Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

WU+VU of Geet HSP - 05/11/2011

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 Video Update by Sonyfan

11th May, 2011


Hello and good afternoon...


Hope all are still in the dream world watching today's episode...

Thank  you Gurmeet and Drashti for the beautiful and lovely episode and thank you CVs for bringing out the best from this awesome duo..  Maaneet absolutely rocks...

Well it was too dreamy and I will try to write the update as much as I could but I am not sure if I will be able to describe what Maaneet performed today...  let's see..


Part 1:



Geet walks in the inner court mumbling..  I do not know where Maan disappear after feeding me sargi..  Let me go and check.  She takes few steps and sees Lachchi coming with a covered plate mumbling that she has to give this kind of special treatment to Balwant which she could not give to her Yashpal.  Then she sees Geet and stops in her tirade..  Seeing her stop Geet quickly turns and starts looking at plants.. 


Little surprised to find Geet here in the afternoon sun, Lachchi turns to her and says what happened didi what are you doing here in such a hot sunny afternoon.  Geet fumbles and says oh me..  Then looking around she picks up the pail of water and says oh I was giving tree to the plants..  lachchi was totally taken back by this odd answer..  She says what???  Geet realizes her blunder and says I was watering the plants lachchi..  L says in such a heat!!!!  does anyone waters the plnats?  I watered them in  the morning look there is still water in the flower pots..  Geet smiles and says oh if that is the case then it is ok..  Then she changes the subjects asking..  anyway L why are you looking so haggard?  L says oh didi do not even ask me that.  The day this Balwant Singh has come here I have to do double duty..  One I have to do everything in the house and 2nd I have to do serve him the food.  Then she shows the plate to Geet and says... I have to run after him for this lunch and if I do not do it I get scolding from Beeji and I do not know where he went without letting any one know and where should I find him.  Geet is thinking and suddenly says Lachchi do not get rattled.  If you take this much tension you will get sick..  L makes faces on that.  Geet is trying to butter her up saying you are such a sweet girl and you take care of every one and also the whole household so you know we should help you in your work too.  Then she grabs the dish from L's hand and says you know you go and do some other work and I will deal with this driver Balwant Singh and teach him a lesson.  Then she tells L to go to her room and drink some cold Lassi and have some peace.  L was too happy to oblige.  

Geet takes the plate and walks toward room saying...  oh now I got a good excuse to find Driver Balwant but where is he..  as soon as she steps in the room Maan who was standing behind the door catches her arm and pulls her turns her toward him...  Geet gets startled but seeing Maan her face lights up and she softly speaks his name..  Maan..  Maan looks in to her eyes and says Geet if you call me with such a loving attitude then I will be with you anywhere anytime.  Geet gets little shy at his words and at the look in his eyes and they look at each other... after a while Geet says Maan let go of me... someone will come and she lifts her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and realizes that she has lost her earrings..  She says oh my earrings and was about to go to search it but Maan lifts his hand to show her that he had her earring.  Geet smiles sweetly at that and looks at Maan who was looking at her smiling face.  Then delicately Maan brings his hand closer and puts on the earrings for her while Geet was watching his face and his expressions with a sweet tender smile.  After putting the earrings on her, he keeps his hand on her shoulder.  Geet says Maan what is this new technique of yours to starlet people.  You know staying with Mamaji you have become like mamaji as you pop up anywhere anytime and emerge from darkness and come and stand in front of me.   Maan says with a slow drawl looking in to her eyes that he is my Geetji's mamaji so to learn something from him becomes my responsibility right?  After all I am his son in law.  Geet says oh really but do not start drinking like him or I will find both of you drunk somewhere.  Maan is in his very romantic mood...  He says with a his sexy drawl..  the son in law is already drunk as he has been drinking from someone's eyes..  Geet looks at him shyly and smiles at him under her lashes..   Maan looks at her smiling face and says and I am so drunk that I myself do not know whether I am in my senses or not.  Geet keeps on looking at him with such a sweet expression and Maan is looking at her as if he just could not keep his eyes anywhere else... After a while Geet says you are such a sweet talker and pushes him back and says oh now stop being Devdas and then she brings the lunch plate and says Maan please do not torment me so much and please eat your food.   It was so beautiful to see Maan all in deep love talk and Geet would understand him but then suddenly she would bounce back to her naive self ...  making her more adorable to her Maan and he just could not keep himself falling more and more in love with his adorable wife.  It was just beautiful to watch.


