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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 101)

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Originally posted by noreen

awesome update as always!!
loved the OUT'S FAQ sessions as always they are a rowdy bunch with some character and personality added!! 
'Dutta gave him a frigid gaze it was obvious to him that Kapur was one of the funny characters of the class'..haan har class mein koi joker tu hota haiii
then was happy to hear the diwali break but the the Khan girl i knew it was bound to make problems between tasha, am a bit puzzled as to why N is angry and avoiding eye contact with her saab (maybe because he didn't greet her with his advances or he did not mention the girl he was taking back with him) but anyways it is good she is playing hard to get and D with have to bring her roundWink
thats correct ,he didn't hug her ,or make her sit next to him in front...tu sulk mein hai naku ,besides us madame ko kaise bata he found out when he was about to leave MS himself ..but ...Naku mod mein hai..koi nehi once a while ache hota hai...
N meeting her family bought a smile to my face 
the ride home to D's was even more tense as i could picture D getting redder and angrier but hopefully more to come as this is pt1 hoping for pt2 soon please, pretty pleaseStar
oye i will ,i will par ye dahmaak tu kaam kera ...danda parne ki zarrorat hei ..but no seriosly he i willl put up yh UD PART 2...
thanks for your wonderful comments and reply to my postsBig smile
my pleasure girl my pleasure ..xxhammie

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

Originally posted by ivy_11

Thanks for the unusual but great update, Hamlet.Clap,
ivyyy my mate...faithful one for sure...

I was hoping for some quality and sizzling Tasha time together aur yeh my name is Khan kahan se tapak padi.Shocked it ... bolo kya tasha time you want ?? Dutta manaoing a roothi Naku is full style and Naku melting. Who can be upset with Major Dutta for more than a few minutes?LOL

I am glad that Dutta introduced Naku as his fiancee and I hope the Platinum rings on both D-N's fingers keep the undesired elements away from them.LOL
oh dont be like that ,Diwali ke time be all love hoona chaiyaa.. come on spread lovvve Sure Diwali is for celebrating and sharing most things... but not DUTTA SHREERAM PATILEmbarrassed

So Naku is angry now? Dutta should try and manao her instead of his usual chalaoing hukumat.Embarrassed haaa another fabbb larfing comment me LOL come on yaar woh sher admi hai or would you rather he became a chai wala...and wearing chappals ??? OMG. I take back my words Hamlet. I will let the Sher be as he is. I was just being nice to Naku ..varna you know that I am so biased towards DuttaEvil Smile

Eagerly waiting to see how the story develops Smile
when i can finish ithe second part ..need a kick on my back side or me be on my block to move things on...xxhammie Take your time dear. For now its a gentle reminderHug

my comments in red

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Wow what an amazing diwali treat!! I am all happy shappy @ the way nakku showing attitudes towards major! hahaha he deserves it n lol he is like a steam engin now! ROFL I can so c the smoke coming out :p and what gonna hppen to Nakku once she get in to his hands God knows ;) hahahaha

Loved the update so much, the FAQ session was v good n his answers r like mindblowing! 
LoL khan in as kMH! n Nakku this time for a change playing te game well ;) n ur discription about major saab's attier is hayee marjawan *dreaming* 

Thankxx so much for the lovely treat n when r u updating the 2nd half ? waiting for it ...
Lots of love n hug
Azy :)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53


oye..awww' wight luv    
ke haal hai ga..kuriyaaa..ketha hain ..wah ji wah ...any way ...the smile back to you ..misss ya
missy...but yeah you are right in ot comment yet ..cos story ,i meAn UD ABHI BAKI HAI MERI DOSSST ...
haal is wadiya my love...hws ur haal chaal??
aww missin u 2 hun *hugs*
sory im nt abl 2 comnt properly but jus try 2 mke sur dat u kno im always up2 date wit ur ff...n man am i loving it n best thng is cumin up ..tasha reunion!!Wink cnt wait 4 it!!! *missy  jumps in excitemnt*
btw dd i tel u hw much i loved baji/nakus lil trip 2 dutta...damn der romance was hawt o wa!!!  

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Originally posted by Hamlet53


Nice updateClap hIs Q-A session with OUTs was to the pt. Khan will come to now about Naku & will be the the latest gossip after they return back from Diwali holidays. Waitiing for the next part, Thanks for the PMSmile mate..what a lovely picture velly nice ..lilies...,i think ? ..your comment is valid .. i need to keep this in mind..well lets hope he remains in his boots...Wink
xxxhammie...still beavering over part 2..saachi..
Thanks for liking the Orchids.Smile

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superb update hammie

so diwali holiday

tasha coming at home but poor khan is coming with him so dutta to behave wellLOLWink

naku ignoring duttaWink

baaji and roops scene lovelyTongue

wonderful update dear

thanks for pm

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Painful Rapture: chapter 26~part 2

