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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 19)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

nice update. oooh Runjhun is getting jealous. i wonder if Guddu wil take Runjhun as his date. update soon hun Smile
Thank you Desi...jealousy is only the start...wait for the party

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sur001

Nidh...ka update hai yaar Sikha kuch jyada hi chipkoo hai...I think fevicol ke dabbe se nikli haiLOL...Coffee ke cup me jeher mila do Runjhun akhirkaar tum Kalsanwali ki bhanji ho...Runjhun hi jaye Guddu ke saath ...kuch aisa karo maari Angel taaki sikha ke hosh thikaane aaye
Thank you my jaanu princess...Shikha kaise nahi chipikegi jab bandha hi itna hot hain tho...Rhunjun ko ye idea mein sar par dabha dhoon tab bhi nahin karegi...lekin Guddu ke hosh ud jaane wale hain party main

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Originally posted by mikanS

good suggestion sur...ClapClapClap

nice update, nidhi...Tongue
i wish i could meet this shikha...uske toh balon mein chewing gum chipka the top of her head...sasuri ko apne saare baal kaatne padte...phir kabhi apna muh dikhne nahi aati, kalmuhi...AngryAngryAngry
editted: or do 1 thing...ask your Runjhun to put 3-4 drinks inside...n vomit out everything...all her feelings to Guddu and that "moti bhaiyns"...Thumbs Up
bus baat khatam...!!!Embarrassed
Thank you Sanju...Shikha ko apni dose time aawe par mil jayenge...wait for the party 

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by newfoundlove

hey nidha!
The chapter was amazing! Hopefullj, runjhun's the date.
Continue soon, dear
Thank you Radha...all I want to say is wait and watch
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -salma-

