Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CrazyIncreds-countdown to Jungle Me Mungle(JMM)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Rules For New and Old Crazy Members!!! 

    1)Introduce yourself to everyone (name and why)... as members would like to know about you.

    2)Crazie Incredibles thread is a fun thread... and we are here to have fun! ' So it is important to keep the thread clean.

    3)For CRAZIES... Maan & Geet are equal and Maaneet love is divine...therefore we love Maaneet to the core... No bashing of characters / actors is tolerated in crazy thread... i.e. No bad words should be used to describe any character/actor. If you are angry with any character or scene, just say U are angry!!! Or be angry with CVs.

    4)WARNING to ALL!!!    - If any bashing is found in the thread,  3 warnings will be given & then after that they will be thrown out of the thread.

    5)We call DEV - DEV(IL)... please mention as such when u quote in the thread.

    6)We are not Fans of Devini, NT & DEV(IL)..Don't bash them.. just criticize them!!!! ' You can include them in the analysis.            

    7)Quote each other limited to 3 quotes...  

  • If any rule is offended by any crazies, beautiful and wonderful sazaas are given to them By SAZAA GIVERS
 ******ALL crazies who open a thread will have to post the rules*******

P.S: Topic Starter...will give the analysis in the next post below

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ahujatanviBharathi_gurtidrdee142-HJ-sumona28Fallen AngelRajeevGurtiFandivareena--aarthi--

dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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@all - have 2 go to haldi ceremony of my cousin & then I have 2 do mehendi for her ... hope i can come home by 9 P.M. ... & tomorrow morning i have 2 go to college 2 submit my photos & photo copies ... so me not sure if i can come OL or not ..

roch said hello 2 everyone & she also said she will call every1 ... 1 by 1 ... I also said that U all are also missing her ...
I just started working on anokha pyar update ... wanted 2 give u all the update before the maha episode  lets see if i am able 2 give u all 1 ...Winkjungle main mangal ka updateLOL 
main bhag bhag ke ayi ... phir bhi missed the 9 : 30 ka regular episode ... saw the repeat ...
we got Body Double ka episode ... I guess becoz of DD was not feeling well she almost fainted ...
the entire scene after the 2nd break was shot with BD the swing wala scene & some when she was near the dining area  ...
on the whole episode was great ... liked it ... but maan kissing BD ka hand ... Cryinstead of geet ka hand Cry 

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Maan papa banna chati hai . Hi God ye Maan vhi na ...SR nahi hua papa banne ka chinta hai...
Dance sequence.was awesome ...

Geet ne apna wada pura kia ...Maan ko sabke samne khana khilaya ...

But teris wala scene maza nahi aya kiyu ki Maaneet ke saath Us dono ka Bd tha ...

Dd is unwell and on two days leave ...Dd has stomac attack hope Dd is well very soon . Tau koi problem nahi but Romantic scene with Bd maza nahi aaya ...

Geet want to back To Delhi and Maan said pahele apna wada tau pura karne do and Geet sais tau tab tak apko wait karna padega...

Geet want Sr In Delhi...

Precap was awesome ...

all pray for DD and GC...

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged

Hi crazie darlings,

Episode was so emotional and beautiful...awesome superb dreamy...loved it to the core

DD and GC were wowww out of this word...everytime they surpass their previous performances and leave us speechless everytime...

MAANEET ki pehli Karwachauth ki jasn aur MAANEET phir se MamaPapa banengeDay DreamingSmileHeart

MAANEET were looking so beautiful divine dreamy magical and breathtaking in the Laungda Lashkara song sequence...i have never seen anyone like our MAANEET...MAANEET r truly the best couple ever and forever...MAANEET r truly a couple made in heavenDay Dreaming

Mr.and Mrs.Khurana ek se badkar ek!!!...MAANEET ne vrath sabke saamne kholne ka vada nibhaya...'pyaar kiya toh nibhana pyar kiya toh nibhana vaada kiya toh nibhana vaada kiya toh nibhana' Day Dreaming (this is a very beautiful song frm major saab hope u all have heard it)

Agar wada nibhana hai toh MAANEET ki jaise nibhaoDay DreamingWink

Love how MAANEET's eyes and their silence were once again MAANEET showed us that eyes eyes windows to each other's heart and soul always express all varied emotions and thoughts which words can never convey and MAANEET have also showed us that eyes r the most divine sacred beautiful true pure dreamy and magical mode of communicationDay Dreaming

Geet comes to know Maan has also kept vrath for her just like she has kept for him...MAANEET's karwachauth symbolic of atooth rishta of our MAANEET and MAANEET r true soulmates in every sense and both can do anything and everythign for each other so obviously both wud  keep vrath for each otherDay Dreaming

Loved the shararat love happiness and satisfaction in MAANEET's eyes when Geet was feeding Maan to break his fast in front of everyone just like how Maan broke Geet's fast in front of everyoneDay DreamingWink


