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|KW Lovers ka Adda #38|[IO]- Tere Liye (Page 89)

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

Muskaan tried to cheer her up. "Hey so back with lover boy Armaan huh?"
Riddhima smiled casually.

Since they were exhausted from all the traveling they decided to call it early night and start afresh the next day.
The moment they entered the suite Riddhima crashed on to the bed and dozed off. The other three freshened up and sat on the other bed chatting.

Anjali : "Nikki.. how is Sid..?"

Nikki : "Actually we dunno where he is.. i mean he said he is gonna take a break and left home. He would call once in a while but send photographs regularly. Abhi said he could be in New Zealand."

Muskaan : "So what happened actually... i mean didn't they like renew their marriage a month ago...?"

Anjali : "I really dunno.. she was really happy on their 2nd wedding time.. Infact i haven't seen her this happy since 'that day' (shoot out).

Muskaan : "Hey you guys.. do you have his picture or something..? I really wanna see him"

Anjali and Nikki shook their to say No.

Anjali : "Wait a minute!! There could be a possibility Riddhima might have it!"

Muskaan : "Yeah right! Babe! She just broke her marriage with him! Why would she carry his pic? You might find Armaan's though!"

Meanwhile Anjali was already inspecting Riddhima's bag : "Aaahaaa! There it is!! i told you!!" She smirked taking out the photograph from Riddhima's handbag. "There are 2 actually" "and ONE MORE!" "Woaahh!!" i cant believe she did that!!

"Did what!"  asked Nikki and Muski together.

"I mean i have seen this video once.. Dad actually set up cameras in hospital to see how everyone is doing there duty! AND Sid and Ridz here caught romancing red-handed!! Though dad was mad in the beginning he got the cd of the video home to show mom how happy the two are now!! And this photo is definitely from that video! I cant believe Ridz actually took all the pain to extract this photo from the video!!

Nikki : "Are you serious... i mean... the photos.. she really has them with her.. but..?"

Anjali : "i didn't know guys.. i just guessed it..(that Ridz might have Sid's photo) it might sound weird but i think... i just think... you know... there is a slight possibility that... somewhere down.. she has feelings for Sid.. which i am sure she is not aware of"

Nikki and Muskaan kept staring at Anjali so that she will continue what she is saying

Anjali then said whatever happened in the hospital when they almost lost Riddhima.

Muskaan : "So your discovery is based on this??"

ANjali : "i mean yeah... out of all people she took Sid's name! Why is that!? And besides i have seen how happy she was at the wedding! i mean the way she looked at Sid.. there definitely was something.."

Nikki : "And you are saying Riddhima is a fool to know all this and still dump Sid for Armaan!?"

Anjali : "That's what's confusing me!" she paused and continued "i really got to find out what happened after the wedding.."

Meanwhile Muskaan grabbed the photographs from Anjali.

"my my! he is a hottie! no actually cutie! BOTH!! hmmm..." said Muskaan staring at the photo.

Nikki: "Oye soon to be married woman! Have some shame! You are ogling at someone else's husband"

"ex husband" Anjali corrected.

"that means he is single" Muskaan winked

"But not yet ready to mingle" said Nikki

"And how are you so sure?" Muskaan teased.

"Because HE IS MY BROTHER! And i know him"

"Brother?" quiestioned Anjali

"Duhh! Abhi's brother remember?"

"Ohh yeaaah!" said Muskaan and Anjali simultaneously.

"Jeez check out this pic (from vdo)!! They look so much in love and sooo cute together!!" Muskaan handed over the photo to Nikki..

"even in the wedding pic..." nikki sighed.

They suddenly became silent when they saw Riddhima shuffling on the bed.
Once they made sure she was still fast asleep, they started chatting again.

"I have an idea!!" exclaimed Muskaan

Anjali and Nikki looked at her in confusion.

"husshhh! just see" said Muskaan as she got up from the bed and walked towards Riddhima.

