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FF: U n me!! PART 4 pg 16 (Page 10)

beautiful_life Groupbie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
as she entered her choachin class she 4gt abt studies geet notice maan! a slight blush cam on her face..n then she realised hw rude he was wid her in d morinng!...
she gt into class n was abt 2 join from tommo!
 On their way home geet was constanly blabbering...
mom apne ush ladke kho dekha tha jho coaching class main tha ..
woh ek dum sadu hai.. mujhe woh pasand nhi... itna attitude...
n throught out the way she was complaning as they entered handa haveli!
GEET: maa mujhe tho woh bilkul pasand nhi...itne buraa
GEET's mom prenana:.bas kar geet purae raste tu us bechare ki buraye karti aye hai...
before she could complete geet's dad anurag cut's her : prenana agar tum maa beti ki baatein katam hogaye tho dekho kon aya hai...
geet instaantly ...TUM!!Pinch
oh god tum! look yeh wahi ladki hai jis k bare main i told u..
ek dum creamy creamy skin said  PARI to her mom
AUNRAG: geet yeh huamre neighbours hain n mere bhut purane frnds...
GEET: dad i noe her she is mah class mate...
pari n geet were chating ..and a lady in her  late 60's came down ...
she was charming in ol d sense..
PARI: whose dat lady..goshh she looks awsum at dis age
GEET let me intoduce u to mah sweetheart she called loud NANI cum here..
pari u noe she was a busines women ne bhe unse sekha..
n i also wanna b lik nani!..she tld wid a grin!
PARI: wow teri tho puri family models ki lakti hai i m sure nani
 apne zamane main ravishing hogi and both laughed
wase meri mom sirf dad k pase kharch karti hai ...
main bhe wahi karing wid dis they laughed agan
NANI: hello dolls ..geet hume apne frnds se nhi milange...
GEET: sure nani...nani she is pari...n pari she is mah nani! n she is d  sweetst!
PARI hie aunty nic 2 meet u..
wase cn i cal u nani i neva gt a chance 2 adress sum1 as nani...
dere was slight tears forming in her eye whch dnt wnt unnotice by geet n nani
NANI: sure darling!
the family got settled wid each other ...
and joind them fr dinner...dinner was fun!
dear dairy!!...
    Today was mah 1st day at school...
n was nt bad... pari ,yash ,sanjay kajal
n ol r so sweet n helpful 2...
bt woh sadu god!
wase woh dikhne main accha hai diaryy...
ek dum mast bt itna atitude huh...
apne ghar par rakhe...
khair dairy i m tried nw abhe hw bhe karana hai
aur school bhe jana hai so cya aaj k liye itna he ...
wase paris dad mom r sweet..
n even she was sweet enough though was too girly
nt excatly my type but she is sweet hai na...?
hmmm aur diary main tho MUMBAI kho bhul he gaye ..
didnt even missd..
and i was so easily setled in co-ed shcool cn u bet that! gosh!
mujhe laga hw wil i manage!! u noe na gals school main hw it is..
ohh !!god diary Angry
tum bhe mujhe kitna likhati hoo ..
dekho main kabse likh rahi hun nw let me go byee muawh!
next day...
TEACHER: students wot do v call TEARS! in scientific language...?
ol d studnet lookd at maan becuz 2 such high fundo questnz maan only had answers!!...
he was a perfect blend of sexiness..handusmnes..arogance...n intellignece
bt tody maan himself was nt noein the answer...  he dnt llikd dat feelin!
TEACHER: maan would u lik 2 answer??
MAAN: mam i dono makin a puppy if he lost a battle
TEACHER: ohk i l give d answrer!
GEET while hesitating said "mam may i?" i bit nervous...
cuz she was nt sure wid her answer!
TEACHER: yea sure...
she replied"LACRIMAL FLUID!" a low voice
teacher gud dats rite...
MAAN was boiling in anger..fuming..
hw did she noe he dnt lik her answerin dis questn!...
wel fr him gals were fool bt geet was nt excatly a fool he thought infact
geet was a witty ...
days passd and maan realised she was very intellignt..
once maan was stuck wid a maths sum
 n he wntd d answer any hw...he thought of askin geet...
he hessitated bt he badly wanted d answer  
MAAn during recess wid ol the courage he askd "GEET CAN U HELP ME WID DIS SUM?"
she remembered d day maan insulted her whn she said him hie...