Also today Geet had burnt her hand while preparing ladoo to keep her promise made to her Maan...MAANEET can do anything and everything to ensure they keep the promises made to each other...that day at dargah, Maan had burnt his feet as a punishment for hurting his Geet his life his everything unknowingly and unintentionally...he not only burnt his foot but at that point he was burning even in the fire of pain, guilt, helplessness, anger and hatred towards himself for hurting his Geet immensely (unintentionally) and to reduce and share her pain given to her by him (unknowingly)...and today Geet has burnt her hand bcuz she wanted to keep promise made to her Maan...both circumstances might be different but both times MAANEET have got hurt for each other for each others' happiness and love...MAANEET r like phoenix birds who always know how to come out of ashes how to have a rebirth even after having a dreadful and deathdungeon like life in the past...MAANEET have taught each other and both r the reason to y MAANEET know how to live, smile, love, care, trust, understand, hope, dream once again even after having so much hatred, misunderstandings, darkness, nightmares in their past dreadful life...MAANEET r truly 'Deepak' and 'Jyothi' in each others' lives who will burn themselves to ensure light and brighten up each others' dark lifeSmile

Maan's tender k*ss on Geet's burnt hand healed all wounds of Geet...MAANEET have always had a miraculous and magical healing power on each others' physical and emotional wounds and pain...MAANEET ek dusare ki har dard ki dawa haiSmile

Loved MAANEET's smile of happiness, joy, celebration, victory of MAANEET's divine sacred and beautiful atooth rishta of mutual respect, admiration, worship, pride, trust and understanding, care and love on the swingSmileDay Dreaming

Today once again v have seen swing one more special and blessed connecting dor in our MAANEET's life...

On a similar kind of night with moonlit and starlit sky and on a swing itself (first MAANEET's ring ceremony), Maan had told Geet 'jis tarah har raat chand bin chahe bhi raat mein nikal aati hai waisi hi humdono ka saath hona kistmat ka faisla hai'...and this is so true in MAANEET's MAANEET have become each others' kismat, chahat, zindagi, astitva, dhadkan, saans, har arzoo, sapna, haqeeqat, khwaish, umeed, taakat, har ehsaas, soch, yaad aur sab kuch...MAANEET ki har din ek dusare se shuru hoti hai aur ek dusare pe hi khatam hoti haiDay DreamingSmile

It was truly destiny's decision, wish and dream that Geet and Maan who were both sabse paraye, lonely, both with a dreadful past and both who were deprived of care and love, colours, happiness, flowers and colours in their respective lives and who were incomplete without each other were meant to meet and become MAANEET each others' sabse apne, and wipe out every bit of pain, bitterness, tears, anger, hatred frm each others' lives and only shower happiness, love, colours and dreams in each others' lives which truly belonged to them and which they truly deserved and complete each other and create an eternal saga the most heart-touching and soul-touching eternal journey which has taken all MAANEETIANS to MAANEET paradise since the time MAANEET have come into our livesDay Dreaming

It was so beautiful and lovely to see MAANEET's eyes when Maan tells Geet 'mein phir se papa banna chahtha hu' that point MAANEET's eyes, heart and soul were filled both with sorrow and pain of losing their cute angel bcuz of unfortunate and cruel destiny and nature but at the same time, MAANEET's eyes were filled with hope, dream, love and happiness that now once again their life wud be filled with their baby's khilkaari, shararat, bachpan, rang, muskurahat, khushiyan, most beautiful colourful and blissful dream and reality their babyDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingSmile

Lucky and Mamaji were hilarious and Mamaji ki wajh se Dev(il) talli ho gayaLOL...SS is very good in comic scenes but v can never enjoy them bcuz of the dreadful past evil sins committed by him...

Very happy to see Pammi celebrating Karwachauth with Teji...finally she is getting all the happiness love and respect which she truly deservesSmile

Very lovely to see whole family celebrating Karwachauth togetherSmile


MAANEET ki milan ki raat...


also in one scene Geet's BD was used rite?...hope our DD is fine...and heard abt GC's accident on the sets thankfully he is fine...hope our DD and GC r all wellSmile


p.s.-i don't know y but today's episode made me so emotional it was so beautiful and lovelyCrySmile...i love u allHug


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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

i loved the dance...

it was not ott...
last scene was with bd i guess because dd is on leave...
maaneet sr...
by the way balwant is very fast..abhi toh sr bhi nahi hua..aur balwant wants to be a father...

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
"Main Papa ban'na chahta hoon" wah maan gaye apne Sher ko SR ke liye poochne ka yeh bada achcha tareeka hain LOL

Loved SS's acting today, he's really good, I wish the past hadn't happen then we would have enjoyed this track, he was good today.

Loved the song sequence but I'm not sure about the mixing and editing, they always overdo the effects, our Maaneet themselves are so good they don't need any of these stupid special effects, but still enjoyed the whole scene especially the cycle par romance.

Loved the interaction between Maaneet during the khane ka sequence, how she inquired whether he had eaten and how they both were talking to each other Day Dreaming

This is the second time I saw Teji looking at Pammi with love, I hope it continues, our Pammi deserves it.

Did you see Maan's expressions when he realized that Geet had made the laddoos to feed him in public and he looked so happy when she fed him and she had her, 'See I can keep my promise too look' with the naughty smile. I glad she kept her promise.

Poor Geet burnt her hand making the laddoos for her Maan, pyar mein kya kya karna padta hain dono ko Smile

Last scene had BD's but as usual I'll ignore it all I could think of is Maan wants to be a Papa, nice way of saying come on Geet now it high time  we have to have our SR soon LOL Wink

Can't wait for tomorrows Maha Episode Big smile

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ahujatanvi Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged

@all - i will most probably come tomorrow after the maha episode ... just pray tht I don't have any disturbance while watching today & tomorrow's episode ...

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