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Mistis thoughts 13th may 2011 (Page 2)

ChinadollTwo Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Devina - I agree that Dev's behaviour towards Radhika is over the top and CVs need to tone it down or show us his thought process and guilt for his behaviour.

After watching today's episode, it seems that he is thawing out slowly and is very aware of her... Future episodes will be interesting!

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rajsri Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Misti ... great thoughts as usual

I too liked dadaji today but still wish they would show his thoughts ... i hope he has a strong role going forward the way dadi did in CB1 ...  he was one of the few characters i liked before the leap and i hope they continue to keep him around

Dev very nicely diffused the situation between the 3 women ... kudos to him for doing that ... i hope the process of him softening does not happen overnight but they take it over a few days  ... no one has referred to dev as servant until now in front of rads ... wonder when that will happen

As far as rads is concerned, here are my thoughts

...she is very goal oriented and her goal is to be kk's wife ... she feels she is doing her dharm by fighting for her adhikar ... all of this has been either taught to her in her gurukul or she has picked up from listening to some priest tell her what the right thing to do is
--- her dad has basically supported her but always trusted that what she believes is right ... it is a relationship where he respects her as much as he loves her ... so she has not had anyone that she really loves tell her when she is not doing the right thing  ... she has learnt to tune off shantha bcos she knows that she does not always have her best interests at heart
... She is not as intuitive about people as Rads from CB1 was ... she believes that by doing something good for people, she can win them over.  So to some extent that shows her naivete   Also, she really believes that Dev will still take her as his wife even after she watched him just stand by as she went in to take the pheres  ... she does not understand why he would stand by his obligations when she has basically made this her essence and something that she will fight for
-  she pushed her way through to get kanha in the house, which i was happy with  ... BB is so full of ego that she did not realize what she was dealing with ... but any other more shrewd woman would have picked on this
-  i like that they have made her more human ... that she has her faults - that she wants what she believes is her right ...   but i hope the creatives show this as a learning for both her and dev and not as a sign of her or his mahaaness
-  By coming to the house and pretending to be someone else's wife, she has risked her father's reputation ... dev has already told her that he would not accept her ... so she should have backed off
-  as far as blaming herself for rohan's accident ,  i think she is subconsciously transferring whatever dev thinks to herself ... hope at some point of time dev takes responsibility too for his share in the mess ... and that they also rightfully blame rohan for getting so mad in the first place
-  i would like rads growth when she realizes that not all people may view the child marriage the way she does

Let's see where they go from here ... really liked the drama today ...

oh btw ... oh no .. not another vrat 
Avinash and Rubina were fabulous ...
Rohan was really cute today as a kid ...

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neerjashingla

Good comments Misti , now story is not stuck,  showing improvement in the Characterizations of RP,s family ...Loved the Radhika,s steps with halwa towards Dev and Dev,s changing expressions when she was standing behind him as if  he forget to breath ,...Now at least his face expressions has  little bit softened ...Rohan is cute , not listening to her mother is the time for yours and Misti,s scenes with three of them ...That will be fun ...
Thanks Neerja...for me the interesting scene was later on between Radhika-Padma -Badi bahu and Devs reaction there. Avinash was good very few dialogues but as usual expressions were there to put Devs reactions to the audience.
Rohan is now on revolt and will soon be following his pari around the house.WinkLOL...followed by his snarling and snapping mother and an even more furious Dev...who will be followed by maheshwari...Virath will be following his mother...Mohini will be following Virath...Gopaldas will be following Mohini with a confused expression on his face and sprouting poetry...amma will start to push dadajis chair when dadaji will signal her that she should go and join the queue and he just wants to sit by the side.LOL

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

ACC TO OTHERS DEV SHOULD CALL RADHIKA BHABHI NOT RADHIKA JI ,u also did mistake misti but these PF members are in themselves all all members want their own way so no one is paying attention and to expect from rads about thinking this is worst,she can never in her life even a bit of time can think that he will call her bhabhi' and dev himself is also not realizing this fact

and ya some softness is there in dev's expressions and that part where rads was going towards dadaji was wworth seeing for dev ,he was like if he has his own way he will lleave from there instantly without even a bit late and when she crosses him as well then like he has gotten his life back,MOST WORTH SEEING PART

