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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 28)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sur001

Hi SweetheartHugBlinking angel

@Flying kiss@ - flying kissflying kiss
I am feeling like ...we have met after so many days...Bahut der kar di meherbaan aate aate...really missed you and your fantastic update on Gunjhun...Nidh ab ka kahe Pandavon ne to hame speechless kar diya hai yaar...ka rapchik plan banaya...Gunjhun itni aasani se mil jayenge to maza thode hi na aayega...Oho Jabbu "sweetheart"...koi gal nahi Amma tumhare  track ko bhi line pe le hi aayengi...pehle wo apni bahu se to mil le... Bahut hi pyara update tha Nidh bilkul meri pyaari Angel ki ya......update as soon as you can
Thank you my princess Bhabhiji...
Who ka hain na jab se humaare ahemEmbarrassed se mile hain dimaag teek se function hi nahi kartha...
Ee liya waqat lagaath hain update karne mein...
Kshama kariyo jaan...
Love youHug

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

great part. wow. They both said no during engagement and have basically admitted their love to themselves. liked Lata Shukla teasing Jabbu. LOL update soon.
Thank you D...
Lata Shukla is one sweet lady...
Sorry for not updating oftenEmbarrassed
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 16
Guddu looked at the men in front of him.
They looked back at him reassuringly.
"The land is now yours Mr.Shukla" one of them said.
"Thank you gentle men….you will get what you reward" Guddu said smiling.
The men smiled wider and went out after taking their money
"Vishnu Pandey the land is now mine…… you will pay for your deeds one by one" Guddu said balling his fists.
Someone knocked his door.
"Come in" Guddu said. He was standing with his back facing to the door.
Rhunjun entered the room timidly. For the past one week she was trying all means to evade Guddu while watching him secretly.
Shikha had come in once and Rhunjun had watched their interaction from afar. She felt slightly jealous but was determined to stay away from them. She was sure Guddu knew about her engagement getting postponed from Abhi.
"Sir Mr.Prakash asked to give you this file" she said placing a file on his desk.
Guddu jerked slightly as he heard her voice. He had missed the voice very much and missed its owner even more.
He hadn't seen her much during the week and suspected she was busy with Abhimanyu. He must have told her about his engagement with Shikha getting postponed. But obviously it would make no difference to her. He loved Rhunjun, not vice versa.
He turned around to look at her. He had  considered her as the most beautiful girl he ever met. Especially after seeing her in her modern wear. But he loved her in this dress- a simple white salwar kameez with the shawl covering her bosom. She was simple yet beautiful.
"Thank you Rhunjun…..could you kindly please get these files for me….I mean if you are not busy… secretary is on leave and I have lots to handle here" Guddu said.
Rhunjun felt a slight tug at her heart listening to his voice. He sounded tired. Was that Shikha constantly disturbing him? 
She better not or I will Rhunjun thought angrily
You will what? You can't say simple I love you to him….badi aayi Shikha ko sikhaane wali a voice in her head scoffed.
"Sure sir" Rhunjun smiled and went out.
He loved to see her smile. It always made his heart flutter. But sadly the cause behind that smile might be Abhi. She had never smiled for him.
Uss saale ki tho lottery lag gayi Guddu thought with jealousy
It could be you if you had guts to man up and say you love her Guddu's inner voice scoffed.
Rhunjun was walking towards the files room when she saw Mahadevi rushing towards her. 
"Whoa slow down chutka what's the rush" Rhunjun asked stopping her. 
"Di who actually mujhe kahi jaana hain…..I mean ek dosth ko milne….who kisi trouble mein hain…no di you don't have to come I can handle it……..di aap please yeh video camera sambhaalke rakhna….I will be back" Maha said between catching breath. She shoved the camera into Rhunjun's hand and rushed out.
"Maha take care" Rhujun shouted to her sisters retreating back. She sent a quick prayer to heavens to keep her sister and friend safe. She went to the files room her brow creased in worry.
She entered the room and started searching for the file.
Guddu received a call from Shikha about the new project. He tells her to wait at the site. He puts on his coat and heads out of his cabin.
"Well the file cabinets have to be removed…..file room ki roof ek side se weak hain…uske upar ke construction ke wajah se…..kabhi bhi gir saktha hain….kal notice kiya tha….lekin aapko bhula nahi paye….jaldhi aaiye Yadavji" a man spoke on phone
Guddu's eyed widened in worry.
"Rhunjun" he said in fear and ran in the rooms direction
"Yeh file kaha rakhi hain" Rhunjun muttered while searching.
"Rhunjun" Guddu shouted rushing in. He rushed forwards grabbing her hand.
"Lets get out the roof" before he coulf finish the sentence the front part of the roof near the door caved in blocking their only way out. Rhunjun screamed shortly.
Guddu held Rhunjun back shielding her. A piece of rock hit his head.
Rhunjun saw the blood flowing out.
"Guddu are you okay" she nearly screamed with worry.
"I am okay relax….am fine" Guddu consoled her while holding his hand on the wound. 
 Rhunjun moved away his hands and got on tip toes. She blew on the wound. Her face clearly showed the concern she felt. Guddu just stared at her.
Rhunjun wiped the blood with her dupatta.
She caught him staring.
"Aisey kya ghoor rahe hon?" she asked blushing "Are you okay?" she asked looking concerned again