The two followed her quietly.

Muskaan bent on her knee next to the bed and started sliding her finger tip on Riddhima's ear lobe.

Riddhima shuffled again scratching her ear. Muskaan did the same again. Riddhima pouted and said while scratching her ear "stop it sid..."

Muskaan's mouth turned to "O" when she heard that! So did Nikki's. Anjali stood there smiling with an "i told you so" look.

Nikki walked to the balcony. She waved at the two asking them to join her.

"What the hell is she doing! Man she has screwed it up big time!" said Nikki slightly annoyed!

"I know! And i myself fell for what she said and helped Armaan to win her back" Anjali said guiltly.

"Now what next!" Muskaan asked.

"Do you think we should tell Sid?" Anjali enquired

"NOO! NOO! I don't wanna give him any false hope. And first and foremost Ridz has to clear this mess!" said Nikki

Muskaan : "So what's our role"?

Anjali : "We cant push her... she has to realize it by her own.. so i guess we have nothing much to do but wait and see what happens..."

Nikki : "Or we can find out what really happened between them and you know may be help her clear her mind and make a full and final decision"

"hmm i like that" said Anjali and Muskaan nodded along.

After a long pause Anjali said "okay babes! I am really exhausted. I'm gonna crash"

"Me too" Muskaan added and Nikki followed them.


Couple of days passed by.The girls were having a great time in the beach. They didn't confront Riddhima about what he thought about Sid, but they waited for a right time to ask her. There was a buzz in the beach as New Year was nearing. People were still in Christmas hangover and it was already New Years eve. The four girls New Year bash started on the morning of New Years eve. By evening everyone was in full swing. The three girls saw that Riddhima was quite low and to pep her up they started mixing vodka in her orange juice. It worked! She was back in high spirits in no time! She started to loosen up after around 5 rounds. The girls felt it was the best time to get the truth out of her. They knew she will not keep anything inside when she is high. So girls started talking about Sid intentionally to warm her up.

Anjali : "Nikki, so is Sid in Houston, how is he doing"?

Riddhima glared at Anjali when she heard what she said.

Nikki : "Actually we don't know where he is. He wouldn't tell us. But he does call and send greetings regularly."

Anjali : "hmmm..."

Muskaan : "You know he is quite dashing! Is he still single?

Nikki : Hahaha yes Muskii.. it will take SOME TIME for him to be "not single" again." Nikki continued after a pause. "It's not this first time that someone has left him"

Riddhima who was clearly feeling discomfort with all the talking that was going on suddenly lifted her head to glance  Nikki as she thought what Nikki meant by "not the first time"

Nikki who as though could see through Riddhima, said : "Actually Abhi told me this story. I mean the 'details of it'.  There was this girl called Tamanna who joined for internship with Sid. A very sweet girl. So our Sid apparently had a thing for her and did all this stuffs to woo her. But at the end she left to Canada to marry the guy whom her parents chose for her. Sid could have stopped her but he didn't. She even said she would stay if Sid would marry her but he backed off. He was so petrified by that word, that really makes me wonder how he agreed to marry Riddhima.. He must have really loved you.."

Riddhima was taken aback by all the info she just got. Now they didn't have to mix anything in her drink. She started gulping vodka shots after shots. The girls saw that Riddhima was almost on the verge of an emotional outbreak and they quickly changed the topic.

Muskaan : "Happy times, Happy times!!"

Anjali : "finally everything is slowly coming into place, so lets forget the past and move on what say girls"

Nikki : "yes definitely! Must say Armaan is one lucky guy! See how he got you back despite of the fact that nobody even thought he would have a chance anymore"

The girls giggled, but Riddhima was still pouting.

Muskaan :"Oki Ridzy tell us how you both met AGAIN"

Riddhima's lips twitched as she remembered those time. "Actually it all started when we were separated from each other... no no.. even before that i hated it when he started seeing girls for marriage! Anyway... i realized i actually started missing him a lot when we were away..." she sighed.

