Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabat Lounge#123(12/4-Epi-143)

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we are here to discuss about the show
       Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
Thank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our lives <3
*Credits* -Sanju-<< we love you
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
hilarious start.. shef calling gay-bakri weirdos!!! haha.. am never gonna be able to call anyone that without laughing madly!!ROFL n kitni badi problem hai.. communication gap betweens shef n the goats!!! ROFL

n CVs hume tang kar rahe hai ya khud pe has rahe hai? Shef ki awaaz itni distinct hai ke hum bhi pehchante hai aur ab Rajvir bhi jaanega.. plz CVs we hate the voice overs.. try n avoid them .. n aaj toh hadh ho gayi.. even arjun arohi had dubbed voices in places..AngryOuch

editing issues too.. shef's hair is open n tied up alternatingly.. LOL

toh ACP Rajvir ko bhed bakri bhagane ke liye backup chahiye tha.. Evil Smile unhone specifically gaddi kholi aur apne honhaar officers ko bheja iss Mission Impossible ke liye!! Arjun ko bhi saath leke jaate, he seems to like goats a lot.. Tongue

Simi's part was hilarious.. Police officers trying to chedofy gungi gaanv-ki-chori!! aur iska reply bhi sun lo.. "kya battameezi hai, hum police wale hai!!"ROFL aur police whistle se flirt kar rahe hai!! wah wah! ROFLClap

it was heart-warming to see arjun try n stop arohi yet again.. chahe usne rajvir ko nahi bataya ho, par he won't let arohi to get into any kind of trouble.. Day DreamingDancing

arohi always knows how to convince arjun.. "par agar tumne ab ye kasam nahi todi na, toh mein bachungi nahi arjun!!"Evil Smile abb arohi ki baat hai, toh arjun peeche nahi hatega..Thumbs Up but CVs had forgotten that they had shown arjun wid handcuffs.. toh jab escape kiya toh cuffs kidhar gaye??LOL

so, chachu has more brains than we thought.. he held on to his suspicions n changed the combination from 3 digits to 5 digits.. but ye kya.. rakkha bhi toh AROHI?? itna predictable pswrd rakkhoge toh, ab bhugto.. udd gaya baaz, parinde ko ped pe latka ke!!StarROFL

n the gr8 escape.. 3 bikes speeding away!! split up kiya toh 3 directions me kyu nahi kiya? why romit n billu went together? it was easier to spot them na.. also they shud have changed clothes.. villagers on sexy bikes r way too easy to spot.LOL

n more jungle chase.. chipko movement part3. pehle arjun arohi chipke ped se, phir chachu ko chipka diya!! ROFL

didn't expect anything diff from arjun..trying to be his overprotective best n bearing chachu standing on his hand!! StarD'oh

if i remember correctly jungle routes are not known for their cell phone signals.. last time when arjun had kidnapped arohi he had said that.. but aaj rajvir ki kismat me ped ko chipakna likha tha.. isliye arohi ki cell baji aur rajvir ko kheench layi uske ped ki taraf!!  ROFL

raat ka andhera sabse gehra subah ke pehle hota hai, aur iss liye arohi aur rajvir ka confrontation zaruri tah.. before subah as in arjun came to udofy wid his baazni!! (chand even i dunno know female baaz ko kya kehte hai LOL) more arrogance from rajvir!! arjuhi ke sapne ki jagah, rajvir ka ghamand sheeshe ki tarah shatter ho gaya.. Clap

when rajvir said maut ki aankhon me aankhen daal ke dekhna asli strength hai, i wondered if arohi wud reply that with the numerous times arjun had done that.. also the prev occasion in which arjun arohi n rajvir were in the jungle in a similar situation.. but khair.. what happened after this was mindblowing n blew out all my other expectations!! Day Dreaming

rajvir ki destiny ne itni vaat lagayi.. he was made to setup everything, even bring the pair of handcuffs that wud tie him up in that embarressing situation.. aah the irony!! ROFL

