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*|Drashti Dhami's FC- New FC link on Pg 146|*

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||~Drashti Dhami's FC-The Adorable Angel~||

Welcome to the Drashti Dhami Fan Club<3
|~*Drashti's IF Fan Club Link*~|
Drashti and Drashtians Rock<3<3<3
We all love you Drashti aka Our Adorable Angel<3

A special thanks to Mayuri; and Kiran who have helped to open the FC.




Rock And Roll<3

**~~Rules of the FC~~**
Do NOT join this FC if you are not a true diehard fan of Drashti Dhami.
No Bashing is allowed here whether it's an actor and/or a member.
No profanity and/or vulgar language are permitted
NO chatting please. Keep your personal chatting to the minimum
Do not quote more than three times.
If you see anyone breaking the rules, please correct them.
Do not discuss about other members', specially the Drashti's basher.
Do not break any of the above indicated rules, CFC rules and/or IF rules
POST CREDIT:  To the respective uploaders!
Please do not copy cut or claim any of the Creations as your own. Thank you.
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'I'm Not So Eager About Challenges'-Drashti Dhami
A chat with Drashti Dhami aka Geet of Star One's new show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi'.
Drashti Dhami after portraying the role of Dr. Muskaan on Dill Mill Gayye returns in the shy role of Geet on Endemol, 4 Lions Films and Star One's new show that goes by the same name.
She explains how she was apprehensive of taking up this role initially. She also candidly tells how she has been dodging  her mother's many attempts at getting her married and how the reason for this is not her boyfriend!
How did you bag the role of Geet?
I went to auditions for this particular role. But once in the audition hall, when I got an idea of what Geet is like, I got nervous. But anyhow I gave the auditions and I got selected. But even after selected I wasn't confident I could do justice to the character because honestly Geet is very unlike me. But thanks to Nisaar, Gul and my camera person Rishi I learnt everyday what Geet is all about and did all I can to bring her alive onscreen.
You did very well in your debut show Dill Mill Gayye. So why so apprehensiveness on your second show?
See, in Dil Mil Gayye, I played Muskaan. A very vivacious and bubbly character. I'm as flamboyant as her. So it was relatively easier to assume and have the confident that I can play her part. And when your mind says so, voila, it's so much easier. But in Geet's case, she walks different. She talks different. Everything about her is demure and subtle. There are days when I'm brash about certain gestures and someone has to remind me-'Geet doesn't flip her hand that way' and I'm like 'Oh yes, sorry'. So you see the fact that I couldn't relate much to Geet made me afraid of taking her up as I'm not so eager about challenges.
Do you feel Geet represents the women of today?
Geet represents a lot of women who are independent but not beyond their families. They are independent enough to complete their education and have fun with their girlfriends. But when it comes to have a say in who they want to get married to and where they want to get settled after marriage, they really don't go beyond their parent's choice. She doesn't have the strength to rebel against her parents.
Have you witnessed post-marital abandonment or harassment?
Actually, not amongst people who are too close. But I have heard about these incidents happening.
What about your upbringing, rural or urban?
I'm a Mumbai girl. I've been born and brought up in Borivli. I did my BA from Mumbai College majoring in sociology. And I used to be a part-time dance instructor for kids. So that's just about my upbringing.
How did acting happen to you?
Well, it so happened that when Crossword Mall got launched, my friend had an audition scheduled there. So I out of curiosity more about the mall tagged along. And then it so happened that the people there said anyone is free to give auditions. I simply went for the auditions and got selected! That was my first print ad for a Scooty. Later lots of ads and music videos came along. Saiyaan dil mein aana re got me to another level. And then DMG happened.
What is better ads, music videos or television soaps?
Ads anytime!  Because for ads you get to travel a lot. You get to be different every time.
Do you miss DMG?
Yes I miss DMG a lot because it was like a bunch of freaks put together. We were all of the same age and we used to have a blast during the shoots. And if it's a night shoot then it's a wild night out! But even my Geet family is very loving especially the senior star cast. So it's been good here too.
What is your idea of marriage?
My idea of marriage is lots of love with lots of responsibilities. It's a huge commitment and I'm not ready for that yet (laughs). And my idea of an ideal marriage would be Monday to Friday with mummy and Saturday-Sunday with hubby!
What about home turf? Are you under pressure to get married?
Yes I'm 26 and like any other mother my mom is after me to get married. The typical'MBA pass, NRI etc. but I just put it off.
So is she unhappy with you working and putting off marriage?
No, my mom is happy to see me onscreen (smiles).
Are you seeing someone?
Nooo'I don't have a boyfriend!


||~Geet Uncovered~||

Drashti Dhami, who plays Geet, in Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi, gets herself explored in a short chat with IndianExpress.com.

Can you point out some similarities between Drashti and Geet?
(Smiles)Yes both (Drashti and Geet) are girls and we stand for our rights. Apart from this, character-wise, we both are very different. Geet is a very calm sort of a girl while I am a very loud and a talkative girl.

