Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 23)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Prabhkallu

Awesome! LOL ROFL Whoa Runjhun! I can totally imagine her climbing, Guddu being fed up.. Hahaha.. Loving it tooo much!
A great one, Nidhsara.. Clap
Thank you Kavita...wait for the next updateSmile

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tehzeeb25

nidha meri jaaan ..
awwwesum prt yaar
amazing ...
d rain prt was shooo cute...
but ab kya kiya yaaar ...R dosre department me ...Shocked...Disapprove..
ab kya hoga ...jaldi updt kar yaar ..intezaar mat krana plezzz
its getting interesting ..
Thank you Tehzee...rain part was my favourite too...updating in a few minutesHug
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MikanSakura runjhun...LOVED YOUR GUNJHUN...i hope i could see the update...i mean visualising..!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming
thanx for this "without any shikha-interference" update...
n i tell u wat to do with that hot spicy "mirchi"...gunjhun ki nazar utaar kar "mirchi" ko utha ke baahar fake do!!!!
i dont mind if u call me natkhat...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
n i tell you something...when i read the rain part na...a song came in my mind...
"Bhaage re mann...from chameli..!!!"...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
superb part..!!
update soon...ClapClap
Thank you Sanju...Mirchi tho khud Rhunjun tho mein usse kaise bahar fenkkuLOL...
Wait for the next update
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sur001 what to say...kitni khus thi dono ke pyaare pyaare moments dekhke but gosh...Guddu bechara attraction ka mara...kaisa decision le liya...Runjhun is right...Buddhu dil ke isaaro ko follow karne ke bajay ignore kar raha hai..God ji(Nidh)...isse thodi si buddhi ayr dher saari jealousy dena taaki hum dher sara laughter ,entertaintment aur passionate moments mil sake...Nidh it was fantabulous...Bhagwaan kare Runjhun pareshaan ho...Guddu ji hairaan ho ...aur Abhi as usual ready ho kehne ke liye...goriye sehra badh ke main to aaya re aur Amma bole baabul ki duaayen leti ja..tujhkpo sukhi sansaar mile Mayke ki na yaad aaye sasuraal me itna pyaar mile
Hug Bhabhiji thank you...GunJun ko mila ne ke liye aa rahi hain pandavon ki senaLOL
Watch out

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

great part. rain scene was cute. i wonder what will happen now that Guddu has transferred Runjhun. update soon Smile
Thank you D...well if they aren't ready to accept their feslings we can give a little push naWink
Watch out

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 13
Rhunjun was watching from outside Guddu's cabin how he was cozily chatting off with Shikha.
He doesn't care for you then why the hell are you so irritated Rhunjun angrily tried to pacify herself.
For about two months now Rhunjun has been working under Prashanth. He was a very cordial and friendly boss. She had no
Difficulty working under him. But come to office didn't hold much interest for her now.
She was constantly looking for something or rather someone.
Mahadevi had noticed her sisters restless behaviour. She also knew who Rhunjun was looking for. Her sister would sharply turn on hearing Guddu's name or voice. The latter on the other hand seemed to be completely evading Rhunjun. 
Mahadevi had in fact caught him once slyly looking at Rhunjun. But when her sister came into view he hid. When he saw Mahadevi watching him he walked off as if he didn't do anything.
"Inke beech zaroor koi kichdi pak rahin hain" Mahadevi confirmed in her head.
She and Kavita decided to hatch a plan to see if this was mere attraction or something more deep. Mahadevi told Kavita about their marriage and the circumstances it took place in.
"But we will do that after this weekend Kavita….I am leaving for Kannauj…..regular visit to my parents…whatever they are I can't hate them" Maha sighed.
Rhunjun felt completely alone in the world for that weekend. She had thought of discussing her troubles with Maha but she had gone to Kannauj.
Could I be falling for him despite all his faults Rhunjun thought as she sat on her bed.
Is he even worth my affection
He seems comfortable with Shikha.
What if he loves her?
Will he ever love me?
He thinks I lied about him which I didn't
Hey bhagwaan I am sure I will go mad.
Shukla Mansion….
Guddu was working out in the gym.
She lied about me
I have to hate her
But past mistakes can be forgiven
This is too big a mistake to forgive.
It all depends on the goodness of your heart.
She has never done one wrong deed during these three months
And you can't see her with another man
Aaargh I will go mad.
Guddu's phone rang breaking his reverie.
"Mr. Shukla….I think we got your fathers murderer…shall we come there or you" the voice said.
"No I will come there" Guddu answered shortly.

