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Consequences of Romance - AR FF (Pt.2 ~ pg.9) (Page 8)

..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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hey awesome ff plz cont. soon..

Chandni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
Gonna post up the second part tonight, Just know that this story there really isnt bad people, just about them and their love :)

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Chandni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 2 - What awaits a glorious day?

"Good morning sunshine" I heard his soft voice in my ear as I turned in his hold to face him. I felt his smooth lips touch my forehead and I opened my eyes slowly and was mesmerized by his eyes.

"Good morning chico" I said giving him a small peck on the lips. I snuggled closer to him as the morning breeze kept reaching my skin. "Babe, what is today?" I asked still in my moments of dreaming.
"Um I believe it is it Saturday?" he said questioningly. I jumped up immediately hearing that.

"Wait seriously it is Saturday?" I asked with a grand smile on my face.

"Well I think so? Let's see yesterday was last day of class meaning than yes today is Saturday" He said wondering as too why I would be so excited, I mean ya no school but why the excitement?

"AHHH" I screamed as I gave a smacker on the lips, "I freaking love you baby" I said as I jumped out of bed and went to my closet to find something nice to wear. "Orange ya Green, chico?" I asked turning around holding up two dresses

"Um I think the orange one, seems more revealing" Armaan said winking at me.

"Okay so then the green one, thank you babe, I'm gonna go for a shower, so um you just do whatever you want" I said grabbing my towel and walked up to him pecking him on the lips.

"Whatever I want?" he said mischievously, I slapped him on the back, "do anything you want, but follow me into the bathroom" I winked at him and walked in.

"By the way why are you excited today? Anything special?" Armaan asked as he played with one of Ridhima's stuffed animals.

"ARMAAN MALIK are you kidding me, how could you not remember what today is?"  I screamed from the top of lungs. I turned on the shower, which tuned out everything and began to sing away my happiness.

"So what is today then?" Armaan asked, but knew that she wouldn't answer as he heard her lovely voice ring in his ears. "Gaww  I wonder what is so special about today I guess I will have to find out" Armaan said to himself as he took the blanket and covered himself again and fell asleep.

"Aye, chico, uto" I said smacking him with my towel as I went to the door to hang it for drying.

"Uhh Basket, leave me alone" he said as he stretched out on the bed and turned himself around to face upwards.

"Please Armaan!" I pleaded with him as I did my hair.

"No!" he said closing his eyes again.

"I'll give you something sweet" I turned towards him and walked slowly to him. I climbed on top of the bed and sat on him. He opened his eyes and smiled. I bent forward and blew on his face and he slowly closed his eyes. I bent closer to his lips and kissed his cheeks. I went towards his ears and gave him a peck under his earlobes and whispered "If you get ready then, will you get it" I smiled and kissed him on the cheeks again and got up. As I got up all I heard him do was grumble in anger.

"Where are we going by the way?" He asked as he got up and went to my bottom drawer where I usually store his clothes if he spends the night.

"Um oh yeah, today is the opening of the new club down on 6th street and Main, you remember?" I asked putting on the pearl earrings Armaan gave me for my 17th birthday.  

"Oh" he said pulling out one of his white button up shirts, "wait, then why are we up so early and getting ready?"

"Because I need to go buy a dress for tonight and you are taking me" I said smiling at him "when you are done don't forget to go down from the?"

"Yes honey, I remember, go done from the window and then ring on the doorbell" He said kissing me on the forehead. I stood there and let his sweetness be absorbed. I headed downstairs and closed the door.

"Good morning Muskii" I said walking up to her and hugging her from behind.

"Oh good morning Ridhima, why you up so early?" She asked as she set my plate on the table.

"Oh, actually Chico is taking me out for breakfast and then we are gonna go shopping" I said as I headed to the closet grabbing my purse.

"Shopping for what?" Muskan asked me as she sat down for her breakfast.

"The new club that is opening up on 6th and Main, you and Rahul should come too." I said as I heard the doorbell ring. I went to open it and there he was beautiful as ever. "You are looking very charming" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Okay, bye Muskii see you later, text me if you are gonna come."

"Okay Ridzy, Hi Armaan, Bye Armaan" Muskan said as she heard the door shut.

"Ready babe?" I asked as we walked up to his car.

"Ya, but im really hungry, can we have breakfast first?" He asked sitting in the car. I giggled at him and nodded my head. "Denny's?" I smiled and there was no need for an answer. We drove off as we started our day that hopefully would be beautiful, but only god knows what mishaps may happen.

Arriving at Denny's we both stepped out of the car and went to the front of the restaurant. "Sitting for two" the front lady said and we both nodded our head. "Table or booth" I couldn't believe she asked that question, come on man we are a young couple of course we are gonna want the booth. I smiled at her and she understood. Armaan looked at me weirdly. "Your waiter will be here soon" she said and walked away. I scooted closer to Armaan and got really cozy.