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chalhov

MISTI LIKED UR COMMENTS AND ALSO LIKE FRUITCAKE HE HAS DEFUSED THE SITUATION BETWEEN THREE WOMEN and many scenes specially after his first bite and how tensed when Phuljari was coing that side he looked scared what if she comes and serves him 1st.LOLLOLLOL and yes dadaji and also the precap probably the ring will be used to save Chenu during the pagphere and he is thawingLOLLOL where phuljari is concerned they managed to have eyelocks in between and all did not notice.Wink now he has many examples and he cant keep on saying no to Phuljari for long.LOL
Thanks Chalhov.
Yes Fruitcake had quite tense moments in the dinning hall...he knows that Phuljhari is aiming for him LOL...hope they make this thawing a bit gradual process because they do have a habit to rush when they should not rush and then walk in snails pace when they should be speeding up.

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ChinadollTwo Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Musti - I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but I saw a promo where Radhika is singing a different bhaajan than the one we actually saw in the episode. I'm glad they went with the one in the's sweeter and the words more appropriate.

Also, they showed Radhika touching daima's feet Angry I'm glad they omitted that scene Clap

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by why6

Misti, you are right about Dadaji.  He sure is enjoying all the chaos.  Poor guy had to suffer for 12 years with that Kabutarni for company and everyone else just nodding their head at Kabutarni.  Now here is his new CB and she is proving that old wise owl right.  I really liked his stern look at Padma who sat down meekly afterwards.  Not that it lasted long and she started her tantrums again.  But still, Dadaji can quieten her with one look.  But his best expression was reserved for the end when Rohan gave Dev the halwa (CD's scenario coming true here).  I was thinking that Padma wouldn't allow Rohan to eat and then Kabutarni would ask Radhika to give it to Dev.  But this scene was more fun.  There was so much smugness and satisfaction in Dadaji's eyes and face.  Even though they are not showing his thoughts, but he is sure that Radhika is Dev's wife and so was happy that the ritual got fulfilled.

Yes...he was very proud of Rohan then and I hope Rohan continues making him proud.

Padma's tantrums gave me headache today and I was actually agreeing with Dev here where he mentioned to Radhika that she shouldn't come there if she is not welcome.

Dev was right here...Radhika has a habit of not thinking and ignoring others and just doing what she has to do. Sometimes it is good, it helped her regarding Shanti and she used the same attitude on Padma.
 He was actually gentle with her today.  Avinash's expressions made up for the lack of dialogues and thoughts these creatives give him.  Initially he was apprehensive as he knows that Radhika is one determined person and wants to feed him first.  So he was scared that she would just come and feed him right there and then.  But he also was happy to see Radhika asking for Dadaji's blessing and Dadaji blessing her with his eyes (his expression softened and had a wonder look as if he realizing Radhika's value).  Then he didn't like Rohan calling Radhika Pari and asking for food first.  He turned his head when Rohan was taking the spoon to his mouth.  Then he looked spooked when he got fed instead and his eyes flew to Radhika who was standing with her face turned away.  Instead of convincing Radhika, he seems to be getting a feeling that Radhika is right.
Yes...I was just watching Devs expression during the entire scene...

His calling Radhika "Radhika" was very telling and the way he is expressing his rights over her just flew over the pagal PF members.  

Exactly...any shrewd person would have realised what is happening here...he was trying to protect her and remove her from that situation...and all this went tangentially to these inmates in the pagalkhana.
As you said they missed Radhika's backing down too right after Dev's words.  But Dev's expressions were good when he didn't like Padma scolding Radhika or telling everyone that Dev is siding with her because she was right.  Dev's expression was clear that it was not his reason for doing so.  Then he also looked remorseful at Radhika's tears and turned his head away as if he couldn't bear seeing her cry.  All in all it made up a lot for lack of his thoughts.  