Nikki : "And how did you propose!!?"

Riddhima : "I didn't propose, he proposed!!... it was really sweet"
she laid back on the chair and stared at the night sky remembering the scene.

"in the fire escape... he held my hand close to his heart... i could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat and i thought even my heart was beating in the same rhythm... it was as though we were connected..."

she was blushing now
"he proposed me with the  most beautiful ring... and he wrapped me in is arms.. i felt so comfortable and secured there... and i'm missing it badly now..." her blush faded.

Muskaan : "awww that is so sweet! Armaan is such a romantic person i tell you...?"

Riddhima : "Armaan..?"

Muskaan : "yeah!"

Nikki : "Don't tell me you were talking about Sid...!"

Riddhima : "but i was talking about Sid...!" she pouted again.

Anjali : "Good god!! Please give her some sense! Common now i'll go mad if she open her mouth again!! Lets hit the dance floor girls!!"

And the four were dancing through the night.

It was almost mid night when Riddhima slipped from the dance floor to go to the washroom. On her way back to the dance floor the lights were turned off suddenly for the New Year countdown. She had consumed a lot of alcohol and was already feeling dizzy. And when the lights were turned off, she tripped and fell heavily on someone, the impact was such that they both fell on the ground. Riddhima landed safe on his body as the man beneath her let a cry of sort. "oww" and the countdown started as the two struggled to get up. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...1... "HAAAPPPYYY NEWWW YEAAARRR" everyone screamed and the lights were turned on. Riddhima had lifted her head slightly to see the fireworks in the sky, so did the man who lay beneath her. They shifted their head simultaneously so that they could see each other but was equally taken aback when their lips almost brushed. It was 12.00 and all the couples present there were kissing as the two lay on the floor, breathing heavily lost in each other.

To be continue...Embarrassed

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Riddhima blinked her eyes looking at the sexy face who lay beneath her. He looked 'shocked'

Riddhima : "SID!?"

Sid was still in shock. He never in his wildest dream thought he would meet Riddhima in his short trip to Goa!  

Sid was getting really restless in NZ. He missed home, he missed his friends, his family, his country, his.. well not his but yes he missed Riddhima. New Year was coming and the feeling of being away from everyone and everything he liked was too much for him to take. So he planned a quick trip to GOA just to feel home at New Year. The beach would comfort him and the New Year party mode in the beaches of GOA will pep his spirit up, and so he reached GOA in the morning of New Years eve.

Riddhima stared at him for a little longer just to make sure it's really him and then *phaataak* slapped him on his cheek.

"How dare you leave me for Tamanna!" Riddhima yelled

Sid was still in shock. First he met her in Goa on New Year, then she slaps him and accuse him of leaving her for TAMANNA!?

His palm naturally cupped the cheek where she just slapped him. Riddhima saw that. She brushed of his hand from his cheek and planted a kiss where she slapped him. "i am sowwie...?" Riddhima pouted.

Sid struggled a bit to get back on his feet as Riddhima was wobbly and lay atop him. He helped her also get up. She kept looking at him in a trance and before he could react she grabbed his wrist and walked away from the crowd. She kept tripping while walking but Sid clutched her shoulder to make sure she doesn't fall. When they reached the rocks, Riddhima left his wrist and turned around to see his face once again. Riddhima moved closer to him till she had her head burried in his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his chest while sobbing lightly.
Sid responded by encircling his arms around her and patting the back of her head with much affection. Tears swelled up in his eyes as he kissed her forehead.

But all of a sudden he retracted from her embrace and took a couple of step back. Riddhima was taken aback by his action. The satisfaction that lingered on her face till a while ago has now changed to one of panic and fear.

Riddhima moved her hand closer to him, to hold his hand, so that he wont disappear again. The fear was of the fact that he might walk away again.

