Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

LETS FALL IN LOVE-ch.10pg.87-21 jane (Page 71)

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awesome update hope u update this also soon

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     Arjun excitdly dragged Saleel along to studio area.He impatiently luked at his watch:bs 10 minutes more to 4.
Saleel shrugged:Arohi ko neecha dikhane k chakr men tum bhool rhe ho,ye hmare buisness ka bhi nuksan hai.
Arjun:thora thora nuksan hote rehne chahey,seht k lye acha hota hai.
He added wid wink:wese bhi dad ne buht kama lya!
Saleel shook his head:pta nhi uncle ne kon se aese pune kye hen,jo unhe tumhare jesa beta mila hai.
They went inside,lukd around confused.Saleel:shoot to already start hua hai.
They walked closer,their eyes open in shock.Saleel instantly kept hand on Arjun mouth to stop any nonsense.
   Arohi was dressed in sexy bridal maroon & green lehnga which was hanging on her round hips wid low cut choli fitted on her curves.She was luking terribly hot in giving poses for heavy gold jewelry shot.Her full red lips,smoking eyes,wavy silky hairs...He forgot to blink his eyes.
 Saleel guided him to sit next to him.It became hard for him to control his laugh seeng Arjun reaction.Saleel continusly admiring her talent,her confident,her spirit bt Arjun ears were nt able to hear anything of around.He was lost in her charm,looking  her every step-ladies step widout a blink.The way she was acting all shy showing her wrist full of golden bangles,seductively raising up her lehnga to show branded anklets...
  Widout giving him a look she walked in dresser as shot got over.Camera man/Sidharth came to them happily:isi shot k lye un models ne pura din lga dena tha,aur madam ne sirf 2 ghante men krdya.She iz damn talented.
Saleel gave Arjun a look:ofcourse she is!
Arjun left from there.

     Arjun on way to leave office,stopped seeng Arohi standing in usuall jeans & kurti near reception.She was engrossed in her cell.Her hairs tied in lose bun,evry trace of make up washed off from her clear & fresh skin.
Sidharth(standing next to her,her sho* pics in his hand):mujhe to pehle hi pta tha client pics dkhte hi pasand kr lenge..u r fab.U shud try ur career in modeling.Arohi eyes fall on Arjun,snapped:men jo hun usi men khush hun.
She lukd at Sidharth:mujhe buht zruri kaam hai,men ja rhi hun Saleel sir ko inform kr dena.
As she left,Arjun walked to Sidharth,snatched her pics from his hand:in faltoo k kamo se fursat mil gai ho to kuch kaam kr len?
Sidharth sadly left from there,aware of their bitterness he was sure her pics will ended in dustbin.
Reception pretended to engross in work luking her boss in angry avtar.He walked to near dustbin,luked around.He quickly kept her pics inside his coat:khubsurat cheezo ki kadar koi Arjun Singhania se pooche!

