Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 12th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Mahadevi keeps on calling Jabbo but he keeps ignoring her calls. Kukkan looks curiously at Jabbo as he ignores his phone. Mahadevi is using Diamond's phone and he walks into the room looking for his phone but only finds his SIM card under the pillow. He wonders where his phone is while Mahadevi is busy dialing Jabbo.

Kukkan notices Jabbo's caller id says "maal" (can be loosely translated to "item") and hits Jabbo on the back of his head and asks why Jabbo isn't picking up the phone. He asks if this is the same girl he was going to sleep with last night. Jabbo tells them not to trouble him as he's already worried. Kukkan asks him if his "maal" became "maa" and if he got the girl pregnant or something. Kukkan tells him that he's told Jabbo a million times to stay away from girls, but Jabbo never listens.

Guddu arrives, and Kukkan is surprised to see Guddu back in his old attire, he asks Guddu ifd his new clothes are in the laundry. Guddu says he felt like wearing this, and says he's the king of his own will so he will do as he please. Jabbo smirks seeing that his words have affected Guddu. Guddu tells his men that they will play carom. All the men gather.

Guddu tells Jabbo that there is good news, that Mahadevi has got married, so he doesn't have to worry. He tells him his bird has flown so he doesn't have to worry, but then gets serious and warns him that even a thief steals in every fourth house, and form next time Jabbo can steal from eight house over. Jabbo agrees. They get to playing, and Guddu asks Kukkan about Abhigyaan.

He tells Kukkan that he hasn't seen "Teacher's Day" for a long time and is wondering what happened. Kukkan tells him that Abhigyaan has been missing from quite a while now. He says that Abhigyaan might look simple, and nice but he's something else all together. He asks Guddu if Abhigyaan did something, and all Guddu has to do is ask and he will even get his birth certificate. Guddu contemplates.

Rajju is making the wedding invite list, and sees a name he doesn't like, and calls Mittho. She comes and sits next to him. Amma is sitting nearby and Runjhun is making tea. Mittho asks him what the matter is, and Rajju tells her not invite her cousin because he's a thief. Mittho tells him not to worry about that but tells Rajju to makes sure that Runjhun helps with the wedding plans and spends more time in the house than at the mobile center, with Guddu.  Rajju agrees.

Amma asks what are they whispering about, and tells them that they should check with the groom's family for dates and everything else, before even deciding who to invite. Rajju tells his mom that this is important because later in rush and hurry, they won't be able to invite people properly.

Runjhun brings tea and serves it. Even after serving teas she stands there contemplating that everyone is worried about the wedding plans but no one is worried about what Mahadevi feels. Mittho asks Runjhun why she standing like a statue over their heads, and Rajju asks her if she has anything to say. Runjhun hesitates but tells Mittho and Rajju to consider Mahadevi's feelings, and ask her what she feels. Mittho remarks that she has to learn from Runjhun what her daughter wants and doesn't.

Amma interrupts and says that what Runjhun is saying isn't wrong. Rajju says that his daughter won't go against his wishes, but he says he will ask her nonetheless. Runjhun takes the other tea to Amma and sits down next to her.

Amma asksk Runjhun why she spoke for Mahadevi today, otherwise she usually can not speak in front of her Mamas and Mamis and today she spoke up for Mahadevi's sake. Runjhun says that Mahadevi's is like a sister to her, and she doesn't want what happened to her to happen to Mahadevi. She says after all it is the matter of marriage, and it is her duty to speak for her sister's best interest. Amma says that in Guddu's company there has been a change in Runjhun also, and she is happy that both Guddu and Runjhun are seeking to learn from each other in this relationship.

Guddu is winning the game, and Kukkan praises him that even without practice, Guddu can play really well. Guddu says it's his hand after all, so what can he say. Jabbo tells Guddu that today he was reminded of the old days, where they used to play till night carom, and then go for entertainment in the night. Jabbo says to Guddu that he feels like going to their old hangout, at Munni Bai's. He asks Guddu if they can go. Before Guddu can respond Kukkan tells Jabbo not to talk nonsense. He say that time was different not the atmosphere is different. Guddu is married and is has Runjhun's responsibility. Guddu yells at Kukkan and tells him not to speak for him. He says that he hasn't changed and he's the same old Guddu and will d as he pleases, and tells Jabbo that they will go.

They both head out and on the way out, Jabbo tells Guddu he is very happy today. The old Guddu is back, and he's sure that Guddu will win the bet. Guddu says that there is no doubt and he will definitely win the bet. They both leave. Kukkan watches and thinks to himself that he doesn't know how to explain to Guddu that in losing the bet is his greatest victory.

Mahadevi in attempt to go see Jabbo tries to leave the house, but Mittho catches her and asks her where she is going. Mahadevi says that she needs to give her dupatta for repair and she wants to by a phone cover from the mobile shop. Mittho tells Mahadevi not to go out for such things as in a few days she is going to be married. She tells if there is important work she can ask Diamond, and as for the mobile center. She tells Mahadevi not to go anywhere near it. She tells Mahadevi that her father wants to talk to her, and tells her to go inside, and leaves to tend ot something.

