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Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

WU- 11th May KT's Bud-day :D Updated!

NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Written Update
What a day to do the update :D
Happy birthday Karan!! Heart
And what an episode to update :D

Shanak Scene 
Shaan looking through some CDs..Khanak asks him what is he looking for...
He dramatically says - "Music" to make the atmosphere more romantic..it will be him, her and "music"
Khanak taunts him whether he likes the "running around trees" typical flimy heroes and that he never cares for his music practice so much. Always waiting to do a mauke pe chauka in romance

*Running around Khanak, more like it*

Shaan gets irritated, snaps the CD thing and sits down 
*hmph moment*

Khanak realises she has again blabbered. 
But the girl is chaloo. She knows how to manaofy her hubby.

Immediately switches sides and tells Shaan dearest that she likes him only when he is romantic and loving Big smile

*Waise, who doesnt?*ROFLv

Our pyaara burthal is so cute! *pulls cheeks*ROFLROFLROFL

 He becomes all happy-happy and tells her *read orders* to do no "natak" and ask no questions..Wink ROFL

*Hellooo??? Natak Khanak kar rahi thi ya aap! Hadh!*

Oh btw, there is a new version of "really" here Embarrassed

He switches on the music and goes to Khanak, asks for her hand..

*waise wala Haath maangna nahi!! Normal dance ke liye!! Hey bhaggu!!*
The dance is far from normal, though.

Shaan gets a mauka to maaro the chauka!

Husky voice returns, Hands instructed to land wherever they want to and KT decides to act himself. LMAO!

Khanak says she doesnt know all this. 

*hein? what was Yeh ladka ke pehle wala dance seq?!! *Confused

Shaan tells he is there..and they dance..and then Khanak trips...

Shockedhow, I have no idea. 

He asks her to take of her 5-inch sandles Tongue and keep her feet on his.

*Scratches head*
*I didnt even have to use a teddy for thisROFL, but I can assure you it is MUCH MORE diffcult to dance on somebody else's feet!!*

Khanak is worried she will fall *nazuk, anybody?*TongueROFL

Or that Shaan might get hurt  Shaan tells her "kuch nahi hoga" 

*Still as a precautionary measure, Vatty hands over a pain relief spray to Shaan*

Anyways, the dance begins...Woohoo!!
The bgscore is the Rock on song one *ducks to avoid chappals*

hands on waist *aur kahan..yawwnn*ROFL

They come close.

More close. 

She stares at his eyelids, since KT is staring at her *no prizes for guessing* ROFL lips.
*Sudhar Jaa!!*

and then, KT's hands move from under Khanak's arms (they are hugging-hugging na!) and pushes her strand of hair back..hands move in her hair...he is staring so seriously at her lips!! 

*Vatty gulps water*


PSP writhing in pain on bed in standing position. Looks weird, btw.

Sasha comes and asks him why is he doing the "Sarp dance" ROFL

*PSP could actually give the Nagiins a run for their money*

PSP tells her it is "Self-dance" which he is doing cuz of pain. This was a joke, hanso.ROFLROFL

Sasha asks him to shout in a sophisticated, classy, cultured manner  ROFL
PSP retorts why does she even have to come like a cannonball ROFLROFLROFLif she cant sympathise with him, or just ask "May I help you?"

*Dream on PSP.*

Sasha gets further irritated at his Indian movie melodrama to which PSP says melodrama toh hollywood mein bhi  hota haiROFL...Sasha walks off leaving PSP to his Self-Sarp dance and jaate jaate throws a perfect nishaana of Moov on his head ROFLROFL

*Claps for Sash; hands over the first prize*ROFLROFL

Shanak finally hear them shouting n all, Khanak breaks away wanting to go and look..Shaan irritated *obviously*ROFLROFL

Shaan tells her PSP is a strong guyROFLand can manage

Snakes his hand around her waist, pulls her towards him and these two continue Dancing

Sash comes back to tell him about the 'ointment' and not 'tube' ROFL
and there comes our "mard ko dard nahi hota"ROFL

*bangs head against wall*
*comes back with a patti*

And she says "Dhaniya mata jee" 
PSP corrects her to say it as Dhanya as Dhaniya is coriander and actual wala is 'Dhanya, mata jee'


PSP tells her he was trying to use a hot water bag which burst when he tried to sit on it ROFL
and the hot water singed his back ROFL

Sash gets concerned Shocked, shouts at himD'oh incoherently at being a fool for not checking it before using, however, throws him onto the bed to check the burn.

