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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 24)

Ziva01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Hi Nidhi wat an updt yaar awesome n here are lots a hugs to thx u HugHugHug
Wat a lovely mission by Gunjhun's friends to re-unite the husband n wifeClapClap
Vishnu PandeyAngry he is such aCensored 1000 evils were dead when he was born
Looking forward for next chapter
Updt asa u can

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desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
great part. wow, what a twist .good that everyone will help out and try to get Guddu and Runjhun together, update soon. Smile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sur001

arrey bhabhi ji kya update mara hai...lagta hai aapka nasha abhi tak utra nahi hai...Ye track to bara intresting ho raha hai...Maine ek naam socha hai Guddu ka badla ya Pandavon ka mission Gunjhun...LOLLOLLOL...Aakhirkar mere ahemEmbarrassedthosde to jale waise aapke ahemEmbarrassed to raakh hote hote bache hain... Pandavon ne to dil khus kar diya aur maha the detective to kamaal ki nikli...Kinshuk ji app ki nazrein Kavita se kab takrayengi aur haan Sorry Abhi yaar...I misunderstood you...Humka maafi dedeo Abhimanyu babu...Ab intezaar mat karana zyada...nahi to hum bhi lemonade pee ke so jayengeWink

Pehle Mission Gunjun shuru karenge BhabhijiWink...
Aur dekh lena inka jalwa...
So math jaana update bas kuchi hi der mein aayengeSmile
Love you dear

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tehzeeb25

nidha raniii meri jaaan ...HugHugHug...
kya updt hai yaar dil kush kardiya...Clap
awwwesum updt yaar ..Star  ..StarStar
so vishnu killed guddus dad n RJ's dad also he have to pay for that ...
badahi acha naam diya sur jaan guddu ka badla ya pandavon ka mission gunjun ...Clap
mujhe to pandavon ke mission me zayada interest hai ...
updt jadiii karo  plezzz
intezaar mat karvana plezzz
Mission Gunjun will be flagged off in a few minutes now Tehzee...just wait and watchSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pri01

Hi Nidhi wat an updt yaar awesome n here are lots a hugs to thx u HugHugHug
Wat a lovely mission by Gunjhun's friends to re-unite the husband n wifeClapClap
Vishnu PandeyAngry he is such aCensored 1000 evils were dead when he was born
Looking forward for next chapter
Updt asa u can
VP is gonna pay for all that he did...
Mission Gunjun will begin soonSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by desisweetheart9

great part. wow, what a twist .good that everyone will help out and try to get Guddu and Runjhun together, update soon. Smile
Thank you D...wait for Mission GunjunSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Chapter 14
Mission Gunjun started on the next Monday.
Maha and Kavita were sitting in the office canteen.
As per plan Kukkan called Guddu to come to his cabin for some discussion. Guddu had to pass by the canteen to reach there.
Rhunjun was in the marketing department at the time. Kavita had earlier asked her to deliver a file to Guddu's new secretary when she could.
When Kavita and Maha saw Guddu nearing the place they sat Kavita started.
"What Rhunjun is getting engaged" she exclaimed in a loud enough voice to make Guddu hear.
Guddu stopped dead in his tracks. He turned towards them his face registering shock.
Maha suppressed a giggle and continued
"Yep to Abhimanyu jeej…..I mean they love each other so much….they can't seem to live without each other" Maha said waving her arms casually
"But you said that she was already married" Kavita" Kavita said in a very audible whisper.
"Who cares about that rakshas" that's what my Di said….and she is right I mean he married her for revenge na….and he left her too….so she is free to move on….and she also says that Abhi jeej is more sexy than that gadha" Maha said
Guddu didn't think his blood had boiled like this before
So she finds that idiot more sexy than me huh Guddu thought grinding his teeth.

