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|| Life - A RollerCoaster Ride || *First Meetings* (Page 26)

princess_sara IF-Dazzler

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Every thing is CLEAR now.


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Thanks for clearing the doubts.. Continue soon...

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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hey manjiii thanks for this note now i m more clear for this FF and very excited to read as well can't wait hon take ur time Hug

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thnx for the note dear

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Thnxxx 4 clearing the doubt...
& thnxx 4 d pm.

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Thank youu everyone! (:
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Guys!

^ Made By Pragz [Pragya_luvsajan]
I am back with another Chapter! Hope you guys havent forgotten me!
I am sorry for late update. But this was because I had gone out of station.
Hope you guys remember!
Akriti = Sanaya
Smriti = Krittika
Kunal =Arjun
Abhishek = Mohit
Kabir = KSG
Payal = Jennifer
Aditya = Karan K.

*First Meetings*


"Bhaiya Please.. please come with me!" Smriti pleaded as she followed Kunal all around the house. "Even I dont have a date. You can come with me!"

"No Smriti.. When will you understand! Its not easy for me to face the people everyday! I show that its no big deal but its not that easy!" Kunal scolded.

"I understand Bhaiya but Mom wont allow me to go if you dont come!" Smriti said. "And you know how important this party is! And I really want to go!"

Kunal was silent. He knew that Smriti was right. But it was not easy to face everyone after you failed a year. Its takes a lot of courage. He looked at Smriti and then nodded agreeing to go with her.

"Yaay! Your the world's best brother!" she said as she ran in her room to choose a dress for herself! Smriti was extremely happy!

She went to her room and texted Akriti 'I m comin! Yes. Kunal B Agreed!'


On the Upper East side Kabir and Abhishek were getting ready to go for the party. Kabir had finally convinced Payal to come with him. Payal being the very smart one had her eyes on Kabir from the beginning. But she wanted him to ask her. Abhishek had not got a date obviously and he was not sad about it. He just wanted to go there and have fun!

"Dude, You actually liked Payal?" Abhishek said.

"Yes Man! She is so hot!" Kabir replied.

"Hell No.! Just by wearing short clothes a girl doesn't look beautiful!"

"YES! She does!" Kabir replied.

Abhishek was quiet for a moment and then said. "Oh Yeah! She does."

Both the guys had a laugh and they got ready.


Aditya was alone, as usual. And he didnt care. But well Akriti did. She asked him to come with her twice and he didnt reply. Just kept walking. He liked being alone and he didnt want any company. He hated being around people. But as it was his first college party he wanted to attend it. And plus his dad wanted him to go.. and Adi was in no mood to argue.


Akriti loved to dress up. She had a date obviously but he is not important here. Because he wont turn up later. Oh wait. Here he calls.

"Hey Vijay, how long will you pick me up in?"

"Sorry Akriti. Mom refused to let me go! I cant come."

"WTH! Are you a kid or something?"

"Look. I said I am sorry. I cant fight with mom."

"Just Go to hell, Kiddo!" she said. "I didnt know you were such a kid, or I wouldn't have ever said yes!"

Akriti cut the line. Now where would she get a last minute date. She cant go there without one. Thats not happening! She wants all the attention and the most handsome guy as her date. But well.. you dont get everything you want Akriti. So I guess you will have to go alone.



Whenever there is a party, there is alot of fun, a lot of dancing and .. in Dubai there is alot of drinking. As the students of Baskville University gathered in a lounge, the drinking and dancing started off with a bash. Everyone had a girl in one hand and a drink in the other. And as for the girls they were enjoying all the attention. But Wait. There was something very interesting in this party it was a masquerade party. No one knew who was behind which mask. The seniors were the dominating ones and the fresheners just mingled with everyone hoping no one would recognize who they are.

Akriti joined Kunal & Smriti at the entrance and all three of them picked their masks. Kunal wore a blue blazer and jeans with an amazing black t-shirt. Smriti was dressed in a long red gown and she let her hair fall on her shoulders. She had curled her hair up and she looked gorgeous with a mask on. Akriti wore a golden short dress and took a greenish golden mask. She was relieved with the mask system so she would probably find someone at this party.

"Gorgeous!" Kabir said as he kissed Payal's hand at the entrance.

"As always" Payal added.

Payal wore a tube dress in which she looked stunning. It was white but it had many stones on the top. She picked a silver mask. Kabir wore a black half-sleeve shirt and a white and grey tie. He wore jeans below and he looked stunning. Abhishek was dressed in a black blazer with jeans and he wore a white shirt inside.

All of them went inside and got themselves a drink. Kunal was already occupied by the girls.

"We know its you Kunal. Your the hottest here. Its not difficult to spot you!" a girl said.

"Really? But it is difficult to say who you are?" Kunal chuckled along with Smriti who was standing by his side.

"How mean Kunal! You forgot?" the girl said twitching her lips to one side.

"I can see your face na! How will I guess!?"

"Oh yes!" she said. "Dance with me while you guess?" She asked.

"Sorry. I am here with my date!" Kunal replied not wanting to dance with some random girl!

"Oh. I see. Okay. See you later!" she said as she made a face at Smriti.

Smriti & Kunal laughed.

"Bhaiya.. please get me a drink. I am soo thirsty!"

