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-truly magical- MAANEET FF last pt pg111 11JUNE (Page 94)

bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Happy bDay dear...

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged

Oh you're updating!!!

It's been sooo long...can't wait so hurry

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
OMG Muskan.. Is it really a last part????

Muskan aisa mat karo na...

At least complete 200 yaar... Pls...

Muskan i want Geet's grihapravesh in KM as Khurana's badi bahu..  With all rituals(as per shown in show and of course with your creativity)  
'She has dremed it for so long.. everytime Maan disappointed her.. Now pls they are married.. Phir ye bhi karvado na pls...

Pls muskan...

Ok now i am waiting for update...(with a hope that this will not be end...)

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
thanks to nandu for the lovely poster..ummah
~last part~
oh yes.. Maan Singh Khurana had lot of girls to attend to!!! on his first night.. his..princess.. pink baby.. off course.. his beautiful wife!!
after 3 months!!
Maan was so tensed..& scared. All the while he was pacing restlessly outside the hospital ward.. he was really worried..especially hearing Geet scream in pain. Rano took maansi out ..No one was able to calm him down. He finally got really scared & sat next to her in the OT.. he held her hand she was screaming madly.. Maan caressed her temple.. she smiled weakly still screaming in pain. He shouted at the dr.. couple of times to be careful.. both Geet & dr rolled their eyes at him.. finally.. when the dr gave the baby in maans hand he just forgot every thing.. he was so excited to see the tiny life...she looked in a mess with all the blood & the umbilical cord still not cleaned up.. he carried it close in a pink towel... his eyes was filled with love.. happiness..
Geet just smiled & sighed... she could do anything to see her bachan smile like she always treasured & only she could give him this happiness.. that feeling was overwhelming.

After a month.. Maan kidnapped her yet again.. & took her to Itlay..but this time.. they had their little angels. Maansi always fought saying she still wants a blue baby.. but for some reason.. Maan was scared.. he didn't even once talk about blue baby after seeing Geet in so much of pain in the labor room. Maan had given her complete rest since then.. he managed every thing with both his little princess. His world seemed to be only around them.
As they walked in the appartment.. prem - mukti(prince & mehak),  raj - naina (naina already expecting..still confused ..if it was mahendi night.. or wedding night!!!)..armaan - ridzy. It was a similar apartment but it was little bigger to accommodate the kids. Her eyes was filled with the way they all stood.. exactly the same way.. 9yrs ago.. well she was 21 then.. 30 now..
she hated.. being 30.. Maan teased her ..women get naughty at 30.
They cut the cake fed every one.. Maan kissed her lip & took in the bite.. prince..closed maansi's eyes.. as they giggled.. Geet, armaan, prem & raj.. cuddled up in the hall after their night long chatting .. while Maan..put maansi & pink baby to sleep..  later in the morning.. Maan knew.. Geet will cry.. ghodhi.. he did go & get her from the hall at around 4am. Next day was just as planned.. romantic rides.. & sight seeing..
No wonder they call..Venice Mecca of lovers. Italy itself is synonymous to romance and has a tradition of higher love and romance. Their romance was filled in every nook and corner of the place.. reliving every moment of unconditional love they shared. The beautiful landscape teemed up with the old town charm & their memories it had a language of its own. This romantic evocative ambiance didn't leave ridzy's heart untouched.. she was reminded of every small thing they shared.. their first kiss.. . When the sun was setting.. stroking the sky with a shade of love.. & passion.. armaan could read her eyes. Now clear of her fears.. he bend down romantically on his knees & proposed her to be his wife. She nodded kissing him madly..they had the most romantic wedding in the Italian style. Armaan carried ridzy back to their room.. made sure no one disturbed them.. the appartment in-charge didn't fail to surprise them, by decorating the rooms yet again with chocolates & flowers..wines.
Geet managed to put maansi & the baby to sleep. She dressed in her spaghetti top & sat naughtily in the middle of the bed with a half filled wine glass.. Maan walked in & immediately walked out.. no.. !! he knew his wife.. gets totally out of control after the drink!!
Geet made a baby face & stood on the bed on her knees.. Maan!!
nahi!! I will sleep in the hall
Maan !!
she screamed..then reduced her voice not to disturb the kids
she kicked open the door

This is the night baby, get a right maybe
Maan pulled the coat & covered himself
Haule haule dheere dheere aana meri baahon mein aa jana
Pyaasi pyaasi (o yes) marr jayungi, aise mujhe aise tadpa na
she sensously moved her body..& traced her finger on her sides moving upwards
Maan didn't want to look at her looking so tempting

Na kar na kar zara bhi fikar
Mila mila nazar se nazar
Aaja tujhe heaven dikhaungi
she slipped her slipped her strip side ways.. & gave him a teasing look.. he pulled it back up.. & shook his head.