"I am fine Rhunjun….its just a scratch….lets worry about getting out of here" Guddu said looking around.
"Anybody in there" some one's voice came from outside.
"Yes….I am in here" Guddu shouted back.
"Sir are you okay" the man asked.
"Yes…..but the door is jammed as part of the roof fell….I think you will have to break the door down and move the rubble…its too heavy to move by hand" Guddu replied
"We will start now sir…lets go" the man said to another beside. They went to make arrangements.
"Hmm….so I guess we will have to wait" he said glancing at Rhunjun. She looked worried.
"Don't worry no one will misunderstand you this time" Guddu said softly. He remembered the time he had kept her captive to break her marriage and thought she was worried about it.
"I am not worried about that" Rhunjun said and glanced to his wound.
"Oh this….its" before Guddu could complete his phone rang.
"Shikha I am sorry….I am stuck in office now….a small construction trouble…..I am sorry I will see you tomorrow" Guddu apologized.
"Is she angry with you?" Rhunjun asked timidly.
"Why would she be? I am not doing this on purpose either" Guddu said shrugging.
"Congrats by the way….on getting engaged…Abhi is a good guy..he will keep you happy" Guddu said
"It didn't happen….so no use congratulating" Rhunjun shrugged.
"Why? Is there any problem? I mean did he come to know about the….listen I can speak to him…I mean" Guddu started saying.
"Relax sir…..he didn't break it….I broke it" Rhunjun explained.
"But why? He is a nice guy….he would have kept you happy" Guddu said.
"I love some body else" Rhunjun said looking down.
"Oh" Guddu said surprised "But who?" he frowned.
"Doesn't matter now…..that guy can never love me….so I asked Abhi for some time to settle my heart" Rhunjun said with a sigh.
She suddenly remembered Maha's camera.
"Oh damn…where is it" Rhunjun started looking around.
"What happened?" Guddu asked.
"Mahadevi's video camera….I had kept it somewhere….here it is….damn something fell on it….hope it works" Rhunjun picked it up and switched it on. She saw the view was somewhat hazy. To see if there was anymore damage she played one of the recorded videos.
"Humara saraa kaam bigad diya" Vishnu's sound came from the video.
Both of them jerked. The video was a little hazy but still the four people in it where unmistakable. As the video further played on Rhunjun and Guddu were gaping at it in shock. Who was more shocked was hard to say.
Guddu was reeling with shock at the end of the video. He had punished Rhunjun for no crime of hers. She had never complained it was all along Vishnu's dirty game. Guddu gritted his teeth.
Tears started flowing from Rhunjun's eyes. Even though she had left them behind somewhere in her heart they were always her family. Which means their actions still hurt her. This proof if it had only come earlier, maybe Guddu would have loved her. Maybe all the emotions they shared in the kiss could have bloomed. But now it was late. He could never be hers. This hurt her further.
"Rhunjun I am sorry…..I know I have no right to ask you this…..but I am sorry and I am ready to mend it…we can continue our marriage" Guddu said earnestly.
Rhunjun smiled slightly.
"You don't have to sacrifice….I know you can never love me… hate me na….even though now the reason is proved wrong….I know you can never have those feelings I have for you" Rhunjun said. She had unknowingly opened her heart in the emotionally disturbed state.
Rhunjun turned away but Guddu caught her hand.
"What do you feel for me" Guddu asked softly.
They could here banging sounds from outside. Guddu knew his time was less. He had seen a ray of hope that Rhunjun might love him. He had to be sure.
"Rhunjun do you love me?" Guddu asked softly yet firmly.
He turned her around. She was looking down with tears flowing from her eyes.
He slowly raised up her face. Her eyes got locked to it. They clearly showed her feelings and as a confirmation
"Yes I do" she whispered softly. 
Rhunjun knew that she would never get him. He was some body else's yet she had to let her heart out. Maybe then it would hurt less to think of him.
"How can you still love me? I destroyed your name and your family's….I left you alone with those wolves….how can you love a jerk like me" Guddu asked.
"Because that jerk can also be a nice person….I have seen him spent time and money for poor people….I have seen him with friends….he can also be a human….if  gets close to another woman I feel jealous….if he hugs some other girl I feel jealous…..even if it is he who is hurt I feel the pain" she touched his wound softly.
"Do you know something… are an angel" he said and kissed her softly on her forehead. 
Rhunjun relishes the moment but snaps out immediately.
"No Guddu please….you are engaged….this is not fair to Shikha" Rhunjun said trying to move away from him.
Guddu pulls her closer by the waist.
"Forget Shikha dear….she won't mind….she is just my friend" Guddu said.
"But you are" Rhunjun starts saying but he places a finger on her lips.
"We never got engaged…..even if we did I would have broken it now…..because unfortunately for you I love you too….and just like you I am jealous when some one else hugs you or holds you like this….mind you Abhi is really lucky he is alive" Guddu said chuckling.
Rhunjun's eyes widened in surprise. Was she dreaming or was her dream actually becoming the truth.
"You love me?"Rhunjun whispered in surprise.
"Koi shak….lagtha hain shak dhoor karna padega Miss. Mishra….no Mrs. Raghav Shukla" Guddu said proudly and bent his face down to kiss her.
The kiss of love was soft at first but deepened as the passion recognized by both started flowing in.

