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Update for Tues, May 24, 2011:

Anu is waiting for Santhosh to come home, it is late and she is worried.  Manju comes and says she has called all of Santhosh's friends from his cell phone, no one seems to have seen him.  Anu wants to know if she contacted RR, Manju says that his phone has been switched off.  This house is the one that is used for RS in TMS.  Just as they are talking, RR comes (in a cream Ambassador - what happened to the blue Maruti - I think he read Srima's comment!) and asks what is going on.  Manju starts saying that they are waiting for Santhosh, but Anu stops her from talking and just says that they are waiting for Santhosh to return.  She poosi mazhuppufies that he didn't eat dinner last night, came home late (with a wife who is enabling him to lead a double life, no wonder RR is doing what he is doing with such impunity!  He wouldn't dare to do this to Palli!), but Manju lets out the truth about his coming home drunk the previous night, almost raising his hand to strike Anu, then apologizing this morning to Anu, her hitting him, and his throwing the casserole (and the idlis - adhu thaan enakku erichal!) this morning and then leaving, saying he was going for good!  RR goes and sits down, thinking, and Anu scolds Manju for saying all this and making him worried, as soon as he returned from work (what do you know?  He was not at work, he was busy telling Rukku his version of why he is committing bigamy!).  RR leaves, saying he is going to look for Santhosh and it looks like the driver was waiting for him all this while.

Santhosh is stopped by the police at a check point, they see that he is drunk and want to arrest him for drunken driving.  RR comes by, gets a salute from the Inspector and told he can proceed (avar thaan periyyyaa manushan aache!  that is why he gets a salute from this policeman daily), but he spots Santhosh, asks why he is being held, finds out that he is drunk, gives his son a glare, and son hangs his head down.  The Inspector tells Santhosh to not bring disrespect to his father's name any more and lets him go. 

RR returns home, and this is a different house from the one in the first scene, this is the one they usually show, so what happened?  Did the continuity people think we wouldn't notice?  Or did Anu shift house in the two hours that RR was gone?  Poor editing and direction, Abinaya creations, so it is not just your creative department that needs to be fired!  Anu is about to scold Santhosh but RR stops her from doing so and tells him to go to his room. 

RR is unable to sleep at night, thinking of all this, and how this double life has robbed him of his sleep, (and justly so!)You have failed in your duty to bring up Anu's family properly because of this double life of yours, and you are responsible for this mess.

Rukku is woken up in the morning and given coffee in bed by Ganesh, the two do some cooing, and Rukku says that now she has to figure out a way to solve RR's prachnai!  And I was so angry at this point that I got up and left, so I don't know if there was anything after this.