she wntd 2 throw attitude bt she couldnt cuz it was nt her anture to hurt any1..
she helpd her enemy to..n dis was maanEmbarrassed
maan was amused hw she slovd d sums in secnds and he was strugling since when...
MAAN"thnks" wid a fake smile...
and geet was blushin she dnt noe y?
PARI AND YASH: wowow...maan cam 2 u n said THANX!..
geet yea..n was blushin in her heart bt dnt wanan shw any1 ...
geet wnt hme...
rushed to her room..and updated her DIARY...
   2day he spoke wid me ..u noe diary fr d 1st time! she was on cloud nine!!!!!
 days past! months went...
geet at nite before bed...
DEAR  diary...
yesterday maan talkd wid me fr the d 5th tym.
.u noe 5th tym!...and by mistaly he thouchd my hand...omg!...
u noe i jst skip mah heart beat...dairy..y m i so attractd 2 him!??
thinkin abt him she slept!
 sam tym khuaran manshion!
maan was waiting in the hall fr his dadi as he heard d car park...
 he rushed to the door...
DADDAi: n hugged her! a bear hug!
after maan's parents death he was the only left wid dadai
n she was his world
DADI: maan beta hw was ya day!
and he tld her the whole days stry while she was havin dinner!
DADI: so maan u liked any gal...lik u noe u wanan date..
she was free wid maan and so was he..
MAAN: well dadi ladki tho u noe ol GALS  r fida on me she is different..
she is smart...beautiful...
bt i wnt her 2 aproach me...
 kyunki maan singh kharan kabhi kisii kho aproach nhi karta.. he said dis wid proud
DADi: beta attitude is gud itna atitude is nt gud if u like sum1 u cn ask her out...
n ofcuz leting me nw!...dey kept chating and finaly bit gud bye to each other
nxt day during recess
due 2 sum prank maan fell on geet ...
every1 started teasin them
GEET was blushin she lovd dat!...
bt could nt expresss while maan was fuming in anger...
he could hav killed every1 around...
GEET: hmmm
MAAN: wel i m sory..
GEET: its k...bth were in a awkward position and the bell rang ...
n they thnk god and soon were bisi wid lecs
maan avoided geet dnt tok 2 her ...
wase bhe he dnt tok bt nw he dnt even giv her dat fake smile,,,,,,,,,,,
they had cleared 9th and were in 10th...
geet and maan were in same class...
and nw she use 2 sit next 2 maan s row dat means
she does nt hav 2 strugle 2 see him cause he was jst next 2 her!...
omg she was happy...very happie...
dat day in clases maan was late so was geet...she could not remove her glaze frm maan when she entered wid him...white neva lookd so hot on any1...she exclamied!
MAM: y u guys are late ...nw dnt waste tym and go 2 dat last seats...
the whole class was packd and dere were 2 seats vacant ..
maan dnt wanan sit wid her...
as ol d school frnds wil still tease or tok abt them whhc he dislike
 bt he had no option
and while siting maans leg by mistakly touched geets...
dere was a sudden shiver in her body his touch had dat effect on her ...
she couldnt think straight!
TEACHER: geet i m askin u ! GEET..
wid dat her thoughts broke!..
GEET wohh actuly!!...she dnt even heard d qustnd
 she was feelin so embrased if teacher askd wot was she thinking...
bt suddenly maan act as her saviour n wishperd d answer is 3.27 was unlike maan anture...
she was shockd wid his help!
teacher: geet!
GEET: 3.27
teacher!: gud ..nxt tym b alert!
GEET :sory mam...
she lookd at maan and said thnks ...HE smiled...
god! he smiledEmbarrassedShockedShockedShocked
she wnt hme in her room
Dear diary
u noe diary 2day his leg thouchd mah thighs ...
his touch was magical i neva felt dis b4...i guess i m gone mad fr him!!!...
and his smile...god dat white shirt!! it was so awsumm!! wel...i doubt he liks me
i m nt dat ahpenng fr her!
dis is ol nani ka lov ...god woh parathaz ne muje size 1000 bana diya hai...
10th k baad i m on DIET!! strictly!
precaap: school annual day and maan touches geets lips!!!Wink
hyy peeps do u lik it shall i continue..btw i noe dis update is a bit less of dialouge becuz mujhe paka raha tha 2 add dailoges lol..jokes apart i dnt feel d need fr d convo
nw leave long commnts n shower ya luv i l update soon!! Smile
next :PART3