loved arjun's advise.. anger management..ROFL seems like someone read our court thread after all...Embarrassed n the eco-friendly tip.. arohi being told off for her ringtone, arjun taking ravjir's shades - super loved this scene!! Star

the farewell scene to cupids was cute n sweet. 25 kms to Shimla.. thnx CVs.. KMH comes a full circle. HugDay DreamingStar

micky or the mysterious tattoo man gearing up for soemthing.. to kill arjun? or to kill KSA?Geek

super loved the epi on the whole!! plz keep up this streak n give an awesome end CVs.!!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Dancing  for their  escape. 
pointers for the epi,
1.)  shefu's  dubbed  voice  very irritating.   but act put up by shef and simi was really good  ClapClap.  Simi luked good in that costume. Thumbs Up.   Shefu's problem with goats ROFL . well done both of you .   and  romit and billu's  presence of mind to put a rope in the way so they can stall the police from reaching the van,  Clap.   nice. 
2)  Arohi and arjun's joint effort to open the door of the van  Clap, not a hard pw 'arohi-95341-953' none of them, but to do it in that particular second was hard and they did it.   somehow they all vanished within seconds and were on the road, Clap
3) police acted the same way they did when they were searching for arohi in kidnap track ie. dumb.   highlight of the episode was arjun  handcuffing rajveer and  the  tips he gave.  'anger management'  'eco friendly'  'ringtone change karo'  LOL.  
4)  friends still waiting for them and then a proper good bye a proper thanks and everyone on their own way . ClapClap
5) Shimla - Day DreamingStar  the name itself  carries the magic of KMH.  Hope they really show arjuhi going to shimla, and may be meeting  mr. and mrs. punji also Star.  he hee we can dream right.
good episode,  nice dialouges, good acting,  but horrible bg score ShockedOuch.    waiting for their road trip, cottage halt, and some romance. I thot a little more than romance but looks like not so much but a little light moments.  but with arjuhi even little is more. TongueHeart

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged

awesome episode. rajveer ko zor ka khatka zor se laga woh bhi tree ke saath handcuff ho kar. poor tree.

Well what can i say about the epi all words fall short cos everything was great apart from the voice overs. Thankgod arjuhi's were only for a short while.
everyone did great but the show stealer was arjun. his scenes with rajveer were the best. I was waiting for theese after yesterday's episode. now rajveer knows who's wings are cut.cos arjun cut both his wings or should i say hancuffed them to the tree. 
Shefali behaved lower than IQ 35. She was confident the day before but when action time starts she is nervous. But i think the cupids gang could have done a better job. Especislly Billu he has been working with arjun so could have at least gone each seprate ways rather then 2 on 1 side and Arjun on the other. Also should have stopped Shefali from ringing Arohi.
It was funny how Rajveer got all his officers to get bakri's out of the way.He needed their support cos he could not do this job himself. 
What I liked the most was when the van stopped Arjun was looking around for Arohi he knew she has done all this. When she came he says you didn't listen did you ? and Arohi gave a good reply that you know me so well so why expect that i would. Also when she said he is the only person who could get himself out was great.
I won't bother about the password & the handcuffs cos no logic fits.
But anyways cos of her call we got an awesome scene from Arjun.The jungle scene was mind-blowing. Rajveer deserved what he got.And I loved every moment of that scene. Rajveer was again trying to fly but Arjun came in time & cut his wings. now he will stay in the jungle & howl like an ullu all night.i hope so cos arjuhi will get more time to reach far till then. no matter how many slaps theese ullu's get they never learn.
Arohi felt the pain when Rajveer was standing on Arjun's hand.But Arjun made her quite. And later when Rajveer said to Arohi that Arjun has left you & ran off. How in the world can Rajveer think that after all he has seen Arjun do for Arohi i fail to understand. But Arohi gave him a good reply that Arjun can never do that.And Arjun arrived at the right time to prove that.
Arjun's line to Arohi to change her ringtone cos they got caught cos of that was out of the blue. 

