Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge#124[13/5 Epi-144]

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we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments; however,not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
Thank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Arjun...StarStarClapClapEmbarrassedDay DreamingBlushingHeartCool
Arohi...StarClapEmbarrassedTongueOuch(for making arjun promise)
Tattoo wala aka KSA's shooter...AngryDead n how did he find out abt arjuhi's whereabouts?!!Stern Smile 
Arwind...Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...LOL LOL
Pointers about today's epi...Embarrassed
* Epi continuation...showing the guy..n only showing his tattoo...wen will we get his muh dikhai...?!! if Ram Punjabi had one den this guy has to have one..LOL..ROFLROFL
* Rajveer getting dismissed from his case...his expressions were worth the dialogues by Arwind..cracked me up..!! ROFLROFL but den he makes a stupid promise to catch arjuhi...alive or dead...DeadCryAngry...why is he getting so much screen space...?!! for gods's sake we want more arjuhi's always torturous enuf that KMH2 is ending in 10 epi's...Cry Cry Cry
*Rajveer doing emotional attaychar on amrit...uff this guy has no feelings at allStern Smile..his charcter is very difficult to understandConfused..CVs..dnt like the fact you gave him a poor charcter stetchThumbs Down..isse to acha hota ke yeh sach main clown hota iss show main...atleast his charcter remains consistant..ROFLROFL
*Arjuhi's nok jhoks r the way arjun does arohi's tang's super cuteHeart...n hehe i so wish we cud have seen it rain...againDay Dreaming n den arjuhi going 2 find a house..but den they have their sweet moments in the rain onlyBlushing..n den they go to find a house...things get really passionate, intense n intimate...n den we cud have had a one hell of a sequence...Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing...okay bac to reality..EmbarrassedLOL..because dese dreams will kill meDisapproveLOL
*Arohi making arjun promise not to hurt her family is understandable..but still didn't like the fact she made him promise..i mean she should trust him na?Ouch
*the Jaane do na sequence was really really gudDay Dreaming...but the papa beti hug made it not so gud in the end!! it's not fair!! i wanted a passionate hugOuch...why do we keep expecting...n still they get shattered...arre..KMH2 is only a guest for 10 days nw...atleast now fulfill viewers' wishesDisapprove
*Tattoo wala banda comes againWacko..but how did he know where arjuhi were?? n even if anyone from the cupid gang had told him arjuhi's did they know?!! as far as i know cupids n arjuhi went seperate ways...Confused..but now why is this guy after arjun..? anyways..waiting for monday's episode..!!Embarrassed
I really hope that next week all the problems r resloved...every secret is revealed...every motive has cum that we can hopefully njoy the final week wid only arjuhi moments...!!Day Dreaming..n of course aman n preet...TongueLOL...with the telly worlds best SR everBlushing..but reading the scared!! i know they havn't shot the final epi yet...but we shud let CVs know that we want a really nice last week..only full of arjuhi moments wid their SR, kids...sweet moments...i want dem to listen to usCry Cry Cry

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged

what a start to the episode. i loved it finally some kanoon for the ullu's. but not as strict as i wanted but no problem it is ok to start off with but in next episode i want more action taken against the ullu's especially rajveer.

he should have been reminded of his line that ullu's don't break rules they respect what happened ? why didn't he listen to the senior officer & leave the case ? i also wanted to know how he got back but cv's are in a rush due to the ending. as long as we get a good arjuhi married life ending i don't mind this rush. but i loved the senior officers line ke ek ladki se haar gaya.rajveer's face was worth reminds me when RPS said the same line to jignesh  cos rajveer's condition was the same.
Arjuhi nok jhok was back which was great cos i love this the most.the cottage scene was good excluding the song cos old song should not be played on modern romance cos of the song the romance was plain like the 70's. Or should i say vice versa romance was according to the song.Pls cv's give us new songs ,passionte romance not the sharm type hugs.cos now after kmh 1 & kmh 2 at ending stage the sharm should be over. 
rajveer was over the top with taking the kasam but seems like a dramatic climax is coming up to reveal the raaz in short time.but pls do justice to theese last episodes.we want everything. The raaz out of both KSA shooter & RPS enimity with KSA.arjun's mums past revealed.Also a happy wedded life of arjuhi.pls use maha episodes but give us all that we want.
can't wait for the next episode cos mickeal has reached their & also rajveer is coming so some action & raaz coming out in the open.just hope  nothing happens to our arjuhi.