Suddenly they hear Lucky talking to his Preeto that he would not be able to go to her as he is busy taking care of the whole household in the absence of his big brother Tej Veerji.  Geet smiles at the way Lucky was addressing his preeto and Maan makes faces at his big talk.  Maan and Geet listen to his big talk and try to think what to do next and suddenly Lucky turns and sees their shadow and tells his Preeto that he someone must be following him so he will check and will call later.  And then Maan-Geet and Lucky's run around the pillar start in a funny way.  It was hilarious and fun.  Geet tries make the sound of meow to let Lucky know that it must be the cat and lucky falls for that but when he says loud out that it must be cat then Geet says loudly yes it is..  and lucky gets more confused and tries to go around the pillar one more time and so do Maan and Geet they also run around it.  When Lucky stops Maan signals Geet saying what did you do..  and Geet touches her ear saying sorry..  When Lucky does not find anybody he feels great saying today even the cat gives answers..  then he laughs saying why do you bother with all that just call your preeto and he pulls the phone out and walk away to call preeto..  Maan and Geet heaves the sigh of relief.  Suddenly Beeji calls for Geet and Geet says she will be right there.  Then hurriedly she hands over the plate to Maan and pats his cheek saying please eat your food.  Maan takes the plate and stands there watching Geet run inside to her aunt with a tender smile on his face.


In the house Dev is seated with Maamji on the dining table having lunch.  Mamaji asks for 5-6 more parathas.  Dev takes out the parathas and hands them over to mamaji.  Nandini walks in the dining room and eyes the parathas..  her mouth watering and she gulps with hunger.  Dev looks at her expressions and covers the container smiling crookedly at Nandini.  She sees the gesture and gets mad. 

Beeji walks in and tells Nandidni that it is good that she met her here and then she asks about the puja arrangements and about Geet if she has prepared her puja plate.  Nandini says yes to all the questions.  Then she asks Nandini about her preparations.  Nandini says what would I do with this vrat let me just break it.  Beeji says daughter you have already kept the Vrat so at least complete it.  Just Pray to God that you would get a good husband.  Nandini complains that there is no need for her to keep the fast and she is very hungry.  Hearing this conversation Dev was smirking and enjoying his food.  Beeji sternly tells Nandini that unless the moon is out she cannot eat anything..  Dev pipes in saying if she is hungry let her eat.  If she does not want to keep her fast then what is the use of keeping fast without belief.  Nandini furiously turns to him saying You do not need to poke your nose in our conversation then turning to Beeji Nandini says now tell me Beeji a husband keeps on eating whole day and a wife have to stay hungry all day which kind of faith is that.  Nandini uses the word Sharadha for faith and Mamaji gets that word and says who is Sharadha and why is she hungry in Beeji's house..  Dev starts laughing and Beeji and Nandini get exasperated with his talk.  Beeji says Jugnu at least do not drink right in the morning and talk all this kind of nonsense.  Jugnu mama just shakes his dizzy head...  Beeji gets mad and says Shardha is your aunt..  Jugnu smiles and says sister if she is my aunt then she is your aunt too..  Beeji chides him and tells him to shut up.   Then she looks at Dev laughing at all these and gets upset him saying Mr MSK you are our SIL so we cannot say anything to you.  Geet has given you one month's time but till today you have not done anything to win her heart.  So much time has passed and you have done nothing till today to win Geet's heart...  Saying she tells nandini to walk with her and they both leave..  Dev mumbles saying it is no one's fault it is your own fault you have put an axe on your own feet...  God help me please. 


