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SS-No One But You - Last Part /Page 27 (Page 9)

angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shobi12500

very intresting 

Thank U Shoaib..Smile

Originally posted by Sakuu

Very nice, its good to see gopi with confidence!!

Thanks Sakuu.. This is how I want Gopi to be...

Originally posted by queenyuks

Sorry love, I missed part 2. I wasn't home all day yesterday

It was wonderful. Gopi asking for the divorce was lovely. 
I loved it. 

You underestimate yourself. Your writing is magical.

Okay, now I'm off to read Part 3


Awww... Thanks babez... Smile

Originally posted by queenyuks

Ahem dikra never will change, will he?
Still has demanding as ever, that man. 

So I can see how he'll fall in love with her now

I cant wait!

Another wonderful part love


Thank U.. U do know whre I draw inspiration from ...Wink

Originally posted by sbp1971

Ok another wonderful part, I can see I need to keep my pocket dictionary on hand to compliment you and Yuks, I am so proud of your Gopi. As for Ahem all I can do is shake my head, but  what a way to give him Zoro Ka Jhatka, loved it.

awww. Shilpa U flatter me too much.. Thank u for ur compliments, u r very generous.. I told Yuks, that i am drawing inspiration frm all the wonderful writers on the forum..such a talented bunch u guyz r... I could not think of any other way to make him come to his senses...

Originally posted by br2499

Very nice SS/FF. I love your take on Gopi's character; very refreshing! Looking forward to more.

Thanx Bee !!! Smile  Gopi definitely needed to take things in her own hands ... 

Originally posted by tina_1234

woahhh simply luved it <3

Thanx Tina.. Smile U r very kind !!!

angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kav88

very nice...loved ur gopi a lot...and love the ff...update soon...

Thanx Kav ..Smile

Originally posted by Bloem123

Very nice can't wait for the next part

Thank U very much Bloem... yepp me too, I want Aham to get a taste of his own medicine..Smile

Originally posted by atop

Ahan, Ahem surely knows how to have things his way, well he is adamant to the core but am not complaining..
It's nice to see Gopi speaking her mind out and voicing out her disagreements..Surely one rollercoaster now..
An unusual camaraderie, well am looking forward for them to turn great buddies in the course of time..
6 months time will be a new experience for them and am all the more eager to know further..
You just know how to smoothly depict variations, just loving it..
Waiting for more..

Luv atop

Thanx atop, these are interesting times for both of them... six months is a decent period for anythng to happen...Wink

Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

good to see gopi confident in front of aham...

From my perspective, change was long overdue...

Originally posted by sparikh

This is such a nice SS/FF...Gopi is very commendable. I like that she is making Ahem face their situation. Ahem has to be brat & have it @ his own way...

update soon, pls!


Thanx Sona.. I thnk Aham needs a challenge ... he has been boss for too long now.. 

Originally posted by simi91

love this gopi she strong
confident but ahem
never i'll he change
but got shock of his life
when gopi ask him for
read in one go
love it
fascinating update
pls cont soonnn

Thank U simi...Smile

Originally posted by chenling

Fantastic update!!!!!!!!! I just love how she pretty much just blew his mind...and that she is standing up for herself without being a petty or ugly.  I am wondering how this 6 months, it will be interesting to see how they live together and how different it will be because of how she has begun to stand up for herself.!!! I think Ahem has  a lot to learn about his wife!!!

Thank U chenling !!! I want Gopi to maintain her dignity and not go down like Rashi.. n I guess both of them have a lot to learn about each other... 

Originally posted by Eesha2

Again a wonderful chapter. You Gopi again amazes me and I love how confidently and adamantly she spoke with Ahem. It was great. She is really great. If only the CVs would take even an ounce of this Gopi and instill it into the show's Gopi. Please continue. You have me hooked. It's wonderful. 

Thank u very much Eesha.. u r very kind... Smile

angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vmpp

great ff!!

Thank U vmpp Smile

Originally posted by tina_1234

waitin for d next part..eagerly :))

Next part coming right up... 
angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged

Thank You for all your wonderful comments... Here's Part 4

I hope u have funn reading.. This is a little drag of a chapter, I suppose. I had to depict the changes they made to settle in.. so on and so forth... 


Gopi, just like before, vanished before he was up and got back in late. She, more often than not, had a workload from her sessions. Six months seemed too short a period to be learning to live: to look forward to things in an unknown future, But, the unknown had certain magnetism which she found too hard to resist. She for the very first time in her life was not scared or apprehensive and was looking forward to it. But she also knew deep down that these six months were too long a time to stay around someone who despised you and jumped at the first offer made to him to be rid of her.

The first couple of days were most uncomfortable, neither of them knew how to handle it. Both of them, as though bound by an unspoken code, decided to remain courteous to one another and treat the other with the respect they deserved. The change in Aham's behavior was drastic, it was almost unbelievable. A sense of calm descended on him almost immediately, and it was there for everyone to see, esp. Gopi. 

