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|KW Lovers ka Adda #38|[IO]- Tere Liye (Page 88)

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miss cullen

As the crowed congratulated Armaan and Riddhima, her eyes searched for someone. Someone who has been her support system for almost a year. Someone who was there for her during her toughest times. Someone who is the reason she is alive today. He was there a while ago and now except him, everyone else is there. While the crowd around them were joyous, that someone though had a smile pasted on his face, looked lost, broken. She just wanted to make sure he is alright. Riddhima slipped away from the crowd to find Sid who is missing from the scene. Last time she saw him, he was with Yuvi. She walked towards Yuvi who was busy romancing Naina.

Riddhima : Hi Naina.. Yuvi..

They looked at her and gave her a sarcastic smile.

Your real friends are the ones who stick by you in your toughest times. Here, when JP Jiggy proved to be jackass, Yuvi, who once was in Sid's blacklist proved to be a good friend.

Naina : "Congratulations di.." she managed to say the words out while Yuvi just kept staring at Riddhima with the sarcastic smile.

Riddhima smiled at Naina and turned to Yuvi "Did you see Sid anywhere?"

Yuvi said nothing but pointed his finger towards Sanjeevani building.

Sid was shattered. His wife whom he loved dearly has gone away from him... forever... he let her go... because that's what she wanted... Sid needed to be alone and so found solace on the terrace. Away from the happy gang, alone fighting the pain bestowed on him. As he walked towards the parapet, he could see from there the celebration going on in the basket ball court. He turned his back to that sight. Leaned on the parapet and slowly crumbled to his knee. He sat there, his head bend on his knee and covering his face with his palms. He cried. He cried his heart out. He had build his life around his wife and that has come down crashing. It was too much for him to take. His girl, his wife whom he married twice is no more his. The thought killed him. He has never cried so much in his life and so as the exhaustion got to him, he became unconscious.

Meanwhile Riddhima searched Sid everywhere. She was scared. She looked for him in the locker room, fire escape everywhere before finally going to the terrace. Riddhima saw Sid sitting on the floor leaning on to the parapet wall. She rushed to him panicking and knelt beside him. "Sid... Sidd" She was terrified when he didn't open his eyes. Riddhima shook his shoulder calling his name but there was no response instead he now collapsed to the floor. Riddhima started choking as tears blurred her vision. She rushed to the pipe on the side, carried water in her palm and sprinkled it on his face. As he opened his eyes she helped him sit straight. She hugged him as she cried "Oh God Sid! You scared me! I thought.." Before she could complete her sentence, Sid who was now fully back to his sense wriggled out from her embrace and stood on his feet.

Sid : "You thought i was dead" He tried to smile at his forced joke through all the pain.

Riddhima slowly got up to her feet, her eyes fixed on him. "No Sid..."

Sid : "You shouldn't be here..." He turned his head to the basket ball court behind him, then back at her. "i have let you off the hook... no more burden... no more chains... no more are free... you don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore Riddhima..." He tried to smile.

Sid kept walking back as he spoke. "Take Care Riddhima... I'll try not to ever come in front of you again... ever again... Have a great life... Good bye" He turned and walked away.

Riddhima  just stood there looking at him walking away from her forever.

'Forever... he is going forever...' she murmured to herself in disbelief.

She almost took her first step towards Sid to stop him when her phone rang.

"Hey basket! Where are you..?"

Riddhima : "in.. in the hospital"

Armaan : "Oki! I have a surprise for you!!"


Next morning Sid was packing his bag to fly to Houston when he heard the doorbell.

He left his half packed bag on the bed and went to see who it was.

"Hey.." Armaan hugged him and walked in as Sid opened the door.

"So what plans?" Enquired Armaan.

Sid : "Nothing... just packing my bags to leave. I have a flight to catch in the evening"

Armaan : "Nope! You are not going anywhere today"

Sid : "You will stop me?" he smirked.

Armaan : "Pleaseee Sid!! Just this one day! I don't know when we will see you again once you take off"

Sid : "But Armaan..."

Armaan : "No if's no but's you are coming!"

Sid : "Where to!?"

Armaan : "PARTY!"

Sid : "What"?

Armaan : "You must come... "for us"... we wouldn't have been together today if you hadn't been there..."

Sid didn't know what to do. He stood there helplessly. After a lot of convincing by Armaan, Sid finally had to give up. He agreed to go for the party.