Halke halke, dheeme dheeme bikhri meri zulfein sulja na
Main na doori seh paungi, aisi waisi baaton mein sulja na
she slipped her fingers in her hair upward.. pushing it.. & bit her lips..sensuously
Nasha mera nasha chayega
Mazaa bada mazaa aayega
Aaja tujhe heaven dikhaungi
she pushed him inside the room & closed the room pulling his tie..
she took his lips into a full mouth kiss .. nibbling his neck.. stripping his shirt & biting his chest.
Jaan.. I don't have protection..he cried.. unable to control himself
Na kar na kar zara bhi fikar
Mila mila nazar se nazar
Aaja tujhe heaven dikhaungi
she pulled his belt & sat on her knees.. kissing him.. he pulled her up desperately.. ek.. min ..I will ask raj. He ran to rajs room.. slipping back into his pants & shirt..
raj.. peeped out ..looking all messed up..
Maan - woh.. woh..
raj - why would I need it now & slammed the door back...pouncing back on naina
Geet came from behind.. & slipped her hand around his waist..
kya huwa
Maan made a baby face...
oo my sweety sweety baby.. he looked at her feeling uncontrollable desire..yet ..scared to get her pregnant again.. she kissed his nose..
I love u Maan..
his heart missed a beat..
I want a blue baby exactly like u..she bit her lower lip.. & kissed his lips.. feeling shy..
he smiled delightfully & carried her to the room.. I love u.. a lot.. he kissed her madly falling in love.. with her magical words. Promising a blue baby!!!

Geet's another bday after few years
vanice.. yet again!! like all her bdays..
maansi was 10 now & took care of her 2 little sisters.. one 2yrs old & other one 1yr.
Maan had a handful of them. But no complains.. he couldn't yet have enough of them. Geet turned into maan's arms she was nude & his big hand kept stroking down her pale body as if searching out the signs of her as yet invisible pregnancy. She knew he was worried but she felt wonderful & tired to reassure him.
Main teehk hoon Maan.. I am ok.. with pregnancy now..
he chuckled & stroked her curves, lifting each one in turn in his palm. They were fuller now & more sensitive. He could almost bring her to satisfaction just with his mouth on her n****.
paka .. this is the last one ok.. he said it regretting pleading for a blue baby..but then she wanted could he not fulfill..
she teased him.. wat if this is a pink baby too?
He groaned ..& kissed her again..
lets make a deal..if this is a boy.. then no more ok!!. but if it is girl.. we will have one more baby.. but thats the limit  !!!
Geet giggled.. can't believe.. they would be having 4 kids.. where she didn't even think of having one for years & with in 11yrs of marriage.. they already have 3 & 4th one on the way.. that too all girls.. she was quiet sure this one will be a boy.. like her bachan.. & he doesn't mind the 5th one.. she was so glad she decided on maansi after all it was for him.. only him.
Geet - have u thought its possible that this one is also a girl!! look at ur track record 3 girls in a row..

he pinned her down.. mujhe blue baby chahiyen bus!! she put her hand on his mouth more..4 is the absolute limit.
He laughed at her & closed his strong body onto her. Her response was immediate .. even after so many years... truly magical!!
hope u all liked the journy of truly magical.
Love all your comments & support through the ups & done.
please do keep commenting'.
my final godbye to tm...hope u lyk it!!!EmbarrassedCry

TRULY was indeed truly magical!
reading it was more of an everyday habit...

the way they met...
they became friends...
her bachchan...Big smile
his jhalli...LOL

JUngle mein Mangal!!!!
oops...they fell in love...Embarrassed

her giving up her dream just to be with him!!!
london trip...Embarrassed
deir registered marriage...Shocked
Romance In ITALY...Embarrassed

oh no..MUs...
hard days...
back to India with annie...Ouch

their consummation...Blushing
ohh no...daadi's Mu...Cry
more Mus...Cry
most dreaded...separation!!!

face off once again...after 7 years! look!Shocked
maansi...who was she???Confused
maan still guilty...
did she move on???Ouch
Confused heart...
bleeding heart!Broken Heart

geet's love...
her saving maan...not even caring for herself!
heart's decisions...

maan finding abt her in the past 7 yrs...
the search for her again...
and they met again...Embarrassed babay...ya pink babay??
confused family!!! LOL
dream wedding...a dream relived!
ITALIAN ROMANCE...relived!!!!Embarrassed

ohhh no...again confudsed...
blue baby...ya pink baby!!!Confused
Maansi's baby...
maaneet tryimng hard to fulfil them...
will dey ever succedd???? LOL



How i wish i could say i am NOT waiting...

how I wish i could stop myself from anticipating...
Since, its the final one, i don't want to wait...
Since its the last time, i want it late...
though i know, forever i can't procrastinate!
Yet, how i wish, forever, for in this journey i could participate...
yes, you knew and said i would cry!
I am trying hard for the tears to Not come by...
The heart is filled with a sense of loss!
yet, tears would mean a loss!
This journey has given me a lot in life...
A membership at IF, and friends for life...
i have smiled, i have cried, with your Maaneet,
So, as they reach their destination, the dam tears can't breach!
The journey was heavenly, it only deserves applause..
So, i will try to mask this sense of loss!
I will see the end with a smile,
this story will always help me when i walk that extra mile!

