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-truly magical- MAANEET FF last pt pg111 11JUNE (Page 44)

Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
great parts dear!!!

Waiting for : UPDATE!!!! UPDATE!!!! UPDATE!!!!

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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-truly magical-
part 188

he kept the finger on her lips..chup!! their eyes met..her cheeks turned red & looked down.
Anni -  bhai ho gaya .. u can't meet her until anniversary now
raji pulls Geet away - haan jiju, abhi didi aapse seedha mantap pe millen gi

Maan made a baby face looking at his jaan being taken away. Geet was initially giggling.. & then his baby face just melted her wiping her giggle & she too made a sad face.

Later in the evening raj came with naina.
Rano kissed her forehead - aab tho meri bahu ko ghar le aavo
(at least now get married)
naina.. had tears in her eyes.
Maan hugged raj.. - aunty..abhi aap iske bhi haat peelen kardo.. bahut sata chuka yah naina ko
(aunty why don't u get them married)
raj - sir yeh sab aapki hi karamaat hain
(sir its all because of u)
Maan was really sorry.. he knew it was his fault.. one wrong word..spoiled so many people life. He could never forgive himself. He cleared his throat.. tho main hi sab teehk karon ga..
he turned & winked at NT & anni. They came & pulled naina away.
Raj - Oye teehk karne ko kaha tha.. door karne ko nahi
(I asked u to make it alright..not separate us)
Maan laughed ..
Nt .. now u can see her during the wedding ceremony. Naina blushed.

Raj looked at Maan - so I can't meet her??
Maan was in the same boat. They looked at each other.. then Maan smiled wickedly...
Maan sneaked into her room.. pretending to be raj & raj went into naina's room pretending to be Maan. He walked calmly wearing raj's racket. He was just hoping no one came in from front. Rano .. saw him from behind but assumed it to be raj.. & smiled.. aaten hi aapne gudiya ke pas jaa raha hain. 

He closed the door and turned to her, to have her pull her into his arms and kiss her savagely on the mouth. He hugged her from behind. She jumped in joy .. yeh kya kar rahen ho.. koi aa jayen ga.. All that cool and calm, collected and poised maan just disappeared as he vented all those churning emotions on her. All geet could do was to hang on to him and let him expel all that pent up energy on her. The fact that he was a little bit rough did not in any way lesson the effect his kisses had on her, and Geet found herself after a moment of shock, responding blindly to him.

As suddenly as it started, it was over as his lips released her lips, but he kept a light grip on her arms. Subha se I have been waiting for this Maan growled softly.. u know how much I missed u
Geet sucked in her lower lip as she tried to regain her breathing, and Maan felt the urge to sweep her up and just throw her on the bed cave man style... he had to be careful with that cute little bump of hers.
I want you Geet, he declared almost savagely. "
oh!! jaan.. I want to love u now.. right now..
Maan.. koi aa jayen ga.
. nahi.. they think it is raj..
she pulled away.. delightfully raj is here!!
he pulled her back.. umm..
chodo mujhe... I want to meet him
he is busy!! he said nibbling her lower lips..
Maan..she smiled as she felt the heat rushing through her.
Before she could ask busy??.. his hands had began exploring her.. freeing her from her cloths. He stepped forward and swept her up, and as he reached the bed he couldn't wait any longer, he pulled his t-shirt over his head & tossed it away..

She gave a soft husky groan as Maan's hands traveled up her legs, up her lower legs, her thighs and her hip, towards her waist, he lightly gripped the elastic of her panties and began to roll them steadily and evenly down her legs. As her feet tugged free from her of her panties, Geet sat up to look at Maan giggling at the hurry he was in.
Take off your bra ..he whispered hoarsely as he struggled in hurry with his pants
Geet reached behind her to unclip it and allow the straps to slip down her arms, she held it out to him with a firm hand... yeh looo..
who wants that .. he made a yucky face.. then smiled delightfully attacking her.