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Wednesday - Me
25th May 2011   Episode - 279 - Oh My KadavuLE...
Abinaya creations thalaila ... ippodhaikku ivvaLavu thaan solluvEn... update tomorrow morning thaan
Anu's household.  RR with the august audience - Anu, Manju & Santhosh (Nivedha enga??) RR tells Santosh that no one likes to be on the receiving end of advice.  Santosh' s age would despise advice whereas RR's age is that of doling them out.  Santosh's age wouldnt know the difference between good and bad.  Santosh's behaviour towards Anu and the police constable were despicable (unga act a ennanu sollaNum RR) Anu did not complain but was worried about her son.  Santosh needs to understand his mother's feelings.  If you hurt your mother, can never be happy in life - a living example is RR himself.  RR sees the constable at Vadapazhani signal everyday, he let go off Santhosh just because of this pazhakkam (traffic lightsla paarththu constable vittutaara... how much cutting RR??) If he wants to hang around like this he is welcome to, but if he wants to come up in life, then Santosh needs to come to the office, learn everything from basic and move upwards.  RR takes leave, Anu follows RR after look-vitting at Santosh. Manju too leaves for her room.  Santosh hanging his head and thinking.
Balu and Meenakshi on the road.  Bump on to the other velai vetti illaa son of RR - Karthik.  Karthik is sorry for disturbing their trip to the temple (appram edhukku pEsara - pOgavENdiyadhuthaanE) They are returning from the temple, no probs says Balu.  Wants to know if any news of Shreenidhi.  Karthik has searched the area bearing the postal code from where the letter was posted, no clue at all.  He has made copies of Shreenidhi's photo passed it on to one and sundry to find her.  (This is the most stupidest thing - she is a grown up who has chosen to stay away for whatever reason, just give her some space) They would inform him when they get any news..andha vazhilEyum endha informum kedaikkala he says (kadhai dhaan kandhal naa English adhukku mEla kizhiyudhu) Balu feels it is like searching for a needle in the haystack.  Suggests they complain in the nearest police station.  Karthik doesnt want unncessary propaganda (ippo nee multiple copies of photo distribute senjadhu ennadhu??) Shreenidhi wants to be left alone, so nothing should be done to disturb her.  (appo edhukkudaa thEdra) Balu and Meenakshi appreciate Karthik's effort, promises Shreenidhi would be his wife.  Karthik wants to do pariharam for his mother's deeds. 
moondru roobaayil...anupallavi... advertisement... (actually it is not worth even that)
Paatti arisi pudaching.  Her neighbour Suguna comes.  Talks about Balu & Meenakshi, happy Meenakshi being cured.  Suguna wants to borrow Rs. 100, her son is sick, need to get medicines... promises to return it in 10 days time.  Paatti goes in and gets, reminds Suguna that she has already borrowed money and should return Rs.500 totally. She too works hard for the money, no money bearing tree at home.   Suguna tells paatti that this amount should be peanut for her, because her son RR is a rich person (paatti take away that money you lent her) APR & Ganesh reach paatti's gate.  Paatti scolding Sugs, saying dont talk about strangers... if she wants to talk then never ever come there.  Drives her out. 
Paatti welcomes APR & Ganesh.  APR introdues Ganesh after asking Paatti's wellbeing.  Ganesh wanted to come and see her earlier but couldnt because of work.  Starts singing RR's praise, of how helpful he is, helping in business... Paatti is immensely irritated (just like all of us) stops Ganesh.  Asks APR if she brought her husband to sing that kEdukettavan's praise.  APR shocked. Paatti continues she knows RR, but he is poison.  Ganesh tries to intervene, again Paatti calls RR kEdukettavan - no talks about him.  Just now Suguna was driven out talking about RR, padichavanga purunjupeenganu nenaikirEn.. APR gets angry, asks Ganesh to leave right away - she did tell of Paatti's stubborness , is not bothered about her son.  To meet Anu - tell everything about Palli.  Paatti almost jumps up.. asks APR to repeat what she just said.  It becomes evident that APR knows everything. 
Paatti stops her.  Asks if the problems would get solved just by telling everything to Anu.  It will only blow up, so leave it alone questions APR.  Just because RR did not listen to her, she wants to stay out of it, will it solve the problems continues APR. They too know telling Anu is not the solution, do you want RR to die everyday she asks Paatti.  Paatti cant find her words. 
Ganesh opens his thiruvaai and tells that he is all praise for Paatti believing that Anu would be back.  Rejecting Viswanathan's offer of Palli's hand - the sincerity is great, but is overdone he finishes.  He doesnt like Paatti over doing and punishing RR all these years.  Paatti is now back to her old rigid self.  APR now blames paatti, for not saving her son but is trying to strangulate him (what audacity to blame paatti - this whole thing of justifying RR is bringing too much bile into my tummy) Paatti shuts APR, Ganesh tells Paatti not to get angry, talks in support of RR , he is a soozhnilai kaidhi, vidhi is fate that he should be married twice. If only paatti had stayed behind with RR when Anu came back, this problem could have been nipped at the bud.  The problems RR faces today are not because of Palli or Anu but the root cause is Paatti he accuses  finally.  (I dont have words to describe my anger AngryAngryAngryAngry) Paatti is roaring mad, APR also tells Paatti to help RR.  Paatti says she cried, begged just fell short of falling on RR's feet not to be in a hurry, not to marry Palli - but he showed all his pallu and went behind Palli, doing nambikkai dhrogam to Paatti - she concludes (way to go Paaatti) shows them the door.  They leave and paatti sitting on the sofa and crying.