"So how did she know we wanted a booth?" Armaan asked putting his arm around me and bringing me closer to himself.

"Oh girl stuff" I said winking at him and then opening up the menu, "So what do we want to drink?" I asked scanning the menu, as I felt Armaan nuzzle into my hair. "Chico, can you stop it please?" I asked nudging him with my shoulders.

"Um, yeah so do want to drink hot chocolate?" Armaan asked looking at me.

"Um no it is too hot don't you think so?" I asked him. He smiled at me and kept scanning the menu. "Um how about a Mango Smoothie?" I asked. He knew there was no way I was gonna get anything, but that since the glitter in my eyes were as bright as ever.

"Sure hun" He said kissing my hair. Waiter finally came, but something seemed wronged about him, I think it was the glare he had in his eyes. You know the one, most girls run away from, ya one of those. Armaan knew something was wrong, because I kept a tighter grip on him. He looked up and knew exactly why I was that way.

"Good morning sir, mam! What can I get you to drink?" He asked while taking out his notepad.

"I'd like a mango smoothie" Armaan said pulling me closer.

"And for you mam?" He asked pointing his pen to me.

"She is going to share with me so that should be it, one mango smoothie" Armaan said with a smile on his face.

"Okay sir, I will be right back with your drink" the waiter said as he walked away.

"Chico, what do you want to eat?" I asked once again scanning the menu, I really felt like having the wrong breakfast. You all know what that means, ICE CREAM.

"Um what do you want?" He asked me knowing that I probably had something on my mind, but to be nice was asking him. I shook my head and told him to pick with my eyes. He smiled at my remark and scanned the menu. "How about puppy sundae? Pancakes and ice cream at the same time!" I scream with excitement and kissed him on the lips. I pulled apart, but man that was really good. I began to blush and he noticed. He lifted up my chin and captured my lips again and took me into a slow and smooth kiss. Just as thing were about to get a little crazier the waiter was here.

"uhum' your drink sir" the waiter said placing the drink on the table with two straws in it. "Are you ready with your order, or should I give you more time?" He asked.

"Na we are good, um can we get the Puppy Sundae" Armaan said folding the menu and giving him back both menus.

"Will that be all?" the waiter asked, writing down Armaan's order and taking the menus. Amraan nodded his head and the waiter was gone.

"Hmmm mango Thanks babe" I said pecking him on his cheek.

"Anything for you love" he responded. The waiter finally brought the food and we enjoyed our sweet little breakfast. We talked about the plans for today finally ended our wonderful breakfast. We both got up and Armaan paid for the breakfast as I went to the car.

"Ready babe?" he asked walking to the car, I nodded my head and waited for him to unlock the car. We both got in and drove off to the mall.

"Omg Armaan, look at that dress" I pointed to a red and purple dress. "How about that one?" I asked looking at Armaan.

"Um go try it on" He said as we stood outside the window of the store. We walked inside and I asked one of the employees to take the dress down to try it on. Armaan waited outside while I went inside to change. A couple of minutes later, Armaan heard the door unlock, and out came Ridhima.

"Hmm, not really, let me see what I can find" Armaan said as he sent me back in to change out. He came back with another dress and had me try it on. He waited once again and once again heard the door unlock and out came Ridhima.

"hmmm NO, big no" Armaan said pushing me back in the changing room. He came back with another dress, "this is the one" he said walking to me and handing the dress to me.

"Armaan can you help me with the zipper please?" I shouted from the changing, as I struggled with the zipper. Armaan walked in and was shocked as could ever be. God damn, not even the word Beauty can describe the way she looks right now. God I just want to eat her up, god help me to control myself.  Ridhima was there standing in a grey dress with a black belt.

Armaan walked up close to her as he saw her still struggling with the zipper. He reached for the zipper and noticed Ridhima freeze up as he made contact with her skin. He couldn't help but pull her closer and take in her luscious fragrance. Oh god, I asked you to help me, but looks like that is not happening. Armaan planted a soft kiss upon her ear and trailed it down to her neck. A gasp escaped Ridhima as his hand glided across her chest turning her around. She closed her eyes as she felt his breath kiss her lips and stood there anticipating the kiss. Yet nothing came, she slowly opened her eyes and noticed that he was gone. She blushed and smiled as she noticed that her zipper was closed.

"God, I love him" She said walking outside to see where he went. There he was standing against the mannequin. He winked at her and pulled her close.

"You look absolutely breath taking" he said as he pecked her on the lips, "and I forgot to give you that" I smiled at his remark and slapped him on the arm. "Ouch, what was that for?" he said.

"For being so lovable" I said smiling and walking back into the changing room. I came out and we both went to the cashier, I bought my dress and we were off.