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OH MY GOD...!!!!DancingDancingDancing
u made my day!!!!!Day Dreaming
shikha out!!!!! out, out out!!!!!!!!
m so happy...Oh God...i wish i could see the thing...Guddu's Dreaming
great one...!!! love you for this nidhi...Hug
update soon...!!! OMG...OMG...!!!!

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great part. awww. love confession. Day Dreamingsealed with a kiss. Embarrassed. luv the inner voices of Guddu and Runjhun. LOL 
update sooon

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hi nidha raniii meri jaaan ...
Kya awwwesum shweesum prt tha ...
kya confession tha bilkul hatke ...aur hoga bhi kyun nahi after all its our gunjun it have to b unique ...
Aur kya tarika shak dur karne ka ... Wink

Cant wait 4 nxt prt ...updt sooon super duper sooon ...
plezzz ...intezaaar nahi hoga plezzz *babyface*plezzz

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Originally posted by MikanSakura

OH MY GOD...!!!!DancingDancingDancing
u made my day!!!!!Day Dreaming
shikha out!!!!! out, out out!!!!!!!!
m so happy...Oh God...i wish i could see the thing...Guddu's Dreaming
great one...!!! love you for this nidhi...Hug
update soon...!!! OMG...OMG...!!!!
Thank You my dear...
Well see it in your minds eye jaan...
Shikha is not exactly out...she will come in a little later...
Wait and seeHug

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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

great part. awww. love confession. Day Dreamingsealed with a kiss. Embarrassed. luv the inner voices of Guddu and Runjhun. LOL 
update sooon
Thank you D...
I always enjoy writing the inner voices...
Will update asapHug

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