Radhika was actually being little hard headed when she went inside Padma's room.  Her actions were wrong as you can't force people to like you and Dev was right that her actions were responsible for spoiling the atmosphere especially with someone like Padma who seems to get more adamant when Radhika tries to pacify her. I said before Radhika was trying to deal with Padma as she deals with Shanti...but Shanti and Padma are two different people...Padma now is very defensive and is not listening to reason and the cause of her ire is her jealousy over Radhika...that no one is listening to her but is siding with Radhika. Irrespective of the fact whether she is right ot not...if Radhika forces herself, Padma will lash out. So it is better to back off now and let Padma cool down.   
Badhi Bahu is totally oblivious to the fact that Padma is telling some truth.  Radhika's coming has caused a total rebellion in the household where Dev and Padma are now answering her back.  It is kind of interesting that she relies on Dev for support.  Poor Maheswari and Viraat should have a heart attack when they realize that Dev is the chosen one.
Yes...I found it interesting too that she relies on Dev in times of stress.

Well, now a version of Vat Savitri is coming where everyone will think that she is keeping the fast for Rohan whereas she is doing it to earn Dev's forgiveness.  So Dev would be acting up for a while but then towards the end of the day would give her water.  So are they now planning to make him gentle towards her in one week and then softening gradually and his real feelings start to come out.

I really hope that they do not rush here...They can drag this slow change in Dev for some more time and it will be interesting to watch this change happening.
Not sure if the message to give others space has entered Radhika's head or not.  She may back down from Padma but Rohan would keep on coming back to her.  He is totally fida over "Pari" and will approach her again and again.  Probably this will also bring out some feelings from Dev as he would be disliking this despite Rohan being a kid.
Rohan today openly revolted because he wanted to eat the food cokked by pari and Padma thinks that she can keep him away from Radhika...he will come to her.

 Was wondering about that too.  Has she started blaming herself because she thinks she should have come clean to  Rohan before the wedding or is it because Dev's words have rubbed on her.  But I would hate to see her feeling responsible to justify her keeping quiet when Rohan gets cured and pretends that Radhika is his wife.  Don't trust these creatives.  Or it is nothing and as usual they make her the sweetest person who takes all the blame whether it is necessary or unnecessary.  Last week they showed her trying to prove to Dev that the accident wasn't her fault.  Now she is taking the blame for it as if she is responsible for Rohan falling so badly for her.

Thats what I was wondering too...Last week she was not accepting her fault and now she is. I hope that they do not use this guilt complex for her to stay back for Rohan...Knowing these creatives anything is possible. If Devs guilt is rubbing in her then I hope that later they show Dev feeling guilty about it...which I am sure that they won't show.

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sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged

Thanks was fun to read as always. 

Nice episode and loved the way Dev took Rads out of the situation deftly without anyone letting it know. He knew that she would stand there and try to appease Padma right then...which, although is good by intentions however the timing is wrong. Radhika should give Padma some time. Padma is hurt, angry, vexed, and is strongly believing that Rads is the reason for the ill fortune befallen on her son...and BB siding with Rads has only increased her anger! More than the superstition, she is now annoyed cuz no one is listening to her. Another thing she said...that no one ever listens to me in this house. I guess this was the contained anger from the past 12 yrs that she is lashing out now...BB would have rebuffed her earlier, but she must have remained quiet...but now she is lashing out at anyone and everyone, b'cuz her threshold has been crossed and she cannot limit herself. A small monologue needed from her to knw what had happened in the past 12 yrs!

Hehe...Rohan calling Rads... "Pari...Pari mujhe khana do" That was so cute! However, Dev's scared expressions were funny. Hehe...he must have been wondering if she will shove the spoon directly in to my mouth...nahi main munh kholunga hi nahi! hehe. 

Loved Dadajee's expressions...he cannot speak but his eyes do. 

And true these people are taking everything at a snail pace when it is not needed...hope they do the same when it is needed...and dont rush as always!! Agree with Devina...they need to show Dev's mind! Please...we need to know whats going on in his brain and why is he behaving so rudely to Rads.!

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