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Heres the next 2 parts.( to make up for the missing days..srry)..just 2 let u all know we have skipped a few years and now these children are a little older...

Part 3

 Armaan, Riddhima and Sohan aged 11

The three best friends sat in the fields, their usual hangout, on the last day of primary school. 

Sohan: I'm so happy that school is over now…6 weeks of holiday…yes!

Riddhima: Sohan! All you can think about is holidays?...Won't you miss our primary school days? I know I will…

Armaan: Yep…I'm going to miss it…but not so much – he throws a stone into the pond and looks at Riddhima – because I know that we will always be together – smiles

The relationship between Armaan and Riddhima had now grown to be more than just friends. Even though the two of them had not been able to understand what it really was but they had become very fond of each other in the past three years. 

Sohan: Yep...we'll always be together…and Riddhima will always be there for us…

Riddhima: Huh?

Sohan: To do our homework for us

Riddhima: You wish…

Sohan: You know you enjoy doing our homework for us…

Riddhima: whatever…but from now on you will do your homework on your own…and I'll make sure of it…

Sohan: That's not fair…you'll make sure I do my homework but no matter what you'll always do Armaan's homework for him… -
Riddhima slightly blushed and threw a stone into the pond copying Armaan and changing the subject.

Riddhima: Armaan…why are you so quiet? Say something…

Armaan: As usual you two won't stop blabbering…when do I have time to speak… - the two of them shut up and he carries on – but now that you mentioned it Riddhima…promise that you will always help us with our homework

Riddhima: Uh-huh…only if you promise that you will try and do it yourself first!

Armaan: smiled – Promise

Riddhima and Armaan smiled at each other silently as usual.

Sohan: I promise too… - bringing Armaan and Riddhima out of their trance - Ok…ok, what should we talk about? And please Riddhima…don't say school…I've had enough of school…I don't want to hear that word for the next 6 weeks…

Riddhima: Fine…umm…Armaan? What do you want to be when you're older…what's your dreams?

Armaan: Umm…I...

Sohan: cuts him off – Why do you always ask him first? – looking at Riddhima and sulking

Armaan: Will you shut up – throwing a stone at him

Sohan replies by throwing a stone back at him.

Riddhima: Guys…please stop fighting! – they stop immediately after looking at her angry expression – Go on Sohan…you tell us…what do you want to be?

Sohan: No…go on Armaan

Armaan: That's more like it – smiling at the understanding between his best friend and himself – I'm going to be a doctor! – sitting up properly and smiling to himself

Riddhima: That's good…but you have to study hard…

Armaan: What are you there for? – winking at her, she shies away and talks about her dreams

Riddhima: I'm going to stay at home…I'm going to have my little house right in here in beautiful Sumurpur…with my beautiful family – she starts to drift off into her dream world until Sohan said…

Sohan: Ok…ok Riddhima…we know that was always your dream…now my turn 

Armaan: Go on… - rolling his eyes

Sohan: I'm going to be a business man…I will have a big building and have lots of money and I'm going to be the boss…

Armaan: Hahaha…

Riddhima and Sohan both look at him bewildered.

Riddhima: What's wrong?

Sohan: Yeah…what's so funny? – throwing another stone at him

Armaan: Haha…you don't…don't even know how to do…simple maths and…haha you're going to be a business man… - throws another stone at Sohan 

He stands up and starts running away as Sohan throws stones at him. They chased each other around the field with Riddhima sitting there looking at the two friends and their childishness.

(sorry if ur a bit bored with Armaan, Riddhima and Sohan's part as its not very interesting but...its just that they are children and children's lives are much simpler than adults...they are very carefree that is why i am not going into detail...hopefully in the next part you will be in for some surprises)

Part 4 - Anjali and Niki

One year has passed since Abhi left, the two girls are now 10 years old and they have become more close to each other than they were before. In the area they were known as twin sisters rather than best friends.

Sonia: Nikkita where are you going?

Nikki: I am going out to play mamma

Sonia: Yes but first finish your food then you can go. Ok!

Nikki: Ok

A car came past there door and Sonia looked out of the window Nikkita jumped up to see who had come and saw Anji's dad coming out of the car and going into Anji's Uncles house.

Sonia: What is Dr Shashank doing here? - concerned

Nikki carried on eating quickly as she wanted to go and play.

