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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 94)

drgeetpaymaan Newbie

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
reAlly wish geet to realize maan's feelings...nice update...waiting 4 da next 

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drgeetpaymaan Newbie

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
yeah pm me when u update da next
madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
okay shall update in a few hours... u guys probably wouldnt see this msg kyunki who checks my thread... *sigh* :p

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhu.pmlist

okay shall update in a few hours... u guys probably wouldnt see this msg kyunki who checks my thread... *sigh* :p

I do Big smile ... But I have big exam tomorrow so will read update later Embarrassed

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
waitingBig smile

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
okay my dearies here is the next update! but please be aware this is most probably the last update before my exam fever next updates will follow only after my exams end which is most probably the 23rd of this month... i know i am sorry but kya karoon univ dont listen to me Dead anyways... before i give the update i want to clear something... people are blaming or at least seeing it is unfair on geet to scoff maan's caring nature because she is career oriented... well people let me remind you its not career that is provoking her to not see maan's loving nature it is her experience with men. she has seen her father ill-treat her and her mother even her own brother doesnt care for her... it has a deep impact thus it is difficult for her to see the soft and non-cunning side of men... so we need geet to break out of the bias that men are no good... n it is a process so we shall see how the process takes place WinkSmile

Chapter 15: A Turn for the Better

"Mr. Jindal, I repeat, our conversation is only between us, agar Pavan uncle ko pata chala then you know the consequences," Maan's authoritative voice reverberated through his cabin. "Yes, thank you," he finished, hanging the phone and letting an audible sigh. There, he had done it, took the first initiative towards her freedom, he had called to discuss the details of his divorce with the lawyer, making sure the details are not leaked to their close family lawyer, Pavan Reddy. The lawyer had informed that as per the Hindu Marriage Act, mutual divorce needed six months from the time of marriage for appealing before the court orders for a year of separated living and then finally granting divorce. It had only been few weeks since he had married Geet and as per the lawyer he was expected to wait five more months before filing for divorce. It seemed like slow poison for him to endure her detached attitude towards him and the marriage. Initially he had thought and hoped she would mellow down and after the college incident he was sure the stone in her heart would melt but the weeks of time and space he had given her had proved against him. She seemed to be eager to prove her indifference for him and he definitely didn't want to force her. Before he met her, he had decided to live for his family and now he resolved that's what he would do for the rest of the life. He decided to drown in his work to keep him from thinking about the devoid he felt inside him.
"Daadima!" Anushka screamed walking into the main doors of the Khurana mansion. "Dekhiye someone has come to meet you," she yelled still trying to locate Daadima. "Daadi kahaan ho aap?" she yelled having no response from the other side.
"Uff Anu abhi aayi," Daadima retorted walking out of the kitchen, wiping her hands. She didn't notice the person standing next to Anushka as she had her head down and by time she walked to the couches the person came to take blessings from her. "Arre," she began puzzled and then recognized him. "Pavan? Kaisa ho beta?" she asked in her motherly tone.
"Bas teekh hoon ma," Pavan smiled. He came to stand beside Daadima, his tall and well-built figure, towering her small stature. He was man aged in his late fifties, wisdom clear in his graying hair. He wore a neat white shirt tucked in his formal black pants with a black coat hanging down his left hand and a few papers in his right hand portraying his lawyer profession.
"Toh aapko abhi waqt mila humse milne ke liye?" she teased.
"Ma, yeh aap kaisein baatein kar rahi hain, of course I have all the time in the world for you," he smiled genuinely.
"Baatein banana koi aapse seekhein," Savitri said shaking her head and taking a seat. "Aao bhaito," she said gesturing to sit opposite to her.
"Haan babai (uncle) you don't have to remind us your profession even here," Anushka added, sitting on the hand resting area of the couch.
Pavan Kumar Reddy was the best leading advocate in the high courts of Delhi specializing in criminal law. People scrambled to get an appointment with him for the minute he took up a case it was predestined to win. His fellow lawyers feared him in court for they would run out words trying to argue with him yet he feared two women in his life, Savitri Devi, a motherly figure to him, and his loving niece, Anushka. His profession demanded too much of his time, thus he had always stayed single all his life, dedicating himself to his profession and his family that consisted of his brother's child, Anushka and the Khuranas. He had met the Khurana family through Anushka's friendship with Arjun and Maan in high school. Soon her friendship had led him to become one among the Khuranas.
"Teekhai Anushka mataji," he joked, folding his arms.
Anushka stood up and cupped her hands as though giving blessings to him.
"Pagli," Daadima commented laughing at her antics.