  Guard annoyed to see Shefali again:madam hum ne kaha naa is club men akele ladke ya ladkyun ka jana allow nhi,sirf couple allow hain.
Shefali:i know,islye men apne boyfriend k sath aai hun.
She smiled called 'HIM':Darling.
Guard confused luk da boy infront of him.He was wearing lose black pant & full size T.His cheeks was covered wid black beard,red * on his head.Guard lukd at his shiny round eyes:ye to us ladki se buht mil raha hai jis k sath tum ek ghante pehle aai thi.
Shefali frozed luk at 'hidden Arohi'
Arohi changed her tone:men us ladki ka bhai hun islye,ab hme andar bhi jane do ge?
Guard allowed dm to went inside.
 Grand club was dark expect numeros party lights.Some were wandering around *,some were rocking dance floor.Shefali nervously:mujhe buht dar lag rha hai,Tina ka boyfriend yahan k owner ka partner.mene suna hai wo buht danger hai.Arohi wapis chalte hen.
Arohi:tu mujhe aur nervous mt kr.wo ooper us ka private room hai,Tina isi stairs se jaygi usko wo pics us ko jane se pehle hi,distrct kr k wo pics le lun gi.
Shefali:9 to bj rhe hen,kb aay gi.
Arohi:pta nhi,yahen beth k intezar krna pre ga.
Shefali luking at dance floor:wo shayd Ravi hai,tu yahen bheth men abhi aati hun.
She left nervous Arohi alone.She felt weird noticing a girl giving her fl* smile.Toucing her beard she walked to *
 *His nightmare was dressed in jeans & cool T referng'Pure Punjabi'.He waved his hand infront of her face:so gay kya?
She shook her head in no,tried to escape bt he blocked her way:kithe chale paa jii?tum bhi punjabi hum bhi punjabi chlo sath beth k rang jamate hen.
He hold her hand made her sat nxt to him on bar stool.
Arjun:do vodka.
Arohi tried to confident:mujhe nhi peena.
Arjun:koi gal nhi yaar bill to men de rha hun.
He friendly hit her shoulder:akela kyun khra tha,girl friend chor k bhag gai.
She rubbed her shouler:aesi baat nhi hai,usko purana dost mil gya yahan par.
Taking advantage of time She asked:tum bhi to akele ho,tumhari girl friend kahan gai.
Arjun smiled handed her glass.Her eyes popped out in shock as he friendly hit on her thigh:bde smart ho tussi.yahen hai. Sch btaun use dkhne k baad mujhe koi achi hi nhi lag rhi.
She raised her eyebrow:kise?
He winked:hai koi..choro ab men tumhe kya bor krun.
Arohi:khas dushman hai?ya phir..?
She felt her stomach filled wid when he slipped his arm around her shoulder:pta nhi wo kya hai?wo jo bhi hai naa bs cheez hai.
Arohi luked him in disgust,tried to remove his arm.He dreamily continue: theek hai wo ladki hai,bt kash wo robot type ladki hoti.naa to us ki wo talvar jesi zuban chlti aur naa to wo uska aag jesa attitude.
Arohi frowned folded her arms,now sure he was talking about her only.
He tight his grip around her shoulder excitdly:aur us ka remote hr waqt mere hath men hota..aur phir.
Arohi snapped:bs kro,i mean men is type ka nhi hun.
Arjun raised his eyebrow,whisper:mean tumhara interest boys men hai?
She slipped from stool,walked away.She had no more guts to hear cheap batien of dis cheap man.Her eyes noticed Tina going up stairs wid a pink envelope in her hand.She was about to ran behind her bt Arjun walked behind her wrapped arm around her:yaar tum mazak ka bhi bura maan gaey.
She quickly hold his hand as it reached to her hips:mujhe buht zruri kaam hai,bye.
He laughed:yaar tum to ladkyon ki sharmate ho...vese ho tum buht cute.
She frozed as he kissed her on cheek:tumhe dkh kr mujhe apne bachpan ka yaar yaad aa gya.
He dragged her to dance floor.

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She nearly pushed him away:men nhi gya to meri girl friend naraz ho jay gi.
She ran away from him & bump in girl who was gvng her flirtry smile from da time she enterd here.The girl seductively creased her cheek'hotel Royal-room no.102'.Her head was spining now,she turned in quick motion bumped into him.Her face flushed,realizing hw & what collide in his rock chest.Arjun:aaram se-innocently-excercise nhi krte tum?
 She nearly ran away from them:kahan phas gai?
As she reached near stairs,to her disappointment Tina was coming down.
Girl sadly:i want his no. he iz damn cute.
Arjun:i understand! He lukd her from up to down,seductively:apna no. de do,men us ka no. le kr de dunga.

  After escaping from Arjun she rushed to ladies washroom,which was luckily empty,to work on her plan 'B'.She tk out her beard & red pagrii,out her clothes which were hidding her red short dress.She opened Shefali purse,get started to work on her look.
 Thanks to detective series she watched in her whole childhood.Some how she reached upstairs,luckily found da room open & empty.Her eyes instantly fall on pink envelope which she had seen in Tina hand.She was about to walked toward it when some thing big blocked her way.
 She gulped seeng tall,wide,well built fierce man infront of him.
Varun angrily:aey ladki tum yahan kya kr rhi ho?aur andar kese aaien?
She luked for words.He asked:packet lene aai ho?Shetty ne bheja hai.
He tk her silence as yes,asked her to sit:to pehle btana tha,bhetho wahan.
Arohi tk sigh of relief on getting chance.She sat on couch,in return of his continus gaze gave him seductive smile like smart detectives.Her eyes opened in shock as he put a white powder packet infront of her.She felt more scared to knw dt da man wid whom she was alone in room was drug dealer,a criminal.Lukng her tensed face he asked: theek hai ya bra packet chahey?
Arohi instantly:bra packet. She just wanted a chance of one minute to flew away from there.

  Romit worriedly came to Arjun:Arohi milli?
Arjun:nhi,pechle aadhe ghante se dhund raha hun.
Shefali:pr wo to tumhare sath thi na?
Romit taunted:kisi ladki ko no. dene lg gya hoga.
Arjun gave hm a look:nhi no. le rha tha,pta nhi kaha chli gai.
Romit & Shefali shook deir head.Shefali worriedly:phir wo ooper us Varun k room men hi gai hogi.
Romit:kitni tight security hai,wo kese ja skti hai.
Arjun annoyed:usne agr soch lya ho,to wo kbhi bhi kahen bhi ja skti hai.