What message, if any, does the show convey?
It is giving out a message saying, that sometimes your decisions probably are not supported by your family, but, if you think you are going in a right direction go ahead with it (the personal decision).

What is one special feeling about working with this show, so far?
Biggest satisfaction about this show for me is the fact that I am performing the lead role and my audience will get something nice to watch.

There is a stiff competition in the GEC segment. Does it scare you about prospects of your show?
Of course, somewhere down the line, you do feel the competition. But, I am not scared, just a bit nervous.


||~Geet And Glycerine~||

Forget scheming mothers-in-law and vamps, it's glycerine that tortures our poor TV serial heroines the most. These reel life tragedy queens have so many tears to shed on air, that they can't function without litres of the irritating glycerine that leaves their eyes sore, itchy, red, swollen and in pain every day.
Soap land's latest crybaby Pallavi Gupta, who plays Bitto in a serial of the same name, has been complaining in interviews about how her poor eyes are not able to bear another drop of glycerine in them, but she has no choice since her script demands her to weep morning and night. And howl she must as Sneha Wagh ' who plays the serious lead, battling one hardship after another in Jyoti ' reveals, "The secret behind a hit TV soap is in the heroine's tears. TRPs won't go up till the lead cries. The more the tears, the bigger the hit." You need to be in this tearful state for at least 10 hours a day, since daily soaps require long hours of shooting. Sneha, who sheds her fair share of tears says actors have no choice but to use glycerine because, no matter how well you get beneath the character's skin, you can't get your tear ducts to work 24x7. "I can't keep crying the whole day, even though my brain has been programmed to feel miserable as soon as I get in front of the camera. So I use tonnes of glycerine and it's horrible."
The side effects of looking natural on screen according to her are, "Burning, blood red, sore eyes and a constantly running nose." Once she gets home she just crashes as her poor eyes need some rest. Drashti Dhami, who plays the bubbly Geet in Geet ' Hui Sabse Parayi is slightly relieved because her character is going through a happy phase these days. "Now the crying has reduced a lot, but during the early days, I didn't just have to cry, I had to howl. Even if I got angry, I had to cry. Now you can't naturally shed so much tears. My eyes got so used to glycerine that tears wouldn't flow even after I used half a bottle. Due to the quantity of glycerine I had to use, especially during close-ups my eyes were constantly puffy, red and would sting." After pack-up and in between breaks Drashti would constantly be washing her eyes with chilled water for some relief.
Ironically, while her eyes are rejoicing the lack of tears now, her poor head is continuing to protest. "My wig is so heavy and the clip so tight that apart from a constant headache, I have to now live with bald patches (the clip pulls at her hair) too."
These poor heroines really do lead a painful life and the sad part is that glycerine, with all its cons is the best option available in the market. Sneha says she has tried something called tear sticks as an alternative to glycerine, but it has camphor in it and makes her eyes burn even more. So she has no choice but to stick to glycerine and use Eye Cool, a liquid used to soothe burning eyes between breaks. Talk about leading a tearful life.


||~Drashti Dhami~||

Drashti Dhami, who debuted on the small screen as Dr Muskaan Chadda in Dill Mill Gayye, has now become a popular face on TV with 'Geet Hui Sabse Parayi' a teleserial. She plays the lead role of Geet, a young, spirited girl who marries an NRI and becomes a victim of fraud and deception. Drashti talks about her role, on screen family and much more 

Earlier, you played the bubbly Muskan in Dill Mill Gayye. How difficult was Geet's role? 
I'm very talkative and loud in real life, so playing a role opposite to my personality was very difficult. I was under a lot of stress but took it as a challenge and hope I have succeeded. The initial days were very difficult and I used to cry on the sets daily. 

Have you ever come across a girl like Geet in real life? 
I haven't come across anybody like Geet, but have heard a lot of such incidents from my friends. 

What was your first reaction when you read the script? 
I was not at all confident about the role. I remember asking my director, 'Are you sure I am the right person for this role?' I didn't think I would be portray such a calm and composed role. 

Geet has now become a popular name in every household. Has the character had an impact on your life as well? 
It really feels great. Once, a lady came up to me and said, "Geet, don't worry, everything will be fine." She was in China for a week and didn't have access to the serial, so she would call her daughter in India everyday to find out about me. 

How is your chemistry with Abhinav Shukla (Dev)? 
He is a great person and a very good friend. I really miss him a lot. 

Who is the better actor, Abhinav or Gurmeet? 
I would say both of them; they are playing two different characters so they can't be compared. I think both are doing justice to their characters. 

How similar is reel life Geet to real life Geet? 
In real life Geet is very friendly, talkative, loud and a bubbly girl just opposite to reel life Geet. 

