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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 85)

Maaneet099 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swetha10

nice update...
luved it...
plzz continue soon
thnk u dear!

Originally posted by Alamelu

just finished reading the whole thing...very nice and exciting...where do you find such guys these days or whenever...who are so accomodating and understanding...hope geet realizes this soon before she messes up her life...she has no clue how valuable it is to have maan for a husband...
i am really honored that my writing has kept u engaged and led u to read all of 13 chapters! i know we can find maans only in fiction Ouch well let's see what geet does Wink

Originally posted by drgeetpaymaan

wooow man...just loved it...update sooon...really waiting for da me plzzz
thnx a lot!

Maaneet099 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drgeetpaymaan

realyy wish Geet to realize maan's love n care For her before its too late n she has to payback for he negligence
thnx a lot dear! u'll see what geet has in store Wink

Originally posted by shalini_s

totally loving this FF...
thnx a lot dear!

Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi thanks 4 da pm n fab update! Loved it! Its sad tht we have to suffer cos of others...please pm wen u updtae n reconsider ur decision! Thanks 
thnx a lot dear! yes i think i have been harsh... but i see some people do really take the time to hit the like button... i shall pm the guys who have graciously taken the time do so...
Maaneet099 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mchopra

welcome back madam..
oh tht was chooo cute..
hope university waale gve u chutti jaldi se..
arre shreyaji ayiye ayiye LOL glad u liked it!

Originally posted by geetsweet

its was awesome part...
thnx a lot!

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SayaneeH.Lecter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
awsm part... loooved itSmile

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Maaneet099 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sayaneegupta

awsm part... loooved itSmile
thnk u very much dear!
madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
alright my dear peeps i felt generous to write another update Wink... i know probably i'll get jhootis but please make sure they are in pairs and they are nice high heel pumps..WinkLOL  okay okay i am not going to give away too much... read on to find out...Big smile

i have replied to everyone individually through my other account maaneet099 but this ID is used for PMing and updating KOL and WK for i started writing these two with that ID and later it became my PMing ID... confusing huh? i know its alright but please be aware both maaneet099 and madhu.pmlist are MOI WinkLOL

oh before i forget some people have asked me to reconsider PMing at least for those loyal people who take the time off... well i think i was too harsh on the people who really take the time... so i have decided whoever hit the like button and/or commented shall be PMed from now onwards. new or silent readers who wished to be PMed pl add this ID for PMing and hit the like button and/or comment for me to know u r new LOL

alright here is the update...