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Epi was amazing!! Finally the charm of kmh is back!!! The cute nok-jhoks of arjuhi are backk!! Yaayy!!!

Ps-ml is still stuck at pg1?? Cummon guys...reserve ur positions!! Todays epi was fabb!! Ek take to banta hai!!Wink

EDITED: finally editing it..after abt 69 hrs of airing the epi..ROFL..ROFL.. How fast i m na??ROFL..ROFL..

Anyways back to the epi..
Rajveer ki watt lag gyi!!ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.. Wah wah kya watt lagi.. Full on... Chehra dekhne wala tha uska!!ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.. Bechara 5 logo se pit gaya nd that too they werent armed...!!ROFL..ROFL..
Arvind to rajveer: ye case chod do..
Rajveer: nhi main nhi chodunga!! *tlking to himself in his mind* mushqil se to ek case haath mein aaya hai aur agr maine ye case bhi chod diya to main kya kaam krunga??CryROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..
[chand i churaofyed from ur take nd modified it alsoWink]

arjuhi's cute nok-jhoks are backk!! Yaay!! Hayyee..Kya dialogues they:Day Dreaming Day Dreaming ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..

arjun:harr cheez ki bright side hoti hai..think positive..
Arohi: tumhe bhi har baat mein bolna zaruri hota hai?? Ab dekho agr barish ho gyi to??
Arjun: iss ka bhi koi bright side zarur hoga.. Jab barish hogi to tum bheeg jaogi aur jab tum bheeg jaogi to tum aur hot lagogi..ROFL..ROFL..
arohi: barish mein ladkiyan hot sirf filmo mein hi lagti hai.. Real life mein jab ye aandhi toofan chalti hai to ye miti aakhon mein aati hai aur baal kharab ho jaate hai aur jab barish hoti hai to tabayat kharab ho jata hai aur make-up bhi.. Agr aise hi hawa chalti rhi to main chudail dikhne lagugi..ROFL..
Arjun: kash ki tum apne aap ko dekh sakti arohi..bahut khoobsurat lagi rhi ho..Embarrassed tumare baalon ko hawa ua rhi hai.. Jab bhi ye bijli chamakti hai tumhari aakhein aur chamakne lagti hai...Embarrassed hawa mein tumhara dupatta ud rha hai.. Bahut khoobsurat hai.. Trust me.. Iss toofan mein tum aur khoobsurat lag rhi ho..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming Day Dreaming
arjun: shayad tum theek keh rhi thi tum actually mein chudail lag rhi ho...ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..
Arohi: wht??Shocked how dare u??ROFL..ROFL..
and then she hits him hard..ROFL..ROFL..

Nd then they go to that cottage.. Wah-wah ghane jungle ke beech mein bhi cottage hota hai??ROFL..ROFL..

Arohi: oh ho..mera kaajal phel gya hai..ROFL..ROFL..
Arjun: hum kisi ke ghar dinner krne nhi ja rhe jo tum touch-up kr rhi hoROFL..ROFL..

Nd they enter the house... Kya baat hai ghar ke owner ko bhi pta tha that arjuhi are cuming so better leave the door open..ROFL..ROFL..