I think she presses the burn,ROFL, cuz PSP cries out in pain asking her what is she really upto
She says "pizza bake kar rahi hoon on your back" 

*Okayyy!! Is it only me or are their jokes actually pathetic?*

He tells her he has never seen someone take care and scold simultaneously and asks her to stay away as he can call the doctor if the need arises
Sasha makes fun of him that all doctors in India are his relatives after all who will come running at his call ROFL
PSP asks her whether she is taking 'care' of him of declaring 'war' against himErmm

And then the quintessential hubby-wifey talks begin "Dost ne paise waapas kiye" "Life insurance ka premium bhara?" "Car servicing"
Both hurl abuses at each other and we are back to ShanakBig smile

Shanak on bed! ROFL

Shaan in black vest, Khanak without her dupatta , both under the bedcover.
*Vatty hyperventilates*
Shaan's arms around her while they are lying, Khanak pulls it closer 
*Vatty gasps for breath*

Khanak is in her philosophical mode blah-blahing about how their marriage happened under strange circumstances and asks him whether he ever felt bad about marrying a ganwaar *not again*D'oh

Shaan asks her whether she has lost it *okay fine, I added this! Uff*

*Vatty goes Dhadaam cuz Shaan's voice is all throaty! and sexy! and husky! etc. etc. *Embarrassed

He tells her that he has never felt anythig of that sort and questions her back whether she feels anythign about marrying a "Shehri babu" 
Khanak retorts that he IS one so it was obvious she would feel like that LOL

Shaan tells her "Tum kuch ho na ho, haazirjawab zaroor ho " ROFL

She agrees to it before further questioning if he feels she cuts him short each time he tries to make a point ROFLROFLROFL

*Yeh toh wives ka janmsidh adhikar hota hai!!*ROFL

But the super-dooper romantic awesome hubby that Shaan isEmbarrassed, he says its infact cuz of her that he is always brought back on track each time he is misledEmbarrassed
But not before teasing her that she does and earning a smackROFLROFLROFL

and by this time, they are properly in each other's arms. Blushing

*to and fro movement of hand to let go of the heat*

Shaan tells her its her turn now to say sthing nice about him since he just praised her ROFL
Khanak avoids the question saying he just lied all of it..Shocked

Shaan tells her she is eating a lot of "bhaav" these day 
*literal translation*

and then engulfs her furtherBig smile

Khanak delays with her Mmms Blushingand Shaan responds withe his MmmsBlushing before PSP comes calling "Shaan!" ShockedD'oh

Just a little advice : Forget the dialogues for the scene. Just the movements are enough for the heat effect :D

Shaan asks Khanak what happened to her voice all of a sudden

 *smacks Shaan for being such a burthal*

She says its PSP and he is asking them to open up .

*URGH PSP! I hate him!*

But then , Vatty goes in a coma! becauseee
KT who could've got down from the other side of the bed, flips OVER Khanak, is on all fours on top of her before being pushed by Khanak to the side
*In coma state*

He comes out tucking in his yellow shirt ROFL
*hein? yeh kaun sa detergent hai? Pehen ne ke baad colour change karta hai?! Economical stuff, howeverROFL*

PSP reprimands him for behaving in this manner with his guests..meanwhile Khanka comes out with her dupatta ROFL and tells him he isnt a guest in K house and they invite him inside Ouch

Shaan asks him about the noises coming from their room 

*No perv noises!! Uff!! Ladai kar rahe the dono!! Aajkal ke bachche!!*

PSP gets embarrassed on hearing this and then does the ultimate defensive act  *Kung-fu Panda!*

He scolds Shanak that even on hearing him shouting for help,ROFLthey kept sitting *read romancing* and didnt comeROFLROFL

Shaan tells him they thought Sasha would take care of him and considering that she was with him, they didnt want to become "bone in the kabab" ROFL
Adding the word 'privacy' with a typical Shaan lookROFL

*Uff, someone explain to this guy all couples arent like theirs!!*

PSP tells him that there is no kabab hence there is no haddi and their evergreen menu is "keema" ROFL
Khanak goes to prepare teaBig smile

*there is so much of food being talked about here, I am getting hunger pangs at midnight*Ouch

Oh, Shaan gives some priceless expressions here Embarrassed
Before I swoon,

Khanak bumps into Sash while coming down the stairs
Sasha tells her to make use of the pair of eyes she has been gifted with...ROFL
I love maninee!! She is so perfectly OTT!!!

Khanak stares at her with the same pair of eyes with "ridiculous" written all over it ROFL

Sasha asks for the PSP - "Pagal Society ka President"

Khanak puts the mirch in the fire and Sash goes to douse the flames ROFLROFL

Sash stops outside eavesdropping on Shaan-PSP convo wherien PSP tells Shaan that they didnt require 'privacy' in their jawaniShockedtoh old age mein toh...ROFL

Shaan asks how did their cross-connection happen?
*mera bhi  doubt hai!! jumps up and down hand waving in air*

PSP says the stars were against them their entire life..If Sasha sang "Amreeka amreeka" he sang "India-India" ShockedROFL

*Whoa! This could've worked as another song for the Rock-On track!! But chalo!! Khatam hua woh!!*ROFL

Meanwhile Khanak comes behind Sash with the tea, scaring herROFLand nudges her to come inside