Sid who was quite all this while finally spoke. "Stop it Riddhima! You are drunk! Do you even know what you are doing!"

Riddhima : "I may be drunk.. but i am not out of my sense... i missed you Sid.. where were you all this while.." She moved closer to him.

Sid put his hand across to stop her. He gave her a wry smile and said. "Aren't you with Armaan? I think you should go back to him..?"

Riddhima's expression completely changed on the mention of Armaan's name.

She remained shocked beyond words as her mind was strolling back to the memory lane. She was shocked because she had completely forgotten that she is now with Armaan and not with 'her' Sid. She recollected everything that happened in last few months. Riddhim clutched her head with both her hand as she felt giddy.
Meanwhile Sid quitely walked back from there. He kept looking back at Riddhima to see if she was fine. He was at a distance away when he saw couple of unknown men trying to start a conversation with her. She was quite obviously whobly and didn't know what she was doing. Sid quickly trotted back towards her. When he was close enough, he pulled her towards him "hey honey... i was looking all over for you"

"Hey hey woaah! back of dude!" said the men.

Sid : "I am sorry she is with me"

"Oh yeah!? Well she is with all 3 of us now" said one of the men.

When the guys saw Sid grinding his teeth one of them said "Relax alright! Well let she tell if she is with you"

Riddhima blinked at Sid and said "he is my husband.." with that she collapsed in his arms unconscious.

The men apologized and left the place.

Sid then carried her in his arms and walked towards the disc. He made lay on the couch, patted her hair and was leaving when Riddhima grabbed his arm.
"Sid... please don't leave me..."

Sid : "Riddhima... Don't worry Riddhima... i'll stay till your friends are back.. you will be safe... "

Riddhima : "No no.. Sid.. i really missed you... i really cant staw away from you any longer... please let's go to our heaven (penthouse).

Sid was figjting hard to hide his tears.. He wiped of the tears forming in Riddhima's eyes and continued... "Riddhima... you don't have to do this.. i am fine... i know being with Armaan is the only way you can be happy..."

Riddhima : "But you don't leave... you stay.. i don't want you to go... i lov... That was it. She dozed off again.

Sid kissed her forehead and whispered "i'll always be there for you Riddhima... Forever and always... anytime... anywhere... i just want you to be happy.. be it with me... or anyone else..." He gave her another quick peck on her forehead and walked off from there.
He was not ready to meet anymore known faces and so he hid himself behind the bar so that he can keep an eye on her till any of her 'friends' come looking for her.

Meanwhile the three girls were running around in panic to find Riddhima who went missing since midnight. They finally found Riddhima sleeping on the couch and was SO RELIEVED. Sid, who refused to take his eyes of a sleeping Riddhima even for a second, let a sigh of relief when he made sure she was in safe hands.

The four headed to their suite and crashed immediately.



The girls jumped off their bed when they heard Riddhima scream.

Anjal : "God Ridzi! What the hell!"

Riddhima : "Sid! He was here!! I saw him last night!"

Nikki : "Jeez Ridzi get a grip on yourself, do you even know what you are talking"?

Muskaan : "hangover girls hangover"

Riddhima : "No! i swear!! i Sid is here! I saw him last night! He was with me.. i spoke to him"


Riddhima started at her sister in disbelief.

Nikki quickly moved towards Anjie to calm her down.

Anjali : "No nikki!! Let me talk! This is insane! When she was with Sid she kept thinking about Armaan and now when she is finally with Armaan she is thinking about SID!? Seriously Ridzi! What the hell you want in life!"

Riddhima was now in tears. Muskaan tried to console her but it was no use.

Anjali felt like an idiot for shout at her sister like that. She moved towards her and hugged her.. "i am sorry Ridzi.. i didn't mean to say all that... but you have to decide what you want in life... you cant just keep doing this in your entire life... you have to get out of this mess if you want to live happily...