Arjun: janti ho muje andhere ke baare mein kya acha lagta hai.. Tumhe aage badne ke liye mere sarahe ke zarurat padti hai..
Arohi: saari ladko ki tarah tumhara bhi single-track mind hai... Jao chod diya.. Nhi hai zarurat mujhe tumhare sarahe ki..ROFL..ROFL..
Arjun: agr tum aise hi mujhse chipakne wali ho to i dnt mind..ROFL..
Arohi: shut up..kuch karo na..
Arjun: kya karun...??ROFL..ROFL..
Aww.. Gande ladke... Ladki ko akela dekha nhi aur mauke ka faayda uthane lage..ROFL..ROFL..

Btw i loved that no offense!!Embarrassed

huh... Arohi ko arjun se ye promise leni zaruri thi??Unhappy ab pta nhi kya hoga wen rajveer will attck them!!Cry

so the next was the romanitc seq... ne saara romance ka maza hi bigad diya!! Dvs.. Aapko cvs se dvs banne mein zaada maza aata hai?? ye kya kiya... U shud have used some gud song for arjuhi!!AngryAngryAngry

also i liked amrit for once.. LOLAtleast usne kabhi to arohi ki tarah se bhi kuch bola!! Claps.. Also i liked the timing of the 'rabba' song...Clap

all in all amazing epi... Arjuhi parts were totally fabb!! Bt the song spoiled the whole mood..Angry
also me waiting for todays epi... Hopefully the killer will come out...!! Also rajveer will try to arrest arjuhi... That part wud be amazing to see as arjuhi will once again run away from there!! Dancing

ps-i totally luved todays dialogues so cudnt resist bt write them!!

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channi_star Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
chachu ki wwaattt lag gayi!!!! haha!! so called acp rajvir singh ahluwalia ko ek ladki chatma deke chaligayi!!!  ROFL  
arjuhi    Day Dreaming
so strtin wid 'koffee with ulluwalia!!!' LOL
arvind interrogatin rajvir!!! Clap
arvind : kitne addmi the (gabbar ishtyle)
rajvir:    woh 5 log the bina hatyar liye..  LOL
acp rajvir ahluwalia sharam ani chahiye apko!!  LOL
arvin: chhor do iss case ko..
agar woh yeh case chhordega toh kaam kya karega?? usse toh arjun ke alawa aur koi nahi dikhta...arjun se harne me mazaa ata hai nah usse!!  LOL
was luvin it!!
so called acp rajvir ahluwalia ki dhajjiya uda di!!!
wow bike kharab hogayi...yeh toh hona hi thaa!!!
arjun humne toh sare incidents ki bright side dekhli !!  Day Dreaming  Blushing   Wink
luvd the kmh tune!!
n arjun's sudden change of expressions!!!  frm beautiful hot ladki to chudail! LOL
hmmm!!!!  chupne ki jagha jungle mei!! Shocked
guess kisiko pata tha u guyz were goin der isliye ready made fully organized cottage banaliya applogo ke liye!   LOL
luvd arjuhi's dialogues!! arjun n arohi r back wid their cute nok-jhoks...   Hug
dv's vry bad sng selection at this stage..arjuhi pehli baar thodi nah romance karr rahe hai!!
kmh sngs cud hv been used..or ny othr romantic sng! sbs n sbb used btr sngs!! Tongue
amrit n rajvir!!!
thank god amrit kuch toh boli arohi ke favour mein.. Smile
awesome epi wid the come back of our cute n bubbly arjuhi!!!

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Its been too long since i've written take so aaj a short one from me will be back in full form after 22nd...

Rajveer khudko police officer ksa ka beta kehta hai?? ja dub mar ROFLand please 28th tak phirse wapis mat aana dubne ke baadROFL besharm kahinka case chodne ko kehne ke baad bhi nahi choda usne haan haan use bhi pata hai yeh case gaya toh phir hotels mein chape marne ki duty padh jayegee isliye fevicol lagake chipak gaya hai is case se ROFL

Rondu-srsly yaar show end ho raha and now m gettin attached more to the charecters...i was actually liking rondu and feelin bad for her...pehli baar uske aasun irritatin nahi lage arohi ke liye jo the...aur yeh sab log ise dono ke jit ki dua nahi mangne kyun kehte hai??in logo ke paas aur kuch hai kehne?pehle vampy n ab yeh raju chachu...