The journey began with a hard and stern businessman,

who had forgotten how to smile;
and with a lively, sweet and cute college girl,
Who was by no means docile...LOL
The mask of ruthlessness had cracked,
In just the first meeting the angel had sneaked!
those light coloured eyes made him drown,
While she was busy in admiring the guy with a frown!
Fascinated she was, bowled over he was;
sfter they met, life didn't pause...
Meetings continued, yet she didn't know his name,
Coz she was genuine,unaffected by his fame!
Her naive nature, her innocence floored him;
His care for her and dominace blowed her!
they moved together in the different shades of life,
together they experienced their changing feelings that grew ripe!
He was crazy, yet his ego stopped held him back,
She was obsessed, nothing could stop her!
their days were spent on phone together,
till they met in flesh and person...
together they enjoyed the moods of weather,
With each passing moment the relation grew deeper!
They didn't realise when their lives got entangled,
a day away from the other none could handle!
Still not accepting in words what they felt,
Yet for the other willing to be killed!
Breathing, eating all were secondary!
Even a li'l distance left them in a quandry!
for him it was her all along,
Yet her love took a different form;
Never used the four letter word,
yet to be with him, left her dream in lurch!
Away from all, a world they made,
The six months together had ever shade...
they truly, deeply understood each other;
the depth of their love got even clearer!
different moods an situations they sailed through;
Closer and closer with time they grew!
Faith was something they never had to strive for,
each trusted the other more than their life...
No misunderstandings, no ghosts from the past;
No tensions, no worries could do them apart!
yet a few hurtful words did the impossible,
They broke the pair that was so impeccable!
through the distances the love still thrived,
Waiting for each other apart they survived!
the bodies were apart, but the souls were together;
Years did pass, the longing ony grew stronger!
Yet when it came to the other's life,
Both of them were ready to part with their own life!
Though a barrier of assumptions existed,
The love they had could never be doubted!
separated by lack of words, they had a new bond,
To their little princess they both held on!
after th painful separation, when the truth arrived,
Brought relief to him, but it couldn't thrive!
For the first time, he failed to trust her...
their love he lost fait in, he felt disgusted,
as he burnt in the flames of remorse,
The distances in their closeness made her worse!
When the truth was revealed, she was shattered;
shocked to know that the trust had been battered!
As she told him to fetch her to himself,
During that search, her pain he felt!
Places after places as he swept,
In a sea of guilt, every time he dwelt!
Yet finally when the souls came alive,
In the love of his life he merrily dived...
Her happiness was his only aim,
in comparison to her, everything was tame...
Every dream that she ever had, he woved to fulfill,
A full time husband, a father so thrilled!
A wedding ceremony straight out from her dreams,
in happiness, in pleasure she wanted to scream!
all the pain is now finally over, only happy clouds will now ever hover!
in the rains of their love, both are now drenched;
Together with them, their princesses are now entrenched!
The blue baby is now on its way,
With all those who matter, in Happiness they sway!
As this journey comes to a close,
we all are overwhelmed by love's hearty dose!
The journey has been TRULY MAGICAL so far...
this is not the end a new beginning is on the cards!
a fairytale of the prince and the princess...
Is coming to close as they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
My most prized ff has come to an end today!
yet calling it the end is not what i would like to say...
Yes, the journey for us now seems over,
yet for the two love-bound travellers, its just not over!
their destination is one, and they have each other,
so, they need none of us as they go on togetherWink
It was by-far the most different poem i have ever written, and perhaps the most difficult, as it had no particular instances...I just wanted to describe their love...their feelings...their journey which will go on!
Thanks a lot Muski di!
no doubt i am gonna miss the anticipation of TM updates, yet the journey's memories will be there to bring a smile on  my face always!