"give light, and darkness will disappear it self"...Erasmus


Dutta entered the vicinity of PN and Naku at the instance, she saw the house bathed in fairy lights divas, all over the outline of the house, she leaned forward and in her excitement placed her hand on his broad shoulder ,he leaned his head and his eye caught sight of her beautiful delicate hand but he pressed his lips together  as he curtailed the urge from brushing his lips against her soft skin."Saab"! she yelled  impulsively "Khan ye humara ghar hai ,you 'll love it and you'll love the people!! she said challo ",Naku chirped proudly ,ready to disembark ."excuse me ladies Dutta said as he put his arm on his seat and turned and scoured them with a cold look ,"you do not get out of the jeep till I say so "he growled while he pulled up the jeep in first gear and scaled the gradient going past the pedestal held spot lit pristine white marble individual  statues of Rama ,Sita ,Hunauman, and Ganapat! Khan held her breathe and her eyes sparkled as she pulled up her shoulders in glee and said to Naku, "wow what an entrance ..beautifully decorated..saach mein lageta hai ke Diwali hai"! she called out . Light armed brisk BGs dressed in black ran forward and opened the jeep door and the passengers stepped out ,nimbly .Dutta turned to "Kaley is jeep to garage mein lagao aur talla lagana fauji jeep hai,dehan rehe" ..he ordered as he hurled the keys over. He looked up and Baji raced down and clung to him and hugged and rested his neck on Dutta's "Bhao tu ah gaye ab tu mera peena pukka he banta hai" he whispered in Dutta's ear ..and Dutta pulled him and glared at him "phir se undher jane ka programme hai tera! ,"chaal" and Baji put his arm around Dutta who glared at his hand "mera saath meri student bhi hai Baji is liye apne hud mein rahien ye tere hud yaad karoon mein"...he groaned, "karna Bhao! Bappa shapat! teri ulta haat ka khai hoya ek ursa ho giya hai" guffawed Baji as he checked out the new mahmaan .AS stepped forward and performed arti on Dutta and Naku and applied Tilak..and Dutta hugged his mother "Aye kaise hein ap ? ap ko roz her pal yaad Kiya mein ne" he said dewy eyed and rested his stubble chin on his mothers shoulder and for a brief second closed his eyes to maintain contact with the woman due to whom he was and is,  his life source . Roops ,Leela and Kala said "AS ap maa bata ka pyar khatam ho tu hum bhi Bhao se mil leyan..Dutta let go of his mother and turned his neck towards officer Khan as she smiled and lowered her eyes demurely AS, said "haan beti hum tumahra sawagat ker ta hain apna ghar pe, diwali ke is subh utsav par" ,and she held Khan's head who stood to attention , and kissed on the fore head .Naku observed Khan stole a look at Dutta as he stroked his face from one side ,and held her hand and led her inside the house, where the visitors were greeted with more red, green, yellow lights that blinked and winked. In addition right in the entrance was a huge rangoli pattern ..and Naku and Khan held their cheeks in admiration as they beheld ..this displayed circle with geometric designs filled with colored rice ,grains, and powdered colours red, green yellow ,the visitors walked around the symbolic huge rangoli ,as Roops hugged Naku and yelled "maine banya hai vaihni ,and Baji interrupted "aur maine bi Naku ,ye pura saach tu khabi nehe bolete ye Roops" he said as he gave her a dead look,as he shook his head like a jack in the box.."Bhao is Baji ke class le abhi ke abhi ..bahut dada giri kerta hai ., Roops complained as she encircled her arm around Dutta's  waist and he looked at her up turned face with affection, put his arm round her shoulder but whispered tersely"behave Roops meri student hai, or officer bhi". Kala hugged Dutta and put her palms around his face and mouthed "my baby! my munno!,  Dutta winced in discomfort and speedily, hugged her tight and murmured in her ear "Tia you have to stop calling me these names we have a stranger in our midst! please I want things to be formal at home!" of course my baaby she undertoned back hoarsely in his ear .."impressions ,keeping up appearance yes"? she said as she held him apart with her beautifully manicured fingers on his solid forearms, "no Tia just being professional with an officer actually",he snapped.  Naku addressed a "namaste" to Suds, who gave her a gum revealed smile and touched Kishore's feet who lifted her up and said "challo ab tu Naku tera haat ke khana mile ga kal diwali ke din"  he said as he blessed her, "ap list mujhe dein Kishore jeju mein abhi se tayeeri ker deta hoon rasoi mein ja ker", obliged Naku with a smile. Dutta saw and heard and, gave  an uneasy smile to his mother who with haste came and embraced Naku held her face and turned her face, and then turned to address others around "ab ap sab log sun lo , humara beti aabhi he aye hai use koi kam nehi dena ,chottie pa aye hai bas ahram dena hai use" said AS, and Dutta gave a crooked smile of content approval .They all sat down, but Naku went to the kitchen to get refreshments ,and Dutta's eyes followed her as he inspected her out ,he couldn't wait to take her in his arms and tell her how she looked a stunner ,she felt his gaze on her and she looked at him and he raised an eye brow with a swollen face as if to say no I didn't  anything! mood me he rahe tu Naku..dekh loon ga thujhe main...

The family relaxed and Dutta ,sat one leg rested on the other ,one hand held up as it stroked his stubble. His eyes checked the way Naku sat near AS huddled close to her ,now had you been sitting next to me baaby I'd have my arm around those rounded shoulders of yours and fingers would stroke your shoulder he mused ," Naku please tomorrow for our Diwali brunch we would like.. said Kala, but AS interrupted again ,"hum ne kha hai na ka Naku yahan kam kerna ke liye nehi aye, she affirmed . Naku looked at Baji with a smile and he jumped up "chaal mein batie ga kal ka menu aur ap mujhe help koro , chal Roops shrruo ho ja! and both took centre stage on the carpet and bowed , Dutta smiled and  shook his head and lowered his eyes "tu bahi kadar daan main course mein hoga tentanaa!  Poori channa, zeera waley alooo, and every one cheered, and Baji bowed thanko thanko!!, and he looked at Roops aurrr raita! bhoondi! ghevar! aurrr shakkar para!!!! she shouted and every one clapped , bar Dutta who glared at Naku ...snacks! shouted Kala "we need to have some snacks to peck on all day Baji!  ,"haan Tai snacks mein hoon gaiii... kachori!, masala vada! he hollered and looked at Roops who shouted and added...samosa! aur paneer kofta! Yeahh! and Baji yelled "taliyaan! .and every one clapped and Kishore and Suds whistled ,whereas Dutt raised an eye brow and looked at Naku, still in hope for a smile but she tweaked her nose and parted her lips and half smiled and pulled her lower lip to one side ..I'll' sort those lips of yours later tu dekhna he stared at her angrily . Baji raised his hands bas! Bas! ap sweet ki bari hai tu meethe mein... AS said "badam ka sheera"..and Naku stood up artlessly "gujar ka halwa"! she said loudly as she looked at her annoyed lovable Saab , and Baji ran up and sat on the arm of Dutta's chair and put his arm around Dutta's broad shoulders "Haan gujar ka halwa ju Naku Bhao ko apne hatoon se kahalei ge!" ..and every one laughed and cheered ,however Dutta got up and stalked off boldly towards the bar area. Naku's face fell as she looked at AS who nodded  "Naku aaj Diwali se pela ki raat hai koi baat nehi" and Baji on hearing Aye went "dhinchak dhinchak dhinchak! and sped off to the bar ... AS instructed Naku to show Khan the guest room and Naku made sure Khan was comfortable "just feel at home Khan she said ,you are among a sincere family, who pride themselves in doing service to people,and are none for their hospitality ,AS is a God fearing lady ,in fact she played a pivotal role in the completion of my role as a PT ,for there was no Uni near my Dera so I was brought here , kept like a daughter and encouraged to complete my education to qualify as a PT". "Naku please call me Rajoo makes me feel more at home and less an duty, so you are a practicing PT why that is excellent what a lucky girl you are " said Khan full of envy ,"I don't know if I am lucky or not, but you need to rest now you must be tired" she said quietly as she shut the door. Khan felt the bed and its comfort and thought how advantaged Naku was, a girl from a humble house hold  destined to be the future wife of Sir, yes she fancied him deep down in her heart ,although she could never have him, but was there harm in showering admiration on a being? after all he was her teacher ,instructor ,guide and mentor ,surely this would be allowed incognito ,unknown to him , and the rest of the world...