btw i love this rabba music they use gives scenes more dramatic and intense feel...great job done by music composer and the actress her...was actually feelin bad for her while she was being bullied by the big bad clownCry and waise mera vampy kaha gaya bohot din se dikha nahi Tongue hmmm...chalo koi na kisi jungle mein shikaar kark apni pyaas bujha rhaa hoga he'll be back sooner or later ROFL

As for the arjuhi was cute and sweet...karan and kritz di were at their expressionful best...bechara arjun ho ya karan apni lady luck ke hatho mein pitna jaise kismat ban gayi ho uski...but but but godammit dv's cute/sweet/nice hone ka time gaya...theres only 2 weeks left...tie up the loose ends as quickly as the next weeks time...dont give extra footage to unnecesary charecters we are not at all in mood of seeing us the passion,intensity,mohabbat...give us some everlasting arjuhi memories in these two weeks about the side charecters i couldnt care less...arjuhi have been married for the whole season almost...its high time we see their blissfully wedded life...we still havent got their SR...i wanna see them having twins...i wanna see a happy wala wedding of get working get your act straight...we arent at all in the mood to tolerate or to be patient...humaree mange puri karo...we want proper farewell of arjuhi...with atleast one whole week of them with no extras to meddle in...and yeah as far as i remember kmh had a title track so morons its high time u use it other than random senseless songs

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Starts with rajveer's band bajofying Dancing.  his superior "ek ladki ne kiya" - matlab? ladka hota to he would be okay with it? ,  "sharm aani chahiye " - nai aayegi Tongue ,  "iss csse ko choddo" - nai chodna hai , boos ki order to tuthkara ShockedAngry ,  on grounds of disobidience dismiss kardo Tongue.  rajveer's shapath Stern Smile  "kasam khata hoon ki un dono ko jinda ya murda pakdunga" lekin yeh nai bola ki  nai pakad payega to kya karega ?  all ideas welcome here Big smile.    Amrit  atlast now is worried for arohi.  Stern Smile.   the scene where rajveer tells his honhaar officers that they cant go home blah blah and the reactions of them etc etc , was a total waste of time, that time could have been used to show us daadi and raashi praying for Arjuhi's well being,  atleast that way we could have seen them. Ouch.
Arjuhi's convo was too cute,  the kmh signature tune Clap and the sweet nothings between them LOLThumbs Up.   The promise she took is scary Ouch, rajveer has taken an oath to capture arjun dead or alive where as arjun has promised that he wont hurt anyone in her family, why arohi why, did you take the same promise from ur family members?  then why shld arjun do that?  Cry.   I din like the sound of it,  sirf iss baat ki tasalli hai ki may be coz of this promise rajveer will be able to understand arjun and use his brains atleast.  Unhappy.  
The teasing tone in arjun was really good,  the song though old suited them and both of their expressions and actions were good ClapThumbs Up  until that hug Confused,  kyun  CVs  why ruin the start of a passionate moment with a emo atyachar wala hug and dialouges,   I understand it was for the killer to listen and leave or whatever but still that cld have happened after u know ahem a passionate scene may be.  when will we get to see aman and preet then?  I want to see Arjuhi  keep rising in their love by having a family, by living happily.   please dont show too much chase and road and end the show on their bike on the road.   I want to see them take their marraige to next level an SR,  having a family , living laughing and loving. 
CV ji, i.e., PB ji,  yeh kyun punji sharma  hug  vapas  lekar aaye?   get rid of it .  it doesnot suit singhania and this arohi.  they are wild and let their love also be wild. 
Kisine  nai likha LOL  now a days I am getting into the habit of writing the next day.  shld get back to normal.   Oye jisne bhi reserve kiya  sabhi edit karna please.   after 27th likhna chahe to bhi nai likh sakte Ouch.  
if prev ML members are reading this,  comeback and write  please Embarrassed.   only 11 more epis remaining Cry

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