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Loved todays epi!! The crazziness of arjuhi..the comedy of arjun is back!! Kitani mohabbat hai is back wid a bang!!!!Star

k.. Shefu dressed as a villager nd trying very hard to communicate wid the goats!!.ROFL..ROFL. She was also so tensed ki agr meri awaaz chachu ne pehchan li to?? LOL
omg shefu... Teri voice ki to plastic surgery hui hai chachu kya koi bhi teri voice nhi pechanega!!.ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.

Simi cuming nd controlling the situation was really very funny!!.ROFL..ROFL. Esp the dialogue ye log humpe siti marr rhe hai...ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.
Simply funny scene!!
Soo rajveer ne apne honhaar 'officers' ko bheja goats ko shoo krne ke liye!!?? Kyo be tujhe kuhd darr lagta hai kya??!!.ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.

Arjuhis scene was perfect once again!!Star luvely acting by kritz...!! Superb determination of arohi!! Luved it!!Star Claptruly amazing...!!
Soo chachu ke paas dimaag aa hi gya nd usne soch ke pswrd change kr diya!!.ROFL..ROFL. Aur rkha bhi to kya AROHI!! LOL well hw can i forget...rajveer to ullu hai woh to aisi ullupanti jhadega hi!!.ROFL.
Khair chodo..humare liye to acha hi hua na..arjuhi ran away from there under rajveers nose!!Dancing..nd that too on a superrbb bike!!Day Dreaming

so arjuhi again in a jungle nd hiding from rajveer!! Well this reminds me of the jungle track whr arjuhi were in jungle nd then also they both wre hiding ffrom rajveer!!

Errr...i m angry... Rajveer ne arjun ke haath ke upar apna pair rkha!!Angry hate rajveer hate rajveer!! arohi ka mobile ringing.. Shudnt she have silened it first nd then they shud have gone on this mission!! Bt i really luved arjuns dialogue apna mobile ka ringtone change karo!!

Mobile ke wajah se bechari arohi gets caught!! Angry bt one ques.. Itne ghane jungle meim mobile ka netwrk mil gya??

Whtever..the scene that followed was the highlight of the epi!!! Arjun never leaves his comedy behind no matter what!! Loved it!! Kya advice di chachu ko...anger management ka course!!.ROFL..ROFL. Nd then chipko movenent ko foow krte-krte chachu ko bhi ped se chipka diya!!.ROFL..ROFL. Haha...chachu tabhi kaha tha handcuffs apne saathe le ke mat ghuma karo!! Dekh liya na kya se kya ho gya!!.ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.

Btw i luved the way arjun ne chachu ko ped se baandha nd uske shades utha ke chala gya!! Bechare rajveer ko loot diya arjun ne!!

So arjuhi are off to shimla..whr all this strted nd hopefully it wud end there only!!

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pari_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged


A mindblowing epi... Which gave us what We wanted -- Arjuhi finally uniting, RSA getting a suitable dhinchak reply of all that nonsense he has been saying to arjuhi by our very own Arjun..., n us finally getting to know who the killer is... GO CVS!!!!!

So the epi started with shefs n her bakris...shefs n her one-liners at the start of d epi wud have cracked everybody up..ROFL What with 'humare beech mein comm. gap hai'..ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL

Mrs. Singhu ne apna jalwa dikha hi diya.. What a awsum plan cuming from d daughter of ullus..!! Afterall wifey mein husband ka thoda to asar padega hi na!ROFL

i luved how simmi controlled d situation. N called all d villagers to distract d attntn of rsa.. Bechara rajver..uski to samajh mein hi nahi aa raha hoga ki its a trap... Ullu jo thehra!ROFL n yaar kitna darpok hai ye rsa..Ek gungi-ladki se deal karne k liye he needs support?? our sherni went to free her sher.. But ye kya? Uske ullu chacha mein akal aa gayi..*shocked*. Rsa hume pata hi tujhme akal rarely hi aati hai..but iska ye matlab nahi ki u can use it! Wo bhi arjuhi ke against!! Seriously, rsa aur pswrd change karde(showing dat he has akalTongue)... Expect nahi kiya tha!!!Wink

Luved arjun's dialogs ovr here.. Tum mani nahi na.. N arohi to her bestest ziddi-state replying ki 'main tumhe liye bina nahi jaugi'.. Rather, luved all d arohi dialogs ovr here..

