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Thursday- Episode 271

AAR and Ganesh having a mottaimaadi conference. AAR says she wants to go to Anu's athai's house and enquire about what she knows about RR's double timing lifestyle. Ganesh thinks Paati doesnt know about RR's affairs but AAR feel she must know about it. She doesnt want to wait until RR returns from Kumbakonam. AAR wants to meet Paati to clarify all the truth. Ganesh feels AAR should hold her actions because of the people she may hurt. Ganesh feels they have to wait to hear what is RR's story and there may be some justifcation behind it (unbelievable!!). AAR complies with his request.

Jenny in Kumbakonam in hospital with Sundu and RR, who are reporting the contracts have been signed successfully. Doctor comes and discharges Jenny advising her to rest. Jenny leaves with Sundu and RR. 

Balu on the phone with someone telling them to sell his house in mannaargudi, sayng they dont plan to move there. Patti is surprised both Balu and Meenakshi have the same view. Paati asks them what will happen when Shreenidhi gets married, will they move in with her? Balu says yes, they will definitely move in with her (how come its only their decision). Meenakshi is confident Shree will agree to keep her parents with her. Paati advises them to be careful as things may sour. Balu says he is also selling the house to fund Shree's wedding, even though Gayathri will spend for the wedding as well. Paati says she considers him her son, so she will spend for Shree's wedding. Balu agrees, Paati looks triumphant.

Anu's son Santhosh with friends, coercing him to drink alcohol. He refuses, saying he wants cool drinks only, but they spike his drink. 

Anu at dinner table with daughter, Santhosh stumbles in. Mummy asks him to eat, he refuses, and she senses he is slurring. She figures he is drunk and asks him to get out. Santhosh refuses and Anu starts beating him. He also raises his hand against his mother, and they have an argument. Santhosh expresses Anu has not been a good mother that she hasnt tried to get a good job for him in his father's company. Because of that he was overcome with avamaanam that he drank (he really has no self pride obviously). He locks himself into the room, leaving a crying Anu in the hall...thodarum,,

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No telecast of serial due to Declaration of TN Election Results...
LOL.. one day esss...LOL

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Monday 16/5/11 Archives ' Copy

RR comes home ( ada pOnga da..entha home nnu watch panni panni Roja kku
konja nanjam irukkira marai yum kazhandudum pOle irukku !!)
This time it is Palli's
house - since he left for KumbakOnam from here , it is only logical (awww) that he
returns there !!!! Palli has a bad head ache and so not in the arena. Priya is sent to
fetch mommy and MIL manages to Oram kattufy SIL " enna aachu?? Rukku?? Anu
kitte pOttu kuduthaachaa??" Sundu answers "as of now RR is safe" . Palli comes,
offers some food for both , Sundu declines and leaves, Priya is asked to get the dosai
maavu out...hubby and wife adjourn to privacy. Intha kashta kaala privacy pathi enna
solla???  EppO maattippOmO nnu oru sly look from RR ..oblivious to that , Palli
karaichufies tamarind in RR 's thoppai - talks about her trip to Anu's house and how
she came to know the hatred of Anu's athai - RR GETS TO KNOW uh huh that the lady
 who nurtures Balu /Meena is the athai of Anu ( athu sari ) Palli says that the said athai
is angry for loosing Shree - "or she has some other axe to grind?" RR looks down -
the same sly look uh huh. Palli finally leaves to make the promised dosa.

On the other hand, Anu is ready with the dosas ( RR, rendu veet le yum ore break-
fast !!!! )
Santhosh comes and apologizes for his act. Manju assumes the role of
mommy and chides him. Finally he gets angry, hits Manju and Anu hits him back.
Santhosh breaks the casserole and manages to discard the dosas ( paavam appa,
ipdi dosai dosai aa kuduthaa??)
Anu does the one thing she is adept at - holds her
head on her hands and sits - Santhosh leaves home - never to come back??RR
speaks to Ganesh and asks for  a time - " I want to come clean, check with Rukku
and let us meet " Rukku condescends to meet him in the evening " at the beach "
( athu sari, life history pesanum nna Nadu theru conference hall thaan venum
Veet le ellam pesa mudiyaathe !!)
  Looks like RR sensed  Roja's apprehension
 about dosas -Refuses to eat Palli's dosas, shouts at Karthik whose only job
 seems to be "Search Shreenithi " and goes to work.

Another self pity trip with the willing Sundu " today is the climax in my life. My office
 staff will come to know my two timing... the traffic constable who salutes me will
look at me differently..." (Yovvv, ithellam thaan unakku kavalai yaa??? antha rendu kudumbam???? ) Sundu as usual has a wise quip " both Anu and Pallavi will
 understand  your thyagam .."


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Thursday- More beans spilling...Episode 275

Young Palli after giving coffee to young widower RR daydreams about him...interuppted by her parents. She tells them she has selected her own groom, who is RR. Her parents are shocked, and ask what she knows about RR and she says she knows he is decent and hardworking. (why wouldnt they tell her he is married???) Viswanathan hesitates but his wife shuts the hubby up. Mother promises Palli that she will handle with RR's family. Palli leaves and her parents are in a discussion. Mother Sivakami advises her hubby to cover up RR's widower status and get her married even though her husband is still unsure its a good idea. She says Palli's wishes will make RR and Palli happy. Sivagami thinks it will bring goodness to all. So she convinces him to talk to RR's mum. 

