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Consequences of Romance - AR FF (Pt.2 ~ pg.9) (Page 5)

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Originally posted by kweetrockstar

nice one
do pm me too


Thank you :)

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Chandni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Do You Remember?

 "Muskaan, I'm here" I said locking the door behind me and walking to my room. "So how was your so called studying" she asked barging into my room. "I was amazing ok" she laughed and sat next to me, "So how is Prince Charming?" I looked at her and smiled "He's Sexy, hot and amazing what else can I say" she looked at me and we both began laughing.

The next morning we were back to college. I parked my car in my usual spot and sat there. "Its 2:35, he has 5 mins or else we r done" I sat there patiently or should I say unpatiently and there he was just on time. I stepped out of the car and smiles at him. He removed his helmet and whipped his head towards me. I walked up to him and smile, "Hi baby" I gave him a hug as he got off his bike. He wrapped me in his arms and I just rested against his chest. "Hey beautiful, what's wrong?" he pulled apart and looked into my eyes for an answer, "Nothing" I replied and grabbed my bag from the car, "Let's go." We headed to our class as sat next to each other. Throughout the whole entire class I didn't say anything, was basically lost in my own world. I turned to see Armaan staring at me, he had this worried look on his face. I faced the front of the class and didn't once look back at him. Class was over and we both headed towards the caf to grab something to eat there we met up with our friends, Emily, Karan, Selena, and Rani.

"Hey Emily" Armaan said as he gave her a warm hug, I just looked at them and turned towards Karan and Selena. "Hey Sis and Bro" I gave Selena and Karan a hug as a sat beside Rani, "Sup my Ninja"'"Nothin much, haha" I sat and talked with them and my eyes diverted towards Armaan and Emily who were sitting next to each and chatting. Muskaan was right, I thought sitting there.


"Yaar Ridhima, Today I saw Armaan and Emily walking together to class, why is that? Doesn't Emily have a boyfriend? "Ya Muskaan, all I know is that Emily use to like Armaan and vice-versa, but Armaan said no to her as he wanted to concentrate on his studies. And then Emily hated me for a while because she thought I liked him, since me and him hanged out most of time, I mean come on he was and is my best friend." I replied to Muskann getting up reaching for my high school album. "You know Muskaan, I've liked him for a long time, no one has ever been as nice to me as he has." I felt Muskaan's hand on my shoulder I turned to her and smiled, She looked at the picture I was looking at, it was a picture of me and Armaan. "Ridhima, you care so much about him, its sad that you never told him how much you liked him then, but u sacrificed that love for your friends" I smiled and closed the book, "Its ok we are together now right, but I'm scared, no one knows about us and so its hard to constantly see him with Emily." Muskaan walked me to the bed and sat me down "Listen im just gonna say watch out for them both, I know you love Armaan a lot, but he gives a lot of attention to Emily, and ya at times he ignores you to and is rude to you." "Muskaan I know, I'm just so use to it, I don't know what to do now"

Flashback Ends

I got up from my chair and went to Armaan "Hey chico, you want to come with me to the bookstore" he looked up at me, "Um do I have to?" he responded, I couldn't believe it, he did this before we got together and now like what the heck. "Your choice" I said and walked towards the book store. He watched me walk away "I think she's mad at you" Emily told him, he got up and walked behind me. "Ridhima" he called for me I pretended I couldn't hear him and continued walking.

I reached near the door and felt myself being pulled to the side of the store. He glared into my eyes and noticed the brim of tears forming. "Beautiful what's wrong?" he asked moving my hair to one side. "Nothing, I'm fine" I pushed him and walked into the store. I was looking at the drinks I got my daily dose of Brisk and walked to the cashier, paid for my drink and left. When I walked outside there he was standing there still, I glared at him and continued walking.

"Ridhima" I kept walking, "Best Friend", yeah Armaan it's not going to work this time, "Cow" I stopped in my tracks and turned around. It felt like I had steam coming out of my head I hated it when he called me a cow, which he did all the time, "Armaan, I'm not going to leave you this time." I ran after him with my brisk in my hand ready to throw at him. I can't he called me that like what the heck. I kept chasing him and without noticing the curb in front of me tripped. Thank god I fell on grass, but Armaan stood there and laughed at me "Not cool Armaan, not cool" I stared at him, and looked at my ankle it was hurting badly. I tried to get up but "Ahhh" I winced in pain. Armaan stopped laughing and walked towards me "You alright" I gave the "ya think so" look and he smiled and gave me his hand. I denied him and attempted again, but failed so I accepted it. He helped me walk towards a bench nearby and we sat there.

