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-truly magical- MAANEET FF last pt pg111 11JUNE (Page 77)

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-truly magical-
part 190

Next day morning before leaving Maan applied  haldi on her cheek..while she was a sleep. She immediately pulled him back.. & softly caressed his cheek taking the color from her face. He kissed her wishing her yet again.

She blushed & rolled over to the other side & continued to sleep for little longer with maansi. Rano & raji came to wake her up for the haldi. Rano spread the curtain.. raji.. immediately..wiped her cheek. Didi.. phele hi haldi mana liya.. she shied & hid her face.. Rano carried maansi to the wash room & got her ready. Raji helped Geet to dress up in a yellow suit, while Anni took nanina to get ready for haldi.

Maan came back to the room to meet raj. Raj scanned his face curiously yeh kya hain.. looking at the haldi. Maan smiled.. haldi.. raj was bit confused. Maan explained.. I wanted to apply first haldi to Geet & so did she. Raj.. was little disturbed now.
Maan - kya huwa
raj - maine naina ko haldi nahi lagya
Maan - umm
Prem - so wat aab laga len
raj & Maan together - kaisen
prem - sneak into the room again
raj rolled his eyes
Maan - anni is already in there
prem - try karne main kya jatha hain
Maan - yah try karne main kya jatha hain
raj - nahi ..that won't be right
Maan - yar tum force walen na bahut left right left karthen ho
raj inhaled sharply - teehk hain

raj takes a bit of haldi & sneaks into the room.. the moment he looks at naina dressed in yellow he gets totally her enchanting beauty.. that looked enhanced with the shade of yellow. He loses track of wat he was supposed to do.. he just moves closer & closer.. his hands slip around her waist.. from back.. she screams in surprise his warm lips taste the nape of her neck.

Anni comes out at once.. raj ..aap yanha kya kar rahen ho?
Naina looks all flushed. Raj whispers in her ears.. why did u scream
naina - aur kya karthi..tum aisen aachanak
anni - bahut hogaya..challo..aab
raj - lekin mujhe
Daadi comes from behind holds his ears & pulls him out

raj comes back to the room with his face dipped low.. & disheartened
Maan - wat happened
prem - haldi lagaya??
raj shook his head sadly
Maan - aacha mauka tha
raj - main kya karoon who itni sexy lag rahi thi.. I lost track of wat I was supposed to so
prem laughed.. col rajveer singh shikhawat!!! losing track..
raj - wat the hell man.. woh meri hain

he just walked straight into the room where all ladies were surrounding Geet & naina. Maan & prem ran behind..raj ..ruk!!   their voice dropped dead the moment they saw all the ladies giving them an angry look. Before prem could say anything.. mukti walked him out .

Geet blushed looking at Maan, yet gave a questioning look. His eyes now looked filled with desire seeing her like that.
Rano told raj - yanha se javoo
raj - ek min mama
he walked straight towards naina.. & caressed her cheek with haldi.. phela haldi main lagavoon ga
she just followed wat he did..giggling at the ladies respond around her.
Rano - laga liyen..aab javoo
as the guys walked out.. ladies teased naina.. & Geet.

Geet looked gorgeous in her wedding dress & Maan looked charming in his shervani. Their princess looked beautiful in a chudidar suit. Maan carried maansi when he walked to the madhap with jayen mala. Geet couldn't stop falling for this father in love with his daughters. He was so possessive abt them.

They both stood facing each other for jay mala. Maansi now sat on maan's shoulder..really excited abt the whole ceremony. When she tried to put the mala.. maansi.. moved his head away.. Geet made a baby face..maan smiled & inched closer ..maansi still pulled him away. Geet shot a angry to look to both of them.. every one started to laugh. They were laughing.. in a split second.. she tickled maansi & put the mala in his neck..
that was fast move geet.. prem said
raj laughed... nahi say GK

now it was maans turn.. she didn't move.. she stood cutely ..but anni & raji. Pulled her away. Every one was curious now.. maansi.. called.. mama..
Geet turned kya huwa?
Maan immediately put the mala around her & pulled her closer.. I love u..
maansi..I love u..both..said kissing them

they had the elaborate wedding ceremony with Maansi sitting in maan's lap all the time while the pink baby in geets womb. Papaji did the kanya daan that moment was so deamy ..something Geet always wished for.. maans eyes filled with tears. Maansi kissed his cheeks ..wondering why tears.. he shook his face very softly.. blinking his lashes.. nahi ..woh.. havan ka.. she wiped his cheek with her dupata.

