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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 34)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by rsk16

really love ur ff, its beautifully written.Thumbs Up
Thankyou Raunika...
Hope I will entertain you further...Smile

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by pri01

Hi Nidhi what an awesome chapterClapClapClap thx u dear HugHug
Mithoo is the queen of greediness nautanki sali but i like the part between Rajju and MD at least he is sincere and cares truly for his daughter
Love Gunjhun scenes so cute and the song also
Ab iss chudail Shikha ka kya problem hainAngry
Plzzz shaadi ko mat delay karo
Update asap dear
Thank you PriyaHug...
Rajju is sincere in his love towards his children...Mittho is Mittho
Shikha is coming up with something big just watch outSmile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sur001

Hey Nidh jaanu kya update word me muaah...loved it...Jazz ne acche kapre chune...waise ye noautanki mitthi choori kabhi nahi sudhar sakti...har jagah ussey apna fayda hi dikhta hai...lekin kam se kam maan to gaye...Ka romance tha Gunjhun ka...aur hamre pyaare hottie Maan babu bhi aa gaye ...Geet ka Maan...awww...Haan bhaiya ab tum tv ke andar baithe insaan se bhi jealous ho...lekin ye Sikha iss pe to mujhe suru me hi shak ho gaya tha dekhte hain kya gul khilati hai madam...waise fil waqt to I am in dreamland...update soon...super soon...ok ...
waiting till then...aur haan devrani ji ...romance barkarar rakhiye ga...aur yss fevicol ki dibbi Sikha ko sabak acche se sikhwayega...
Thank you my pyaari badi bhabhijiHug
Guddu kya kartha bechara...apne mautharma ke liye ithne hot hot dikhne ki khoshish kartha hain...aur who hain ki kisi aur ki tareef karthi hain...who bhi TV ke andhar ke insaan ka...
Waise Maan bhai tho hot hain naWink
Shikha ka dimaage kya kichdi paka raha hain yeh app khud hi dekh lo...
PS: Fiza won't be able to update for a while she has told me to ask you and Ramona if you guys can provide the next update...
Do one if you can dearEmbarrassed

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

Nice part. Nice Gunjhun romance. Oh No looks like Shikha is planning something. Update soon .
Thank you D...
Shikha is coming up with something evilOuch

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 20
"Aye hai Pandeyji….dekha kaise khushi mein phudakh rahi hain yeh bhojarani" Mittho said looking at Rhunjun with her face scrunched up in irritation. She couldn't bare to see her niece so happy.
Rajju chose not to reply anything. He didn't feel like causing anymore troubles to Rhunjun. Guddu was with her like a shadow most of the time. It would be foolish to try and harm her when her husband's best friend was going to marry his daughter.
"Mittho bhabhi….humein kuch jaldh hi sochna hoga….mujhe kisi bhi halath mein who bhoomi apni naam karwaani hain" Vishnu said in a determined manner.
"Chahe rastha seedha ho ya tedha" he ended.
"Abe oye Vishnu Pandey…..just by talking nothing will happen do you realise that even if she signs the papers…..what if she opens her mouth afterwards? You know that the girl cannot lie " Kalsanwali asked
Arey kalsan ki chudail…I was not born yesterday nor am I a fool like your father….by signing the paper Rhunjun is also signing her death warrant Vishnu thought with an evil smile.
"We have to find a way to speak alone with her" Vishnu said aloud "As soon as possible"
Outside the house……
"You will get your money when the job is done…..kidnap her and finish her off" Shikha ordered someone on phone
Jabbu who was passing by heard this and stopped in his tracks.
Yeh kya ho raha hain he thought.
"Her name is Rhunjun Mishra… got the mms right…..I want her finished by tomorrow and there should be no trace linking the incidence back to me" Shikha said.
Jabbu's eyes widened in horror.
She talked for another five minutes and cut the call. 
Jabbu moved away so that Shikha wouldn't notice him.