He looked at me and I looked at him, "What's wrong Ridhima, why you acting so weird?" I lowered my gaze and began crying, he heard my sniffles and lifted up my chin. "Come" he took my hand and led me behind the bookstore. "Tell me what's wrong Ridhima" I looked up at him and wrapped my arms around him and cried he engulfed me in the hug and leaned my back against the wall.

 "Armaan'I don't like it'when you keep'ignoring me'and constantly'hanging with Em'Emily" He pulled apart from me and wiped my tears away, "yaar you know I love you, ya I use to like her, but not anymore. I will always love you and only you" he kissed my forehead, "But why are you so rude to me, when you're frustrated you take your anger out on me and when I'm hurt you always have someone else tell you like last time" I said looking into his eyes, he smiles and kissed both of my cheeks "it's because you're the one who understands me well, I know you won't take it to the heart because I don't need to say anything and you already know what's wrong me, Baby without you I'm nothing." He kissed my nose as he continued "You remember when we first met sophomore year?" I nodded my head "and you remember how you called me best friend, even though you called everyone best friend?" I nodded my head again as he kissed the corner or my lips.  "and do you remember how we always use to fight constantly and you would always say you hate me?" I nodded my head as he kissed my jaw and trailed the kisses to my neck. "and remember when we went to winter formal and the next day me you and Emily had a fight?" I looked at him with more tears in my eyes. Those memories were horrible. "and I skyped with you that night and witnessed you cry for the first time, and it hurt me because I caused those tears. Do you remember how I told you to stop crying cause I couldn't seeing you crying, well its true I can't" he wiped my tears as he said that and kissed both of my eyes. "and then we told each other we love each, but that time as friends and we kept fighting on who's heart symbol was better?" I laughed at that as I remembered that night. We talked to the early morning on a school night and that week was my birthday.  "and then do you remember how I surprised you on your 16th birthday and  you began crying and do you remember when I rapped for your birthday I said you were Sexy?" he winked at me and blushed lowering my gaze from his eyes. I remember that day like it was yesterday. "and do you remember'" I butted in "okay okay, I remember all those moments, enough now" I blushed looking down. He laughed and kissed my forehead. "Ridhima, I love you" I gave him a huge smile, "I love you too" he leaned forward and captured my lips.

It started out slowly and he leaned against me more as my hands began to ruffle his hair. I soon ran out of oxygen and released myself from the kiss, but he was in no mood to stop he trailed the kisses down to my neck and bit me, "Armaan" I moaned as I pushed myself up against his chest and hugged me. He hugged me back and removed my hair from my shoulder and kissed my bare shoulder. "I love you so much Armaan, I can't believe it took me 4 years to say it" he pulled apart, "haha me neither, but im happy you did, or else I would have never given this relationship a chance and I wouldn't have found my true love" he smiled and claimed my lips again. Our tongues danced with one another as his hands caressed my waist. He began to explore my waist with his hands making me weak in my knees. He pulled me tighter balancing me but cutting my breath short. I gasped being so close to him, that to at college and in public. "Armaan we should go" I said as he kissed my neck. He looked up "Um not right not, I'm too busy" I chuckled at his comment and bit his ear. "Ouch Ridhima, what was that for" he released me from his hold, "Nothing, now let's go" I grabbed his hand an dragged him away.

