Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CI Saturday Maha Episode - maaneet SR

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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    2)Crazie Incredibles thread is a fun thread... and we are here to have fun! ' So it is important to keep the thread clean.

    3)For CRAZIES... Maan & Geet are equal and Maaneet love is divine...therefore we love Maaneet to the core... No bashing of characters / actors is tolerated in crazy thread... i.e. No bad words should be used to describe any character/actor. If you are angry with any character or scene, just say U are angry!!! Or be angry with CVs.

    4)WARNING to ALL!!!    - If any bashing is found in the thread,  3 warnings will be given & then after that they will be thrown out of the thread.

    5)We call DEV - DEV(IL)... please mention as such when u quote in the thread.

    6)We are not Fans of Devini, NT & DEV(IL)..Don't bash them.. just criticize them!!!! ' You can include them in the analysis.            

    7)Quote each other limited to 3 quotes...  

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P.S: Topic Starter...will give the analysis in the next post below

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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me not at all happy with the episode ... wo kya tha AngryAngryAngry... RTM was more sensous & passionate ... even the wedding night ... their 1/2 SR was more passionate ... I am totally dissappointed at the way they showed the entire episode ... if they had shown little bit romance ... what would have happened ...

kis angle se CON dikh rahan tha AngryAngryAngryme so mad ...

& actually after watching the last scene I was Laughing at myself for building up my expectations so high ...

AASH & Deepz ... U missed the episode nothing great happened ...


wednesday's episode was much hotter than today's episode ... maan tying the dori & untying it ... & dressing up geet ...
aaj ka episode ka satya naash kar diya cv's ne ... such a horrible SR ka episode ...

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

Hi crazie darlings...

MAANEET ki milan ki raat

MAANEET wud never leave each other in danger...Maan asks Geet to go frm the place of danger but how cud Geet leave behind her life her Maan and go...akhir MAANEET ki saans, dhadkan aur zindagi ek dusare mein basthi hai...


When Geet gets tired and Maan gets water and sprinkles on her face and and then Geet wipes Maan's face with the same shirt, it was a lovely moment


Loved how Maan tells Geet yeha aaram karne ke liye koi jagah nahi hai and Geet hugs Maan...aww it was a very beautiful moment...MAANEET's baahon ki darmiyan r the happiest and safest paradise for each other..."MAANEET woh do murjaaye hue phool te jo phir se khil gaye ek dusare ki baahon ki darmiya mein"...

Also loved the scene where MAANEET r hiding underground and their eyes spoke volumes...MAANEET have always showed us that eyes windows to their heart and soul can express all feelings and thoughts which words can never convey and MAANEET  have also showed us that eyes r the most divine sacred dreamy magical beautiful true and pure mode of communication...

Jungle, lake, water, moonlit and startlit sky,  Maan carrying his Geet in his arms and jungle mein hut and MAANEET's life was in's scenario was so similar to first time honour killing night...jungle has always been special in MAANEET's life be it first time when Maan saves Geet for the first time and v got eternal lake scene and then next the dreadful night of honour killing where Maan saves Geet frm Brij and others and next MAANEET's first confession the most divine and beautiful confession ever and now today MAANEET's seems like Taveez was destiny's decision, wish and dream that Geet and Maan two strangers both who had a dreadful horrifying and painful past and who were both lonely and sabse paraye, deprived of love, care, sweetness, colours and flowers's fragrance in their respective lives shud meet, and become sabse apne, and give each other the care, love, happiness and fulfill all their wishes and dreams which they truly deserved and which belonged to only them, and also it was destiny's decision that MAANEET shud act as the medicines with miraculous healing power on each other and who wud wipe away every bit of pain, anger, bitterness, loneliness, nightmares from each others' lives, heart, soul and mind forever... MAANEET's rishta of care and love, mutual respect, admiration, trust, understanding faith, pride and prayer for each other is atooth was destiny's decision that Geet and Maan who were incomplete without each other were meant to become MAANEET and complete each other and hence create an eternal saga MAANEET's eternal and evergreen journey the most heart-touching and soul-touching divine sacred and magical journey that has taken all MAANEETIANS to MAANEET paradise since the first time MAANEET have come into our lives...

V have seen different kinds of relationships and feelings between MAANEET in their eternal journey...from strangers to saviours to boss-secretary to care-takers to fake mangetar to friends to real mangetar to parents and last but not the least lovers, husband and wife and true soulmates...MAANEET both have been angels, sunshine and 'Deepak' and Jyothi' in each others' lives who wud brun themselves just to lighten up each others' lives by driving away all darkness frm each others' lives...

 Also today once again water, jungle, hut, moonlit and starlit sky, maahi maahi- special chosen and lucky cupids and connecting dors in MAANEET's eternal journey were blessed to witness and experience MAANEET's ETERNAL UNION...