Now that Geet knows that she has been a victim of fraud, what will be her next step? 
Geet will definitely fight for justice and would not give up easily. Wait and watch. 

Any message from Drashti to Geet? 
Geet is so mature, confident and smart that I don't think she needs my advice. 

Please tell us something about your onscreen family, especially Darji? 
Everybody is very supportive and cooperative, they help me a lot with dialogues. Darji is very sweet and calls me 'chuhiya' and leaves no stone unturned to tease me. I am very close to Beizaad Khan (Brij) and Ranno too.

||~Debina understands our job as actors, we aren't real-life lovers: Drashti Dhami~||

If you thought television had a void of a good on-screen couple, then you haven't seen Geet the popular youthful-yet-family drama on Star One. The show has given viewers someone to talk about ' angry young man, Maan Singh Khurana (played by Gurmeet Choudhary) and Geet (Drashti Dhami) are warming the hearts of couch potatoes. TellyChakkar spoke to Drashti on her success and feelings.

How has Geet changed your life in the last few months?
I feel I am blessed. Geet has changed a lot of things in my life and for the better. I have got a lot of love and appreciation from my fans. I have got fame, name'what else can one expect? And to top it all, I got a chance to play a lovely character. I don't think I have anything to complain about. Life is good, thanks to Geet.

In April, Geet completes one year. Are you comfortable with the daily soap actress tag?
Honestly speaking, when I started with the television show I never ever realized that I would be doing daily soaps. During Dill Mill Gayye, I was slowly getting used to the grind and now during Geet, I am getting used to it more and more.
When I used to model, I often wondered how actors could work so much. But now that I am one of them, I have no regrets. Dill Mill Gayye gave me an identity, while Geet gave me recognition.

In your opinion, what makes this show click?
Star One is primarily known as a young channel. Shows are conceptualized and made for them. Geet was no different. But I think the element of family drama in the show has made elderly people like it as well. I think the right balance of everything makes it tick.

What about your chemistry with Gurmeet? Isn't that a reason as well?
(Smiles) Yes, certainly! Geet-Maan as a couple has created their place in the viewers' heart. Gurmeet and I have put in our best to reach this stage. And I must say I do feel overwhelmed knowing what viewers think about us.

What is the secret behind your fantastic chemistry with Gurmeet?
(Smiles) I do agree the scenes we enact are quite intense. But our job is to get the right emotions and expressions. But believe me, Gurmeet and I are just friends off screen, we do not talk much besides work.
In fact, whenever I get some free time I hang out with my friends who are not from the television industry. In a daily soap when you are working and spending the entire day and a large part of the night with actors and technicians, somehow I want to come out of that atmosphere. So I guess the answer to your question is good acting!
Few people know that when I started Geet, I used to be very sad. Most of the scenes which I used to enact were emotional and there was a lot of emotional stress I had to undergo because of that. I want to take this opportunity to thank my first director Nisaar Parvez. He played the role of a catalyst and helped me give my best for this show.

Gurmeet is engaged to Debina. Do you think she feels odd seeing the intense scenes you do with her fiance?
No way! She is also an actor and knows that this is part of our work. There is nothing more to it. At the end of the day, Gurmeet and I are Geet and Maan and not real-life lovers.

What are your thoughts on getting married (a la Ratan Rajput) in a reality show?
Well' I am not really reality show material. I love dancing though, so a dance reality show may get thumbs up from me. But getting married on a show is too much! At the same time, I have no problem with people who are doing it. Hats off to them!

Who is your biggest critic?
Undoubtedly, my mother. Whenever I used to cry on screen in Geet, she used to criticize me a lot and always ask me to improve my acting skills. A year down the line, she is proud about me.
Telly Tadka
Drashti's Interview 5th June
~SBS/SBB reports~
Geet; Maan; Dev on IF
DMG wrap up party
Family special 7th October
Geet and Maan 21st July
Geet and Maan 19th August
Geet and Maan 20th August
Geet 24th August (Bhai dooj special)
Geet and Maan 7th September
Geet and Maan 10th September
Geet and Maan 20th September
Geet 24th September
Geet and Maan 1st October
Geet and Dev 4th October
Geet; Dev; Maan 4th October
Geet and Maan 19th October
Geet and Maan 19th October
Geet; Maan and Dev 25th October
Geet; Maan and Dev 26th October
Geet and Maan 29th October
Geet and Maan 2nd November
Geet and Maan 5th November
Geet and Maan 5th November
Geet and Maan 10th November
Geet and Maan 24th November
Geet and Maan 25th November
Geet and Maan 26th November
Geet and Maan 30th November
Geet and Maan 6th December
Geet and other bahus in white


Chevrolet spark car
Pulimootil silks

~*Music Videos*~

Drashti in Saiyyan Dil Main Aana
Drashti in Humko Aajkal
Drashti in Nachle Soniye Tu
Drashti in Teri Meri Nazar Ki Dori

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