Armaan was over the moon. He never left his girl's side.  He was enjoying all the moment. Riddhima seemed to have lost in Armaan's happiness. She stood next to him smiling welcoming everyone.

DJ's trance music got them moving. Everyone were having a good time. Their where laughs all around. In came Yuvi and Naina with Sid. Riddhima was quick to spot him. She was happy to see him. He looked ravishing in his black tux. But the glow on his face has vanished. He looked out of place. His eyes were dead, trying to hide from the crowd.

The three walked towards Armaan & Riddhima. Yuvi and Naina greeted them and excused themselves. Sid was left alone with the two. He found it difficult to meet his eyes with theirs but somehow managed to do so.

Armaan hugged Sid and said : "I knew you would come..! Thanks Sid"

Sid forced a smile. He turned to Riddhima and handed over the bouquet to her. He quickly retracted his hand when it touched hers. Her smile too faded when she felt his touch. Her smile faded because she was taken aback by the spark she felt when her fingers touched his arm. Sid quickly walked to one of the corner. He leaned on to the pillar, his head bent. He had his one arm in his pocket and he fidgetted with his mobile with the other hand. Sid slowly lifted his head and shifted his glance to the couple at the far end near the entrance. His eyes fixed on the girl who walked away with his heart. Riddhima felt someone watching her. She naturally turned to where Sid was standing. Their eye-lock was broken by Yuvi who came and stood by Sid. Naina was with her. And the two were arguing as usual.

Naina : No way Yuvi! No way you can drink so much!

Yuvi smirked

Naina : I challenge you!

Yuvi : Really? You will challenege me? You mean who will compete with me?

Naina : "No, Sid will compete in behalf of me!" Naina grabbed Sid's arm as she said that.

Yuvi : ooo

Sid : Are you mad. I am not doing this.

Naina : "Common Sid Please Sid! Pleasee!!" Sid had to give in as Naina started begging him.

The three went to the bar counter and found a place. Sid and Yuvi took the seat next to the counter and Naina stood beside Sid leaning on his shoulder.

"BRING IT ON" Yuvi banged on the counter and thus came the 1st round of shots. The two gulped it together and squeezed the lime in their mouth. After 5 rounds crowd started to gather around the two cheering for both. Naina moved aside from Sid and stood near Yuvi when the girls flocked in. There were loud cheer after every rounds.

After 8 rounds Yuvi withdrew from the counter to answer his phone. Sid waited for a minute and was soon seen gulping shots after shots despite Yuvi not being there. The girls were now all over him. Sid got up and removed his jacket as he felt hot. He swirled his jacket in the air and the girls started cheering and screaming. Rest of the people who were not at the counter, including Armaan and Riddhima rushed to the counter to see what was going on.

While Armaan tried to calm everyone down Riddhima was taken aback by the sight of Sid amidst of so many girls. As an involuntary action she fisted her arm seeing that. Soon Yuvi intervened and handled the situation by declaring Sid as the winner. The crowd dispersed as the winner was declared. Sid continued to smile sheepishly looking at everything and everyone. His glance fell on Riddhima who was still staring at him. "Heeyloo Mrs Modi!" He smiled but soon cupped his mouth with his finger realising what he referred her as. "oops" said Sid, his eyes widened. Armaan stood beside Riddhima akward and Riddhima didn't know how to react.

Sid turned his back to the two and leaned on to the bar counter. Armaan grabbed Riddhima's arm and walked to the other end.

"Yuvii... i lovvyuu pahleez dont leave me and go" Sid hugged Yuvi as he said that.

They laughed and craked jokes but Sid's expression totally changed when the next song played. It was Albert Morris - Feelings.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
trying to forget my feelings of love.
Teardrops rolling down on my face,
trying to forget my feelings of love.

      Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it.
      I wish I've never met you, girl; you'll never come again.

      Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
      wo-o-o, feel you again in my arms.

Feelings, feelings like I've never lost you
and feelings like I've never have you again in my heart.

      Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it.
      I wish I've never met you, girl; you'll never come again.

Feelings, feelings like I've never lost you
and feelings like I've never have you again in my life.

      Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
      wo-o-o, feelings again in my arms.