Mamaji turns to him and tries to console him saying do not feel bad at what Beeji says you know she is soft from outside and hard from inside (he reverse the saying...)  ok...  and then he looks at Dev and says by the way who are you?  Dev says Navjot Singh Siddhu...  Mamu gets excited and says wow that is great...  something like they did not cover the milk and cat drank that all...  Mama says..  oh Sidhu sir.. today I feel  that God himself has come to the house of an ant..  then Mamaji says I am sorry I did not recognize you without your mustache and beard when did you shave it???  Irritated Dev says oh just before 2 minutes and smiling sarcastically he says and you only did that..  and before Mamaji says anything more stupid he quickly leaves the room..  Mama mumbles saying oh I think Sidhu sir is upset with me. then he adds..  of course he would be upset with me as he is such a great football player and my sister insulted him..   Then he pours his special drink in the glass and dips the paratha in it and eats saying I will have to make my sister understand and then drinks the whole glass of his alcohol..


OMG this maamji is just so natural and hilarious he is one awesome actor...


Geet is in her room pacing up and down mumbling about her cloths being with Maan.


She says everyone is ready downstairs and I am not even ready as my cloths are with Maan and even if he has it ... how will he come to give me those...  Getting bit upset she says oh just leave it I will put on some old outfit.  Saying she goes to the closet to pull out the old suit. 


Part 2:


She pulls out the Maroon suit she wore when she went to meet Maan at farm house..  She brings the outfit and keeps it on the bed.  She removes her dupatta and puts it on the bed and then she tries to reach behind her back to untie the knot of her dress..  She was not able to do it and then suddenly Maan comes behind her and looks at her trying to untie the string of her dress..  He softly runs his fingers on her back with a feather light touch making her stop in her struggle to untie her dress.   She turns her face little sideways and sees him looking at her deeply.  She waits for him to untie her dress.  He looks at her face and sees her waiting for him to untie her dress he softly pulls the string of her dress.  The tug at the dress makes her suck her breath sharply and she closes her eyes with that feeling of his fingers on her bare back... Maan watches her expressions..  he delicately moves his fingers up on her bare back to reach the tie of the string to open it completely..  His feather light touch sends the shiver up her spine..  She turns sideways and looks at him with shy smile.  Maan's intense eyes never leave her delicate face and he watches the churning of emotions on her face..  He very delicately moves his fingers all the length of her arm and brings his hand on her shoulder and runs his finger on her shoulder then going behind her back he pulls the string completely and unties her dress... touching her bare back making her breathe heavily...  With his intense gaze on her face and her parted lips he turns her toward him.  Geet slowly turns to face him and lifts her shy eyes to look in to his intense eyes.  Looking at the desire in his eyes she delicately lowers her gaze.  Holding her he slides his palm on her bear back and she slides her hand and moves up on his shoulder.  His touch on her bare back makes her feel shy...  Maan is watching the those expressions on her face and he moves his hand back from her shoulder.  Geet shyly smiles at him and lowering her gaze she tells him that he is very naughty...  then she comes back to her bubbly self...  and says you cannot do even one thing straight... and if you really love to jump so much then we will tell dadima to make our house on the tree top at least you will have to work hard to come up on the tree...  Maan looks intently at her and says...  forget about the tree even if your house was up in the sky then also Maan would have come to his Geet bearing this much love...  Geet keeps on looking at him with adoration.  Maan then pulls out the gift box and brings in front and says and along with that the gift of love too...  Looking at the gift box Geet smiles widely with wonderment and is really happy.  She quickly opens the box and looks at the pretty pink saree with red roses...  She smiles widely saying Maan saree??  Then she shyly lifts her gaze to his smiling face and says softly how did you know that I like this color?   Maan keeps looking at her and without taking his eyes off her vibrant face he says by now I have come to know even the mood of your shadow so how can I forget your choice?  Geet keeps on looking at her husband adoringly..  then she says but Maan how can I wear this saree?  Quickly Maan's expressions changes and he says what happen is something wrong with the saree...  Geet says Beeji told all to wear the salwar suits so how can I wear the saree now??..  Maan sternly looks at Geet and says so now you do care for your beeji then your Maan...  Geet looks at him and says oh one should learn to talk from you...  saying she pushes him away saying he should go as she needs to get ready...  Maan comes quickly back and envelops her in his arms saying how are you going do that? First show me how you look...  Geet says oh really??   ok I will get ready and come downstairs and then you can see me..  Maan still holding her in his arms looks at her saying is it necessary for me to go downstairs???  The questions makes Geet suck her breath she softly says her name...  Maan looks at her shy face and says Geet today I want to adorn you by myself...  Geet looks at the silent plea in his eyes and her face breaks in soft delicate smile... 