Chapter 14: Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham

The rays of the morning sun streamed through the window, illuminating his perfectly etched Grecian face. He twitched a bit as the sharp rays fell directly on his face. Something warm and soft cuddled into his hard form. He tightened his grip on the soft form, pulling it closer to him, with his eyes still closed. A satisfied smile played on his lips while his form accommodated whatever he held in his hand perfectly, as though it was a missing piece of his puzzle.
Maan slowly opened his eyes at the intensity of the sunrays falling on his face. Dazed at the sudden light, he squinted his eyes to adjust to his surroundings. Before he could assess the situation he looked down to see a feminine form entwined to his body, peacefully sleeping by his side. He was convinced he was dreaming to have her in his arms, sleeping peacefully. What were the chances of the woman who had declared she wants a divorce from him now cling to him? Slim to nothing! He wished the pleasant dream never ended so that he could at least have her in his arms without any other disturbances. He moved back a bit to get a full few of her flawless face. A soft smile played on her lips while she slept peacefully. Seeing her in such a serene state, he smiled in response and bent forward to peck tenderly on her forehead. He would give anything to wake up every morning in the arms of his love.
While Maan stared unblinkingly at Geet, the events of the night came rushing to him. He frowned a bit thinking about her reaction if she woke to find herself in his arms. Of course she would be startled as well as angry for he knew she trusted him around her. Whatever the reason maybe for her to come here to sleep it was his duty to keep his promise to stay away from her. He reluctantly moved away from her making sure not to disturb her. Since she had almost shoved away her comforter last night, he had covered her in his and she had moved to sleep on his shoulder, causing her pillow to slip away. He was grateful for this moment of his love sleeping in his arms and he would cherish the moment as long as he lived. He took one last look at her before he turned away to tiptoe out of the room, when he heard her stir out of sleep.
Geet awoke with a serene and satisfied feeling stemming in her heart. The feeling almost was bubbling through her when she felt the heat of the sun wake her. In the months after her mother's demise, today was the only day she felt once again good to wake up happy. She smiled widely to herself before she rubbed her eyes open. She looked around the room trying to figure out where she was when suddenly it dawned upon her, last night she had come to sleep beside Maan. She instantly saw he was not beside her and sighed in relief. She knew she could trust him, after all the things he had done to keep her happy. Somewhere in the corner of her heart it pained that she couldn't let him claim their relation but the thought of her mother's promise, she soon dismissed other thoughts and sat up.
Maan turned to see her get and stretch before snapping her fingers in front her of her face, stifling a yawn. She seemed to have missed him standing a few meters away from the door thus he wished to quietly slip away when he heard her.
"Maan?" she called surprised to find him almost walking out of the door. Even though he would never question her, she felt the need to clear her intention to coming to sleep beside him. She tried to read his face as he turned to face her in order to see if she saw anger or confusion in his face but was surprised to find it calm and serene. "Voh kal raat aapke room bahut tand ho gaya, and I couldn't find the remote to adjust it, and this room was quite warm toh isi liye I slept here," she confessed looking down.
"I understand Geet, you don't have to explain yourself," he offered. She looked to see him nod as if he didn't mind.
"Thank you," she gushed, grateful for having such an understanding man.
"Kiske liye?" he asked but before she could answer a third person's voice echoed through the room, shocking both Maan and Geet.
"Thank god aap log yaheen hain," Daadima sighed in relief.
Maan and Geet stiffened at the sight of Daadima rushing into the room. What would she think finding the both of them who were supposed to spend their first night in their room, in the guest room? On top of that they had been discussing something that Daadima was not suppose to hear. In her world they were happily married couple eager to spend their first night together! It would hurt her feelings if she came to hear any of the things they were talking. Geet quickly got off the bed while Maan rushed to her side, shocked of the proceedings. Before they could make up an explain Daadima continued to speak.
"Maan, main toh sach much main darr gayi. Agar aap logon ko yeh room pasand tha you should have told me, I would have decorated this room," Daadima chided.
Maan and Geet smiled uncomfortably before looking at each other trying to get the situation under control. "Voh daadima kal raat we kind of fought toh isi liye yeh yahaan aakar so gayi," Maan filled in to the shock of Daadima and Geet. Geet turned to look at Maan, startled at the plain lie he had uttered few seconds ago.
"Kya?" Daadima asked, her voiced shrilling through the room and then looked at the bed to find only one set of pillow and quilt.  
"Voh bas Daadima she wanted to sleep on the right aur mujhe bhi vahi jagah chahiye tha, toh isiliye," he grinned sheepishly. "Haina Geet?" he asked, hoping she wouldn't give anything away.     
"Huh?" she asked dazed at what he was trying to prove.
"Haina?" he asked a bit insistent, his eyes pleading.
"Haan Daadima, voh bas right left problem," she attested.
"Kya Maan aap toh abhi bacche nahi hain, couldn't you adjust for a day," Daadima sighed. "Chaliye Geet ko sorry boliye," she said sternly.
"Daadima!" he said looking increadulously.
"Geet is ghar ki bahu hai, aur meri bahu ko aise treat karna main bilkul bardasht nahi karoongi, chaliye boliye sorry," she stated.
Maan shook his head at his grandmother's stubborn insistence. He reluctantly turned towards Geet, "Sorry," he mumbled.
"Maine suna nahi," Daadima said.
"Sorry," Maan said louder for both the ladies to hear.
"Good boy, come on give her a hug," she said smiling.