Sid didn't take his eyes off from Riddhima even for a second throughout the song. Every now and then Riddhima peeped at Sid and their eyes locked briefely. At the end of the song Sid broke down. Riddhima saw that and she tried her best to hide her tears seeing Sid in so much pain. Sid grabbed a bottle of bacardi white rum from the bartender and gulped 3/4th of it in one go. He stopped only when Yuvi snatched the bottle from him. Sid got up on his wobbly feet and walked to the DJ. Yuvi and Naina followed him to see he doesn't fall. When Sid almost tripped, Riddhima, from the other end, stretched her hand in reflex action. When she saw her hand stretched, she herself was surprised by her action. The immense pain she felt made little sense to her. The feeling of being happy is missing. This is her party, party to celebrate Armaan-Riddhima's re-union, and she is not able to enjoy it a wee bit. She tried to ponder the reason behind all this. But all she
 could do is kept saying 'i love Armaan' in her mind.

Just the way Riddhima used to remind herself that she is Siddhant's wife, now she is reminding herself that she loves Armaan. But the difference is the feelings she had for Siddhant was not forceful even though the tag 'husband' was forceful. Here the term 'love' is being forcefully used on Armaan. But the adamant woman doesn't realize it. Her love for Siddhant was natural. Nobody forced her into loving him. But the 'dead love' for her ex was forcefully revived.

Meanwhile Armaan rushed to Sid seeing the state Sid is in. Riddhima followed Armaan to see if Sid is alright.

Armaan caught Sid by his shoulder. Sid turned around in irritation and when he saw Armaan he got more irritated. Sid in anger took couple of steps back to free himself from Armaan's clutch. Both Riddhima and Armaan caught Sid when he almost tripped.

Sid : "woaah woaah! Donnu rememba armaan's advice Riddhima! Yew should be takin care eff yor fiance and not yor ex-husband." He laughed at himself and walked to the RJ leaving an embarassed Armaan and teary-eyed Riddhima behind.

Sid took the mike and announced "Ladies and Gentlemen!" This one is for the two unforgettable people in my life! Well... unforgettable because even if i want to i don't think i can ever do that! He asked DJ to start the song

"Sach keh raha hai deewana"

Sid walked towards Riddhima who was quite numb. He streteched his hand and Naina who was behind Riddhima took his hand. Yuvi followed and so did the rest of the interns. They danced

Sach keh raha hai deewana dil
Dil na kisi se lagaana

Jhoothe hai yaar ke vaade saare
Jhoothi hai pyaar ki kasmein

Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

Sach keh raha hai deewana dil
Dil na kisi se lagaana
Jhoothe hai yaar ke vaade saare
Jhoothi hai pyaar ki kasmein
Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

Mausam mausam tha suhaana bada
Mausam mausam maine dekha usse
Hua main paagal bas pal bhar mein,


Mausam mausam tha suhaana bada
Mausam mausam maine dekha usse
Hua main paagal bas pal bhar mein
Aake basi hai voh mere mann mein
Uski kami hai ab jeevan mein
Voh door hai meri nazron se
Kyoon usse main chaahoon

Sundar sundar voh haseena badi
Sundar sundar main to khone laga
Uske nashe mein bin piye baheka,


Sundar sundar voh haseena badi
Sundar sundar main to khone laga
Uske nashe mein bin piye baheka

Ek din usse bhoola doonga main
Uske nishaan mita doonga main
Chaahoonga na main us patthar ko
Jaa usse bata de

La lai lai lai lai la le
La lai lai lai lai la

Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

The other interns danced with Sid. Sid was totally into the song. Singing along, lauhing at his misfortune, every now and then tear drops escaping his eyes.

At the end of the song he collapsed right infront of Riddhima. Except her everyone else rushed to him, even Armaan. Yuvi and Armaan carried him to Yuvi's car. He drove of with an unconscious Sid at the back-seat and a worried Naina beside him. Armaan went back to see Riddhima still standing at the same position like a mannequin, hardly breathing.


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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Originally posted by shewascool90210

here is another one zarqa, cmg of sid scene
10:43LOL go there only siddhima drunk scene

Yayyy!!! I Luv tht scene Embarrassed
talli Ridzi's so much more sensibleLOL
me to
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here u go BaniEmbarrassed
KW looks so cute here Day Dreaming

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The party was over. Armaan tried to sooth Riddhima but failed. He decided to drop her home. While driving home Armaan kept talking to her like nothing happened. At times Riddhima would look at him amused seeing the way he was behaving as if nothing out of ordinary happened in the party and at times she just smiled at him in assurance that she is listening to whatever he was talking. The smile was just to assure him. Her mind constantly hung on to Sid's image. She leaned on to the headrest as she closed her eyes. She re-winded all that happened in her life in a flash. The first image that came to her mind was Sid's smiling face. She quickly opened her eyes and the sight in front of her shocked her. "ARRRMAAAN" she screamed. Armaan who was busy blabbering turned his face from her face to the road ahead. He panicked seeing a speeding truck approaching them. He tried to maneuver the car but it was too late. The CRASH was ugly and Armaan was thrown out
 of the car in the impact. Riddhima was stuck inside as the car somersaulted couple of times finally hitting  a tree. Armaan was bleeding profusely. He tried to move, to get near the car but he couldn't. The next best thing he could do was to take his mobile from his pocket and dial Sanjeevani's number.

