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|| Life - A RollerCoaster Ride || *First Meetings* (Page 12)

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Originally posted by vrshn

please add me to your pm list!
Thank Youu!
Originally posted by ANANYA_AGARWAL

nice concept..add me in your pm list!
Thanks A Ton!

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank youuu So much guys! All of you are added! Heart
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@kmh2angel: Thank you for commenting! But I promise you'll get used to these names! I really like them alot and kind of reluctant to change them! I hope you dont mind! : S.. Hope you understand!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Friends,

I am finally done with the 1st update! I hope you guys like it. It was my first attempt on writing an FF with 7 main characters. And I know I have to go a long way.

Note : I have made some changes in the CS of two characters Smriti & Kunal. Smriti is friends with only Akriti and not Kabir. & Smriti & Kunal are SIBLINGS!

And many people told me that they would get confused with the names. Even I was. But after writing this update. I have almost gotten used to it!

Anyway here are the names for your help.

Aditya : Karan Kundra

Kabir : KSG

Abhishek : Mohit

Kunal : Arjun

Akriti : Sanaya

Payal : Jennifer

& Smriti : Krittika

Hope this helps!

& lastly I want to say a BIG thank you to EVERYONE. Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions! And lastly to Sanjana : Thank you so much, for such a wonderful title for this FF! Heart


||Chapter 1 - Check em' Out.||

It was a new day at Dubai.. A Monday morning, which is usually a very lazy start of the week. People are very reluctant to get out of bed and reach their jobs or schools! But on the Upper east side, College had begun and the students were full of energy for their new session, especially the fresheners. They had to be very careful as it was their first day! Watch out fresheners, the seniors are waiting to rag you!

Not caring about anyone around him, Aditya walked into the library. He had to get a book which he could study at home. He spoke little and just picked up the book the wanted and took off to get lost in the crowd again. Not happening at all! But he would have normally reached his class if Akriti hadn't bumped into him while doing her make up.

"Ouch!" Akriti shrieked as Aditya held her by the waist before she could fall. But he was least interested. He looked away in a second. Akriti who was not used to his stubbornness asked him "When will you learn how to WATCH where your going?" she scolded. No reply. She got up and looked at him. He turned around to leave. "Hey Listen! Where do you think your going huh? You owe me an apology dude!" she said. He didnt stop for her to finish. He shook his head in disbelief and left. Akriti stood there in awe. 'Who is this guy? & what does he think of himself. But Akriti isn't used to this behaviour from boys! I will show him..' She turned around to carry on the way she was going. She saw two guys walking her way.

"Excuse me! Can you please tell me where the 1st year student's class is?" she asked as politely as she could.

"Gorgeous!" Said one of them.

"What?" she raised an eyebrow. She knew what he had said.. obviously!

"Even we are first year students, Thats what Kabir meant.." the other guy, standing next to him, told her. "Right Kabir?" he asked, making a face.

"Kabiiir!" Akriti said.. "Nice name!"

"I know!" He said with full attitude.

"And who are you?" Akriti asked the other one, least interested.

"I am Abhishek.." he said with a sweet smile.

"Hi.. I am Akriti" She said..

"It was a pleasure meeting youu, pretty lady!" Kabir said as held her hand and lifted it and dropped a small peck on her hand!

'Now Thats what I expect from boys here!' she thought! As they walked towards class they were quiet. Not a word. First day of college was always like that. She wanted to find a date for the freshener's welcome party.. but she only considered Kabir.. 'Abhishek is too ordinary for me!' she thought, checking them out.

As they entered the class, Kabir sat behind Abhishek and patted at the seat next to him, giving Akriti a sign that he wants to sit with her. Akriti smiled and was about to sit next to him when someone else called out, "Kritss!!! Here!" A girl in a tunic called out from the other row. Akriti looked around. "Smritiii...! Hii..!" She walked to her table and sat down. They hugged and Kabir sighed. 'Another chance gone.. she was gorgeous!' he thought. Meanwhile Abhishek chuckled looking at him.

"I have been waiting for you!" Smriti said.

"I was looking for you outside and then i met these two boys and..." And Akriti went on to tell her complete story! She forgot to mention Aditya, whose name she didnt even know. At the end when the two girls finished chatting about who's hotter, Abhishek or Kabir, Akriti asked "Where is Kunal, your brother?"

"Shhh.. Kunal told me not to let anyone know that we are siblings. He failed last year and doesn't want all the fresheners to know that!"

"Ohh.. But I think girls like older men.. right?" Akriti laughed at her own comment, fiddling with her hair.

Smriti gave her an angry look and said, "Are you thinking of dating Kunal?"

"No No No.. I was talking generally about OTHER girls" she winked.

"krits.. I am going to kill you the day you think of that.. You know him na.. I mean how could girls like him? Zero fashion sense, messy hair, always sweaty.. EW!" Smriti frowned.

"Yah yah.. I am not thinking about it at all! Now chill girl!" Akriti said.

& then another girl walked in with 3 girls behind her. She checked out all the people. And all the boys stared in awe as she took her seat next to Abhishek.. out of all people! Kabir grunted at the back and Abhishek smirked at that.

