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~~New MayUr FF Love and Hate~~*NTL..on pg 152 (Page 34)

luv_nishal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 2:14am | IP Logged
nice romantic update ...mayank ki side se romantic...

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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 4:06am | IP Logged
nice part
mayank was just staring at nupur through the window..n he dreamt that she was coming close to him, man that was hot! wish it had happened in real.
nupur agreed to let him drop her. he was happy that she finally trusted him..n she felt guilty for doubting him. now, thats a start!
who was looking at both of them? he seems like bad news.
mayank is fighting with someone, who could it be and why? he even got nupur terrified! mayank finally confesses..but i wonder if nupur feels the same.
thanks for the pm

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 6:43am | IP Logged
thanxx 4 d pm

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:32am | IP Logged
hello friends...
Thank u sooo much friends for ur beautiful comments n responceHugHugHug
i am really happy to see ur responce..Hug
i tried to give u long update as i promised...i hope u ll liked it
Maria...remember me in ur prayersEmbarrassed

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged

Part  7



Nupur stepped inside her house'when she heard familiar voices so she walked upto the hall as those voices came were coming 4m there'.her eyes fell on familiar face..


"Dev ancle"


"why has he come all of a sudden"she was confused


She came towards him and took his blessing..She sat beside him


"Nupur we are waiting for you so long"he said lovingly

He always treated her like his own daughter


"Uncle there was some important work so I got late"she told him


"its ok's your job is going on"he asked her casually


"I am enjoying working over there.."she said happily


"That's great"he replied


After sometime She excused them and stood up from there..she was walking towards her room when Gunjan came close to her and hugged her from back'.


"di..jiju bhi aye hai"she whispered in her ear happily..she turned her face towards her

"Prem bhi aya hai"Nupur asked again for confirmation


"Hmm he is in your room waiting for you"she said teasingly


Nupur was surprised at their sudden arrival..she knew there must be something important..




Nupur entered into her room and looked here and there in search of him but he was nowhere to be seen..she stepped into the balcony when someone hugged her from back'


"I miss you"Prem whispered


He turned her around towards himself..Nupur looked up and saw him


He was smiling


"Its seems you did not miss even did not reply to any of my mails and didnt even call me.its seems you forget me"he complained


"Its not like that Prem actually I was so busy in office work that I even did not get time to reply to your mail"

"You were busy in office work or in someone" he said sarcastically


She was surprised at his sarcastic tone

"What do you mean by busy in someone" she shrugged off his hands and said in anger as she never expected such a weird question from him

She was hurt at his behavior


He felt guilty 4 talking to her like that... he did not know why he talked to her like that may he felt jealous to see her with someone he too is an ordinary man like others...


"I am sorry Nupur'I just said casually'I did not mean anything"


She looked at his face and saw guilt in his eyes. She turned her eyes away on other side


"Its ok"she doesnt not know why he said that but ithurted her as she always gave respect to their relationship and never tried to cross her limits


"Nupur do you love me"he asked looking into her eyes..


It was another unexpected question from him..she turned her  face towards him she could sense his serious tone'..


She did not know da answer of that question as she never thought about Love..for her love means, love for parents, love for family,


"I respect you'I don't know what is Love. I love each n every person who is in my life'but I can promise you. I will try my best to keep you happy, to give you your all rights" she said confidently


She told him truth as it was true dat she did not ever love him..she never felt anything for him. She had no feeling for him. His touch, his closeness had never effect her..


He knew she always has respected their relationship. She respects him. But he was determined to make her fall in love with him''.


They spend some time together but Nupur was deeply hurt by his question. She did not show him but she was confused why he had ask her such a weird question


"Has he not trusted her enough?"


The whole family had dinner together and after the wonderful dinner Dev and Prem left for their house'..



In office..


The next day'..


She was working in new project when a call distracted her concentration..


"Nupur..come to my cabin..its urgent."it was Mayank call.


"Ok Sir"


She closed the files..she took her pen and notebook and went towards his cabin..


"sir may I come in"


"yes "


She went towards him'.


"Are you fine?"he asked with concern as he noticed her dull face..


Nupur looked at him..and saw concern in his eyes..she did not know but she was feeling strange attraction towards him..

"I am fine sir"she said trying to avoid his gaze


"Are you sure"



He knew there was something which was disturbing her and he can not see her like that but he knew she is reserved person may she would feel hesitant to talk to him

He did not want to disturb her more so he did not insist her to share her problem'..


"Nupur..jis company ke saath hum new project start ker rahe hain..they held a party for us..and they invited both of know this deal is really very important for our company so we have to go there"

"but sir..its not possible for me.."She said hesitantly


"Nupur it is important to attend their party as we will get chance to know about them. After all it's a big deal. Then it will b easy for us to work on this project"he tried to convince her ..

But truth was that he wanted to make her happy as she was sad and disturbed..he wanted to spend some time with her..


"But sir"she was in was difficult for her to attend da party at night..


"don't worry..i will take you and drop you at your home"he said looking towards her and smiled


She was surprised as he understood what she wanted to say''..


"I hope tumhain mere saath jane main koi problem nahi ho gi"


She smiled'..



He too smiled


"I will wait for you at 9,0 be ready.."he informed her


She passed a smile


The whole day went smoothly..Nupur was busy in her work while Mayank was stealing glancing at her or watching her through the window whenever he gets time..