"oh look here them come" Selena said as we walked back to the table, "what took you guys so long?" she asked. I looked at Armaan, "I couldn't decide what brisk to get". Selena smile and we both sat down. As we sat and talked I could Armaan's gaze on me at random times, I kept smiling, "Yo Ridhima, why you smiling so much?" I looked at Karan, "Um nothing, just thought of something funny" Karan looked at me weird and continued with the conversation

It was around 5:45pm when me and Armaan started walking towards our next class, we snickered as we walked past our two friends who are going out, "Haila Armaan, they are so cute" we both laughed and continued to walk. We noticed that the teacher didn't arrive yet so we sat on the bench next to the class waiting. "Armaan come with me please" I said grabbing his arm, "but where?" he said following me. "Just come". I took him upstairs and then let go of his hand, I walked to the balcony, "The weather is nice na?" I smiled looking at him and he nodded his head. I walked up to him and leaned my back against the wall signaling him to come. He walked up to me and placed both his hands on the wall behind me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Um, Im craving something sweet." He looked at me, knowing exactly what I wanted. "Um you want to go get some chocolate?" I glared at him, "Armaan don't do this" "Do what, or do you want another brisk or something I can go get it for you" I pushed him away. "Uh, forget you" I walked back downstairs and saw that the teacher arrived we sat through the lesson with nothing but boredom in our minds. Finally we got a break and I walked outside with my friend.

"Hey so I saw you with your boyfriend" I shoulder bumped her, she started blushing. "Just kidding, So how are you?"'"I'm good, where's Armaan did we leave him behind". We both turned around and he was nowhere to be seen. "Um, I don't know oh well, you carry on, I'll go to the bathroom and come" I headed to the bathroom and landed in a different destination. "Armaan let go of me" He obviously did not let go, but instead gave me what I was craving for. He released my lips "Was that sweet enough, or do you want sweeter?" I blushed at his comment and he kissed me again. We soon ran out of oxygen and so we both pulled out, breathing heavily to catch our breath. "Ridhima, are you done yet?" I heard my friend say, I pushed Armaan aside and walked out, "Um ya sorry it took me a while, I had to fix my hair." We walked back to class I turned around and saw Armaan walking out wiping the lip gloss off his lips. I turned back and smiled. We both sat at our seats "Armaan where were you, me and Ridhima were looking for you" our friend said looking up at Armaan as he took a seat. "Uh, I was upstairs they have a cool gallery up there". She smiled and the class continues. We ended the class with a boring movie, but for me and Armaan it wasn't. He held my hand under the table as we sat and watched.   

Class ended and we headed to the parking area supposedly waiting to get picked up. "Bye Armaan see you later" me and my friend said as Armaan walked to the parking lot to get his bike. "So who you waiting for?" she asked "Um, Muskann and you?"' "My dad, and with that here he is, so I'll see you later, bye" We said our good byes and she left. I sat there waiting for my ride. I heard the engine and there he was, "hey baby" I said getting onto his bike, "Ready?" he asked me as I slipped my arms around his waist, "Yup". With that said we left. He dropped me off at my apartment. I got off the bike, "Bye Armaan, talk to you later" I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and waved him goodbye as he drove off.

Opening my apartment door i walked towards the kitchen and saw Muskii cooking. "Hey Muskaan" i gave her side hug peeking over her shoulder to see what was cooking. "Hey Ridz, so i made pasta and garlic bread enjoy, I already ate so you enjoy ok" she gave me a hug back and walked towards her room and went to sleep. 

"Yaar where is he, he should have been here by now its already 10." i looked outside my window just waiting for him to come when i saw headlights. "he's here" i opened the window up and ran to pretend i was sleeping. I felt his fingers graze my cheek, so i slightly turned around, but did not wake up. I felt the covers lift off my as his hands wrapped around my waist. I smiled, "I know you're awake", I opened my eyes and gave him the "you suck" look. I turned away from him and huffed. "God you're the worst" i whispered, "but you're the best" he kissed my cheek. "I turned back towards him, "Good night" i pecked his lips and snuggled into his chest. "Good night" he kissed the top of my forehead and pulled me closer.

Sorry small i know, but next time longer since my summer is here in 3 days im excitied :).  hope you enjoyed if not let me know wht i shud do in order to improve. :)

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Awesome part. Waiting to read more. Update soon
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amazing one
for a moment i thought dat AR r still frnds n derz sumthing definitely goin on b/w emily n armaan...'phew' dats not true
cont soon
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Complete soon
Want to read more
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add me in your pm list.
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awww they are so cute together, i hope nothing bad happens... why have they not told anyone?
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i am waiting for complete update.pleas complete it soon.

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