Guddu stared at the file in his in shock,his anger slowly rising.
"I hope that this information is right….because if it isn't" Guddu said in a slow dangerous voice.
"The information is hundred percent right…..this man has a history….though its none of our business we just snooped around….he has already done one previously….his own sisters husband…the poor woman thinks her husband died in an accident very similar to your fathers….she is also dead now….their daughter is alive though….leaving at her mothers…..anyways your father was strongly against a part of the forest being cleared to setup a five star hotel…..but a politician had personal benefits in it… this guy agreed the remove the main threat from his way for an offer of  a higher position in the political party……" the detective told.
"But how was this a*****e able to cover his tracks so efficiently….what about the police?" Guddu asked unable to believe.
"Political game play….his wife is a big time politicians daughter….that's were he gets all the help from" detective answered.
"Thank you Mr. Sinha…..I will deal with him from here" Guddu answered getting up.
"Mr.Raghav do not do anything against the law" Mr.Sinha warned
"For such people there are no laws" Guddu answered in a voice that sent chill down Mr.Sinha's spine.
In his car Guddu looked at the photo in the file.
"Vishnu Pandey…..count your days….you will pay for all that you did so far"
After returning from Kannauj Mahadevi contacted Abhimanyu. She asked him Jabbu, Kukka and Kavita to come to a coffee shop near to her house.
"Wow my jungli billi has called me for a coffee" Jabbu said excitedly as he drove to the shop.
When he reached there he saw Kukkan too entering.
"Kukkan what are you doing here" Jabbu asked nervously.
"Mahadevi called me" Kukkan said in a totally baffled voice.
"What?" Jabbu shouted.
"Oh there you guys are…come in" Mahadevi said beckoning them from an outdoor seating area of the shop. Kavita started blushing as soon as she saw Kukkan.
Jabbu and Kukkan sat with the girls and soon they were joined by Abhi.
"What did you call us all here for?" Jabbu asked disappointed that he didn't get a date.
"Before I speak see this" Mahadevi showed them her video camera.
A video was playing were Vishnu Pandey was saying how he fooled the Police inspector by taking another girl as Rhunjun to him. As the guy was new he hadn't seen the old Rhunjun. A complaint of rape was registered against Guddu. Vishnu was lamenting despite all their efforts Rhunjun is now gone leading a happy life and Guddu is free. He wasn't able to punish the goon for troubling him. Rajju, Mittho, Kalsanwali were listening to him.
At the end of the video all looked stunned.
"How did you take this?" Kavita asked surprised.
"I had left my cam on in Mom's room….I was checking if it still worked so was shooting around the house….that's how I got it…..but that's not the point…..Di told me that Guddu married her as a part of revenge to her and my 'respectable' Mamaji…..he thought she had complained….but Di never did….so all this revenge was a waste" Maha stated.
"Well we can let bhaiyya no the truth….besides it won't effect them now….they both don't want each other" Kukkan said.
"I don't think so Mr…." Abhi lingered.
"Kinshuk…..why is that?" Kukkan asked.
"Maha I told you about the party right…..that night your Guddu bhaiyya nearly strangled me to death just because I had dragged a drunken Rhunjun out so she couldn't embarrass him…..I am damn sure he feels something for her…..I have known Guddu for long….I have never seen the fire in his eyes that I saw that night….he had carried her back safely in his arms" Abhi told them all.
"That sounds interesting" Jabbu said furrowing his brows.
"That was my actual reason to call you guys here…..we have to find out if these two actually have something for each other….or is it just attraction…..I have seen my sister give the killer looks to the lady who comes there often to meet Guddu….her eyes are always searching for him….and I can swear that she even spoke his name once in sleep….what say guys? Is this signs of love…..if so then we have to unite them" Maha said sitting back and eyeing them all.
"Well if Rhunjun is innocent and this so called attraction is there between  them….then I say we play cupid to this pair….any way she will be definitely better than that Shikha" Kukkan shook head in distaste.
"Shikha?" Abhi frowned.
"Its obvious she has her eyes set on Guddu or should I say his wealth….she is always hanging around him and using all her tricks….Bhaiyya is acting oblivious to it….but he doesn't really like it" Kukkan explained.
"Well well….I guess she has found her new target…..don't worry she doesn't know who she is up against" Abhi said chuckling.
"So guys are we in this together….Abhi I know you like Di and all" Maha began
"Its okay Maha…..I told you I have never seen Guddu so disturbed…..if they are meant to be then I am in for it" Abhi said keeping his hand over hers.
Jabbu wanted to swat away his hand.
"To GunJun" Kavita extended her arm palm upwards.
"What?" Kukkan asked her.
"Arrey yaar un dhono ki name ki combination Guddu+Rhunjun=GunJun" Maha said
The guys shook their head and muttered
They placed their hand over hers and agreed to bring GunJun together.

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sur001 IF-Dazzler

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arrey bhabhi ji kya update mara hai...lagta hai aapka nasha abhi tak utra nahi hai...Ye track to bara intresting ho raha hai...Maine ek naam socha hai Guddu ka badla ya Pandavon ka mission Gunjhun...LOLLOLLOL...Aakhirkar mere ahemEmbarrassedthosde to jale waise aapke ahemEmbarrassed to raakh hote hote bache hain... Pandavon ne to dil khus kar diya aur maha the detective to kamaal ki nikli...Kinshuk ji app ki nazrein Kavita se kab takrayengi aur haan Sorry Abhi yaar...I misunderstood you...Humka maafi dedeo Abhimanyu babu...Ab intezaar mat karana zyada...nahi to hum bhi lemonade pee ke so jayengeWink

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nidha raniii meri jaaan ...HugHugHug...
kya updt hai yaar dil kush kardiya...ClapClapClapClap
awwwesum updt yaar ..Star  ..StarStar
so vishnu killed guddus dad n RJ's dad also he have to pay for that ...
badahi acha naam diya sur jaan guddu ka badla ya pandavon ka mission gunjun ...Clap
mujhe to pandavon ke mission me zayada interest hai ...
updt jadiii karo  plezzz
intezaar mat karvana plezzz

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