Nupur's clthes were spreaded on bed'as she was not able to decide a dress for her


"di its looking perfect on you"Gunjan said while showing her green sleeveless dress


Nupur saw and nodded her head in disapproval'..

"Nahi Gunjan ye theek nahi lage ga"


She was selecting dress when her eyes fell on Red sari'she took it..


"Gunjan how's it?she showed her and wants her opinion..


"hmm its good di'wow Red will look bhi dekhe ga pagal ho jaye ga"she said teasing her..


Nupur I am going to take a shower ..i am getting late.


After sometime she came out of washroom taking shower'Gunjan helped her to get ready..she applied little eye shadow on Nupur's eyes..applied light red lipstick on her lips..Nupur applied kohl in her eyes'she brushed her hair and let them open..she placed her hair on one side..she tied silver beads necklace around her neck..she wore silver bracelet..

She looked herself last time in mirror..she was looking breathtaking''.

She finally got ready'.


"Best of luck di"Gunjan hugged her and kissed on her cheek..

"Thanks my jaan"Nupur lovingly pulled her cheek'

She was busy in talking with Gunjan when her cell phone beeped..she checked it was Mayank Sms..


"I m waiting for you outside"


She read and smiled'Gunjan I am going



"bye"...Gunjan replied !! gunjan was happy as it was first time in Nupur's life she was going to attend any party,she gave some time to herself..she liked the change in her'.




Nupur came out of her house.Mayank was standing near his car..she looked at him and it was first time she noticed he was actually very cute and good black coat he was looking dashing'.


Mayank saw her coming towards him'in Red sari she was looking breath taking n gorgeous,her silky hair was placing one side of her shoulder little exposing her white skin..her black eyes filled with kohl..her sari pallu which she was trying to adjust..he was mesmerized by her beauty..he never saw such a simple girl..he always saw girls in short dresses exposing her bodies tried to seduce him but Nupur..she was totally different from others..he was unable to take off his eyes from her'.


She noticed his intense gaze and red colour crept on her face



"you are looking goegeous"da first sentence came out of his mouth..she blushed after hearing those words..she does not know why but she liked his compliment..


Mayank felt embarrassed after saying those words as he did not want to make her uncomfortable'.

He opened the door for her..she silently sat on car..throughout the whole journey..Mayank was stealing glancing at her while she was trying to ignore his intense gaze.


They reached at venue..both came out of car''.


The part was started''.


They entered into da Party together'they were looking like a couple,,everyone's eyes were admiring them..Nupur was feeling shy and uncomfortable..but Mayank gave her an assured look..she gave him weak smile in response..



 "Hello Mr.Mayank!! the owner of Sam's company greeted them"


"hello"Mayank shook hands with him


They started talking on project..Nupur too was listening to their convo..

..There were lots of boys and girls of high society..who were dancing and drinking..Nupur was surprised to see enviorment like this... she never saw environment like this'she was feeling uncomfortable..

After sometime she felt thurst..she went upto the waiter to take a glass of Juice..she was walking when she sensed someone was following her..she was trying to ignore that..but

She got scared when someone held her hand'she turned her face..there was a boy..he was in drunken state..


"lets dance baby"he tried to pulled her on the dance floor..


Nupur got scared..she was trying to free her hand


"Leave me"she said


He pulled her closer to him..



Mayank who was busy in talking with Mr.Sameer had noticed Nupur was missing'he looked here and there but she was nowhere..he got tensed..


"Excuse me.Mr.Sameer"

"Yeah sure"


Mayank went towards  da dance floor but she was not there




She was trying to freed herself while tears started to fall down from her eyes..

"Mayank"she called him


He was about to kiss her when someone gave him a punch on his face..he fell on floor..Nupur looked up..Mayank was standing there in anger..


She felt relieved to see him.


Mayank caught his collar and made him stand on his own feet..he gave him another punch .. blood started coming out from his mouth..he was beating that boy badly..


Nupur never had seen Mayank in such anger..everyone tried to stop him but he was in full anger..he did not listen to anyone


"How dare you try to touch her"Mayank shouted at him on the top of his voice..he caught his collar..he was fuming in anger..he punched  hard on his face..

Nupur was so scared of Mayank Behaviour..she was scared of him.


He got unconscious as Mayank beated him badly..

Mayank left him.he fell on the ground..everyone was looking at them'


Mayank looked towards Nupur who was standing there scared..tears were in her eyes.


He came close to her

"Are you fine?"


She nodded her head

He held her hand..and they  came out of hall in the parking area..she silently followed him as she knew he was anger


They stopped near car'..


"Mayank why you beat him so badly..if he dies"she asked in a low voice


He turned his face towards her


"How dare he tried to touch you..i wanted to kill him"


He said furiously'anger was visible in his eyes'she got scared..


"Mayank you should not hv beat him so can effect your repution.."


"So what? I will kill every1who will to touch you or hurt you"she was shocked at his answer




"Because I love you"


"I love you Nupur"Mayank confessed


Nupur was shocked






"you are mine Nupur'You are mine"


"I am engaged"she told him''.


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PrincessBushi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
wow amazingly written maria ..

loving this part .. Smile

the nuopur missing part is so cuteee .. Smile

thanx 4 the pm .. Smile

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Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Beautiful part dear Hug

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sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged

Amazing update

Loved it

Cont soon

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