Nikki: wow he's a doctor? – amazed

Sonia: yes he's a big doctor…he owns Sanjeevani the biggest hospital in Mumbai.

Nikki: But why is he here in Shimla mamma?

Sonia: I do not know but he is Anjali's dad so he probably just came to meet her

Nikki: I did not know that was Anji's dad!

Sonia: ok quickly finish up your food so you can play with Anjali.

Nikki: Ok Mamma!!

Nikki finishes up her food and went outside and down on the wooden swing waiting for Anji as usual...

After a while Anji come out running towards Nikki.

Nikki: Anji you took so...

But she was cut off before saying anything else as Anji was crying and as soon as she reached her best friend she hugged her, leaving Nikki shocked.

Nikki: Anji what's wrong?

Anji: Nikki...I have...to go... – she tried to talk through her sobs – I'm leaving...papa wants...wants me...to go...back...with him...

Nikki stares at Anji in utter shock and then starts to cry.

Nikki: No you can not leave - hugging her even tighter - …you can't

Anji: I have to and I have to leave today!

Nikki: no Anji I don't want you to go

Anji: I don't want to but I have to 

They both stop talking and just look at each other, completely speechless the try to understand the situation silently. They let their tears flow from their eyes without drying them. At the same time Shashank and Puneet walk out of the house, both carrying bags. Puneet put the bags in the car and Shashank called out for Anjali.

Shashank: ANJALI!!

Anji: Ok papa! – but doesn't get up

The two girls carry on looking at each other and Shashank comes, takes Anji by the hand…

Anji: Bye Nikki – whispers

Nikki: Bye – is not able to say it out loud

Still holding hands they finally let go and Anji is taken away. She hugs her Puneet Uncle tightly and then sits in the car. Nikki is left standing by the swing all on her own still crying to herself.

Nikki: First…Abhi and…and now Anji too – sobbing silently to herself - I have no one now – she drops down onto the swing hugging herself tightly and letting her tears flow uncontrollably...

hope u enjoyed...keep posting ur commentsTongue

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araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
Awesome parts. Even nikki and anji also separated. That's really sad. Update soon
dmg_kajen_ar Newbie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
hey guys...time to introduce you to some new characters...again!!
hope u enjoy...


In a noisy street of London, during rush hour; 4pm, two boys aged 16 walked together arguing over something. They were on their way home after a rough day at school. 

Benji: Come on man…just leave it…it's over, forget about it

Atul: No way I've had enough! – fuming - the next time he tries messing with me I'm gonna smash his face! And don't even bother to stop me…ok? – looking at his friend

Benji: Oh yeh then what? Your dad's going to have you packed up and off to Mumbai not even a first class ticket but in economy!...allow it man it's not worth it

Atul: But what is his problem what have I done to him?

Benji: Nothing he's just an attention seeker…forget it

They carried on walking and arguing some more until they got to their usual alleyway and saw a nasty sight of their worst enemy TJ. 

Benji: Ignore him…just walk right pass him – whispered under his breath

Atul: Ok but if he says something then I won't be able to stop myself

They were almost near to the group of boys who were smoking and had just noticed them walking in their direction.

TJ: Hey guys move out the way…here comes daddy's boy! – lets out a long high laugh

Atul tried to ignore him but TJ walked right up to Atul, stood infront of him and looked down at him as if he was about to squash a bug.

Atul: Get Out Of My Way… - emphasizing on his every letter

TJ: Or what? – pushing him slightly on the shoulder - your gonna call daddy?

TJ and his friends started laughing loudly which scared Benji a little.

Atul: I said move out of the way…

TJ: NO…I won't…what you gonna do? If you have the guts then come on…just you and me! – sizing up to show that he's ready for a fight

Benji: Allow it man…just because you don't have a life don't mean no one else does

TJ: What did you say? – moving away from Atul and walking closer to Benji

TJ started to push Benji but before he could do anything else Atul intervened and pushed TJ hard against the wall of the alleyway. 

