends, my loves' beautiful touch to the end.

yeah teeno  he mile hoi hain is eternal pyar mein, waise Naku ,I told you is pretty challo,she knows which of his buttons to press and how!

Hai bagawan what have you done...Dutta pulling out his shirt...undoing his belt and shirt buttons ...LMAO i love how he pops the bubble hahaha ...and tells her bluntly he had no intentions of doing anything ...  their fights are hilarious...both cant stay away from each other but all they do is fight with each other FOR the other... he is clearly stating his justifications for his behaviour...and her stating her feelings of jealousy & what naku mumbles about gremlins have attacked him ROFL... he

gives all the messages towards mating,but then he cleverly  channelizes  his passions into show of rage, so he can further control her , and she him...gremlins tu hain Dutta hai ..kab demon possed ho jai Naku still has to know! 
Hai hai aagai second heroine...was wondering about it actually... Chunni :P
yes all wound around him ready to sleep with her :P
substitute baaaby ..randy andy!! haaa 

Naku all ready to see his challenge through LOL...she is waiting for him to break it himself

Haha Naku witnesses the chunni in places *ahem* she dare not be close to kya...hammie...oh this chunni has quite the screen space with our man

 chunni is the use of suggestion,the prop that expresses the proptagonists inner most desire
Omg loved how he put the payals on her..
and then their romantic cute moment was a treat for sure :)
I wanted to do something outrageous ,may be ,the act deviates from the oroginal Dutta/Naku of LTL1, but I said  what the heck! this chappie does unconvential things so I went for it!

Hai hai ...another important member has decided to grace Dutta with its presence...SANDWICHES bhi aagai haha ...and Naku giving to Dutta and him all gleeful ROFL here i have to LOVE baaji's line "ho rama, kya hai ye drama"  and then Dutta almost admiring the sandwiches made by her and again baaji ' khawab nehi hain Bhao haqeeqat hain ye sandwiches" LMAO ...oh gotta love baaji :P  almost enjoyed ,delving into the memories of LTL1 ,his sand wiches,which I  found strange as here it's a lunch time item...but still its Dutta's likes!

Aww he ate the poha because she made it and old LTL1 memories...
if he eats her food he is full good old poha ,
yes... ye hai  India ...

Aww khan speaks haha  and he was quick to like burst her bubble :S 
and girl recovers fast lol and all talk about D's bird appetite...

had to maintain Dutta's stiff upper lip take ,so had to make it as real as possible ,but couldn't resist commenting on his birdie appetite... 
Haha his assessment of Naku's love was cute ...100% pass and he is learning from her ;)  Aww am enjoying their little moments... oh what fun ...singing for gifts :P Naku's song was song from devdas na...very nice and Khan too sang :O  lol and D all uneasy  haha ... well this scene was definitely fun :D
glad you enjoyed this bit...had to make it like family time ,pressie giving ,with some elements of cheesiness as welll haaaWink  

You know when i read the part where D is talking about Naku while she goes to launch the phool jahree  when he laughs and she returns to see him laughing on his own ...i thought of you doing that in pms ROFL ... tu tune bole kyon nehi ...good you didn't ,cos MY ego would be hain? mujhe na bata tu sharmilee..but then may be you know me...haaahaa. bheja ghum jata hai mera! chanta hai tu na?  

:O lets get married Naku :O ...he said that? :O 
uh oh a red alert...errr...was this the time ...gosh

 yesss lagan ke baat jab aye gi alert ,hoga ...ek dossera se dor he theekh hain..I know  Hammie has an underlying sadistic pleasure in keeping hem apart ..but you think ...story ke scenarion,shaadi ,bachea and the same rut ..ya phir and the end..what would you want?
Hmmm so khan seems to definitely show promise..and Dutta is seeing that...uncalled for action acted well...quite enjoyed the end bit :D
yeah Khan... DUM HAI LARDKI MEIN...dutta ko paye gi??  