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beautiful_life Groupbie

Joined: 25 April 2011
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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

i hav added many things to d part so do read it!:)

if read b4

Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
great part!!
thanks for the PM.
continue soon!

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
awesome part
did u cahnged the story little
continue soon

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beautiful_life Groupbie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged


Dear diary
u noe diary 2day his leg thouchd mah thighs ...
his touch was magical i neva felt dis b4...i guess i m gone mad fr him!!!...
and his smile...god dat white shirt!! it was so awsumm!! wel...i doubt he liks me
i m nt dat ahpenng fr her!
dis is ol nani ka lov ...god woh parathaz ne muje size 1000 bana diya hai...
10th k baad i m on DIET!! strictly!
 school ;annual day!!!...
every1 was bisi in geting into something either dance or singing!!!
geet who loved dance was always nervous 2 tak part in dance competition becuz she was fat!!..she was a gud singer bt she was nt confidnt she had kinda stage fear!
so she volunter her self fr decorating the stage!
bt wot was d best part dat maan dint also took part in any activity as they were in 10th and he wana jst concentrate on bookz!! she was like god is luckyy fr me!
while geet enter d library whch was fully occupied by decoration she skiped her heart beat when she saw maan!!
GEET: hey wot ya doin here?
MAAN was bisi in cutting thermocall dnt repond frndly n said d:helpin mam
geet was nw use 2 wid his weird behaviour! bt d fact she is around him was enough
by nw she knw she was strongly atractd to him...
.her fisrt serious crush..hmmm lov...wel dats 2 early she thought
GEET: maan u doin it rong!
maan gives her a glare whch says maan singh khurana kabhi kuch galat nhi karta hai!
GEET: itne guss kyun ho rahe ho..u ll tare dat!
maan nt listening and end up tearing! the sheet!
geet bursted laughin
her laugh was magical...dats wot he thought! his thought were distrubed by geet..
she said: agar mera baat sunle hoti tho itne mehnath waste nhi jalti!...
wase tum bhe kya kar sakte ho tum tho MAAN SIGH KHURANA HO!
tum hum jase aam logo ki baatein kyun sunoge...
MAAN was  in anger n says: will u shut up! tum kitna bolti ho tumhe kya paise milte hain!Angry
GEET: abh tak tho nhi milte par tum itna kaam kyun bolte ho tumhe kya bole par tax barna badta hai...LOLLOL she said and wink at him
MAAN: chup ho jaoo
GEET: i can say u d sam...
arguments go on goes on and on!...
like whn dey were paintin d tree she bymistakely sprinkeld d color on his uniform and
thn MAAN: GEETTTAngryAngry
her mouth wnt dry! bt she cnt shw she was scared she is geet handa!!:
shhh maan school hai...n i dnt did dat jaan puch kar!
MAAN: tum chalti firthi disaster ho u noe dat... dat was it
geet...hoo tho tum kya ho ush din meri books kisne giraye the...n d arugmnts never ended
geet never wanted to aruge wid him ..she likd d only tym he tokd was whn he argud!
finnaly d annual day
 cumz since
 d stage was getting ready! maan and geet were alone in library sending d props before d correct sequence on dance!...
and sunddenly!!
litez go off!!!
shoutin so loud as if she saw a ghost!!...
and her voice was hurtin maan! unwillingly maan kept his hand on her mouth...