10 minutes later there was a huge crowd at the accident spot. Armaan was rushed to hospital and the rescue team was still trying to get Riddhima out of the car. They feared if she would survive. Seeing the condition of the car it would be a miracle if the person inside survives! Finally after half an hour they got out Riddhima after ripping off the car with all kind of tools.

Both of them were taken directly to the OT. All the senior doctors were present. Armaan escaped with minor injuries. A broken elbow and couple of broken ribs. He also had a deep cut on his forehead, but not as deep as they feared. He was in sedation. On the other hand Riddhima was shifted to ICU after surgery which took almost 4 hours. There was plaster on her right leg and it covered her knee. Her head was masked with thick bandage. She was in life support system. Her condition was worse than it looked. Her injuries were internal and so much more serious.

Shashank, Padma and Anjali were present there. Trying hard not to break down. Kirti, Shubhankar were also around. JP and Jiggy were with Armaan. JP kept trying Yuvi's number but it was not reachable. He finally left a message on Sid's landline number as he guessed Yuvi would hangout at Sid's place tonight.

At 3am JP got through Yuvi's number.

JP : "Hello, Yuvi bhaiyya?"

Yuvi : "Yeah JP what happened!?" Yuvi felt something wrong as he heard a worried JP on the other side.

JP : "Yuvi bhaiyya! Armaan bhaiyya and Riddhima bhabhi met with an accident. Riddhima bhabhi is still in ICU and very critical. You please come fast.

Yuvi was obviously shocked. He immediately rushed to Naina who was sleeping on the couch. They discussed between themselves and decided Naina would stay back with Sid. Yuvi then rushed to the hospital. As promised he called her up from hospital every half an hour to update about AR. She was up all night. Naina was snoozing when she heard a loud scream from Sid's room. She hurried to his room in a flash and saw Sid sitting on the bed. He was sweating profusely. "Riddhima" he kept whispering. Seeing the tensed and worried look on Sid's face Naina wondered if he got the news of ARs accident.

Naina : Sid...?

Sid clutched his hair as he looked at Naina.

Naina : Sid what happened!?

Sid : "Riddhima... it looked so real.. is she.. is she alright. I have to see her" He got up from the bed. The hangover caught the better of him and he almost landed back on the bed.

Naina : "Sid you need to sleep! Look at you you are not in a condition to go anywhere now"

Sid : "No.. No i have to find if she is alright." He once again got up and rushed to his phone. He tried her number but it was not reachable. He then tried Armaan's but that too was switched off. He started panicking. Naina quickly went to him and took the reciever from him.

Naina : "Sid what are you doing!" As he tried to grab the phone from her he pressed on the voice message key.

"Sid bhaiiyyaa! Riddhima bhabhi is very critical. Please come to hospital ASAP"

Sid stood their in shock as the message was being played. He glanced at Naina for confirmation and when he saw her in tears he rushed to his car. The two reached hospital in minutes. He stopped the car at the entrance and ran to the ICU. He saw Shashank, Padma and Anjali on the couch next to ICU. Padma rested her head on Shashanks shoulder as tears kept dripping. Anjali lay on the couch, her head on Padma's lap. She had dozed of due to exhaustion. Sid moved towards the glass door. The sight of Riddhima bedridden was too much for him to take. He broke down and knelt on the floor. Shashank was about to get up and go near Sid when Yuvi and Naina reached there. Sid hugged Yuvi and spoke while he sobbed.

"It's all because of me! I shouldn't have come for the party.." Yuvi quickly corrected him "Armaan was driving" Sid took a step back and stared at Yuvi in disbelief. All this while he thought Riddhima was driving the car and that it crashed as she was too disturbed by his presence in the party. His expression changed to rage. At that moment he saw Armaan walking towards the ICU with JP & Jiggy at either side of him. Sid paced his step towards Armaan and when he was close enough he clutched Armaan's collar and pushed him to the wall. "I din't step aside to see Riddhima in this condition. You promised you will protect her and keep her happy" Sid screamed.

