Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Dvls Den-Bina mehnat hi phal khata MSK:CON News PG67

49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged
It's the eve of the most awaited SR in Television history, so is everyone ready!

Well, I know its hard to admit, but even Im waiting for the most awaited consummation!  With GC and DD's sexy lips and eyes who can deny that it will be incredible and sensuous!   These two on a very professional level can pull it off well, no doubt in any viewer's mind! Their chemistry speaks volumes and what's not better then to have their SR in the jungle!  Jungle has connected them in many ways!  Maan rescued her from the lake when Geetran from the goons in the jungle and falling in!  His first word to her was "CHUP".  I hope she does her buk buk and he puts his finger on her lips and uses his signature words, "CHUP BILKUL CHUP" then with his long sexy fingers he starts his finger action all over her body! What's more sensuous then small touches when a couple's mind, soul and body wanting sex!  Yes, foreplay is a must! Also, their first admission for each other came in the jungle also with a big tent in the back, too bad the tent became of no use!  Tabela zinda baad, we welcome with open arms! 

Apart from consummation, tonight we will see full on song segment with Maaneet  shaking their legs on Laung de lashkara!

With their incredible dancing skills, I'm sure they will burn our screens on fire!

My take on the episode

I loved it!  Dance was awesome, loved GC's and DD's expressions! GC grooves doing salsa, but today I found him dancing so well desi style, his steps were all there and even his expressions were up to par!  Loved the bicycle ride, priceless maaneet moment!

Mrs. Geet khurana took up her husband's challenge and fed him like she had promised to do, even he challenged her, yet again she did it! 

Also, I loved the scene where MSK says I want to become a papa, what else is he going to say to his wife, I want to do u right now, its about time!  LOLLOLLOLLOL His dialogue was very apt for the situation, voice modulation was perfect!  Loved the way he showed authority on his wife to show her hand and she did! 

Things I couldn't digest!

Geet feeding Dev ladooAngryAngryAngry

Geet dancing in the same frame with DevAngryAngryAngryAngry

Please CV's no Dev and Nandani pair, I will puke!





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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
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This is particularly in light of the moderator warning 
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and here is the dare.. 
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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
arre Aaj Geesji is opening the den???
Kya garam sharam post de rahi ho????
See I knew Geets you would come with something sooo realistic...
Yea love that picture from JA...  that kiss was great and the chemistry of HR and AR is awesome love HR but not AR too much...
Yea love the episode today...
Mainly the song and the cycle ride..  I think I love this laskara song more on Maaneet then in the real movie...  I think DD had much better expression then the actress of the movie  forgot her name... She had kind of so rigid body movement and her expressions were too flat...  DD did beutifully with her expression on the cycle ride.. her expressive eyes and the ways he rolled it and also the way she entwined her arms around his neck...  absolutley love that portion of the song... very beautifully done..
I knew that Maan would keep the fast for her...  As he simply cannot eat when his geet does not eat whole day..
Loved the way the realization hit Geet that Maan also has fasted for her and then his adamancy that she has to feed him otherwise he will not eat...  and then Geet's trick to feed Maan in front of every one that was perfect and Maan had to believe in his wife too..
Loved the way she said to mera nam Geet Khurana nahi and Maan said hmm to Mrs Khurana apna vada nibhane ja rahi hai..
and the scene on the terrace was lovely tooo...  Geet was hungry but Maan fed her his love and she was satisfied with that..  Maaneet were awesome with their expressions with hand burn scene...  Geet reluctant and when Maan said with authority to show her hand... love the expressions of Maneet  and then simple I love you..
So Maan now has desire to be Pappa...  hmmm they are progressing on the track of CON very nicely not just out of blue but with very valid reason..
But When Maan said that to Geet that he wants to be Pappa..  Geet was kind of shocked or sad???
or both??? Wasn't it the same thing Maan told her in the card that he wants to start new life with her and a family...  or may be with all those misunderstandings he was not able to say the "family" part of it..
But love the emotions in Maan's eyes when he said that he wants to be a daddy..
OK so in the jungle he is searching the answer to his question in Geet's eyes and Geet would say yes...  LOLLOL

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged

Today's BD was coz DD took few hours off that day to rest, since she fainted during that song sequence, so don't panic, the SR or CON is with GC and DD, no BDs, BDs r only used in some scenes in the maha episode as DD is on leave for two days since she is not well...

About the CON tomorrow, mark my words, its beyond imagination WinkLOLBlushingEmbarrassed

