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BAVD Written Update 13th May 2011-Dhumroo Drama

fuzzyface IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
So Dhumroo has valiantly declared his love for Jhumka, which is going as per Gau's ultimate plan to keep all the lovely money just in the family. Jhumka's next target is to get Bharti to eat the bait and get them married. Knowing Bharti of course she will take it, so we will see Jhumroo wedding soon. Meanwhile Murli aka Spiderman has been flashing his teeth a lot and treating Bharti like a human being Tongue. Both Bharti and Murli have kick started their romance via buttons and kheer as well as some heavy eye locks Embarrassed. So, let's see if this episode is bearable enough for me to do the update.Confused

Murli aka Flame Boy ( coz he is in angry mode) is telling his parents that Dhumroo couldn't have thought of such things, so it has to be Gau's plan. He adds that all the drama by Gau is a lie. He goes about how to make Dhumroo understands all this. Bharti knowing well about Murli's temper brings him water and places herself on the sofa. Bansi is asking what if Dhumroo don't want to give it up, how coz it will be hard to make him understand. Mahan Bharti butts in by saying that although it is an issue but we have to look at it from Dhumroo's 'point of view. She said after seeing his two younger brothers, Dhumroo would also feel it. He too wants a jeevan saathi. An
annoyed Murli tells Bharti they have thought about Dhumroo. He said they have asked for many rishta but all rejected him. (awww so sad but Bharti you of all ppl shld understand this the most). Murli says they don't want to see Dhumroo get his heart broken. Bharti says fine but Jhumka too has agreed and is happy about it. Murli goes like of course, it's too easy, which is why he is very suspicious. He said to Bharti that she should know how poisonous  Gau is in this house , so she wants her own sister in her own house (great at least Murli sees Gau's two headed snake avatarLOL).  Murli sarcastically says if that happens only god will be able to handle the house ( lol Murli is on fire). He does't want Jhumroo's rishta at all because Dhumroo's is like a fragile child, we can't let anything happen to him or we won't be able to forgive ourselves. Kamala agrees with Murli. Murli goes on saying to his parents, they have to make Dhumroo understand somehow.

Scene shifts to Bharti is the kitchen cutting veggies (this has become a fav spot for her now TongueDhumroo hops in asking Bharti that she said he will find someone who loves him, so why can't Jhumka be his wife. He tells her his parents are not agreeable, so Bharti should make them understand. Bharti tells him the parents are the elders in the family and will only think of good things, so he should comply with them. Dhumroo gets angry saying Bharti is just like his parents and what she said before will never happen about his marriage. He goes on telling that when he needs her the most, Bharti isn't helping him. Bharti is like no no ( yawn Sleepy, why am I watching thisConfused).  Dhumroo declares she is no longer her best friend and walks off angrily. Bharti is sad.

More Dhumroo drama with his screaming calling out everyone. He thought his family loves him but they apparently don't care ( arre yaar I don't care either Stern Smile). Dhumroo emotional atyachar continues that he won't eat or drink if they don't agree to this marriage, which makes Mridala and Jhumka very happy and grinning like the idiots they truly are. Dhumroo says he will kill himself , Murli tries to calm him down but to no avail ( wah another Devdas, make it stop someone coz this is only 7 minutes into the serial Cry ).  Murli tells everyone not to worry because Dhumroo can't stay without eating, so let him be for a while as he will forget everything. Mridala and Jhumka aren't happy.

Then Bharti comes with some tea for Dhumroo but he doesn't want and tells her to buzz off  (I wonder if we ask him to do the same, I'm sorry but that's how I feel Tongue). Water drama continues with Veena trying to persuade Dhumroo with Bharti looking on sadly. At the dinner table, no one feels like eating. Kamala gets up trying to persuade Dhumroo, followed by Murli. Dhumroo walks away while Bharti continues to look sadly at him.

