Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge#124[13/5 Epi-144] (Page 2)

-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
done with short take on page one...i know we arent supposed to spam till 3rd page...but lounge apna hi hai aur koi ane ko b hi nahi hai...

iseeliye spamming ki jai la la la la la

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
hehe I am so sorry for not opening ML on Fridays since a long time Tongue

Thank you Anjali for opening it EmbarrassedLOL

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavyasam

Kisine  nai likha LOL  now a days I am getting into the habit of writing the next day.  shld get back to normal.   Oye jisne bhi reserve kiya  sabhi edit karna please.   after 27th likhna chahe to bhi nai likh sakte Ouch.  

if prev ML members are reading this,  comeback and write  please Embarrassed.   only 11 more epis remaining Cry

@Bold - Kavz I haven't watched the episodes since Monday. I have projects lined up that are due next week and the week after Disapprove and an exam coming up next week Dead

I will surely try my best...there aren't many episodes left and I really wanna write here...but time doesn't permit me that

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zach Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 6:26pm | IP Logged

Beautiful episode !!! Smile But, I wanted more…..20 min is too lessDisapproveCryCryCry

 The most memorable, sweet moment of the episode…Arjun telling Arohi…at this moment, I wish you can see yourself through my eyes. Such a genuinely cute, romantic thing to say…it summed up so many emotions. a guy's supreme love for his sweetheart; his little irritation of arohi not being appreciative enough of her own special qualities; his smile on Arohi's innocence…her being worrying about unimportant matters..!! them being together…that's all what matters. SmileSmile

For us guys..generally, its very hard to explain or show love in too many words. So, whenever a nice guy says even a brief sentence of compassion and comes straight from heart Tongue

 Chuddail part was funny..very real !! kuch real-life couples bhi exactly aise hi baat karte LOLLOLLOL

 Rajeer getting scolded by his boss…that was pricelessROFL…bechara kaam ke bojh ka maara isko chahiye hamdard ka tonic sinkaraROFLROFL I think the problem is…he just have too much ego.. don't consider anyone better than himAngry…always act so rashly and impulsively..pata nahi kis ne ACP bana diyaLOL….i mean..look at ksa..even he follows sachai ka raasta nd all but he rarely gets angry at anyone.

 Amrit getting all teary and crying on listening about raveer's pledge to get Arohi-Arjun live or dead….thats easy to understand too. I have no idea if she know any secret about shooting incident. Here, in the forum, sometimes we criticize her character being too emotional….But, I think her situation is sooo complicated. Shaadi ke baad ladkiyo ki loyalty sabse pehle apne husband aur unki family se rehti naa…unke saath bhi aisa hi hai. I think she is a cute mom. SmileShe may not be always correct technically but she seems to be following her duties and social responsibilites. (even though it may put her against her own daughter )..very tough !!

 And finally…the suspense of real shooter…oooh !! Big smileeven though, it seems to be mikhael…I am still suspecting him to be just a part of someone elses  big scheme..or we may have an altogether unexpected person as shooter. Mikhael being shooter….thats too straightforward !!ROFL C'Mon I am expecting some twists and turns LOLLOLLOLLOL

@ Aksh : i think i have done ML take thing just once before...and that was for 12 may episode Smile

kaha naa...hum ladke generally shy, reserved types rehteTongue ek maich weirdo hu SmileROFL

Edited by zach - 14 May 2011 at 7:52am

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Awesome episode!! I loved seeing Rajveer get heat from the commissioner about how he handled the case not even Arvind could save him and had to agree with the commissioner. Sweet!
I am tired of Amrit feeling torn especially knowing what Rajveer is upto, take steps to stop him and protect your child! There should be no wondering what to do, as a mother she should want to do everything in her power to protect Arohi
Romit is so cute! Poor guy had an idea and then it disappeared LOL
So glad the CVs showed up some great Arjuhi scenes. Arjun is so dreamy, he was just mesmerized by Arohi's beauty and kept complimenting her... so sweet!! Day DreamingLOL when he said she is right and is starting to look like a witch. Leave to to Arjuhi to turn a cute moment into a comical one. Loved the romance but it looks like Arjuhi will soon be running again because the killer has found them, but how? I used to think the killer was Mikhail but why would he want Arjun dead? All he wanted was for a rift to be created between Arjun and Rudra and that was done, so he has nothing to gain from this. Really curious now!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
edited my post above  LOL

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Confusedjai gud to see u here..  likho take.. mujhe padna hai... never read urs Ermm i think.. 

p.s. i came so late.. n still on p2.. shud i be happy or sad.. ppl come n write takes.. KMH end ho raha hai toh tum log pehle se kyu strike kar rahe ho.. baad me likhne ko bhi nahi milega.. plzzz come bak!!

CVs - you've earned my praise today!! ek dhang ka kaam kiya.. "aap ke kehne ka matlab ye hai ke ACP aur police force ko ek ladki ne hara diya!! sharm aani chahiye aapko!! ACP RSA, hume aapko iss case se hatana hi padega!!"Clap

Rajvir: Sir, ab baaz toh apne cage ke saath hi uddta hai, par jab baaz-ni saath ho, toh cage kya, pura ka pura tree saath le gaya!! uss par mujhe latka kar!! mein toh sirf parinda hun na.. ROFL