Just then Riddhima's doctor Nilesh walked in with a friend of his. Sid released Armaan quickly as he didn't wanna make a scene right there. Everyone gathered around the two doctors and Nilesh introduced his friend to everyone. "This is Dr. Sahil, he is into psychiatry. He came up with an interesting way to approach this case which could prove vital for Riddhima's recovery."

Sahil : "Well, it's nothing. Just an experiment. I wan't you all to talk to her, say anything! Just wanna see if she responds to the sound or touch of anyone who she is close to. It's not scientifically proven but just a belief. One needle hole of hope that's all i am looking for. If it works then we know we are not working in vain... what do you say."

Everyone had a ray of hope and nodded along.

It's been 24 hours and Riddhima was still unconscious, in ventilator. Armaan was forcefully taken to his room. Sid sat on one of the chair next to the ICU refusing to move even for a coffee break. When everyone was kind of dozing he slipped into Armaan's room. He pulled a chair and sat next to his bed. He patted Armaan's arm to wake him up. Armaan kept staring at Sid. Sid was in tears and he really found it hard to talk still he managed to do so.

Sid : "Armaan.. I.. I am really sorry... I din't mean to.."

Armaan got up and sat on the bed.

Armaan : "Sid it's ok. Relax.. I know you were worried. And i won't let anything happen to my Riddhima". Armaan said in determination.

Though it hurt him when Armaan said "my Riddhima" Sid just smiled.

A little later that day, close family and friends gathered around in the ICU. Sid along with JP, Jiggy and Shubhankar waited outside as Shashank, Padma, Anjali, Armaan and Kirti were beside Riddhima. Dr.Nilesh and Dr.Sahil monitered her reaction.

Dr Shashank was the first one. He sat next to her on the bed, held her hand and said "Riddhima... i should have never forced you into marrying Sid... I am really sorry.. Now look.. Your Armaan is here... and i have accpeted him whole heartedly...Please open your eyes Riddhima...Please..." with that he broke down.

The heart rate monitor graph showed nothing positive. After Shashank it was Padma, then Anjali and Kirti. Everyone kept mentioning Armaan's name but it was of vain. Kirti even spoke about their internship days but it saw no change on the graph. Finally it was Armaan's turn. Everyone hoped and prayed for something to happen.

Meanwhile Sid sat on the chair next to the door. He leaned forward resting his elbow on his lap. He had his fingers buried in his hair and kept staring at the floor beneath.

ICU - Armaan took her free hand in his. He kissed her finger as he spoke. "Riddhima... you know i cant survive without you... please don't do this to me... when we are finally together you cant just leave me like this..." He wiped off his tears. Tightened his grip on her hand and started shaking her abruptly to wake her up. "Enough RIddhima! Get up! It's me! Your Armaan! Get up Riddhima"

The two doctors, Nilesh and Sahil glanced at each other and then back to the monitor with wide eyes.

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ok my mom needs help im gonna go help her now...will be bck later

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Originally posted by indian_beauty

here u go BaniEmbarrassed
KW looks so cute here Day Dreaming

muha muha!!!!
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I am not a doctor! Whatever i have mentioned here is purely fiction. So if you find any faults in "my treatment" please spare me! Embarrassed Thank you! Wink


Riddhima's pulse rate was dipping rapidly. The doctors pushed Armaan aside. She was having a severe asthma attack. Dr. Shashank clutched Armaan's arm so that he won't create a scene and let the doctors do their duty. Dr Nilesh quickly dialed nurse desk number from the phone in ICU asking for more help.

Meanwhile Dr Shubhankar rushed in when he saw nurses trotting to the ICU with defibrillator.

Sid stood there stunt for a while and quickly pushed open the ICU door to see Dr Shubhankar giving Riddhima defibrillation (giving electric current to the heart so as to save the patient from dying) His heart sank. The rest of the crowd (Armaan, Anjali, Padma, Shashank & Kirti) were in the extreme corner sobbing uncontrollably. Sid's glance was stuck to the heart rate monitor graph when he heard the continuous beep. The doctors expression totally changed. Now even Dr Shubhankar broke down. Armaan collapsed to the floor crying out loud.