Lovely update...continue soon...   okkkayy..glad you enjoyed,I was going to rag you today .but jane de hammie is sharif badmash es bar thuje jane diya hai ... till next time... loved your comments lardki ...keep them coming ..aur ab ,ghup! xxhammie 

Chal phir milenge chalte chalte :)

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Hey dear hamiee Hug  hi suhana
Sorry really very late this time .. Embarrassed but here finally Wink  I know you are very busy
Thanx a million for the brillant UD and Pm as always ...Loved it to the core Heart
So love birds back to there nest for Diwali but with KMH ...well love the welcome ..Omg poor major everyone pulling his leg LOL Poor him ...But still he took it ..awww indeed a sweet munno ...
Baaji and dutta bar scenes are always fab Star And Naku tapkokfying in btwn was indeed good ..and Naku"s hint was great ...well samAjdhar ko Ishaara Kafi Hota hai ...baaji is happy to see them back ... yes you are right ,but then Dutta was smart in some areas of in life ,thank heavens's for that..other wise ,how frustarating for Naku ,but then she knows her Saab well 
Hain mein marjawaa what was that ? Bechari baachi ki jaan Le ga kya LOL But loved his style ..ek dum hatke hai major Ka pyar karne Ka style ..he wanted her to squeeze in his arms ..loved the dress... filmiy dailouge suhana..haaa
Yeah naku jealous and possessive about her man ..and dnt like anyone eye her men ...pyar hai usko Saab se ..barosa hai ..but it's natural to be jealous .. Embarrassed   gosh this soundss soo filmy ,sorry but haan ,you are right she does trust him ,and her feelings about sharing him are quite natural 
So dutta"s morning tea is here ..and she see"s chunni and that to so close ... Wink
Hain mein mar gayi what a style ? Major swept Naku off her feet "dreamy muah" loved loved loved the payal wearing scene and there momen...glad you enjoyed the tasha scenes
The breakfast scene is always a pleasure to read a family time ..once again dutta center of attraction ...and look who is back with sandwiches ..the men was starved without them ..waise bhi he eats spoonful mentioned by Khan ...and he gave her back
Wow he ate pooha for naku and she passed with flying Colours .. yes Naku ke sandwiches us ke jaan hain,I guess some thing dont change with his fav foods and small appetite
Omg Naku and dutta"s last scene and what did I read it right Shocked He said let's get married "me in heaven " SOOO YOU ARE ANOTHER ONE WHO WANTS TO SEE THEM MARRIED..well hummm.soochna para ga... 
Well Khan passed in the test az well good ...will wait for the nxt part ..thanx alot once Again ...
this was my favourite scene out of the complete UD,I have a certain fondness towards Khan...her beauty ,innocence and hopeless pining for some she knows she'll never get...
Lots of love and hugs
SUHANA,hammie apprecaites your lovely comments and the sparkly style of saying thank you for my efforts...with thanks xhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=prncz]aur mein ,bhi LOLLOL 
oyeee paapi raju...good to hear from you mate! 
Edited.Hammie srrie i was alte for last part cmmnt but this time i decided will not go to the forum till i have commented else ,it gets delayed ,,,,LOLLOL
thanks for your love sweetheart!
ok 1st n foremeost i read all ur updates the momet isaw them,,so even if i am late in commenting i am proud to say i amm always ahead in reading LOLLOLLOL  thankyou thankyou!! kisseyyy
loved part1 ,, dutta 's traingin clsses also gave me sme knowledge ,,and the group is gud ,,, aww he didnt like the fact tht khan will be cmng and he iwll not get any privacy  aww how nakku was jealous and was nt talkign to him thru out the ride and hiw dutta was waitingto get to her LOLLOL
yeah well ,he had certain up to no good things planned with his girl..aur ab stopper lag giya tu yess sulk tu kare ga ,didn't help though ke woh bhi mood mein ah gaye..
i lvoed part as much ,,i loved the way u described the rangoli ,,--i love making rangoli ,,with flowers ,coloured rice and colors  ,,,
wowo and lso loved the way u described each ana d every person dress and the house nad diwas and all were so  beautifuly described i could visualise them ,,thanks ClapClap
Oh how can i not mention , all the lovely food items listed and trust me my mouth was watering just thinkign of al these being ready LOLLOLLOL
thanks you enjoyed the celebrations,,tried to get the essence of the festival...pressies,decoration food,funand of course family get together... 
and i dnt miss the mention of name rajoo reminded me of me LOLLOLLOL romantic...but sorry tu nehi hai woh .. you are my raju!!! and raju for Major Dutta as welll!
loved the way the gifts were given,,, all sang so sportng li ,,awww  loved the way Duta geve her payals  OMG  he actully lifted her on his shoulders and tied the payals on her ankels awww Day Dreaming
yesss ..romance and a bit of cheese ka massala dela hai mein ne ,lagta hai mazza ayea hai thujhe  
absolutely fell in love agian with MAjor dutta ,,how can he do this Day Dreaming make us fal in love all over agian ,,, and the kiss  oh my  Blushing
oyeee wake up come back to the real world ... yes he does things in his on way ,and what's more the woman responds very well I have to say the lion will carry on with his onslaughts!
and wht was the the last part ,,loved the way officer khan and dutta took charge and loved the way khan rescued the children ,,but wht was the assement .,ok she did well so wht does it mean, wil she be moved to counter terrosirm traingin ?  waiting for next part soonn,,,,,like tommorrow EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed well whether she will or will nt we'll have to see in the next UD..
Oh Thank u hammie ,, the wirter in u is blossoming and i am loving ,wanting to kwn wht next
 LISTEN THANKS ,but have to say it has to be your comments that brings out the words and imagination in me..without which Iwould be nothing raju!
luv u loads hammie ,god bless Hug
thanks sooo very much  Raj,for reading the UD whch was lonnng and for giving lovely comments
with much love xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=rrs1391]awsem update love it so tasha clear the diffrences for khan and so dutta make nakku wear payal wow love it and the gift condition is good and nakku sing song oh good and the diwali scene when dutta thjis nakku as bomb was mast so khan is for assessment and khan has some feelings for dutta oops bechari and dutta like sandviches
hi dear.rrs1391.glad you enjoyed the Diwali UD,it was meant to be a family festival ,but then in an army guy's life any thing can happen ,any time..he just has to be prepared ,and she as well the junior officer!..many thanks and keep reading ... much love xxxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sana141994