and said CHUP bil KUL chup!!
his thouch on her lips was an enough reason for her lose her self!
she jst blinkd at him..stare him!
and a sudden thunder made her hug him!!...
she was hugging tighter and tighter
he felt a bit weired bt he dnt say anything!...
he responded back..y did he did dat he dnt hav an anser...shh i m here geet shhh
and suddenly d lite cumz and their hug breaks!!
and maan was lost in her hazzel eyes he could nt feel anything else!!
her eyes showed her innocene! her inner beauty her heart! it was nt d same maan for a moment he cam nxt 2 her n said r u okay??
geet was abt 2 faint he jst askd me dis...wowoowo!!!!!
geet wid a grin yea i m 5n!!
days passed their frndhsp grew!!..
and one day afta their classes  maan askd to acompany her sumwhere bth informd their drivers dey l  b back in mintues
maan...he was behaving weird geet was sure she didi sumthin
 and he is gonaa argue...
bt wot she couldnt think...
and her thought were distrubed by maan!
maan: geet tumhe lagta hai ki logo kho school lyf main pyaar hota hai...i mean lik u noe woh crush jasaaa
wait a mintue wot did he askd...maan singh khuaran discusin LOVVE unlike him...
GEET: hota hai na tumhe pata meri frnd aur ushka bf r dating frm 6th std...n like gals school main...she tld him their whole lov stry n ofcuz her addition ...she was so cute...her hands were flyin in air lik tryin 2 express her words d cute faces she amde n her smile..haye...
he dnt register a word bt was lost in datt he cut her by askin
MAAN: tho tumhara bf bhe ho ga?
GEET: nhi nhi she blushd and said mujhe bf alowd nhi hai!
MAAN: allowd nhi hai matlab?
GEET: matlab meli mom kho pata chal gaya tho she ll kill me!
tum bato hws ya gf?
 while she wanted 2 hear he dnst have  a gf... her fingers were crossed
MAAN: i dnt hav a gf
geet wid a grin on her face askd y? i mena ya hawt..n bit her tounge i mena ya gud intelignt y nt?
MAAN: becus u are nt allowd 2 hav a bf...
she was gng 2 say sumthin bt thn  she realisd wot he said
geet was lost in his words wot did he jst said!!
maan said geet i reli like u will u b mah gf!!...wel u l b lucky enough u r d 1st one
geet was like her dream is reality widout hesitating she said YESS!!
maan thought of teasing her : mom kho pata chala tho?
geet: MOM kho nhi bolungi! aur pata bhe chal gaya tho kya hojega...
geet at hme
dear diary
aaj main upar aasam necha ...
u noe kya kaha mera MAAN ne ki main ushke  jaan hun!!!...
.dairy! i hope dis nt a dream!
she was blushing at d table n jst blushin ...
PRENANA: geet y r u ok
GEET: yea mom i m 5n! i was neva betr...
she sounded so hapie n lost!
she wnt to her room played a romantic number on her i pod n slept thinking abt MAAN! MERA maan..goshh it sounded so perfect!!!!
PRECAP MAANEET MOMETS!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
n may b a kiss if u wnt heheh

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am_sweet_pari Goldie

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intersting ff
plz add me in ur pm list

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---nishu--- IF-Sizzlerz

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nice yaar
who's that girl

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anaum91 Senior Member

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nice update...cont soon n thnx fo d pm

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