"Chaai anyone?" she called, walking into the kitchen to prepare tea for Daadima and her uncle.
"Toh Ma aap kaise ho?" Pavan asked finally setting down his coat and papers on the table.
 "Bas khush hoon. Finally Maan has settled ab mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. Arjun is not hard to convince. Once even that is done I'll finally close my eyes, happy," she said with a satisfied smile.
"Ma aap kaise baatein kar rahi hain, you still have to see you great-grandchildren," he reminded alarmed at her words.
"Haan voh toh hai, magar I am happy son, I have seen enough of the world. I think it's high time I get permanent rest."
"Ma," he said sternly not liking her words.
"Chalo voh sab chodo, how have you been? The last I saw you was at Maan's wedding, there is something called visiting which you never often do," she reminded.
"Everything is fine, work is keeping me busy, I went to pay a visit to Gopi," he said talking of his brother in Hyderabad.
"Yes, Anushka told me."
"My name is being mentioned, what's happening?" Anushka asked walking in with a tray consisting of tea and some snacks in hand.
"Madam, you are not the only one with the name Anushka," Pavan teased.
"Chahe kitni Anushka ho, there can be only one Anushka Gopi Reddy," she replied haughtily. "What say Daadima?"
"Of course beta," she assured while Pavan rolled his eyes.
Anushka handed the teacup and placed the snacks on the table and poured herself some tea before settling comfortably on the couch. Daadima and Pavan happily chatted away, filling in the details about his trip. An hour seemed to pass, Anushka was clearly bored with the conversation and picked up a magazine from the corner and was carelessly flipping through the pages when Maan walked in.
Maan had tirelessly immersed himself in his latest projects hoping to forget the events of day. He had safely tucked the sacred thread (mangalsutr) in his closet knowing Geet wouldn't ask for it. It was the closest memory of his marriage to her and he didn't want Daadima seeing it. More than the overburdening work, the talk with the lawyer had drained him of energy as he walked lifelessly into the house. He passed through the living room to be surprised by a new visitor on the couch. The visitor's sudden visit had made him happy.
"Lawyer uncle!" Maan greeted loudly while everyone looked up to see him come stand near Pavan, smiling happily.
"Aao engineer beta!" Pavan called back, referring to the little greeting they always shared.
"So how are the courts treating you lawyer uncle?" Maan asked stressing on the last two words.
"Same way your buildings are treating you engineer beta," Pavan replied.
"That's good news," Maan winked taking a seat beside Pavan before taking his blessings.
"Ab yeh donon shuru hogayein and they will forget us chaliyen Daadima let's see how well you can cook," Anushka said pulling Daadima out of the couch.
"Nautanki tu meri cooking skills ko test kar rahi ho?" Daadima chided, "let me show you my cooking skills that you'll be drooling over my food for the rest of your life."
Daadima tried to reason Anushka and she would leave for Maan and Pavan to catch up but they only received a nonchalant nod. Shaking their heads they headed towards the kitchen cursing, "Men!" simultaneously.
Maan and Pavan talked for while the ladies made their way towards the kitchen. Seeing the women disappear Pavan got up, gesturing Maan to walk along with him. Maan knew this signal when his lawyer uncle suggested a walk for it meant that the talk was very private and something very important. The initial feeling of contentment of seeing him was quickly replaced by fear that he may have come to know about the divorce proceedings. The only person who knew about it was Mr. Jindal, the advocate he had hired and if Pavan uncle knew the only person to be blamed would be him. He decided to give a piece of his mind later to Mr. Jindal for tipping Pavan uncle about the discussion he had before walking towards Pavan uncle with a straight face.
Maan and Pavan walked out of the mansion and out into the gardens, walking towards the outhouse. Initially both kept walking with no words to interrupt them and Pavan decided to say something only after a few minutes into the walk. "Maan," he began gravely, "are you happy?"
"Ji?" Maan asked confused at the sudden question.
"Are you happy with the marriage?" Pavan asked point blank.
"Ji, buhut khush hoon, I couldn't have asked for anything better," Maan said, trying to sound as convincing as possible.
"Maan there are two people in this world with whom you shouldn't lie, one is a doctor and another is a lawyer," Pavan reminded smiling.
"I am not lying Pavan uncle," Maan said looking away.
"Maan look at me," Pavan ordered, stopping Maan from proceeding.
Maan stopped to look at Pavan, his eyes spilling the turmoil in his heart. He quickly closed his eyes swiping clean of the reflection of his heart in his eye before looking to smile at Pavan. "Ji kahiye," Maan said.
"I don't need to explain anything to you Maan. Since you were a child you were always the understanding, mature, and rational person and there has never been a need for someone to guide you for you were capable of anything all alone. But today I see something completely opposite, I see an irrational and impetuous Maan before me, what happened my child?" Pavan asked his tone reflecting his concern.
"Aisa kuch nahi uncle," Maan tried evading the issue.
"Maan stop lying if not to me at least for yourself, please Maan," Pavan pleaded.
"Uncle! Why are you pleading me?" Maan asked shocked and guilty that he had to lie.
"Then tell me why did you enquire about a divorce?"
"Aap, aapko kaise?" Maan asked baffled by his sudden revelation.
"News comes searching for me Maan."
"Uss Mr. Jindal ko," Maan began angry that Pavan uncle had managed to find and now it would simply complicate the things more and hurt everyone around him, especially Daadima.