res abhi ati hu
finally i am here
sana..give us a hug ..greaaattt to see you wonderful hammie smiling!
first of all sorry hammie
i always ready ur ff but ...comment nhi karti this i promises myself ki meh comment karugi..
toh start with welcome ..I know you dear sana..and am really chaffed about it
poor dutta bechare ko khan ke samne embarrassed...kar diya ... so cute...
duji ka pathetic drinking ritual i just love... naku teased them that she also want to drink well done girl... when she went towards his room ... dutta was so excited to hit his room,,,,,, sweet guys love the end..
dutta taking off shirt  ...belt god i need some water...  naku thought he want do somthing...but poor girl... i totally enjoy their fight ... this must tough to win than war major saab.. AMAZING jo chorries ka reaction hota hai jab  dutta change erta hai .oye night suit phen raha hai .. naughty choori
so Romantic when he gives payal to her... woh bhi utah ke ...stong arm major right... yesss right!
brawny man,with his own ,distinct style of displaying his passionate love
hey rama dutta admiring sandwiches also just becoz she made ,,,it i agree with baji ... "kya tha ye drama" baji always bring smile to face,,,
poha awww just like ltl na...
naku song was form devdas totlly love it    loved writing this scene,it was most definately to amuse readers
he told her to that he want to get married
oye ab iss kya huwa...but good form them...khan is really promising to watch in next update
whether lagan hoga ya nehi ye tu waqat he bateia ga ..waise dont forget sana ke kam ker reha hain dono..Khan...ummhhh find out about her in next episode...
meh itni long comment ...mujhe kuch ho gaya hai
need a doctor bye hammie
oyeee abhi na ja choor ke...wapis tu aye gi na?? sana
love and hugs

many thanks girlie ..with much love xxxhammie,..keep reading

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
ok yesss got your message loud and clear this morning!!!1 .oye went for a jolly last nite..thore bheek gaye tu soote reha... haaa.ok me here ab ... having triple vision though!!!!
Perfect! Hammie u have outdone urselfohhh yesss so you liked it ? hummm.

It was a perfect setting of festivities, family, fun and friendship. The game of oneupmanship continues between the two even though they can barely hide their love nd admiration for each other. Khan overwhelmed at the sight nd sounds of PN. Baji nd his penchant for embarassing bhau with his over the board PDA nd his constant hankering for booze, like a moth to fire. haaa,salla bedwaraa.. well put though.brvv

 Dutta's strict orders to maintain decorum in front of the guest nd his student Khan has all but fallen on deaf ears, instead he is facing a full frontal attack on his macho image by his own.
loved the phrase frontal attack .hai hai ..kya combat lingo hai.yess hammie turned onnn
 'The impressions, the keeping up appearances' all thrown to wind, as khan finds out how luvd nd pampered dutta is.