Palli's dad goes to RR and puts the proposal forward. RR refuses to substitute Palli with Anu. But Viswanathan convinces RR that he should learn to move on with life. After much convincing (about 30 seconds worth), RR agrees (maananketta manushan) to marry, and Viswanathan says his whole family is in agreement to marry Palli to him. Viswanathan says he also wants RR to look after all his wealth through the marriage. Viswanathan agrees to meet RR's mother.

Viswanathan meets Patti (how come the house looks like a different house from the first flashback) and proposes to marry Palli to RR. Patti says she is convinced Anu is alive so there is nothing to talk. Viswanathan tries to convince Patti to accept Palli as the daughter in law. RR looks quite neutral and acceptable to this. Patti is the only one who is shocked. Patti is impressed he is willing to give his own daughter. But what happens if Anu returns. Viswanathan says it is not possible for Anu to return. Patti refuses to accept the proposal and leaves. 

Sivagami discusses with Viswanathan to somehow make the marriage happen with Palli even though RR's mother is not in agreement. She encourages him to get RR's approval and get them married. She says Palli will commit suicidde if they dont get her married off to RR. (unbelieveable). 

RR enters, and apologises on his mother's behalf. Viswanathan begs RR to give his daughter life because Palli will definitely kill herself if RR doesnt marry her, because Palli must always get what she wants and wont accept any other outcome. (how can they bring up a daughter like that, what if RR was genuinely married when Palli wanted to marry him- would they have married her off to him as biwi #2?). RR agrees to resolve the issue by the next day...thodarum

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Eljay's Tuesday- Bore, bore, suddha bore!  Warrants only a brief update!

Update for Tues, May 17, 2011:

RR sheds tears over the thought that the watchman will not salute him any more, his "staffs" will not have any respect for him any more, his andhasthu, gouravam, maanam, mariyadhai are all gone, and Sundu tells him not to weep like a girl (your tears are too late, anyway!) and to go and explain all to Rukku.

Anu's house - Anu is weeping in her bedroom.  Manju consoles her - your son is not going to commit suicide, he is too much of a coward - and takes her to the dining table.  Anu doesn't feel well, asks Manju to call RR and make him talk to Santhosh, but his phone is "switched off".  She asks her to call Sundu, same "switched off", Santhosh's phone is still at home, so finally Manju calls the office and is told that he and Sundu have gone out to some undisclosed place.  Anu is wondering where they have gone and switched off their phones, also.

Tiruvanmiyur beach - RR and Sundu (the scene reminded me of the one in Sindhu Bhairavi - the ocean, rocks etc.,) awaiting Rukku and Ganesh.  Sundu tells RR to be bold and they go to meet AAR and Ganesh.  Rukku turns her face away from RR, Ganesh as usual tells her to listen to the nyayam on RR's side (this guy is such a blind idiot!) and Rukku says there can be no justification for a man to tie two thalis and deceive two women (exactly my thoughts!).  RR says that when he got married to Anu, it was to find a wife to suit his mother, and after she came into his life, she brought happiness and laughter to their home.

Thodarum ...

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Wednesday 18th May 2011 - Episode - 274

kadha kELu kadha kELu
two timer kadha kELu
RR continues yesterday's story.  Anu was the one who brought happiness to their family - his mother's choice.  There came a sad day - if it hadnt dawned  there wouldnt have been so many problems in his life.  Reel Ottings - Anu didnt want to leave, since his mummy and he couldnt go they forced her to go with her parents.  Did not know the fate laughing at him.  (naangathaan unga vidhi - aanaa naanga only sirichings) The accident happened, and they got information all of them to be dead.  Body wasnt found.  Couldnt identify any bodies - it was so gruelling.  Sundaram and Viswathan were their saviours.  They were so badly hit by the accident. 
Viswanathan was not only his boss, but also God to him.  Anu and he got married because of him.  Viswanathan is her father's friend.  Rukku recalls her telling Viswanathan that he is very very familiar and Viswanathan telling that must be his look alike.  Rukku is able to recall his youth.  The younger Viswanathan (not with a wig, but some one kind of look alike)  asking Gomathiyamma (RR's mother) to get RR remarried.  Gomathyamma says her Anu is not dead.  Showed the jathagam to a josiyar who said she cannot be dead.  And it is only two months since the mishap.  Anu will be back she refuses.  RR doesnt have place for anyone else, will divert himself into his work.  RR is asked to work from home to be of moral support to his mummy, but come to Viswanathan's house for any discussions, instead of going to the office (idhu padu stupied idea) 
RR used to visit Viswanathan's house for discussions  This is as foolhardy as having forced Anu to make a trip, again did not hear the fate laughing.  Palli at home refuses the photos given to her - eligible bachelors.  She asks him to give them a job then.  She lists out - wants him to be No.1, wants something special in everything, he shouldnt have thought of anyone else... The parents are left wondering how to find her a groom.  Sivakami assures Viswanthan that he should be out somewhere.  Viswanthan doesnt know how to balance Palli and RR's problems. 
RR comes there for some hospital project .  Palli who is there falls in love - love at first sight.  She keeps looking at him discussing something with her father.  RR hasnt  noticed/seen her.  Viswanthan wants RR to be with him all the time.  RR assures and leaves.  Everytime RR visits Palli joLLufies him.  Sivakami wants Viswanathan to look for a groom for Palli.  Viswanathan and Palli are confident he will choose according to Palli's wishes.  Palli serves coffee to RR and is always thinking about him to the naanaa nE tune.