"yeah. Ill just be back." He said as he went towards the bar.

Smriti stood there looking around when someone came and banged into her. He didnt stop. He just went on walking. Smriti was angry as he didnt say sorry.

"Ay Hello?" she said standing in his way.

The guy with a mask just stared at her blankly. He wore an Armani jacket and jeans.

"Who do you think you are? You just pushed me and didnt even say sorry!"

"Sorry." He said bluntly and started walking his own way.

Smriti was shocked at his bluntness. 'how can anyone be so impolite. Manners nahi hai kya!' she thought.

"Wait!" she said. "That is not the way you talk to a girl"

"Maybe ill learn from you.." he said with a smirk. "Later!" and he walked on.. But this was Smriti. She wouldn't let him get away! She was furious at his reply. 'Must be one of the seniors.'

She went and took out his mask. "Listen to me!" she said holding his hand.

It was Aditya [if you havent already guessed.] . He was pissed at her too.

"What do you want lady?" he said in his baritone.  "Just A Polite Sorry!"

"I have already apologized!"

"That was nothing like an apology! It was as if you were doing me a favour."

"What do you want? You want me to take you on a long drive to say sorry? I know you girls too well." He said.

"What? What do you think I am? Your just gonna keep talking and I am going to shut up and hear.. You guys want to take girls on a ride not us! You better just shut your mouth up! You think whatever you say ill just listen and not defend myself.. I thought you made a mistake and you would just say sorry and go on but NO. You want to continue this.. SO fine! Even I will show you what we girls can do!"

'Uff. Yeh toh bolti hi ja rahin hai!' Aditya though looking around for some help!

"Why are you seeing elsewhere look here when I am talking to you!"

"I AM SORRY!" he said folding his hands in front of her, I will never ever say anything about you ! Promise.. Now can i PLEASE go?"

"Go na! When did I stop you!" Smriti said as she looked around.


Payal & Kabir had the time of their life. They were enjoying themselves dancing, partying and drinking. Payal thought of Kabir as a flirt but nice at heart person. She was having a lot of fun with him. He treated her like a princess.

"Where do you stay?" Kabir asked.

"Why? You wanted to come over tonight?"

"Oh no no. Was just asking!" 'Gosh this girl is fast man!' Kabir thought!

Payal laughed.

Kabir stared at her. Her laugh was so pretty. She was so pretty. He thought. He wanted her as his girlfriend. She was by far the prettiest he had met. He thought. They had a short eye lock and then they looked away. Payal spotted Kunal. She really wanted to talk to him so she excused herself from Kabir and left.

Kabir went around finding Abhishek or some other girl he could flirt with. But they both somewhere within had for a relation.. an untold and unthinkable one.. But hold it. It isn't so easy to break the walls formed by Payal Agarwal!


"Hey Akriti!" Abhishek said as he approached  her.

"Oh Hi..!" she said.

 Even you dont feel like wearing your mask?" he said.

Abhishek sat next to her at the bar.

"No I just took it out so that I could finish my drink!" she said drinking the rest of it in one go.

There was silence after that. Abhishek noticed  that Akriti was drunk. She was behaving weirdly. She was playing with her mask.

"Akriti.. are you okay?"

"Listen.. you. You.. Great I dont even remember your name!?"


"Yes.. whatever. Go and mind your own business. I hate geeks!"

Abhishek looked away. He hated it here. Everyone thought he was a geek! Why? Was being intelligent called a geek? Was wanting to study bad? He didnt understand. But he was going to change everything! He was determined to change everyone's opinion about him. And now he had to start from Akriti.

"Dance?" he asked.

"What?" she said laughing.

Abhishek just held her hand and took her to the dance floor. They both danced brilliantly. Perfect Salsa moves and grooves. They both looked great together. Everyone cleared the dance floor while they performed and some people even applauded.

Akriti's eyes were wide open as she couldnt believe that Abhishek could dance so well. She held on tight even after the song was over. This dance had taken out all the drunk-ness out of her. She was now wide awake and kind of shaken. Abhishek didnt say anything and just left her standing in the middle of the floor with her mouth open in awe and eyes widened.

Kabir caught up with Abhishek and patted him on his back.

"Waah! From where did you learn this? From books?"

"What? Kabir even you think I am a nerd?"

"Arrey No yaar! I was just pulling your leg!" he said looking away.

"Oh wait wait. You do think I am a geek. You have always thought of me that way."

"No Yaar.." he said standing in front of Abhishek. "Okay maybe a little. But your the only family/ brother I have. I love you! Dont get angry!"

Abhishek stared at Kabir in confusion. What this really Kabir?

"Thoda zyada ho gaya na?" Kabir said laughing.

"Bohot!" Abhishek replied.

And the rest of the party just went on. It was fun and people were getting drunk! But who knew what the new day would bring for them. Especially, their life at college. Where friends may turn against you and enemies may become friends. Where no relations are permanent and a small pull and the strings break forever!



Hey guys. I really hope you enjoyed this chapter! Well I wrote it in a hurry so have no idea how it turned out. Hope there are no grammatical errors and really hope the story is proceeding just fine. The actual story will start from the next update. This was just their introductions as people. And how they met for the first time.!

Do press the like tab!



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