'Yaar! She is soo hawt! Her short black skirt, and her tube top makes her look so sexy.. I guess I will ask her for tonight!' Kabir thought. 'This class is filled with some hot chicks.. I hope I get to know them.. well..' he gave his evil smile and that justified what he meant by ''know them well''...

And In walked the Professor. He was tall, he had a serious face and he wore a grey suit. He looked around 30 and he spoke instantly.

"Good Morning Students, I am your Professor for English."

Everyone looked at him blankly.. What were they supposed to say.. "WAO!!" God.

"My Name is Professor. R. Mathew." He said.

Akriti was more interested in checking out the guys in her class and her eyes remained wide open when she realised that the person sitting to the extreme right in the class was that guy who had pushed her in the corridor. She shook Smriti who was sitting next to her to see.. but Smriti was busy drawing in her notepad. She was least interested in studies..

Meanwhile The girl sitting next to Abhishek introduced herself, "Hi, I am Payal.. Payal Agarwal.  You were the only decent guy in class.. and I had no better option but to sit next to you!"

"Excuse me?" Abhishek said. "Why are you telling me this? And that too in the middle of the class!" he whispered.

"Aww No.. You cant be one of the Geeks of our class! Damn It!" Payal said as she frowned and signalled her other friends that it was Not happening!

"Look, I dont have any interest in you!!"

"And I had lost mine, the minute you spoke!" she said.

Abhishek looked in the other direction.

"Sir May I come in?" Kunal said as he stood at the door!

"Mr. Kunal Singh.. Late again.. rather.. as usual!" he said.

Kunal looked down thinking about why that stupid professor had to open his mouth!

"You have already failed a year.. And I guess you wish to fail again.. am I right?" he asked. There was a lot of murmuring heard and Kunal was embarrassed. 'Great! They know it already now!

"No Sir.. I was just having football practise!" he said.

"Then why didnt you just stay there?" he said. "You just want to waste my time! Get in!" He finally said. Kunal got in class and sat beside Aditya, who sat alone in the first bench.

As the Professor started teaching, everyone started to whisper.. trying to know the person next to them better. Mathew was too busy in reading Shakespeare that he tried to avoid at first. But later getting fed up with his new batch he had to scream!

He started the normal way.. yelling out and saying stop talking and how dare you talk.. later he gave a long speech about the type of discipline he wants in class and the if anyone was not interested they could leave. No one got up.. offending teachers the first day of college was not a very good idea so they had to bear the speech and at the end of it they felt like applauding as the professor had spoken for 5 minutes without a pause.!


As Aditya got up to leave, Kunal said "hey dude! I am'

"Kunal.." Aditya said before he could finish.

"Yeah! And dont believe the strange introduction. The professors are just agitated that they will have to bear me for yet another year! Thanks to Principal sir!"

Aditya looked at him confused. "And why are you telling me all this?"

Kunal looked at him with a blank face. 'Can't we generally talk?' he asked himself. "I am sorry for telling you my story but maybe'

"its okay!" Aditya said as he left the room. He didnt care a damn about anyone. He was just on his own.


After their hectic classes, the only place to chill was the cafe. The seniors were already present. Kabir had already started talking to a girl called tanisha to be his date for the evening. Tanisha didnt really attract him but.. he didnt have a choice on the first day! Where as Abhishek sat alone in a corner drinking coffee.

One of the Seniors approached him.

"Waddup bro? Which village are you from?" he asked. He was mocking at Abhishek. "Dude. Go rag someone else. I can't care more."

"Oh please. I am not ragging you. Just look at your clothes. There is something called fashion sense!"

"Oh really?" a new voice entered the conversation. She was none other than Smriti. "I didnt know people who had NO idea how to dress up would say that!?" she said.

"Who are you? His sister?" they laughed. Smriti smirked.

"Even boys at my school cracked better jokes than you! And if it was meant to embarrass me.. try something else!" she said.

"You dont want to mess with me.. do you?"

"Oh .. I dont intend to, unless you do!"

"Hold on guys!" Abhishek said.

He looked at Smriti "Hey listen, thank you but there is no point in arguing with these people. They dont get it!" But she spoke to the student, "Firstly, I dont care much.. But just mind your own business and look into the mirror before saying anything again. You need to learn some colour combinations! Blue jeans with a blue t-shirt is not called fashion!!" she said and she walked to the cafe to order her coffee.

Everyone laughed as the senior felt embarrassed.. he had come to rag but.. it didnt work his way.. After all this batch is not a bunch of immature kids!

Watch out guys! These fresheners are not very dumb.. you will have a tough time getting them down.. And they surely didnt know what was in store for them...


Precap : The Masquerade Party To Welcome Fresheners.

Hey Guys,

This was my first update, so didnt make it too long! But Did you like it? I hope you did as I am very excited for this FF! I hope you weren't bored!

Please give your views on the beginning and help me improve.

Thank you,


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awesomme.. luved itt
interesting updtt
thnks fr da pm!

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