"Maan he didn't leak it. The source is not important, the matter at hand is. Are you going to go ahead and shatter your Daadima's dreams of seeing you happily married?" Pavan asked, his voice reflecting slight accusation.
"Toh main aur kya karoon uncle when she doesn't even seem to be interested in giving a try," Maan confessed, frustrated. 
"Maan that's not the solution," Pavan tried to reason
"I cannot find any better one," Maan retorted.
"Yeh kya pagalpan hai Maan?"
"This is not madness uncle, this is reality. The truth is, she doesn't even consider this marriage important and all she wants is freedom from the clutches of marriage, isme meri galti kya hai?" Maan asked, his voice a bit high. "For her this marriage was something she was forced and tricked into. It holds nothing for her except the feeling of suffocation and obstruction," he said, venting out his anger and frustration over the issue that was playing continuously on his mind. "If all she wants is freedom then who am I to stop?" he asked looking away as a thin layer of water glazed his eyes.
"You are her lover Maan," Pavan reminded making Maan jerk up in return to his answer. Maan had expected Pavan uncle to declare that he was her husband; instead he had confidently replied that he was her lover. The sudden declaration had caught him off-guard. He stood rooted to the spot, surprised by the answer. Pavan smiled and nodded his head in the affirmative, "Show her the power and depth of your love Maan. There is nothing in this world that can beat the power of love. Don't you dare let go of love that is closely nurtured in your heart," Pavan stressed, motivating Maan. "Tumhe pata hai Maan, people think, why even I console myself that I never married because my career took over me, but the truth is something entirely different. Although I have never lost a case in the court, I have miserably lost in life; I let go of my love and my life, Durga back in my college days, afraid to fight for it. Don't repeat my mistake Maan, your life is not worth it," he said ruefully, wiping away his tear.
"But," Maan began with hesitation.
"No, don't!" Pavan interrupted, "there is no room for ifs and buts, all I can see is love for her in your eyes and I am sure no one can carry the same amount of love you carry for her. So stop doubting yourself and go get her my son!"
"How can I uncle when she refuses to even look into my eyes?" Maan asked exasperated.
"Ah! I am not going to answer that for you must find your own answers," Pavan smiled widely.
A new ray of hope seemed to simmer through the horizon at the energizing words of Pavan uncle. Maan felt his body and mind renewed at his uncle's encouragement. Today morning he had felt hopeless seeing Geet detached of things around her and especially him but the love he felt for her had seemed to overpower the ill feeling at the bottom of his stomach.
"Promise me Maan you shall make her fall in love with you and make her forget she even wanted a divorce," Pavan said extending his hand.
"I promise uncle," Maan said placing his hand on top of Pavan's before hugging him, thankful of the lord for providing him with such wonderful people who shared his joys and sorrows.
Pavan warmly hugged him, "Magar ek baat batao why does she want a divorce?" Pavan queried wondering what happened that Geet wanted to end all ties.
Maan indicated him to settle on the closest bench, facing the outhouse. "She feels she was tricked and it seems she was forced into this marriage. Aur," Maan began to relate the events post marriage. Pavan intently heard him while all the while rubbing his arm soothingly on Maan's back while Maan tried to keep a straight face without breaking down. He finished the story and looked away, staring into nothingness.
"Maan by the look of it, it seems she doesn't trust or feels betrayed somewhere. Although I cannot say by whom or why, I feel your first job would be to remove her feeling of insecurity. Since you say she said she was forced into this you have to overwhelm her with your love for her to forget her coercion. And that my son is your responsibility," Pavan said confidently.
"Ji uncle magar kaise?" Maan asked still confused.
"Arre buddhu mujhe pata hai you don't play dirty in business but atleast here you can," Pavan winked.
"But that's cheating," Maan replied alarmed at his uncle's suggestion.
"Haven't you heard everything is fair in love and war?" Pavan reminded but seeing Maan still unconvinced he continued on a serious note, "Maan it may seem wrong morally to play dirty to get your love, but trust me fighting for your love is worth more than the terms you play your game. You are not cheating her, you are just rechanneling her thoughts towards you and I assure you no one else can fill the shoes of being her dutiful husband and caring lover better than you, so come on beta get your act ready, it's showtime baby!" Pavan finally declared. "Vaise Maan in case you need any help don't hesitate to ask me, and if can't reach me, there is always my dear Anushka," Pavan reminded gleefully.
"Oh my god lawyer uncle aap meri divorce karana chaahte ho toh Anushka ko bulayiye!" Maan retorted alarmed at the suggestion.
"Accha itni khatarnak hai kya?" Pavan asked innocently.
"Kya bilkul?" they heard a screech behind them.

okay... that's it for now...
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That was one super cool update! Thank God for sending Pawan uncle at this juncture. I am sure he'll guide Maan through this all. Can't wait to read the reactions of a very jealous Geet!!
BTW, all the very best for your exams dear. Go ahead and crack it!!Smile

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ahaha wow Pavan uncle's suggestion LOL

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