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Thursday- me

Episode 280
Vetti Karthi walks into RR's "office", where RR is with Jenny. Jenny says RR is worried about Karthi's vetti life and why he cant come to office to help. Karthi says he will come after he settles Shree issue. Karthi explains he met Balu and wife on the way, and at that point RR gets a call and he leaves.

Jenny and Karth have a small talk abot how lucky they are to get a daughter in law like Shree. Jenny almost spills the beans that Shree has been found, and at that time RR walks in and stops her from continuing. Jenny apologises for a slip on her words, and Karthi leaves. RR scolds her for almost spoiling the show. RR says if Karthi goes there, she will run away from there and they wont find Shree again, so RR advises Jenny to be patient. 

Patti in deep thought. Balu and Meenakshi enter, tell her that they met Karthi on the way who is looking high and low for Shree. Patti usupethy vidu-fies that Palli and RR are responsible for Shree's disappearance and RR let Palli talk too much (I agree) to Shree. Balu is convinced RR and Palli are sincerely looking for Shree. Patti expresses she will be happy only if Balu tells RR now that he needs to look for Shree and find her rightaway. Balu calls Sundu and hands the phone to Patti. 
Patti scolds Sundu for not finding Shree yet and why they have not found her yet, and says Palli is not interested in finding Shree and they better do something about it. She instructs Sundu to tell RR this and hangs up.

At the women's home, 3 ladies are gathered around, one of them crying uncontrollably. Shree comes around and asks what happened and attempts to talk to the crying woman. She pacifies her, and asks for her story. The lady says her name is Kavitha. Shree guarantees her that she will find support in the home. The lady says she loved the boy next door, and her parents opposed her marriage so she started looking for a new groom. As a result the girl and her boyfriend ran away to bangalore. They needed money so she had trusted her gold jewellery to her boyfriend, who ran away for good. She then reported to the police and when she returned to Chennai, she found that her parents committed suicide. The guilt of causing her parents' death has made her turn to the home. The madam comes then and advises the girl to settle down in the home. 
Shree is in deep thought and says that actually her life is not as bad as she thought. The madam (cant remember her name) says Shree needs to think of her parents' plight as well even though they didnt commit suicide, they must be so miserable thinking of Shree. Shree contemplates...thodarum

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Update for Friday, May 27, 2011:

The first segment made me so mad!

RR tells Ganesh and Rukku that if he had known that they were going to see Paati, he would have stopped them.  Ganesh does his usual line that if Paati would support him, his problems would be solved.  They will work hard till this goal is realized.  RR says that none of this will work.  He is used to standing outside her house and getting insulted, getting cursed on his birthday every year, so how can he still believe that she will understand his nyaayam?  This is making me get angry, so I am stopping.  Ganesh assures that his mother will come seeking for him (keep hoping!) and Rukku says their goal is to unite the families.  This is the first step, and they will continue to do it, make Paati think.

Meenakshi is doing the kolam when Palli comes there.  She hesitates to go inside but Meenakshi takes her in.  Paati is furious, tells her to get out, but Baalu and Meenakshi try to intervene.  Paati tells her to go away, thinking that Paati is dead.  Palli wants to know why she is so angry, is it because of the way she talked to Shree, she felt so happy when she found that Paati is Anu's MIL she felt like she too was related to Paati, she feels that someday Paati will understand her love and affection, and leaves.