The two sat at the drinking counter, looked at each in an unexplained gratification. Dutta was hot after a one peg of cognac brandy he stripped off his olive green top and hung it on his muscular thigh as he sat of the bar stool, and gazed at Baji "this is like old times Baji just the two of us , so give me a run down of what's been happening here" he enquired  ho Bhao, every thing has been ticking fine here ," "no tell me about Roops has she been bunking uni or playing truant? Dutta interrupted "nehin Bhao use tu mein ne tight rekha hai ,yes she tries it on a bit, pun mein bhi use ka baap hoone blurted Baji and Dutta formed a fist at him and Baji touched his ears. "Bolne se pehle sooch leya ker Baji ke mau se kya bak raha hai" .Dutta appeared preoccupied as his cheek rested on his folded hand, his elbow dug on the serving top ."Bhao koi chinta hai tera ko kiya?  enqiuired Baji, "haan Baji there's a problem ,regarding pressies for the family, confided Dutta, Baji leaned forward and said "never fear Baji is here ,see he said I'eve already sorted out gold single coins for Kala tai, Roops and Leela tia ,and he raised his palm yes have also sorted a sari and shawl for AS,and clothes for the jujus..aur bole? reported Baji.Dutta looked at "Baji aur Naku? aus ke liya kya liya hai meri tarf se tune Baji Rao?,asked an uneasy Dutta, Baji giggled haan Naku? us ke liya woh! ju tu dekhe ga tu mujhe gala lega ke chumma de ga mera dost!,beamed Baji ... Dutta moved back and muttered "bakwass maat ker aur baata nehi tu doon ga ulte haat kha"....  rok Bhao rok !he guffawed and ran behind the bar counter bent down and picked up a narrow velvet covered box and placed it on the serving top for Dutta's perusal "ye le dekh le Bhao", Dutta's slender fingers opened the box and his lips formed into an approving smile "hummmn, payal ka jhorri ,bahut khobsurrat hain",he said and snapped the box shut and slide the box in his jeans pocket, surreptitiously. He leaned forward and tapped Baji's shoulder, with a wide eyed innocent smile "you know me well Baji ,and you know  her well too" .

She emerged out of the kitchen furtively, she had done some preparations for tomorrow's snacks and meal, all the kitchen maid had to do was to give the final stages to the ready prepared ingredients. She felt satisfied as this was her home ,he loved the food made by her hand and this was a moment she would not let slip through the net .she heard their masculine voices and moved out of the shadows towards them "and what are my two favourite men talking about? can I intrude? she said her eyes wide and full of ready to mix. Dutta sat on the high stool turned his head in slow motion and looked at her and drawled "hum done sharab pee rahi hai ,tune bhi peeni hi kya ?doon ek jam thujhe bhi kya? he said in frigid defiance.  "nehi Saab mein tu panni lena aye thi ap ke kamra mein rekhna ke liya", she said under her breath. Dutta suddenly felt a yawn come over him which he displayed ,and informed Baji "ok Baji me hitting the sack now, me very tired ",and he got up slightly unnverved by a fraction, and nimbly made way to his room. Naku followed him at a distance, while Baji looked and said with fond affection in his eyes "welcome home my friends, my loves"...

She walked towards his room with his nightly jug of water and opened the door covertly, he stood there waiting for her, his legs slightly apart his arms folded in front his looks unfriendly ,he looked at her and his eyes reallocated themselves on her as she placed the jug on his bedside table .She came and faced him, willing to speak to him , his eyes held her captive and he  unfolded his arms pulled out his turquoise shirt from his jeans,  undid his belt brought his fingers to his shirt buttons and slowly started to undo them,. She had the look of terror hit her face ,and she moved backwards against the wall as he moved slowly towards her with his shirt completely undone revealing his hairy chest and torso ,her plams pressed against the well and she closed her eyes in fright .He stooped and in a guttral voice said "thujhe kya hoi hai Naku ?she opened her eyes with a look of stupidity on her face woh "Saab mein mein",  " oh shut up and stop bleating like a lamb! tu ne sooche ke I'll bloody grab you and force a kiss down you ,well little girl mujhe koi zarrorat nehi" he growled ,and peeled off his shirt and flung it on the bed ,"ja mera kapre nikal! shower kerna hai mujhe ,and he stopped and pointed his finger at her "stop giving me those  yearning looks ..samjhe! he yelled. She reacted and marched up to him stood right under his nose and glared up in to his eyes ,"I am not yearning for you ,you are the one who kept checking me out hankering after me at every opportunity you could get down stairs ,mujhe koi sahooq nehi hai ab se baat kerne ka ab jao jis merzi lardki ke saat batien karron ye phir dil lagao she rasped. "chup ker bhaw to tu ghare rehe hai ,jab se thujhe maine ne pick kya meri terf bhi nehi dekh rehi the jeep mein bhi, what have I done please explain, as I am at a dead end woman? he reasoned, "Saab you know apki Naku, bahut sensitive and possessive hai ,tu I got jealous, she defended, "of who? Who? he demanded to know and she frowned and pulled her shoulders down a bit "woh, woh Khan se Saab",  she whispered he put his palms on his sturdy  hauches "look you must be out of your mind Naku jealous on my student ,this is unbelievable! Hai tu PT aur behaviour tera jealous school girl jaise!, he ranted as he  moved his head sucked his lips in, "look I told you to frigging sit at the back in the jeep so that we could maintain a decorum between us , surly you could not expect me to give my student a free show of my personal ,private love life ,and that remind's me ke we have to behave decenly ,as mujhe wapis isi officer ke saath military school ein jana hai, don't want her blabbing around ,guess what sir is quite a horny ,randy B! he bellowed .She opened her mouth to defend herself but he raised his palm ,"and as far as  your sensitivity and possessiveness goes, both of us are professional adults with an awareness that in our work places we are expected to interact professionly with people from other genders , so I would suggest that you keep this in mind ,he gruffed and added "ab kapre de mera so I can have a however and go to bed" .She moved past him in a huff towards his cupboard the horrible beast ,first night back in his room and the gremlins have attacked him already ,"tune kuch kaha? he said gently as she brushed past him and he grabbed her by the wrist and swung her round as she thumped her palms against his naked chest..and looked into her eyes "waise in kaproon mein tu gahazb ke lag rehi hai Naku" ,he said, his breathe laced with the smell of alcohol .and she turned her face and he let go off her and went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him . She laid out a fresh pair of white kurta pyjama and laid it on the bed, and made way to exit ,he was cranky tonight was it the drink,? his fatigue? or his ego at being by her rebuffed or...she left his room and closed the door, behind her..