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Quick thoughts on the Episode
Dunno if I m in majority or minority...but I loved the episode todayEmbarrassed...Loved the fact that no extra effects was used in the song and no unwanted editingBig smile...
Things I liked...
  • Liked the song picturisation...mayb too many screen partitions could hv been avoidedErmm..but I loved that no ball effects or editing was done in the whole song sequenceEmbarrassed;Maaneet parts were really very good especially the whole cycle sequence and the way everytime MSK does the kissing gesture to Geet while singing "Oh baby tera"BlushingBlushing..Choreography was goodEmbarrassed
  • MSK telling Geet to feed him in front of all giving her that bedroom look was a good sceneEmbarrassed
  • Geet's laddoo feeding idea to all was goodThumbs Up...She proved that she too is Mrs.Khurana Cool
  • Maaneet last jhula scene was good ...mayb it could hv been better without BDs but I can understand...Actors too need break its all fineSmile
  • I liked the simple and striaghtforward approach of MSK here when he tells Geet that "I want to become a papa"LOLEmbarrassed...This dialogue was long pending since Holi time after Geet lost her baby and MSK wanted to tell Geet about  itEmbarrassed ;I know many might find this dialogue a bit too OTT but I thought it was fine in that given situation where he is just trying to tell Geet that lets move on from the past chapter...that is the MC-Tragedy  ...we hv a future ahead where things will happen again if we wantSmile...Also this dialogue of MSK somewhere proves that he is a virgin and this is the first time he wants to get physically close to a girl and in such cases men do run out of exact wordsLOLWink...its not like he wants to do the consummation for becoming a father that point itselfLOL..of course the dialogue is a future set-upBig smile but its a way of indicating to Geet that lets take our relationship to the next levelLOL...Yes he could hv used better words but I thought he used the most simple or lame word here to indirectly put forward his desireLOL and that sort of guarantees that MSK is a virgin...and mayb thats why I loved his dialogueLOLLOL...On a more seriious note I just remembered ,after losing the baby..what was Geet's first demand from MSK ?...In the hospital bed she hugged MSK and told him "I want my baby back..mujhe mera bachha wapas la do"...Hearing this ,MSK for the first time in his life felt helpless because he could not fulfill her demand that timeCry...Today MSK is only fulfilling that wish of hers by assuring her that he is ready to become a papaEmbarrassed...thanks to Manasi's  fabulous take here in EE I realised itClapClapEmbarrassed ..
  • Precap shows there is tension between the two mayb because Geet has not yet replied to MSK regarding whether she is ready to do it or not...normally post-MC girls loose that sexual desire for a while and so I guess MSK wants to make sure whether she is comfortable or not before doing itErmm...All said and done,I feel Precap is misleading and CVs don't want to give out the real hot stuff in precapWinkTongue...but I liked the realistic way of dealing with it in the precap...First time is not really very easy to do it especially if the case is ulta where the girl is not a virgin but mayb the guy isErmm...
Things I disliked..
  • Why keep scenes of hugging when one of the actor is not available ??AngryOuch
  • Geet feeding Laddoo to Dev ...still difficult to digest for meOuch
  • Dev becoming talli and dancing with commentsStern Smile
Episode Rating:8.5/10...Nice episode ...Song was well executed...Last scene even with BDs was good and touchingSmile

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Today's episode was the true definition of time pass LOL LOL LOL

That song as downright hilarious LOL LOL LOL ... of GC's dance comments Tongue ...DD who is a great dancer was also off today plus she looked really tired. There was something not right about the song. I did not like the song selection or the picturization. Thumbs Down But I will give the choreographer point for this - he utilized all the characters very well done Thumbs Up. The split screen showing Maan and Jugnu, Maan and Lucky was very good. Thumbs Up

DD dances really well in a saree but she was not able to get it right today. I blame the choreographer, not the actors. The spirit of the song was just not there today. I wish they had picked a different song. Plus all the random people dancing was just not required. Thumbs Down They blew a great opportunity to showcase the new family with all its quirks and all the inter-personal relationships. A better song and better picturization and execution would have been a great help. It seems that the people who gave us Kurbaan hua and then Maahi have disappeared somewhere. Ouch Ermm

Mamaji was hilarious but what was the use of Dev drinking the spiked drink? He would have danced even otherwise? Confused Confused Confused

I did not like the fact that Geet fed Dev Angry Angry Angry... it would have been good if he took it in his hand and said baad mein khaa loonga or something like that. Angry Angry Angry ...they can never have a real devar-bhabi relationship and that is the truth. Deal with it and stop trying to portray it as such. It turns our stomach Angry Dead Dead Dead

Now coming to the "Main Papa banna chahtha hoon dialogue" Confused Ermm D'oh

MSK I did not expect this of you. AngryAngry Angry Angry Angry Angry

I have this to say "Make the mistakes of yesterday your lessons for today" - Unknown

Dear CVs have you not learned from the previous disasters? You have just gotten rid of one baby (managing to lose umpteen fans in the process) and now you want to go down the slippery slope again? Ouch Shocked Ermm Does this even make any sense to you? Where is your sense of self-preservation? Ermm

Geet is 18 years old and the doctors had clearly told Maan that she is too young to be a mother. Then what the hell is this stupid dialogue all about. Instead of showing her becoming independent in life, you want to show her barefoot and pregnant again? Angry

Please no rubbish about her not being able to bear any more children. Angry

She has just had a miscarriage for crying out loud. She needs time to heal physically, mentally and psychologically before even thinking about having another baby. Cry

Plus she really needs to live life and enjoy life before she starts becoming a tap again - crying all day. Angry

The way you portrayed MSK was as a broad minded individual. I would have loved it if he just said I want to take our relationship to the next level. Thumbs Up That would have been a lot more in line with his character than this stupid line. Is he not worried about his wife's health? About the fact that she is barely 19 and he would be tying her down with a kid? I thought he would be the kind to encourage her to become independent and stand up on her own feet. I guess that MSK is dead and gone and the one who has taken his place is someone who wants his wife to play homemaker.

Please show us Geet going back to college or even going back to work at KC and leading a normal life rather than turning her into a Kekta heroine who has problems conceiving. Dead

If you want your show to remain unique please do not resort to Kektaish measures. You tried that and the audience rejected it. Thumbs Down

The real mistake is one from which we learn nothing - John Powell

So please do not repeat mistakes your predecessors have made. Learn from the mistakes they have made and stay away from cliched tracks. It will make for a more gripping track if Sameera comes in as a business rival a la Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz. People will enjoy it more. Trust me on that. Embarrassed

Finally I will leave you with this
"A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own." - Latin proverb.

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sun29 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
 mein papa bana chahta hoonROFL

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-Divine- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
papa main papa ban gaya
papa main papa ban gaya ROFL

CV's app log itni jokes kyu maarte ho yaar

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