Runjhun stops Mahadevi before she goes inside. Mahadevi stops but looks indifferent, and Runjhun says she knows that she doesn't trust her or her words, but Rajju is calling her inside to talk about her marriage. Mahadevi asks Runjhun how she knows, and Runjhun says it is because she wanted them to ask her first before making plans. Runjhun tells Mahadevi to tell Rajju what she feels about the wedding. Mahadevi says she will tell her father that she doesn't want to get married and loves Jabbo. Runjhun advises her not to mention Jabbo till she's cleared matters for sure with Jabbo. Mahadevi asks Runjhun that she was against her being with Jabbo, then why is she supporting her. Runjhun says she wasn't against Jabbo. She didn't think Jabbo was the right guy for Mahadevi but it is her happiness and she should ask Jabbo and clear the air before mentioning Jabbo to her parents.

Mahadevi then tells Runjhun that she's tried to contact Jabbo but to no avail. Runjhun goes over to the mobile center and only finds Kukkan there, and asks him where Guddu and Jabbo are, and Kukkan tries to deflect by saying that the must be around, and he doesn't really know. Runjhun isn't convinced and she asks him if he's hiding something from her. She tells Kukkan that it is very important and she needs to tell them both something. She then wonders if Kukkan is hesitating because Guddu and Jabbo have gone drinking. Kukkan doesn't say anything, till Runjhun says she will go find them there. He doesn't know how to tell Runjhun, but tells her she won't find them at the drinking bar. Runjhun says that means Kukkan knows where they are and tells her to take her to them as she has something important to say to both of them.

Guddu is at a dance bar, and the dancer is dancing to "Munni Badnaam". Jabbo gets up to dance but Guddu sits, his head head turned away, and not really enjoying the atmosphere. Guddu thinks to himself that Runjhun is very keen on winning the challenge but he won't let her win (Irony that even as he says that his actions are opposite). He looks away from the dancer.

Kukkan comes with Runjhun and says that Guddu and Jabbo are here. Runjhun looks at the place and looks worried.

Jabbo returns and sits with Guddu, the dancer comes to Guddu and dances next to him. He doesn't indulge, but she pours drink in his glass, as she continues to dance next to her.

Kukkan and Runjhun are still outside, and Runjhun notices all the people walking out look drunk. Jabbo walks out and bumps into Runjhun, who moves away, and Kukkan grabs him. Jabbo stumbles and Runjhun tells him that how can he do this when on the other hand, Mahadevi is planning on telling Rajju Mama about him so he can meet Rajju Mama. Jabbo apologizes, but says that he's not in the mood for lectures and tells her she can give lectures to her student, Guddu Shukla. (Jabbo would have gotten pasted from Guddu for that comment)

Kukkan tells Runjhun not to worry, he will go in and get Guddu and tells her not to listen to Jabbo as he is drunk. Jabbo says he isn't lying nad she can go see it with her own eyes. As Kukkan tries to handle Jabbo and knock some sense into him, Runjhun walks over to the entrance, her pallo draped over her face to see what Jabbo is talking about.

The guard stops her and tells her to go away, and she tries to spot Guddu. She sees the dancer with a man, and tries to see who it is but his face is blocked, till the dancer pushes the man, and Runjhun sees Guddu dancing with the bar dancer. She is shocked and her pallo falls from her face as she sees a slight inebriated Guddu dancing.

Precap: Runjhun walks home alone, dejected and crying. She says that today her strength is wavering. She says that she didn't know her pledge to change Guddu will lead to these results. She says that she's lost the battle to change Guddu. She repeats to herself that she lost.

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rani2007 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Kukkan and his big mouth. LOL Now he'll know he's got to go back to the reverse psychology with Guddu.

Thank you Wafah, will comment once I have seen the episode.

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gardes IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Thanks, Wafah.  If I can slap Jabbo do kan ke beech mein, I will gladly do it now.  Kukkan gets the award of the day for the best line - haarne mein jeet hai - losing the challenge will be your win.

Edited by gardes - 12 May 2011 at 8:59am

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NVBGKY Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Thanks for the great update... I do not like the way Jabbo is manipulating Guddu Angry. I think that Guddu has a conscious and is not feeling good about his behaviour, think that he will end up feeling guilty for going to the bar, even though he will not admit it to Runjhun.

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Meredith IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Thanx for the update. The writers have TOTALLY messed up this till now perfect storyline. Confused
HoneySuckle Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
why did they have to turn jabbo into a negative character! ugh i really wanted to smack him today!

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, Wafah!

Ok so I really hadn't expected Runjhun to see him at the bar and she's back to her "I lost the challenge to change him" raag...hmmm...they are both only harping about the challenge...I still understand it when Guddu says so but why is  Runjhun stuck on this raag?? Always everything is about Amma and I couldn't change him etc. etc.

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kaurp07 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Meredith

Thanx for the update. The writers have TOTALLY messed up this till now perfect storyline. Confused

I disagree. I'm not really happy with what I'm seeing, but Guddu feels like he has to go to the extreme end of his behavior to mask his true feelings.. He's not just trying to convince other people that he's still the same but he's trying to convince himself. This needs to happen in order for him to realize what he really wants. Jabbo will continue to bring Guddu back to the 'dark side', but I'm thinking that it's going to backfire because Guddu won't be comfortable or happy there.  Kukkan will be on Runjhun's side and will hopefully help her deal with this. But I don't think anyone can tell Guddu what to do, he will ultimately have to listen to what his heart is telling him. 

Change needs to come from the heart; otherwise, it's not really change. 

Thank you for the update!

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