Wordlessly she walks behind the wooden partition with the saree in her hand giving him her silent permission to stay on.  She goes behind and looks at her husband through the partition and finds her husband's intense gaze on her..  She feels shy but boldly she proceeds on with what she is doing...  She looks at him and delicately lifts her Maang tikka from her forehead... Maan is watching his wife delicately taking off her ornaments one by one... while she is shyly smiling at him... Unblinkingly he looks at his beautiful wife and he just cannot take his eyes away from her...  Geet looks at him before proceeding on and he as if signals her to proceed on saying he is not leaving he is standing right there.  Geet delicately slides her hair from her back... Maan averts his eyes for a second...  Geet looks at him sideways and finds his gaze on her...  She feels his desire through his gaze watching her undress... she closes her eyes with that sensation of his gaze on her... She delicately slides her dress from her shoulder..  Mesmerized Maan is watching her..  He slowly turns toward her completely and a delicate smile comes on his face..


Geet is feeling shy and covers his vision with a saree but still keeps on looking at him through the transparent curtain of the saree as if she also wants her husband's gaze on her...  Geet wears her saree and softly steps out...  Maan was waiting for his beautiful wife right there she feels her husband's desire in his eyes..  She shyly stops and looks at him..  Maan looks at his beautiful wife and his gaze roams on her beautiful form.  He loves what he sees.. He softly approches his wife and brings his hand on her arm and caresses the full length of her arm and holding her delicately by the shoulders he leads her near the mirror.  They both look at their reflection in the mirror.  Maan softly turns her and delicately touches the string of her blouse to tie the knot..  Even his simple touch sends shiver to high strung emotional Geet..   Hyperventilating with that delicate touch she closes her eyes.  Maan ties the knot of the blouse..  He then proceeds to adorn his Geet with ornaments..  First he picks up Maang Tika and delicately slides it on her forehead and looking in to mirror he adjusts it and then tucks it in her hair... Standing Wordlessly Geet watches her husband adorned her with ornaments...  Then Maan delicately puts earrings for her and then he proceeds to slide the necklace around her delicate neck..  Lastly he picks up the waistband from the dressing mirror and comes behind Geet and soflty slides his palm across her bare stomach...  The sensation was too much for both of them they both stands close to each other with closed eyes and savor the beautiful moment of his touch on her bare skin..


After a while they both open their eyes and then slowly turn to each other..  Geet looks at her husband and delicately slides her arms around his neck and Maan holds her from the waist and slides his left arm holding firmly on her shoulder..   They both look at each other the desire and passion to be with each other in their eyes...   Geet holds his neck firmly and softly closes her eyes as if waiting for the stamp of love from her husband...  Maan looks at those delicate features of his wife surrendering herself to him..


Precap 1...


Maan is holding Geet and looking at her adorably telling her that he is afraid that the moon in the sky may give an evil eye to his Moon...  While Geet delicately smiles at him...


Precap 2...


Geet and Maan ride the a cycle together with a song..  saying come stealthy and tell me what you want to say in my ears...  while Geet telling him that I do not have anything to say..  if you want to listen...  read it in my eyes and she entwines her arms behind his back and practically hangs on his neck..  




The most beautiful sizzling episode...


The chemistry of Gurmeet and Drashti is phenomenal...  They beautifully expressed the love and desire of husband and wife to be with each other...  

loved their performance it was delicately articulately and wonderfully portrayed.


Loved Jugnumama...  and specially with the Navjot Siddhu...  scene..  Sameer was great as usual.. 


Ahwan was great too with the merry go round scene with Maaneet.. 

Hope you will like the update... have a great day..  Hope you will be able to wake up from this most romantic Maaneet world...  or may be just would like to stay in those heavenly feelings... 
love to all eva 





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thanks eva, will wait for rest of update :D

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thnx eva for the fab update :-))

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Thank You EvaHug

It was trully a very magical & romantic episode today. GC & DD eyes speak volumes... Day Dreaming

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Thank you ladies for your patients..
This was such a beautiful and sizzling episode..  Simply loved it...  not enough words to describe the magic of it Goldie

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Thanks.   I thought i will miss your update as my connection was down

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