Anu calls Paati and Paati asks if Palli told her about visiting her.  Anu says No, and Paati asks her why she told Palli that Paati doesn't want to meet her.  Anu says she didn't know what to say, so she told her the truth, and Paati says that she doesn't know how to live in a world of husbands who do drogam, sons who don't listen to their parents and Anu says that she called about that problem only.  She wants to talk about Santhosh, but as usual, doesn't give full details to Paati, so Paati says he will be okay soon, and to send him over to her house.

Shree is not able to sleep, thinking of her parents, and Gayatri is not able to sleep, thinking of her.  Gayatri wonders what she did wrong to spoil Shree's nimmadhi, and Devika advises Shree to understand that her parents are suffering in her absence, and to think about what she should do.  Gayatri's husband tells her that he too is suffering, but to think of this separation as a prelude to the separation when Shree gets married.

Thodarum ...

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Monday  30 /5/11  Episode No 282  Archives ' Copy

ShreeNithi Returns

Rojaaa, 5 line kku mele update kuduthe...thedi vanthu Othaippen
aama sollitten - Updater Roja warns Mad Roja Angry

Devika learns that Shree wants to get back home and also the connection with
RR . Calls RR on behalf of Shree and apologizes for "hiding the truth " ( Roja
 kOnnuduvaa unnai - intha serial le ellarum truth ai maraikkirathu thaan norm !!)
 RR is asked to come -  by Shree " getting back home time" . The home bids a
happy  farewell " intha pOnnu ozhinja pOrum " ??!!!

RR drives Shree home - mutual apology session and for her part Shree calls
RR "nallavar, Vallavar " uh huh Shree calls RR as "sir" and RR asks her to change
 the addressing.

Srinivasan household - Shree arrives - ore RKO , Ore Vote of apology  habbaaa -
climax enna?? Gayathri tries to spill the beans and RR STOPS her uh huh - ellam
Ore MOodu manthiram thaan, RR will you ever grow up????


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Update for Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - Episode 283:

RR gives the happy news about Shree's return to Prem, whom he meets on the way back, and then to his family.  Palli is surprised that she went to that place so many times but didn't see her.  RR and Palli thank Karthi for circulating Shree's photo.  Everyone is excited at RR's place, with Karthi and Priya konjuyfying and playing.  Palli's mother advises her to be careful and not hurt Shree again.  Palli wants to get mannippu from Shree, but RR tells her to wait till Karthi talks to Shree first.  Palli wants to tell Anu's MIL this news first and says she will go with Karthi to tell Paati.  RR tries to stop her from going, but will Palli listen?  She thinks Paati will be so happy when she hears this good news, esp the part about RR bringing her back.  RR wears his usual guilty expression.  Paati, please, please, tell Palli that she is the second wife, that is why she is not welcome at Paati's house.  Save us from this drrraaaggg!

Prem goes home to tell his parents.  Prem's father wants to meet her and ask for mannippu, Prem suggests they go after a couple of days, but he wants to go immediately.  He also wants Prem and his wife for moral support, but Prem says he is not needed.  He also tried to break up Shree and Karthi while pretending to be her well wisher, so he thinks she may not forgive him.  Dad says he has to meet her sooner or later, why not do it today itself.

The Inspector goes to Mr. Shrinivasan's house and he wants to meet Shree (as usual in these serials, the police are the last to find out anything!).  Prem and his parents also arrive right then, and P's father is looking guilty as sin.  Shree comes there, and the Inspector says he has to ask her some questions like Who kidnapped her?  She says it was Prem's father and two people from his group helped her to escape and she was staying at a women's shelter.  The Inspector asks if P's father tortured her, but she says it was mental abuse when he asked her to marry Prem and physical when he locked her up in a room, but nothing else.  The Inspector asks her to give a written statement so that they can take action against Sivaraman legally.  Sivaraman is looking nervous.

Thodarum ...(innum evvalavu kaalam?)

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