Dutta got out of the bath, put his pyjama on and before putting his jeans away took out the beautiful  weighty gold, payal out of the box and shoved them under his pillow .,pulled out her chunni wound the top end around his neck and his naked torso took the tail end between his lions ,and sank his head on his head cushions and buried his nose in the chunni .and made nasal content sounds  umnhnmh... Nakuuu..zzz

Naku opened her eyes in her pink room and spread her legs under her rose colored blanket and rolled over and hugged her pillows Saab itna gussa tha ap ko ke ,ke..,and he bit her lip , ah well the action man can play hard to get ,let's see how long his resistance goes on for she thought ,her eyes flashed to accept the challenge well Saab here I come .. once showered ,she looked at her face there was a beauty ,a splendor she could see in her face.."its because of you Saab she said sab ap ki waja se hai, aaj Naku tayaar hogi tu ap ke liya ,aur jab ap mujhe dekhen ga tu mera singhar pura ho jaiga ,she spoke aloud to her reflection, blushed and turned to her apparel for the day break of Diwali. She put on the fitted kameez in wine shades, and smoothed the smocked resham, zari embroidery with beads and sequins , complete with velvet patch and fancy laces around her bodice ,which flattered her bust. She pulled the rest of the, velvet patch and laced border  kameez down her shapely contoured waist and hips  and it hung over her tight fitted purple wine churridar pyjama . She middle parted her hair and finger curled wisps of hair on the sides of her face ,loosely braided her hair and let it hang from one side of her slender neck . She checked her hazel green wide doe eyes and applied kajal in the inner eyes and flicked up the kajal at the outer points of the eyes, applied a hint of pink lip gloss and stuck a tiny dot purple bindi in the middle of her jet black winged eye brows .Finally she put on tiny jhumkis and slid on the gold kangans her mother in law had given her ; sprayed herself with honey suckle and peach fragrance ,grabbed her duptta and went for the kitchen to make tea for her Saab ,but before she stepped out she stood before Bappa and folded her hands in reverence "all your grace Bappa this is all your grace that has brought me so far, guide my thoughts and actions , give me your wisdom and bless this household"...

Naku, soft treaded towards the room of her man ,it was  like old times carrying his morning tea to his room, she held her breath her heart thumped as she thought of her lion, she speculated what he would say about her in a new out fit. She opened the door and was welcomed by the sight she wanted so much to see , she confessed secretly ,a top naked Saab her lion in the land of Nod. She smiled as she saw her chunni in places on his body that she dared not even be close to in reality ..around his neck loosely laid against his bare torso stretched all the way between his loins .She held her breathe and a huh escaped her lips and his naked brawny taut shoulder twitched and he lifted his head and blinked his eyes sideways irritated by the light and blinked and blinked till he had a vague image of her ,and with parted lips that pouted showing a tiny bit of his top teeth leisurely stretched his legs and went into a arhhh and painstakingly rolled on his back and through what seemed barely opened eyes stared at her and said "ah gaye tu" ,and he lifted his palm, wiggled his fingers and beckoned her towards him with his fingers ,she shook her head like a little child and he sniffed hard and propped his head a little "ah adher Naku aur diwali ke kiss de mujhe"....she moved towards him and he looked at her purple luscious sheer net lined out fit and his eyes narrowed as she pointed her hand towards him  with expectation that he would grab her hand but he nodded and moved his head towards his hairy chest "edher ah" he said wickedly she smiled and said kyon ? he took his lower lip said "edher aiyeagi to bataon ga pheli ah to sahi" ,she took a step back Saab no "I am not sitting on your bed ,you face is up to no good" she flirted , "hain? you stupid woman ,why is your mind always on one track that I want you he chuckled .She moved back a further step "because that's what you always do! Saab want me , "so wants your problem don't you want to be close to me Naku"?, he said but she wagged her thumbs at him "whatever, but I am not coming" she flirted .He threw his bed cover and his strapping large frame leapt to the ground! and she startled and he moved towards her like a lion to its prey grabbed her puny waist frame in his beefy arms ,swung her around like a rag doll and grabbed her legs and perched her and thumped her on his shoulders ."Saaabbb mein gher jaon gi eeehhh she shrilled in this shoulder ride posture ; "shutup! aur hold ker mera  head from the top! he snorted .He wiggled his shoulders and chuckled "here baaby dekha! the might of my arms tu ne,pata challe fauji kitna wazan uthi ke bhi ne down hota  haaa" and moved his head side to side and kissed her legs that dangled  on both side of his head and on his chest "SAAABBB .mujhe utraaoo  neeche !!  "abhi nehi he grunted kam puura ker ne de ,,she held on to his head with both hands placed on his mop of hair ,while he put his hand in his pyjama bottom and pulled out one  payal and her grabbed hold of her foot and hooked it around it ,Naku looked at him in disbelief ,then he put his hand in the other pyjama pocket and pulled out the other one and tenderly clasped it on the other foo as well! Finally he got hold of both her toes and bent his stubble lips and kissed each toe and Naku watched and her eyes filled with tears as he said "ye tera diwali gift hai Naku chaal ab dangle your legs across my chest and let me hear the sound! She blushed as she felt the flesh of her toes across his hairy chest and she pointed her toes foward and shook themn ..the sound of chum chum made him squeeze her legs around his neck and he said with his neck cranked up his eyes completely love struck and drowsy "I love you baaby and Naku bent her head precariously and planted a kiss on the top of his head. "challo Saab mujhe neeche uthrao ab" .He lifted his beefy arms and swung her around one more time and placed her on the ground ,she tottered as she tried to find her balance and he bent his arm and straightened her up and clasped her body to his. She placed her palms on his hairy chest and looked up into his narrow eyes and he bent down and kissed her fore head and said in passion "my beautiful ,gorgeous Naku you're  Dutta's weakness ,chaal ab mujhe Diwali kiss de" , and she slid her palms up his chest and entwined her arms around his chest and he kissed her warm long neck with fervor and pressed his body against her .He squeezed her soft supple body in his arms and she planted kisses on his ears and his sturdy neck. He raised one hand and propped her face up and his hungry lips smashed on to hers with ardor and he partook in the  sweet flavor of her love through her lips .  Dutta carried on with his kiss activities with the prompt of his  lips ,while his hands felt her tiny frame against his, .she moved back her head and and brought her arms down and placed her palms on his chest again but his time bent her head and placed her warm cheek against his hairy chest and looked up at him "chalo Saab mein ap ke karte nikal deti hoon ap chai pe ke shower le ke tayeer ho jao. Phir nassate ke liye bhi jane hai"..Naku laid out his clothes on the bed for him to wear,and left his room and her payal jingled and tinkled every time she walked..she loved the sound it was the sound of his love..