Nikki and Muskaan joined. "Riddhima we all are with you... we will help you out of this dilema. Just tell us what's bothering you"

Riddhima sobbed while she spoke. "i don't know... i really don't know what's happenning with me. You are right... i choose to be with Armaan.. but i dunno.. why it doesn't feel the same anymore... and i swear on god i met Sid last night... He is here in Goa...!

Nikki : "Are you saying he is following you around.."

Riddhima : "No.. infact he was equally shocked to see me here as well.."

Muskaan : "Ridzi.. you need help.. don't get me wrong it will only do you good. There is this friend of Rahul, Naveen. He is into psychiatric counselling and he is really good.. i think it will help you a lot to clear your mind... just attend couple of session..."

Riddhima looked at Muskaan with moist eyes.

Anjali : Ridzi.. i think Muskaan is right.. whatever doubt in your mind will be cleared..

Nikki too nodded taking Riddhima's hand in hers.

To lighten the mood Muskaan asked : "So you really met Siddhant? But how when?"

Riddhima seem to brighten up a bit when she heard that. "i remember vaguely.. he was in the disc... then he left"

Nikki : "what? he saw you and just left..? without saying anything..?"

Riddhima was trying hard to remember as she kept blabbering stuffs which made no sense to the three girls, yet they listened carefully "We were near the rocks... two goons came.. and Sid was there"

Anjali : "Do you have any idea how you ended up here...?"

Riddhima : "Sid... got me..?"

Anjie : "WE DID! Oki Ridz you have been drinking way too much since we came here.. may be you are hallucinating!"

Riddhima : "I AM NOT!"

Muskaan : "Alright you are not! Now wait let me call up Naveen."

Muskaan dialed the number.

Muskaan : "Hai Naveen, Muskaan here! I am good.. how are you doing? That's nice.. I am in Goa with couple of friends... No Rahul isn't here.. just me and my girl pals..." Muskaan then moved to a corner and explained a little about Riddhima's problem. A little later she disconnected the call and joined the girls.

Muskaan : "Oki he referred me to another friend of his who resides here in Goa. I forgot his name.. Anyway he suggested me something called "past life regression therapy" and i have no idea what it is! Oh yeaah! got it! Brian!! His name is Brian! According to Naveen this guy is a genius in dealing with similar cases. What say we visit him tomorrow! It's really difficult to get his appointment but Naveen will help us out.."

Muskaan waited for a response from the girls and everyones glance naturally stuck on Riddhima.

"ok... we will go.." Riddhima said.

To be continued...!

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ola amigos! so finally CMG forum is closed! LOL But i sincerely hope you guys are still around to read all the SR FF's!! Confused Anyway there you go, ur new year gift!! Tongue  May you all have a wonderful and rocking 2011!! Hug And may we get to see a LOT more of JERAN in 2011Embarrassed Love yoou all


Sid didn't sleep that night. The nights incident kept lingering in his mind. Her touch, her kiss and her sweet voice acted like salt in his fresh wound. The fact that she left him forever killed him. The thought of being with her never, pained him. He decided to go back to Houston the next day. He wanted to start the new year on a fresh not but even there God played a cruel game and his new year started in the arms of the girl whom he loves more than anyone yet cant be with her.

His flight was scheduled on the night of 2nd Jan. He decided to indulge in some photography before leaving the place in the eve. So at midnight he took couple of pint and his camera and walked to the beach. He finally dozed near the rocks at late mid night and was wide awake at the sun rise. The sun rise at the beach was so beautiful it made him forget everything, at least for a while. He opened the other pint, gulped a sip and walked towards the water to click some pictures.

Meanwhile Nikki and Anjie were up for jogging. There is nothing like jogging on the beach early morning.

Sid who was unleashing his hidden photographic skills in the best way but turned around when he heard a familiar voice call his name, 'Sid..?'

Anjali and Nikki stood their astonished. They couldn't believe whatever Riddhima told them was actually true.