Sid stood there. Nothing that was happening around made sense to him. He moved closer to Riddhima and sat on her bed. He patted her forehead lightly for a moment and when it finally sink in what has just happened, he started crying like a little kid, holding her hand. He buried his face to the side of her neck and cried as he whispered her name.
All of a sudden he felt her fingers entangling his. He quickly lifted his head and saw Riddhima inhaling deeply! There was a sudden jump on the heart rate graph. He kept staring at her in disbelief. The doctors saw what just happened and rushed to check the monitor.

"MY GOD" said Nilesh

"UNBELIEVABLE" whispered back Sahil.

The two doctors along with Dr Shubhankar was back in business. They asked everyone to leave the ICU. As the others were walking, Sid too got up from the bed beaming and crying at the same time. He was walking towards the group (Ridz family + Armaan) when he felt a pull. He saw that Riddhima still had his little finger clutched in her fist. As he was about to make her leave his hand she whispered quite loudly "SID", to everyone's shock!His name echoed in the silence of the ICU room. Everyone had their eyes firmly on Riddhima and they saw her opening her eyes slowly but not before whispering "SID" a second time. 

The three doctors did a quick check up and turned to the waiting crowd "we did it! she is out of danger! WE DID IT!"

There was a loud cheer. Everyone moved closer to Sid and Riddhima. Riddhima was still holding on to Sid. When the crowd gathered around her, her eyes shifted from Sid's to other waiting faces. Sid slowly took his hand from hers as he took a step back, still staring at her. Riddhima focused her glance back to Sid the moment her fingers parted from hers. She once again lifted her hand to him but this time Armaan grabbed it and kissed it. Everyone were chirping as Sid slowly found his way out and Riddhima's eyes followed him. Sid stood next to the door and smiled at her for one last time and disappeared. Riddhima kept staring at the entrance. Armaan turned his head to see what she was looking at but by then Sid was long gone.

Everyone were excited about Riddhima's recovery that they almost forgot about the person who brought her back to life once again. Surprisingly Anjali was the first one who realized his absence. She slipped from the crowd to look for Sid. He was walking to the parking lot when she called him from behind.

Anjali: "SID! SIDDD!!"

Sid turned around and saw Anjali trotting towards him. She stopped in front of him. Her eyes were still red with all the crying.

Anjali : "Sid, where you going.."

Sid smiled and continued : "Back home... to Houston"

Anjali : "Riddhima..."

Sid kept his hands on his hip and smiled again. Street light reflected the tears swelled up in his eyes.

Anjali moved forward and hugged him "You know what... you are a very nice guy... and you deserve all the happiness in the world...!"

Sid continued as he broke the hug "i am leaving my happiness with you all... just take care of 'her'." With that he walked off leaving behind a rather guilty and shocked Anjali.

Couple of days passed by. Riddhima was on recovery and so she was shifted to the room.

Armaan and Anjali were almost always there with her. The rest paid her a visit every now and than. The three were chirping about nothing in particular but everything in general when Dr Nilesh came in with Dr Sahil for Riddhima's routine check up.

Dr. Nilesh : "Hey guys! Can we join you"

Anjali : "Sure doc"

Dr Nilesh : "Well thank you young lady! So Riddhima how are you today"

Riddhima : "I am fine Doctor" she smiled.

Dr Sahil : "So guys where is our hero! He has been missing since two days"

Riddhima looked bewildered as she whispered "hero..?"

Dr Sahil : "Yeah! The miracle man who blew life into you...! I tell you the scene looked right out of a movie!i am sorry a blockbuster movie" He laughed.

Riddhima was still clueless about what the doctor was saying. Of course she was not fully conscious when all that happened. On the other hand Armaan and Anjali knew exactly what he was talking about and they both smiled nervously.

Dr Sahil continued: "So Riddhima... is he your one and only..? i mean your boy friend... you certainly do look cute together"

"Well they are not" Armaan said annoyed. "i mean they are not together"

Dr Sahil who was a visiting doctor was not aware about the situation he was in.

Dr.Sahil : "Oh i am sorry, but where is he"?

"He is back in Houston" said Anjali.

Dr.Sahil : "What? he left? hmm.. that's strange" he looked at Riddhima

Dr Nilesh quickly responded "hmm.. Well Riddhima is getting better. So i guess we should leave them alone now Sahil"?

Dr Sahil : "Oh certainly! i'll see you all around"

The two doctors left the 3 in the room.

Riddhima : "What was he telling di..? What did Sid do...?