Naku went towards, Khan's room wth a tray covered with a decorative cloth .Khan stirred as Naku entered and folded her palms "Diwali ke subh kamana Khan hope you slept soundly" .Khan sat up with a smile "yes actually had a very restful sleep" .Naku sat by  her bed side, and uncovered the large sliver tray holding the clothes, "these are for you Khan new clothes from AyeSahib, there you go,  have a shower and come down stairs for nashtaa...people gathered in the lounge area there were trestle tables with snacks and soft drinks ,an array of festive clothes, bedecked family waiting for the head of the table to arrive. Finally he came and stood at the railing that overlooked the ground floor of his home, near the stairs, his hands clenched on the railing , his family looked up as he walked towards the stair way and almost moved like a  majestic lion, sure and proud in his descent adorned in a greyish blue fitted kurta pyjama, the kurta had a high collar with an open deep cut V neck featured with heavily enhanced decorative and floral patterns ,embellished with beads, stones, cut dana and pearl work around the collar ,neckline and cuffs. completed with a matched pyjamas and matched greyish blue embroidered  mojiris. His narrow eyes looked directly ahead at the family waiting for him and he finally reached the last step,  he stood with  hands folded above his head in smart humility, as  announced in a large voice "Diwali mubarek ap dsaab ko" .Naku looked at him and she melted in affectionate admiration for her Saab he looked so handsome his stubble groomed shorter that rendered his square jaw line even more pronounced and his face more serious and ruddy, his facial bone structure exposed, and complimented his well shaped strong nose and the wide smooth forehead .He smiled as he walked towards his mother and touched her feet .Khan saw him and stood to attention ,dressed in beautiful royal blue butidar shalwar kameez suit with thread and sequin work, she looked at him with her innocent eyes ,but, he ordered by a raised eye brown and a crank of his head, to be at ease and he walked past her and sat at the adjacent end of the table to his mother .He looked at Baji and Roops sitting together and he smiled a tiny bit, and Baji felt the blood rush to his cheeks. He looked round and saw Naku in her purple out fit as she walked  her anklets made a clinging sound .  Naku started to serve poha to every one and Baji teased her ,"Vahini Bhao ke terf jane ke zarroret nehi uska poha ka hassa mein kahoan ga..haina bhao? .."tu to? challo koi batya ga ka Bhao kiya khaega? chaahe jo bhi din ho ,Bhao ke patent nasata hai? continued Baji  Naku smiled and brought his plate of sandwiches and his face lit up and every one shout "sandwiches ! sandwiches? mouthed Khan as she scooped a spoonful of poha in her mouth, but she looked up across and saw Naku lean past his broad shoulders and his mouth fell apart as if he was going to land a peck on her arm, he looked up her and his narrow eyes danced with glee ,as one a child receives his favorite treat at a meal! Khan watched as Naku too caught his look and blushed as she in slow motion straightened up and said "kha lo Saab" ,Baji shouted ...  Ho Rama ,kya hai ye drama? and he wiggled his shoulders up and down ,and Dutta stared him with a killer look "tera drama ka the end ker doon Baji bahut bhajan ga raha he tu" "nehi nehi Bhao tu kha apna sandwich ka mazza le ,Vahini ne is  mein pyar ke  maska lageya  hai or tera nak pe baithe gussa ke kali mirch or apna pyar ka namak masala milaye hai is valentine sandwich mein", jested Baji Dutta just nodded his head ,picked up his sandwich,ignored the world around him and commenced the delightful chomp, bite, chew of his sandwiches .Every one noticed he hardly took his eyes of his plate ,he stared lovingly at each sandwich that remained and sometimes while he chewed in deep concentration he ran his fore finger over the sandwich still in the plate to feel if they were for real,  and Baji noticed and started his jest again , "khawab nehi hain Bhao haqeeqat hain ye sandwiches". Once he finished as was Dutta's custom he ran his forefinger over the few crumbs and cleared the plate clean! Every one clapped and he looked up at Naku and pouted his top lip towards her discreetly .She came towards him with his glass of orange juice, and placed a plate of puri and a tiny bit of poha, but looked up at her and raised his long fingers as he refused the plate of food , "nehi Naku thujhe pata hai mein ghee wali cheezen nehi khata"..Naku pulled a face pun "Saab aj tu utsav hai Diwali aaj bhi nehi kahen ge ap ,theekh hai mein lae jati hoon" she said and attempted to remove the plate ,put he touched her hand "chaal tune banaya hai kya? he asked gently , and she bit her lip and nodded her head like a child "phir me thura se chak laeta hoon" ,and he scooped a tea spoon size of poha ,and brougth it to his mouth and as he chewed he gave her a tiny movement of his right eye as he licked his lips ,"bas" he said as he looked into her eyes "paith bher gaya hai" and he lowered his eyes as she could hear his heart loud and clear just looking at you feeds me to the full Naku. Khan drew up some courage and said "maajee, Sir school mein bhi ,khana ke mamala mein bhaut sakth hein ,officers ko kuch din phele lecture mila Sir se ,sahe type ka kehana per", "really" interrupted Kala, "what has he been teaching you all"? ,"well Tia he was teaching us or rather telling us about a balanced diet, replied a shy Khan  , Dutta interrupted and gave Khan a stiffened stare ,"I was doing neither officer I was assessing your knowledge and understanding about what to eat and what not to eat" he corrected her in a gruff voice ,Khan sat alert and her face flushed as she said apologetically "erh yes Sir I stand corrected you were assessing our knowledge ,and we also learned a lot from each other answers reagrding a balanced diet "she said red in the face ."yes officer remember it's not all about me teaching you ,it is all about finding out what you people already know and then basing my teaching on what you know and what you don't you understand Khan? he said suddenly ,she jumped in her seat Yes Sir!, she said as everybody around her looked blank ,and she cleverly said "well I can tell you for sure that Sir will not be touching any of the fried snacks Kala Tai."... Kala smiled at Khan , "it's not just that he doesn't eat fried stuff, he  doesn't eat more than a table spoonful of food! ,that's the truth about him ,big as a lion he may appear, but bird appetite! ..dont know how he survives? said Kala as she shook her head and glanced at Dutta with a big smile "I know" shouted,Baji "Bhao survives on sand wiches, love and fresh air, duniya ki nayab cheez hai" ! and Roops claps "haan that's correct" and she runs and puts her arm around him "so cute na !and every one says "haan so cute na" and he moved his face to the side and gave her a broad smile,and started to move his chair and gets up, and moves towards the, lounge area and gives Baji a quiet gaze and Baji nods "challo Saab logo ab thura meetha ho jaye Naku",.. "Haan main latte hoon", she said and was about to walk past her Saab when she stopped in front of him suddenly looked up at him with her large eyes and said,"muhjhe nehi assess kero ga Saab? He looked down deep into her eyes and slanted his mouth than opened his puckered lips in a reply "thujhe asesss kiya hai  main ne aache se love mein, aur tu 100 percent pass ho giya ha , bulke love mein to tu mujhese bhi aga nikl giyea hai ,in fact I am learning from you baaaby",he said as he took his lower lip in his mouth and she blushed and in haste moved away .Dutta saw his  mother and sisters all elegantly dressed in festive fineries and jewels as they approached he lounge area, ...AS in a silk beige sari, Kala in a sheer rust, velvet bordered paisely scattered sari, Leela in a crison red designer georgette sari with heavy sliver flower motifs,  Roops in a fushia  shimmer double layered heavy patchwork kalidas kurti and churidar suit he smiled with approval as a range of glitter and colours flashed around him.The men were not behind ,with Baji in his two toned jacqured beige and ferozi kurta pyjama, while Suds strutted around in his mustard paisely jacqured kurta and white pyjama ,contrasted with Kishore's maroon kurta with an embroiderd neckline and white pyjama . Yess ,he mused as he stood tall and raised his eyes towards the heavens ,"babba, aap ka Dutta aaj phir apne ghar wapis aya hai ,aur aaj bhi ap ke kami mahsoos ker raha hai, ashirwaad dein baabaa, and he bowed down his head and stared into his blood shot open palms and blinked his eyes ,"Saab ap theekh ho na? ,he looked side ways into her eyes and with a slight frown and twisted mouth, moist eyes he looked into her eyes and nodded once "theekh hoon Naku" ...