After their ceremony. Naina & raj had their wedding rituals.
Armaan & ridzy also joined..though ridzy was still not fully alright. So they sat together avoiding the crowd. Ridzy was still scared & nervous. So they kept her calm & enjoy the togetherness... she did!!  it could be made out as her hand slid around armaan in love.
All moved to the dinning area. They planned on speech addressing the bride & bride groom. It was touching to hear ..rano, papaji..saying how proud they were of Geet. Daadi opening asked forgiveness to Geet & so did anni. The whole speech was directed mostly to Geet. Maan didn't mind.. after all it was her special day!!
but the last but not the least.. probably was the best gift..he ever expected  .. his little princess got on the stage..& very nervously held the mic to read a poem she wrote for him
she said..da..da...then nervously looked at Geet... Geet smiled & pepped her up.. Maan looked at the small silent talk between his angels...
maansi.. took a deep breath in...

Daddy...(she said it.. maan's heart was filled with millions of emotions..he needed to take her in arms now.. & kiss her..madly.. Geet held him back.. reassuring ..there is more..he knew he won't be able to bear it.. )

Children need a Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding them high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells them all is right
When they awaken frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in their hearts
And shows them how they might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving them the love
That is their sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
They'll always find him there.
(POEM THANKS TO ROHINI..she wrote this..thanks a lot dear)

He lifted her & kissed her madly.. I will always be there!! I promise.. I will always be there..every one smiled with tears in their eyes.
Maansi - how did I perform..she asked excitedly
Maan & Geet kissed her.. best!!
she hugged them both.

After the dinner. Anni arranged a different room for children. Every one was teasing Geet & naina as they were walking to their rooms. Raj had to pay a ransom to get his gate pass though anni, NT & raji.
Raj - just wait for ur wedding night he threatened raji.
They ignored & pushed him in.

anni tried her prank with Maan, he gave an angry look, but then gave her the cash they demanded.
As he walked in, he scanned the room & then looked at Geet, she stood worriedly near the bed.

The room was decorated with flowers & candles..bed filled with red roses. He opened the door back ..almost slammng it.. Geet knew ..his anger!!
anni teased.. kya huwa bhai??
Maan - wat have u done to the room?
They didn't quiet understand ..then continued to tease - is there anything missing
his anger was rising now - anni.. wat is wrong with u..u urself have a old as maansi
anni - lekin bhai
Maan - wat bhai? Wat will maansi think if she sees all this
anni - bhai woh tho bachon ke kamren main so rahi hain
Maan wonders why was he even explaining anything to her ..her pea size brain won't understand anything.. he knew maansi will start crying at night.. looking for them.
He went back to the room & removed all the decoration.. Geet folded the whole spread together with the petals. They put on a fresh spread..just leaving few candles left to lighten up the room..they knew.. their togetherness was 100 times more romantic than garlands..petals.
Maan hugged her & naughtily began to help her change.. thats when they heard the knock at the door..
mama.. mama...umm...
Geet complained.. tumari beti ka timing perfect hain..
Maan - dare u say anything about my daughters.
Geet teased him.. showing him tongue.
Maan opened the door & carried maansi to the bed. She made a complaining face.. mujhe wanha nahi sona..
Maan - I know that.. he kissed her ..she kissed him back & slept cuddled up in his arms.
Geet sneaked around him & slept on the other side.. oh yes.. Maan Singh Khurana had lot of girls to attend to!!! on his first night.. his..princess.. pink baby.. off course.. his beautiful wife!!

-BLOG Wink truly magical 190-

Geets bday in Itlay

-PREV   PART 189-
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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wooohhhooo ooo      ME ME ME ME ME  ...

btw i sandwiched ur update   Big smile 

loved the update .. I was overwhelmed after reading that poem which Maansi read ... it was so amazing ... loved the way Maan is giving her back every thing she ever wished ... i hope by fulfilling her wishes Maan is able to decrease his agony and guilt ... i've said it b4 .. am gonna say it again and again ... love you muski ... thanks alot for taking the stress and giving us such wonderful FFs / SSs ... "ONE BIG BEAR HUG FOR YOU" .. ummmaahhh

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lovely update.. i can  jus imagine hw emotional maan got after listening 2 dat beautiful poem.. maan is finally wiv his angels.. awesome update.. looking forward 2 d nxt 1!!

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My goodness how am i supposed to react. I was feeling so emotional thru out d update. Ther wr so many lines. Bt d last line tht msk had so many girls to attend on his first nite made me roll on my bed laughing hysterically!!. Superb update muskan.

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wow that was really cute... maan and his angels... quite a work maan!!!

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awesome part...

loved it.

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lovely part.

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WOW! AWSUM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SIMPLY D BEST...LOVE U MAAN...SO SWEET...WAITING FOR BDAY BASH...ClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpPartyClapBig smileSmileClapThumbs UpParty

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