it was awesomeee Nidha  Star ... loved it  !! 
waiting for more  !! 
Thank you Salma...wait and watch dear
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 11
On the party day….
Rhunjun was going home after her duty with Maha when a metallic silver Benz stopped besides them and the windows rolled down.
"Hey Rhunjun…no scooter today…shall I drop you.?" Abhimanyu asked.
"Hey Abhi….its okay we will manage" Rhunjun said smiling.
"Oh come on don't treat me like stranger….am your friend na" Abhi asked
Rhunjun glanced unsurely at her sister who nodded once.
"Okay then" Rhunjun said. She got into the front seat while Maha sat in the back seat.
"So ladies whats the plan for the evening?" Abhi said cheerfully.
"Nothing special….at home with my family" Rhunjun said.
"Rhunjun if you don't mind me asking can you be my date for this evening….its for a friends party" Abhi asked cautiously.
"Abhi I …." Rhunjun began but Maha cut her
"Di whats the harm…..don't worry about what everyone at home will think….Amma will understand if we explain….in Delhi all this is normal….I have gone on date while at college….Mama Mami didn't mind….when is the party sir" Maha asked Abhi
"Call me Abhi dear….its at 8:30 we have two hour more" Abhi said hopefully.
"More than enough to dress up… can go home and dress up Abhi….I will get Di dressed up by eight…you can pick her up" Maha dictated to Abhi
"But Maha…" Rhunjun began to protest
"No if's no but's madam…..its time you enjoyed life Rhunjun Mishra" Maha said with finality.
Before Rhunjun could say anything they reached their home. Maha nearly dragged her sister out.
"Bye Abhi….be here at 8 to pick up your gorgeous date" Maha said rushing towards their home.
"Thanks Maha….you are an angel" Abhi shouted in glee.
"Woho…..Rhunjun Mishra lets see what stops you from falling for me" Abhi said shifting the gear to four.
"Maha meri baath tho suno…Amma naraaz ho jayenge….yeh sab shehri aadath" Rhunjun protested while entering the house.
"Ka baath hain bitiyan….hum kyun naraaz honge" Amma asked.
Rhunjun stood there in fear. Maha stared once at Rhunjun took a deep breath and
"Amma the thing is Di is very beautiful na. So a guy who came to office likes her very much,he is a good guy I have seen him so he wants to take her with him to a party today,he will drop her by 10:30,it's a normal thing in Delhi Amma its called dating." Maha said this in one breath.
Amma looked first at Rhunjun (who glanced up and down again) then at Maha and then back again.
Amma laughed out seeing the Rhunjun's frightened and Maha's eager expression. Both girls sighed in relief.
"Koi baath nahi beta jao uske saath, lekin zyaada dher math karna….aur ladka teek hain na Maha" Amma asked out of concern
"Acha hain Amma….humein tho lagtha hain ki unhe Di bahut pasand hain" Maha winked at Rhunjun who glared.
"Chalo acha hua…..tumhar shaadi bhi tho karwaani hain humein" Amma smiled at Rhunjun.
For some strange reason Rhunjun felt a pang.
"Par Amma who will accept a girl like me" Rhunjun asked sadly.
"One who truly loves you will my dear" Amma said with a serene smile.
"Bakhi emotional drama baath mein….Di go and bath fast…we need to dry your hair and do make up dress….oh god" Maha said pushing Rhunjun towards their room.
Amma smiled at the sisters. She always admired Maha for the fact that she was nothing like her parents. She understood Maha's intentions well enough. She wanted her elder sister to have the best of life. That's what they all wanted for her. Her Rhunjun had gone through enough. Always misunderstood and always used. No one was going to get that chance again. Amma was determined to make sure of that.
Maha was busy getting the makeup equipments ready while Rhunjun was bathing.
She had taken out a red one shoulder knee length dress for Rhunjun which was gifted by her friend in college. She had never worn it and it would look perfect on Rhunjun with the petite figure.
Rhunjun came out of the bath and stared open mouthed at the dress.
"No way I am wearing that" Rhunjun said with finality.
"Yes you are either you wear it by yourself or I can force you into it" Maha threatened.
"But what will all think of me" Rhunjun asked aghast.
"No one will think any less of you….its not dress but behaviour that defines you and you are very best in that….so stop protesting and wear it." Maha said 
"First lets dry your hair beautiful" Maha said connecting the hair drier.
When Rhunjuns hair was dried she wore the dress and Maha tied a black sash around Rhunjun's waist adding style. She styled Rhunjun's long hair to end in curls. Her ears were adorned with crystals.Light makeup enhanced her features. Her legs were adorned by strappy heels
For final touch Maha gave her a red clutch purse.
"Perfect….Mahadevi Pandey you are great" Maha patted herself.
Rhnjun looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help smiling at the stunning woman in it.
"You sure are Chutka…..But Amma" Rhunjun bit her lip.
"Lets blow Amma off….its almost eight come on" Maha said taking Rhunjun's hand.
A car honked outside their home.
"Ooo someone can't wait I see" Maha teased.
Rhunjun made to hit her with the purse Maha ducked.
Rhunjun came out her nervously. Amma glanced up from her book and her mouth fell open. Billo who was playing with Sneha also stopped midway.
"Hows my handiwork Amma?" Maha asked pointing to Rhunjun.
"Who kya kahthe hain tumhare basha mein aaj kal" Amma asked unable to find the word.
" Hot and sexy" Billo completed smiling at Rhunjun.
Amma too smiled.
Rhunjun was somewhat relieved.
Abhi honked again.
"Di he is waiting lets go" Maha said.
Abhi had a hard time taking his eyes off  Rhunjun.
Whoa this girl is smoking hot Abhi thought.
Maha opened the door for Rhunjun.
"Both of you enjoy….and please Abhi don't be more late than 11:00.….Amma won't like it" Maha said smiling at Abhi.
"Sure young lady…..bye" Abhi said shifting the gear.
Shikha's farm house….