AS gathered all her chicks and looked at Dutta seated regally on his single red sofa  ,one arm with elbow bent and one leg crosse over he other like a nawab .Dutta nodded drew Baji's attention "acha tu  kuderdaan yahan ak ker baith jayen kyon ke pikture abhi baki hai" ..and people grabbed seats while Naku served halwa and sweet along, with Roop, Dutta checked Naku with hungry eyes and every time she bent he lowered his eyes and blushed ; mera pas bhi ah naku dor dor se he nazara kerya gi kya? he mused as he tweaked his cheek .Finally she came to him and bent and he caught sight of her cleavage and whispered as she bent forward to serve him the bowl from the tray chunni theek ker apni and she let go of the tray and held it awkardly with one hand when it wobbled and he held it with his palm quickly while she pulled her chunni forward to cover her bosom .He let go of the tray and looked at her and gave her a speedy wink .."meri gujar ka halwa" he whispered hoarsely to her and she almost giggled and rushed away from him ..."haan tu sab tayaar hain tu main kuch batoan ..baat ye hai ke diwali ke tofa tu hain pun asie he nehi mile ga ..kuch na kuch kerna peertha ga toofa pane ke liya!  hain ek aadad gana sune ka hai said Baji and every one cheered!...challo tu kaun sharoo kera ga Baji? dared ...Kala got up and wiggled, and strutted towards an unaware Dutta and lapsed into "Hey darling aankhon se anakhien char karne do darrrling! rok na roko na mujheko pyar karne do ,as she put her arms around Dutta 's shoulders amid cat calls and whistles and Dutta smiled shly and lowered his muscular arm and  reached out for a red velvet pouch near the side of his settee and placed it in Kala's  stretched palm.  Vvvery goood"  shouted Baji, "aur ab ap ke samnay ah rehi hai Roops and he stuck two fingers in his mouth and yelled chaal shhruo ho ja and Roops started the wiggled of her waist and hips, pointed and her toeson the floor, shook her leg  and looked at Baji,as as she swayed towards  side singing "piya ,piya o ,piya ,piya! , piya o pyia, piya! subah sham kare mera jiya! jiya jiya!  piya piya o piya piya! ... Baji put his hand on his head and blushed as Roops continued to gyrate in front of him .."bas bas! kafi hai Bhao is ko bhi kuch de do hiljhul tu kere he laite hai, pleaded Baji amidst claps ... Roops went towards Dutta who kissed her palm and gave her a red pouch with the gold coin...Roops, shouted Baji ab teri bari hai and Baji squared his shoulders and went behind the sofa where Suds was sitting and with bullfighter  flair pulled out a red gotte dar chunni and plonked it on Suds head and started singing " cha cha cha chakne jalebi bai ahaa ! jalebi bai" and pulled Suds on the floor and  held his waist and made him wriggle his hips "jalebi baiii ,jalebi bai! ,and people cheered and clapped as Dutta rolled his eyes at the ridiclous spectacle of Baji doing the the hula hoop curves with his waist Jalebi baii ,and Suds whipped off the chunni from his head! gave a toothy gum smile! and sat next to his wife and Baji shouted !"aye Sudarshan Bhao ab ek item Leela tia ke saath bhi hoa  jaye and Suds sank to his knees and started singing  "girl you are my chamak challo, where you go girl I'm gonna follow just let me know oooh oooh ohh, you can be my chamak challo! ... and pulled her to the centre and lifted his arms and poised his body in true Spanish Flamenco style and amidst cheers Dutta got up and walked over put his arm around his sister placed the red velvet pouch on her palm and walked over to the dining table to get a glass of water ..and Baji could sense this sort of entertainment was really not Dutta's cup of tea so he pulled Naku to her feet and said "ab vahini ke bari .Dutta heard but kept his back to every one as he looked for a clean glass Naku looked at her Saab from a distance and started "silsila ye chaahat ka na maine bhujhne diya ho! Um"... and Baji ran and placed a lit diva on her out stretched palm and Naku sang "silsala ye chaahat ka na main ne bhuje ne diya, ho mera piya ab aaja re mera piya" ...  Dutta walked back looked at his mother , who understood her son's silent gaze , got up embraced Naku and gave her a diamond, set in a red velvet box ,Naku smiled with tears in her eyes and bent both her finger tips and touched her mother in law's  feet who lifted her by her shoulders and kissed her fore head and blessed her "kush raho beti"...