A couple of days later, as promised, Aham moved his appointments to free up a slot for the lawyer. He had asked her about her study schedule in order to fix a slot which would not affect her sessions. This was the first of the many firsts, of which Gopi was unaccustomed to.  He sent the driver to pick her up and get her to his office. This was the first time she saw his lair. She was anxious of the change in him, but liked it nonetheless. She made sure she reminded herself each day that this was a farce and would all end one day.

Aham played the redeemed husband to the hilt and was always courteous to her, took her out to social outings and did not need Kokila's pointers. He at times even surprised himself by going out with her to get her study material, by picking her up or dropping her off at the computer center. He was beginning to take a keen interest in her learning sessions, trying to contribute wherever possible. He was concerned about her future esp. since she was not aware of the ways of the world. He would ask her about the progress she was making and get her more books. He encouraged her read newspapers and magazines, and would clarify her doubts.  She, on the other hand, had never seen this side of Aham and was surprised at his generosity and kindness. Uncomfortable silence made way for companionable discussions.  After one of their discussions on the internet, she was most amazed when he gave her his old laptop and showed her how to use it over the weekend. From Aham's point of view, he kept thinking, this was the least he could do her after whatever she had done for his family and all that she was doing for him.

Gopi had changed as well and for the better. She was more confident around him, did not jitter, stammer or make a fool of herself in his presence. She was not slavish anymore, did not rush to do things for Aham or seek his approval. She was learning when to back off and stay away. She looked forward to the time they spent in their room, where Aham was Aham and she was she, no pretentions, no pressure: just two real people. The room they shared became a sanctuary for both of them to be real.

On the work front, Aham's project was moving at a break neck speed and he was to coordinate with his European counterparts for the next phase.  This required him to travel to Europe for a fortnight. Gopi upon realizing that she falling in love with Aham all over again, decided this a time to rein her feelings. She did not want to ruin their relationship by doing something stupid. She was determined to end this on a good note. Aham, on the other hand, wanted Gopi to experience the world first hand, wanted her to see, all that she had read about. He was slightly disappointed when she decided against the trip, despite the family's insistence, but was impressed by her dedication to the sessions.  

Aham's trip gave Gopi time alone to put things into perspective. She still loved him, more than ever. It hurt her to see that their plan for the separation had made Aham a totally different person. She knew, he never felt anything for her, but this was too much for her to handle. She could hear her heart break and she had to keep her heart out of it, but how could one control it? She was resolved to move on, not only for her sake but also for Aham's. She had never seen him happier and that is what mattered to her the most. She was determined to stay away from Aham henceforth and reserve their interactions mostly for the public.

Aham's trip was going great. He would call home each day to talk to his mother, who in turn passed it on to Gopi. She was taken aback, esp. since she least expected him to talk to her and also cause it would affect her decision. Before a routine set in, Gopi began avoiding being anywhere around Kokila at the time of the call. As for Aham, it did not take a scientist to figure out what was happening. He was too egotistical to acknowledge that it annoyed him and led himself to believe that she was busy. He had never before been ignored or avoided by Gopi. But then, this was the phase of the firsts.

One day, he called home late in the night to discuss an issue with Kaka and Gopi answered the phone, he never realized, until then that he could freeze like that at her hello, but then again hadn't he called fully aware that everyone was out that evening visiting family friends. And also, did he not have his Kaka's cell phone no. to call on. 

Aham replies "Hello, Gopi where is Kaka, I needed to talk to him?" 

"He is out, visiting the Mehtas, maybe you should try calling his cell phone?"

"Yepp, I will!! So how are you, how are your sessions progressing?"

 "I am good thanx Ahamji, I have final report due for my computer class tomorrow, I will ask Kaka to get in touch with you, when he's back."

"No don't worry about it, I shall call him myself," he paused and the said" good luck with your report."

"Thank you, Bye"

"Bye" and with that Aham hung up the phone, trying to block Gopi out as well.

Would it be so difficult for you to acknowledge that you are missing her albeit only a little? You miss your conversations and her repartee, the fresh outlook she brought to the infinite mundane things, and her positivity and relentless fortitude were all infectious. Seriously, well if you say so!! Well I am not missing her, I am just concerned about her, which is the least I could do.

**************End of Part 4 ************************

I think the paragraphs are getting too long... i shall make an effort to shorten them ...

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shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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wow just read ur ff

the idea is really amazing and nice presentation

try to make them go to a romantic trip where ahem will learn gopi more 

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Traxy101 Goldie

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Another great chapter! I loved reading it, I can't wait to see how else Ahem tries to force Gopi to speak to him

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tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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beautiful writin..cant wait for d next :))

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chenling Newbie

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Great update!!!! They are really disdiscovering one another, brilliant!!! Now, I wondring how difficult it will be when she leaves, not for her..I know it will be sad and hard, but I trying ot make out how he will feel, will he wask her to stay????

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