He looked up at her & smiled before he leaned over her to kiss her on the lips and slowly slid between her legs. As his tongue dipped into her mouth he gave one firm push and slipped into her with all the ease he could have wanted. Before geet closed around him with her moist warmth he felt the groan well up from deep inside him, it traveled all the way up through his body to spread out across his chest. Every time.. he felt it..special with her.. it was so beautiful.

He breathed into Geet's mouth and she gave a shudder, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him deep into her. He was so much wanting to be still deeper.. Oh god Maan she gasped as a shudder ran right through her. She gripped him tightly with her arms her legs and her internal muscles. He loved to see her come.. he kissed her lovingly & pulling her closer & deeper into him to his.. He started to move again as she pulled on him a couple of times and grumbled a little under her breath. Finally the two of them clung to each other as they shared their joint o****. They lay together on the bed, wrapped in each others arms as they drifted off to sleep.

They woke up in from  their deep sleep when they heard maansi knocking the door & crying. Geet immediately woke up.. Maan.. umm.. he pulled her back under the sheet..
Maan.. dehko na.. maansi ro raho hai hain..
Geet slipped into his t-shirt & ran to open the door. He immediately slipped into his pants & rolled under the bed. Maansi was crying in her sleep & banging the door..
Geet carried her to the bed.. mama - da...da ...ddy paas sona..
Geet kissed her cheek.. u wanted to sleep with anjali & devansh
she cried..
aacha.. chalo.. mama ..paas..
da da da ddy...
she cried.. Maan locked the door & slipped next to her... daddy is here sweety..
she immediately turned to hug him & slept in his arms..

it was probably 3am.. Geet could feel his legs caressing her naked legs..
Maan.. she moaned in her sleep
umm.. he came over to her side & slipped his hand under the t-shirt she wore..maan maansi..
main kya kar sakta hoon.. tum mera t-shirt main itni sexy lag rahi ho...
.. umm..
.. so rahi hain..
he kissed her passionately into another wild night.

He changed & sneaked out in the morning to his room, raj just joined him looking as messed up as he was. They laughed '
raj - tumhe milane ki liya humesha main miltha hoon kya?
Maan hugged him.. she was looking for u
raj - aapki ijazath ho tho mil loon
Maan nodded shamelessly..
raj - oye!!

Mehindi function was very typical with songs, guys not allowed. Maan & raj now wondered wat they could do.. thats when prem, mukti, prince & mehk came. Maan & raj both had a wide smile & pulled prem to their room. He gave a puzzled look to them.. they explained the whole situation to him.. mukti went in with mehk to the main hall. Where naina & Geet wore a beautiful green dress & sat on the couch.

Prem fixed a camera in the remote car of prince.
Maan - no wonder u managed to track my phone number..
prem - that was too easy..
Maan - I know Geet used to tell me that
prem - she used to??
Maan - off course she used to tell me how u could track phone calls.. email stuffs..
raj - he should be behind bars long back.. woh tho papaji ne isse bacha ke rahka tha!!
they projected the whole event on a big screen & watched.
Wat pushed them to the edge was Geet, mukti & naina performing.. on
mere haatho main nono chudiyan hain...
prem immediately switched it off.. no ways that is my wife..
Maan - hello that is my wife there..
raj.. ok.. all of u can leave.. I need to watch my would be!!.. so plz excuse me!!
prem cleared his throat.. ok deal.. u only see urs ok..
Maan perfect..he could not see anyone else any way..
raj eyes was already plastered on naina..

-BLOG  Wink truly magical 188-

wedding anniversary!!!
-PREV  PART 187   NEXT  PART 189-
TM will end soon..
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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Naughty Naughty update... but loved it to the core!

Maan cant stay a second without her.. hence the naughty naughty Maan... awww and maansi sooo cute!

Loved the update!

Thanks muski!

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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lovely hot hot update muski di!! luved the end where prem fixed a camera n men watching... Wink

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Amazing! Lovely! Fab. Part Clap loved it   Embarrassed

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at long last ... deer aye par dourest aaaye !!

thx for an awesome update. lolz  Maan and the dudes make up a gr8 team.

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Awesome update!!!

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