In Mridala room. Jhumka and Gau are whacking the food nicely. Gau scolds Jhumka for eating a lot while Dhumroo is starving for their love. Jhumka being the dumbo that she is was shocked about Dhumroo not eating and fears if he dies, so who will marry her (*slap forhead* I think Mridang should make her the second wife Evil Smile). Jhumka says she can't go on without eating, Gau is like she knows but urges her to go to Dhumroo and persuade him to eat. She tells her something (it was in mute not that it wld matter anyway). Mridang asks Gau how can she eat after conspiring so much. Gau gloats says she is the real khiladi 'Ramji ki Bhanji. She tells him to eat quickly, so they can watch the cinema downstairs.Tongue

The family is unhappy and Bharti is sad yet again seeing that no one has eaten dinner. Then Jhumka comes starting her drama that she didn't want things to go bad. She wants their blessing instead but everything had turned bad. Jhumka continues if anything happens to Dhumroo, she too will die ( great works for me). Bharti is like no no. Jhumka asks if she can talk to Dhumroo just once, Bharti nods. Jhumka brings food for Dhumroo and tells him this isn't the way to go about things by causing grief to others. Mridala are grinning from top while Bharti goes and bring the rest of the hillbillies to watch the drama. Dhumroo says he can't do anything for her. Jhumka ask why is he causing the family to be sad. She says what she loves about him is how he makes everyone happy. She goes on about how he made everyone sad and not eat. She then feeds him and said she didn't eat beacause of him. She lies that Gau told her to eat but she won't eat until he eats ( wah wah what pyar this is Dead). The family is looking at this and Kamala is happy Jhumka made him eat. Bharti then asks everyone to eat. Jhumroo are feeding each other (oh joy *rolling eyes*). Mridala rejoice that their evil plan is good to go.Tongue

Ends. No Precap

The moral of this episode is that emotional atyachar will get you what you want. I wonder if I can do the same so that this Jhumroo torture can end LOL Seriously this was just too much Pinch Sorry Bharli fans, looks like honeymoon is postponed for next week. The only good part was Murli,  as for the rest, watch at your own risk.Tongue

Have a nice weekend everyone.Big smile

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Fantastic update!!! Thumbs Up  Sorry you didn't get to update the romance.  Or not? LOL

Looks like on the good side, Murli is the genius - he can see through his father's ruses, and he can see thru Gau.  In fact, Gau really made things worse by playing it this way - had Jhumroo w/o Gau's involvement gone and asked for permission to marry, they'd have gotten it.  First time we're finding out that the Lal's request of rishtas for Dumroo kept getting turned down.  I want Jhumroo to be happy, but while I disagreed w/ Kamala about family reputation, I agree w/ Murli re: the motivation: since this is Gau's attempt to get her sister loaded, it has to be a part of a bigger plan.

Murli, since you're about to go on a honeymoon, why not ask your new big bro Kartik to handle this.  In fact, although it's not likely to happen, I'd like Murli to tell Ashtik all about Gau, so that they can start manipulating events against them.  Nothing would be greater than watching Ashtik sabotage Mridala's plans.  If Murli does this, he won't have to sweat over what Murari or Gau are planning, and can peacefully romance w/ Bharti all day long.

I agree w/ you - Mridang should sell Gau to RA, and marry Jhumka himself - as it is, she already acts like she's his wife - make him tea, make him nimboo-pani to dilute the bhang his wife had made, etc.  Actually, the best wife for Dumroo would have been Bharti herself.  Then there would have been no tricks that Gau would have needed to play, since Dumroo would have been a lot more fond of Bharti, and Murli could have lived in peace.

Jhumka's love is funny - but real.  If one's hungry, one's hungry - all that bakwas about I won't eat unless you eat is just for the movies.  But her telling Bharti that Gau told her to eat, when in fact she told her the opposite, was priceless.

I hope the honeymoon is on next week (why did they show that promo so early?) and that Ashtik steps in to start sabotaging Mridala's plans.  Incidentally, where were they today?  The entire family was down for dinner, but weren't they?  Or don't they eat?  Aren't they supposed to at least pretend to be a part of this family?

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bavdfan Senior Member

Joined: 23 April 2011
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update!
I wasn't into this Jhumroo thing but at least i thought Jumka loved Dumrhoo, but referring to this episode, eating like a cow, she doesn't give a damn !

But anyway, Dhumroo's attitude got on my nerves, he thinks that everyone have to agree immediately on every thing he says. It was cute about the holy, but here, he goes too far.