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p_chandralekhanimmi26snehag10nimmskrishthahupyarisahelilive4uaaashna2009psruthimdaya4laila889jasmeen64dpurvagaberroshni77inlwgeetsimran2608shanky18thuri123vani0391shanmanjugeeta1803nehavashigeetno1lovelyninizil143bindiyas1980LACHUMANEETamiainageettcukishsushmasukruthisunitasth1AYESHAJAVAIDsalu6zbullsafireLivLetLivabshassunita1maaneet05mishimSeemaMartingurtimanetLoveArhiForeverCandy_jschanda123sonya2012maltisokhalAASTHA_mtInarranishubhmeharnikitaagarwal06samanvilittlerenu16GraciasMerciPOULOMI22Aaisha4samaman22jansruthi8pwinchipesshasanulmishtikhuranachupchupsiNK4MSK.NaziashiffacousewwZahrahAliridhisidhithea_angely9290860623hafuukgeetkamaanAcharya10vishruti.sirideekshacgaarthiashgagsychillychickenkrishna.fizza25sharbatvemtonavyanissileen10leendiotimaasmi123Ballumauariz2000wifey90swati_sutrendyfriendssassy45shreya rok--Kesh--aangelisvardah23ixrayamalu123maanmishti-Humera-Sia89kareena32bd670816Whypadhukiran99ytanujaradiant_raisapushpiAnvi2009ridhz21IlovemskCutee999KinshukKiDewanibluedreamz953puthraj_202febinyusuffPaintedSkylove_u_Sarunsweetcherry95amzu32GurruKiDeewani-seshatreemuskaan_cute19maanujaanuRocks.DharaneethuMGJayaRAmbibambysheetalvasagangesegbGudiyalovesguruambeernprincess163-SmexySmile-MsMovielover--ANGEL--x.Maaneet4eva.xVaidhumomkrndrlove4allMaaneet4eveShimmerrsunshine94noaccountshalinisaran89d_soniageetsrir.maannats0101allibrinsight555sobia4maaneetparidhiloveuvasavi_srikshubhangianonymous.mekaramjeetMadhu..anu5arnavmaan_shinchan_drashtirocks1COLOGYMishti13Hanishadevipoongs123maaneetmaahi1357rakshaPriyasikabslocksmaneet-56Niharika.NairBye_Bye_if-Zahra15-simi91sweetkjlibra25tanvi04ammu5ritzy09Ramharismj1977.shrutirupzloveubasicquestion1RaDMG25soni4evaDilsay-Veritaserum-honeygrapeambbihatinatartariwajiha-1ramaheshKrishnaluv94krati5sanu3108drdee142VintagepeachDoracakeAsh1991blueopalmrk-1meravigilisolovelycutietedyshruti_luvs_mskdeejagiJRia-Prithi-MeetPremeerKissTheSky--Saavi--Firegurlvrsharmaesha143ajennMaya_PsmallvillekomlikaLavZalicia212ksasi-TeriMalang-sweet cherrymechantefille-afsha-SahSahCrazzyBusysweet scorpiomandymorelilindiangurl13swetha10FireSafireFireejanu_2006anuandaviAmoureuxcraziekudipop77mchopramitzi11maaniqra-ZainImam-t_areebHansaN--aarthi--rsroopalimaanseeSerenity_memysteriousmilli..hinal..shah10--Ratna--sona-raivivacious_gurlmaanmeet1-kawaii-preethiaShalvechsweety22seemamaryzaara2212sdlife19Abby-GC-Crazyriya27rs12345Tyrojasraj123---nishu----Nia04-Shruthelove2_somaSaamsmaaneetsangelPadfoot_Prongsana56Craziest_MGangeldream14Desigirls12impoojavermamahimaneet.MishtyLove.abba12DimaagKaKeedavrinda22Madhuri53tabby999Loquacious_Aashcookie._BlackPearl_abinash079-BlushaLicious-kirti_fijifelicitysmoak.bhanu_rekhagkhwaishfanspvdSecretKhabri420DownhillJanakivallavInfinity.singh24

_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Yipee ...last part ...I'm first to commentDancing

I'm Speechless di ...That was truly Magical!!!

I'm really over-whelmed!!!

Maaneet with their three princess & another one on the way.




Will definetly comment later now I'm over-whelmed with different emotions.

Thank you for a Beautiful Story.

Love u di ...Hug

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my_maan_geet Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
wow its really truly magical di...loved d whole journey of truly magical with d you d angel of our lives...and wat a marvelous end to the equally beautiful journey...thanx for making ours lives magical by giving us truly magicalClapClapClap
p.s    i think 5 kids r too much lolzLOLLOL

Edited by my_maan_geet - 11 June 2011 at 10:29am

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
very sad that it endedCry
but it was truly magical

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
absolutely magical muskan...
only u can create this magical experience of maaneet...
oh man still trying for the blue baby...
ek blue baby de hi dethi unhe...
i just done know each & every one of ur ff is so nice cant chose one to b the best...
this was absolutely amazing journey with truly magical and sorry sometimes for cribbing and scolding u for the jhatkas u gave us...well still u do that in all ur ff...
since this is finished r we gonna get another one...anything cooking up in ur mind...
thanks a lot for writing muskan...
i just love to read ur ff...

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