Arohi guessed d pswrd AROHI..itna easy passwrd?? Ye to koi bhi guess kr leta who knew rsa well enuf.. Wonder wht did 953 stood for? Neways rsa FINALLY realising tht arjun ko free karne wala is none othr dan his 'bhateeji'..

Mr. n Mrs. Singhu flew off in a bike n landed in a jungle.. Hated arohis n arjuns voiceovr here. Mr. Ullu came following them..n i hated him when he stepped on arjuns hand.. Arggghhh! Kitna pain hua hoga arjun ko, but us rajveer ko to realise hi nahi hua tht hes standing on an human hand,is dt posibl?? But suprbly rajver fell to his own trap n got stuck 'chipking' to d tree..!ROFL Super-Luved arjuns one-liners here.. ROFL ROFL

n now arjuhi heading for shimla.. I so hope that they meet Mr. n Mrs. Punj... That would be completely amazzinnggg!!!!!

'Hum Dono Do Premi Duniya Chod Chale,
Jiwan ki Hum Saari Rasme Todh Chale..'

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-SweetGirl- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Rocking show...ClapStar.What I loved Most about Today show  was - The Ending Part of It..- Yeah Its Shimla - Where the Magical love saga happened of Arjun Punj & Arohi sharma..Now Its time to go rewind with Mr. & Mrs.Singhaniya...EmbarrassedBig smile
Again Thanks to writers for bring Shimla factor in storyline of Season 2...I dunno But I always feel Kitni2... has very unique & creative 'Creative Team'..But Dunno Why they are lacking in exectution of storyline properly & consistently other wise there has been some great Tiwst & Scene shown Which were simply awesome & so Unique in this Less creative Saas Bahu labled soap world Eve in terms of execution of Love story...
Coming to show..Arohi comes & releases her Hubby..OMG ! That was something must watch..- Me Jaungi to Tumhate SaathClap..I remember her telling once to Arjun in Jail -  that Tumne Meri Zid dekhi Kaha hai..!! To Yeh hai Tumahari Zid ki Intehaa Arohil...Finally they Both did It..We they had too...They both can make anything Possible as such..BTW How come numbered Lock had Password ArohiLOLLOLLOL!!!.& .Chalo Who caresTongue..I dont mind if  those Bloopers If they helps to unite Arjuhi..Wink
I saw Jungal and Got Flashes of such Memorable Jangle Track of Earlier Days..I thought
may writers are up to same like Arjuhi stuck in Jangle and all..But Here Rajveer reaches there...Thanks to ring sound of Mr.SingahniyaOuch...I feel Arohi's Chachu is so Impulsive by nature..what he thinks of him Self..Can this guy see the extent of Love of Arjun...I feel hes simply fool to underestimate Arjuhi's bond and Love..Anyways Who care..everytime he only pays na..LOLArjun is REAL Hero man...Eco friendly bano na ChachuLOLEmbarrassed...Aur Tum Apna Ring tone badloEmbarrassedLOLLOL ..Pure Jangal me Bajta Hai..!!LOLLolzz...The way he tied Rajveer I was feeling soo bad for him..Lolzz..A Poor Police wala...LOLThose Anger Magagment Classes...LoL..Arjun you are Too much man...Too rocking...Embarrassed
I dunno Whats CV's are up to with real Shooter...And Who was the Guy at the end..Was that Billu ,Romit Aur Was that Mikhel !!??Lets see ..Anyhow Just end this Jail And Ahuwalias Tracks soon pls..
So Finally Arjuhi are on the way of Love...I hope They get some Lovely moments together..Really looking forward to  see them Together..Its been Much of Jail & seperation now...Can't wait for next show..Yay !! Arjuhi are together now...

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