Shikha was introducing Guddu to some of her friends when Abhi entered with Rhunjun arm in arm.
Guddu couldn't believe his eyes. Gone was the salwar kameez clad simple girl of Kannauj. The girl who stood before him was anything but that. Stunning in all senses she had blown him off completely. Many male heads in the party turned in the direction. 
Guddu involuntarily clenched his fist when he saw Abhi's arm go around her waist.
Rhunjun felt uncomfortable by all the attention she was getting. It was increased when Abhi encircled her waist. She squirmed slightly.
Then she noticed the man standing in front of her. Her eyes got locked there.
Guddu was looking drop dead handsome in light grey silk shirt with coat and black denims. 
She caught his intense eyes and felt drawn and repelled at the same time. The feeling in that gaze was alien to her. Unfortunately for her, Abhi dragged her towards Guddu.
"Thank you Shikha for inviting….meet my date Miss Rhunjun Mishra" Abhi said again holding her waist. This time Rhunjun squirmed visibly.
"Offcourse the face looked similar……you do have a beautiful face I see" Shikha said a little sarcastically. She had her arm linked with Guddu's which was making Rhunjun jealous.
"Arrey Guddu yaar….tu chup kyun hain….tu ne tho jackpot hassil kiya hain… witn Shikha means big time gold yaar" Abhi smacked Guddu on his shoulder.
"Well lets make the jackpot public then" Shikha smiled.
"Ladies and gentlemen…..we are hear to celebrate the signing of a deal between D&L industries and my company….it's a big honour for both me and Mr. Raghav Shukla" Shikha pointed towards Guddu who gave a small smile. Claps echoed in the room
Guddu's eyes were still on Rhunjun who was standing beside looking anywhere but at Guddu.
"Enough of talks….lets have some music" Shikha announced.
Music started playing and people got on the dance floor.
Shikha-Guddu , Abhi-Rhunjun also headed there. Song playing was Dil Ibaadath from Tum Mile.
Abhi held Rhunjun close by her waist and twirling her around. She had told him that she did not know how to dance. He said he would help her out.
The first dance finished and Rhunjun excused herself. She went to one corner of the room. Abhi went to get a drink for her.
Guddu excused himself from Shikha and moved towards the bar to take a drink. He scanned the room for Rhunjun and found her in a corner. When she caught his gaze she moved out of the room.
Guddu was about to follow her but stopped himself
Why are you so concerned for her she is nothing to you Guddu thought angrily.
Abhi came with a drink and gave it to Rhunjun who had returned. She drank it unkown to the fact that Shikha had spiked her drink. Shikha had noticed Guddu's gaze frequently wavering towards her during the dance. She was angered by this. Guddu was ignoring her for that plain jane. No way. She very well knew that Rhunjun wouldn't be able to handle the drink and they would have entertainment for free.
Rhunjun gulped down the drink in one go to ease her tension. It tasted odd. She had asked for chilled coke.
"How are you faring Rhunjun….it's a whole new experience na" Abhi asked in a friendly.
"Its good but I don't think I want todo this much….not my scene really" Rhunjun said frankly.
"That's okay…you will get used soon" Abhi smiled.
Rhunjun saw Guddu dancing with Shikha and felt jealous.
That rakshas didn't even look at me and look how is sticking to that makeup box Rhunjun thought. I will show him I can dance too.
The drug was taking its effect.
"Abhi I want to dance" Rhunjun said in a slightly slurred manner.
Abhi was surprised but agreed. He noticed Rhunjun's step faltering as she walked.
They reached the dance floor and this time Rhunjun placed her arms on his shoulder.
"Wow it so nice to go round and round" Rhunjun chuckled.
"Rhunjun are you alright….you seem odd" Abhi asked concerned.
"I am alright infact I feel like screaming and shouting… you know why?" Rhunjun asked batting her eyelashes.
Abhi nodded in negative.
"Because today Rakshas didn't scold me" Rhunjun said in glee.
"Rakshas who is that?" Abhi asked
"There he is" Rhunjun pointed towards Guddu.
"I will call him out…oye" Rhunjun began but Abhi shut her mouth. He understood the situation very well.
"Rhunjun time to go" Abhi said dragging her off the floor.
Guddu who had noticed the whole interaction wanted to follow them but waited for the dance to finish. He was really furious him. To him it looked like Abhi was manhandling Rhunjun.
I swear I will kill that jerk Guddu thought angrily.
He saw Abhi taking out the car. The moment he got down,Guddu caught him by his collar.
"Where the hell is Rhunjun?" Guddu shouted.
"Arrey yaar tu mera collar chod…itna ubal kyun rahan hain" Abhi managed to say trying to free himself
"What did you do with her?" Guddu roared again.
Abhi understood that Guddu had seen him dragging Rhunjun away and mistaken his intention.
"Listen Guddu….I didn't do anything to her….someone spiked her drink so she was not in her senses…she was going to call you out…inorder to avoid embarrassment I dragged her out…..I left her near the door and told her to wait as she wasn't able to walk….I am going to take her home" Abhi explained
"Someone spiked her drink who" Guddu asked tightening his hold.
"I swear it wasn't me" Abhi said. Guddu understood he was telling the truth.
"Get her home safely Abhi" Guddu said.
Abhi was surprised by his friends behaviour but he just nodded. He went to get Rhunjun.
"Guddu yaar gadbad ho gaya she isn't there…..the guard said he saw her going out…its raining heavily too…oh god" Abhi said 
"What the f***" saying this Guddu ran out into the rain.

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Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!  Big smile

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oooh Runjhun is a hottie. Shikha is really mean. looks like Guddu is going to go and look for Runjhun. update soon hun Smile

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