"Jabbu are you sure you heard the right thing……I mean this is something big" Kukkan asked eyeing Jabbu sharply.
Jabbu gave Kukkan an irritated look.
"Kukkan I am not some bored old lady to spin such tales…..I know what I heard…I also know that we can't act without proof….we will have to just keep a careful watch over bhabhi tomorrow" Jabbu said.
"Should we tell bhaiyya?" Kukkan asked.
"No….we don't have any solid proof na….lets wait till tomorrow" Jabbu said.

Sangeet Day at Shukla Mansion…..
Rhunjun happily stepped into her to be sasural. She walked off admiring the interior decoration
"Like it" the voice she loved said from behind her. Soon she was enveloped in a pair of strong yet caring arms.
"You have a very good taste I must say" Rhunjun complimented looking at the various portraits.
"Compliment dhena hi hain tho mujhe dho na bitiya" Lata said smiling naughtily at them.
Rhunjun and Guddu moved apart, both blushing.
"Jab dekho tab romance….kal tho terrace mein tha jahan koi nahin tha…..aaj ithne openly corridor mein?" Lata continued teasing them.
Rhunjun blushed further and Guddu looked anywhere but at his mother.
"Maun vrath le rakha hain kya dhono ne….chalo bakhi ke romance baath mein kar lena…….tayyar hone ka waqt hain ab….chalo bitiyan" Lata said leading Rhunjun away.
Rhunjun looked back to see Guddu giving her a flying kiss. She smiled at him.
Jabbu got ready well before the others. He needed to keep his eyes peeled. He was waiting for Shikha to come and also watching out for any suspicious figures. 
"Anything yet?" Kukkan asked when he came.
"Nothing suspicious….I just called Devi and checked….bhabhi is with them" Jabbu replied.
He caught site of Shikha and immediately noticed the smug look she wore.
None of your plans will work Jabbu thought clenching his jaws.

On the other hand…….
Vishnu was looking around for Rhunjun. 
"Where on earth is this girl?" he muttered angrily.
Kalsanwali came towards him giving him a suspicious look
"Abey oye Vishnu Pandey…..ladkiyon ko ithni bhuri nazar se math dekho" she said.
Vishnu gave her a cursory look.
"For your information Kalsan ki chudail…I am looking for that wretched girl Rhunjun" Vishnu hissed back.
"She has gone to dress up….will be back in an hour I guess" Kalsanwali replied.
"We have to be careful….you know the plan right…..try and bring her to the room I showed you….make sure no one is following you….we don't want trouble…..don't spike her drink too much….I should be able to wake her up by sprinkling water" Vishnu chanted out his plan once more.
"Humein sab patah hain….hum Kalsan ki graam pradhan ki beti hain….humara dimaag humaare bauji ki tarah tez Dothan hain" Kalsanwali boasted.
Issi ka tho darr hain Vishnu scoffed mentally.

Two hours later……
Rhunjun, Mahadevi and Kavitha came into the hall dressed in Sarees for the sangeet.
Guddu had planned a traditional and modern mix sangeet.
"Wow jeej you are great…..Enrique is my favourite singer" Mahadevi said with delight when she heard an Enrique Iglesias's song playing.
"Anything for you saali sahiba" Guddu smiled and winked at her.
Rhunjun smiled on seeing the bond between them.
"Jabbu come…lets dance" Mahadevi said dragging him to the dance floor. He signaled Kukkan to keep watching.

Maha noticed that Jabbu was looking disturbed and kept glancing at Rhunjun occasionally who was now dancing with Guddu.
She ran a hand on his cheek. Jabbu looked up at her his face relaxing into a smile.
"Any problem?" she asked 
"Nothing for my darling to worry about" Jabbu said pulling her closer.
"You can tell me anything Jabbu….you can trust me with your secrets" Maha said looking into his eyes.
"I do trust you Maha…..but seriously there is nothing to worry about" he assured her.
Maha knew that he was hiding something but decided not to press him.