TJ: Come on daddy's boy…I DARE you! – coming off of the wall 

Benji: Leave it man! – puts his hand onto Atul's shoulder

Atul: NO I've had enough Benji… - shoving Benji's hand away from his shoulder and squaring up infront of TJ - come on then TJ me and you

TJ punched Atul in the face and he fell to the ground. Everyone was cheering him on. TJ turned around and Atul took this as his chance he took a stick from nearby and hit it at TJ side. TJ fell to the floor clutching his sides. Atul he carried on hitting him while he was on the ground. TJ tried to get up but couldn't; he was in a lot of pain. The sound of police sirens could be heard; maybe someone had witnessed the fight and had called the police, everyone ran away. Benji tried to stop Atul and take him away but Atul pushed Benji away. Benji nearly fell but he ran away as the police car got nearer. The police car stopped by the road and the policemen came running through the alley towards Atul and TJ. Atul was standing there with the stick in his hand and TJ was on floor; he had passed out.

One police man called an ambulance another police pushed Atul against the wall and handcuffed him before walking him back through the alleyway and pushed him into the car. Atul looked out of the window towards TJ; looking at the blood all over his face he knew he was in trouble…no not just trouble…he was dead meat! Not even with the police but with his dad.

Atul was taken into the police station; he gave his name and they took him to a cell where he sat down and just looked around at the walls thinking that now there was no way out of this mess. He wasn't even thinking about the police station right now but he was having flashes of what had just had happen. The way TJ punched him; the way he hit TJ across his side and the way he kept on hitting him letting all of his anger out on him like he was a harmless cushion.

The cell door opened and a police man gestured him to get up.

Police: Come on MR Jhoshi you can go now.

Atul looked up and then followed the police man out of the cell to the waiting room where he found his dad standing there like he was about to blow. He knew his dad would not shout at him infront of everyone as it would ruin his image.

Omi Jhoshi: Come on!! – a little louder than a whisper

They got into the car and headed off home in complete silence. As Omi drove through the gates slowing down slightly Atul braced himself for what he knew was not going to be very pretty. Omi parked the car and got out, walked around to the other side of the car and dragged Atul out by his collar and into the house.

They entered the house and Omi let go of Atul's collar with a lots of strength throwing him into the foyer. 

Omi: What were you thinking? Are you crazy? Picking a fight like that…what would have happened if that boy died?

Atul: He provoked me! – in a timid voice

Omi: I don't care what he said to you. But didn't you think how this would effect my reputation. How do you think it would sound if anyone finds out that my son...Omi Joshi's son picked a fight with a…a gangster!!!

Atul: All you care about is yourself…you don't even care that I got hurt – raising his voice a little louder than before

Omi: Well if you choose to fight then obviously you will get hurt! – very harsh

Atul looked away. It was always like this…every time. Atul would do something silly, get in trouble and Omi would have to bail him out, be it school or clubs, parks or streets, every time Omi was there to save him. When they came home the same lecture was repeated and repeated but Atul never learned. All he wanted was a little attention and this was the only way he got the attention. 

Omi looked at his son; he was nothing like him, everything was different, he was irresponsible and did not know how to gain respect or with hold it.

Omi: Look Atul…let's forget what happened today and just move on – he rested his hand on Atul's shoulder - but if you pick another fight or anything else then you're on the way back to Mumbai ok? 

Atul: Whatever

Omi: Now I want you to concentrate on your studies…right after college you're starting your medicals… - he gets cut of by the sound of his phone

Omi takes the call: Hello…yes? – walks away from Atul

Atul looks at him walking away, he felt lonely, he had no one, his mum passed away when he was very little and his dad was always busy gaining a reputation leaving him to grow up all by himself. Atul closed his eyes and walked up the stairs to his room. He walked in and sat on the bed, closed his eyes and mentally decided to do what he had to do, concentrate on his studies and forget everything else. 

Hope u enjoyed it...
plz keep postin ur comments...thnk u

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Originally posted by araja1234

Awesome parts. Even nikki and anji also separated. That's really sad. Update soon

Thank u sooo much n yeah man, i also feel so bad for doing that to nikki but.. picture abhi babki hai mere dost!! lol
ArshiARMaaneet Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
thanx for the PM...really nice part...
araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Nice part. Feeling bad for atul. Waiting to read more and can you add me to your pm list
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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nice parts.
Do pm me whn u update.
adorableaisha Senior Member

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thanks 4 pm...nice update...poor nikki...luv d bond of AR

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