Murli's part was funny and he speaks the truth (i like that !)
I'll add to this comment : as a few people said before : he can say dil se (like he had some 6th sense or whatever) that Jumka is up to something and that Murari isn't as sweet as he tries to show, but he could not see trough Gau (when she "forced" him to marry Bharti) nor trough Prakash.

Other than that, even if i agree that Dhumroo is a little kid, if he doesn't eat one day it's not the end of the world. It's because the parents are over protective that he turned like that in my opinion.

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-JaZ- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 August 2010
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
great update fuz ClapClapClapClapClapClap ...
watching the epi i just felt glad that today is not my turn  LOL
so the most eligible bachelor of bavd ,dumrooji will get hitched soon LOL
y didnt they let him die Angry and saved our poor souls from his antics LOL
lals missed their golden opportunity of trapping sudha to marry dumroo ...that heartbroken woman would have agreed that too if murli had asked she would have never turned it down LOL
i think bharli must leave soon for their honeymoon if not jhumroo will join them Stern Smile then they have to spend all their time in teaching the dos and donts to dumroo Stern Smile
so the whole story is circling around dumroo and jhumroo Pig ...i wonder who is the hero of this soap now murli or dumroo Stern Smile


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addicted1 Senior Member

Joined: 29 April 2011
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
 OMG, this is really tooo much Jhumroo, instead of being happy that someone who loves the sweet n dumb boy from the depth of her heart, they sabotaging the whole romance. Murli, u have the rite sight about Gau very of a sudden, where have  ur X ray vision been be4 when it concerned Bharti, or Prakash????Nobody, but really nobody was ready to listen what Bharti had to say, Dumroohs  point of view IS important. Stretching the story CVs, Clap very successful.
Why was nobody asking what Jhumkas parents would say about it, in a proper way they should have force Dumrooh to wait for a proper proposal , the way it should be?I guess Dumrooh would have understand.Creating twists where no need of any .
Its not fair to show us the honeymoon trailer and then wait for a week to show . 
Anyways, todays epi was more or less USELESS and boring. Wish I hadnt waste my time, but no worries, Wink going to watch online alll selected Bharli scenes. I just LOVE those TLC Murli, and I am happy for Bharti, sabr ka phal meetha Dancing. And in Simla, huh how sweet will it be there???? Lets see, Murli, are u going to be a MAN now? I hope it, otherwise I am going to drop watching BAVDCry
BTW fuzzy, ur update was unsurpassable, thnx a lot!

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Rakhie_08 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 July 2008
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Great update Fuzzy, thanks.
I think Vrish pretty much covered everything, so there's nothing left for me to say.
Except that I loved the first 5 mins when Murli was in full angry young man mode.  He knows his bhabi very well it seems ROFL
Other than that, the rest of it was a bore fest.  a whole 20 mins almost spent, on the consumption of food and all related matters! Ermm

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chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
fuzzy u and ur sense of humor that only made the update exciting

seriously this show shud go off air soon they r stretching it beyond tolerable point

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fuzzyface IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged

@all thanks everyone

@vrish spare me the kiddy romance, I mean I am all for cute scenes but nothing full fledged ROFL I would love if Mridang married Jhumka, can you imagine Gau's face ROFLROFLROFL, I would start watching the show solely for this, if it happens ROFLROFL. But I suppose Jhumka is like a kid sister for him, which is why Mridang is okay with her around.

@jas you're lucky coz it was all  about Dhumroo this Dhumroo that and Dhumroo boo hoo, I was tired listening to himStern Smile. I agree Bharli better espcape soon to Simla or else Jhumroo will reach there before they can say 'let's go' LOL
@bavdfan and addicted yes apparently Jhumroo's romance is crux of BAVD and I dun get it Confused
@rakhie yes Murli knows exactly what Gaushala is and able to do. He didn't even flinch talking about her, everything he said was spot on. Like he said that only god will be able to handle them, after all she is Ramji ki Bhanji LOL
@CB you know me, I always see these shows with my humour glasses or else I would just collapse at the sheer idiocracy. One of the reason I watch desi shows is to destressLOL

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