He kept it back:thora time lge ga.jb tk. . .
Arohi stared him wid her big eyes.
He added:kya logi?Vodka aur juice.
Arohi tried to be confidnt:vodka to men roz piti hun. .juice theek hai.
He pourd juice in two glasses kept infrnt of her.He turned his back to make call.She instantly swept glasses as precaution.He sat infrnt of her.She drank whole juice in one breath to calm her nervous,dry throat.
Varun:bs 5 minute aur.
Arohi gave her fake smile.Her heart was beating rapidly. Soon she felt sharp pain in her head.Her head startd spining her eyes faded.She realizd da trouble noticng hs smirk.
  Arohi legs shook as she got up.Varun:pta chla varun se chalaki krne ka natija sweetheart?
Arohi hold her head.
Varun continue:khud ko zyada smart smjhti ho?Packet ka ek hi size hota hai,naa chota na bra.mujhe pta tha agr koi gadbad hui to tum glass bdlo gii.
bolo kyun aai ho yahan pr?
Arohi tried to went out from there bt he grabbed her arm:itni bhi kya jaldi hai?
Strong alcohol was fogging her mind:dnt touch me.
He smirked:kyun?
She tried to shout on top of her voice.He laughed:neeche itna shor hai,kisi ko tumhari awaz nhi jay gi.She bite his hand,in return he pushed her back on couch.

 'kya ho rha hai ye?' She opened her heavy eyes hearing HIS voice.Varun started sweating seeng two inspectors infront of him.Varun guards slowly:sorry sir,hum inhe kese rokte?
Arjun in inspector uniform,angrily:tum mujhe roko ge?mujhe inspector. .inspector. .
Arjun confused thought for name,Romit quickly:Mangi Raam.
Arjun gave him look:haan men inspector Mangi Raam.
They frozed in horror as Arohi yelled:jhoote. . .shakal dekhi hai apne?luche lafnge.
Romit:mar gaey.
Arjun confidntly walked to her:to ye sb bhi hota hai yahan?
Varun hesitatly:Sir aap is trhan andar nhi aa skte.
Arjun quickly tk out sm papers from his pocket:ye mere paas order hen ooper se,yahan rare marne k.
Before Varun cud read it ,he quickly kept back in his pocket.
Arjun eyes fall on drug packet.Varun quickly:nhi sir ye mera nhi hai. .ye is ladki ka hai ye khud hi mere peeche pari thi.
Arohi snapped:haan mera hai btao kya kro ge?men tumse darti nhii.u lafangee.
varun:dekha sir ye aap se kitni batmizi kr rhi hai..
Arjun:yes u r ise arrest kr rha hun..
He elbowed Romit,he picked da pink packet as he got chance.
Arjun grabbed her arm,she started fighting:choro mujhe u gande aadmi..mujhe tumhare sath nhi jana..
He throw her on shoulder while she was hitting his back continuously.
Arjun to varun: tum ne police ki buht help ki hai..tumhe iska reward milega.
They went out & nearly ran to their car.Shefali made Arohi lay on back seat of car.They tk sigh of relief as dy drove some far from there.
Arohi was continuously giving him galyas in her drunken stage.Arjun sannoyed:ise chup krao..vrna men ise wapis chor aaunga.
Shefali: arjun ek problem hai..hum ise is halat men tumhare ghar nhi le ja skte..tum ise is k ghar pr chor do,
Romit:pr ewahan to koi nhi kya wahan akeli rahe gi?
Shefali:men is k sath ruki mom buht sawal kregi..Arjun tum ruk jana is k sath.
Arjun wads about to protest bbt his eyes fall on her beautiful reflection...he nodded in yes.

PRECAP: arohi tried to moved away:mene kaha naa ..mene tumhare wardrobe se kuch nhi churaya... in deir fight his towel slipped.

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me firstParty for first time hereDancing

awesome update mahi
arohi's photoshootDay Dreaming and arjunLOL
khubsurat cheezo ki kadar koi Arjun Singhania se pooche!ROFL
lol arjuhi's dance on desi boyzLOL
loved our inspector mangiramTongue rememberred mangiram's profile in kmh2ROFLLOL
arohi bechare ko yaha bhi gaaliya dene lagi jab woh usse bachane aaya
promo arjun's towel slipped

mahi continue soon
we want an update soonishTongue

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Vibha thanku drlng for d info.

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OMG! Arjun's towel slippd,n here moon startd drming d nxt scene.ahaha.

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Originally posted by moonkmh

OMG! Arjun's towel slippd,n here moon startd drming d nxt scene.ahaha.

me tooBlushing

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Vibha thanku drlng for d info.

dialouge no sorry, thanku in frndshipLOL
mahi ne pm nahi kiaConfused phir bhi i was superfastROFLLOL

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Originally posted by ...vibha...

Originally posted by moonkmh

OMG! Arjun's towel slippd,n here moon startd drming d nxt scene.ahaha.

me tooBlushing

hehe,hamare khayalat kafi milte julte hai.

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