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For me MKAP = KRIYA...
 Temporary separation can be acceptable... but not for problems created by others and again put K in a situation to be blamed
 Poor kriya, what's wrong with this sweetest couple, why they don't deserve a peaceful and happy life... why they have to be ones who ultimately fall for prey in everybody's sins and wrong doings...
P has been raising her voice against wrong things, even though she was condemned badly... even though her love of her life also blaming her and hurted her in various occasions...still  i want her to continue tht battle... we hv social responsibility too towards society...but i agree she has to learn something too...  she should also show her fun side to her near and dear ones atleast...tht would be cute...
K's best character he will not give up his babu atleast in front of others, even though he has his reservations, if he fails just bcos of his just born love for amma cannot be tolerated at any cost...
 he is a person who follows his heart ever... Pls show some credibility to this character and make K an ideal hubby, Prats love to hv... Prats is not a girl who dream  for lots of money and fame.. she is just a simple girl who wants to follow some principles and lead a decent respectable life where the couple feels no guilt abt their characters... its tht simple... is it tht hard to be out of guiltiness... K can be a dabang for good reasons, P should understand tht and allow him to be himself, she cannot be with him 24 hrs and control him... K is a character who can tk cr of her and himself.. P allow him and give chance to him, he'll shine like a diamond ...let him live life on his grounds...and see, where he can stand...but he needs u ... pls be with him, even though he hurts u... thts what he wants afterall...Kriya is a wonderful couple who r made in heaven but thru Cv's we all came to know... they r a treasure couple, who can control our day to day lives...

still to come... pls bear my rants...

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we want  old krishna
hume pahle bala krishna cahiye jo jiddi ho ,nakara ,diwana aur styalish ho    gunda krishna

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Do we want just a temp separation

Temp Separation is okay for some freshness in story provided reasons must be valid not any silly conspiracy by any negatives.


Do we want a permanent separation

No I still love this show so no permanent separation


Would you like to see K make P jelous with another woman

What is need of K to make P jealous she loves him very much so no jealous track plz but I really want some romantic intiative from P why she always thinks about others life, once in while she can concentrate on her married life.


Would you like K to get married again

Its better to kill K character waise bhi second marriage will technically kill Krishna.


Do you think she would forgive him

She will always forgive him because she loves him.


Do you think K will play along with Amma to find the truth for himself

Kash aisa ho Jata aur Purana Krishna Laut aata hain.I want Krishna to play game with Amma to find the truth.


Will we soon see pratigya Niwaas coz of this

If they are doing this for Krishna to find the truth of his parents real intention then I will appreciate this track if not then only god will save this show.Yaar its almost 9 month when thakurs tried to kill prats and still Kriya has no hint of this.I think its high time for truth to come out nahin to bahut der ho jayegi.



Will Krishna come to know about Reds earlier intentions

I hope so

Are we fed up of Thaks cruelty on the relationship ... These are just some ideas...

Yeah I am really fed up of their cruelty they are continuously playing game with relations and still succeeding .SS and SDS has crossed their limits.Please they should be taught lesson that DIL are also human being like them.In logo ko inki conspiracy ki Punshiment to milni hi chaiye.

Krishna and Pratigya are leads don't make them fillers plz I want proper space for them.Krishna smartness needed very badly to unmasked Amma

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great idea carisma , Smile

before i get to 'what we want from MKAP'  i would like to draw a picture of trcaks so far in MKAP and the response in terms of TRPs which sadly has nothing to do much with IF audience ...

we saw the first major dip in TRPs when the mathurs were introduced, a step which improved the quality and depth of the show but resulting in a decrease in the number of audience ...the characters had substance and promised some brilliant tracks although acting left many things desired but nevertheless the plot was very good...yet the audience seemed less the CVs did what proved to be the most disastrous track ever in MKAP ie KN-A marriage thus by getting rid of mathurs , a strong step to revive kesar and cheap kitchen politics with sister seeking revenge on sister , GD opening her mouth- all in one go...regaining TRPs but becoming poorer in quality as it compromised with the characters so much that they lost their self...then again the TRPs dipped when K was shown continuously shying away from work , P starting to work and as a result the holi track ,a new villain and the resultant events were hastily shown to revive the TRPs yet again...although the track had uninterrupted K, P, and kriya and some superlative acting from thakurs and others and also some quality moments, the TRPs only showed a marginal rise mostly bec of world cup...then they showed how K is now willing to work at first to see his babu happy and slowly how he came to love the idea of the mean time we saw how sakthi- kesar and adarsh-komal lived their life , as kesar went back to sakthi again under pressure from her mother who is slowly manipulating KN , who suddenly has shown interest in business when until recently he was after arushi...and how adarsh is selling out himself for money and more money, insulting his father ...again the TRPs didn't really pick up this time due to now the CVs r after the tired and tested formula, the saas-bahu clash , saas manipulating against bahu in full flow...and also planning 'something big' yet again to gain back the TRPs not giving a damn about the quality of the show...which is throw away the heroine out of her home, thus gain more sympathy for her and add on top of that a 'sauten',  if she comes,  as an  bonus...Ouch all time compromising on the leads OuchAngry

phew, i wrote all these to voice my concern that this 'sauten' thing is a trick to garner more eyeballs... like whenever they saw a dip in TRPs they have gone for drastic decisions destroying the essence and uniqueness of the show...we saw how the TRPs r indicating that what majority of audience here in IF like is not what the general audience out there likes...kriya and K being a major draw for the audience although increased TRPs a bit but it was not at all i have come to the conclusion that the audience want diraama, the more saas-bahu type or kitchen politics type the better ...and not character growth of any type...

so now to the question at hand...