Baji looked at Khan "aur ab humare mahmaan ke bara hai .Dutta  glared at Baji, who bowed his head and nodded his head to indicate  that henot was planning to pull her leg ,and before anyone could say anyhing the quiet and elusive Khan stood looked at AS, smiled and began singing "khena he kiya ye nein ik ajaan se jo mile, chalene lage mohabbat ke jaise silsile, armaan naye aise dil mein kilhe,jinko khabhi main na janoon,vo humse khabi na mile kaise dil na janoon, ab kiya kharein  kya naam lein kaise unhein mein pukaroon" ...Dutta looked at his officer lowered his head and studied his finger nails as he sat with his legs slightly apart his fore arms resting on his thighs ,Naku sensed his unease which was unclear to her, was it the words of the song or was it that she was an officer and he expected discipline and staidness from her not some love sing song ... Naku smiled and got up to hug her and Baji said "ab bahut aacha gata hain and after a pause goli chaalne ka elwa! ,Dutta gave him an icy look and Baji ,presented her with a big red gift wrapped box and every one clapped ,AS said beti ,"ye toofa hum sab ke tirf se tumhara liya" ... "acha ab sab  log, shaam ho chali hi Lakshmi puja ka waqat ho giya hai" reminded AS and every one moved towards the shrine room which exhibited the beautiful porcelain embellished and decorated statute of the goddess of wealth, and pictures of Gods and Goddesses the family worshiped. The family stood in worship around and before, Lakshmi . Naku stood close to her Saab and he looked down at her and smiled and she looked in blissful reverence into his love brimmed eyes. Naku bent down and picked up the Puja tray, that she had prepared complete with a bell, a pot of water, a diva lamp, an incense burner, a pot of kum kum powder, and a spoon.

 AS rang the bell during Puja, as she and her family let Lakhsmi and Bappa  know that they have come to worship and every one prayed and invited them into the home. Naku, lit the diva lamps and moved it around in circles to bring light to the shrine. The family in devotion thought of the  light as a  symbol of God's presence. Naku, lit an incense stick and moved it around the shrine in circles, thus cleansing the air and bringing a lovely smell to the shrine for the gods. She offered water to the Gods on a spoon, further showing respect to the gods. Finally the family, offered flowers and food to the Goddess ,and all chanted mantras and prayers from the holy book . with their palms folded in humility and supplication each in meditation, thought of the peace within themself and offered thanks for favouring them with good fortune in the past year and welcomed her once again to bless their lives yet again in the forth coming year. Naku offered arti to everyone and applied tilak to all present thus reinforcing the fact that the Goddess has showered them with her blessing...


The family gathered in the court yard for fireworks and Roops and Baji, as usual were up to their comedy actions ,having a go at each other, fighting and nagging each other .Baji lit a sparkler and shouted to Naku "vahini ap bhi ah jao Bhao ke peecha chor do ,hum bhi tu parthe hain rahoon ein ...haaa  he guffawed.Naku started to leave Dutta's side and he grabbed her wrist tu kadher ja rehe hai Naku sab se bara sparkler aur sizzler tu tere samana ghara hai ,he teased her, with a no good expression!  Saab mujhe janae do bas ek phool jahree challa ke ati hoon",she begged ...and he watched her go and smiled your are the biggest rocket launcher in my life my phool jharee ,you have scattered Dutta all around yourself with your sparkle , sizzle ,crackle, hiss, and bang! kis gunpowder ke bane hoi hai tu jo Dutta ko ros explode ker deti hai !! he mused and threw back his head and chuckled she returned "Saab ap huss reha hoon ekele ekele .."haan Naku tera Saab bawre ho gaye hai tera peeche" he said romantically  and the two began to light divas and placed them in various areas of entrances of the court yard to welcome Lakshmi. She passed him a platter of pistachio burfi and he took a piece and brushed it against her lips and brought it back to his lips opened his mouth ,took a nibble and moved his jaw and held her chin up and placed his bitten burfi in her mouth..he looked at her with longing and said with  intense emotions "lets get married Naku...