"Gosh finally done, its 4:30pm, meaning we have enough time to take a nap" I said linking my arm with his and resting my head against his shoulder. "Armaan what time will you come pick me up?"

"What do you mean what time will I come pick you up, I'm staying with you aren't I?" He asked looking at me and then back at the road.

"No Armaan, please you spent the whole entire night with me so you have to go home okay." I said kissing his cheek, because I know how upset he would be since he loved being with me.

"Aww seriously?"

"Yes Chico, I mean it. And don't worry you have me all tonight. So pick me up at 8:00?" I winked at him as he nodded his head. I got out of the car since we reached my place. Waved goodbye to Armaan and he left. I was pretty excited about tonight, I mean come on the new Night Club is going to be a blast.

"Muski I'm home" I said opening the door to my apartment. She was in the kitchen cooking something and boy did it smell good.

"Oh hey Ridzi, when did you get home?" She asked turning around as she felt me give her a hug.

"oh 2 hours ago"

"Really? I'm so sorry, I didn't notice"

"Haha, I'm joking I just go back and OMG you need to see the new dress I got" I said while getting a glass of water.

"Hmm, one sec let me finish with this and I will come okay?"

"Okay, but what are you cooking?"

"Spinach Ravioli"

"Hmmm sounds good, can't wait to eat" I said and walked to my room. I immediately fell on the bed and thought best thing to do right now is take a nap.

A couple hours later, Muskaan finally finished with the dinner and headed up Ridhima's room. She opened the door and found her sleeping. "Uh, it's already 6:30, maybe I should wake her up" Muskaan walked up to Ridhima and shook her a little.

"uhhh Armaan leave me alone" She whined.

"huh, Armaan, Um Ridhima, dekh Armaan agaya" Muskann said a stepped back a little.

"Kya Armaan agaya, I'm not even ready, Dude Muski why didn't you wake me up before" Ridhima said jumping up from bed and running to the bag to get the new dress. She was about to run into the restroom when she heard Muskann laughing. "Why are you laughing, it's already 8, I have eaten and neither am I ready, on top of that Armaan is already here"

"Yaar I was joking, too wake up up" Muskann said unable to control her laughter.

"Uhh, I can't believe you! What time is it?"

"It's only 6:35, chal let's go eat and then I'll help you get ready okay?"

"Ya fine, but please don't ever do that again"

"ya ya, whatever" she said walking down the stairs along with Ridhima.

After eating there dinner, Ridhima went upstairs to get ready, Muskann followed after cleaning up the kitchen. When she walked in she noticed that Ridhima, was already changed, just the hair needed to be done and jewelry.


"Wah Ridhima, someone is looking very sexy" She said giving Ridhima a hug.

"Thank you, chal help me with my hair, so down or up?" Ridhima asked

"Um down" She said as she grabbed the curling iron, and started to curl it just enough sure there is some umph in her hair.

"Can you do my makeup please?"

"Ya sure" Muskann said. After completing her makeup, Muskann went to her room to get Ridhima a pair of earrings and shoes. By the time it was 7:50, Ridhima was ready to roll.

They both were waiting downstairs when they heard the doorbell ring. "It's Armaan, I'll get it" Muskann said. She walked to the door and opened it up. "Hey Armaan, looking nice" She said giving him a hug.

"Not bad yourself, sis" He said releasing her.

"Haha, very funny"

"I know but anyhow, we are getting late where is?"

"Um Hi Armaan" Ridhima said walking up to Muskann and him.

"So ready Armaan?"

Oh my god, she looks HOT, not even hot, SEXY. Uhhh She is going to make me crazy tonight. I will definitely not be able to stop myself.

"Armaan, are you ready?"

Dang her lips, when they move like that, I just want to kiss her and drown her in my love. Got her legs to smooth and silky, I don't know how I'm going to keep my hands off of her.

"Armaan, hello" Ridhima said waving her hands in front of her face. Muskann couldn't help but laugh

"Ridhima, make sure you take the keys and lock the door, I'm going to bed" She said heading up to her room.

Uhh and her hair, I love it when she leaves it done, every chance I get to nuzzle in it and smell her fresh fragrance is blissful. God I love her.

"Hello Armaan" Ridhima said snapping her fingers in front of his face.

"Um ya sorry did you say something"

"hahha kuch nai, chal late ho rahi hai"

"Ha, chal"

They both got in the car and they were on the way to the club. With a full night ahead of them, who knows the consequences they are going to have to face, with every passing hour.

Thanks for taking the time to reading, I hope you all enjoyed. I already started working on the 3rd part so should be up soon. Please do comment so i know how I'm doing or if I need to make any changes. Thanks a ton

Chandni :)

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Great FF! I love the concept!
PM me please :) 
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Thanx forpm
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shooo romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
continueee sooon
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awesome update

loved it

continue soon

add me to ur pm list

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