On the other end
As soon as Rhunjun came in earshot Jabbu began
"Guddu bhaiyya ki tho lottery lag gayi…..Shikha bhabhi jo mil gayi unhe…..beautiful and bold" 
"Haan yaar ….lekin unki tho shaadi ho chuki hain na" Kukkan said 
"Uss chudail ko who patni maanthe hi nahi hain… the way he too thinks she is chudail…..and Shikha bhabhi is way more happening….I mean she is forward…a kiss or a night out and all she won't mind….if it was that chudail would she ever allow it" Jabbu asked raising his eyebrows.
Rhunjun felt her nail digging into her palm.
Chudail he thinks I am chudail Rhunjun thought anger coursing through her.
And that original chudail is happening
Rhunjun stalked off angrily at the same time Guddu stormed away from the other side.
Both collided with each other on the way.
"Ouch gadhe kahike can't you watch where you are going?" Rhunjun shouted without noticing the person her earlier anger mixing with present one. She was rubbing her forehead 
Then she noticed Guddu at first she thought to appologise. But when she thought of Kukkan-Jabbu's words.
"Off course some people only see happening girls na" Rhunjun said scrunching her face in anger.
"Did you think that I am some 'sexy' hunk to collide with and have fun" Guddu said emphasizing on the word sexy, face red with anger.
"Whatever" Rhunjun said and stormed off
"To hell with you" Guddu walked off in the opposite direction.
Maha and Kavita gave Jabbu and Kukkan thumbs up.
Guddu and Rhunjun's eyes were spitting fire each time they faced each other that day.
The gang had hard time smothering their giggles when ever they saw this.
On the way back home Rhunjun was going on cursing under her breath.
"Di kis ko apni ghaliyo se saja rahi hon" Maha asked pretending to not know.
"Uss rakshas ko aur kisko….tumhe patah who mujhe kya bulaatha hain apne dostho ke saamne?"
Maha nodded in negative.
"Chudail chutka he calls me chdail….aaarrgh" Rhunjun gave went to her anger.
Mahadevi finally let out a giggle.
"Hasso sab hasso….Kukkan and Jabbo were doing the same…..laughing saying that the great Guddu bhaiyya wants happening girls like that dayan Shikha….I swear mein Guddu ki biryani banoongi" Rhunjun continue her tirade.
"Di chillax haan…..Mr.Raghav Shukla ko hum time aane par vaapis denge" Maha gave a wink.
"Hmph" Rhunjun sighed frowning.
Maha smiled
"Chudail and Rakshas great combination" Maha thought and mentally giggled.
Maha received a call from Jabbu.
"Did you call my Di chudail" Maha asked in a mock angry voice.
"So what you guys called Guddu bahiyya rakshas na" Jabbu shot back.
"That's becoz he is….why did you call?" Maha asked.
"Well first phase has worked madam….they both have very strong reaction to each other….so what's the next phase" Jabbu asked.
"Now we have to strengthen the reaction further….which is the most happening club around here" Maha asked.
"Angels and Demons I think" Jabbu said a little unsurely.
"Okay this saturday me,Di and Kavita will be there….tell your Guddu bhaiyya to come with that dayan I mean Shikha…..say that it's you wanna go on a triple date…..I will ask Abhi to come too" Maha said.
"Well I guess I get a wind of your plan… will you be my date" Jabbu asked flirtatiously
"He he zyada line mara tho khaan ke neeche kich ke bajaaoongi mein" Maha scolded and cut the call.
"Gadha kahika" Maha said but smiled.
One hour later…..
Jabbu and Kukkan were chatting at the bar. They occasionally glanced at Guddu who looked like he would be more comfortable in hell than here.
Shikha was openly flirting with him. Guddu smiled politely but looked utterly bored when he turned his face away from her.
The girls entered dressed in these….
Guddu nearly went into cardiac arrest seeing Rhunjun in this dashing avatar. But the next instant he jerked as he saw Abhi's arm encircling her waist.
Rhunjun had also seen Guddu and Shikha whose hands seemed all over him.
She purposefully leaned into Abhimanyu.
None of this was missed by the gang.
They smirked.
Mahadevi walked towards Jabbu. Kavita smiled at Kukkan.
Rhunjun and Guddu were eyeing each other.
Guddu had pulled Shikha closer.
"Hello ladies….all of you look beautiful….you look different Rhunjun and beautiful too" Kukkan complimented.
Rhunjun smiled politely but her eyes were spitting fire.
"Off course my Rhunjun is different….she is the most beautiful girl on earth" Abhi said looking at her. Rhunjun gave him a bright smile solely for irritating Guddu. 
"Drinks ladies….nothing strong I suppose" Jabbu asked.
"Soft drinks will be enough for them" Guddu said firmly to Jabbu.
Rhunjun didn't miss his hint. He wanted nothing like last time.
After a while Abhi and Rhunjun went to the dance floor. Guddu pulled Shikha over.
What ensued was nothing less than a competition. Jabbu took Maha and Kukkan who had begun understand the meaning of Kavita's shy gazes asked her for a dance. 
These four where thoroughly enjoying the dance and also their mission. 
Rhunjun and Guddu where stealing glances at each other. But when one saw the other looking they turned away and chatted with their partner.
Mahadevi giggled at her sister trying to act all lovey dovey with Abhi. Guddu on the other hand didn't need to do much as Shikha was already into him. 
Rhunjun excused herself from Abhi after three songs.
She went out of the club to get some air.
Rhunjun went and sat on the edge of a waterfall playing with the water. But her mind was on Guddu and how close he had been to Shikha. 
They really seemed attached to each other.
He smiled and joked with her.
I have only ever hated him then why do I resent Shikha so much
She is beautiful matches his social status intelligent educated
Where as I am nowhere near to her.
Maybe I should be happy with the attention I get from Abhi.
Amma also seems happy with him.
I should stop thinking about Guddu.
"Enjoying are we" Guddu voice came from behind her making her jump. He had been standing there when she came out but Rhunjun hadn't noticed him disturbed as she was.
She glanced at him. Shikha didn't seem to be anywhere near in site.
"So how is your date with Mr.Sexy going" Guddu asked with an edge.
"Why the hell do you care?" Rhunjun retorted. She got up to move in.
"He is better than you and knows how to keep a girl happy" 
Guddu pulled her by her arm and pinned her to a wall.
"And you think I can't" Guddu asked looking intently into her eyes. Rhunjun couldn't gaze away. He gently tucked a strand of her hair away.
Rhunjun had stopped struggling. They were unconsciously edging closer to each other.
Guddu looked at her slightly quivering luscious lips. He couldn't resist much.
He claimed them in a soft kiss which soon grew in intensity as Rhunjun responded to him. He ravished every corner of her mouth hoding her by her waist. Her hands were placed on his back stroking up and down.
It started raining as if the heavens were blessing them.
Maha, Jabbu, Kukkan,Abhi and Kavita were gaping at them open mouthed.
"Whoa now that's what I call passion" Kavita muttered. Kukkan gave her a glance making her blush.
Maha leaned onto Jabbu without noticing. Jabbu smiled enjoying the feeling.
Rhunjun came to her senses and sprang back from Guddu. She looked horrified at what she had done.
"What the hell have I done" Rhunjun whispered.
She gave Guddu one more horrified glance before running towards Abhi's car.

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oye hoye!!! this is called mauke pe chauka!!!LOLLOL Awesome update Nidha.. I always love jealousy tracks and was LOL while reading and my ma was giving me weird glancesLOLLOL Abhi I am eager to know agey ka kissa!!! praying hard that the mission Gunjhun succeeds with flying colors!!!Big smile update soonSmile

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