PSP is still ranting about Sasha liking some "angrez" when he turns to find Sasha and hence, stopsROFL
*Sasha's bgscore plays*

Shanak get serious. 
Sasha asks PSP to continue with the amount of bakwaas he could blabber and the thesis he has done on "jhooth" 
Shanak are serious.
PSP also gets angry that he is telling the truth 
Shanak are staring seriously awestruck at the amount of ladai these two can do.ROFL
Sash questions him if its true that she didnt make any effort to save their relationship and that it isnt true that 10/15 years were spent in making him understand
Shanak, poor kids, still serious.
PSP tells her he doesnt have to understand anything, its a matter of understanding her and that she had to change for their sake..
Shanak horrifed.ROFL

Sash tells him neither did she have to change then and nor does she have to change now and vice-versa in his case 

She looks at him in a derogatory manner walking away and PSP tells her to stop blaming him for everything

Shaan tries to stop Sasha to which she tells him that PSP is mental *look whos talking*  and needs treatment

*I will need one soon I think, updating this*

Khanak tries to stop PSP now. Sash tells her to shutup *urgh*
and reprimands herself for making such a dumb decision of marrying him and an even dumber decision to continue with it.
PSP reprimands himself that he was "dumb-struck" seeing this intelligeny little missy :P

*okay, this was certainly worth a smile, finally*

Boo walks in.
Akki ignores her.
Boo turns back.
Akki relieved.
Boo turns back to close the door.
Akki scared than ever before.
*that rhymed lol*ROFLROFLROFLROFL

Akki tells her its their office and not their bedroom 

*as if Akki sleeps in his bedroom half the time* 

Boo looks super-angry. He asks her about the official files. Boo loses her temper. Big smile
She is all mad thinking she is soon gonna lose it with all the numbers and digits while Akki smirks 
*Akki beta, dont take much chance..hehe...just an advice*EmbarrassedROFL

He tells her they arent her stupid fashion magz at which Boo bangs down on the table
*bola tha maine, dont try your luck a lot..*D'ohROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

She makes it clear to the now-very-scared Akki
 *basically original ho gaya banda* that he is Mr.AK for the rest of the employees while he remains her hubby to her so dare he boss her around!


Akki is super scared-nervous-almost trembling with fear, lol and dares to answer her back when Boo goes upto him and makes her "Warning + chetavni+dhamki" clear to him Big smileROFL
Akki comes back to his 'baby' mode and tries cajoling her to understand that he might have to say a few things to her in office cuz of the way she functions. She is looking at herself in the computer screen meanwhile, BTW.ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
She asks him to come home and see it for himself "Whos the Boss?"ROFL
Akki is super scared *somebody give me another word for it now!!* and plans to go home early to save himself for the destructionROFLROFLROFL

Back to Shanak
Khanak is being all miss smarty pants Tongue saying Sash and PSP do love each other a lot cuz they fight a lot and had they not been in love, they would've separated long back
*jhagde se flavour aata hai, afterall*WinkROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Shaan tells her whats the faayda of such love which the lovers themselves refuse to  accept! 

Shanak decide to again devise something
Sooo Shaan proposes that since Madz-Sunil's romance has already been rekindled, its time to create magic between these two Cool
They intent on helping Sash and PSP start a life in India from the very basic level so that they get to realise their importance for each other through the obstacles they face on the way..

And with one more try, Shanak decide to play CUPID!

*these two are so excited in this scene,its funny*

Akki proposes Boo with a flower :D

Sorry for mistakes Embarrassed

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Lmao Vatty you are priceless..
Am still rofl with Vatty special comments!!!
Where were you today.. missed you... at DT...CrySmile

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Bravehearts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
lol vatty darling super update ur tippanis cracked me up he heROFL

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Tora Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Vatty super duper update thanks
I was really laughing out reading your comments

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-Manita- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Vatty...darling can I just HUG you HugHugHug...

Even yesterday I watched episode on TV and came and read here as Beenii was updating !!!

Today it's you...made my day...*ahem*...night ...Lmaooo !!!!

this was the cutest, naughtiest, priceless, rofliing update that I have read !!!

I cracked up on many places --

lik e -- she stares at his eyelids as he is staring at *no prize for guessing *...ROFLLL

PSP - Sasha update ,...

and also hoe you hyperventilated and ended up IN Coma...Lmaaooo
I am still rofllinggg !!!!

Cute you are and your update !!!

Jaldi complete karo abhi

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KrazEee Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Thankyou...loving the colourful touch to the update...very cute!

Can't wait to watch...ShaNak part that is...

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Loveee the update Vatz.. totally phoodu!!!
Thanks for doing it !!!Tongue
At the end of this update.. did you have to call 911ROFL (emergency phone!)
I almost did (for you) reading update!!!ROFLROFL
Thanks dear.. love the update and the extraz!!!Tongue

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The_May_Rose IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
ROFL...What an update!...Maar darla VattyROFL...

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