The moment was jolted by noise from the BGS who came running in and interrupted the family fireworks,  Bhao sarak ke phar bomb alert hoya hai .Dutta moved like lightening ,shouted Khan ,red alert!  get set now! he shouted.. Khan ran like the wind! dashed up to her room came raced down with combat bottoms her sheer festive shirt tucked in ,sleeveless camouflaged jacket, holstered pistol!  sheathed concealed  dagger,  helmet,  rope , combat boots donned!  she ran like a Giselle and stood straight before Dutta who shouted compass yes Sir!  torch yes! ,rope yes sir! detonator equipment yes Sir bullet proof jacket yes Sir! heavy duty padded gloves yes Sir and she threw Dutta his combat shoes bullet proof jacket and combat trousers he put on the gear in great haste , stuffed his kurta and said "get set Khan let's go" Baji came forward Dutta barked "no you  stay here and wait for orders" .Khan and Dutta stormed out and Khan walked side by side him in authority he turned to her "Id"? she whipped it out yes Sir and they ran towards the suspected  house surrounded by police, sounds of police sirens and amplified on and off of police walkie talkies ,sniffer dogs reined in by police dog team for firearms and incendiary devices ,  and loads of local bystanders! .Dutta and Khan manually moved every one "ok get out of the way army !army" , and the  relieved police and people made an aisle to further the two officers  heading for the front of the house. Khan dived to the Sergeant in charge  "army she said showing him her ID report!! ,time !incident! ,provision! hostages she fired away the questions ,Dutta watched her as well as studied the environment ,sounds ,noises, movement above he building,  he  saw she was getting information and he amid flashed lights an search lights scratched his chin and surveyed the building. She came back totally cool and collected, "police unsure if hoax or true , call and number recorded ,Sir suspected bomb implant ,building  inhabited ,device placement unestablished, police search party 2personnel from dog team in bulding already... resue operation not in place Sir! .Dutta raised his palm and  cocked his head towards her and without further ado she commanded people to get back gave a quick scan and grabbed the long metal guttering pipe and kneed and pushed kneed and propelled herself up up up the pipe till she got to the balcony, gave a visual scan, and  without time slippage, prompted her  hold of the railing and swung her leg over  and she was on the fifth floor she looked at Dutta who stood below and she thumbed up and immediately , smashed a window shoved her arm in grabbed and turned the knob and entered the building .There was noise and screaming and wailing of women and Khan showed them her ID. She ran out of the room when she heard noises and found the police sniffer dog squad , slowed her ID and demanded an explanation ; no all clear ! affirmative she double checked and  they confirmed .she whipped her mobile and dialled Dutta 's number, Sir all clear top floor! ,but I am bringing down two children they are hyper ventilating get paramedics ready down in a few minutes, over and out" .She opened her double backed front and back harness , and fitted the lighter child in front by slinging his legs through the legs holes proved in the harness and asked the mother of the child to put the second four year old child in the back harness once secured she carefully swung her leg down over the balcony looked at the groves of the guttering and carefully and steadfastly made her way down the pipe as she carried the two children, balanced her descent as the distance between her and the ground lessened till she was fully grounded. Khan heard sizzlers and rockets go up in cheers for her as Dutta asked the police Sergeant to announce all clear as soon as she touched ground panting. The paramedics took hold of the children and put nebulisers on them straight away. Dutta  watched in pride and there was a loud bang!  and Khan crumpled to the ground. Dutta leapt forward and slapped her cheeks, she had fainted! some said it was a fire work "gola tha! gola tha" Dutta rolled his eyes bent his knees and scooped his officer in his arms and walked through as well wishers came forward but Dutta just carried his officer across the road to his home and Naku and everyone else flocked to the door but Dutta walked past them and laid her  down on the red velvet settee as Naku brought some water and sprinkled some on Khan's face which revived her and she opened her innocent eyes.  Dutta stood up and looked down at her and said "well done officer you have passed an unannounced assessment on dealing with counter terrorism your name has been put foward's now for further training in this course" he said coldly. Khan jumped up but Dutta said "stay at ease officer" ,"but  Sir" said Khan "I was not told any thing" .."officer, Khan you need to learn that in the army you follow orders! not ask questions, no explanation is given!  only needs to know basis Khan , needs to know! he retorted and turned and walked off .  Khan thought as she closed her eyes so all this visit was an assessment set up for bigger action. Dutta assessed As he walked away from her towards his room, good presence of mind ,good questioning skills, good reaction , good time ,good gathering and dissemination of information ,good determination! ,yes Parekh was right the officer shows promise... to be continued Hamlet 3.11.11

Precap: "yes this is Lauren head of PT dept. Military Hospital put me through to the  MS please..     











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mein aagai LOL

*clears throat*  Hi  Hammie...

Haha you know me na...even if I talk less in pm...a comment is a comment..and with one of my fav FFs I cannot ever leave a one liner :P  chal let me begin ...

Chapter 26 Part 2: give light and darkness will disappear itself ...

Need I tell you? ...title, as always, well chosen ...

So warm welcomes from the family for them...and I loved how his family was almost kind of embarrassing him in front of Khan haha baby, munno ...Major Saab ...kiss good bye to Sher image with such family members around: P

Hmm so Duji having a drink together like old times and Naku comes to see her two favourite men ...and loved the little tease about whether she also wanted a drink haha and then she states she was going to his room to leave some water and instantly the baby is yawning and wanting to hit the sack or shall I say wants to head to his room :P  and of course peeche peech humare Naku Ji haha ...and baaji watching them and saying 'welcome home my friends, my loves' beautiful touch to the end.

Hai bagawan what have you done...Dutta pulling out his shirt...undoing his belt and shirt buttons ...LMAO i love how he pops the bubble hahaha ...and tells her bluntly he had no intentions of doing anything ...  their fights are hilarious...both cant stay away from each other but all they do is fight with each other FOR the other... he is clearly stating his justifications for his behaviour...and her stating her feelings of jealousy & what naku mumbles about gremlins have attacked him ROFL...

Hai hai aagai second heroine...was wondering about it actually... Chunni :P
yes all wound around him ready to sleep with her :P

Naku all ready to see his challenge through LOL...she is waiting for him to break it himself

Haha Naku witnesses the chunni in places *ahem* she dare not be close to kya...hammie...oh this chunni has quite the screen space with our man

Omg loved how he put the payals on her..
and then their romantic cute moment was a treat for sure :)

Hai hai ...another important member has decided to grace Dutta with its presence...SANDWICHES bhi aagai haha ...and Naku giving to Dutta and him all gleeful ROFL here i have to LOVE baaji's line "ho rama, kya hai ye drama"  and then Dutta almost admiring the sandwiches made by her and again baaji ' khawab nehi hain Bhao haqeeqat hain ye sandwiches" LMAO ...oh gotta love baaji :P

Aww he ate the poha because she made it and old LTL1 memories...
if he eats her food he is full

Aww khan speaks haha  and he was quick to like burst her bubble :S 
and girl recovers fast lol and all talk about D's bird appetite...

Haha his assessment of Naku's love was cute ...100% pass and he is learning from her ;)  Aww am enjoying their little moments... oh what fun ...singing for gifts :P Naku's song was song from devdas na...very nice and Khan too sang :O  lol and D all uneasy  haha ... well this scene was definitely fun :D

You know when i read the part where D is talking about Naku while she goes to launch the phool jahree  when he laughs and she returns to see him laughing on his own ...i thought of you doing that in pms ROFL ...

:O lets get married Naku :O ...he said that? :O 
uh oh a red alert...errr...was this the time ...gosh

Hmmm so khan seems to definitely show promise..and Dutta is seeing that...uncalled for action acted well...quite enjoyed the end bit :D

Lovely update...continue soon...

Chal phir milenge chalte chalte :)

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