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Update for Friday, May 20, 2011:

RR says that he doesn't want to be responsible for misery in Viswanathan's family.  He felt there was a nyaayam in Viswanathan's wanting to get his daughter married to him, he was feeling guilty because he had fixed up Anu for RR, since she was dead, he wanted to make up for it by giving his daughter to RR.  RR felt that this was the way to repay his nanri kadan to V, but his mother refused to accept this  He thinks of V saying that this josiyam is old stuff, and Palli will commit suicide if she doesn't marry him, thinks of his mother saying that he should not marry again while Anu is still alive, is confused. 

His mother comes in then, and asks what he is thinking about.  He tells her that he has decided to marry Palli, he doesn't think Anu is alive (just two months of mourning, and he hasn't even seen her dead body) so he has decided to remarry.  Paati says he has fallen for V's money, he says it is because Palli has threatened to commit suicide, so he could not oppose V at that point, it was only for the nanri kadan.   Paati says don't hide behind this nanri kadan, he says that he will marry Palli with her asirvadham only, Paati says that is impossible and there will be no relationship between them henceforth.

RR then turns to his fount of wisdom - Sundu the great - for advice.  Sundu tells him he cannot grieve and spend the rest of his life grieving for Anu, your mother wants you to do this (I really wanted to lash out at Sundu at this point), don't all widowers remarry, you are young, childless, blah, blah, this is not drogam, and Palli is your best choice because she will marry only you.  He does say one thing - don't marry for nanri, viswaasam, if you like Palli, then marry.  All mothers will insist that the son remarries if he is widowed (my grandmother didn't say that to my father, so my gm must be a bad person!), your mother wants you to remain unmarried just because of some josiyar.  You have only two options - oppose your amma and marry Palli, or reject V and stay single forever.

RR says that he decided that instead of thinking about the dead Anu, he would marry Palli and make her happy, along with her family.  Here I am a little confused - I think he goes ahead and gets married and goes home, finds the door locked, the neighbor gives him the key.  He goes inside, finds a letter from mother, saying that now that V has become more important to him, she is leaving him and going away to some unseen place.  She signs herself as his ithanai naaLaa ammaavaa irundha Gomathy ammaL. 

Sundu says that after his mother also left, RR was very upset.  He searched everywhere for his mother, didn't find her, Sundu consoled him, said why should you stay single for the rest of your life?  Ganesh says that this proves that RR married Palli not out of love or any such kaNraavi, but out of a sense of duty.  Didn't I always tell you that RR is a great man, and he would never do any drogam to anyone?   Rukku says that doesn't prove that he had neirmai and nyayam, if so, he would have told Palli that he was married already.  RR says he tried to do so, but V and his wife stopped him from doing so.  Anu was dead, why tell Palli about this and make her life a mess, so RR also thought why say something that will only bring her misery (aaha, what great logic!  I applaud your noble thoughts, RR and Abinaya Creations!  Go ahead and give more newly widowed men ideas like this!)

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Monday  23/5/11 Archives ' Copy

Eljay, Eclat, Migan, Cool, Anupallavi - all of you please join Roja for a RKO -

"Accent Akka Rukku Aaachhh
Ipdi kavunthittiye...Aacchhh "

Roja kku varra kOvathukku... just 5 line update than kuduppa grrr

AAR falls hook , line and sinker to RR's story AND promises to help as well uh huh.
RR says that he has had enough " ippO neenga ellarum ennai purinji kittenga. Now,
let me spill the beans to both my wives.  Let them reject or accept me " AAR says
that the time is not right now (aama di...ithanai varusham aachu..innum not ripe ??
uh huh )
" play the two timing cad role  for some more time. I will talk to Anu and Palli..
make them both stand on each side of your highness, the two timing cad, say what?"
Of course RR and Sundu agree - as if they wont !!!

Well, the "Anu coming back from La La land " story is new for us. Some money from
the railways comes as compensation for Anu's life . RR rejects but Viswanathan feels
that it could be used for some charitable activities. He goes to get the money and sees
Anu in the Railway hospital - Coma stage. Palli is preggie with Karthik ( so now we
know how Karthik is older  than Santhosh !!)
To cut a long story short Anu comes out
of the coma and RR leads his double life - ably assisted by Sundu  and Palli's parents.

Santhosh is missing still - a friend of his comes ,asks for Santhosh - " not here" -
 goes away, Anu worries and Manju chides mommy . RR and Sundu visit Jenny -
news of "AAR kept in the loop " is disseminated ayyyooo


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