MAANEET's eternal union of lives, hearts, minds and soul is like coming together of two halves and two equals... MAANEET-each others' strengths makes it up for each others' weaknesses and hence MAANEET complete each other...MAANEET r true soulmates in every sense...MAANEET wud share everything in their new life be it happiness or sorrow, dreams or nightmares, roses or thorns in their life...After having found each other both feel that they r the luckiest and blessed people on this planet as both feel that now the destiny which was so cruel and unfair to them in the past has gifted them with each other and thus, blessed them with more than they ever wished for or dreamt of...Geet and Maan were like two precious gems and now both have become one anmol ratna... ... for both their life starts and ends with each other...MAANEET r indeed a couple made in heaven...MAANEET r truly the most divine sacred dreamy magical charming beautiful lovely musical adorable sweet fairytale romantic passionate breathtaking couple...MAANEET r a perfect couple...MAANEET r the best couple ever and forever... love, respect, admire and worship MAANEET truly and deeply to infinity and even beyond...




MAANEET have shown us that people don't fall in love but people rise in love and that to rise in love to such an extent that v all feel like admiring, respecting and worshipping MAANEET and their eternal pure and true feelings and thoughts for each other...


MAANEET ki ab har saans har dhadkan har soch har ehsaas har yaad har sapna har haqeeqat unki chahat, zindagi, astitva, taakat, ummed aur sab kuch sirf ek dusare se hai aur ek dusare ke liye hai...this is MAANEET's  paradise where v all MAANEETIANS live, smile thru tears, and cherish each and every moment...



The song was lovely and beautiful...


p .s.i guess everyone is disappointed with today's episode including me...i know and i agree with u all v all had expected for passionate and full of love kind of sr bcuz it's our MAANEET's sr i mean v all know MAANEET's divine deep and true feelings for each other and v all had thought today's sr wud reflect their feelings but...anywys nothing more to say...watever they showed was passionate but still the expectations set were so high...i felt epi was simply dragged i mean v all had thought maha epi will be fully dedicated to MAANEET but v got to see more of other people than our MAANEET...MAANEET's sr was supposed to be very special in their lives...i don't know wat to say and wat not to say yaar...

i felt roop tera mastana, pee loon, their half-sr night, kurba hua, maahi maahi, disco hug, tere mast mast nain and many such seq all were more passionate and full of love than today...sorry no offence but this is wat i felt...and also epi was simply stretched...and v got to see more of others than our MAANEET...v all wud have waited for few more days until they wud be well...nothing more to say...honestly i felt OSs and FFs on GF were full of love and passion and reflected MAANEET's special divine true and pure feelings for each other more than tonight's epi...


Eventhough MAANEET's milan ki raat scenes were for abt 5 mins, i wud say DD and GC both were awesome out of this world with their expressions...DD and GC r Queen and King of expressions...DD and GC r the best actress and best actor i have ever seen in my life... MAANEET r truly the most divine sacred dreamy magical charming beautiful lovely musical adorable sweet romantic passionate breathtaking couple...MAANEET r a perfect couple...MAANEET r the best couple ever and forever...MAANEET r truly a couple made in, respect, admire and worship MAANEET truly and deeply to infinity and even beyond...


Also plz check this new post...

 Mahaepi-love, respect, admire and worship MAANEET


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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:03pm | IP Logged

i don't know what to say..this is very dissapointing and the worst episode of episode was hotter...and ...partial sr was much more hotter...what's the hurry..i don't know what to say cvs are more focussed on devil-nandini and jugnu mama...

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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Res for the hottest episode ever...hope to be able to come tonight...i might be officially dead after the episode...i am very upset...i wasted ma full 1 hr watching this non sense...instead of studying for ma exam...didn't in ma wildest thoughts think i would say this...even crying...such a disappointment...i wished atleast they showed them kiss...but no...maan kissed on geet ka shoulder with her dupatta on...gosh i don't know how to take out ma frustration...its not lyk a leads sr but some sidey characters ka sr...don't hv any more hopes left in the show in terms of romance...the most romantic phase is over...we can just watch the old episodes on youtube and enjoy...sorry for saying such things but i just wanted to let ma heart out...i can't stop ma tears...cvs hv let everyone the song was too good...and of course gurti rocked...

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Kya Con ho gaya ya Monday ko dikhne ko milega pata nahi...

Total last scene was so so hot ...and the sing was super hot...

Maan said to Geet ki mein tumhari aankho mai apna sawal ka jawab dhund raha hu...and Geet said mera jawab ha hai...

Total scene was dreamy but  kuch dekhaya nahi ...Maan open the dori and then kiss Geet's shoulder Maan open Geet's hair Geet apne aap ko total samarpan kia Maan ko thats all ...Ek kiss tau dekha sakte hai na...kya socha kya nikla...Cry

Today episode was too much dragging and too much break...

I was happy when Gunda were caught Devini but they were rescue themselves...

Mama was hilariou Jagnu Jasoos 008 James bond ka bara vhi...undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Mujhe aur kuch nahi bolna...

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craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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reena lucky girl.. tu open kar rahi hai...SR ki thread...

balle balle... junglr mein magal ki jay ho...

maan u better be NPM that SBV

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