Anjali looked at Armaan nervously. He was silent and stone faced. He kept fiddling with a pen as if it was nothing worthwhile listening.

Riddhima "Di...?"

And so Anjali told Riddhima whatever happened that day. How Dr Sahil involved them in an experiment, and how she almost died, how Sid hugged her and she inhaled and how she whispered his name and held his fingers, basically everything that happened in detail.

Riddhima was quite amused by what she was hearing. She tried to recollect all that happened and the image of Sid at the door popped in her mind. That's all she could remember. Sid at the door, he had tears in his eyes yet he was smiling. And then he disappeared.

"SID..." She once again whispered.

Armaan looked up and saw Riddhima who was physically presend but was lost in thoughts.

A week passed by. Riddhima was discharged and was now at her home. Her fractured leg kept her house arrest and away from work. Workload kept Armaan away from visiting her every day.

One night Riddhima and Anjalie were in their room chatting when Anjali asked her "So did you really feel Sid's presence while you were unconscious!? And what made you say Sid's name! We really thought you would react to Armaan's touch or sound. Sid was not even a part of the experiment"!

Riddhima stared at Anjali with wide eyes. Anjali knew she wanted explanation for her last sentence (about Sid being not involved)

Anjali : "Well he couldn't make any impact on you despite he was married to you for 9 months... So we really thought... you know... that.. he was a 'nobody' to you..." she said observing Riddhima's expression.



Mind shuffles, Heart confuses, Soul never lies! Cool
How can i make Ridddhima respond to Armaan's touch when Sid still exists! Embarrassed Sid owns her! CoolHe doesn't know it, She doesn't know it, only her soul knows it! Smile

To be continued...! Embarrassed

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged

"First of all SID IS NOT A NOBODY!" Riddhima quickly clarified.

Anjali raised her eyebrow as Riddhima mentioned it loud and clear
"O-K-A-Y.. then what is he!? I mean how..?"

Riddhima tried to recollect those moments and went into a trance.
"I dunno... it was as though someone woke me up from a bad dream... it was like my time was up and god held my one hand but someone else had my other hand... refusing to let me go... i din't know who it was... until Dr Sahil told me the other day that it was... Sid...?"

Anjali: "But Sid...? i mean i dunno..."

Riddhima : "Neither do i..."

Anjali : "But you love Armaan..."

Riddhima : "Yes.."

After a silence Anjali continued
"Ridzi... do you think God is trying to tell you something...? I mean... may be chosing Armaan over Sid wasn't a right choice after all.." Anjali bit her lip the moment she blurted that.

Riddhima stared at Anjali in horror and kept shaking her head in denial.
Though Anjali tried to change the topic Riddhima kept on thinking what she said. A little later Anjali was fast asleep and Riddhima kept staring at the cieling waiting for sleep to take over. As she lay there, random possibilities and equations crossed her mind. One of it was 'what if i had died'?


Back in Houston Sid was having a very difficult time. It's not easy to face your family and friends when your wife leaves you for another man despite him giving her all the love and care. His work was getting affected as he was not able to concentrate on anything. He decided to take a long break from work and to spend some time away from anyone who he knows. He flew to New Zealand. He told his family he is going away for a while but didn't tell them where he was going. A week passed by in NZ. There was not even a single soul who knew him there and so he felt lite and relieved. Nobody to "advice" him, to "console" him or even to "pick on him" He was at a new place, with new people, who didn't know about his past and that made him relax a bit.

He found the country so beautiful that he wanted to capture every scene and moment of that place. Sid dugged out his passion for photography which he had burried long back when he took MBBS on his fathers demand. Photography kept him occupied all through the day. He enjoyed it. He tried to go back to the profession he is into but the sight of doctors, interns and the hospital atmosphere was suffocating for him. Suffocating because that's a part he wants to comepletely forget. And if he remain in a similar ambience he feared he would never be able to do that. That's when he thought about a change in career. Photography was the natural choice.

Whenever Sid called home, his mom and dad always had something to tell about "moving on" "forget the past" and similar stuffs. So the frequency of his calls to home also reduced. But he kept sending photographs to them more than often. It kept him closer to them. And when he misses them to a point that it starts hurting him, he takes all the courage and call them.

And the only people who could bring a genuine smile on his face was Yuvi, Naina, Suvarna and Shilpa all of whom are working in Sanjeevani in US. He often spoke to them, but never revealed where he was put up. And the 4 made it a point to not ponder much as that might drift him away from them.