Arvind didn't support Rajvir even though he knew Rajvir wudnt have let go of Arohi. Stuck to his character. so good job!!Thumbs Up I wish he had said shut up Rajvir when Rajvir said mein case nahi chodunga!! LOL

zinda ya murda!! i liked the extent to which the bar had raised for RSA coz it was a matter of his integrity n committment to his duty. ab toh inke pyare izzat ka savaal tha.. toh aisa kasam zaruri tha.. Thumbs Upbut also he shud have once thought back to the many times he had been wrong about arjun.. LOL

jungle mein ghum, petrol bhi khatam, saamne hai tabela, arjun arohi ke sang akela, me like, me like!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

luved the positivity in the scene. 
arre arohi, arjun ne situation pe nazar nahi daali, woh toh apni long lost wife pe nazar pher raha hai!! Wink

Arjun: kaash ki tum apne aap ko iss waqt dekh sakti Arohi.
Aksh: kaash ki hum tum dono ko in person iss waqt dekh sakte..
Arjun: bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho.
Aksh: aur Arjun bohot hot!!
Arjun: tumhare baalon ko hava udaa rahi hai
Aksh: aur Arjun ke hosh ko tumhare baal Tongue
Arjun: jab bhi ye bijli chamakti hai na, tumhari aankhen aur chamakti hain
Aksh: jab bhi KMH dekhte hain, toh humari aankhen aur chamakti hain
Arjun: trust me, iss toofan me tum aur khoobsurat lag rahi ho.
Aksh: trust us, iss toofan me (KMH ending) tum dono aur dhinchak lag rahe ho.. we'll miss u.. when we know we r gonna lose something, we try to hang on more to it.. aur ab KMH ki choti choti baatein bhi hume aur zyada priority lag rahi hai!!
Arjun: everything is perfect, beautiful.
Aksh: ditto!! n CVs..we hope the remaining episodes r done beautifully too so we end gracefully with fantastic memories to look back at.. a perfect product for u guyz n a perfect story for us.
Arjun: tum actually me chudail lag rahi ho!! LOL
Aksh: Imagine, tum logon ke nightmares me hum chudail banke aayenge.. u guyz robbed us off something so beautiful, am not sad that KMH is ending.. am sad that its ending this way!! all gud things have to end.. but all gud things deserve gud endings!! Cry

k bohot hua emotional atyachar ya sirf achaar.. moving on..LOL

amrit finally says something.. D'ohjab beti ke jaan par ban aayi, atleast tab toh kuch bola..Thumbs Up but i dont think rajvir can at the end kill arohi.. or even try.. arre abhi bhi isne arohi ka naam pswrd me use kiya hai.. the line between love n hate is very thin n so he will go bak n forth.. Tongue

n ye amrit rab se raasta maang rahi hai... kahan ka? tabele ka?Wink upar se shez wondering uski bacchi kiss haalat me hogi.. (amna me churaofying ur ideaLOL) hum bhi yahi hope kar rahe hai ki woh kiss wale haalat me hogi!!Embarrassed aur tabele ka raasta ya toh kisi ko bhi na mile (jo ke ho nahi sakta Cry) ya sab ko mile taaki we can have a very confused n dazed face off from where arjuhi can escape yet again!!Evil Smile hope rajvir reaches the tabela to match micky's interesting intentions.. which am still curious he here to kill?? if so whom? n will he buck up his teaspoon sized courage to actually shoot.. LOL

super loved the nok-jhok in the tabela.. chipak chipak ke!!Day Dreaming 'kuch karo naa' 'kya karu??' 'itne bade vaade ka itna thanda thnx' 'dur hi rakhna tha toh mujhe jail se kyu chudaya?'Day DreamingDay Dreaming until i reached that BG..Ouch phir sab mute me dekha.. kyu DVs.. CVs banne me aapko kya problem hai? aapko aur koi gaana nahi milta kya? kitne acche acche gaane hai.. u have nearly 70-80 years worth of movies to choose from n u chose this?!?! pichli baar bhi tabele me aapne aisa hi kiya tha.. tabele me jo ghaas hai woh aap ke liye nahi hai.. khud ko aap gaay-bhail kyu samajhne lagte hai!!Shocked

phir aaya woh hug.. arre yaar... in dono ka kiss scene bhi ho chuka.. 2 times!! tum log abhi romance ko regress kyu kar rahe ho?? they r husband n wife.. besides the point that the ullus put a invisible divorce thru the blind system.. they've lived together for months.. ab ye romance ko aag badhao!! be creative guyz.. isnt that the name of ur dept or something!??!Angry

cute scene of cupids.. shef n romit luked like true gaanvvale.. ghar vala gharvali types.. very nice Big smile

Rajvir all set to fall harder!! lage raho!!Dancing

"ab mein bas yunhi rahungi! tumhare saath!! hamesha! tumhare paas!!"Confused these lines coupled wid entry of tattoo-man bodes ill omen to me.. monday ko kya hoga!!?? kyu sab log hamesha arjuhi ke jaan ke pyaase hai!!  i wonder if rajvir is gonna turn martyr!! coz arjun won't hurt him, micky is here to hurt arjun, n rajvir no matter what he says will not hurt arohi.. but he wont let anyone else kill arjun either.. coz ab uske kasam ka sawal hai na.. mexican standoff?Ermm

loved the episode.. wish there was a better BG used.. cudnt relish the tabela as much as i expected.. KMH title track kab use karoge?? agar use nahi karna tha toh banaya kyu? title video track toh aap log dene se rahe.. atleast song toh use karlo!! gud effort by team.. special thnx for the nok-jhok thats making its way bak.. humare sad sad moods pe ye ek hi cheez hai jo hume happy happy kar deta hai.. karan kritz.. u guyz were awesome wid ur expressions.. baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho, ye dekhne ki cheez hai humara KMH.. taali ho!! LOL

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lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Idle aksh4IF
Your update was superb.  I enjoyed it much more than the actual episode.

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