1. i want K to think of working and taking up his responsibilities for the sake of it and not bec he can't see his babu hurt or much time is wasted to show K doing what is right for the love for P and not for the sake of right/good...either show K  comprehending the meaning of good and see for himself what's right and what's wrong or pack up him stating that he is like that only, won't change even in a million year and P is a fool wasting her time and energy on him... i had thought  K would think twice before resorting to violence again after seeing his babu in a life-death situation ,but there again he disappointed...enough of the repeated trust-breaking and then making-up...Angry 

2. big...BIG NO to a sauten in between kriya...kriya is a couple bound by soul , there is not even a question of one without the far its clear that P will be thrown out of the niwas there is a major question of who will trow her out ? if its K( i think, sadly , its got to be him , otherwise she won't be out of TN) then we will have to endure many unpleasant happenings ...if its not K, then the next disturbing question is where was he and what was he doing when his babu is being thrown out of his house? if he stands merely watching like he did at havan, then the credibility of K, kriya and even the concept of pure love is lost...which i think the CVs would brush aside by showing K in towering anger or something similar bec he is feeling that his mother is getting insulted...Ouch Sleepy

3. if this throwing out of P leads to K finding out the real faces of his parents then we r all for it, i that the much awaited PN track starts...but this time K has to work double hard to regain her trust Ouch

4. show P winning her battles more often than introducing more evils like radhe and kesamma in her path to drag the story more...also don't show P crying all day bec K chose to distrust her when she had given all her life and soul to him and rather fight to regain him by exposing amma's evil mind to him...i think P working track is on the cards...its a real bad feeling when the one u most love distrusts u and refuse to stand by u when u needs them most...and here P is innocent , so any such step from k would hurt her badly although K has his own reasons...

5. the evil in the show is getting more and more free reign with their ranks increasing every day and kriya falling in their trap so easily... so CVs , don't forget that the evil has to come to end one day and work towards it rather than working on how to increase evil in the lives of innocent and good people...

6. but want a temporary separation of kriya not bec of another girl but due to diff in opinions and beliefs which could result in quality stuff rather than stinking kitchen politics Angry

Edited by dhakarn - 12 May 2011 at 11:52pm

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Thanx for opening this thread. Smile I'm not getting what Cv's r upto! If its true what we heard then i have some questions regarding this issue. Then will answer your questions Big smile

Firstly, These shows are claiming that its based on our reality. Its reflecting what is actually happening around us. Is it so? Main theme is the true love between Krishna and Pratigya. Its not the starting, they are together for a long time. They already proved that they are madly in love with each other. Krishna proved it. He supports her, Protects her, Stand by her all the time and raised his voice against his family members. Pratigya also proved, Only for her Krishna is now earning. She took a bullet only to save krishna!! Isn't enough to understand whether its true love or not? 

Then why Cv's are trying to make the characters flexible? As we have seen Flexible "SS" He was completely different when P was in hospital and now old SS is back! 

Now flexible "Krishna" He is believing his mother and going to ask Pratigya about the Pickle Shocked Isn't it strange? How he mistrust his wife? and how come he is going to ask Pratigya about this?? He doesn't even let her go when his family members thrown P out of the house after face blackening. Then why now?? Why to weakening this "Krishna" character? 

Finally, Why there should be a 3rd person singular number? Angry Is it necessary to bring a 3rd person to prove that K and P's love is a true love??? The main attraction of the show is the character of Krishna and Pratigya. I'm dammn sure all the viewers use to watch this show coz of them only! So if Cv's really want to introduce a 3rd person, as a regular viewer i'll instantly stop watching the show Ouch

Enough bhashan LOL now time to answer.

Do we want just a temp separation - Nooo. a temporary rift might happen but not separation.

Do we want a permanent separation - No way!

Would you like to see K make P jelous with another woman - If its just a fun game playing by Krishna then its ok. I mean we have already seen some young girls approach to Krishna in Dhaba. So if P was there what would happen? Thats it, nothing serious. So no way to accept the entrance of a 3rd person! 

Would you like K to get married again - No Way! 

Do you think she would forgive him - Can't say it right now. It depends on the upcoming tracks!

Do you think K will play along with Amma to find the truth for himself - Absolutely! Want to see that.

Will we soon see pratigya Niwaas coz of this - Yes.

Will Krishna come to know about Reds earlier intentions - He should then it'll be more realistic and strong reason for Pratigya Niwaas.

Are we fed up of Thaks cruelty on the relationship - Yes. Obviously. 

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Reserved. Will edit ASAP. Btw. I lubbalub U for this. Muuahhzz

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Yes i want k and p to have any seperation and i cant tolerate k to even think of any other women , forget abt geeting married, if cv,s want to ruin the show or end the show then they will definately go with souten track. I will boycott the show and not watch it lets the trp,s effect .

 yes i want cv,s to show tht its K game plan to find out truth of his parents i would definately love to see, and yes tht would lead to Pn, which iam desperately waiting .

 And yes carisma iam fed up of this thakurs negativity and their cruelity there shd be a end of their evility now.

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Hi... Please keep posting your views so that later I can gather the data from here to put to the cv's...So your views are important.. Please.

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