Nikki & Anjali : "SID!"

Nikki was the first one to hug him followed by Anjali.

Nikki : "You idiot! cant you atleast inform us before goinf somewhere!" she punched his arm.

Sid : "Sorry bhabhi, i really needed a break"

Nikki : "Ya alright! AND Look at you! You look so.. soo.. shabby! don't you have the habit of taking bath!?"

Sid was still in his new years eve out fit. He was at the disc the whole day and went to his room at night to get his camera. He hadn't changed or freshen up yet.

Sid smiled sheepishly shuffling his hair "Actually i was on my way to the hotel to freshen up. Was out since New Year's eve."

Anjali : "So Riddhima actually met you on New Years eve?"

Sid nodded.

Anjali : "OHHH we thought it was the hangover!"

Nikki : "hey what's this on your cheek!" she clutched his jaw and tilted his face a bit. "UHH! Sid!! you hooked up with someone!!"? Nikki was almost yelling.

Sid was clueless "What!? God stop it bhabhi! Why do you girls drink so much if you cant handle the hangover"

Anjali who was inspecting his cheek closely saw the lipstick mark. She scrutinized him again and saw another mark on his white shirt. She cupped her mouth in shock and said "On his shirt too!!"

Nikki : "Oye shut up! Don't try to cover up! We have the evidence." She pointed towards his shirt.

Sid inspected his shirt and saw the mark. He also wiped his cheek with his shirt and the shade of lipstick spread on it.

When the two girls eyes narrowed he spoke. "It's Riddhima..."

"WHAAAT!" the two shrieked together! "you hooked up with RIDDHIMA!!"

Sid : "GOD! NO!! I didn't hook up with anyone!! Sheesh! Please! I am not like that guy who would take advantage of the situation!" Sid immidiately regretted when he blurted out the 2nd sentence.

Nikki and Anjali glared at him. They wanted to hear more. Especially about the second sentence.

Sid gulped another sip from the bottle.

"Sid! it's just 6 and you already started!" Nikki said

Sid smiled wryly and started walking. The girls followed him. He started talking about how they crashed into each other at midnight countdown at the disc. He said how Riddhima 'accused' him of leaving her for Tamanna and slapped him.
Nikki and Anjie shared a glance when he said that. They understood their chat about Tamanna had worked.
Then when he said she kissed him for slapping the two girls mouth became an 'O' shape. It only widened when Sid said how Riddhima pulled him to the rocks and hugged him and kissed him on his chest.
He continued about the conversation he had with her. And how he was leaving when 2 goons came, and how she said 'he is my husband', and how he carried her back to the disc and she refused to let him go n all that.

Anjie and Nikki couldn't believe what they just heard!

Anjali : "Are you talking about my sis, Riddhima Gupta"?

Sid : "i guess i am.."

Nikki : "Muskaan was right! She definitely need help!"

Sid : "What help?"

Nikki looked at Anjie and said "Nothing... so what were you telling about some guy earlier..?

Sid : "Nothing.. i just remembered something..." "Anyway i have to go freshen up. Good to see you both.."

Anjali : "You wanna join us for breakfast..?"

Sid : "No NO.. i am fine.. besides i have a bit more to do here before i leave in the evening."

Nikki : "You are leaving!? Where to?"

Sid : "Houston.."

Nikki "ohh.. ok.."

Anjali : "I think you should stay for another two days.. may be..?"

Sid : "Naa.. for what.."?

Anjali : "Riddhima..."

Sid : "WHat happened to Riddhima..!?"

Nikki : "Nothing Sid.. It's just that we are taking her to a counselor.

Sid stared at them quistionably.

Anjali : "She is a bit stressed these days.. Thought counseling will help her.."

Nikki : "Why don't you meet her..?"

Sid : "No NO.. not another goodbye..!" he paused and continued. "Okay you both. Will see you sometime. I really got to go now. He hugged them and trotted towards his hotel.