Haye hayee! dutta not amused that naku was being already drawn to her domestic duties nd AS to his rescue, must say mother nd son have a grt mind reading skills yes, only next to the two love birds constantly eyeing each other nd conveying so much with eyes nd eyebrows.Day Dreaming

mind you he is so typical ,newly husband type bas biwi kuch kaam ne kara  merasamna baethi reha..,but mind you he knows hat she will be inundated with kitchen duties but yes ,,apni ma ko haat mein rekha hai ..ankoon ke signals samajhe jata hai..or shall we say  he has that effect on all females...period!
Khan needs to learn more about life apart frm her military skills. Someone needs to teach her that not everything we fancy is atttainable.
oh for heaven's sake ab poor Khan is under your butt..yaar kya hai muhje pasand hai Khan...
she is modelled on a very beautiful actress of nepali orgin.hammie loves there you know now...
 Her thoughts r disturbing nd borders onimmoralityShocked
when I first read I thought nothing of the word ..but yess you may be right "covet",any thing that belongs to other Meera ke admiration,devotion to Kana ?? just a thought I dont have he answer ..perhaps this is debatable...
. "Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own"    I do understand her background of a less fortunate where she lost her parents nd is maybe devoid of emotional bonding nd craves for some attention. yess but I think she knows where she stands however ,dil tu pagal hai .Wink haaa.. 

Baji has stole bhau's heart with just this one act, picking a perfect gift for nakku has proved he is no less than big brother at the art of romance. What drama by the major, when he is all the time accusing baji of the same, conveniently left the bar to catch up with naku as soon as he realised he has a chance of meeting her in private. "Major saab, sab jante hain"     in fact the  three of them are together in this mohabbat ..AUR waise bhi Baji loves them both..but yes for Baji to look  after every thing that Dutta will require .has to be blood brothers in they are missedCry

Wow wow wo!!! what attitude nd what style major saab has, just when u thought here he goes again! we r grounded back to earth. Yes, it is as naku put it, the gremlin attack! hahaha!!!! The interaction between the two is never dull nd this is what endears me, the nok jhok, the constant bickering brings out the best nd the worst of the two. The diwali morning has been very adventurous for naku who finds herself seated on shoulders of majorROFL, nd what an innovative way of tying the payal, kya gyan mil raha hai muft ka! except for the likes of 'kamasutra' there r very few instances where one can find such unique ways of impressing luvd ones. Hammie tussi grt ho! oye ssshhh kyon mujhe forum mein se ban kerna hai plzzz ,brvvv have a heart...marwana hai mujhe se ..haaa loved the in  red phrase ...fell off my chair and dented my bum... I need to have a floor cushion near my chair when Iam reading your comments lardki ..this is worst then what Major does to Naku!

Again bowled by the unique distribution of gifts, baji with suds was hilarious nd i was imagining suds with his complete denture display, would be one hell of a sight gyrating his hips nd shaking to baji's tunesROFL. GOSH! khan had to sing a romantic number unmindful of the place nd the peopleOuch. Naku sensing dutta's discomfort at this. This is turning into a mystery nd a thriller more than a romantic. HAAA LOVED THE PHRASE IN RED yes it had to be suddie ..and Baji at it...kya yaar phir Khan ..gana tu mera fav hai or jis pe picturise hoya hai ..well you know..

What perfect timing for Major to propose to naku, Splendid! it could not get any more romantic, the occasion, the surroundings, the fireworks nd the heady feeling, tooo good!    But Wait!    drama abhi baki hai mere dost, a well orchestrated one, where khan proves she is no kachi kali.  But was the family in the loop or was taken for a ride like us by Hammie err  military is my question nd  did he have to chose this time to propose her,  im wondering now... only Hammie can tellD'oh.   loved the phrases..was aiming  for the wooden floor again ,but liked the appellative for Khan..pasand ah gayi phir good had to raise her... yesss find out he ot come in next UD,BUT GET REAL BRVVV shaadi ho gaye to what ten boring...

Thank u again Hammie for a brilliant episode nd waiting for the next one, luv u, jhappis nd pappis for giving a cracker of an updateHug, Take care!  

lovvved your eyes search and wait for your comments ,but then you know that don't you ..but still say  stand by me... much love xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hammie loved the diwali celebration from the lightning ,decore , performance ,cuisine & D-N looked like a pathaka themselves ,dutta gift for naku payal great i just love anklet Smile wish i got one ,
 chaal payal nehi tu kuch tu present mila hoogathujhe naku?   main ne thuje UD jo diya  consider that a pressie from hammie...
khan is eyeing our dutta bad for her already taken ,high point was when dutta proposed naku for marriage lekin ques toh adhura rah gaya ,shaadi ka wait kab se kar rahein hai ,
next part mein lauren ke entry you got me thinking ?
you will get your answers in the next UD naku ..intezzar ker...
like always you are amazing UD SOON tc hammieeSmile
Iam amazing Naku ..but not more than Major Dutta himself! thanks for your lovely comments as always love to receive them,Naku... much love xxxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged

Amazing SmileSmileSmileSmile

  Sona! thanks for reading the UD and enjoying it! much love xxhammie

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