"Daadima neither I am not a school kid nor is this a school situation that we shake hands and hug," he said irritated.
"Maan just do it alright," she said nonchalantly.
Maan turned to look at Geet, pleading sorry. He stepped forward and hugged her when he heard, "Chalo accha hai, alright lovebirds take care," Daadima giggled walking out of the room.
As soon as Daadima walked out of the room, Maan let go of Geet. She couldn't understand what he had in mind when he lied about them fighting. First she was confused but then anger clouded her judgment for trying to worsen things between them in front of Daadima. Yes, she wanted to be out of this relationship that seemed to be growing on her by the day but she didn't want to hurt daadima's feelings and just a few minutes ago he had taken the worst possible decision to make them look like they had an argument.
"Maan yeh kya ho raha hai," she asked, a hit of anger evident in her tone.
"Kuch nahi Geet, don't think too much," he said carelessly.
His nonchalant attitude towards the situation angered her more she stomped and rushed to stand in front of him, blocking his way out. "Maan stop this, what's going on why did you lie to Daadima?" she demanded, her eyes spitting fire.
"Geet tum nahi samjhogi," he said looking annoyed.
"Main nahi samjhoogi?"
"Haan'" he began angrily but suddenly his voice turned husky, "jaan tum fikar mat karo," he said catching hold of her hands and bringing them close to his heart.
Geet looked confused at his sudden change of mind and tone. She looked him trying to understand what was happening around her while trying to wiggle out of his control. He instantly held her tighter and turned her head slowly to face the other side. Daadima stood in the doorway grinning ear-to-ear looking at the newly married couple. Geet smiled uncomfortably while staying in his embrace. "Teekhai?" he finished before pecking on her cheeks and walking out royally.
Daadima chuckled at the little show of love before walking out of the room, shaking her head. Unable to understand the sudden change and his out of the blue kiss, a she stood stunned, while unknown to her knowledge a slight hue of pink crept through her cheeks. But soon the warm gushing feeling was replaced with annoyance. What the hell! She thought as she saw him walk out, her mouth wide open in utter shock. She needed to get to the bottom of things. First he lied that they had a fight and then acted like he was making up and walked out without explanations. She was no doll to be played with when he felt pleased. She was determined to talk things out regarding his behavior and other important issues that kept irking her mind. She stomped to his room, irritated at the turn of events.
Geet entered the room to find Maan busily walking around the room trying to set his things right. He took out his formal wear for his office, set it on the bed before grabbing the towel, heading for the bathroom. Before she could stop him he had shut the bathroom door and the sound of shower indicated he wouldn't hear her call after him. "Dust danav!" she cursed at him before walking to the closet and getting her things out. Not finding her salwar suit to wear to college she bent down in the closet to see if Nakul had arranged it in the below shelf. As she was looking, her black beaded sacred thread that lay on the edge of the closet, where she had kept it last night, slipped down without her own knowledge. She finally found the salwar suit and took it out and slumped on the bed, intent on giving him a piece of her mind once he came out.
Maan came out after what seemed a long while. He needed a hot shower to clear his mind of last night happenings and the things that were in need of his attention. He had to convince Daadima they were indeed fighting and making up only for daadima's sake so that during the divorce time it would easier for him to handle her. And the first step of the misunderstandings and fights had begun smoothly when Daadima had walked into the room. It did kill him to lie to Daadima and snap at Geet but he needed to keep things at bay for the fear of his heartache later when Geet would leave him. By the proceedings of last night his dreams of Geet living otherwise had been shattered when she had plainly stated him to go out of the room. Yes, she had come to stay in his room to his delight but it was merely to escape from the coldness in the other room. He could feel that things working between them is a far-fetched dream.
Maan walked out of the bathroom only to find Geet leaning on the headboard of the bed, with her eyes closed. A closer look at her told she was dozing with a salwar suit in her hand. He walked to the bed without disturbing her, took his clothes. He was about to walk out when he realized the tie he picked didn't go well with the rest of the outfit. Thus, he walked to the closet to get another one when he felt something prick his foot. He softly hissed at the sudden prick and bent down to see what it and the thing he saw shocked and pained him. The sacred thread (mangalsutr) he had tied to Geet was lying on the ground. He shot his head to look at her and found neck bare of the sacred thread. All this while his mind had rationalized things wouldn't work out yet in the corner of his heart a hopeful feeling lurked, hoping she may change sooner or later. But now he the sacred thread in his hand confirmed his gut feeling. He understood her feelings for him would not change and before he gets too entangled with her, he wanted to give her what she wanted, freedom. He walked out of the room, a lone tear trickling down his cheek.

haan mujhe pata hai it is kind of sad that geet is not seeing maan's charac but still u guys dont know what is going on fully in her mind (and i do know what's going on Tongue)... so i say please have patience...EmbarrassedBig smile

alright peeps hit the like button to stay on the PMing list WinkLOL

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thanks for updating soon.
omggg sad update.
poor maan. really feel bad for him
wonder what is going on in geet's mind
pls try to update soon and pls pls leave me in your pm listLOL

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Thanks for the update! Can't wait to read more!

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