"I am really happy for Mahadevi" Rhunjun said looking at her sister and Jabbu.
"And what about yourself?" Guddu asked looking at her lovingly.
"I feel like the luckiest girl on earth…..loving family, great friends and khadoos to-be- husband" Rhunjun said with a sly smile.
"Oh so I am khadoos huh" Guddu said tightening his hold on her.
"Absolutely… takes a  very short time for your fuse wire to blow" Rhunjun shot back.
"It takes a very short time for me to seduce you" Guddu said taking his face closer to hers.
His hand was trailing on her bare waist converting her legs into jelly. Rhunjun was sure that were it not for his support she would have fallen down.
Rhunjun inched her face closer and brushed his lips softly.
Guddu was surprised but pleased.
"Hmm…my company is changing you….you have become quiet bold" he said with a smirk.
"I was always bold….why do you think I am marrying you" she replied with a smile.
"Nautanki" Guddu said.
"Khadoos" Rhunjun called.

Kukkan twirled Kavitha around and pulled her back in a back hug. He rested his chin on her soft hair. He had noticed the small kiss between Guddu and Rhunjun.
"Only if she was so bold" he said out loud.
"What?" Kavitha asked.
"Just saw bhabhi giving bhaiyya a kiss….I just wished you were so bold" he said gving Kavitha a sly smile.
Kavitha blushed crimson. Kukkan laughed out.
"I just love that color you know" he said softly in her ears making her heart flutter.

After a while all the couples left the dance floor to mingle with the guests. Jabbu was still keeping a close watch on Shikha and Rhunjun.
Kalsanwali soon found her chance. She took a tray of drinks to were Amma, Rhunjun, Lata and Mittho were standing.
"Ee lo sharbath….sab pee lon…..thak gayi hogi na Rhunjun beta….ee lon tum bhi piyon" she said offering a glass to Rhunjun.
Amma took the glass offered to Rhunjun on purpose.
"Thank you Kalsanwali….here Rhunjun you take a glass" she offered Rhunjun another glass.
Kalsanwali smiled triumphantly turning her back to them. Amma had reacted just like she expected. She had suspected Kalsanwali's intentions and taken the normal drink she had offered Rhunjun giving Rhunjun the drugged glass instead.
"Amma you shouldn't have reacted like that….I think Mami is hurt" Rhunjun said looking with concern at Kalsanwali's retreating back.
"Rhunjun please develop some sense…..I have known these for long enough to know how their brain works" Amma retorted giving Mittho a glance.

Shikha was looking for a chance to isolate Rhunjun from her family. But it seemed like a mean feat right now.
She was watching Rhunjun like vulture for past one hour unaware of two pairs of eye watching her.

Guddu was carefully watching every move of Vishnu. He didn't one bit trust the guy. He had the whole house covered with CCTV cameras and hidden ones as well. He had done that yesterday when the house was unoccupied.
He eyes strayed onto Rhunjun. She gazed up at once as if sensing his eyes and smiled at him. He smiled back.
There was a nagging fear in his heart regarding what will happen when Rhunjun will come to know about the secret behind her father's death. He was afraid she would blame him for not telling the truth earlier. But he could not bring himself to break her happiness right now. Also he didn't have any solid proof against Vishnu.
I hope you will understand he thought while looking at her.


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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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.nidha jaaanu ...amazing prt yaar ...bohot hi interesting ne to muje duble tension me daldiya ...ek tu mama n mamis ki tension aur nxt pata nahi who Censored...shikha ka kya plan hai ...Confused...acha hai jo jabbu ko usper shak hai ...n hooope there is no misunderstanding b/w gunjun ...            gr88 prt ..updt sooon yaar eagerlyyy wating plezzz

Edited by tehzeeb25 - 17 August 2011 at 8:25pm
sur001 IF-Dazzler

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loved it..,to iee baat hai sab golmaal hai...Kukkan & Jabbu Shikha ke pichey...Shika runjhun ke picchey...Guddu vishnu ke picchey aur Vishnu Runjhun ke picchey aur iss aagey picchey me romance ka tadka wow...nidhu first class update Amma haar nahi manegi becharon ko comment kar kar ke sharam se marwa degi...Sikha to chalu ke saath saath dangerous bhi hai...update soon
desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Great part. Cannot believe that Shikha would go so low. Gunjhun romance was very cute. Loved  Runjhun's himmat and Kukkan's comment. Update soon.

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