Muskaan and Riddhima were up by the time the girls were back in the suite.

Muskaan : How many calories have you burnt?

Anjali : Quite a lot..!

Riddhima was brushing her hair "why are you both looking at me like that..?"

Nikki : Sid...?

Riddhima : SID!?

Anjali : "we met him at the beach"

Muskaan jumped from the couch "WHAT! He is really here!? And Riddhima was saying the truth??"

Riddhima : "You didn't believe me when i said i met him!"? she glared at the three and continued "where did you meet!!? where is he now!?"

Anjali : "It's not just what you said we didn't believe but what he said was also shocking for us"

Riddhima : what did he say!?

Nikki : "you kissed him!?"

Riddhima : "WHAT! He said i kissed him!? HE SAID I KISSED HIM!" she raised her voice.

Anjali : "You didn't kiss him..?"

Riddhima tried to recollect the nights events.
Riddhima : "i kissed him!?... 'i kissed him! yeah! i kissed him and slapped him..? Riddhima remembered how she crashed on to him.

Nikki : "No you slapped him and kissed him! AT MIDNIGHT!"

Riddhima was now quiet and a bit embarassed.

Muskaan burst out laughing "ha ha ha ha OH MY GOD!! Riddhima! now i really don't think you need any help! It's quite obvious after YOU KISSED HIM." she stressed the word intentionally.

Riddhima : "I dunno alright! I was drunk! In that state i would have even kissed you"

Nikki : "but you dint! you kissed only him!" she teased.

Riddhima : "Hey! i was atleast drunk! But he was not! Why didn't he stop me!"

Anjali : "Believe me Ridz, if he hadn't STOPPED you, you would have ended up doing a lot more than just kissing" she laughed giving hi5 to Nikki.

Muskaan and Riddhima just kept staring at the two girls who are in splits!

Anjie and Nikki finally told them everything that Sid said.

Nikki : "So this is what happened!"

Riddhima was trying hard to recollect all those they just said. She succeeded a bit. She rememberd the midnight 'slap & kiss' and how Sid reminded her about 'Armaan' near the rocks. And about the two goons. But that's it.

Anjali : "you know when we asked if he hooked up with you, he kinda lost his cool for a bit and said he is not that kind of guy who would take advantage of the situation"

A shockwave passed through Riddhima. She knew Sid was refering about Armaan and 'that night in the tent'

Nikki saw her reaction and asked : "do you know anything about it Ridzi..?"

NO! NO! Riddhima was quick to respond.

The girls felt something wrong and immediately changed the topic.

Muskaan : "damn! i should have come for jogging! I really wanted to meet this guy! He is so cute!!" she sighed.

Riddhima stared at Muskaan : "When did you meet him!?"

Muskaan bit her tongue n said 'i have seen his pic!'

Riddhima : hmmm...

The girls could clearly see Riddhima's face was radiating.  And the doubts of her beaing a split personality became stronger!

Anjali : "ok girls!! go dress up! Our appointment is at 10!"

More than Riddhima, the other 3 were excited about this meeting with Dr Brian. Riddhima has become like a puzzle for them and till they solve it they felt they wont be able to sleep peacefully! Riddhima on the other hand was completely aware of the tangle her life is in. She was back in her confused state! She couldn't understand if she still loved Armaan why is Sid occupying her mind all the time. Why should she feel bad if he goes back to Tamanna or any other girl. There were many questions that was bothering her and somehow she felt meeting Dr Brian would clear her mind and FINALLY she might be able to think clearly after a long time! So the four got ready to meet Dr Brian for a life changing experince? may be?!

To be continued...!!

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Jenny1000 creations

My abosulte favorites!!

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Jenny1000 creations

My abosulte favorites!!

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

Joined: 12 October 2010
Posts: 125788

Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

Joined: 12 October 2010
Posts: 125788

Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

Joined: 12 October 2010
Posts: 125788

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