Siddhant did apprenticeship with a renown wild life photographer of NZ. He had made it a point to not to stick to one place for long. And it looked like he would pack up from NZ soon.


A month passed by. Riddhima was now fully fit. She resumed her work in Sanjeevani. Anjali too shifted her base to Sanjeevani as she felt her sister needed her support. Armaan was back to his jovial best. Riddhima now has got everything that she wanted, atleast that's what she thinks. Well It took her only few days to realize despite the fact that she is back with Armaan, it didn't feel the same anymore. She felt something missing. And the image of Sid played in her mind more than often which made her really uncomfortable. She felt a break would settle everything down and so Riddhima along with Anjali planned a girl pals trip to Goa. They informed Muskaan and Nikki too who promised they will fly down to Mumbai and join the two for the road trip to Goa. Though Armaan was adamant in the beginning he finally had to give in. Riddhima also made him promise he wont follow her to Goa.


The girs met early morning and set off to Goa in their car. Anjali was driving, Muskan sat in front. Nikki and Riddhima were at the back. The four had loads to catch up!

Muskaan : "Oh my god guys it's been such a long time!! Soo what have you been all upto!!" Muskaan just couldn't stop chirping. "Anjie you start! So what's up with you and Atul"

Anjie slightly annoyed "Atul! Now where did he come from!"

Nikki :"Oh common Anjiee! Stop ur natak and TELL US!"

Anjie : "agghh why don't you guys tell us about Abhi and Rahul!"

Riddhima was enjoying the petty arguments and pulling of legs as she distanced herself from the topic.

Muskaan : "Actually... guys me and Rahul have patched back and there will be a wedding soon" she blushed

"WHAAATT" the three girls shrieked together!

"Oh my god muskiii that's great!!" shrieked Anjie
followed by congratulations and hugs by the other two.

"This calls for a celebration!" Nikki turned around and took a bottle of wine as she said that.

"eee nikkiii you the best!! i was wondering which hypermarket would open so early so that we could buy a bottle or two for time being" said Anjali

"why fear when Nikki is here" said Nikki to which Muski and Anjie shrieked again!

"Wine" exclaimed Riddhima

The three girls glared at Riddhima when she said that in a shocked tone

"Ye ah! We are off to Goa babe! It's like a rule that everyone who step into the place should drink" Nikki said as Muski and Anjie nodded along

Riddhima : "i am sorry what i meant to say is "just wine"? no gin or vodka" Riddhima quickly played along which left the other 3 girls to shriek again "ridziii"

Nikki served wine in shot glasses she had with her.

"CHEEERS to Muskiii for a hot and sexy married life" everyone exclaimed!

While the three had stopped with just that one glass of wine, Riddhima still held on to the bottle. As everyone kept chirping about everyting, Riddhima was enjoying their conversation while sipping wine from the bottle every now and then.

They reached GOA by around 6 in the evening. The moment Anjie stopped the car, Riddhima pushed open the door and got out screaming "yaaayyy we reached, we are in GOOOAAA, to PAARRDDDYYY"

The 3 girls looked at her in horror. They saw the wine bottle in Riddhima's hand and stared at each other. Nikki turned around and saw the empty wine bottle from which they all had a sip.

"OH MY GOD! I din't even see her finishing the first bottle and she is almost done with the 2nd"

Soon the trio circled Riddhima who was singing and hopping like a kid. They dragged her to the beach resort.

At the reception.

"Welcome to Majorda, How may i help you"

"me me me me meee" Riddhima wriggled out and stood in front of the receptionist.

"YES! Beach side suite please?" Riddhima said smiling

Receptionist : "Sure ma'am, your good name?"

"Riddhima Modi" said Riddhima still smiling.

"Riddhima Gupta" whispered Anjali

"what"? Riddhima asked Anjali, blinking her eyes.

Anjali whispered again.

"WHAAAT DI! can you be a bit louder please?" said Riddhima annoyingly


Muskii and Nikki kept quiet watching the two sisters argue.

Riddhima's smile faded as she heard Anjali say "RIDDHIMA GUPTA".

To be continued...! Embarrassed

P.S I really dont seem to get over JERAN /SR mania!Ermm The moment it starts fading the duo are back together again with sizzling sensous performance like in ITA! Embarrassed JERAN
is like my own, personal brand of heroin. BABY I'M ADDICTED Day Dreaming

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